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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1919, Page 1

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - February 6, 1919, Ames, Iowa We Are not satisfied until we satisfy our readers the thursday times we strive to please believing it can be done volume to i Ames Story county Iowa thursday Ferri Ary 0, 1919 number 214 n students a Haring to of with Iowa a men on gym floor this week six matches during meet coach and participants confident of with Omen seat Sale fairly Good Italy a National debt increased Rome feb 6.�?italy�?Ts National debt now is More than twelve billion dollars whereas when she entered the War it was about two and three quarters billions. Government Bills to manufacturers and other necessary expenses Are paid the National debt will probably total sixteen billions coach Mayser has his men on Edge for the Iowa Ames wrestling meet scheduled for next saturday afternoon at 2 30 in the College gymnasium. The meet will be one of the classics of the fall since wrestling has become one of the major sports in the institution during the past few Days some uneasiness has been Ca uses As several of the varsity artists were on the How Pital list. Locking in the 135 Pound class received a severe twist to Hie ankle about two weeks ago and it has Only been during the past week that he a been reporting for daily workouts. No definite word has been Given out but he will undoubtedly be the Choice to go against the Hawkeye opponent there will be six matches during the meet. The Cyclone men who will be pitted against the Iowa mat men and their classes Are Breeden heavy weight Schalk 175 la. Birch 158 1b. Thomson. 145 la. Locking 135 la. And Al Llano. 125, la. Coach Mayser it confident of the outcome. Iowa City has one or two Mea on their team with some experience. Captain Wagner of the Hawkeye May have a Shade Over jillion in the lightest class and Jenkins another wrestler of Fame Bas a string of victories to his credit. The seat Sale has been fairly gown though no More than expected for the meet has been causing an extra amount of interest in the school and wrestling circles in this part of the state. Every seat in the gymnasium has been reserved by the athletic officials. The bleachers have been arranged so that a Large number can the accommodated. Tho mat la placed in the Center of the floor with tiers of seats on All four sides. Will it m s work progressed Mork rap idly than w As expected committees do Lare by United press Paris Reb 6 prospects for the completion of the initial work of ult league of nations Constitution in him to be presented to the general peace Congress this week is understood to be brighter today. From debate meet i sax Khz Michigan and Ames to stage dial meet Here in May two debates that were arranged Between this College and those at Kansas and Purdue have had Seine changes mid la gently according to. The Public Sot aking department the cont v Bleb was to have been held Between Purdue Michigan and anus he been reduced n. Least to a dual meet by the withdrawal of the Purdue team owing to the j intensity of school work scheduled for the rest of the school year. This contest is not to be abandoned by Ames if possible and arrangements will no doubt to made with Michigan agricultural College to take place in May the subject substituted for the Torrens system of land title registration for the Kansas Ames dual de Bate to be held on Friday evening. May 9. Is a resolved that a single tax on land should be substituted tor All other forms of state and local taxation constitutionality waived tryouts for this debate will be held saturday and two teams will be selected by the debating coach goo. H. Hulburt the two teams being pitted against each other for tryouts end later one will go to Kansas the other debating on the Home floor. Price guaranteed All Grain dealers agree Farmers should get Price of $2.2ft promised them by the government Means big loss to Uncle Sam various suggestions Are offered Hoise agricultural committee America s Gream Revenue Bill Given Hoose by Kitchen Sci a sign on six billion Dollak measure opened by representative contains Bont Sis Fok soldiers yanks Gohs marines and nurses will each get so i n Der measure Washington d. C. Feb. 6.-Qrain dealers exporters and Miller presented to the House agriculture committee various suggestions for methods of carrying out the govern mentus guarantee to producers of $2 26 a Bushel for the 1919 wheat Rop All agreed that the True Market Price As determined by world conditions would drop below the guaranteed rate and the government should make Good the deficit directly rather than by maintaining Arti a Bialiy the higher Price the witnesses also agreed that the listing United slates Grain corporeal or some similar body should be maintained As the governments i ency for supporting the Price to rowers. They differed As to Neth ads to be prescribed by legislation w Hilt h the committee is preparing to draft. The Grain dealers proposed that the corporation actually buy tilt rain at 12.26. Soil it to filters or Ither Consumers at a Price dictated by world markets and acquire the country s surplus for Export the exporters suggested that the Corpora Ion s fun Lions be limited to paying banners the difference Between the government Price and the Market it Rise at which the Grain was sold. Without actually taking Possession my consequently without piling up t great Quantity for Export. The Millers were interested mainly n having the corporation Given att a Bority to protect Millers against 0sh�,h growing out of the falling it he wheat Price from tile present a Itidal level to the True world Price my the fluctuations in the world a Rice before it becomes stable under be corporation s administration James Ward Warner representing the new York produce Exchange urged that the government got out of the wheat business leaving economic Laws to regulate the Market Garnet Zorn representing the Louisville ky., Exchange also urged return to an open Market. If Tho government attempted to hold the crop he said big losses would result. Thomas b Teasdale of St. Lmi.?, mo., advocated continuance of the Grain corporation to handle the 1919 wheat but he urged that the guaranteed Price be paid direct to the Farmer with the Price to the con us Ltd being a stabilised on the basis of the w orld Price a prohibition of imports during the guaranteed Price and control of exports by the corporation were favored by or. Teasdale. Practically agree on leagues Oil Committer i Tai he to a understanding on three of emf Artic Les by United press parm feb. 6.�?general agreement has been reached on tile principles underlying the whole draft of the league of nations Constitution it was officially announced today. At the latest meeting Tho committee. In charge of drafting the leagues Constitution practically agreed o the third article. Havo Yon read Tho want adar by u c. Martin United press staff correspondent Washington feb 6.�?conference report on America s $6,000,000, 000 War Revenue Bill the greatest in this nations history was presented to the House today by chairman kit Chin of the ways and Means committee. In addition to raising about six billion dollars in faxes the Bill gives every Soldier Sailor and Marine and All women nurses in the american forces a Bonus of $60 on discharge this Means an appropriation of More than $400,000.00&Quot. Following Are the chief provisions of the Bill income tax on individuals. The Normal tax of 1918 is 6 per cent and for the succeeding years h per cent. The present Normal tax is 4 per tent. Exemption of $1,000 for single men and 12, for married ones with $200 additional for each dependent under is years remain As at present the income sur tax rates begin at 1 per cent on incomes of $4,000 to $6,000 and run to 65 per cent on incomes Over $1,000,000. Present or tax rates Are loner on the Middle and higher income the highest rate in the present Law being 50 per cent on incomes of More than $1,000,000. Partnerships and Public service corporations pay the tax As individuals not As corporations the corporation income tax for 1919 is 12 per cent and thereafter to per cent. The present rate is 6 per cent. Special provision is made for Cor rotations owning Gas or Oil Wells and mint s because of the hazards and rapid depletion a special deduction for depletion and development is allowed it is based on the fair Market value in the taxable year. The Bill allows income taxes to be paid in one or four instalments As Tho tax payer chooses. The first instalment is due when Tho return is flied. The second three months la ter third in and the last in nine War Aud excels profit tax provision is made for both War Aud excess profits taxes in the Asta year but after that the War profits taxes come Oft. Except in certain spec filed Raes where War contracts run Over in later years the excess profits tax for 191 fillip is so per cent of profits up to 20 per cent. Before figuring this tax the tax payer deducts from his net income three thousand dollars plus s per cent of ins capital As an it x Cess profits exemption concerns making less than $3,000 year net income pay no exc Ess profits for 1919 1920 and thereafter the rates Are 20 per cent at profits up to 20 per cent and 40 per cent on ail profits Over 20 per cent. Tho War profits tax for this fiscal year is the difference bet wet a so per cent of the net income after deducting War profits credit and the amount of excess profits figured under proceeding provisions. The w a profits provisions one of the most involved in the Bill reads a the sum. If any. By which eighty per Cental the amount of the to t income in excess of War profits credit exceeds the amount of the tax com puled under the first and second brackets Tho excess profits tax provision a the War profits credit of $3,000 plus the net average income for the pre War period 1911-12-13 plus to per cont of the difference Between the average invested capital of prewar period and the invested capital in the taxable estate tax this provision levies tax beginning at 3 per cent on estates be More than $50, and running to 40 per cent on those Over $10,000,000. Estates of soldiers sailors and marines continued on Page 2 trying to upset him v $ in Vav it Al v j i Quot i Vav a a a y i/1 \ 1 a v Fco of i pcs 5three Ames faculty no Khz chief held in Al ssi a dead u general strikes til he Iirma full abm Rei Fader Macdonald ind hol Drook Pic de in i rent of w Ulster s pamphlet la for work was very Fri act i i through their combined Al ports thousands of tons of i t Els sax de the work of Thi men on the state m at under Chari Ames faculty i striation move Webster state by United press new York feb. 6 a a i. Childs for years chief representative of the Western Union Telegraph company in Russia is dead from starvation according to a message received Here Seattle 70.000 people Ziuni traffic stopped stores Arp it loser by sinus it end on Western coast Jiuu Uliuli . To be Helo Sonday i. It. Vav saved of dus Moines to big Prim i pal speak it at avg Hall fuel admin Darter has just been made Public by a pamphlet showing the work of this part of the govern nent conservation movement pub asked by or. Webster in de Moines. Pictures of the three men i. C Faber head of the engineering Xien Ion department la. B. Macdonald head of the forestry department and r. Of. Holbrook of the engineering faculty were placed la the front of the pamphlet and were followed by i rip ions of the w Ork of the different men. D. C \ Fajr was placed in charge of one end of the fuel saving work As conservation Engineer and w As j Given the credit fur tin approximate saving of thousands of tons of fuel. The work which was done in this connection was Given special mention in that it was Tho a first of its kind to be started any place in the United states and As such attracted very wide professor Macdonald was Given the work of saving Wood for fuel it Forrester he visited nearly every locality where Wood was abundant and encouraged the use of Wood in place of Coal to such an extent that a the estimates 3,000,000 cords were Cut in 1918 with 1,500,000 cords in the previous the work of it. H. Holbrook appointed consulting Engineer was More advisory than actual although he aided materially in estimating the location and handling of fuel Iii out of the Way places. J b. Weaver of Des Moines will appear at the College next sunday afternoon at 3 p. In. As the principal speaker a the Roosevelt memorial services. The services will be held in the Assembly room of agricultural Hall. A movement a gone Over the country to make february 9, a Day of memorial for the late True american statesman Theodore Roosevelt the College authorities realized the significance of the event and secured one of Iowa s Foremost speakers to appear As the principal speaker. Judge Weaver is a remarkable speaker besides being an admirer and Friend of the late Rossevelt. N imm a to git a ult Jill it c pm we Viking Hin i Niv i it is re defeats la Ord blow to c ollege petition Calls for uni i ii 125 people demand Harding Tell uis part in Rath Iii in pardoning by United press Des Moines. Feb. 6.�?representative Finch of Ida county today presented a petition bearing one j Hundred and Twenty five names to Hie House demanding governor w l Harding make an explanation i of his part in the pardoning of earn-1 est Rathburn. Of Ida Grove who was pardoned before he had served one Day of a life sentence for a social crime. Although coach a a Deal Quot Walter in charge of the College basketball team has Bec ii working Over his a and night this season to develop a machine that Rould represent Iowa state College on the floor he is not so Well satisfied at this time with the Way the last two games have gone. Last Friday his team were forced to let go their grasp on me state championship when Coe College sent up a team of husky Basket shooters that were both Good at guarding and a i find the Loop. The sort of this game tallied 31 to 22, the first game Ever played with Tho Washington University but tet Nen. From St Louis was lost to that team on tuesday evening on the local floor in a gauge. By a score of 13-19. The game was a hard on to lose As Ames was leading by a Safe margin till the visitors located the Basket and during the second half Only the. E baskets were put thru by the cyclones. This eliminates Ames from both the Missouri Valley and state championship race As Iowa has beaten the Cornell team w hich in turn trounced the Coo five. There is still the Chance however that Walter can renew the Pep of his team a she did with Kansas and come Back at the a Iowa City aggregation this month with some surprises. Milk i it delivery enough Fok rades no hospitals Only delivery m idea a vies closed Seattle wash., feb 6.�?the first general strike in the United states began Here at to of clock this morning. Practically ail industries Are at a standstill except newspapers which published As usual. Street carted Jitney service has completely topped electric Light and Gas will a furnished hospitals Only. Milk will be delivered Only to the extent of applying hospitals and babies. Even the Union record the official Organ of the labor unions was closed Down. The unions plan to run fifteen Quot rating hails where the general Public As Well As the strikers will be serv d meals at a mall Cost. Practically All restaurants closed this morning before the sink. Hour. The strike affects approximately 70,000 workers directly of these 30,-&Quot>0 Are ship Yard workers and others ire sympathy strikers. Vav ill give Protection Olympia was feb. 6 immediate and ample Protection of property and life will be furnished luring the sink if the necessity arrives in the strike situation. Governor Lister made Public statement to this effect today. A i am in close touch with the situation growing out of the general strike Quot the statement said. A i Hope it will not be necessary to take any action but if the occasion arises a Mph pro feet Ion. For life and property Wal but no i i of i full i gis inaugural talk a Dwa state head principal speaker at Kansas state Foli egg dec tires Here next monday hip to battlefields will be Tofu do fore crowd at a Ltd ass Emma pres. R a. Pearson arrived on the imps yesterday noon from manhat it kans., where a gave the Prin pal address at the inauguration or vices at Kansas state College when w. M. Jardine took up his do i s As the new president of that co ego. The ceremonies occurred last tuesday morning. The president of Ornell College new York was to Lave Given the address but he could lot be present. On next monday afternoon at 4 15 a resident Pearson will give an in strafed lecture in agricultural As Embly room pertaining to his trip ii Europe which he made several oaths ago As a member of a gov a rement commission. This number i a been listed on the College lecture Lourse and came As a request from he College and Down town people. He lecture will have to do with the Keenes and work up near the front. The president of the College Ain eared some time ago before the omme Ciai club at which time to dealt briefly with his trip to France my the Quot lecture next monday will Leal More in detail with the a near pm a scenes on the Battlefield. Prof. V. B Noble has charge of the col egg lecture course and it is through tis efforts that this number will be Iven. It is possible that later. President a Carson will appear Down town with i a tailed description of his trip and auditions As he saw them in France. This number has not been definitely decided but is very possible. Next thurs Day evening president Pearson will appear before the members if the agricultural club with an illustrated lecture on agricultural conditions in War torn Europe. The slides used in these lectures How actual conditions and Aid Wreath in showing conditions better ban any verbal description. Null ill i Oli egg Giri in m Vking organization an int res it no one Flann made us Ope Vav Ith the but a Umi \ i id it on idol filled i or today Berlin feb. 5 it delayed to the government today was understood to have completed plans for meeting tit nation we Ide attempt of the Pardon is to seize control scheduled for thursday. Aided by soldiers Council the spar macans Are expected to open a Campaign simultaneously in Berlin and Weimar with demonstrations in other centers. Movement is underway to Bike at the National Assembly and at the present government which has been moved to Weimar. Ten charter members of a Grad j school club just organized but not yet Nan and met in alumni halt for a get a Quail Ted soda timers. Galen Tilden mrs. A. K. C line and mrs. W. Ii. Stevenson and the girls of Iowa state College ire Agi sting in making this club one it in most interesting of us kind. The physical culture and Public peaking departments have Quarter introduced new course. The a a Mali girls Art acting Aseo workers wit ii the College 4o make these courses More beneficial to those on roiled in them physical culture courses 9 and 21 a open to girls minoring in att filet in. Special training in taking charge of playgrounds Smial work corrective athletics Aud regular gymnasium management is Given. At present Only two girls Are enrolled in these Cooee a but they Are turning their training to practical service and will each saturday play games with the girls of this Grad school club. Children Story telling is the new Public speaking course introduce i several in Arber from this class i were a alumni Hall saturday after i noon to entertain the club and to receive in their turn first eau experience. With the Quot Advent of Spring nature study trips will be made and picnics planned the weather generally fair tonight and inday. A older tonight Anil sex Treine Southeast portion Friday j hat you read the wait adar

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