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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Apr 17 1919, Page 1

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - April 17, 1919, Ames, Iowa The thursday times to tues a aver tigers get Best results to Luigi xxvi tiwrsd4y edition of the Ames evening times am is Iowa this Khz Dat aph 17it, i Mill. Nhi her .104 is production of Ifopo of Reg the War Nikon Tjai what by w 11 k Quot uss xtk\s1"v Quot Iii Tok he lot in Kask Flats of Farmer notable record aim kit he a i i rom mox a Aix e worm feel Eha nue Foh year Ida b. Wise Smith Wah train speaker word received or re the Teni or Diirr worker Loim Herr monday Iowa Farmer produced More foodstuff in 1117 and 1918 covering the i Nad since the roiled Staten entered the War than any other two years in Lier history according to the report of the agricultural Extension department of Iowa 8tate College made by hit it tor it k miss and submitted to president Raymond a. Pearson. The report of the two year period which is contained in a sixty two Page pamphlet shows that Iowa Farmers increased their Grain production 27 pee Yoni during a he period of the War the statement being Bas cd on a comparison of average production of 1917 and 1918 As com pared with the average production for Tho ten year period immediately proceeding the period of the War. 111 Quot million Basileios a la by Tho increase in Bushel the re port indicates amounted to 14 3.000,-i 00 a Dally or an increase of i,-000,000 Bushel a Day of Quot a to Ach working Day for the crop growing season the total increase in Grain for the two period has teen estimated by director he to he sufficient to furnish each Man woman and child in France with one Pound of Grain daily for a period of one year. Quot accomplishment of the loan far in or in producing a greatly increased amount of Grain with a dec treated labor Supply a says the report a will stand a it one of the notable achievements of the tin statement was made in View of the fact that up to october 1918 approx Tina iely Farmers or one thirst tit those Between Ages of 21 and is bad been called into military service dig livestock product a not Only was the production of grains greatly noticeable during the two year period by there was a heavy annual Ibet Sim in the production of livestock. The report show that from january i. 1917 to january i. 1918 there was an inert a of 937,nod bogs 165.000 cattle and 2 4-�110 sheep careful estimates indicate a hat there was an additional. Large intr mud in hogs and tattle mime january i. 1918. Poultry products Are estimated to have increased lip a cent during the year of 1918 to the county farm Bureau. Director Bliss accredit much of thurs Ess of the Campaign in Iowa for Greaser f Good production and says in hic report that they played a most important part in bringing about increased production in the state no close of the War saw 4o,ft00 farm members of the farm bureaus for Rich four Square Miles of farm land together with an Active Cooperator due to the perfection of the organization. Thus the Extension department was enabled to present the appeals of the Federal government tor increased Grain and livestock production in a personal Way to practically every Farmer in the state Extension workers mid Mig work a report on the work of the Extension representative allows that the Extension specialists during the two year period gave 17,090 lectures concluded 8,587 demonstrations judged 1,988 exhibits and reached 1.324.221 people. County agents received 157,365 Calls at their offices made 52,683 farm visits held 10,640 meetings and reached a half million people. Home demonstration agents gave ��?~,702 lectures conducted 4,196 Dent on stration. Judged 164 exhibits and Leat he one fourth million people. Nearly 5,000,00 bulletins were sen out. Director Bliss in his report gives credit for cooperation in urging greater production to do governor of the state the Dairy Aud foe com mis amp iou the War emergency food committee the state ant county councils of defense the food administration state seed stocks commit tee women a organizations Anil clubs Bankers commercial clubs Public schools and other organizations. Heed com hip Nign big Factor As is indicated in the report per haps one of the most striking campaigns conducted wms that for better seed Corn during the fall and Winte of 1917 arid 1918. The census Tak continued on Pago 5. The Ames unions of the women s Christian Temperance Union have just received word that mra Ida b Wise Smith stat president of the organization has been appointed As on of the speakers on the War sex ii hit train which will go across the state in the interest of the Victory loan. The train will arrive in am Sut 4 30 of clock april 21. Those who Leard mrs. Smith in her Brief re Parks at the Jubilee me Ting in the m. E. Church a few week ago will want to hear her at this time. To face impeach full a a a a Ola May set time limit f peace treaty is May a is a if of w him ill a it i Muni he Reamy to to in Kauk to a Eli he. America anxious for Olick work i tit to Quot me of Vario s nation Ket Forth by son of exited press representatives in vote i of Lowin j Stormy session overrule i wor1ty Havneros cask is c ins i Der kit today Rody Wiel take action on i Torney Oun Fraus part in Rathbun Pardon by United press mus Moix he april 17.�?the Ernest Ita the Hun Pardon cae a far a1 the limn legislature i concerned is ii eloped incident. The House of represent names today refused to accept the minority a it Mart of the House judiciary committee asking for a ensure of attorney general Havner. The House by a scanty majority adopted the majority report which ii in is Slavner a at fault hut does hoi rail for censure. I flus the Rase which sprang into the limelight almost immediately after governor Harding granted the Pardon to truest litmus of Ida Grove end cd. By Carl d. Groat Paris. April 17 the government May be required to Ign the Iea Ltd treaty by May is it was barn to i it i Cly today there was still some difference of j Pinion among the a Legates at to a eare conference As to whether or Tot a Tim limit should be fixed. The majority believe however that the period Between april 25 and May 15 Voltl be sufficient ume to allow the Vernun Mission to debate the terms and secure ratification from the gov a rement. Those opposed to the fixing of a me limit Are of the opinion that the. Iii right not have time s o reach an agreement. By United press Des Moines april 17. Cove nor w. I. Harding will not have to face an impeachment court for granting a Pardon to Ernest Rath Hun Ida county social criminal. The Iowa of representative Early today voted Down the majority report of the judiciary on Minitte asking for impeachment the vote was 70 to 34. The. Ity report which asks Only for a Centre was accepted. The Tot w by h Cam shortly be Ore i a of clock flus morning after a session which Ope in d at 9 of clock yesterday morning and continued throughout the Day Aud during the nation want speedy a it Tow by Fred s Ferguson a Paris apr it the attitude of night up in i the time of voting. In five great Power. Regarding the the House met again this in in Rig a a it e terms appeared Here to be ast 9 o to k to consider the r a part follows it rh1 Juda sary Coni Mitte again United states toe germans gave j attorney general to m. Havn r it Cen notified to appear in yers Allec a a april 25, and the treaty must be in Hap As soon As it is possible for hem to get it ready. Great Britain a Premier Lloyd George in an address to parliament nude Plain that the allies a a cached an understanding on the Andaman Tai of the peace treaty. The British Are favourable toward t speedy peace. Franc a the country it ads ready o Back the peace meaty according a a vote of the chamber of deputies. Italy the italian Delegate s re affirm its stand on territorial claims Japan the japanese have re feature numbers of so. M a address and reaming Al i unlit play a Shui us a i t v>1.1 Friday Reno expects to get big fight is ult liens relieve Tex Riehard m ill hand Over rout a Scire it of three lecture Cours numbers will be Given at the College his week beginning this afternoon at 4 15 o clock with moving picture on phase of army life supplied by the War department calved no reply from Tokyo but is two numbers will be on the i inspected to bring up again to racial Obj re a program one on the afternoon Quality question at he be session a a be a a evening i he it of the league of nations Mission. I a a afternoon j address by professor s ii a Lark of the in verify of Chicago. A in a bin ate glimpses with our boys in France an i Buring the sum i Mer professor a Lark spent thro months along the Battle urn giving readings and lectures. The fact that he had three sons in the army gave hint a very particular interest in the various activities at Tho front. In his three months experience he Baa an Opportunity to see and to hear Man of great interest. Those who have heard professor Clark a i lecturer say that he is an admirable speaker quite As successful As in his readings. Evening the Reading of John Gal Worth very striking play on the labor is notion entitled a a strife by prof s h. Clark. A students of drama now recognize John Galsworthy As one of the leading dramatists of the present Day. The play a Ash Rife out in a striking Way the two by United press Reno Nevada april 17.�?half of Reno expects Tex Richard to step up hat in hand and politely ask Reno to stage the Villard Dempey fight. The other half of Reno either does not want the fight or is dubious about the benefits Reno would receive from it. No one Bere is making it his business to see that Richard considers Reno. The men who naturally would he interested in bringing the fight Here however take it for granted Reno will stage the fight. Manager Saddler of the Golden hotel said he had no doubt the fight would come Here. He said reservations for the fight had been made bring at the hotel already. 27,000 troops sent to Munich hides in a fierce labor controversy. Anthony and Roberts the two Lead Era Are very strikingly portrayed and also the group of men who support each. To know this play is to j. # i Realise More keenly the forces thai to Vulich i lots Are perhaps always at work in a a. Bitter controversy. Professor Quot Lark with his abundant Energy and vital Ity is Well fitted to bring out the bit it Ter contest Between two leaders each with in Iron will. Tho lecture committee believes that the address and the Reading by by Rne Switzerland april 17. A government troops sent a restore order in Munich Are said to number 27,04x1. The red guards Here Are maid to have approximately to Hio troop. Hard colors Public health work under direction of nursing sen ice of american red Cross i to be carried on in schools of count Public ii Aith work under the direction of the nursing service of the american Rod Cross will be conducted throughout Story county a a result of action a Aken yesterday afternoon in Nevada by the Story county red Uro it association. This amount vent was made last night by miss Marse Beatrice Gannon Public health Field Leer try of the Vertial division of the red Cross flowing the meeting held in a Vuda. A ording to m Gannon Story comfy is one of the first in the state to take definite step toward taking up the work which is being Faun bed a the peace program of the red crate. This Section of the red Cross work was one which was started prior o the War. But was called Oil because of the great demand for nurses to enter the service it is planned now to presume the program which w la be carried on in addition Tath regular civilian Relief will to has always been one of the chief functions of the red Cross. I a the plan to have two acre i. Re red nurses come to the county and make visits to the Rural and City schools of the county working in Coop wit the county Board of supervisor and the various boards of education. Regular health inspections will be made in the schools Aud Effort made to remedy the conditions which ultimately result in the physical defect Ness of the school children. A there is great need for such work in so Ory county a said miss Gannon last night a when it is considered that there Are 500,000 Square Railes o cover and there Are about 6,000 school children in the count Accord Lur to the tentative outline of the Story county plan two nurse will be ent to the county As soon As they Cap he r -1 i cd from army service and it the plan Welt underway by the opening of the s Bool term not fall. It is hoped that later on the work can he extended so As to have Home nursing Cia aes conducted throughout the county newspaper Meh pledge support of loan Ooi redrew ext at in i to of press in in Ngo Duj Lare loyalty to \ it tory \ Mua Ign d to have trave no _ tic. A Public health service is one of the greatest pieces of work ahead of the red Cross Aid miss Gannon a when we take into consideration that for every older that a killed in Battle nine infants died. Conditions during the a flu epidemic we appalling and my h of the suffering could have been prevented and the death rate lower a i had there been More Home nursing education conducted in the Homes. A the Day of private nurses going to a Home and staying a week or so with a patient who has had his toiled removed has passed. Nurses reaming for in the service have a greater vision than that. A great Many of them ar1 making application to get into the Public health professor Nark will stand out As two of the notable vents of the year a Man to be successful should have the patience of Job the on orgy of Roosevelt the Thrift of Harry Lauder the nerve of John w. Gates the Tad of Taft the watchfulness of Wilton the Industry of Edison the vocabulary of Billy sunday and a wife who la keep him in nights. A discuss to at dinner re pm Khen Tatu is from various Organ Iza i ions Lai nor comm num 4 a group of about thirty poop met in alumni Hall last evening at a fat 30 of clock luncheon to discuss the Community project now before the a it eople of Ames. A number of interesting Point were brought up. J but no concerted action a taken. Prof. T Unningham brought up his four Points and l. C. Tilden whose name did not appear on the program spoke of school needs and the necessity for additions to both Welch and Lincoln schools. It a voted to enlarge the committee of three appointed by Rev. Hawley to five making or. Hawley also a Mem her sex offi Cio. The program As pre it ated at the luncheon was As Fob lows f a Schlatter president o the am commercial club presid tag Grace before meat Rev. In k Hawley. After first t out of Ning remarks us in. 8 Leiter some plans of the women a club mrs. Hughes. Using the talents in Ames s. A reach. The state Park plan l. It. Para inel. Public Park is amusement Park w. P. Kintzley. A soldiers idea of a memorial or. Paladin. The Call of Tho boy u. Ii. Macdonald. The Ames plan a. C. Cunningham. Scattered efforts is a United Effort i. O Hasbrouck. Closing prayer father j. M Campbell were announced today avg i Eminger gives out Nayi us of Mun to conduct drive beginning april Iii to Complete Job in Ames monday i Timothy of Cithens au-11 \ led to for Vout \. Tary Al Huihui ions at the meeting of newspaper men held a few Days ago in Chicago it was the unanimous opinion that the a tory lib by loan is going Over in the seventh Federal Reserve District in Fine shape. Several Hundred Iowa newspaper men were invited to attend the and most of them accepted by invitation. The times is a Melder of the Iowa press association and n official paper of the county and a Thor. Fore it eluded with the invited list. The times representative reports a splendid meeting with he spirit which insures United efforts and Success. The Iowa Section was presided aver by Lafayette y Oung or. C. La Aln Iller of Mason City Iowa loan chairman a present and gave a Mort talk. He made it Plain that no Nosey is being Pai i speakers for heir services during the loan t. He believed that 95 per cent f the people of this state Are Loyal rhe line of demarcation is Plain and a actions of people in the next loan Rill More truly than in other Loans. Nil. Ate whether they Are Patriot in not. A the question just now Aid or. Minwer a is not How soon Liberty Bonds will to Worth Par. R in ques Ion now is a Are you a Good enough it citizen to pay Uncle Sam Par ulue even though the Market is a Stile Low a he expressed the belie Bat within twelve to eighteen Louth it Aii builds will in Worth Par and More. A Resolution was unanimously a ass of pledging the unswerving Loy by of t Olow a or s to the government and every possible Aid in in a a the Forth coming loan a Success a meeting of the entire districts is held in the auditorium where layer Thompson welcomed the new spa r m n and women told of Chicago a part in preceding Loans my her ambitions for the canting me. St maj Gen. Leonard Wood received in ovation when he Carne upon the a form As the next speaker. The diet a r to and applauded. A do not Force the Banks to take it in. Help to make it As widely distributed a loan As possible a he said a we want building to go on. We want thus men who have fought fut us Over on the other Side to by Given jobs and Good jobs. A the so Are dangerous times. Keep up the Fine spirit of service which Hue m n with us thru the War. We done to want our soldiers standing on the curb without jobs and watching Tho endless Stream or wealth ride by. Our soldiers Are not objects of Charity. They want Good positions and a. Entitled to Mission Yih to speak mrs w. K. Bailey of Yachow. China will speak at the Church of Christ tomorrow afternoon at 2 30. Have you read the want ads the weather fair tonight Ami Friday pricing temperature Friday a lit11 want and May sell it. A Tow Ash in and Toyn rut Irmen a Lafayette Carl Raida Slot a a City # Story City a. I. Render a Moi Story Cibij. Howard Eli Nelson Roland. A Warrens Sam i. Tuedt my a a Caha Liang. A Lincoln Lour a ing. Franklin a idiom Barr ame a Milford Leo. Ilaisa her be a Vida. Richland \ i. Clifford Fern a old. Ltd Sherman a. Ii. Ilan Saker a Colo. A Washington Tom Faroney a a yes. Ltd Anu so Marie Sheldon ame. A North Grant a. I. Odgen a a Nevada. A South Grant John Loran new a Vada. A it a West Grant John kit in Ames a Nova Day Mark Moran. Nevada. A a new Albany John Roberson a a Colo. Jsn. I a Louis to Rhoto Huxley a Palestine no. 2�?John Carlson a Slater. A Union la i xerxes Ani a a a Bridge. Indian Creek Marlin troupe a a Maxwell. Collins a. 4�?T. Helot Collins. A. A. Ltd tit if. A. Announcement of the township chairmen in Story county for Tho a Molag Victory loan which will by lunched next monday was made Tome by county chairman e. J. In Jle Dinger. Attention was called again to the act that Ames and Washington town hip citizens Are going to a relied upon to make voluntary subscript ions. They Are asked to tall at heir respective Banks and make application for Bonds Early in the Day. T is the plan of the Ames commit ceo put the City Over the top Bernth arrival of the War trophy rain monday afternoon. The following statement was issued Oday by the Victory loan committee rom Grant township a a the Victory loan committee for rant township has organized Aud arranged to make the drive on Mon Lay april 21, from 9 of clock in the Horning to 6 of lock in the evening. Wing to conditions of roads subscriptions will be selected at North Grant Bool and the Shipley Grain amp any a office. A our quota is $41,000, Grant township has been too per cent pared in All previous Liberty Loans Aud his is the last Liberty loan to be launched let everyone come out do heir bit and keep grail township at si1 top of the Twenty soldiers killed n Irani collision i by United press Brest april 17.�? twelve american and eight French studies were killed and lift it seven persons were injured in a rear on collision of troop trains today. The Accident occurred near lemans. S persons die during socialist demonstrations of United press Home april 17.�?five Arr mins were killed Anil several were wounded during a Sofia list demonstration Here tuesday. Twenty four hour strikes have been declared in Bologna Cia aaa and other cities

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