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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1919, Page 1

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - April 10, 1919, Ames, Iowa C us Ai to a Low Timet for Tori git Bat Ravits the thursday times the Timet help Ames to grow Voe Uius Rivi thursday edition of the Ames evening times a Witt Mayb Els Council he in not ask for f is Henkens wednesday night aldermen get statement from mayor Grayes petition has Little weight not representative of Iusi Neus men was sentiment a or to Ham May i it in another City Council tilt which look place wednesday night prior to the hitting of the Council Ai a Hoard of review to go Over Tux a Inmom atm mayor e. La Graves Reed no and hut Aland taken at the beginning of tile Quot shake up Quot to have f a Willey retained a City Marshall. The pot fee matter reappeared before the City Council when a petition containing the names of about Sev Enty Persona asking for the resignation of t Hief Willey was presented Safure asking the City clerk to read the petition the mayor called attention to some of the name on the paper some of whom he declared had been previously employed by the City but asked to resign for cause. Others on the petition said the mayor have in times past been called before the police. Not Hep resent Alite has mayor i hardly think that this petition i representative of the by linens men or Citi Aegis of Ames. Says the mayor. Quot i for one am sorry that the was said Council Man Cupps a tor i feel that the men who voted on this proposition thought that they were right in dolt g so and justified in doing ii. I also think that if Thia petition had been headed different it would have i so a different response. As for Tai i coition there Are some who hav a had trouble with or. Willey there j in a goodly number that have Quot i Don t think that this petition would alter my to Ilion one Way it another Quot said Conn Qihuan Allan mayor Graves told the co uni i in that he was going to recognise their vote on the other department Heads but would not in the police department for the reason that the police department is under the mayor. Stand i m Flange Quot there have been no charges brought against or. Willey to me Quot said the mayor Quot i Poutt rely refuse to change my stand and until charges Are verified i am going to stand right where i am Quot Quot i have a feeling that the accent motion which was made when this matter was taken up tasking for the reconsideration of the vote to a a or. Willey to resign should have prevailed Quot said councilman Spinney a the Council gave Cloe attention to the various department chairmen concerning the other department Heads but did not to the one Over the police department i have a feeling that the Council Bas gone a bit too it one reason Fin wan ing the chief to resign to that we have had for several years conditions Here that have not been satisfactory Quot said councilman Cupps a and we have started to clean House and i feel that in order to give the people a Chance to know if conditions can be changed by changing the police i would Tike to see or. Willey resign Quot Wall i would like to set1 you have him released or. Cuppa Quot responded the mayor. What in next Asti new measure to Force the Issue the anti Willey members of the Council wednesday night indicated that they would take step to vote a reduction in salary which they increased Only a month ago. Whether or not this can be done it was not determined at the meeting. The mayor told the Council that he thought that he would have the resignation of City Engineer a Tabard in his hands by the time of the Pelt regular meeting the Council will hold another session Friday night to sit As a Hoard of Jev Tew. Associations for shipping popular Farmers of Nonty relieve Netter Rice mid quicker Hales result by United press Nevada april Farmers of the county after seeing the results of various livestock shipping associations in Story county have decided to form shipping organizations to get better prices and quicker sales for their products. A meeting of Farmers near Gilbert this week brought about an Organiza Tion that plans immediately to begin negotiations for a general buying and Selling Pool to take Cire of their produce. The Farmers plan to soil not Only their live products but All seeds grains butter eggs and Cream thru the joint Selling corporation. Ii to Convene in Ames ministers and laymen from Fen Thal Iowa to hold Goni Ere vue Herk ministers and laymen of the Pris Butery of Waterloo including ten counties in Centra Iona. Convene in Ames not monday for a two Day a Saon the attendance probably will be about fifty. The ministers and laymen will discuss problems of he t Buri h of today and take up other business matters pertaining to his distr t. Included on the program will be addresses by Dean r f. Curtiss or j. A Wilson and others from out of town All the sessions Iii firs of whirl will be monday night will be held in the collegiate presbyter in Church. An easter peace is not Paris correspondent re Ell a is m 11.son Iee re Tern in May i by Carl d Groat a his april die each conference a reached i Fie King where the Allied of recite of an Foster peace will my fall Many Day Short. If Tow present Progress is maintained it is tm-a1 Hie that president Wilson will return Home Iii via. Paris. to a Frances claims have been reduced to a minimum in accordance with the fourteen Points which were set by president Wilson ii in a 4 understood today Trench supporters declare tot Thep now can Only stand by and wait. They Are not asking for an Inch of ground they contend but merely for separation for damage done by the War. And thai they might prevent a. Tiona ruin. Past Winter has been Mildest in history of nem her lifts now that one can phone to Europe Over eighty persons week by report shows Pant months Haye Reen unusually warm crop Outlook is highly favourable vegetation has thrived Dir ing Winter live Stock has Ike Newell the Wrather t unsettled tonight. Colder East is and rain Northeast portions. T Friday partly Cloudy Aud warm i or. J 4 in in in in % a a a a Hellings Forse the production of soviet banknotes exceeded $2,-600.000.000 Worth monthly leu toe told the Aii Russia Trade Union con Jerrean. Warning Given of bolshevik army in North Russia by win. Phillip Simms Paris april Ila Ike let Sheviki forces Lune troop i the extent of in Tho Arch Angle District is the Indio of a French general Wilt arrived Here after the Hig released front a rums Tan prison Camp. Unofficial report in Washington yesterday plated that tile bolshevik Iii Northern Russia have not More than 70,-ooo i Roo i and oui do allies have far More and that tin bolshevik troops Are poorly equipped. Street fighting continues in Hun cities Many die a by Frank j Taylor Herlin april in delayed a Street lighting has again started Iii Bugle Hurt where the government has proclaimed a state of seige. Many persons an said to have teen killed. In Lavaria peasants Are mobilizing to Force Lite soviets into Subito Ion. Colognes for shouting Quot go to Tho Devil your master it two British officer a Cologne Man was fined 50. Indications that Iowa a Winter crops have thrived during the Winter months Are pointed out in the weekly weather crop bulletin issued by Chaa. D. Reed director of the Iowa Etton of the weather Bureau of the u. S. Department of agriculture All vegetation and live Stock have done exceedingly Well in View of the exceptionally mild Winter which has Sta ribbed a new record for the Iowa Bureau which has been in Faience for 29 years. The full report follows for the week ending april 8 the Winter of 1918-19 was Hie wittiest of the 29 Winters since the Iowa weather Andi crop service a organized and averaged 2 1 degrees warmer than the record Winter of a sets heavy Rains in october and november saturated the soil and Hough january was deficient in prelim Ilion the soil continued More Han usually moist till the last to Jay of March when it dried rapidly. At no Tim twas the ground deeply Rozen blowing was done at interns in each of the Winter months More than the usual amount of blowing was done last fall. Seeding was bout half finished in the Southern r of counties by the close of March and beginning in the Central Council. Than a moist Winter was sex optionally favourable for Winter a heal Rye. Grasses Dover and a1 Alfa. Very Little Winter killing is ported. Peach buds were Ahnor Paliy advanced by the warm weather j f january and will be nearly a fail j a in the Southern counties. Week to been Matin the past week was warm a crag j g about 5 degrees warmer than i a real and ranging from As Low As j j in the North on the 1st to so in it Outh on the t h. Showers were j Undank and Sunshine was slightly j deficient. Field work progressed j rapidly except in the Northeast where the soil is too wet. In most sections Spring wheat i seeding is completed or nearing com. Pinion and the acreage will probably not quite equal that of last year j Oats seeding is advancing rapidly. Blowing for Corn is beginning. All vegetation made rapid Progress gras in Pas lures and Tao is is Green. The Outlook for a Hayr rep is prot is in Winter wheat never looked better on this Date. Live Stock wintered Well generally though the Pring pig crop is slightly re appointing As to size and Streng h j of litters due to effects of influenza i on Brood sows and to Lack of supplementary feds. The Lamb crop isl unusually Large and Fine. Crop Outlook Bright As a whole the crop Outlook is highly satisfactory. Tho Secretary of he state Mort cultural society reports the condition i of fruit on april 1st As follows Quot apples 90 pears so j americana plums 94 Domestic i plums 79 japanese plums 69 cherries 88 peaches 43 grapes 91 red raspberries. 86 Black raspberries is blackberries 84 currants 90 Goose Benic 94 Straw Berri my per cent of perfect condition. The average for All fruits is is per cent or five Points above Normal for april on a 15-year average conditions Are favourable for a Good fruit crop this year from the present Outlook based on the condition of the plants and fruit Central District Grundy Grundy Center seeding of Oats and Spring wheat started v inter wheat came thru the Winter in great ground in Fine condition to work roads soft and of cyclones in Texas toll of death increases As comm Sica pions re opened i property damage into Mim Jons farm crops Sci Fer Orwat in Lone Siar state ii Fields hit sorority girls have charge of Church service \ in e once Eti Vater soils said to hav i la Mph i up since Phi o by Rlph Couch Washington Apt ii profit of Twenty billion has been accrued by the f Irmer As a result of int values this sum is c tile increase in the Prius to the United Bra values a said to have per cent sure 1910, to been made during the War. Another by proud t at the War for Tho am i option lied at about flt dollars in building have increased it by of dollars e american reused land i Mem of the i Beta Phi sorority will by in charge of the evening program which will be rendered at a the Coll flute presbyterian Church next sunday the sorority gird will 1�?~ake Complete he arg of be services and provide from thir own number peckers Singer and usher. Amazed e of in. The incr a to be i farm j land to 71 i if win h Hai ars of the Ames represented at i. In Dan Idmon i it i Noer of is i wept Rill Apt As head be the department or it up out Merman farm i four billions old lands Whinn explained. J heralded As largest even i Kier St Iglus in mid West opened today in lilt ago Ames Wilt be represented at the of Luau meet by two relay teams and not so adv i in mix individual. Funds to wend Hie men to Chicago wire secured at a my Mort lag held at the col lege morning. By United press St. Ian is april to a the Baden state Hank of St. Etui was held up of eight Bandit w i Locci i it a proximal it i i Mimi Simily after id o clock till morning. Tho Hundred to Beemen armed Vav us riot Rifle per Guetl the bandits who headed wet. L Ite hold up men lined Hie five Emp ova a in Tho hunk against tile Wall. Three of the men gum ded the employees while three others oot a Hie vaults. Other to a i sick the tank As look out men. Hank officials tired a Volley of a shots after the Bandit a they bed Iii Avn automobile. In patrolmen in a running halite Peri led the a Adit until lie was outdistanced. Rank officials estimated the a Neman taken from Hie Hank to la from s to 5,000. Police later said that the amount would reach $160,000. The current securities and other available Money was placed in a Large milk. The bandits worked Lea than five minutes. Tin wailing automobile outside Hail it engine running. By United press Chicago. April to a one of rest track meets Chicago and id West est r saw opened Here e coliseum today under the t Ces of the University of Chicago. Meet. Accommodating Arua Teu f Long experience together kids Quot from Public and Puro schools was under the direr tin tars us h la i Barf in an of the re a the at get sixty or Elal ran Tome it k. A let faced a or events include i Hies w Long possible Tain Nee a bes. Creased about 25 per cent Over the Isis crop. Jasper Baxter a rain. .31 highest Empera Marc. 76 on the 6th lowest 28 on the isl Sunshine 38 or Cen of the Poco bit amount Lek Des Moines rain .79 in which handsome tro it re to be won. Straightaway were mad in the coliseum making Cerr a Hord time in the Shorter a bes. Good entries had been made in ail the regulation Cente ses a predominance of College men being noticeable of course. Among Star to appear was Joie Ray. Famous As a Champion Miler. He premised a desperate Effort to at Lea equal the record for this event in the 880, on of Joiet a sidelines in Vas again to Newt the High school lev. Tom Campbell who twice had feat my him. Carl Johnston Michigan s trac1 tar anti Earl is 11 to 11 u it Noire Dame s All around track Man were two no tallies from the College world. Officials of the Central a. A u will run off the meet a capacity and til 6,000 was expected. Full of Chut k holes a. A a4 above Normal mean temp Cater Greene Jefferson a rain 20 ,. A a it a Quot 4 degrees or 7. Degrees above highest temperature 74 on the 6th lowest 23 on tile 1st. Marshall Marshalltown oils j Shine 58 per cent or 2 per cent beam Spring wheat it per cent seeded Low Normal rain monday will be Pring blowing started Winter boat j beneficial to grass Winter w heat in Fine condition and promises a Large making excellent Progress Spring yield equating that of 1918 con wheat practically seeded 70 per cent i tips of Timothy and Clover seeding 0f the Oats a in the ground too per cent All live Stock in Thrle Iowa City telegraphic track Aud Field meets for the freshmen of Iowa mate University Are a possibility director of athletic Jones is Bego or j i ult lug with Northwestern and was nth in for meets of this sort. in anxious to meet any uni Normal highest temperature 76 on varsity or College in a meet of this request is that j. B. Davidson Foremost agricultural engineering authority in Amer Ico has just been selected As head of the agricultural engineering department of Iowa Blate College with his duties to begin july i is the announcement nude by president r. A. Pearson. Professor Davidson is returning to Iowa state College after an absence of four years As professor of farm mechanics at the University of California. He founded the department of agricultural engineering at Iowa state College the first of its kind in America in 1906 and was in Barge of the work there until 1915, when he was called to a position in California. During his four years of absence no one had been secured to Bead his department and now he is to be brought Back As his own successor. Under the leadership of professor Davidson the agricultural engineering depart meat at Ames was ranked As the leading department of its kind in the country. It has turned out More graduates than any similar department at any other school. Professor Davidson was one of the eng Aizers of the american society of agricultural engineers and a been a president of this organization. U s two textbooks Quot farm machinery and farm motors Quot with j a Chase and Quot agricultural engineering Quot Are the Standard textbooks in these Subj lots. He has contributed widely tor years to the leading farm journals and tech Neal papers. He is a Mem Ber of Phi Beta Kappa Sigma it Sigma Tau Tau a i Aud Alpha Zeta Honor societies. Quot we Are All Happy to know that professor Davidson is to soon be with us again Quot Aid president Pearson in the announcement of the appointment. Quot we have High Hopes for Cie continued development of the a. Re cultural engineering work under his leadership again. A the return of professor Davidson Means hat Iowa state College will continue to have a department of agricultural engineering second to none in America a declared Dean a i f. Curtiss of the division of agriculture in commenting on the appoint Merit. Quot none was secured to take i his place when he left four it ars ago. J now Happy circumstances permit us to in ing him Back to Iowa by United press Dale vib tex., april lit.�?. Eight six persons Ope known to have Hist their lives Iii Hie by. Clones Iii Northern Texas wednesday. In addition to this mint a or Many others Are reported dead. More than too person have been reported injured a int Hie property damage will run far Over one million dollars. Relief work hits started. Of thousand persons have been made homeless. Dallas tex., april >0 persons Are dead and several Hundred others Are injured and nations of dollars damage to property was to toll taken in wednesday mornings storm whih swept thru North Texas counties and Southern Oklahoma according to the reports gathered from disrupted commune Ilion service. The known dead today was eighty a and ii l believed that this number will be increased with the full establishment of wire communications in the storm swept counties. Damage to farm crops will run into the millions of dollars As the Princi i a1 crops in Texas Are now at a stage most easily affected by storms. The Oil Fields in the Wichita District suffered damage that will run nto hundreds of thousands of Dolors As a result of wrecked Oil dirt d tricks and machinery j. The 6th lowest to on the 1st sail ing condition number of pigs in a a you Root i rout 41 sort and his Only freshmen be used. Gardening booklets written by govern men t Spivia lists after Many yet trs of experimentation will a sent to any american who ret ups to them from the United Blatta department of agriculture Ida Grove the old set Park j i Tow th1 property of the City. The old bet tiers association donated the i play pot to Ute City and the City Council formally accepted Tho gift wit i the announcement Tim several improvements Are planned. A a it be improvements will in Dud i modern band stand with gourdes Bond and it i lecture platform the old of Cabin mid for in Tim j Ber Cut by the oat lie.-1 settler of the j to my will not be disturb i Accord i 1m� to Council members Turse of Slater boy Wes to parents i eels of by Wery til sos wik j sit Vehr Al j to to her. Calusis in i Rance special to the times Slater april to. Or. And mrs. A a. Chader Are in receipt of a letter from the nurse in France who attended their son Lloyd prior to his Dot ath in an army Hospital in Brest i Ranee. The letter from the nurse in part follows Quot your son came Here i believe transferred from some other Hospital in the Interior of France some time Iii november but he did not coma directly to my Ward. I Waul you to believe and rest assured that he had All possible attention and i Athing was left undone that might i Alp to save Ais life and. When we realized that was impossible we did ail we could to make him comfortable and i am sure he was. Until the very last. I believe he realized a few Days before he died that lit would not get yes indeed he had a chaplain a have one of the Dearest men in the world Here at the Post As a chaplain. All the patient idolize him he was a minister from Louisiana. He often came in Aud talked to your son an i i Ani sure he enjoyed his visits for be is so intensely human and Alwa it knows How to Appeal to the boys. Quot i had hoped to the very last that your son would get Strong enough to be transferred to the states. But As it was it would have been too or at a risk. For he would not have survived the Ocean voyage. ,. A i know you can lie nothing but heartbroken to have him pass away so Young. But you should be Proui. To. Have a son like him just the same for he was very Brave. I know from w hat lie told me he bad been in Tho midst of Fatale and i in now that to woes not a Coward. I think ii was just ii in insistence in sticking to hit duty that brought him and so Many it thers of our wonderful soldiers to an Earty grave in France. Quot i have journeyed several times oui to the Little cemetery where your son to resting with Many others of cur Brave boys and As i guess you Haw Rad about the characteristic Little White wooden crosses there t j Mark their place.,Quot i think when the first deep sorrow wears off you will have occasion to realize that i am right when i say you should be proud of your son continued in Page 2

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