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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1919, Page 1

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - April 3, 1919, Ames, Iowa Times advertisers get Best results the thursday times the times helps Ames to grow thursday edition of the Ames evening times Voluk xxv Amus Iowa Fin it Fua Quot a Maui i Iota Ano Rio Hng prevails min Hilt disorder Fua red in of him w it it As la Ehi it of of Widen walkout Many killed and wounded in fight met Urra a fax in Sti tto a re Ano fran Kin hit la i Siut in i Asi a uti is by Frank j Taylor Berun april a. I a. In a foreign Minster Bella Ken of the hungarian Mallet arrived in Munirji today to form an Alliance with flu bulgarians and Barr inns ii was announced Iii pres report. The repair to were not confirmed. The general strike in Berlin continues to spread and is grow lug of United pre Burian april Boldin Tiki offensive is reported to hate stat Tell against tile prussians. The German Are said to toe preparing to a ofter defense. To chosen t f w Beckman directs legation. My at it is for cremes College i Amis Man in Imhof of in Ruf Itkin for army edit a. Tto Nau ins Iti a i Ion a Jill i in House to is m Fei Secretary of state to i m i of from out of Iowa came the precious hostess of the cd to slovak legation in Washington. Her husband is Charles Perrier. It Echo slovak ambassador to the United states mrs Perrier wus born in Bohemia but reared in Iowa u 8 a she now reigns in her Washington borne where Loose federation is Bavaria s plan b Warias posh Ion oni of i a i imm pen Iii in in nou by Frank j Taylor rerun april i i night More than workers but on strike Here tonight in various sections of _ Berlin Metal workers and other Carl. Ella and Vera Romp every a 11 led workmen who were the firs ambassador to participate in the Brike were Goon i followed by other trades while the strike had been anti Tipa Ted. It a 4 Ket Leved that it Ltd ult j be postponed and cd owing so Sud j deny As it did caught the govern intent troops unprepared there a been no violence reported in Berlin tonight however. In St Sances Quot Ere reported from St Utgard and Frankfort Day More than thirty were killed and i fifty wounded. The government i j using Mac hike guns and tanks to i. Quail the riots in Frankfort it a reported that Many per on have Ben arrested the damage from plunder is said to run in the millions of dollars crowd Brule Back London apr it a a Rul Hun fired persons were killed in further rioting St Frankfort on the main tuesday according to a Copenhagen dispatch to the sex Bange a Telegraph company the hotels of to City were plundered in the fighting at Stuttgart yesterday. The message adds a violate of Iowa attacked the town Hail which was Doc Naiad toy government troop Tbs crowd however was beaten off Frankfort is reported without water or to Fht i amt Evvi in i store Frankford april i. Via Coper hag n rioting started or the afternoon the mob Plum the provision stores. All the Able military Fortes were Rush the area of the disorders. As this i p it. Ii was sent fighting was continued demons in tors searching the chief burgomaster s Hon discovered Large Storey of meals eggs and flour. Three Hundred persons accused of plundering shops hav. Been Arr a Ted disorders due to the shortage of Fikani stuff have been recently Litten is fled by a reduction of the potato rat iou from five to three Pound Lati kit data i of historical Hook part u do i h s m u of to of it us Kaim in it i Lull. It r 81 l l s of american lout i s engage d us supervisor of publicity Tad Publio Naioti for what is expected to be the largest educational Imu Itu Titi in the world or at least to largest stud it body f. W Beck Man head of til department of journalism at Low i stat College now on leave of assume for War work with the y a c. A. In France writ. # that this monster undertaking of the american expeditionary forces is Well under Way. The in University i located at Beaume France and houses in Hun ire of buildings once us i As a great base to Pital has pm Clits hours to american soldiers now in Europe and the first Rush of the anticipated sen thousand students has prof. Beekman in a letter writes hat his work will include a varied in of duties. Publicity for the agh literal work thru put France which will require visit in France and into Germany will be a part of the work. All Phi ii a i it a fur the agricultural w to will be under his direct while the distribution of the pan let. And my books Iii be a astr i j a it a cd Ion of thu i any. In promote \ it m till Iii i m mayor Jravis a proclaimed pril St to loth As dress i week and wants sex a a Ood citizen of Ames to present his Hest appearance during that period and As Long thereafter As he or she lives. Dress i a it week a Fords an excellent Opportunity to contribute to the Public Good by stimulating and developing personal and civic Pride through t. Emphasis it places on the value of a neat and Well dressed appearance and every Man woman and child of Ames is requested to pm nest i % co operate in making dress i p week a tune of unusual interest anti Benefit to All the people of this its and \ i Init it. Ill la it in i j Iel baseball celebrities get out of Khaki w Iii ii in Salt Hill la i id no i us in i x Vii s vital to ind Vav if in i iwo id till s a Iii in. Word ii by ii a Al d v the prussians rack ally Amy to plan. Definite u woke Btl situation. The Corno or a nut Industry Wark a Liboi Ite plan for the a oat / with Reg re us he or webs of it hons a sitcom. Pru in we it kid if. A to tee to room us to of go a railroads cd postal g i n i a i thu to f in a i Hail he Bava i pm u in inc. It ii to i bout Tho or b s y 11 ill Ai. Lop a. Prot lies Itu Miti Lemm. Vav ii i Ino to direct Vii Virk of Gay frn. Mem to the nation Paris april it copyright by fluted pre the russian soviet government is it asking fur re. Ignition it wit mud known today. What it in asking of the Allied a Lions according to Premier Lenin is that they a lift the blockade to give us food and materials and we will take Good. And then you May ret Ogniz tis if you want the russian Are understood to to Ruddy to Tusk pea without in a. Eluding in the no with the allies re Hor aril a a Oti Ltd this would u3torally in?3n the withdrawal of All Allied forces from leu me Agre a to cease fighting and direct the govern i it machinery to National affairs la says he can show that the system will work out whereby it will be impossible for the Rich Man to get anything just b. Cause he is Rich. Omi Idi Rill Vav Ili mov in. Ii is fear g tit Ltd x o ii a Frost Logon Iowa. To Ellis Street. Ii e Morrow has moved from College Heights to hid Lark ave. M Khu has moved from Soi stun ton a to Grundy county. Or at a mrs Grogan hav moved from Oakland a t it still Lincoln Way t by. Heater has moved from in Welch to Niu Miles Southeast of in Aloin is. Jack a runner tin moved from Ash a venue to Jefferson where hot has an interest in a Creamery. Roy Dixon has resigned his position in the Market milk department at the coling-1 and gone to Denver of loll lot of Rio Slot Iii i Sale id Thi you t bin it tut jul hut. I a in at in Aik after it hit not crud a likewise interesting however. It looks Lute Efferent a l togged out in its ear military uniform of the a by a no the real military of the army its boots Are heavy and mud splash d. Its shirts Are flannel and there lot i Whit col in r in sight its hair Bot d by huh Latukh Tad but it is intellectual o my y books a though it would be Ruth trigger with a know led to shoot it to the students be can hell himself and do it ii Kun of that o n i #111 to 2 Friday a to Wash r a Nios. A a m a of red to make the trip on red Fox while he lectures one in tin it by and the Oil d a Tow n. A Yoni will be asked for w ill be Given Over to the i Hitaf red Fox will be drive costume the garb wears it ornamented wit beads he says the Indian who says he in five of the indians of m exhibit train to be loan feature grim weapons of warfare Sld by Iii not w ill re on disp1mx to it blk 1. I n u ctr by t apr Etc red or used in which 2, in is a a the no Ooi another Bat ceased to feel and is Back in my of the it a bran h Hick manager of tic league team Ball celebrity has the itch of Khaki a Cit a for the open on. It is Captain y. President and St. Louis National Rickey was in 5 to f the sgt vice with Del. La j ii i i up. I ii Usu in Uil i part it i kiss i Kori Rel by. Ii t. I. Do in i i a us or Hundred Talo t i state Kun that Uci i d let i flu put r tit \ i xxx Lull xxx l i St i it v i in t Apa it i Jap Khz i is ii bit Tram la to tour interest of the fifth Libre in april 6 to May 7, sit in Unity will be Given Iii ail parts of Iowa to it entire exhibit at their Bakers w Iii accompany Al Little descriptive talks ii a Given wherever the train stops at every Point in the itinerary of in train on of the famous baby Aik-., Winch is part of the exhibit k. To roiled off the Flat car and Florin some of the stunts for which o tanks have gunned much renown in in tie tanks can go Over any pm u Kmit a matter How Steep ugly thru mud and wat a to half in height turn around on a space greater than the Width of til a. Aud put i Many a feat which Gnu put Tho a modern magic to ski rotary i l l u is i Komi. I. Hume defend a Ltd Iai Ion la Cauca Tutu a Lidia i la i i we thy Are just ing no other University he kind of a student body i really diversity will have men too it or. Nan i Aho Are first soldiers All of them. I rom the lighting or service organi it Ion.-, soul of than from Ltd operate gating. At various places along the Battle line All hardened and season. I All of them with a in not of the school room but of the world it Bare Nous experiences and with a maturity that their y it of to i Ness be a it All of them with a new seriousness about that has grown out of the life that they have lived Iii Camp till Field All of them splendid Young Fellows of w Hom tin country expects much and who realize in a want that this is True a worlds greatest id hut iou Ttoe following Story prepared by the i listed press and released today tells something of the organization of Thi hug educational institution by United press by United or Sedes Moines. Apr i a attorn rea1 ii a Frau buildings fur general in a in a will Fie first w h iat is up it i to i to. Law West cd a i in. Of toe Ala id when the Bott i qui \ crab More and it a work Faro Quot said m completed a i a result of t world of goo. Hunt t i to. $ i xxx i v t u ver knew i. I have jul Tat and a it we held Tod. I favor s k in months a will be a t a in nip future ii i a u a Florida i in i be King be a to in or. Hoi have an m i ,. Brought h i mutely incl i ii k Iii Nabaii iwo week to if id h p j our i g i he be Mil nor w a a w v Hof it r the past six n a Quot m. A. Work a at Jachson Lile i to the City last i Given this Tim to for the pleasure l now lug that he wus Ark. He was or to France within a the armistice was a Tun out his trip. At Florida was Assn the y i a and a1 o at the y r a n for Sam ii off1cb Rich Nola Belmond m in was Mai Ila i i i in Prima Rich in last hit i id by Bur a press Des my in is april 3.�?walter c. Fat Macy of Belmond chief clerk in ? hops is governor Harding s be Quot Ion to succeed w. S. Allen Sec Irv of state who resigned yesterday to take effect july i when Ramsey v la begin. It in believed that there i i he ii tie opposition to the gov a nor a selection. Secretary aliens resignation came it As a part of the House committee on departmental affairs which was ii cd wednesday Rainy was j candidate in the primaries r the office of Secretary of the die in the last election but was it ated by a Small Nio Jority Anion Dune unexpected Des Moines. April 3 a the a 1 in to by the Senate of the general Assembly came unexpectedly late ? Quot May afternoon with the report f flu committee on departmental i airs accompanied by or. Allen s tentative resignation to take effect july i. 1919, in the event the commit be report a adopt d by the upper House. A motion by senator Wilson of App noose county resulted in rimmed the action being taken and accepted of the report without protest. Nature Whitmore of Ottumwa a s. In Ber of the investigating come i to Thompson of Burlington Gge to that action by deferred this morning s session. Senator Walla Arney chairman of the investigating committee said a at it was or. Allens wish that an be taken As soon As possible and a re was no further delay. Resignation to it it a. Harding As Oon As the report had been. I opted or. All n s resignation was lion to governor Harding. On Mitte report that thru has been mismanagement and incompetency in the conduct of the office. That Secretary Allen has permitted the time of his office employees to be devoted to the promotion of his political ambition to the detriment of state business. I hat or Ai leu has no Good excuse to offer for failing to have Puli hed the proposed suffrage amendment As adopted by tin thirty seventh general Assembly. That delay in regi it traction of Merer vehicle has Hist the state Money in interest which might hav he n obtained that these. Rotary failed to give careful personal attention to til details of his office. If is specifically stated in the report that the committee found nothing to indicate that or. Allen has been guilty of any irruption in the management of his office or of any Inetti is appropriation of state Trona i t und the no a r e a i Lav Lier takes stand again in Pardon Asell v v Abl j s lectures Bird by edit thou a in i w ill cd third w Thi j ii pm Barc Max Grain has Bren lifted i r h v so ? Jai he lilt j tibial tonal institution m a it told. In a hop will close it tier entire Slot k of children s Wear gift goods Etc. Everything will but it marked in pm Alit figures and the Sale w ill be Bon fide the store is being invoiced Aud everything go at the Price marked mrs. Theofleld his not stated her in i Ilins far the future. Number it students. At least a practically ready and the faculty is prepared for the Van guard of Tho 10.000 student expected. The army educational commission which Wall control the school operating it As a military Post is set to continued on Page 2 j Stern its in vestige Ion Iii i hem a Iii a a �4 Xor he Milt it to a vat ,.i Rath Toun Pardon Wii be ask a in ago cd to testify regarding the agreement a a n Ude whereby the five indictments tinted f rss were it was said today. Washington april it. Tile be. Thie will a Tho last bit til important Inoval of the embargo on the j testimony committee members statement of Grain was effective today Toi a this afternoon be fur the opening to hic ago Inard was Ana our cd of the hearing. Today by Tae railroads. Sorry that there is it i an uncomfortable feeling lha y workers in France among our returned soldiers. Not All v. To. A weaker Over there a looked understand but we or just unfortunate in getting a few workers who did hot do the right h a jul t a the army we a unfortunate in enlisting u number of in a Quot in Blea a cd Xor Holmes. Ii Holm has sons tin i Slot service Harry Villi is vet the a if Tith Rainbow division Anil Carl v to is in the Navy i of xxix Iti Elk Luis do Cloudy to ought Ami Xvi Ciao. Is Mew hat cooler in the Mouth cart tonight. In in it tee report and or. Alien of Ion follow closely on be of a Bill three weeks Aga 11 a Ferring the autom Toile department from the office of the a Are Ury of state to that of the treasurer to state. This action was taken when Iii comm i tee had gone far enough into the investigation to find that the stat Walo ing thousands of dollars under or Allens manage not of the Auto department of Chich his son Ray Alen was at that Titue the head. Pence conference \ i ust act to step Lri it is Iii Germany 0 i by Carl d. Groat Paris april 3 a continued failure of the a big four a to producer uts at the peace conference added to the pessimism Here today. There was talk in some Quarter that Auma Ort of peace must be made in order to tweet a crisis in Germany

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