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Ames Thursday Times Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1919, Page 1

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Ames Thursday Times (Newspaper) - April 2, 1919, Ames, Iowa Evv Ofira Kim a Ai Ril 2 mho the Ames evening Timm Mentor Iowa Prev aes. Roasted Scalp by school children la the object of the organization. A Garden club Leader will be appoint published by cd to supervise the work of that ii the times printing company or n and at the end of the season. Pabli thud every Day except sunday it is planned to him a show of Horn grown products with Prises for Tho lest exhibits. Bergman honoured by appointment entered in the Post office it anti est second Clave matter g. Tilden f Rogers or and work t Mere h pm w h an it Thoro is a rear lion. It him ire of h. Editor and manager Dot a Moines the Iowa trim i n -r7.t. Associate editor Library has acquired books for Tho. A Blind it was announced. The Libra Lay Iowa will have a own by wan Tho Only source of new York it attorney general who will Point books for sightless during the other More efficiently and Ina year the Library shows Ami Many volume were put into Circle a thin. Tito Library report announces also that to Vera i new debate volumes Tiro now ready for the various Deha Ting clubs which used Hooks last y a Tho report Points out that la i Only Cost of using Tho books is that of transportation. Romni Ottly when that Day s Tho men who fill Tho offices have Tho resp t anti Coti Fidenco w i people. Is i in lion in inf on Gross like it is Fine to Casio Nulty and Rev in a up in ism Aud Good will much a Scuta in it in a h h. A Fob lined a rive link out Ith his til Ile Ever in title re i t rein of amt is going the Kin to Atu to depend upon Nom. Whether it conservative i ii la to Hgt a i Siz of Tho sort is to he a tremolo we i. He the if do a gala a in Hall question Iii to a mat a r of ii Iun la Pool Hall is simmer amt Ion an at permit to y it a # i own. Of the file prs rtt Tih allege a v m a1 c a. Building at May be advisable to a a. Building Down ii i ii to Gosnell does not favor of a License to i Divi May be adv Able for Heity to rent or construe a building Ami a Mph a manager Olio will work on a ii., re or pro Apa on a percentage pams. It is n quest Ion of proper manage ment Bud As it As with the management of other City affairs each system of mating in re has advantages shall we have a licensed Plaw i managed and re in la of a place managed by a it Ity employee or a place under til co final of the y of. To a ? la Moines Drake stadium is being put in shale for la annual Drake relays which will he tag <1 a ii lit athletic director Hank of Drake who is handling the entries says this years moot will bring out much new material. Several Bervie i Anis w ill be entered and it is Likely thut series of pc new will be arranged bet a various Camps in cited. These games would be Iii con Janet iou with the big meet but would be run As Peris feature if Tho athletic director of the Camps so desired. The state High achoo nth Lei in directors have been priming heir charges for this meet and according to ban some Good comp Ilion Iii the Junior events is Likely. Prof. M. D Bergman has Bren appointed a member for High Section of the hunted stat on the it in ill on intelligence and education of the american veterinary medical association this is on of the most important veterinary committees in the ratted states and gives penal attention to studying and making recommend a to us concerning systems of education in Iii hated states and Canada. There Are four other members on the committee from the states of Michigan new Vork Call Foi Nia and the dint f Ltd a Lumina. To i i # i Al in kit to ii one in f in Iowa briefs a Webster City Webster City is planning a Junior Garden club and plans a already Well under Way to bring the organization into being. The chamber of Commerce and the c ool Board Are co operating with he state College Extension Bureau m i indications Are that the project v ill be under Way in a Short time. Back Yard gardening on an in it. Dodge Tho township drive for Selling Stock in the Hawkeye fair and exposition association is progressing speedily and intentions Are i a i All the Stock soon will be disposed of and in fair will i Ltd ass tire d. Six toward i a Al Quot by hav i in completely canvassed and a a Cathy it tie a Lur Irwin it a lib a. Ami s gibe is honoured miss Marjory Rod Well Dang it r of superintendent e .1 Bodwell has been elected to membership in Chi Beta Kappa Honor society at the University of Nebraska w Here has Bodwell graduated last Spring. Since her graduation there miss Bod wet has been instructing. Congressman Dow Hix Here congressman Cassius Dowell of Des Moines was in Ames yester Day Viking with Friend Lier and made a visit to the times office congressman Dowell was in Nevada yesterday an Nile thru Ames in rout to Des Moines. Munnus lumber Lingo published in the interests of the Good folks of Ames and vol. I Vicinity including Gilbert no. I Budd now a build now has the same a Trio in meaning today that save Fok Victory a1 nod for one year go just As saving meant everything towards beating the enemy build now is of vital Benefit towards reconstruction readjustment to Normal conditions Why no display the Kame enthusiastic patriotism today about building now As was shown two years ago when the of a Deral gov Rorn in stopped building. It Means much to cd v Tiv is i. Lid Ltd a Quot i Iii ill i i j i la the n i t Ion. And la i a Leral govern Meiji a a ii Rig so importance of bedding now i putting its Power behind this b eau a the budding Industry furnish ifs and employment to Hun 4t d of thou an which Means in Pla in everyday ended to Wold of Lucid eng will help those Loyal boys whar coming Back from Ort r there and All of w Hom in Quot i beater jibs than Volt it ail and aside from the National viewpoint whether at peace or War. Very new Home built right he re in amen Means that my a More to the integrity of Ltd or in in Unity and adds to the in i gut i owner among i fellow men. A the Home owners rank Wear Jill with Hie plan for the mod i cottage the Bungalow it you wih or the Hoise of Large a design if that is your ideas and May w cd i Bat calling on to for our Homo building helps want you to Dot Idle men Are not plentiful in Ames. A condition which Speaks Well for la town. W. High hard 11. Rest i s ii a Ting he Ort of carpets by Laving Wood floors Iii his Home. I on Crele Eads Concrete keeps out the rats. To tile i Ady of tile House Why not Start a campaigning now for that new hard Wood floor for the parlor Well help by giving you the exact Price if a in will t ii us this of the present floor. All the i 11 a St a Pring styles in Home plan ii i e Lur y our in pee Hon. Efficiency Lvi ii Ienco i i he word now and in your ease or. Farmer that mean Good building for your stuck and machinery do a of Ila \ it 111 ii i ? i a not you Are not waiting the return on Jour in i Merit that you should have. I smart sex la that a lot of pee Pill Pray to go to 5 heaven and cry at the Prosper it o realism Hun a or. And a a a ii Finch Asp it sunday at the Harry Fine Ham Home or and or. In i Davis and Chil dry Asp tit buildup at the Alfred my Grove Home in Boone air and i Warren Farthing of Gilbert visited at the Frank a i a ii Home sunday. Or. And i t. Roy tempi Quot Ion Arn Floyd spent saturday with or Ami math if it a in Story a try. Air George rail motored to re Moines on a by Imp so Tri it saturday Carl Warren of ramp Dodge pen Hie week end at the parental Frank Warren Home mrs. Will so it visited with or John Wakeful id part of Hist week. Or. And mrs Fay a Taylor and Chil Dren visited at Throy Taylor Horn sunday a Dei noon Amla Taroney and Ruth Warren spent Friday night with Velma Crooks. Or. And mrs Carl rag Dale an children spent sunday at the Lewis Osborne Home. A baby boy a born to or. And or. Jim Carson thursday morn in Kotlier Anil baby a doing Well miss Florence Templeton attended a Patty at the Home of a the Cook monday evening in Honor of aft James Blair and his Brid. Or. And mrs. T. Osborne spent sunday with or. And alts. Lewis o borne and children. Alts. Glenn Banks and son Harold spent sunday evening at the Frank Warren Home. Or. And airs. Art Steward spent sunday evening Iii the j la. Hansen hdm. Or. And airs. Carl Switzer Ralph and Mildred of Story City vis i sunday a the Frank Mishe a Home. Air. And mrs. Win matters and baby spent sunday at the George Banks Home. Alberta Davis entertained a number of her title school friends to n picnic saturday. All had a very Nice t Ime. Bernice and Richard Griffith and Francis Maroney spent sunday with Lewis and Seth Morris. Or. And mrs. Harry Fin Ham received a letter from their son George. Who is with the a. E. F. In franc1, stating that he is Well and does Bot expect to return before june. In also writes that the French people a blowing with single shovel plows and oxen. Or and a s. Ben Campbell in toted Over from Nevada sunday and spent the Day with air. And airs. Lewis is Bnruce and family. I or. And mrs. Sam hissing and daughter Inis attended the funeral of Clyde Mccoy at Ontario sunday. George Holst id is reported Hefter at this writing the win. Mills family pent sunday at the Bufo Griffith hippie. Or and Alt s. Che Davis a 111 at the Chari Ila Nail Home sunday evening. Air. And or Robert print spent sunday evening Quot Ith or Aud mrs Albia Banks Floyd a Likefield an Davis mad business Moines a Tut i y air. And in wat. I children of 1moines. I mrs. V. T. B k of a a. Called at the a Borg it it ranks Horn sunday. Bertha w i called on airs. Witt. Mat Hern to Day afternoon. Air. And Alt it Gay Templeton spent sunday vol ii airs. Tempi to a Asmo Thor or Hon savvy a. N Gilbert. Al Voeks Lith is favouring the Hennard Pool Hall and in the other those opposing it. Would it not be natural to deter-1 mine i lice value of an Issue by the1 character of those who promote or impede same if so read the two groups and decide upon the licensed Pool Hall question. Fred a. Randan. Howard p to Des than and i or. And Dool Hall Issue gets Al r Tuer. A l Tention a out inked from Page i the to i oils first the students of Lii inc of the Moil have More important questions and problems Confron Lina them and second they do not have the ii i to be forever indulging in the Pas Ime. It is True however. Thai there Are students though they Are exceptions that would spend a Good Shar of their spare moments in the Pool hulls. For these Nojd we would offer the High school boy Ergo Menti. A great Many of Tho students now in Coil be come from cities where the Pool Halls Are already in exist. Nee and they Are not suffering to atty or extent. Iowa stat enjoys Prosperity at the present time without me presence of the amusement Halls operated publicly and As no Benefit can be Force listed with them on the main Street of Ames we Are a gains them. A Are Iii favor of Pool Halls in the 1 a Ai c a building or Btij place where they would be under similar supervision. The sport an amusement cannot by faulted but he Public Pool Hall has never proves 1 end we Are confident that it has no Pine in our College life. Aha Factor that will not directly or Indiver in tatter student life will not receive our support. Of Pool Halls would increase the Thrift and efficiency of Tho College student body the ii we would support them to the last word. We do Nof denounce a Man because or it enjoys a game of billiard. But t is is not an individual question. It deals with College ideals and until the Benefit derived from such can be proven we say no lit he idea. It j a Hibb a gym ii it t dear editor i have be. Dis Mission e t. La a it to Oceana r it a Eon to i Vii or for or a Hall. It at i citizens first l it individual length eith writing to a of Bis moral it True by th1 Artic. The Ane i into t to or ii itching that Pool Hall lit <�?T>11 id Ruble inter ii at n Illy everything been said Bot h a to and Mak nor it Marks Eib i tie 11, Ense to would like it ask the ame i�?Ta.? quest ions int True thai when an up c his thoughts a in conversation or in no an gain a Lair Al a Impact it it a of the above no a i. You to a Aid Lei t. published in in Las and Divide i lie in be placing Iii one those in 0 \ wbbmi0 Iii we Summ f to 3mmwe Hup a it Emu Soave in and Sav Money i t Nia enl n o spoiled i alike. E Jofs i it in rep Saver i a a f i up it free a Ell visit o ii r fat very a ii d watch Cement have Job. Inking made. Amel l lenient fro Duci t o. A i oct it Ole Luil Diimig yet a the hidden truth some of you have had the privilege of hearing Anna Case in concert. Almost civil it Man it More of you have enjoyed her voice recreated on the l l Mac it. I he Beautiful metropolitan it Pera Prima Donna has now entered the land of film Dom and will make her screen debut in a uti Iii i ii Dohn Tri the at the Princess theatre april 3. This picture will prove doubt realistic As Ber voice will he recreated in song acc Manv ing her actions on the screen such music cannot help hut Iii a is v a. Jive in an Opportunity tto Tell von More about it. \ Ltd la he More the in delighted with the i is it n. Quade studio i in of Adir ii main Street not Ltd rather t Telephone kick 247 x in is. I a t. That a the kind of cheerful Nerv it which we wit y a -1 to rend a. Well to go i a of i Opportunity to in in. To not i t. Posterity get All of the Mjoy meat out that Home that you a going to t me in do it now build now in the time to make the tiny Stock proof. We have a1 kinds of Ltd White Odar. Creosote and Ste i we sell american Fence and Barb wire Ai Ait in i maj Rig sex i i. I i it i Dpi Gurla Hilt it i land do you i ii that the farm you own a increase cd in vain from $lr�-.00 to >.,0.00 per Are in to. Last six in out los Hijii priced land justifies Good in Provci is. Think it Over. Arentt you glad that you Are i i v i ii g ? or. J a Riggs who recently purchased the buteo an House on Duff a. Is building a garage. Yours truly la. I. Mudd lumber co. Rhone no. 2. Would you risk your life to save this Beautiful Cirl that is what Thomas Barnes wealthy new yorker did after a casual a. Quantance. Mis interest in her leads him through As remarkable a series of adventures As any Man Ever experienced. If you enjoy stories of adventure. Mystery and intrigue be sure to read our new serial watch Jot the Issue with the first instalment the Home of Good clothing j. Jacobs co., Ames la. I
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