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Ames Thursday Evening Times Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1919, Page 7

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Ames Thursday Evening Times (Newspaper) - January 16, 1919, Ames, Iowa We Are not satisfied the thursday we strive to please until we he Quot in he Hwi a ii a Quot we. He a we Phi Quot a to or Quot a Quot Quot Quot a believing satisfy our readers evening times it can be done volume xxvi Ames he or it of Vav Iowa the i know i a Vry in la la number Aas United states will be dry in one year r him advocate larger Saury for teachers honest markets Good hoi King among other things of lesser import a nok Street fighting resumed in Berlin Sparta Ichii Force attacked Railroad station but were repulsed urges English Langi age Only by United press Amsterdam. Jan. 1�, fighting continued in Berlin yester Day according to advices received Here today. Spartalian Fortes attacked the Stettin railway ablation and Railroad Headquarters but were repulsed. Thin country has Only one hag Anh doer not have room Fok two it i by United press Des Moines. Jan. I 6 and vocal ing strongly Only the English language As medium of teaching the Grade schools. Governor a. L. Hard ing this afternoon delivered his inaugural address before a joint aes bion of the 38th general Assembly following his induction into the governor s chair for the second time in a Many years. He hit upon the English language question hardest but also advocated increased pay for to a it hers honest markets Good housing conditions and Opportunity for workers to get Home among other things of less importance. he Tome out against the pension system for teachers urging a better pay would enable the teacher to save enough Money to Tell them Over in years when they Are thru teaching thus taking them from the class of pensioners which the governor said were More or less Blaver. In View of the fact that the language question caused much Adverse comment Tinniey and took Awny from him thousands of votes at the recent election it Kun on of the to important subjects in i address on the language question Harding Bald in part Quot i know there Are those who argue it is narrow to insist that a condition precedent to citizenship the official language of the country must be mastered and used or that the youth in his Vry beginning be required to gain his first impression of the country and society in the language of the country. The answer to All such contenders is Quot your first love is not America it is some ocher country or it May be your greed for Gold. It is either one or both. A this country has one Flag and Only one. There is not room Here for two. We can and should pass Laws against the red Flag it must be made a crime to follow or hoist it. A Freedom of speech is guaranteed by both state and Federal constitutions this does not however give the right to use language other than the official language. A now therefore. I recommend that the least you do he provide that each child he required to be taught in the English language and no other language in every school up to the Grade of High school. After that the Pupil May take up the study of foreign language. Tho English Tongue however no at lie used a the medium of instruction in All the language question brought considerable applause from the galleries and the governor then wrest into discussion of military affairs recommending a some sort of uni Versal a the purpose of this military service is not so much for the purpose of making soldiers with which to contend on the Field of Battle As to create a Universal manpower to work together in Harmony and Equality in the Battles of peace a said the governor. Governor Harding really hit his military stride at the opening of his address when he lauded the heroes of Iowa who have done their share continued on Page 4. At Iowa Staie College this year than before lunching of cosmopolitan Cia it his Nguk out Mani of foreign Hirth Wei j known athlete Heri la. Ii. Yao using he Craik Ati possesses sixty ath. Celtic trophies i Iowa state College has perhaps More foreign students enrolled this year than any previous year and Tho have been holding several unique and interesting meetings and social events during the present Quarter chief of which was the gathering last Satui Day evening in which the cosmopolitan club idea was again formally launched. The cosmopolitan it dub is an International organization with members j in the principle cities the purpose of the society is to help its members in getting acquainted with Host about them and to lend Aid to those of foreign countries w to come to la United states for schooling or other purposes. Each organization has a associate editor who contributes t Hie National organization regarding the doings of the local chapter. Several interesting people Are among the number now at Iowa state College. In in Yao. A graduate of Tsing Hau College. Pekin China is at present a freshman student in the animal husbandry department. He is an athlete of renown. He has competed in National and International athletic meets. He placed see Ond in the olympic meet held in 1915 in the Broad jump. Or. Yao has some sixty five trophies awarded him for his prowess on the cinder track. Another foreigner v to has at attracted quite an amount of attention is h. B. Gavel probably the Only student in the country today who holds a scholarship from the Orange free state Union of South Africa. Or. Davel is the third Man from South Africa to Iowa state for train ing. There Are but four agricultural schools in South Africa and these Art Only of an elementary nature. Several scholarships Are offered each year to the Young men of this Southern country hut most desire to go to England Tho the United states and Australia draw a few. It has Only been daring the past few years according to or. Davel that South Africa has devoted and a time to agriculture and the country was a Gold and Diamond country exclusively. The United states and other countries were depended upon for Grain products and meats. Nebraska is a perfect 36�?� 11 11 in. I \ i i it stat earned new name i or itself la ratification of a men Linen t Washington Jan. today earned a new name for itself by being the thirty sixth state to ratify the National prohibition amendment. Senator Sheppard of Thor of the Hill coined a Nebraska is the pert thirty six among the said. Texas a the name t numb r St he by necessary number of states in Union Verran Isar a action this morning Krings Victory to prohibition Forter distillers Are planning fight John Barleycorn will Endeavor to stage combat a or ving eight to a of its being Maue for the in t to j jul ships released by shipping Board Iowa state open series sch 2 til Washington Jan. 16. A the United state. Shipping Board today released from government control All ships operated under requisition greens want con oath Walter and men Ari Bead i or i irm game on Home Roi \ is or Powers will return second Jame will be played sat. L Drift Lulu same team the \ i went Down before Missouri five will s i a i the contest it St Lei to of of series set Heri i de i Oft Mon Dai in a. Assembly is league of nations la Greece Anno have that historic town they m a i it i n re n action m used i Ord Fri Les would be Pree the Iowa state College basketball Tea ii will open a two game aerie with the Kansas University team tomorrow evening at 7 30 in the gymnasium. The second contest will be held saturday afternoon. I coach Walter and his men return of the first of the week from Columbia where they dropped two games to the Missouri five. Aim it led in both games during the first half hut the inexperienced team could nor stun i the Speed and accuracy of the Tiger a the same team lev on at Cen Ter Shepard and Willimar at forwards and Robinson and White at j guards will Start the first game against the kansans during the past week the coach Lias been sending hit men through some stiff Drill in pre or. 41. Ii. Ivy r. Has array in d to return this year to follow up the j two former series of discussions Ltd deeper questions of she world War has is one of the most port v it Topi 8 coming Rei Ore cd i up. Ench in Paris Jan. 16. Of Greece it Annot have constantinople for its own seat of government it wants thai ancient and historic City set aside As the permanent capital of the league of nations. This developed today during tile discussion of Premier Yon Poos. I Urrea a 17 to 22 dates Sele Ted for show convenient for i armers Maxy Farmers Are expected to come extensive in old it Campa if j v expected to bring i hem in which have been Given by the lecture t ours at the College and Down town in the High school auditorium but which will be at the College this year. The series has lean planned to continue where he left off last year Pruden Ai the greek delegation on it0 pm alg for their display when they his first discussions were on the ithe policies an<1 territorial Asp Ira were Home at Christmas picking out causes of this War under the titles a Russia and the and a Ger extensive plans Are being made for the Annuli t urn show to be held at he College february it to 32. This la was chosen under the consideration of present conditions and the most Convene it time for All Farmers to be her. This is the first year that All prizes will be offered in Ash. Extensive publicity has been Given the shot a and indications a that a record breaking number of Farmers Green a1 parts of the state will he present. Members of the farm crops department have been working n tin program for the week preparing the list of prizes and working out the details. The ground floor of the gymnasium will undoubtedly be the scene of the show again this year though com pm mat ions have started to arise. Th1 indoor track meet will be held the first of March and this May be the cause of moving the Small Grain show to the Large garage used by the late detachment. The garage is a Large Roomy building anti would make a very satisfactory place for the exhibition if it i it impossible to secure he gymnasium. Students enrolled in the agricultural Section Are planning exhibits from their Home. Several Laid Zefin tons of the greek government and he their prize ears and those of uniform cont inned with preliminary discussions on the outcome and peace a Tanteri a at Home a Aud a America among or. Powers i it front Newton. Mass., Aud Ems always kept apace with tin thought of 11 the leaders upon the War and now the peace question. He High a rat Ion for the Veteran juy Hunkar har Long. Been re it Ogniz As a team and he is confident of sending Aurori v and deep student at the his voting five through an exciting m bin it and will be in Dir. It 1>osi endorse suffrage amendment Albany n. A. Jan. 16.�?Over the vigorous objection of state senator Henry m. Sape of Albany the Senate today adopted a Resolution requesting new Yorkus representatives in the United stats Senate to vote and work for adoption of the Federal suffrage amendment. Battle. A committee was named last tuesday evening by the Cardinal Guild to secure music for both basketball games this week in View of the fact i that the band has not organized As yet. A string orchestra from the musicians in the student body will be secured for both games. As soon As practicable the a m e s quartet will be revived and will then be seen at All athletic contests. Another Fen to Juge lecture collate turn at the contests will be the Intro duet Ion of several aspirants for the position of College cheer Leader. Several Likely candidates babe made known their intention of trying for the position and with several experienced men on the list an exciting time is promoted. Pointed out the establishment of Cor a slant sinople As the capita Oft the league of nations would automatically re sub in its together wish the Dardanelles. This would free the Dardanelles and eliminate the turks from Europe and the two important problems of the peace settlement would be solved simultaneously. Venzelos is one of the most remarkable statesmen the near East Ever produced and he seeks not on in the Complete unification of the greek people but the settlement of the bal Earic y. This annual show arouses interest among the students As Well As the Farmers throughout the state. Penally this year when the prizes will be paid in Cash. Re incl k till Phr i Siung Tion to give the latest material on a he movements toward a permanent peace and the league of nations Iii a in skua Bon Wilson is Al menting. He general topic is a democracy among the first lecture of the series is to be Given next monday at 4 p. Rn., in agricultural Assembly and the others will be Given that week. The lectures Are under the auspices of the and will be free. Excl tick sic Gumbs to Hon ass president aves prevented from raking office through sickness an Appeal comes to the Good peo p it of Alines and Vicinity to help. Lethe the destitute Peoples of Belgium and Northern France. The Ames chapter of the red a toss has appointed a committee to assist the belgian Relief commis Ion in this crisis. A room has been secured of the Ames Grain Aud Coal co., in which to receive contributions of clothing shoes bedding or anything that can be used to Coyer Tho suffering ones. People in the City May leave bundles on their porches after 10 00 a collect the weather phed Cloudy tonight and Friday probably rain or Snow extreme Southeast motion. Folder Friday and West and Central portions tonight. By United press Rio de Jan Erk Brazil Jan. 16. In. Friday. January 17th, a a. Rodgeres aves president elect j tors will gather them. Of Brazil who never was Able to people outside the City Fife request assume Tho duties of his office be re to bring contributions saturday cause of illness died at 1 40 a. Tit. January Lmh to the Ames Grain amp today. Have you read the want ads if the deposed Czar of Russia not dead to is discrete trough keep his whereabouts a secret. Coal co. I please do not turn away from the is cry of the needy ones Over there. To a a times want and bring result. By United Presa Washington Jan. 16.�?prohibition be Ama a part of the Basic Law of the United states today. Ratification of the Federal a mend moot by the state of Nebraska today makes the measure the eighteenth amendment to the Federal Constitution. All but about half a dozen states Are expected to ratify the amendment in the next few weeks but the action of Nebraska today gives the ratification of three fourths necessary to administer the knockout blow to the we Ell known John Barleycorn. One year from today every Saloon brewery distillery and wine press in he land must close its doors unless is now seem Likely they Are already closed by that time by War pro i Dion which goes into effect next july i and stays until completion of in mobilization. The amendment which outlaws liquor in this country reads a Section in after one year from he ratification of this article Tho manufacture Sale or transportation if intoxicating liquors within the importation thereof into or the exportation thereof from the United rates and All territory subject to he jurisdiction thereof for reverse purposes Are hereby prohibited. A is x Tion 2�?the Congress and the everal states have the concurrent Power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation a Section 3 the article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified As an amendment to the Constitution by the Legislatures of the several states As provided by the Constitution within seven years of the Date of submission Hereof to Tho states by t this is the amendment adopted by Congress dec. 18, 1917, and ratified by 3 6 state a Little More than one year later. And Here Are some of the things that the amendment will do wipe out at a stroke 236 distilleries 992 breweries and More than 3o0.000 saloons and wholesale liquor establishment forcing their employees to seek other jobs. Uni off from these persons annual income totalling More than $70,-000,000 in pre War times. Cut off from the United a states Treasury a source of taxation counted upon for an even billion dollars in the first drafts of the new Revenue Bill and millions in additional income to state treasuries. Remove the liquor question from National state and City politics for All time and help decrease City state and Federal expense by decreasing Law violations. The fight on liquor is As old Ai the Constitution itself. It raised its head Early in the i 9th Century and was looked upon As a another Crank but it gathered strength. Churches took it up doctors followed and then came organizations of anti liquor societies the anti Saloon league Anil others in the Middle of he 19th Century Maine went dry. Kansas followed. At the end of the civil War the continued on Page 4.

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