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Ames Thursday Evening Times Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1919, Page 10

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Ames Thursday Evening Times (Newspaper) - January 16, 1919, Ames, Iowa Page rom hum evening Tim i Hii k8hay, a m any to lilo of afr Supply Short another Well Dileo Well located in the engineering Laboratory by having this Well connected with both the line to the College water lower and main the College water Supply has never Bien seriously menaced. A Mph Lime and that his general at tit my toward school has been satisfactory this will be a derided help to Many fraternities which have been in need of fictive men to Start the school again. Collage Ai Thori Tiki Ishiki to i sic i a Kok Immi to mkt Mhz a in of Wmk Campus when you think of How much water can Corno from a Well 2215 feet Tito the Earth and yet with three of them to Supply the College not enough moisture can be supplied for ail the buildings and laboratories you will take account of the new Well digging that is now going on in Ames and at the College a Man from the Omaha firm of Archibald co. Is Here this week to Drill a Well for the municipal Plant. And another for the Healing Plant on the Campus. A fall it has been necessary for the College authorities to make use of the Large pumping and air pressure system in the steam and Gas Laboratory to keep up the water Supply. But with the digging of new Wells the engineering department can again use their own machinery for teats and experiments. The method of getting the water up from a Well that is 1215 Ted deep and tapers from a twelve Inch diameter at the top to six inches at the Bottom is by the use of air which is forced Down alongside tie three Inch Shaft and enters it at a Point Well below the surface of the water. The surface of the wat if never has fallen below 210 feet in the pledges initiated in Erni ties Thi social activities Start on saturday Bual apr. To a menus pan hellenic. Apr 25�?All a allege May 3 military Ball. May to agricultural night. May 17�?All College. Lune 7 senior prom. Music for the dance saturday nigh is to be furnished by Glenn Stearns orchestra As was decided tuesday by the Cardinal and the bigger share of profits from them will probably go to him. The athletic association of the College. Boys in Good Sty Xii to w1li by permitted initiation to hki>1 i h ats olt first Ibl coi i Kwh Hanck to by ii Man Jax is Ani Kach week the Kaka i tar in order to help the various clubs and fraternities about the Campus to get upon their feet again and to overcome the big disadvantage which the students army training corps had on the study aide of school last Quarter it Lias been decided to allow the initiating of men in Good standing this week. A meeting of the inter fraternity Council held some time ago brought out the idea that men who had been in school last Quarter might be taken in soon provided they were in Good standing at the time of granting the o. K. Slips. Prof. It. E. Buchanan states that everything possible will be done to admit the pledges but it is not certain that initiations can be held Friday As it is necessary to pass on each individual Case. The Only requisites necessary for passing the men will be that he has been in school on Quarter that he is not conditioned in any study at the Many Farmers will a in reply to this it could be said that he does not realize How much More efficiently he can meet the be markets at All times How much More his credit will be should he be suddenly in need of it or How much closer it puts him to the social world and the Industrial centers. Further says professor Vontungeln. A lie does no to think what a Strong Force to keep his children and help in the country Tho roads May he. Not Only the Rural but the Urban population will be attracted and interested in the a ollege social activities Are to Start in Earnest again this week end. For the first time in nine months when the first All College dance for the new Quarter is staged in Tho col a leg gymnasium saturday night under the auspices of the Cardinal Guild. All the clubs fraternities and sororities hav been arranging dates with miss Fred Rick a Shattuck Dean of women this week and All College dances Are to be held every week end tha nothing else is staged to conflict the list of dates now arranged is Jan. 18�?All College. Jan. 2 tip Sophomore fresh Man in or prof. Vox Hays they to not Kralick what a Benefit Hahm Koa he Ark Nual. Fob. 8�? feb. 15-feb. 22 mar. 1 All College. A girls pan hellenic. Junior Trot. All College. Mar. 8 or 15�?engineers�?T Ball. Apr. 5�?All College. Apr. 12�?freshman-Sophomore Alt in answer to the question now before the minds of Iowa Farmers and property holders la general regarding legislation on Good roads in Rof. G. H. Vontungeln of the department on Rural sociology at the College has the following to nay a it is the Relief of a Good Manv Farmers and perhaps a just belief from their viewpoint that the idea it it a. Surfacing roads is not to be favored by the Man who does not expect t sell hut to hand ills farm Down or keep it at least thru his own lifetime lie raises tin question immediately that the increase in value of land near a surfaced Road will not produce ten More bushels of Corn per acre for my a Man do is t Bahhur by ski Essary Nam ukr of stat is in Mion Reading advertisements has helped to make this a United country Jim Hawkins props his feet on the Rose festooned porch railing in an Oregon suburb and reads the same motor car advertisement that Cousin Peter is studying As he rides Home from work in the new York subway. You can meet up with anybody in the United states and quickly get on a conversational footing because you both read the same advertisements. A k advertising is the daily guide to what a Good to buy. I in Arizona you can buy the same tooth paste and tobacco that Are used by the folks in Maine. Advertisements give you the latest news from the front line of business Progress. California fruit growers advertise their oranges and Lemons to the people of the East. New Hampshire factories make ice Cream freezers for Texas households. Reading advertisements enables you to get More for your Money because they Tell you where what and when to buy. There can be no division in a country so bound together by taste habit and custom. And it is a Well known fact that advertised goods Are More reliable and better value than the unadvertised kinds. Continued from Page i Little build of anti slave agitators who had won their fight seriously considered turning to the prohibition Battle. Their number included William Lloyd Garrison and the poet Whittier. About 1900 came the a militant stage in the person of a Arrie nation of Kansas probably tin most picturesque figure the fight Ever developed. Ten years later the crusade against liquor Bud grown from the cravings of Cranks into an irresistible movement t h it a wept the country but John Barleycorn will try to stage a distillers Are already planning a fight on the amendment in the courts on the ground that it was not adopted by two thirds of the whole Congress and that the seven year limitation in it invalidates the measure. Drys say they Are confident that neither of these contentions will hold. The states ratifying the amendment Are Mississippi Virginia Kentucky North Dakota South Carolina Maryland. Montana Texas Delew Are South Dakota Massachusetts Arizona. Georgia Louisiana Florida Michigan Ohio Oklahoma Maine Idaho West Virginia Washington Tennessee California Arkansas. Illinois Indiana North Carolina Alabama. Kansas Iowa Colorado Oregon new Hampshire Utah and Nebraska. The people of the state a your real care should be in de terming what use the Money is appropriated for a said Harding in this connection a dlr Tho Money is to a spent for belter health education Public welfare social in Tern out you j can afford to appropriate liberally for the Good they will do with inter permit the lowering of taxes. Ileal retrenchment conies when the Public thru its various agencies is Able to a fake these dollars thus secured and make them yield in bettering the j conditions tinder which these Peoples j labor and heal expenditures he pointed out 1 would never he called wasted Money while smaller appropriations for some purpose of Little or no future i value would in Gross mis expo Adt titres. Governor Harding next urged that teachers salaries he made attractive i so that Many More persons w ill sek that activity us a Means of making j j their livelihood. As had been expect Jed the governor a am out strongly j for an increase in wage for teachers and was equally As Strong opposed to the pension system. A Freedom from the bondage of poverty under which they now labor a was asked for by tile governor. A May i not suggest that a fixed definite Standard be establish to and once the individual attains that place that then he to made a men in r of the teaching profession for lift this i believe will encourage More persons to make this aet bitty their life work. A tile salaries of teachers Are now largely inadequate both for service rendered and the importance of the work to be performed. A partial if not a Complete remedy for this set i Union lies in paying for a year s work which the teacher the address then dealt with a demand for honest markets in which consumer and producer alike would get a Square Deal. It was on this question that he addressed a meeting of governors in Baltimore recently. To urged that citizens especially working men be Given Hector Opportunity of gelling Homes saying Tho present Spitoni was wrong in that tiler was Little Chance for life a smaller Many to get the opportunities the a a bigger ones got. He again favored a system of a Tate Parks and made Soma Decota emendations along this line. Vij Stop itching skin there is one Safe dependable treatment that relieves itching torture and skin irritation almost instantly and that cleanses and soothes the skin. Ask an druggist for a 35cor $1 bottle of 7j no and apply it As directed. Soon you will find that irritations pimples Blickle id eczema blotches ringworm and similar skin troubles will disappear. A link Zemo. The it penetrating satisfying liquid is All that is needed for it banish s most Kin eruptions makes the skin Oft. Smooth and healthy. The e w k a co., Cleveland o. Campus ii Toggery ii Complete line of gents furnishings Lincoln Nebr. Jan. 16.�?Nebraska, the Home state of William Jennings Bryan today ratified the Federal prohibition amendment being the thirty sixth and final state necessary under the Federal Constitution aet in making prohibition a part of the Constitution. The prohibition amendment is the i Bill to be added to the Federal Constitution. Provision of tile 18 amendments with the length of time required for ratification follows ten amendments known astute a Bill of rights provided such guarantees As free speech ratified Iii nine months. Eleventh amendment established of states ratified in last tale amendment changed presidential elections a ratified in one year. Thirteenth amendment prohibited slavery ratified in slightly less Titan a year. Fourteenth amendment Mads negroes cities so ratified in two years. Fifteenth amendment enfranchised negroes on same basis As White persons ratified in one year. Sixteenth amendment allowed Congress to Levy income tax ratified in three years and a half. Seventeenth amendment provide for popular election of senators ratified in slightly less than a year. Eighteenth amendment makes country dry ratified in one year and four weeks. About one Hundred amendments sour Vinty four years. Twelfth method of have been proposed in Congress but Only four besides those ratified were submitted to the states. Joint session heart him advocate larger Halaby for teachers second door East of College savings Bank Mari Emerson in new yank Bolk i masonic Calenda i masonic Temple j Cor. Doughm ave. Bad Atli by once a or a. Always a Yonk again proved True by a your ? Hugi dam Mary Anderson former Meri an actress Bow m Navarro and living in in constant visitor at Warwick where yanks a quartered in Home. She has beep a tireless t or in arranging entertainment i ii but a re Don t trifle with a cold a to a dangerous. You can to afford to risk influenza. Keep always at hand a Box of Arcadia to mgr no. Is a. F. A a. M. Stated meeting first thursday evening of each month. Sojourning members of the Craft cordially invited to attend. I7 Joshua chapter no. In a. M. Stated convocations swoon Friday evening of each month All Royal Arch masons cordially invited. Ikbal Council no. A a As m. Stated assemblies third Mon Day evening of each to att. Visitors Welcome. O. K. S. Laura chapter no. 115 j regular meeting first tuesday of each month scottish jute Assembly regular mooting the first we Reedy evening of each month. I Cascara d in Oss Standard cold remedy tor 20 year a to table form Safe. Aura no opiate break a a cold in 24 hour a relieve grip in 3 Day. Back if it fails. Tha genuine Baa a a Rad top a it. Hup lecture at All drug store. In special meeting Arcadia Lodge a i. A a. M. Meeting thursday Jan to at t o clock. Work in Mooiki a git. A continued from Page i in the War just about to be ended with a signed peace. He paid eloquent tribute to the and soldiers from the state and ended the Eulogy with the prediction that the i a Golden age for Iowa is just now the state executive then touched on the question of expenditures but did not follow the Well beaten path of asking for a reduction in the amount of moneys to be appropriated during the Assembly. Instead he urged the legislators to use discretion in the disbursement of funds belonging to 4 Brileya a store groceries fruits eats and bakery goods we no our own baking and have fresh goods . E. Briley249 North Lincoln Way phone 880 a i 4k South Entrance to Campus cd 5-chair shop shoe Shine in connection most up to Date shop in Central Iowa Lou Shull proprietor

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