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Ames Thursday Evening Times Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1919, Page 5

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Ames Thursday Evening Times (Newspaper) - January 9, 1919, Ames, Iowa j am a her hip amm Mara Tom prospects for boxing Hil mag better ii legalized Botto Mav he Atnif Orlund by i1 a a ask of Bill this i a it Mumm he a a it by United preen Des Moines Jan. proposed boxing Bill is gaining Friend fast according to reports reaching hero today. It is Likely a Bill will to brought before the 38th general a nimbly Early in the session though there has been no hint just who would sponsor the boxing Bill. Sporting editors thru out the slate Are the proposed Bill a by Quot play in their columns and in Man cities commercial associations and even religious bodies heretofore opposed to the game Are said to b falling in line. With campaigns on in other Stater thru out the country for a Hill ii is Likely Iowa will fall in line and a five a Law that will take that game out of the a tolerated a class. 91se Light in the Clearing a Tate of the North country in it Tim it alias Wright by Lavrna Bache Tun author of a ebon Del my it Quot Parral of the big a 11�?&Quot m to us up with Umu Quot Eta Eta. Copyright 1917, brins Bach alien �?�ynop8ia. Chapter in Barton Baynes orphan is taken to Liva with hts Uncle Peabody Bayne. And Hia aunt Deel on a farm on tattle Road in a neighbourhood called lick Ity Gallt. About the year ism. Barton meets Bally Dunkelburg about hts own age but socially of a class above the Baineses and in fascinated by the pretty face and Fine Lothea. Classified Section of som b wite not ii chapter ii Barton meat roving Kate known in the neighbourhood a the a silent ambe Grimshaw Young Eon of the richest Man in the township. Is a visitor at the Barnes Home and roving Kate Telle the fortunes of the two boys predicting a Bright future for Barton and death on the Gallows for Amos. Reproved for an act of Boyish mischief Barton runs away. Intending to make his i blushed Ami Mary mid her Mother j end the boy John looked at me and laughed. I a plier a or. Hacket exclaimed with a kindly smile i Uncle Peabody would have called it a a Stout the schoolmaster had hauled it out of bus brain very deftly and chucked it Down before me in a kind of Challenge. I a what does that mean a i asked. I a Lyon shall know in a week my son he answered. A i shall put you into he latin class wednesday morning and god help you to Uke it As Well As you like i again they laughed and again i blushed. 1 a hold in yer head. My Brave he went on. A a yes be a perfect right to like Sally if Yeve a heart to. A a Tad in hts a teens who never know Beans of he has t an Eye for the girl a it was a merry supper and when it ended or. Racket Rose and took the Green chair from the table exclaiming a Michael Henry god bless you a then he kissed his wife auf said a Maggie Yeti wild Rose of Erin in be been All Day in the study. I must take a walk or i shall get an exalted Abdomen. One is badly beaten in the race of life when his Abdomen gets ahead of his foes. Children keep our Young Friend Happy Here until i come Hack. And in int you. Done to forget the Good fellow in the Green Mary helped her Mother with the i went with him while he fed his chickens and two Small shotes. Hub female help ladies earn 115 weekly at Home Owern win Publio affairs who pc no w i. A a Peabody Baynas takas Barton Home in spare time addressing and mailing tar buying him new cloth an. Our music and circular letters. Send �?�6s in Silver for 60c Sample copy and particulars. Postal music company 401 Greenwood bldg., Cincinnati a blog music dept. 19 5-m. T s. 4w chapter to to Barton and his end and aunt visit Canton and hear Silas Wright read a Sermon. Hong poems wanted can you write the a a hit of the reason a a a Hhd Means thousands of dollars to the Lucky author. A you May he the chapter tvs Rit a Wright evince much interest in Barton and rends a Box of books and magazines to Ute Barnes Home. The diction of Silas Wright to the United states Senate la announced. Chapter a a when Barton is twelve. _ year old he becomes aware of the cd next one. Send sour song poem Steno of a wonderful and mysterious today we pay liberally. 1�?Tostal Mur of or known As a Money a and learn How through Hia of that aun tie company 403 Greenwood bldg Cincinnati. Ohio. 195-m. T s. 4w Quot wanted cleaning and pre dug a in connection with Jam son clothing store. 219-3t Cotton bring wanted at once clean rags for washing press them in today. Ames evening . 215-tf wan test second girl at or in club. Apply at once. Address ass care . 2l7�tf wanted a competent girl for House work. 711 Kellogg ave Call 363. 217 it a Ald a fall True i have seen it sinking Home we the the Kunker a Titre ashes dishes while i sat with a Hook by the into the hones of the Young and i have the Village of Canion and fails into a fireside. Soon mrs. Heket and the seen it lying Down with the aged in sex found by Hilas Jar ugh or Obs j children came and sat Down with me. The dust of their Graves. It is a big a let play backgammon a Mary pro books the one we Are now opening pos a god help tis it has More pages than a i done to want to a said John. All the Days of your life. Just think a a done to forget Michael Henry a she 0�?T your body. A Brave and tender reminded. Youth it is like a sponge. How it a who is Michael Henry a i asked. Take. Things in an holds pm and feeds a sure he a the boy that has never upon a Era a part of every Apple be been said mrs. Heket. Quot he eat sinks Down into yer blood and was to he the biggest and noblest of Bones. Be can to get it out. Its the them kind mud helpful and Ehy Ery same Way with the books be read an hearted and beloved of god above All the thoughts be enjoy. They go Down the others. We try to live up to into yer hones and be can to get Mem out. He seemed to me a very strange and that a Why i like to think of Michael Darful thing girl Anahaw is the Moet Power wonderful creatures thl a invisible 00 Henry. His food is Good thoughts and Fui and greatly dreaded Man in the com copa it of the Green chair. His wine is laughter. I had a Long i know now what i knew not then visit with m. He last night when be that Michael Henry was the spirit of were All in bed. His face was a chunk their Home an Ideal of which the of laughter. Of what a limb he is empty Green chair was a constant re -1 wish i could Tell be All the Good minder. Things he we played backgammon and a old a there conies colonel hand a said maid and a a everlasting until or. Mrs. Heket As she looked out of the Backet returned. Tile sealed envelope which Wright had left at our Home a Long around the tavern 1 Dunno but what its going to Home before that Day was in my pock. Colonel hand was a surly looking at lust the hour had come when i Mau beyond Middle age with Large i Quot watched them As they walked to Cou do fat in Aud die message Eves that showed signs of dissipation. I a he tavern Sheds both looking Down of 1 had thought much and Honfi Small dark tuft beneath his att the Quot ground and going rather in i feb a growing inter t. Was now under or. Heket. A i Shull he Here for a number of weeks Quot he said a and i shall want to see you often. Maybe Well go Hunting some we bade him Good morning and he went on with his wheelbarrow which was loaded i remember with Stout sacks of meal and flour. We went to the school at half past eight. What a thrilling place it a with its 78 children and its three moms. How noisy they were As they waited in the schoolyard for the hell to ring i stood by the door Side looking Vry foolish i dare say for i knew but what to de with myself. My legs encased in the Tow breeches Felt aft of they were on fire i saw that most of the Village boys a Rit Boughten clothes and Fine hoots. I looked Down at my own leather and was a Tower of Shams on a foundation of greased cowhide. Sally Dunkelberg came in with some other girls and pretended not to see me. That was the hardest blow i suffered. Among the handsome Well dressed boys of the Village was Henry wills the boy who had stolen my Watermelon. I had never forgiven him for that or for the killing of my Little Hen. The Bel rang and we marched into the big room while a fat girl with crinkly hair played on a Melodeon. Henry and another boy tried to shove me out of line and a big paper wad struck the Side of my head As we were marching in and after we were seated a Cross eyed freckled girl in a red dress made a face at me. To be continued Eustis va., to take up his military duties a lit after a Brief but very pleasant furlough. Or and mrs. Thou. Maynard of of Tawa 111., visited the latter part of the week at the Home of the latter brother Lars Jora Tead of this City. Or. And mrs. O. K. He Fig entertained the following at dinner sunday or and mrs t. La. Torkelson and family. Or. And mrs. Ii. Torkel son and cd Idren and Chris Torkel soil and daughter Sferle j Ethel Sand in visited the latter part of the week with her Friend. Mrs. Clarence Bald us of this City. Olith Ward i did say that of were any number of cases of fill the City that they were not being i ported to me. And that of it was trip that cases were not being reported Tai go after them i did not know of or did i say anything about the lady referred to in the Buchanan apartments. Respectfully e. If. Graves mayor. Dont soft to Al naptha soap too bars $5.00. C. G. Haug. I just arrived some new Kuppen a helmet suits at the Campos Toggery. use soothing Muster a the markets Napier shelled Corn. $1 42 ear Corn. 1.4 2 Oats. .60 Ontario a shelled Corn. $1 42 ear Corn 1.42 dais 65 Complete line of ladies silk Hose at the Campus . Story Fitt items to the editor of the Ames by Nung in your Issue of wednesday evening you say Quot mayor Graves declares Many people treated for disease not listed a a the above is not what i said. A reporter from your paper approached me and said it was reported that there wee Many eases of flu in the when those Sharp paint go through your head when your seems As if it would split just Nib a Little Muster Ole on your Templet and neck. It draws out the inflammation soothes away the pain usually filing Quick Relief. Muster Ole is a clean White ointment made with Oil of Mustard. Better ism a Mustard plaster and does not Blister. Many doctors and nurses frankly Reb on in end Muster Ole for sore Throat bronchitis croup stiff neck asthma net Ira Gia congestion pleurisy rheumatism l Lumbago pains and aches of the Back of Points sprains sore Muscles Brit meet chilblains frosted feet a col ii of urn Chest it often prevents pneumonia ,. It is always dependable. 30c and 60c jars Hospital rim Fuff Trinity must of the Nattier being in i debt. After n visit to the Bayne Home or. Wright leave a note in a sealed envelope. Which Barton is to Reed on the firer night Whan he leave Homo to attend a Hoot chapter a to Barton i saved to drive a Load to Milt. Arrive safely but in in snowstorm unable to see the Road. The horse get into the ditch and a wheel of the Wagon la broken Fenrle pen body tonner to get together enough to satisfy Grimshaw and obtain an Extension. Window. A the poor lonely whig he it for has nothing to do these Days but sit wanted once a High Claf Cook for fraternity House. Address Delta Tau Bella phone Black uu2. 211-lf for halt a a hiring of Sleigh Bells. In of. A c w. Ott at Union Natl Fesl Bank. 218-31 for Salt steadily. Of the look of that beloved i 1 Ros and said that i should like to let nor As they walked away from me�?,8� in ,5 y room. Or. Heket lighted the look of their leaning beads their b Candle and took me to a silence and the sound of their fool i Little room where my Chest Bud been Steps Are. Somehow a part of the pie deposited. There were in the room a Tore which has Hung All these years bed a chair a portrait of Napoleon in my and a Small table in which Sally Dunkelberg and her Moi her of a re a dictionary a Bible and a Nutu _ came along and said that they were Ber of schoolbook. Sorghum molasses i ail glad i had come to school. I could i Hose were marys said or. 218-61 i not talk to them and seeing my trouble Backet. A i told your unit be that be household to trate a a a it a a a a a a win of land a Quot gtd a a a them an Welcome a to me As they turned the Corner below. A Dew and opened the sealed i Felt ashamed of Mystic. Suddenly i envelope with trembling hands and heard the door open behind me and the foil of in it this Brief note voice of or. Heket a i it ear partner i want you to ask he called. A a in be a Friend the Wisest Man you know to explain Here who has something to say to you. These words to Yon. I suggest that Goose you commit them to memory Arn think i turned and went into the Hoult a. Often of their meaning. They Are from away with sadness Laddie Buck a Job a his Bones Are full of the sins of his youth which shall lie Down with 6067. For hah cupboard Dresser mattress 8x10 Rug. Fruit jars and Jelly glasses and other articles. Party leaving town. Phone 1683. 218-3t Ico tis for Sale piano in first clips con Union Cill Black 934 220-2 of a or sole barfed rot k co it Kerei mrs Albert Kelley phone 2 312. 22011 he exclaimed As he took his violin from its Case while i sat wiping my eyes. Lower lip and thin Black untidy hair. Quot what do be think has happened a he asked As he looked Down upon us with a Majestic movement of his hand. Quot the son of that old Bucktail Ben Grimshaw Lins been arrested and brought to Jai for a for murder a asked or. And mrs. Heket in one breath. A for Moody murder sir Quot the colonel w ent on a it was the shooting of that Man in the town of Bally Heen a few weeks ago. Things have Rome to a pretty pass in this country i should say. Talk about Law and order we done to know what it Means Here and Why should we the party in Power is avowedly opposed to it yes sir. It has fattened upon bribery and corruption. Do you think that the son o men Grin Haw will receive punishment even if he is proved guilty not at ail. He will be protected you Mark my the Der Nelson family of Stanhope have moved to the property which they recently purchased in the. South part of town from Peter Dale or. And mrs. P. J. Jonasson visited the latter part of the week with relatives in Des Moines. Mrs. T. K. Thompson visited the latter part of the week at the Home of her daughter mrs. Chas. Qiana an at Jewell. The new Era club met tuesday afternoon at the or. B. E Atknson Home. The annual Bazaar of the pram Young Peoples society will he held on tuesday evening january to. O. Roe of Des Moines visited friends and relatives Here saturday Esther Haugen entertained a aum Ber of friends sunday evening. Born to or. And mrs. Arthur Vinje near Nevada saturday. Jan. 4. A to la. Girl. Mrs. Vinje will be Rem pm Beret As miss Jennie Donhowe formerly of this City. Julius Knutson of Waltham. M in. Is visiting relatives and friends. Mrs Frank Sheffield of Graettinger is visiting relatives and friends Here. Mrs. Henry eld and her brother Bonnie Taft of Belmond visited Tho past week at the Home of their parents. Or and mrs. Knut Taft of this aty. H e. Mynah has returned Homo from hot Springs. Ark., somewhat better from the rheumatism from which he has been suffering. Alfred Jacobson has left for Camp. Text 11 Ltd a a i a i i or n # a it Are you Fol skin it in a a i i 4 a a a a or shipping 1 j a a1 no matter if its one piece or a House j a a hold we can give you satisfactory ser i vice. A a a i rat of Nim trans for a pay a 1� drag Zulj i re him cd at oui age in Ltd a a a a it a serves you rights1 j so a West Side Barber shop i Ove bloc k from West Gath car station Good Barbers right prices courteous treatment our motto. Your business solicited. By Hale Price. Set co. A Good tiny at reasonable us Ames Grain a foal 220-lt for n���?1916 Dada car. Good terms fur quit k Sale inquire of l. M. Roberson. Phone Black 1187 220-3 away with sadness she often rap him in he a and a a it when the at my door and while i try not to be a believe that they Are the most to a he Lim or Hacket Reft i alway Protea to be very impressive in ail the literature i have a v Busy. Just a Light word of recognition read. A a a Rhor Letim horned by the by Way of common politeness then a yours truly Snapdragon. If a Man were to be laugh if be can and do it quickly lad a Silas her a 1n the Woods an she will pass on a t a it colonel hand would look for guilt in �?�0 Ane win pass on. T he a vols Over find Over th<4 Ono oltion in Rte Michael a nov the last words were spoken in a a a in but knew not their a. T. Lerdall proper tor j for hah a individual hog trough -. Hog fountains water tanks discs. Whisper with one hand on my breast. Sadly and slowly i got ready for bed he turned the strings and played the noises of the Village challenged the a a fishery a what a Romp by aft a j had put out my Candle. Of merry music filled the House i there were Many Barking dogs. Some meaning whatever the truth May he regarding the poor boy in jail we Are in no Way responsible. Away with sadness i what is that a or. Racket inclined his ear and then i cultivators Dade engines Baa it i is to. T0�?� i ors it Jmon a a a. Quot a the a creaking of added a Michael Henry sacs that he Cain Valois Laue engines. Neay smiling at him As he played. His Bow Saddle leather followed by ays Jnai be hardware. Goo. W. O Brien. 219-4i a a con for Halo Rhode Island red cockerel. Fine Quality at $1.50. Frank Bentley phone 4106. 207-tf May he innocent and that we had bet we can help him. Thought of that had Aav crime i believe a turning to for Lieut one modern furnished room for on or two girls. Phone i rack 1157. 219-4 for rent modern furnished rooms mrs. A. Ariand 716 fifth 218-31 Down the Street with lanterns. A no a the girl answered i a j rur t1, h0y Quot the Gnu a li0k Grimshaw a i a we must be letting Mike go ahead j exclaimed by and by. Aside put Down heard one of them saying. A they i of us a id her fatties. A you j bus instrument. Vie shall have a Good caught him Back in the South Woods i saw tin time together that we will. Not a yesterday. The sheriff said that Heinie. I stroke o work this Day come i have tried to run away when he saw Mem i a guide Here that will take us Down j to the land of the what was the meaning of this then with his Microscope he showed what had Amos Grimshaw been do St. Phone 17 for rent a modern room reasonable prices. Phone blk. I in. Loto the wond a world of Lett Lam i i As i go i ult a into Jas. Quot no �?�?yl6?e bolts i cannot even now explain Why the Microscope la like the Art of the Ballf Lon tg0eave a up t Cher. He snid. Quot i pc known n Rood fathom the Depths of the human Tea a Depths of the human teacher to take a brain no bigger than 8pirt we a a fun so a a a hpn., u a Fly s foot an make it visible to the 700. 207-tf j naked crossed by Subtle tides and currents. 1 see on the straws on the surface. One of the children of which there j i a am or ,.ket for rent�?3 rooms at 1126 Clark. Partly furnished for Light Boun i wet or Quot Quot Quot be am to my door while i wan Al Reading. Keeping. 0-t 1 Quot a a Quot a at so Quot Quot of a a merry Day to you a lie exclaimed. Woman with a red and kindly face sat in a it mow Intro june for of tent modern furnished rooms. Mrs. Hardin phone b347. 189-tf j i told them All i knew of it. A upon my word i like you. My Brave said the schoolmaster. A i Beard of a l this and decided that you would be is help to Michael Henry and a creditable student. Tome let us go and pay our compliments to the the schoolmaster and i went Over to or. Wrights House a White Frame building which had often been pointed out to me. Mrs. Wright a Fine looking lady who met us at the door said that the senator had gone Over to the Mill with his a go ass sep lost Black purse Between Princess theatre and Carroll ave., containing several Bills Hank Book land letter with owners name and address. Finder please leave at office for Reward. 218-2,. I Ost �?~f10m Ames Stock Yard sometime monday night red cow. Finder please notify Walter Grove. Phone Black 1234. 220-21 list a Small Gold fraternity pin. Finder leave Ai office. Liberal Reward. 220-tf i Gist a Black Glove for left hand finder please Call Black 934. 220-lt lost by mrs. Wright Quot two books i wondered at the meaning of this but dared not to ask. The oldest daughter acted a a kind of Moderator with the others. A Mary is the Constable of this House with Power to arrest and Hale into court for undue haste or rebellion or a a Mother and a Story of Julia return or phone Loames Library. 220-2. At one end of the table and Between you tale Humble herds Aud flocks of i wheelbarrow. Them were the children Mary a pret u a a we be plenty of time and Well wait to daughter of seventeen years mag j went with Jim in for him a said the schoolmaster Gie a six year old Ruth a delicate chickens and two Small Shote i a a him Quot Little John As he girl of seven and John a noisy red a map a it Civ for w and together h 11,1 a re run to he Rutte hn<1 own fac@4 boy a a five the Chain were of it drove her a Fork to the pm ure the rough Plank walk to meet him. Plain Wood like the Kitchen chairs of the we Gpe it mme Wood in who we saw him coming a Little Way today. In the Middle of the table was boxes by the fireplace and the Kitchen Ltd non has Reet no Short sleeves an empty nmn painted Green. Before a Inland Rakfal j up it. It Tim in the with his Barrow in front of him. He he sat Down or. Hacket put his hand t do Orvard and we a my away. On the Back of this chair and said a now know a a merry heart to you Michael no. Mid the ,Ter As we went in to breakfast. We sat Down at the table with the family und i Drew out my letter from die it a tor and gave it to or. Racket to read. A die senator god Prosper him i in re that lie came on the Plattsburg set Irani if Anatta it. I i a ii j i stage last night a he said As he began a l Reading an announcement which. A a j Dunkelberg to cause j Nie and children to clap 7 a i f t s to me presently j our hands with Joy. A a an Ruji. I or Heket thoughtfully repeated a Poi 6 f l a girl1lh�t otul1u born the Worls from Job with a most in a i ,1 to or at her 18 Presslye intonation. E Man books at the rising j to passed the letter Back to me and stopped and lifted Little John in his arms and after a moment put him Down and embraced Ruth. A Well. I she be still love the tender embrace of the wheelbarrow a said or. Hacket As we approached the senator. A my embrace is tile tenderer of the two a the latter laughed with u look at his hands. Lie recognized me and seized my two hands and Shook them As he said a upon my word Here is my Friend Bort i was not looking for you he put his hand on my head now higher than his shoulder and said a i was not looking for you he asked about my aunt Abd Uncle and expressed Joy at learning that i a you la have a Streak of smoke tuck that la put Pep in your smoke motor All right if you la ring in with a sure Joy us Jimmy pipe and Nail Soma Prince Albert for packing just Between ourselves you never will Wise up to High spot smoke Joy until you can Call a pipe by its first name then to hit the Peak of pleasure you land Square on that two listed Man tobacco Prince Albert Well sir you la be so All fired Happy you la want to get a photograph of yourself breezing up the Pike with your smoke throttle wide open talk about smoke sport Quality makes Prince Albert so appealing All along the smoke Lino. Men who never before could smoke a pipe and men who a smoked pipes for years All testify to the Delight it hands out p. A. Can t Bito of parch both a Cut out by our exclusive Paten Tad process right now while tha going a Good you get out your old Jimmy pipe or buy a new one and land on some p. A. For what Aik your particular Smoka appetite t you buy Prince Albert everywhere tobacco in told. Tovey red beige tidy copy Tait to to by k j Toba cuu co. R. J. Reynolds tobacco company Winston Salam n. Q

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