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Ames Thursday Evening Times Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1919, Page 3

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Ames Thursday Evening Times (Newspaper) - January 9, 1919, Ames, Iowa J Price Man America lit of Arr to him ll<8 thu Lark it in time phen of k v on a prices make or by Given to returned men their Best interests would be served by reasonable assistant in forming common. Ederma upyt Letioa of Beady established rather than Lii Loti ill \ i in 4ny a or a extensive development of Frontier agricultural lands at the present time in an address at the Section on i Price fixing professor Nourse took agric tit Hal j the attitude t hat the agitation tor fix t ing prices is not a Mere War time Mph men on hut grew out of the in crease in the Exchange value of farm products which was very marked i about 1908 and has continued since Arm in j that time and that Price fixing h a a a a skely to he a permanent problem in Oetting Moue Fok the fated hts is h Ami Mill Lee dts i he called a i a not i attention toll improved in i s Brewers ill Speno keep Sims offs i Bamah is White telis set iwo urn la meet in i the Ica go Ami Ihm in i n Akk kith to fight prohibition Wiel w a be i Ari a. Battle urse professor of eco somirs at Iowa state turned last week from Virginia where he was in at the annual meeting a rican economic Assoc a american association fur legislation. The devoted to the is Joe Tang of Jolt exit. It of the policy of settling sailors on the land of to this last question it generally the opinion of its present t Hata Vine developing raw land my sailors settlement in for the Best Interi let ural Indus re and to distance possible Hoim la pay u Row vow Mountan pen a Vic Omav Ideo you buy a Fer Ink Tite Seiff lung Fountain pm Row a a a a a it �?~4 Felt Nir in mtg in punch. A Aal offer is one of our orig iof advert s. The Cox str u of Acton self filling pen Quot a in sacrifice for the req Lent y re t it things you say about the induces Man. Others to Hough we lose at theart. He finish. We offer Are the genuine a the pens Worth the full it simply impossible it Fountain pen any where. M tsar out in now Don t a it. Champlin l a the filet thai attempts to Hummer Down Tho prices of farm products in duty would be in Dang r of defeating i the Effort toward Low prices because such a movement was inclined to impair the efficiency of agriculture he exaid in part Quot new types of Industrial efficiency in agriculture Walt tie i it vol pmed of a Farmer it Luna who Are adequately trained suitably organized and Ash equipped with the capita goods needed for the practice of scientific agriculture the Low prices of farm products in the latter part of the Las Century did not pent i of the Prage is Ive condition being brought about As rapidly a could have Boon desired. Quot lie a it it pros polity to the Farmer has mail possible a considerable development in thin direction but Price fixing which will Force prices Back to those lower Levels would Detent its own end by impairing the efficiency of agric Kultur and precluding the re diction in coat of production which would otherwise be possible such Price fixing notions As the Publ la v mat kit of a i i it i ttys 11101 Var pro thief Goen ski. With in Umi i Pio him it Fon he ii ask to Ames Vii i it trimming Simpson fit u Ai soft it fit to i j a Iima ago Jan. 9. Three More states ratified Iii prohibition amendment making total of Nineteen plates that have endorsed the gropes at of Congress. The House of the Idaho gis lature voted for Iii amendment. And if the Senate follows suit the proposal will need to be Pas. De by Only sixteen More states. While the proposed addition to the Basic Law was ratified by the Legislatures of Ohio Colorado and okie Boma representatives of the distillery companies of the country to in Chicago and divided to oppose both the amendment and the War prohibit us to go into effect on july Gal Means possible. Large ent Pound to Point of Taii dish i a re even Penny a from the consumer s Bern it and land Virster the Ca fat or la at the College has been again returned to Normal and is now serving meals in Loath rooms. The equipment my help for the arg number of meals which were served during student army training corps and vocational detachment a being disposed of by the management As no ii As Mut h of the stors that had been purchased for the Winter. Law which i by Ever the St i put Oil bit Ion Kentucky a Quot Olina. Mon Tana to the a , loaf Milo cob at a meet -1 a its of til oohs adopt cd which have rat to herdsmen thus to Virginia. Mis>is.-1ppi, to or a Dakota. Mar Arizona d it Ware 1 a. My a Susetts Ana. Florida min ado and Oklahoma her leg of the d Felt ii ii r the states flared that the i the Are South i coach Hurter Walter arrived on the Campus yesterday aft Moon with tis basketball i am after trimming the him Peon five in their game tuesday evening by the Scop of 21 to is. The team and coach left this evening for of Umbria when they will meet the Missouri quintet in Tho first All Missouri Valley contest of Tho year. Missouri is reached for these first games and from Alt indications they have the Edge Over Walters Sophomore team. In the game last tuesday evening every Man on the team broke into the scoring column and phased the coach with Mech work from this department. Tile individual Star contest to it ording to report Robinson midget Cyclone gun fore through i he Simpso Nian and broke up play after Pia. Sides this he was credited wit sets from Tho floor. In the 8 game com h Walter used Vii Niem heh of la of Hava \ t Timmis. I Sion filled to of line cosi of Hoad cot m y always leading one Graveling a to of sikh Wink in in rot ing h ill was on of h the totes Road work commo Eftic it de pc thru t r came the was who Way com i Tomb w of. From hag for the Tost i Community Abo been supporting by the county i Der the state i it which con histed Al 11 by the Road i work Ems kept if heh 01/rnant in it minty in efforts of to a1 i 0 the stat High the first. 01 this Ive. R ii be Yea r a the e 1 Cie prov a has pc cd ram Sot. Fort ii i it Rani ratio n in \ v. A con in a Mon h main of Grav it co Titi ? a steadily d the using i that Lime but it was found necessary to constantly replace the washouts and fought places made by Frost making a rather unsatisfactory Job 1 a meeting was called of the local read enthusiasts to disco the work last week of which time Fred White of the Highway commission spoke outlining the different kind of surfacing that might be used on the i roads a of in use As Well As the Rla-tiv.3 expense and in thud of raising i the Money. Ther Ltha 4 been some agitation of the question of surfacing roads in this state As is Dom in More Eastern and Western states while the Agban a. Not birr to la tiap Rommy in most communities it i4 Felt that j the action of the rag Grove people May have a direct bearing on to pro gives in Iowa l=55w,5ss.er9ebsees#w just arrived a lot of Kara too quarts 20c half 40c, i Gal soc. C. G. Haug. Spanish influenza can he prevented easier than it can be cured. At the first sign of a shiver or sneeze take Cascara k quinine 0 map Standard roid remedy for 20 a in Tablet form Safe sure no up a Ltee a a realm up a cola a it. 4 hours i live i grip in 3 Day. Money Back if it Faits Tho genuine Box has a red top with or. Hut a picture. At a drug store a j Phou Mack and sheer Ned at the Forward to 11ion a i. Had come for in crab a of the try to my he a a nto a determine Lane to such revolutionary no in in i e Quot i time sin a a Revson at Conter and Whit Inson at guards. Hartzell and Hendrickson a it t a in for the losing team but tick. Simpson managed t i state team to a 7 t cond half. Dan i am hit their mid not Complete is lug five. Or referring Tow and the i Tuto dal am he w. Have you read the want ads 111 i144 >4444444444444444444444<>444 fun Franks place fruits candies cigars tobacco and groceries ranks place 2840 West Street nent ghz and r time prof in Federal the led tha be v i attorney Leaa Apjok int pow a pol of i Ion Rath Iowa stat during the a second half to though they Ltd it distance the in coach a with i five four Tai the Kan cd for i the Iowa the c be and Ira it i be giver t Rill return put them in prepay Day series and sat in i Ito re Tho rough it hold 7 tie in the stride i y out i i in Day rough a for i my u i a v on i Jersey Weih satins _ in Spring frocks a w anime in game which wats cancelled \ due to the influenza Quail undoubtedly be hated soon a a favourable Date is the lifting o it he quaran Row will make this possible a rom ing court Bat be t akan to the i in court for the was i. Turned that the it qui cd in submit �?T0 the w a time h Ber effect a e Pam pack fro his Mon Isip i non Tai liquor in the Resolution add stated that there Are 50 in the country with an tear Gat vestment in Plant and prod us is of at f p least 11 Tuo non non that the ind do try action a Busine nixed the in it Alae band a tally an opted in is a has h in Ouray i 17sb, and til Reto Foft been d arum pro eel led states government was stated Thor there bout 150.000,000 guilt whisky and alcohol of a total of about $7 5o.m�h.oo0 Ami the ural and Tate taxes of at Bast $5, i >00,000.0 h have been paid since tin j enactment of the internal Rev no flaw of it it a. When in Neer 4 4 4 4 4 t of stationery inks Fountain fens pencils drawing sets Loose Leaf note books and drawing papers English Brief and theme pads new and second hand text books in fact everything in student supplies. Remember the students Supply store South Side of Campus or in v 4 4 i i t a i 4 of j id in Bonci a1 ii. Ii Ull Lii it a of rf.? erected by \ Ehn ment to of Dimanti i d a Birt thai k Reim i d 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 by ignited press i Moi lbs Jan. stall Barber is one Man in the state that is glad the general Ai is about to Convene. The ton artist usually cleans up fir Tan when the Assembly is in session. He has to increase the chair capacity of his shop Aud of Tours gets increased Revenue. The janitors and others around the state House hate to see the let a tors meet for As one put it a a i a or always hades about How much Money ave arc up Riding How rot on we do our Sieren supplies stationery Fountain pens pennants banners Pillow covers soda Fountain and candies. Athletic drug co. Phone 256. The Only drug store in 4th Ward blocks West of College gym per Leiai form of j led for ear non age they will the former pm j r u be on himself 4v 4vv4 444444444444444444444444444443 ><�4>�m44444444444 4 \ a our prices Are right because we bought before the Large Rise. Ask to see our line. Hie varsity shop supt. A hos. Gloss of the College grounds is in conference today with the government representative in regard to materials and buildings thai wore us d for the vocational Aid student army work. Arum which will now have to be removed from the Campus and sold. The floor which was placed in the Large Moss Hall. In the Gynsi Naium is to be torn out and the dirt track returned to its form r use. The buildings that were put up just South of the gymnasium and South of the bleachers will also be taken away Aud the Balcony and floors of Tho bleacher enclosure taken out. .voth-1 big is known yet As to we amp to will be j done with Tho enclosure. Superintendent 8loss expects to b in Des Moines thursday or Friday i with the government Man in an in i Leaver to sell Tho extra plumbing and i building materials i hat Are now of a no use to the College. Or. R a fill Henry Ford new paper Whit to to launched at a t Early Date Transfer a lot of automobile deals to the pockets of paper fact users is will u i v i Nan Oil have you read the want ads a. T. Lerdall College properties lands have some Good bargains at pre War time prices. Cozy six room cottage across from the Campus on South Side Oak finish Thorold modern Price $4,260. Acreage Ami farms tor Sale on easy terms a few exchanges. Phone 395 Mai governor sex i it t Kik to Fem Aid to i Feith it Xoi at Verloo Max �?�,�?T444444441144 h 4444444444,14444444444444444444444 heal Shin diseases it is unnecessary tor you to it suffer with eczema blotches ringworm Railes and similar skin troubles. A Little Zemo obtained at any drug store for 35c, or $1.00 for extra Large bottle and promptly applied will usually give instant Relief from itching torture. It Cleanser and soothes the skin and heals quickly and effectively most skin diseases. A Zemo is a wonderful penetrating disappearing liquid and is soothing to the most delicate skin. It is not Greasy is easily applied and costs Little. Get it today and save All further distress. The e. W. Kusa co., Cleveland q. By United press Des Moin is Jan 9.�?the open secret that governor a. A Harding will Back Neh Mcfarland of Waterloo for speaker of the House indicates the governor May take a decided progressive stand on the Road question this year. Mcfarland a record in the thirty seventh general Assembly shows him to be a met to progressive candidate and there is much interest in the manner of legislation today As to just what stand the governor Wilt take in his Forth coming messages Humours among the. Good roads Al Emeer Are that Cever por Harding i will make recommendations similar j j to those of retrenchment relative toi4 the use of the automobile tax for in 4 pro vement of Iowa a highways. It % will not be a Surprise according to other Well informed people if he ask 4 for the tax to be doubled. Of never has the people turned Over new leaves at the beginning of the year just to find spare to keep a record of their for the next twelve months. Sheldon Munn served better sunday Tuan at the present time. Ii in sic by the orchestra will be unusually att sunday january uth

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