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Ames Thursday Evening Times Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1919, Page 2

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Ames Thursday Evening Times (Newspaper) - January 9, 1919, Ames, Iowa Ami to arb rvs Vino Tikka Thi Rush a Java Art 0, Ibio Ames evening times daily except Sand daily except Anni published by the time printing company j. I Tilden Eduora and Gen. Manager in tired a second Alaei matter at the poet office at Amil under the act of july is 1914. One year by Mai .�2.60 by Carrier $3.50. A democracy is the tavern Maut of the people by the people far the people. A Abraham Lincoln democracy Means not Quot am of Good As you Are a but a you Are As Good As i am Quot i Heodore Parker who owns Thi Roi l ? a few years ago Henry Van Pyk wrote to ><8ui Story in win Tau was quoted As asking lbs question of an older companion at a time when together they were enjoying a Beautiful Mountain scene Quot a Lio owns the mountains Quot Tho reply which stat cd who Sono of Hie different owners of the Woodland slopes wore did not satisfy the lad and after a moment of silence he said. Quot Well. I Don a see what difference that makes. Everybody can look at it is much the same Way with Tho College and Tho Beautiful Campus. In Tho Van Dyke Story Tho lad and his companion Felt that they wore very Rich and a Aid Quot we own tin mountains but we can never sell them and we done to want the Best thought in the Story was that of the True measure of Success being appreciation rather than accumulation. The Sta a of Iowa May own the College and it May he the duty of All Iowa citizen to support it in every possible Way hut the real owners in the Best Send a Are those who use it and appreciate it. The people of attics naturally Tab Quot great Pride Anil interest in this institution which is so convenient for them to visit and to receive the malty advantages connected with such on port unit. Is As a Rule the local people appreciate to a Large Degrie what the it it Liege Means to the Community and a full share of support has been Given by them. This support which Many times Calls for considerable assistance its the Way of finance has not been con fined to any one Section of our local Community hut has been Given by Many in All sections. Tho Busine s people have been glad to Contr Bult liberally directly Aud indirect it and it has doubtless Pai l them Well for so doing. There have been times when those who contribute most in the Way of time and Money in order to make this Community what it should in have Felt that tin College authority it and those who Are most closely Ridenti fled with the College have not fully appreciated what May be duo some of the interests of Ames. Ii is the desire of the times to assist in creating and developing a closer and a More helpful co operating feeling Between the people of Tho various parts of our Community and Between the people who give most attention to local business and t authorities who direct the affairs of the state inst it u f on which has an important part in she work of the world. Amos people a a Lea d part owners of the College and it i theirs not Only to enjoy by to to the Antes Peepe stand ready to give a. Full measure of service. 0 0 a tip Fri say a it a on the highways and Evv vans of palaver Quot say Hank who a tit them Titer peace delegates to Europe from Millier country Quot Quot Well Sara i Ain t never heard hut whichever person is responsible is going fat have by eyes a yell but done a Stop with Only Hlson you had better say his and her a cause tin Way i Agger this Here Washington business it Ain t a1 Lils Nain t you noticed How a Woody has swill bed and now is favouring to let the women folks vote a Quot Well. Sam i beam it said one that everybody has a influence on each Quot Yeti. I Hoy s lots of families Wilde the tool that rinks the i Radii has let its influx. Tkv he Felt in other i amp i i Quot you Don t Caleer late that tie Here Delegate business was Ai cooked up by a mule influence Quot Quot mat be yes and in a Bim no. From 1 Tho looks of these Here delegates on would Bel love they were invited to a English Tea supper who it they Ain t who is this Here House Heil outside of being old Man houses son i ainu to never seen no k. Of title in in s Pedigree. Whomever did he lick he Ain t even no preliminary lighter you know and i know Hennery that it takes a wife to bring out the fighting stun ii a Man and he ainu to even had that in n it conies to a Woody i reckon he s had preliminary training aplenty but a Man his age has lost his punch and if one of them there a Yedalian counts slips a left into his dining room he might even lit Switzerland keep Lier Navy. Course this Here Feller Bliss Ain t n it Slouch with a few tanks near Bim. But is he can t slip them there contraptions up his sleeve when he goes and plants his no. B s under the peace table i Don t see where he Kin to a a White hop either. As fee White and Lansing they May carry the goods under their hats and a1 that hut in a fracas i m a thinking their footwork to ulna to show to advantage you see Hank All of them Birds can t fight and not one has Ever been writ up in the Belize gain look to me i Iii we one sent a Good Bunch of lighters Over tiler Ami they win the first half of this Here Battle hut with this other outfit i ainu to Maltin no predictions s to the Quot Why Sam. You talk i Ike this Here it acc conference was to in i Quot no. Hen. It Ain t going to be exactly a tight at All its going to a a riot. England wants a Navy big a Bough to float around in something bigger a a Bath tub and i Don blame her a Cit use she ainu to overburdened with Bath tubs. Any How. Or land wants Home Thule and we want Villa. Holland is howl no because somebody wants to grab a few acres Ott n her territory Germany Wains nothing and would got is if some of those her fighters would let hot f have it. Everybody wants Russia to straighten out her own mess and our fighters will let them do it while Germany moves Berlin into Russia somewhere. We want Freedom of Tho a us whatever the it Means and Tho Balkan states wants to he let Aion so they Kin git a sociable War a going of their own and if these Here Delegate had the sense of a Jack Rabbit they a let them go to it and maybe in time they a be willing to listen and be it ule Good democrats which we is flight in for. While they is about it Aud they got this Here league of nations a going they had All hotter Load up and Mambo the whole Hunch can make Mexico believe that i hey ainu to so much. Course this hero Greaser Oranzo ainu to going to be no Delegate cause in Don t represent no nation Only a discus you see them there Mexico won t know nothing about this Here Click and. Tho whole Bunch could sneak Down into Mexico City and Mab fee we Kin make them Good democrats too. And while they is on this hero crusade they could Start right in and Knock the crowns off Ell All til cracked Heads n the Eastern hemisphere and make the whole world democrats and eve l body la have a full dinner pail Quot Sam you ainu to seemed to get the proper Conception of these Here delegates. They a Goth to straighten things out and make wars impossible and allow Justley to Quot of no there ainu to Goin to be and More wars when England has a the i biggest Navy and we the biggest army a cause it stands to reason that no body else will have any ammunition i but if John Bull and Uncle Sam i should lock horns they surely could stage a roman Holiday that would make even tile mummies in the Brit j ish museum gel blisters Oil their Eye from looking at the scrap. And As for Justice prevailing you done to know j her. I seen Hor on it carved in front of a court House when a Friend of mine got sixty Days for bouncing ii shovel off n his wife s Boko who j never did nothing but ask for i three meals ii Day and she being away All the time at some Quot starving i j ten amen tots meeting to could t i i get nothing to eat any More i ask j you Hennery is i at Justice prevailing anyhow t ii is hero Justice looks j Lik it i lady. I ainu to never seen her face a cause she Don t show her face j and her eyes Are All bound around with a rag. If id a did some of Tho i things she done i would t show lace neither. It be so Bod if she would t be the rag off n lie face then she could see what was going on around her i can see her finish when sin lines up in that room with them there peat a Delegate Light tera a cause these Bere fighters carries i their muscle in their coat pockets land when this Loie gathering of nations gets warmed up there a go into be a roomful of this Here Irish confetti and id hate to be in Thatcher. Room blindfolded a cause sure a s your born that lady s head will Stop a Cousin table number of them there Brick bats however orderly the Meetin is going to but and Quot you re right Sam. It ainu to Goin to be no place for a Quot and As i was about to say there t this woman will stand with or eyes j tied up and her hands full of j weighing machines. Now what the Sam Hill has she got them things for a a you Atte say she is go in to weigh the Good and the i Romin ent fait Liy and student members of Doi lege suggest ways of tribute t Cessna would build Arci Iwa prof. Noble Wold have a Mahrle slab he Henger w ants or i Ori Bell c Hee problem is aute colleges forced to pay High wages a Sor snap How Many Are there who i h i ii k they would like to have a Nice easy Job with Uncle Sam during these Days when so Many Good citizens o Story county Are receiving invitations to meet a representative of the United states Treasury department at Tho county court House with reference to income tax reports it might occur to some that about the Only easy Money is going in the dire Hon of the collectors. The seventy nitty a person to interview the Good natured Deputy Colic tor one Day this Wea k Learned that this gentleman. Or. B. D. Ramsey. Bas been interviewing from seventy to eighty Parsons Ever Day since last july undertaking to Corr eat error and misunderstandings and to give adv be concerning future reports. Some seven or eight years ago when or. Ramsey finished College he entered work of this sort he was in much better physical condition than he finds himself today. Then. He weighed 168 pounds and today Only 128. When it comes to jumping from one state to another and working with All classes of reports Farmers merchants College proles sors. Corporation Large and Small including Banks and Bankers it is a soft snap at All. Or. Ramsey has been promised n regular territory where he will assist in making original reports rather than doing Tho special re checking work and he says that he has selected the Best territory in the entire country. I he has asked for Story county j and some of Tho surrounding noun ties and thinks he would like to make Mes his Headquarters of some such plan is carried out. Ames will be much pleased and or. Ramsey will soon regain his old time 168 pounds. Another Hun helmet i Sene to folks Here a a in. In Matton receives souvenir of German battlefields from son Clairc h. Mattox received a German helmet from his i Ziair Mattox a member of the Twenty third engineers now stationed twelve Miles cast of Verdun which he declared was picked up on Hist famous old Battlefield. Clair or. Mattox says is getting along Fine but is anxious to return Home. Army life has agreed with him and since his enlistment lie has gained More than thirty pounds now tipping the beam at 180 pounds. Have you read the want adat How a father has Learned to save shoe Bills. Quot my son is very hard on shoes so keeping him properly shod has been quite an expense to writes or. J. Allison Allen of Amity Arkansas. Quot but since i tarted to buy Neolin Soled shoes for him i have found that it costs Only about a third As much to keep him in this is because Nettlin soles Are so Tough and durable that they Wear a very Long time. Shoe Bills Are kept Down because you done to need so Many jux irs. You can get Neolin Soled shoes at almost any Good shoe store. They come i. All styles and for All members of the family. Merlin soles Are also available everywhere for re soling. They Art produced by a scientific process to be what mile ought to be comfortable Waterproof and Long weaning. A r the Goodyear tire amp rubber c company Akron. Ohio who they Are made by times want ads bring results. Also make win foot heels guaranteed to outwear any other heels. Holifi soles Tim Al. Cut. Lucky clubs pay $65 Monti i War tired practically All into i Rev and Caxton men i Camps the attitude which people dim out this and other states have already begun to show toward the discharged Soldier has Veinte to the attention o. Major James Rushlin Wolni. S. C. Commandant and in a recent interview the sentiments of not Only this Veteran of three wars but that of his my i three sons now serving in the i s. Army a officers of no Mere standing. Were be Forth. In this War As in others which have come under the observation of major Lincoln the Man in uniform has been shown the preference whom was his due for the sacrifice and the close relation which Many showed. But underneath All this was the feeling that those who were held in tile Camps in the states were getting what rightfully belonged to those Tio actually paid the Price in Europe. It can he noticed that the former feeling of friendliness toward the uniform is decreasing because of the advantages that some soldiers or sailors have taken on the one hand and the la k of appreciation on the other. Many officers have warned their men of this very thing while other notice it but a Little and whet is said is forgotten by the discharged Man in Bis hilarity. What the Many a fibres and civilians who have Given this problem consideration have been puzzled to Over is what the Atti time our boys from the real Quot hoho them things might be big enough to hold All the Good j tilde must to by the they is. Hut when she begins to loan begin to come Back Thorn up with the bad she had bet Battle. Tar get Jakes Hay scale. No the major Lincoln atm proposed the More i Agger this Here thing the erecting of suitable memorial lot More i can to see How our fighters Hie men who have gone from the coils going to lick them other entries lege into the service and since his ill hop that. The other fighters Ain r Hist mention Many of the most no better a our a then we stand a prominent faculty and student hers have suggested ways of Earry Quot Well. Well Hull guess ii drive Over to Jakes and be How loss Udo in a a so Quot la a and the germans ask us to forget Lieut. Sayre ret i bus Iowa state i rom work at for Worden the germans Send Alii to prisoners of War a. K to like this then ask us to forgive and forger and Seil thew food. This i a new and exclusive photograph showing British prisoners who have b a allowed to get Home t under terms of the armestice. Virtually All suffering from disease and malnutrition starved while the huns had plenty for themselves. Lids is just one of the thou Alula of reasons Why he get Man whine of i an easy peace Quot will be ignored. Lieut a. Raymond Sayre formerly eur diary of the College v. Is. A. A. Has returned from fort Worden wash., where he was in the coast artillery Branch of the service. He organized Hie army Quot a Quot work at til College last Spring for the vocational men and later for the Large s. A. T. C. Unit. Tim association s work is to Blunder the National War Council for the remainder of the Quot Quarter but it is Iii plan of Secretary Sayre to up it Back on a Normal basis As soon As possible. Ing this idea into effect. Or. Cessna has suggested the erection of something practical like an archway at Tho Entrance to Tho Campus or an armory As quite appropriate. Prof. A. B. Noble of the English department would have a Marble slab in or on Central Hall with the Honor Roll inscribed. J. L. Eichenger of the Highway comm a Sion suggested the novel plan of moving the old Victory Bell from the Back of Central around in front. Where meetings could be held and so constructed that persons using the walks must pass under it. The names could be placed on it in a number of i ways. Undoubtedly a memorial will to erected Early in the Spring and sonic plan of welcoming Home the boy from Oversea be worked out. Cooperation with the City in some form of festival or program will be arranged later. A fraternity situation at the collage Bat is fast becoming More or less serious is the on pertaining to Cooks. Several of the houses have not been Able to Start Tho ii dining rooms and no amount of advertising or searching seems to bring the r suits. The greeks have about come to the con delusion that they will be contented with anyone rather than to Mal their pick from the usual number of Kitchen experts that annually besiege the Campus. The houses that have been fortunate in securing a it it of Are paying As lug has $66 and $65 per month with no Assurance that they a going to get their Money a Worth. This amount is i High in comparison with Fondou r years but the Competition became so Strong when the present Quarter opened that the Cook named her own pre and what is More she got if. During he presence of the s. A t. C. And for the past year in far food artists have been in demand and practically evry male Cook that a been employed by the houses on the Campus has been lured to the Nullo. -a1 Camps or Casto ments where the government paid big Money for their services. A yet t hey have not been released while those who Are still on the Campus it a the hem ii in. I u in. Hilt by United press London jail. A entente troops have been requested by Chancellor Ebert to occupy Berlin according to rumours current in that City an Exchange Telegraph dispatch declare today. Our january Clearing Sale continues until next wednesday night big bargains in Coats 14.75�?17.95�?21.95�?24.95 exceptional values in silk and Serge dresses 14.75 a 19.95 a 21.95 a 25.95 Clearing Sale prices on everything w. C. Hunter co. Of Sheldon. Munn hotel a the style shop Tow it is the practice of the Bell system to distribute in wages to its employees their full proportion of the Revenue it is allowed to collect. Any increase in revenues it May be necessary for this company to obtain for the maintenance of Good service and to provide for future development will be shared la by our employees. Biome Sweet Home of George Toof hair is get Tim 50oo a Graya �?1c new style soft collars in Quarter sizes at the Campus adv. People who do the least often have the most to say. Talking there Are few men who would rather to right than popular. Just arrived $1.15 and $1.25. None such syrup c. G. Ilaug

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