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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 12, 1888, Ames, Iowa The Ames intelligencer thursday morning january 13, a. C / Fredericksburg. Daring the Franco German War and a admitted within Ilia a i Iowa. Thursday Horning ii. A eat and dried candid Resenly Jow a platform the demote Organ. Can give their whole time Republican ticket. Gen. Burnside Campaign a it a the Tappahannock or Aufort Nenaie. For voor a Quarto ceh tub y Agone get lie made Wii Weh the same glory of Tho sunken Bond and the Mii will naturally \ a a a in x Toque Vel i it be a mint it a wit i it a year in More ways than on. It i do Itu it a witness the great leap of i to rat in party Down the free Trad to defeat e duty n Hee h about too per cent. Was thoughtful in the president to fat ii Stone Wall Tsiper in great pm by his con Tito Iii South Fere in. Georgia Aud Limana who have no sheep. Tariff discussion a Only begun portrait of leading a Rawals am Side a itar n fide arrange i army in three grand division commanded by Sumner Franklin and Hooker. Mary us a in the a a Chicken could hot live upon that Fields wave of men in Bine fight and fall. Copyrighted by the american press Assenat Ion to Bare who Bare Folio wed somewhat closely the career of Den. Mcclellan cannot fail to be Impre Rod that there was a fat whish More than wac deprived him of Victory at Fobb Jln a pm la Milf Iii 111 Quot a a a a a u a Nape kudu us a a we him of Are Bot the fellow 3 the moment it warned surely in ids grasp. 1 last before the beginning of Pope s Campaign in Virginia Wade the army of the still Cai Tho James below Richmond to guns Aud Blake a i Chian announced himself ready to St Uke tee be to Bea bold the president Kaw let his backers stand it. Free Trade fight w of the favorite a Tat a Levels Ai pickled gut. We think he will hear Universal bleating of american it november that he would be were ail pick Lei i. Late Cit. Three Boodler have the United states for their own a do it Canada detriment. In rely they took with there i outhit not they who a missed so As the lamp obey they Emu led off. Phe sfas amp Dena Quot Union says a other infers of real estate in Pasadena Hie i St yes foot up fin6.ij00. That is t v Good for a Small Patch of ground. Sch w he Willy a poor sheep hum a Al jew years ago. And sold in bulk for a few Hundred dollars Miteb traders pretend to say that a option Tariff sends to make the Rich lev and the poor poorer. Yet no a the world can you find such cd 4sh a wealth on one hand or such abject hopeless poverty on the other As Trade England. Rumoured that the postmaster will recommend the erection hoi dings for Post offices.etc.,in towns my cities where the income of the of flues is Over $8,000 per year and in Tov so of 1,000 population the erection i buildings costing $8.ooh. In the District court of Xci York Vav a Soi rant girl has just sued for and recovered $10 of wages due her. Five a Lars of it went to an officer of the a a Hurt and the other five to her attorney eyes of Justice Are sometimes Bacilli More tightly than is necessary. N a a Way Down South in Dixie Quot they Ace having astonishing Snow storms e Gist inches at Alexandria Louisiana Ami Ai co uranus Mississippi a toe Laviest Snow storm Ever experienced a some encouragement to know that the South is putting on Northern airs. Cd a fed wite capital even Gati swi that by army was ready Ana suf fic Kirtly Large of lie had attacked Richmond just at thai time Early in August 186l, it coaids have been taken Moat Likely for Lee Well nigh stripped it of defenders to Send men against Pope Iii Northern Virginia. But at the very time Mcclellan was giving orders to Advance on Richmond hid Leek sent him a peremptory command to quit the Peninsula with by army and prepare to a operate with Pope. Nothing was left but to obey and Mcclellan Opportunity was lost. After the Battle of ant atom sent. 17, 1863, there was interval of doing nothing. Mcclellan distributed his army along the Maryland Side of the Potomac watching it lords. He evidently thought the used up army of Lee might attempt another invasion of Maryland. He called vigorously for reinforcements. Supplies of All kinds. By tin last of september lie had an army of 100,000 men Tiu on the Maryland Side of the Potomac. Oct. 0 president Lincoln directed the general to a men the Potomac and give Battle to the enemy or drive him but Mcclellan a not yet ready to do so. While he a waiting that. Dashing Confederate cavalry Leader j. E. Ii. Stuart made one of his characteristic raids and figuratively. Speaking tweaked the nose of the whole army of the Potomac under the eyes of it commander. Oct. Iole erased the Potomac into Maryland with 1,800 cavalry near Williamsport palmed northward into Chambersburg a. Destroyed the Public property there turned southward belligerent lines. He returned arum represented Rhode Island in the United states Senate. While serving in this capacity in Issi he died respected and lamented at the time the order came placing him at the head of the. Army of the Poku Tom a a doubtful Oei. Park. Etui of Bis Capac Ity for great command be would have declined the responsibility if possible. But the peremptory order from Lincoln left him no alternative. A. He decided Liat the Union army should March Oil Richmond by Way of Fredericksburg. A. Richmond was to be the object aimed at. And Aegina Creek was to be his base of supplies. Once More the Battleground is changed to tile Cri crossed Field of Virginia Fredericksburg is nearly too Miles South of the Field of anti Tam. It is on the right Bank of the Tappahannock River a Little Inland from the Potomac and the Railroad leads dirt cry South from it to Richmond fifty Mike Dis nut. A Conia Creek is a town on the Potomac at the Mouth of tile Creek of the same name. A Railroad leads from it to Fredericksburg. On the loth of november i12. Burnside begun by grand March to Fredericksburg. He had organized b s army into three a Grain divisions a right Center and left commanded respectively by Sumner Hooker and Frankila they left Warrenton. Va., As their starting Point. By nov. 19 the three grand divisions were Iii the Vicinity of Frederick in i Stonum a a a. Burg. Of the East ride of toe Tappahannock. Stunner grand division reached Falmouth. Directly opposite Fredericksburg nov 17. He was not permitted by Burnside to Cross however and that very Day let sent a Large body of trompe to re enforce the Confederate Garrison there. Burnside began at once to put in order the Railroad from acquit Creek to Fredericksburg to make sure of receiving Bis supplies. Cart Gnu. La j. Hunt was Burnside a chief of artillery. He posted All the guns on the Federal Side of the rap a ban Nock and superintended their transportation from acquit Creek. He decided that it was necessary to Plant guns up in t he height above the the run a of Lee was numerous by repro sen ted in the officer grouped around the Confederate commander. Brig. Gen. W. H f. Lee. The cavalry commander was Robert re i second son. Robert res Nephew fit Hugh also a Cavalryman held a prominent command in the army of Northern Virginia. All of Leeds Nom three of them served in the Confederate army. Ike eldest go. A was an Aid to Jeff Davis Ami afterwards a general on t he death of his father q w. C i succeeded 1dm a i president of Washington and Lew uni ver sitar in Virginia. His third sea Rob Ert e. Jr., was a it staff officer of cavalry. Thens Lee _ continued with the c can it debate army up to the final Sot rentier it App a a a a a a a a mottos. They took part in Tho heaviest fighting of the array of Northern Virginia throughout several time distinguished themselves Jet Nemo of them was killed. They survived to be estimable and in some some cases distinguished citizens of the United states. A Fitz a As it was customary to Call Fitz Hugh Lee is now the governor of Virginia. Another Veteran among Lee s officers was Gen. W. B Taliaferro. He Aho was a former United stat Al officer Taliaferro was a native of Virginia. He had Beira one of Lee staunchest fighters and was severely wounded at Groveton during the Pope Campaign. T his brigade belonged to Stonewall Jackson s famous a foot cavalry oms tax Fenno. And had done no lass hard marching than fighting. Bitterly cold. It was the Cost experience of j Anteri feat fire hot 4. Living fire another infernal Roar and Hun Are Meh he the a dress of other bodies were piled Nix these Frederk Tabur a Oft the that a indy my Job the ghastly Plain one 23 a i Ltd we a to that Burnside a order to Fra Al in As to til beginning of the fight was a ambiguous in mean ing. On the other Gen. Franklin has been blamed for not pushing Tho fight sob Alyen the Federal left at Hamilton s crossing of Tai crossing the rap Ahau Nock. Franklin was directed by Burnside a order to keep his whole command in position for a rapid movement Down the old Richmond Road. Buru Aile was by no moans so Well informed of the strength of the Force opposed to him As Lee a sme Tri its a a min or ror Nora. Teems to have been about Burnside a army. Franklin a corps began the fight Early in the morning by with Gen George g. Meade in the Advance. There were two lines i f Confederate fortifications along the Heights. Franklin a attack was on the con reiterate i right against Stonewall Jackson. A fearful storm of shot Ai i Shell met the federals. A p. Hill s Advance Confederate line was driven Back however but Gregg. Early and Stuart closed in find repelled charge after charge. More than 40 per cent. Of Meade command fell Reynolds Cains to his Aid with re in ornament and Reynolds lost 4.ooq. But they finally drove the confederates Back Creek. The fight Aud Confederate War and tired at left Bank of the rap in Stull fat ii urn Bor to cover the enem length of the opposing forces on toe right Bank. Henry Oes. Circa Cal around Mcclellan a army lying on the Potomac hurried Down the Mouth of the Mono Eacy in Maryland and then re crossed into Virginia and jugs joined Lee. Thus a second time the Boki Raider Rod around Mcclellan a whole army. The weeks went of la Huna lest manuscripts in world is to be sold Iii Loudon. Ii is vended thus for Mio a Grain of Rice utile whole tim chapter of the Koran Ittu on it Fli Veu to no Eugi Isle of. I b by Amie Ricsin Geu Tiejian who received it from an Arab sheikh whom he had cured of a dangerous lever in the the country should not fail to take notice of the significant fact that the retard of the Treasury has just trans lifted to Congress estimates to men deficiencies for the last fiscal year Aud the current Idle. Amounting to $8-As an Ilia stration of demo Era in dec Home t. Ese figures Are in ill intones Tibig and instructive. All the re Cli in ago int he Ocean Public a party asks is that Hie democratic Parry Wilt make a Square Issue Agama Protection Iii its next Campaign the american people by a Large majority favor Protection and the democratic party dare not make a Square fight on eation. To so and republicans will abide the Issue. They will hedge As on. Daily As of old the newspaper head hues announced a fall quiet on the Potomac. Then the old impatience and dissatisfaction broke out anew and the country began to wonder Why it was so quiet along the i of Tomae. More weeks went on Tiff it was six weeks aft r tile Battle of Antietam and nothing Dona by that time Leeds army was thoroughly rested and reinforced and amounted to 70,000. To the presidents orders to move against him Early in october Mcclellan had answered that he must have new cavalry horses. By the last of october he concluded that he was ready to Cross the Potomac. I he crossing was actually made nov. 2. Mcclellan ordered his main army to concentrate at Warrenton a. On this Lee his army in Good trim his communications with Richmond perfect resolved to Retreat southward. Tho main portion of the Confederate army marched up the Shenandoah Valley turned off to the Tappahannock Ami took position at Culpepper. Stone Wall Jackson command with the cavalry under j. E. B. Stuart in Maine behind to hang upon the Union army and annoy and delay it As far As possible till the main Confederate body should be secure. It one could have stood upon a Peak of the but Ridge mountains of a Bright morning in those Early Days of nov Emir 1862, he would have seep a sight to thrill gods and men. On the East Side of the Ridge Mcclellan mighty army of Over 100,000 men marched with waving banners and gleaming guns South to Warrenton. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton led Tbs a trance with the cavalry. On the West Side of the Blue Ridge be who looked could have seen at the same moment an _ Gen. Huitt. Jackson Hunt was born in 1821 in Ohio like his commander a Western Man also a West Point graduate. He finished the course of instruction there when Only 18 years old. During the mexican War he became major of artillery and was afterwards especially identity d with that Arm of the service. A was i Mcclellan a chief of staff during the pen insular Campaign during the whole War he i served in the army of the Potomac and was i one of its most faithful and useful officers. Burnside chief cavalry commander continued to be Cen Alfred Pleasonton. Pleas Routou was at Washington City in 1834, and was the same age of Burnside. He entered tie cavalry service when he left West i Point in 1844. And was sent to Mexico. He remained in the West and Southwest on duty i to t of the time till the outbreak of the civil i War at Fredericksburg he i in id the rank of brigadier general of volunteers. He saw i severe lighting there and subsequently at Chance Lio Svilis Aud Gettysburg afterwards he was ordered West and hts troopers brio a Clear Missouri of Sterling prices men in 1864. ,. 0 in 1868 Gen. Pleasonton resigned from the army and engaged in mining and other business. H is advocacy of the Blue Glass theory is Well known. _. Burnside a chief of staff was Brig. Gen. John g. Parke said to be one of the handsomest of the accomplished officers grouped about the Headquarters of the army of the Potomac Pake was a pennsylvanian born in 1827, and a West Pointer of 1m9. He entered the Engineer Coroa he had been a brigadier general on the North Carolina it Oast under Burnside and with i old command a joined the army of the Potomac. He Ai or mods was ordered South and w est. He took Active part in iks siege of Vicksburg ate of Knoxville. He foil wed Tho fortunes of Burnside. At the final Battles before Rich Moraud previous to that in 1864, Gen. Parke under Burnside commanded the old ninth chirps. Gen. Parke is now superintendent it West f military critics declare that Burnside should have aimed at Leeds army Rath r then m Rich Rand. A t All events be determined to occupy Fredericksburg immediately. Public sentiment and the newspapers demanded that sworn thing should be done at0,1c Gen. Richard in Anderson division commander Iii Longstreet a corps a i Uke All Tbs others pawed through the ordeal of fighting. He had aided in the capture of harpers ferry bad been sharply engaged at Antietam and now with the rest awaited the Shock of Battle at Fredericksburg. Gen. Richard Handerson was a South carolinian a graduate of the i listed states military Academy in 1842. A served in Mexico. When the first probabilities of War began to i talked of be resigned from the United states army in March 1861. He entered the Confederate service a soon As it came into existence and shortly became a brigadier general he was wounded at Antietam though not mortally like i namesake. Gen. G. T. Anderson. The Confederate always spoke of their army under Leeds immediate command As the army it Northern Virginia Junt As the Force Ohio who t it them was designated throughout the War a the army of the Potomac. Somewhat to Mason Pentax Between the Federal left right continued two hours. Runner a grand division forme-1 the i Ltd sral Light. Toil fell the task of storming of Ary e Hill the most formidable of til c u federate works. Leeds officers say that when _ their general discovered that Burnside was Vista but was sex about to attack his works Oil Fredericksburg j changed. He won Heights be was greatly rejoiced. H Felt that lie could hold them Well nigh against the world. Longstreet a chief of artillery said to him the morning of dec 18, As they looked Over the ground Iii front of Maryin a Hill a general we cover that ground now so Well that we will comb it As with a flue tooth comb. A Chicken could not five on that Field when we open on in a. There is one fact connected with this tune which renders it exceedingly difficult to get at the exact truth in its history. The report turn to be mown Down Ami hurled Back. Thee who saw Tho assault of Mary is Hill As the sunken Road one and All sex a a of it As a succession of Waves of living human beings a Iii turn dashed and broken against the Etc be Wall. After Fronch s and Hancock s Dviri us were reputed Howard s threw itself against the Wail it Loo a driven Lack Rokia and bleeding that finished the available strength of the second corps Gen. Couches by Argi division of the ninth corp a ordered Forward. The charge at Balaklava is famed in history. More than Twenty charge like Balaklava would not have compassed the a traction wrought before the Stone Wall at Fredericksburg dec. 18, 1888. 8,x distract Waves of troops assaulted Tbs works an i fell Back. At one in uncut Lee watching the fight from Lee Hill expressed apprehension to Iraq Street that til position might he taken so never ending seemed to lie lira lines of Mao that advanced against ii. Long Strot n pm Quot be usual if y in pot every Man now on the other Side of tin Potomac on that add to approach my Over the Anno Lino and give me plenty of Amrum tim i will Lui the in All be Foro they reach my line a Samuel Davis Sturgis was Lorn in Pennsylvania in 1822. Graduated at Wert Point was in the mexican for jetties for a for tape x am pans my n. For of Heril Suomi Al and fyn for r Stabi Jot aired. If in tie Desron i is tis no need Printer Money of Ai by All the to aloes be out Dom not need to by Ftp a he a re iced the and Dom not ant gum it is How Hod j Lei fire ath Yor and other Urbo Mesuse by f to an a f comedic ago Tho rank of in pm in Alining indians on the Frontier. At the beginning of the War of a cd to was in common i of fort Sun til Ark. Here a very Hie of his subordinate officers abandoned him and -3 entered the conred Rois. A rate service. Sturgis remained in the Umon at the exact Sun in Tiow. A a and accounts Given by army officers and con ervice and took an Active a it a Tbs War temporary correspondent Are manifestly j from Tow first. Beginning Lymia in Topography. Leeds plan for Tho Battle of Fredericksburg was at once simple and admirable. Long a to wet corp had been the dint to arrive on Hie ground and it of culled the left with Gen. Richard h. Anderson on the extreme left Stonewall Jackson was on the right. And the forces of the two joined in the Center and encircled Fredericksburg. To understand the fight fully glance at the acco cd ving Man. Five Miles below f de Rick spurs the Little Mam Apoua River flowed into the Tappahannock from the West. A Ridge of Hills sloped Down to the Tappahannock above the mass Apoua running from the Northwest. Five link above the Massa of a the Ridge retreats from the River far enough to leave a Plain and upon this Plain the town of Fredericksburg was built. While Burnside was making a Way for the transportation of supplies the conf a rates tis ital. It Dis us Lou with an English free trader Emery a. Or it or once said a the Matei difference Between us is that you think a great Deal More of a cheap shoe Tiaa you do of a prosperous Shoemaker bile in America we think More of the fare of the Artisan than of the cheap of the product a there you have other i eat Host moving southward. It was Leeds army of Northern Virginia. The two were fortifying Fredericksburg Sud the Heights behind it. At the end of november in whole army Lay in a Crescent wound Fredericksburg. It right a at port Royal below the town till hot a Utt la Disiano above. The Confederate fortifications were truly formidable so a to Render crossing directly in front of the City hopeless. But peal tinged with the pro or anti mugs Lalii partisanship. The position of neither pork nor Burnside a commander of the army of the Potomac was a pleasant one and that fact needs to be borne in mind now tautly. Brig Gen j. F. Reynolds commanded the first corp in Franklin left grand division. Franklin considered that three divisions of Reynolds Cor a were sufficient to carry out Burnsides order which he understood to mean that he should make a Recomio Lasauce rather than a serious attack. To Reynolds a deputed this task and to his corps belonged Meade Dis lion. Gen. O. J. Howard commanded the second division in Sumner a right grand division Aud led one of the awful charge against a. Yes Hill. Oliver Otis Howard was Lorn in Maine ii 1830, and was graduated at West Point in 1854. He was instructor in mathematics at the military Academy for some time after ginning of tie civil War. He co handed a brigade at Bull run Aud was made a brigadier general in september 1861. The a empty sleeve familiar in his port rails Ila been carried since 1863 at the Battle of fair a us. Where be lost the right Arni that Fllch a it at Antietam he was in command of Sumner corps. In 1863 be had command of the legs the How re distinguished himself at Gettysburg. Afterwards he a ordered Dixit participated in the fight of Lookout Mountain and missionary Ridge and helped relieve Knoxville. During Sherman March to the s a and up to Tho time of Johnston s surrender Howard commanded the right Wing of the army. After the War he was i muted states commissioner of the freedmen Burma. He was president of Howard University for freedmen for a time and also served a special commis inner to the Indiana he bos Gex. Howard. Bis graduation. He in fighting from the be been employ in government ado cations a Ai benevolent enterprises. In look he was promoted to be one of t he three major general permitted by Law in the United states army. He is at present in command of Tho department of the Pacific. St Heman s corps of Hooker grand division was pushed in behind the diva on of Franklin on the Federal left at by Wiericks Burg in time to Aid in the repulse of the con federates there. His advantage was in it a dubbed by Franklin. He considered that his a Deri from Burnside did not justify him to doing so. Burnside in the Cooee of the Day sent an order for him to attack on the front but by the time it reached Franklin it was too near dark for it to in obeyed toe latter general considered. Of the fighting of the left grand division att Frederie Khourg wits Oeh. Pleasonton. Tho a to to controversy Iii a single sen i a tills Little town of Cradley England tid Mense quantities of i ii n work is done largely women whose wages average about cents a Clay. Out of which they spend jets a week for use of forge Rue. This is the kind of labor with itch the free trader a amp its to put Ritari labor la Competition and such is the condition to which the free Trade policy would in the end reduce the Arner flab Laborera a daughter and my Fly Bastile forces were sometimes Only a few Miles apart in this race southward but with the Ridge Between them. But Lee moved More rapidly. His Advance under Long Creet hurried Forward crossed the mountains and took position at Culpepper nov. 3. This rapid a Ching however separated Leeds army More than a Safe. Jackson and Loon Bridges were prepared by Burnside and he arranged to Eros the Repp Bonnock at speaker s neck twelve Miles below. La discovered this move in time to frustrate it there see in to have been ways whereby Burnside plans were constantly discovered to Lee Aud that almost immediately. With a Large portion of Leeds army at Skunk Era a neck Burnside next thought be could Force Hie passage of the Tappahannock and take Fredericksburg under the guns of those who were left Ibe Union artillery was planted upon Stafford height Alcove Falmouth. It commanded the who a Plain of Frederi Kisburg. A let was so Well informed of All that Wen. Of in the Union army that within Twenty four hours after Mcclellan bad been superseded by Burnside he was informed of it. Leeds generals. Around Lee in that deadly Crescent upon the Heights of Fredericksburg were grouped Leeds army More Luau Wka who. A a till tried generals whose stubborn fighting the cavalry were three Days tie hid him. Que ties had enabled him to carry dismay to �?�___1 by. A Rufh deter. Pain nor More than once. Perceiving this Mcclellan at length deter mined of his own free will to give Battle Ile believed that he could now strike a in Tel blow. Hts army was at Warrenton i is Advance at Culpepper Rome ten Miles South. He said afterwards of the situation i did expect i could either separate the m Fnu at them in detail or else Force them to concentrate As far Back As Gordonsville and thus place the army of the Potomac to of on either to adopt the Fredericksburg line of Advance Airan Richmond or to be removed to weather of the autumn had by the it time past a away. Mcclellan t w. However seemed to Ira thoroughly in full vigor of determination. The night of die army of the Potomac More than once. Longstreet Stonewall Jacivon the Hills Jubal Early and Stuart with i cavalrymen were waiting for the deadly grapple with Burnside a men. Nor. 17, the Day that Sumner reached fab Mouth opposite nov. 7 Tilers a a heavy rain Over too Curry of Tho army of the Potomac. F a a. M i Lei a. In in ans. 11 til i Viqi ii Armock the millionaire Chicago Jacker treated let 00 sunday school i. Lid Roe to a Surprise party on Christ maeday in the shape of the most Chri Almus entertainment on re a re. Services were held in Hie Armour ii Jim which he has recently built and endowed at ail expense of about shoot. The usual features of children s v Christmas entertainment having been on Joy of. The spectators were surprised is Light faded to discover in the rear motile put Fona a brilliantly lighted l Toto re Mission designed and constricted of a l Lilied with Christmas gifts. It i ton St Iii by Iii Pla a and give fag direction for the great hostile movement to be Maie the next two Days. A messenger brought him a dispatch from avos Bintou. It was an order relieving him from conv Mand of the army of in pm to Uduc and Gen. Ambrose e. Burnside Toto place. With that the Nanie of Gem Mcc Vej Ian Dir opens from american military history he resigned his Colum Sioa in the Frederic k s b u re Lee sent two divisions under my Laws and Ransom accompanied by cavalry and artillery to occupy Frederick a b u r g. A Ransom took conspicuous part in the bloody fighting that afterwards of curved there. It a by a May be mentioned Gen. A Ivson. In passing that this Gen. Ransom is now United states senator Matt w. Ransom from North Carolina. Gen. Ransom was a native of North Carolina. Born to 1826. He was educated in his Fredericksburg Battle Groux. Below the town the Ridge again approaches close to the Nasr. Behind the first Range of Hills another Rose As if both were built by nature for the planting of batteries for Hie Protection of Fredericksburg. Burnside could not have selected a worse Point for attack or Lee a better one for defense. The Railroad from Richmond to the Potomac River passed through the town. Iraq bad 78,000 men after Jackson joined him. These began to throw up earthworks in a Crescent six Miles Long from the Masso Onax to above Fredericksburg. They worked with a will and soon had built those formidable fortifications against which Burnside hapless Host were to dash themselves like Waves against a Granite Rocs. Nearest die Tappahannock on the North or the Confederate left was Taylor s Bill about which r h. Anderson Iben i in. Next came Maryes Hill which gained fatal renown in the Battle. Here were others of Long Street a men. Hill Ransom and my Law s. Across Mars e s Hill ran a Stone Wall terracing the Hill. Next came Telegraph Hill the highest of All. Here Lee stood and directed operations in person. For this reason the Crest is now called Leeds Hill Aud As such is pointed out to the visitor. Next after my Law came hoods division on the right still farther Juthe right Lay Jackson men a. P. Hill Early and Taliaferro. D. H. Hills command was upon the extreme right As a Reserve. To on the morning of dec. To 18g2, Lay the Confederate army awaiting tin Federal Advance. Stafford Heights by Burnside a artillery on the opposite Side of the Rappa Baunock were higher than the Bills on the Confederate ride but these again were so far Distant As to be practically out of Range of the unto guns. Longstreet say Lee s army had Twenty Days to prepare for the Battle and they made Good use of the time. Marye s Hill was the Best Point of Lookout Aud to the confederates stationed there was aligned Hie Maryes Hill. Sumner a right grand division was to do the fighting on Franklin a right. Sumner a task was to assault and Gex. Own state became a lawyer and Brid various Amy however not until the Dot it it the previous to the civil War. Then Llu we v a inv a Aas a w a presidential election to Issa when he was the aun Didamie against Lincoln. Thus apparently again to the moment or Success. Mcclelland adv and snatched it from him. A Iii in a . Verse Fate interposed Burnside a Campaign Gen. Burnside was a Man of Fine soldierly presence and highly esteemed. He was Ira n to Liberty ind., in 1834, and was graduated at Wert Point in 1847, just in time to to sent to Mexico. He afterwards resigned from the army and established a factory for making a Breech loading Rifle cd his own invention in Rhode Island. His career was a varied end anti when the War began to 1861, he la his brio reply to Voorhees whose f Bapt to Pieta the tide of Sherman s an officer of the a atoms Central Railroad n re rolled to abut what could be Joe fan mediately joined the Union army of a faint hearted protect a colonel of a Rhode Island regiment and Roe in j ii. Min a defenceless free ii Quot a r i a a Ira 16 arg Watt be Kilt scored very buy along the Atlantic c Sot Aud no win in Slnar Pojl with some year ago he said Beaufort and Roanoke Island a re trophies ii a proposed to exc tide Ibe chinese of i Mitita y ability. Quot f a. A Wjk toll. Al my nov i Bam Ber to compete with Thor Tor wages while their habit were Ich Liat they to Iise find Little or Noth ing produced by american labor nearly att the democrats senators favored the How it proposition. Kow it was proposed to sex Hassid to Iii boldness the privilege of Rug the Labur at Home and sending Here he doubted a h a h Nettie House. Even at the be if i president and at the risk of. La or for refusal would venture a in la auf Erica a labourer with such sumption cure to it cures at the beginning of Popes Campaign he was cml led to Virginia he performed Active mid distinguished service through that Aud tim Maryland Campaign. So Well was he thought of that the command of the army of the Potomac had been offered to Birn twice before be accepted it and each time he bal refused it his modesty seem to have been inn Piir i Iii the history of army officers. The army of the Potomac bad already been Hie grave of the military reputations of Mcclellan and Pope. Burnside s Nam was to add the third to the hapless list. After his Fredericki Harg Campaign to was sent wort and performed service in Tbs deportment of the Ohio freeing of remie see Ai length from the confederates. During the final Campaign against Richmond be was in tin East again Aud commanded bus Ola ninth Ooris contributing not a Little to the closing Victory. After the War to was Throe Loop. Win is wee is Europe local offices Prev Tom to the civil War. Then be entered the Confederate army and passed up through various promotions to the rank of major general. He continued in the army of Northern Virginia till the end and surrendered with Lee at Appomattox. He is now serving i third consecutive term in Tbs United states Senate. Another Confederate general who has entered Washington by a different route from the erne he proposed Twenty five years ago is Wade Hampton United states senator from South Carolina. He too v. As at Fredericksburg and commanded a brigade of cavalry w h f. To Ltee commanding another. J a. B. Stuart was the division cavalry commander. _. Wade Hampton distinguished Himo Sli in the Confederate Cava Irv service. Be placed him on guard above Fredericksburg to pre vent Burndge from crossing while w. Ii. F. Lee guarded j the Fords below the town. Hampton was born in South Carolina in 1818. And was graduate at of watching the opt Msith store. And announcing to Leeds army when the the to crossing should be attempt carry the frowning Crest of Maryes Hill. To begin the fight to sent Gen. . H. French a command immediately followed by that of Hancock a two divisions that bad never Tui tied their Back to the enemy a As he sold afterwards. It is rather a strange whim Fate that the name of in Brave and accomplished a general As William Henry French should to so Little known to his countrymen. Some of the bloodiest fighting of this or any War was done by his Aud Ilai Krak s Divi Kine hint Day at Frederick Borg. They tort fully two fifths of their men. W ii French was Boro in Maryland in Isis. To w As a graduate of Wert Point and fought in the Indian War in Florida in 1887 also in ii mexican War. Ile was first in command at Rev West during the civil w a but was transferred to the army of the Poto Mac. He became a major general of volunteers in 1863. After tire War he wits in the artillery service on the Pacific Coart. Gen. In Nch died in 188l As the fog lifted in tire course of the Forenoon Longstreet beheld from lha height of marvels Hill French and Hancock advancing in two columns to the Arnult. The v came by two parallel roads the Orange Plank Road an. I the Telegraph Road. The tale graph Road us to Richmond. A deep Ravine separated the advancing troops from the foot of Maryes Hill die do scrap Road skirt i a1mg the foot it it of to Rye a Hill. Tire Road indeed had Iran Cut out of tire Hills ride am a As Twenty five fee t wide. On one Sonje of i was the Bill of Rani the other a High Stone Wall had Iraan built. This Wall was a High As n Many a shoulder. Missouri he at length came East and bad charge of the fortifications at Washington then commanded a division Iii the Potomac army. He was afterwards chief of cavalry in Tbs department of Ohio. Us rank at b my Ericksburg was that of brigadier general of Volunteer. Sturgis div Kion furnished its quota of a team Mon to the fatal Slot 10 Wall 1,028 out of two brigades and fell Back. Griffin division of the fifth corps follow <1 i f or is advancing gallantly. It lost 818 men and retreated behind Kiralla. Sixth and last Humphreys division of Hookahi corps a ordered to the assault. Hooker seeing the ase or Tress of this Slaughter Begg d Burnside to countermand the order but Burnside replied a a the Crest must be car Riki to night a and ordered Hooker aes of with two divisions Humphreys and skew Hump Ireys is Saki to trave Iraan the Ablest officer on the Field of fro to Nesburg. By the time he advanced on Mary v Hill the ammunition of the Confederate artillery upon the height was exhausted and thus one galling fire to which his predecessors had been exposed was stopped. His men trained a Point same Yards in Advance of those who had gone before per riving the uselessness of firing at the Wall Humphrey ordered his men to charge bayonets. They in pared to do so though it a hopeless when tire same Sheet of flame flushed into Etoir faces and spite of All efforts to rally them they turned Rockward. Nearly half of their 4.<ri0 fell to fifteen minutes. Then night closed. Andrew a. Humphreys was a pennsylvanian a graduate of West Point Aud a famous fighting Man. He was Meade a chief of staff when that general commanded the Potomac army. T bus French Hancock Howard Sturgis Griffin and Humphrey charged successive a by upon Mayer Heights and sue eee sively their Aren were mown Down like Blades of grass be a Rasper. Night Only closed the Slaughter. We n it settled Down out r taut smoking Wei Iii Field there were to too few. R effective Solo Ion of the army of the Potomac than there had been in the to. Iring. Burnside wish. D Torero the contest next Day Dee. 14, but i officers dissuaded him from it. That it it he a tossed took to Mouth withdrew his whole army to Stafford Heights and left Lee to posses Fredericksburg what there was left of it. He himself passed tto night ii a state of mental agony hard to describe. The Battle of Fredericksburg was fought on a saturday. By Nisic had 100,000 effective men in his army toe 78,000 in his fortified Heights the Union Low was a tout 15,000 the Confederate 5,400. On tire Confederate Side Gens Gregg and t r. R ooh War killed in the Union we. Ore. Georga Bayard and c. Peer Jackson. Do Rusk to Hod resolved to Cros it the Italoa Bannock again below Fredericksburg. The move Maut was to commence dec. So. When Sud Dewulf bums do received a order from presided. T i Rural to Moue no p Lier a1 in Over rent Wii inuit first for thing Hun of it White Burnside had been preparing to Cross the Kappa Fuino a several of his generals had been to the president nod Repi tented to Bim that they thought Burnside plans seb to nothing was done till Jan. 20, 1868. Burnside ired decided to male another ate tempt to Cross the Rappy Hann a cd six Nosb above Fredericksburg. But if seemed that not on v Bis own officers but the fates were against Bim. His army had no sooner started Agusto Tam moot a no gras in to Matte the Meriest to users for it a for what it Dom Mot want. Other condition to med to excellent Adan title. Are a Good in any people notion amt fee local Siv Mph Mitt of in City. Dubuqu a bad a Brae in and outside if a Orgera the Advertis Dyg of the a left to the Courtesy of the news papers. 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Hibbard a a a ,.�? rheumatic syrup a wonderful to the cure of sciatic rheumatism Oen there is a food Deal to think and redact Over in tin paragraph the be Mars Sentinel a there was a american in the list of the Haddon assassins. They Are All personal to howlers unlawful dealers to champions of gambling believers the lowest dives. They Arall viol enemies of the Republican party and Stalwart haters of the Church Sud sunday sol a to the sir Moshere of the brewery the and Kindred Dens until they Baff come impregnated with the that they had a right to defy the to dictate to society and to become Solute rulers under a Christian govern unit that which incites i and i ads to assassination is a Onomy to All government Aud to Mankind it is a evil that Calli for heroic treatment and that is what get is the lessons taught in blood Are i file Able Aud the Laws they make Are fasting As tukes never was in the history this country a Medicine in highly for infants and is Ildron t we is oms of i up the River than a great storm rot in. Know Ami sleet came Down All to Orther and Hie. Tbs we Diers Tom had fallen awl ram rendered the March far Saki it seemed a if the of the Roods. # tire troops eve Mol fro Forward. Arew to Lrol read to i the rive Aller Long delay. On in to fir i tire confederates ready in r the in at the Cros Rinc the expedition wire a fat Ore. Offeror of the army of tire a it Tomac put Kef to it to Riri vely a tire mud March. Burnside was next relieve from command of tire army but i own req Cert the Overr Treut Recor my. Whatever his in retry Ca of u v or tire Lack of it lie e re one of tire my it a Siw Refish Siki to Triode of All the Union Etwol. A a Derson. Bout h Carolina College. He entered political life at the beginning of Bis career and was elected to various state offices. Dur Al. Burnside ired prepared Pontoon Bridges dec. La a the Day he fixed for the crossing. That morning Tref or Daylight the Bridges were brought Down to the Shore Aud Tho engineers set to work to construct them. As tire dawns broke Boom i Boom went an unspotted Cannon from Mary a Heights telling Lee and his men that the time was come. Barksdale Sharpshooter within the town at Fredericksburg began firing on the Bridge builders. They prevented the completion of the Bridge. The batteries from Stafford height were then trained upon Fredericksburg. They battered it Down yet the sharpshooters were not dislodged the Union Volunteer to Cross the River i open to its and drive oat the sharpshooters were called for Tajii a done with tire loss of 300 men and the Federal took Possession of the River front of Fredericksburg dec. La. That even big and the next Day Sumner Aud Frank i in a grand divisions crewel leaving part of Hooker Center grand division on the Falmouth Side. _ Wade Hax pox. Iii us tug tire War he reached the rank of major general since then he has served two term As governor of South Carolina previous to his election to the United states Senate. Senator Hampton a Grandfather Law called Wade Hampton woe likewise a Soldier and politician. He was an officer in the revolution and a member of Congress to 1t96 the old Man died at Columbia 8. A in 1884, the it oldest planter and slave owner a tire United flute _ a a Fredericksburg. The Battle of Fredericksburg took place dec. Is. It was a disastrous Day to tire Union arms. Burnside a plan of attack we for Sumner and Franklin to storm tire fortify Confederate Heights above tire town All along the line and carry them by assault. To the midst of a Den a fog dec. 13, 8um-Neris Croud division bad crossed at tire upper Pontoon on the right Franklin a Rio woo the left do first second. Sixth and ninth corps were tire troops that had crowed. They were commanded respectively by Gans. Reynolds the terrible Stone Wall. In every great Battle there is some Point Awat which tire Slaughter is thickest. At Fredericksburg it was tire Stone Wail upon the outer Edaj of Telegraph Road. Behind this Wall the Road was practically a sunken one. It was quite invisible to tire advancing federals. An elegant s. 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Longstreet perceived at ones the advantage . A _ of this position. Behind the High Wall by Phil farm and getting to sleep getting 2.50u Soldier under command j Days. A this position. Behind the High wad ire stationed some 2,500 Soldier under command Jan n be w a s. And of Gens. Kershaw and t. R r. Cobb. Thus or life to the like Antietam Fredericksburg too had its sunken Road. Up toward the fatal Stone Wall and the Minken Rood came tire columns of the Union army they massed upon the narrow Plain at the foot of Maryes Hill. A Boro them tire moment they came within Range the Confederate artillery upon the height poured hot fire into Orem. It Cut great holes in their ranks which coaids be sum a Milf. Longstreet re a in a moment Hie were closed again however and tire devoted Mea marched of. Half the narrow Plain St the fort of Mary s Hill was crossed when to it seemed As if ail tire Thunder and lightnings of heaven burst upon them. A living Brot of firs of via a u f Smith and Willcox. 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