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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Jan 12 1888, Page 5

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 12, 1888, Ames, Iowa A a a. I a Ai a a. A fat fit me of subscript j six a Ottlia Quot Tiff jul Tell weekly Repe lican Journ t. A. Per Yew of not paid in Advance Page or seat oat of the county. Ill Advance. To Amk Xix. A mks Story county Iowa thursday Mohning. Jam num Bek is hip per inch., fkr Keryc r ii aes or feat per year. $5 of advertisement changeable. 5 00 to cents a line first for each adj ii on Ait 500 lines changeable $2$.cc. I 200 lines $50,00. Quot Doit wits ail tour Fondetti to do. Doll 5 a line. At the Post office in Ames As second class mail matter. Life cd hltiftfims1 a it us amp loathe Chicago end North. At it Jim Tom pith Tom in Capuli Hood is mtr Petr do the met Idof Imit. Of in Ternin state Colley of a Riata \ Mie arte. Which hat annually Rupert a a Mil Oppon de. Awl or tarps and Eam Mamom pm a my the Argine kind or to Ami Vidd Amund the a and Orchard. A tibial rectory. To a a Rio a a a. auditor. Qty , jr.,. District clerk. Xiv. Dyke county attorney. A a. My . Recorder. Sherif. Cos roz.,superintendent of schools. M. Mix Hull. Surveyor. Coroner. Soard or Hurt Xvi. Hrs. ©., Lincoln twp. twp. Howard twp. A whatsoever thy hand it tic a tar pet off till to Momm Tho Sling you can do to Day. Mover 1 pleasure borrow a Boer that pain a Toff to egg storm on your path seam brew cd Elleds May obscure to Ugat whatever you in Etui Worth doing la Worth doing with All your might. Would Yon win dam Fortune favor v yen woo Ber a Tab boart and soul the ugh Teacup Ane ofter to or at time of the pal i Niece i to we pres on when the plow you re did my. Look ant to the left or right though Bard be your a tiring a Aud do it with All your might. Of Ever you Tam from the labor appointed for Yew to do let it is 0 a a neighbor be Stalwart Sud Trong than Yon. Stand cot a a cold beholder of woes that May meet your sight believe them and work on bolder. And do it with All your might. A this la life a lesson and learn tag Lim Wisdom and truth Yon will gain Beek treasures that Ven their earning will take Tilths sting out of pain. When the dark shadows round Yon my i and a Are it smiling and Bright be sure they were scattered and banished when you struck them with All your might. Again let the Maxim be spoken. Once said by the Wise Aud the True. And Lay it to heart As a Token of what assuage and patience can do. When life tumult is raging around you if you gird up your Lins for the fight. Battle on until Conquest Bas crowned you and Battle with All your might. Have Van City officious. Ii. . M. I. Smith. .�.------recorder. R. . A Shockley. Marshal. Street com. Just like a Story. Beth Dat. Van Ovsen. A. Richmond a Van Chamberlain. Haverly. La. Manwell. Westerman. Is mar re a members of Council. Societies. Methodist episcopal. I Ery r is every sunday Murn a a ing Arni evening sunday school at 12 prayer meeting every wednesday even Ai fio of clock. A k Baptist. Ices eve Kry sundae morning and every alternate sunday evening. Lay school at 12 in. Prayer meeting Lay evening at 7 o clock h. W. Wilson i Astor. Cons relational. A vices every sunday Murnin my and evening at 7 30. Sun school immediately alter the morning prayer meeting wednesday even 4 to a e it ? f and of at 7 30. A e. C. Moll Ion pastor. A ooh dear a mid Bertha Manning threw Down the paper she had been Reading a Why cannot people write things As they Are not a they ought to he or As they Woald like to have them. Nothing Ever happens in the real world As it is pictured out in the paper and Ink world. In that there Are no lasting disappointments and no failures i he had hearted parents relent the Rich Uncle Dies the lost letter or ring or Bracelet is always found the needy hero logins life a poor clerk without experience and in less than a year is Rich and Independent with an o for of a Junior partnership Ami the hand of the daughter of the House in the near future. The raw country heroine. Masonic. Re Ahia Lodge no 249 a. F. And masons. Ite Gelar communication Lay on or before full Moon. L. M. Bosworth w. M. J. Smith Secretary. A _ United workmen. Mes Lodge of a. O. U. W. No. 166. Regular meeting first i mesday evening the malt. 5. A. M ered11 a m. W. M. Soi kor recorder 1 each c. In it 6. A. P. A Swortzil Post no. 30 g. A. meets in g. A. R. Hall the first and saturday evenings of each month. J. Be. Duncan commander. E. Haverly adj. Cal Giddings q. M. Quot v. Or x Geddes Camp no. 5s sons of i veterans u. S. Of a., meet in it. A. Halt first and third wednesday evenings each month. Henry Wilson jr., Cash s. E. Hiestand o. S. P Lif Ells Wos h Relief corp no. 98. Eet8 every alternate week to g. A. R. Hall. Mrs. Geddes president. Is Condit Sec. Cena i Hayer i reas. M professional cards. An our attorneys. In. J. Smith. Tto in by a and Cocks Fedor at Paw. Collections promptly made. A in Stevens new Block ame Iowa. Geo. A. Underwood a i Torney and counsellor a d i a. Practices in All the courts of the file and. In the be s. Courts for the is tact of to. Office Over Union National Bank Ames Iowa. D. Mccarthy Tutor n by at a a w and Sci lec i Max Tion agent. Office in j l. Stevens i building Ames Iowa. Dybbs St Fitchpatrick ill practice in All the courts of this state and the i med for the districts of Iowa and make collections in any parts of the country office no. 2 opera Bloch Nevada Iowa. States cowls h. M. Templeton in Asician and surgeon Ames Low. Osce Over Wester Many a drug c. A. Beverly do a once Oil Tahk physician and surgeon. Office first door West of j. Church Ames Story county Iowa. Office open at All hours e. B. Plumb a. 0�?z .1vsician Ani surgeon. Omni fourth door North of West House or c2f at City drug. Store of Albert Richmond. Quot a office Over person a my Lalni a hard store Awe Low of foe hours from to to 11 and 2 to 5. Dentistry Chas. E. Hust Jen hot a rooms at residence opposite West House Ames Iowa. M1scellan egos o. My 80pbh, agent j or 1 a i repeat As Good tempi min in their of Abd inhere at a Good rate m agent travellers i surant e Coit Juca. A. 0. Riot. Bice a Stow wet Driller and pro Peelor Kalfus in wind. Pump. Tell milk v.1ts Ort Stra Inlow a Mea Money to loan farm mortgage in sum of Itow and up Waul Taaff time at six err Cunt has Cal la a with option to Thoborg Tower to pay Tho los or part whenever tote re of Faits tue. Loans 3o made at vary lowest rata. I. Hemstreet Ames Iowa. A either Akes her appearance in the society of the City Seh be which she Uke she becomes literary writes some poem or song or Story without preparation education or training mind Yon and becomes famous in a night if a heroines lines Are cast in unpleasant places there is always a recompense sure Swift curtain. I e have not found it so in the real wog Mabel. A a perhaps because we were not heroines Bertie a replied her sister. A then let us become heroines As noon As possible Quot exclaimed Bertie. A i do wish that once just once some tiling could happen to a just like a Story. A i want is Justice a Little of the poetic Justice that is pictured out in the literature of the Day. But there Isnit any of it Iii the real world about us. Take your Case a she added glancing Over at Lier sister a see How you have worke i and struggled to keep the Home for us both that noisy Stuffy school by Day and your writing by night 1r> i not know Why your Light Burns in late but poems area drug in the Market five years since we were left orphans you have done this and to what Hedv you Bara supported us both but your health and strength Are broken the mortgage which we have no Means of paying Falls due next week and the fossilized old Humbug who holds it thinks to Force you into a marriage with his very desirable self by taking away a i have done some Good work in those five years a it would have been just As Good Queen Mab if you had received better pay for it. No malt Here Little of the recompense we read of comes into real life. The real stories Are the ones that do not end Well and editors will not take them. A think of aunt Max now. Was there Ever a sweeter purer better or More lovable woman in the world than aunt and just see what her life Bito been. She loved Gerald Harding a but because of a lost letter or some such trifle they parted and he out of revenge i suppose married that brainless flyaway. Bess Haltom and a Sweet time he had of it too. What a life she led him through her jealousy on account of his former attachment., until she took his two children and ran away for no other reason that i could Ever see but that Abe might follow us out West and annoy aunt Max by her presence. A hash Bertie she is dead a a and Small lose too Mab. There done to look so horrified Mabel. I never could see Why just because a person has gone a Over beyond Quot they must be eulogized and praised and counted faultless when All their lives they had made people As miserable and unhappy a they Conli and when too the Best thing they Ever did was to die and they have done that if they could have avoided it a a then Gerald s death with that party of excursion lists almost the same Day that Abe was killed in the railway collision leaving three children penniless orphans in the place where no one knew even the names of the Little waifs. A Gerald a death was what we might Call poetic Justice in one sense Bertha. It enabled aunt Max to take the children with no fear that any one would think she did it to bring him Back to her. She is poor and is obliged to work hard for their support but caring in them Bas been such a Comfort to a poor Mamma told me once that aunt never been the same since the real ids name among the killed in that terrible disaster. A How she must have loved him she is not quite for to and her hair is White As Snow. Dear aunt Max i wonder if she know How near a Saint she r what a pathetic Story her life would a Quot a Why done to you write it Bertie i am sure you a hot l id do anything to help or please yen Mab but i can to do thai. I write the in t Eal romances of the Day besides i the by it is downright wicked. I should write tile Bare facts the naked truth my stories would be just As it is in read life and they id Well. No editor would accept them. A a Bird in the hand is Worth two in the Bush a �vt1 nil the one hand be Only a bit of embroidery very paid for. Besides Mal a a oar experience in that line is sufficient to defer i have never written prose you know Bertie. My inclination does not run in that Groove. But i shall give up writing. I must till i get St Ronger. It must be ilia1 or the school and i dare not give up the school. I do hate to do s it Bertie for it has been such a Comfort to a ooh Mab it makes me just wild. Wild to see you growing so thin and Pale. I have bean so Little help to you too. It will be better for you to rest More Only for that i could not Bear to let von gise it no even for a Little while it will not be for always i feel sure of that you have an invisible Demon that sits on your shoulder and goads you nest morning when the girls met at the breakfast table it was Bertie who was hollow eyed. A your Light was out Early last night Queen hah a she said. A i thought it would inc. Your invisible Demon perched upon my chair last night an i tortured me into wakefulness. This is the result a at flt she Laid a Roll of Manu script in her Sisters Lap. To proved to be a Story or sketch rather bearing Tho title a Saint Max Mable Felt her eyes grow wet As she r and till truthful and pathetic lines. The old familiar place arose before her mental vision the Eastern Home that they had loved so Well for berth had poured All Ber homesick soul into Thomao few paragraphs describing the quiet Village where Gerald Harding Hail first won Tho Lova of a Saint a Why do you not address the editor by name Bertie Quot asked Mabel glancing at the envelope. A i done to know his nuns in be never seen a copy of the Magazine he publishes. It does no to matter Mab he will not accept it. It is a True Story and does not end Well a Naver Tible before the week was out she began to haunt the Post office. She came la ack from one of these excursions her face flushed her whole form trembling with excitement a ooh Mab a she cried throwing a Check for one Hundred dollars into her Sisters Lap. A a in be seen him that editor i mean he came himself right away. You a never guess who he is to said there was a Reward of one Hundred dollars offered some time ago for Tho very information contained in the sketch i sent him. He does t want to really print it because because Saint met is alive and so is he. It is Gerald Harding himself he Wasny to killed with the excursion lists and he did no to Bow that hrs children were alive lie my advertised for them and offered a Reward but lie could hear nothing except that two children about the age of his whose names could not he Learned were killed in that collision. He a real Rich too for an editor and he a gone right Over to see aunt Max now. Arentt you glad Queen Mab and was there Ever anything so strange in the whole wide world lies coining hero by and by to renew his acquaintance with you. Isnit it delightful ? Yon see he recognized aunt Max and All of us from the sketch and knew it once that it must be a and something has happened to us just like a Story Hasni to it Bertie Quot a Why to be sure queer in t it i Hadnot thought of that at All a Ltd Elk dle Lafaw before i bought this. I could have saved $45 if i had known i a going out of mourning so Oon. And you know Black Crape is too costly to throw made but then what a the my of keeping ii because of course it Isnit like Black silk or anything in colors that you can use with other material. To put to away might seem As if i was expecting to need it again and that would los horrid you know just As if i were a regular female Blue or. Grundy in Avic York mall. Gross frauds charged. The majority sad minority report of the Pacific Railroad Cern Tibt Louera. A funding of the debt due the eminent at three by gent recommended. Gov their Street by railroads Blate and Liber parti. They believe that the Ain Betag jammed in and they to protest vigorously. A movement i now on foot among the people of that live Shiv to organize Boid a election Send delegates to the National t a groan and demand admission As a territory or Nuder the old it Irginia a baiter which Way bold to still in Force. Clarksville next to Vincennes is the oldest town in Indiana. A the interstate Law. Are express Elm Acca Ahlois a Tho whole Sestina to to referred to Congress. I yeas of suit in Miess. White of the. Pro Tuilom april w them the Yommi Leionen Ajo in doubt a highly seasoned Potpourri dished up especially for the tender sex. Wun fair Womer and their ways bit of poetry a Luu humor Sims solid chunks of Ute fit inform if ton and lit r it prepare i. Quot wife to extravagant husband a for heaven Sake George done to spend w much Money needlessly. Don t you know you ought to Lay something by Fra Rainy Day ? husband i have done that dear. Wife what i should like to know husband a gum Cinat Lovass a Hington critic. Life Turr. Of Advent resses the world is full and their cleverness at device and greater Power of adaptability would seem to make them More dangerous As individuals of society than men. But they Are too often betrayed y things by that g Nero sity of heart which never let us Hope. Entire deserts a woman Law sometime they fail to succeed through Tutor very Gen Rosity. Tilt there Are Many who do succeed. The successful sues whom one sees in f reign cities Are certain women of society ulv have cod Noss cruelty and courage. There Are Many such in fashionable society who have not i icon found out. Almy have a comfortable duplicity. They May not always inspire Confidence but they keep up an agreeable Salon. They Are accomplished in social gifts and they generally have an external amiability. They prey upon the benevolent and the careless the credulous and the snobbish with a Noble catholicity. Ii a per a Bazaar. Don t la auf to Tio it a lome. A Chis ask Husch Al in one of the to it crowded thoroughfares of the chinese quart r of Shanghai there has stood for forty Vears a free Natl it Hospital mainly supported by the european Community. Very strange its wards look at first to English visitors. The patients bring 1 heir bedding consisting of a Bamboo mat and a wadded quilt i Hose who can move about Are the Only regular attendants of those who cannot the hot be surgeon and dispenser is a Christian chinaman for thirty years connected with the Hospital an i on of the first converts of a Mission school. Yearly about 800 person j ass through the wards and the proportion of deaths is Small last year there were , Aud in the dispensary More than 12,000 Caes were treated. From very far distances Many of the pour suffering creatures come Anil Back to their far off Homes Many a healed one Lins earned a Blessing greater than bodily Healing for we believe that nowhere at Home or abroad could better proof be found than in the Shanghai Hospital of Tho Benefit of combining medical Aud gospel work. Daily the waiting room seated for 800, is crowded with men women and children Long before the dispensing hour and daily an English missionary a conversant with their language As his sets before this waiting multitude the word of life. A i believe a writes a Christian physician who for some years had Tho oversight of this work a that the chinese undergo More suffering for want of medical knowledge than any other nation in the in an ins Titu Ion like this almost daily under a Good surgeon May the Blind receive sight the deaf hear the lame . The recent discussion on the subject of railway compartments for ladies gives interest to the following extract Lorn a humorous work by my Pierre Gilford by which it will be seen that with regard to this subject at All events human nature is the same in France As it is in England there is a compartment for Dames i Eules. How Many lances have not been broken in the press ten years ago in order to induce railway companies to Reserve a compartment in every train for ladies but have you noticed How Many women object to travel Iii these compartments ? these objectors Are of various Ages and of venous plates they comprise elegant ladies virtuous ones As Well a sprightly and simple ones if you ask them Why they do not travel in a ladies compartment they say a a ladies Why is it that so Many women of social culture Are unhappy in their married life and discontented with their husband la it not because the pursuits and occupation of husbands Are Apt to unfit them to share the taste Aud pleasures of wives who have the ambition anti Leisure to perfect themselves in the graces and accomplishments of our elegant society ? As Many a foreigner of cultivation has observed Aud As everybody familiar with our social life bins1 be aware the women Here Are general v Superior to the men in polish nicety of adaptation to their surroundings and even in education especially so far As concerns Tho More refined tastes in Art and literature. This is because the women have so much More time and so Many More opportunities to acquire what is requisite to cultivation and refinement. The husband must Rush Down town Early in the morning and spends his Day in the rough and read contest for Money while the wife remains at Home with ample Leisure to expend Tho Money he wins for Lier use in Gratifying her desire for solid or superficial accomplishments and social pleasure Aud exp it Prience. Of course he is Likely to fall behind her in such cultivation Aud the longer he delves and Abo profits by the opportunities his wealth secures for her the greater Tho Gulf Between them in that respect she in an elegant woman of society and he Only a hardworking Man of business whose daily toil loaves its Mark on his mind and his manner. Society is the sphere in which such a woman should Shine. Her Only Chance for a Brilliant Carcer is there and the impulse which drives a Man to seek Fame in politics or affairs is in her an ambition for Power and consequence in Tho social world. But when she seeks to gratify it she May find that her pure Leo is walked because her work a Day husband Bas exhausted his Energy before the hour of her activity Cornea. He is tired out at Hie end of the Day and not until the Day is Over does the great business of social pleasure begin. With us too men Are Apt to have satisfied their desire for such occupations at a Peri Oil of life when social excitement May be most attractive a to w men. La it surprising then that conjugal discords occur in a social sphere where the men Are absorbed in work Aud roughened by affairs while the women have acquired the tastes and aptitudes of an elegant Leisure a new York Sun. spacial the reports cloth Facia railway commission lava bean gits oat for publication. There Are two reports to the president one signed by commissioners Anderson and Littler mid the other by commissioner Pattison. The majority report Omista of 190 Page. Die larger part to a history of the toads and of the government s financial interest in them together with copious references to the testimony taken and severe strictures upon certain indicated perversions of their trusts by Gould bags and Athar Fanner direct irs of the Union j Fiji Etc. And by Stanford Huntington creches no Hopkins of the Central parts i he report first takes up the uni Paa Ift system. Whose obligation to tee government is shown to be f5y,m,9ul the total funded debt of the system. Deol a �bm�,lr.50 exclusive of it j14� Tbs United latest of Almeh t3x,�?~dldp�9 was prior in Tea United Sites statutory in to to Mccur tim payment of Tki wha bitter amp St Tea comm Tutsi a ofter a Bill proved no for a mortgage ups we Lith i Cion company. For Abri ural ten years w la pay the urn of ,tfim9fi annually this being 9 or cent on it Worth of the Delit to the govern Eoannon amount of traffic in country daring the lost season. Tho dem ave in railway earning a satisfactory in some l hoi of Trail. From Dun a co. Review of business Tho dying year a seen Livrsh Mil a of railway finish a at we the mileage for the United male i of 7but change of freight late at the it est tend steadily downward Lessen no the Prospect Fem the ohm Eastham of per Cut. Of the outstanding i Xmas an i after teat an annual payment of a Devi rid. The system requiring annual payments of a per costage of nut earnings to declared to be Unda Simba a leading to endless disputes and involving incessant litigation the h Story of the Union parti 1 railway As developed in the second part of the report will it is claimed show Tost its assets Nave been in former years lug in to Appato i and that its financial ability to meet its obligations a been largely impaired by toe action of men who held fiduciary y relations to cot rotation the commission then of tors to the it stooges the United mates a preme Cost that neither foe building next year. The pm Syliama company report a decrease of fl7v, it in t earnings for november and the Erie a decrease Al $24,23. The Iron Industry after to e largest year output on rec re to rapidly cutting Down production Fri a and at Many Pointe wage Blae March the eve rage or All Grad is i in lady i Phi a Bas declined $1,42, Aud of rails fib. Sale of to Doo ions Alabama and Tenae Iron Are reported but no is b s of rails for which nest years orders it Over Only 1awwi� the Western Nail association iowans card rates from $2.05 to $2. The Cotton Indue try records for the year larger productions sales and pro to than for aim. The year cloaks with an excellent remand stocks Well cleaned up and Manv makes a old Well ahead. But the Woolen Mannas having the in Ai. R. Facture is described has govt Toms tit Bot Congress can it sgt Ute Pink unsatisfactory year it i Ever sex 322f2lsf Ssiss Tetli Uay . -.thbu.,. Us pro flu of to officers which. Mist . In consequence of tem decision the commission has inserted in the in Bill a Section requiring the Union i seers in accepting the adjustment offered consent that As to All causes of so Tion existing or to exist against any us tee. Director or officer of the company or any cause whatsoever the company shall on application of the department a sife up in under Sadi Fon. To final con a a a it a try Deb to the govern rent of tee cd Teal Pacific company to commission propose a a cetus under which the company shall pay the tax Mem annually for in years Axtt Rte a tee sum of to Stasio annually until Joe a Al tis bid the application of the no Ady to the dus i Pacific hallway company a difficult task. It is hardly to be expected that any act resembling tee Art submitted to tee Case of the Union Pacific will be accepted b7 p�1��. O. The. Otto. I in the event of a refusal to accept tee application of the entire net earnings fruiting from to to portion of Tho to amp a is til re rat a v. Of which the Bonds were issued to smaller than last year. Enormous upor Tat ions have Leita i a 4 Stock of dress hoods Are moving fairly Tina. Mamet Worth of the obligation. Wen at tie reduced rate of 3 per cent per annul for tee reason that tee entire net earnings will not an,.omit to 3 per cent of tee present value of the debt the comm a Xion behave that the of the government Lien would result As a gift of the Vrh Ole amount due the United h ates the commission propose teat the Antral Branch of the Union Pacific whose of orig Ttoe to tee government is a a. Execute a Mort which fll3, l 0 on band. Oval posting but find goods at 5 to to per sent Coal production Bas been the largest pm record but the Market a loss with some excitement the Lettish strike continuing we it dispatches affirm Taal leading min in will strike Jan. I. The grocery Trade a been very Large for the year and closes with fair activity notwithstanding the speculation in Coffee Aud the Rue sugar following reports o a decrease of 362,000 tons in beet product. Provisions bold the recent Advance. Beef i again Shade dearer and to Ere has been a Nae of six Cento in Oil. Otto in spite of Small receipts is a Shade lower but bread stuff have risen wheat and Corn about one cent each. The Treasury has added,$714,000 to it deposits with Banks and $1,600,000 to the circulation during the wee. It has now increased the circulation of Coin and Pap r about $64,000,000 i Aud $130,0t�>ftoo since july i return of Clearing House exchanges indicate an Tate for the year not exceeding fal.oi�,-000,000 with a Gam of about 4 per cont Over lust year Bat november showed a Small decrease and in l Ete Berthe decrease in payments has bean considerable. The Vearus failures show a decrease of 200 in number but the la a go increase of $53, Bhaji be paid i 000,000 in liabilities As follow Feyhl anti filler i we to i Eli 11 Anil of it Vul mount to inert the �fcru.??#a since july i Aud $130, of and to be paid to Tho t toted ibid. J be incomplete inn Fri. Sent to accomplish a repayment Ort Naanou Auy for ten year and i a a too Amiri Safly j 1887�?nunder, d�4� liabilities $107, Tebei Rafter until the brt.? pay l 660,044 average $17,392. To. To the i nod bet jew of the j number. The obligation to the in Sioux City and Pacific Road liabilities flit a Riga gets psf said Ender which the Quot of pan i 044,118 average. I ,<�?~51. A Hail Pav annually for ten year fu6,Fia and j the returns for the Dominion of can ads show 1,382 failures 5 a to Ann u a y thereafter until tee debt to Tbs Bill submitted b v the com in tort my i of or from any pending Togo Wagon first. methods of computing present value of indent a do Quot a it Pecoud. They direct the discount to be computed at s per cent Corn pop Pele i third. They and i a fourth they prov Vivash the formal decision of the Intel state Cern Mere commission upon the Joe etim whether the express companies Ara subject to the provisions of the act to refute a com in Ere was announced thursday. Toe commission after describing Tho Din organizations doing exp rvs Butia Ete 3re there i nothing in the nature of tax pus Ness which prevents its being cart Lojo by an Ordinary partnership or eve of m individual provided the news of if a tracts can be made with the lines. The most usual Ctm Bool in we he data to the Railroad Eon Pouf or cent of the great receipts of the a a press company but a Nom a Ett lament Are employed. The to Tam exp Reea companies perform May services besides property Tach a the collection of Deb ow., Nim Ryar ded As a Retson Why the soft not a treated a applying to thew business As common earners since my re a Road also have other Butine betide thai of transportation. The various sections of the act co Sui a red with relation to the sex pre Buttes Are found to be in theory As applicable thereto As to the business of Railroad. M fact. The sex Prev Compaq claim tim they already Abed a by the Rule sub lobed in the act. The requiring of annual Renoir from express companies if said to be a matter concerning which the Public have a right to be informed and Congreve of particularly desire knowledge at or mint uttus is known about the amount of thew capital Stock thew funded debt or Tho Zouev invested Iii their Plant or Bua Inena the volume of their business with the expense thereof Tho rates charged and the methods upon which Tho rate Are conducted. The capitalization of a a to of the companies i known to be quit Large amounting to Many minions of Dollar. The difficulty of framing schedule for the information of the Public is not found to be greater than in the in of Railroad companies which have complied with the act. Three express companies have so complied and their schedules have been placed on tile. The agents of All express Campania Are necessarily instructed As to the charges to be made Aud the Public equally intelligent. The bringing of express companies within to e provisions of lha set is found to to practicable Aud on earn accounts desirable. The express companies which Are simply branches of a Railroad organi cd an i operated through it Ordinary Ata of off by an Independent Bureau fit % combination with Ethel Railroad companies Are found to be covered by the prov talons off the act. In the ease of the independently organized express companies however opera if Nuder contract Tho Lap Gnage of the act. A it now tia1-t found to be to framed a not to bring the am distinctly within tto provisions. To he words a wholly by Railroad in lha first Section do not Well define the business of express companies which Nee very largely she Crietee of teams Mao Geis stage coach and steamboats. The pooling Section Apt bes to the pooling of the business of railroads other sections speak of railroads Eoa tinally and of depot and stations Tbs language no being applicable to the Basinet of express Compaq in s. Except under somewhat construction. The express business the position of remely Irving a Juit would $ to walk with a lumbering gait. Do Arni Mea both i pants the Farmer make to Mug Ixia in the Field and Tho die Grain in the Wood. Jig this business of a spirit in Diioia ii better is win ter thaw in summer a mum there til More demand for a sifting. A face that one never tire training the fact of a note Fol a Mounic Good tim it the sittings a new Jersey Man a invent Dove to carry in the hut. To Tho conventional Brick Luigi a Good Hetting arrangement. No m Arnut of Jour head vat few nit knowledge go on aft Louse nod Der Good Ting Dot m your mind a get in i is a Carl a Reubeh \ a How or til comes Back to Nie Quot muted the Pool sadly a with angers he estimated the the the portly package of mss which bad just taken Horn the Postoff Iee. Bac was do you know How k Inton has been keeping House no but it Mast be a Glt roars. I took dinner with fab a to r Day and he carved a Duck wit a Pilling it on the tar. They were to have Youngm do dab to dinner and Mam quietly remarked a Abt Ofa amp Itgen the Glass at i plate a i must get Law a bal soft water. It to us for him to drink anything a artist who is spending a month the country my dear Ria Blossom you Are in beat you like to have me do you in Oil mrs dapple blossoms do Yon take me for a sardine a Burlington free press. I a can you Tell tee he naked As they Fiat together in the weak spot of the sofa Quot the exact physiological and mathematical duration of a kits Quot a a Abu it second and a ft1, i believe Aho answered demurely. A thanks he replied. Quot i Whf min a alanine strained with $16,311 745 liabilities average $11,803. The failure a a a i it ominus it new a a a a ,0 urdu ass i a four persons in business in Stab s they averaged one in every 111 per try to Jive sink in to Tbs statutory Llyn a for a simpler Bond Ftfe. Hirvi went off the the a forbid the declaring from Tho earning of the Arie Range in the the. The failure throughout the in ital states within the year As reported by the 1 Ntinos in Bradstreet company aggregate a to or have Baru met j with pee. 30, a when the total a total number it Busine carriages they Are two Dull for any thing. One meets nobody but old matrons chattering or the answer is a ladies compartments i will not hear of them. Only ugly women travel in them. If Ever a pretty woman Steps in she is scrutinized and condemned by a special personnel of either old Rig wrists or Young maniacs who would not be talked to even ii they travelled with a whole regiment of a i anwm0 the girl. Get Max Asi dry Lum be in. A discussion is going the rounds of the press As to the relative strength of wet and dry Timber. We do not believe there is much to be made out of the discussion. Some kinds of Timber Are stronger when dry while other kinds Are stronger when wet or Green. It is Safe to say that All Woods ate harder and less liable to Bend when dry than when wet or Green. But Moat hard Woods when wet will possess More tensile strength than when dry. Timber thoroughly seasoned is More Brittle then when Green and with the necessary Force will break Square off while the same Timber Green would stand about Ute same prepare by bending without breaking. Lake a Hickory sapling that it is almost impossible to break in its Green state although it May Bend double a i thoroughly dry it and you m in easily break it almost a Square off Quot As the b is say. To with almost any kind of Timber. I Irving makes it stiffer More unyielding but in few instances cuu Ivator. The a it beats All a exclaimed the manager of an intelligence office a How this craze among the girls to be Type writers and i stenographers keeps up. It seems a 1 if All vue girls in the country had determined to work in offices and As if they had formed an anti Lious Ehold society with death As the penalty for violation of the Rule. It has got so now that Good stenographers have difficulty of getting Mort than $6 a week and Many com it event girls work fur even it is. On the other hand there is no difficulty in Good places for girls in families at from $6 to $6 a week which of course includes their Board and lodging in a goo i Home. The secret of the whole thing is that girls As a Rule Are ambitious and had rather starve at some employment which gives them a Chance to make a Good marriage than do Well at work which according to their notions assures them nothing but Blanks m the matrimonial lottery. I la Tell you what society needs and need badly and that is a movement among the eligible Young men by which they each shall pledge himself to marry if he marries at All none but a Young lady engaged at housework either helping her Mother or working out it or Day. Just As Long As Tho girls think they lower themselves in the Estima Tion of the other b x by engaging As a domestics just so will there be a dearth of girls for housework and am Over i crowding in All other ii s Herald. _ a a turn up Oruis. While Riding in a buggy through the country in Northern Ohio we noticed thai fences and Bridges were adorned with various mottoes painted in Large letters and calculated to arrest the Eye of the spiritually indifferent. On the Fence at acer Tein Cross Road was printed a prepare to meet thy god Quot and a eternal life is on a Stone abutment of a Bridge appeared the startling injunction a repent or go to other mottoes St different places were a repent you wicked Tinner a a Kwa Tschani Pray Quot and a let your Light on inquiry we Learned that this is the work of a zealous a id gentleman who drives about in a Canvas covered Wagon spreading As he believes the gospel of righteousness. Thero can be no doubt that some soul is startled occasionally out of its lethargy by a tight of one of these sentence. The Farmer driving his Load of produce to the cite thinking of nothing but the state of the Market May be suddenly reminded that Thero Are things above the Sale of Corn and potatoes. Lha Butcher driving his cattle to the Slaughter House May suddenly recollect that souls is Well As bodies must have food. The careless pedestrian sauntering along thoughtless of and save material wants May be disagreeable confronted by the thought of spiritual needs. I he comfortable Man of the world sat is to cd with his surroundings in time May be forcibly reminded of an existence in eternity wherein worldly Good Confer no Comfort. The sensual St the drunkard the robber and oppressor May be sometime brought up standing by on of these Wayside sermons. Scoffing will not obliterate the impression. The letters Burn on the brain. Like an accusing spirit they follow the Man and will not Down at his bidding. When he would laugh they silence his mirth. He uses tim in in the Bottom of the a social they transform the faces of his former Boon companions and make them hideous. The seed sown by the Wayside has taken Root and sometime must Bear fruit in character. Such a work May these sentences on Fence and Stone perform. And if but one soul is made better the patient Painter Wilt be rewarded. I Augh at his Casious at. Of fund a of dividends a Xci a fiscal year sad the a i its of tto Veram it seventh they a quirk Tbs Courm Nln to Matt Tate suit Ajit to get officers for it a nation of the company s fund cd Lith they a mend toe Thurman it to a to up a a a exist Job the u the few and part of the report the commission show the amount of Tondu and the Onsa tits at land received by ins paste Roarx to a m follow ran. Kiron. K Ansa Pacific. I Antral Branch unto Pacific. Sioux City and Pacific. Cent red Pacific. Western Pacific. 6,304, we Soo Udo 1,626,390 25. 65. Pau 1.970,670 total .161,613,518 lanus 10,568. The a a failures this year is just 2i time As Large As in 1880, a period of some Iii fiction and exceptional prop Oriff the in exp a of nearly f 17. As ii in liabilities this year Over last May be nearly accounted for by liabilities of Central Western and Middle slates speculative traders amounting Togati most that sum. Meanwhile assets increased Over $8,800,000, More than 5 per cent of the total increased liabilities thus More than maintaining the previous years average of solvency. The per cent of assets to liabilities in 1880 was 49 per cent., what lv�7 it is 49$, the annual average for the at and Bas been frequently mentioned by naming congressional statutes Lite omission to name to Horn it . I ii preliminary investigation by the Tutor state Commerce com latties of the seas a did not include the Butinx of a a companies and was confined almost wholly to that of Railroad Campania. Upon All these consideration the Eom Mission has thought Best to refer the subset to Congress a til of Ca a of jurisdiction it is far better that the legislative body should ree Olvy the doubt. It1 bloody Rowan the resting Pine of Tho a slain a terrible Kentucky vendetta. In n Union Pacific. Kansas pm cd Etc. I coital Branch u. A Sioux try amp Pacific. Central Pacific. Western Pacific. Bata acres per acre. Amount. 11,309,44 in �u.l.l7.d l.25 Usa too i in i is in 10,000, Lim 561.16 three years being .l per cent on the. Be regarded Asfa 620 it o Al 232,360 43, 38 $60 too 453.7 4 whole the exhibit must notable. The Comus a Raciti death rate has declined As compared with 1886, As Well As May be judged to nearly the Normal Lexington by Spe Elali Morehead ky., has been prominent before the Public during the a to three years because of the bloodshed Aud reign of ter Usy be Juarea to j a county Sud her capital. A considering the re sent Lusine a t c mugs come Over Morehead Sud and the tendency to speculate to sex Cee and a a a a Nam of death total. .s\6j0,534 Taa,536,918 consequent d Auster. Or is ,t30 total Bonds and lands the report then contrasts the management of the Union i Uci i. Sine Lhart a Ith the method of or. Gould which Are d toe assail in a manner not to the utter # credit the Mam Auest Nutof the Cward Pacific is also criticised severely a an evidence of the Huntington management the Cost of the Central Pacific to Given at 120,672,62 when the oct minion round it a s leaving a pm a to it Fen. , which a j Ai i to Boonford Hun to us too Hopkins and Crocker to a noted to to. M by their vote. Other trans action reins. The commas Sion find while there is no proof of. Actual bribery that Money end Pas a have b in used by officials of the Union Pacific company for influencing us a Tattoo. Thy South growing. A to the Sioux Sty and Pacific company a tin Tho comm Pinion find that none i the requirement of Tho act Cran to lag the subsidy have in. .1 kept. And that hectic it a of the director in dividing among Theu Urt a the first Mort Gap Bond of the Road was a Wanton violation 11 lie minority report of commissioner Pattison to radically different from the of his Asey Cinter in respect to hit Reeoma Hiuer it Iii Tor tile action of Congress. I report occupies sixty a net s Aud begin with s Mort sweeping my Barnest denunciation mid of former it it Sec is of the i men partes and the present Many a ment of the Lentral Poe Ute whose a amp he Ance. of moneys a longing to the stockholders of the roads Ami deliberate and fraudulent impairment of the a Ben Are Moinud of t with Art at particularity sad eloquence. Be Ava that it is not a question of the payment of the debt to Tho Tiv. In men t. But of the j Anish a t of these criminal. Heve commence As a preliminary step that the. Or neut shall Institute suits in t e courts to have the Charters of both Road forfeited and for la a tent of a receiver who a f coarse will then have to Institute both civil and criminal Lait against the. Be who have defrauded at once both the roads and the government. He a Sawert that the roads Arter the forfeiture of toe Charters shall be offered for Sale nod belie it a that they will by Bonitata by to Stock hiders. La at Tengtin. What he terms their present bankrupt condition fee i Radical impossibility of Ltd it c Ting the gov Immetta debts am til to positive of making an example of toe men who have wrecked the Road and defrauded urn people at the minority report there to is not i gives which show its remarkable Pumi Perley i irling the a year. The Man it Factor in record of Baltimore prints a review of the Industrial growth of the South for 1887, Whilt hit says warn Manv respects the Mort remarkable year in the history of that Section As More was accomplished Tor the Progress and Prosper by of the whole South Ever before in the same length of time. From Maryan d to Texas the j regress was remarkable covering almost the entire Range of Industry and there is scarcely a single Hue of manufacturing or mining Busine in which the number of new enterprises reported daring i 7 is not More than twice As Large a in it it of the fourteen Southern Fetnie there Are Only four in which the capita inverted in new Enterprise is not double the amount invested fast yet fat the amount of capital including capital Stock or incorporated companies organized during 1887, compared with 1886, a state. Is. I use. Alabama. Arkansas. Florida a georgia.,.-. Kentucky. I Louisiana. Maryland. Mississippi. North it Ardilla. South Carolin Tennessee. Texas. Virginia. West Virginia. Total $47,902,1 4, ,.> 2,7em� 1\36mw 4. 4 i in a Hao to 15.167, 0�s 4.771.0>� cd and 3,s?5,0xj 96.661, a 11,43p, Wol v/5\on� il9.k4s.000 ii,40,063 los room too 98,401,060 2,2joo ,786,000 774,000 o dealing Winchester can be heard the hum of Industry and the scene of Peak. It was six Mouth age when Laig Tolliver and three of i men were slain by the Law and order men of Rowan county and today Morehead is not us the same place. Confidence has been restored and the population of the place has increased until there is not a vacant House in the town. Those who took part in the fight against Tolliver and his gang of june a do not appear to gloat Over their Victory in the least and treat Tolliver s friends Aud in Pathi Zers with the utmost consideration. In fact there seems to be Little Devoir in Hie part of anybody to renew the feud which Bas in three Short years been the cause of Twenty men losing their lives. I he widow of Bud Tolliver has made some threats a in to booze Logan it is True bul Shuss Man does t Elm to care much for them. The a fighting to diver All live in Al i Soli county but Orcas orally come Down to Morehead. While there they Lee it the themselves and do not try to run the town As they formerly did. The Twenty men who have been Allied since the Mart in Tolliver feud began in Angust 1884, lie Burin i in several counties and in Many different graveyards. Young journalist to old editor a successful writing i it old think til quite a Sci Nom editor to i dont think a quite easy it strike All you be go to do is to a l out what he people Waul Torii thou journalists you encourage me but How is a Man to fori out what the ply want ? editor pm a Kart my traveler. I hate of Attaar Tou remember j wanted to marry tint Book Kaspor mind about a Yaar ago. Yea father a a pretty sort of a you picked out. He in decamped wit my whole a you remember father that you Tori him Leonari we Lave me until in got Rich done to you ? a of course the Young Quot Quot i Kava Fri received a dispatch from him at Montreal saying he ii Rich sow hat Al pm factly willing to marry a poor Many .laughter."�?a h a world. Ret in to s. The Shade Ai night wow a toss task a he of through our sir Tam Saa Etem a youth hat stadia Snow i who scorned the Pat word a shut vib too the press Moi to tee cellar Dias at Midnight dark discover him our chief the elevator Shaft himself had opened to the Durtt nor heeded there Lite legend Wim saw tub Coo i there la tee gloom. To Eold cod a of. L Leleae but Beauty cd he Lay i w bile far above tee legend shoo cloth by the Sanctum tet Ephone us it tar out out Matwi to seraph Salt Lark City by at dated. It Ltd 1256, a Walt we i 11 2a-.�io lrcoiiipauiei"t>7 a prop tid Bill for ingress to jnjgsa.etr�?o.u.hs"s in e courts and ase not within the province of a third a Arturr Lier grief Many May Chicano tempt to Reform Tho world by printing his g ape i it n a Board by the Roadside but it is More sensible to print it in a look this Man has put his message a lady tells of receiving a card in i whey he who runs May real. It will new York which looked so untidy that not be silenced nor could any Prophet she asked the Servent what he Hod i scream louder. Tie Flowers by the be n doing with it its three sides Roadside speak the same but men can trere evidently freshly Cut and the not hear their voices Cloud Aud Sun fourth had a deep Black Border. The get Brook and Meadow paint the same Man exclaimed that the lady whose words but men am Blind to the card it was bail herself mutilated it i they do not heed them. And so this when the hostess went Down to sea her Wayside Prophet goes Forth to paint in visitor a voting widow she playfully characters which still Mesa something spoke to her shout the card. A to yes a human eyes though even thew Are Bio the president ail do with the report cannot be stated in or Tamte a May. Of Ronns cob or with to e re 1i.td�detu>us of a Hwi it or in by Nae Edge to aus Tang them b co Ogrese. Leave the whole matter to the judgment of that lady. It to known that he has sex Amin <1 both with great attend a and can Iii the up by wee that they have been in his hands us i Abo the vol urn ii oui testimony to at once mobb <1 the in. I cheerfully swered Quot in other. A i Cut becoming my Ningler a. The. i of 1 to not Call him because when i took it out i suddenly j Attr zealous nor Enthus aunt. He Recto toll for a time the puritans during reign of Elizabeth reunited themselves with the Church of England but As they subsequently refused to be bound by the act of supremacy and of uni of Runty hey became known a non. Conformists. Remembered that i had come Yon i am it engaged to be married and i thought it would look too ridiculous when i came on that errand to use a card of mourning for poor dear Harry. After i Cut off three aides i forgot the it i conjectured she was in the third Quarter of her grief soon to be succeeded by a full honeymoon she was wearing a expensive Mantle of heavy Wark English Crape and said i mourn fully Quot How i wish i had known dear Fred a Goine to ask me a marry of righteousness Over zealous nor Ogni Zes the needs of the hour and the blindness of men and to conforms his conduct to these. When men can read the higher scripture his Brush will not be needed but when that time come Many pens will lose employment and the hum of printing presses will be diminished. A Solo n Bauer 1 mfg a Mclean la in England a Toto a the re in of Charles in worked Tor a a Hilling Twenty four Conte a Day Nuti Mea and Oft we compelled to take i in Cotton Ammu factoring the re a been t activity and seventy Sven new Mills have been pro acted Many of them bring to Nuder construction. This is the largest cow Nuder construction number of new Mills Ever reported to one Olton Mills Are reported a having oversold their production Ana Many Mills a King enlarged to meet the demand for their goods. The industries of tie South Are being great a diver shed As Well As increased. Year. It largely old or Oval at troops Boot there in Sosa to protect Tho Gentile. Salt Lake Utah Speed Tel i Aas an i according to in order usted from army it 240, to Headquarters at Omaha 5o4, evacuated and Tompane brith infantry k.u4.s00 j Ftp Britton ret med to fort i it of is Throe mile Distant. The Garrison a ordered to be stationed Bere two year Aga when a Monu it a outbreak a Affel willed and Hal it Een Here Ever since. The cause in hic led to the placing of troops tit the cite limits we ? numerous. The first intimation of trouble a july 4. 1885, when the mormon Hlf masted a then came ,386,000 Kra hokum a wast Tacoma. There tit a certain unequalled Mac Josiv in the lofty Rao Gea of the Becky mountains of Colorado. In Alaska Are Mountain View of butt Clee Beauty. H has to Hood Adams St. Helens Aud Baker Are stately peaks which excite the admiration of a very beholder tax this View of Tacoma til a tirely unique and has a Savage grandeur All a a for Many minutes we Gas la email inept upon the combined a cent a re re a arc to examine it in detail. We stand Apon the Brink of a Cliff of naked Rock Bare of vegetation brim Aud Stern extending Down almost 2, feet. The opposite Wall a Taf steeply up oots red with a dense growth of Forest term in the Etmo of the Gorge swiftly flow the Waters of the North Fork of the Poy hip River. Tim Stream ii to foil ii Width but in that a carnal depth it looks to be but a ruling Brook. The to Bacco tax. Be n cd a a its repeal said to be a to a too. Iss sub Angton special. The poop a of not the Ami in Are Organ Izitta a men s movement in favor of the rep a of tax tobacco t i a s. The scheme which in being carried on very quietly is to a # an organization Rej resenting both politics parties and primarily the Bitt iness men Iho Ash of a Ourka the leading men in politics will not be left out Aud so far a Poe Sibl a the organization win a care ent other Sta a of Well in North Carolina. Ibis or Ansa Tion will mud a Force delegation Here t a bring tis in fit Ieno to War to a on cd Tigre and possibly the president. Such an organization Doe not seem very necessary in the repeal of in it it or All toe tobacco taxes looks Tike a me gone conclusion but the but Art it r is of so much importance to the people of North Carolina that they will Lake no Cuba need. Moi la raking it a it or every time i spend a Dollar foolishly i am opening a pauper a grave. Every time i pay rent i am taking so much away from a Home of my . Every time i speak Kin i word i am adding a Brick to my temp e of manhood., _ every time i buy an Art i am encouraging the manufacturer or producer. A a ,.every time i pay a debt i am doing right and helping to put Money in circulation. Every time i refrain from speaking a a that i a of All Public building. Then came Loots to de in a a sous Proks a ii turn of All polygamist by j eagles Dart through the or to and District attorney Dickson which up Fogt of from to it air Cash Tipon the Urago Tovai the a ,. A Bah ,.t.j in Oil a j St Clohe. My for Malmi 4w a to car in the attempted murder to Deputy a in a a error Felt con trained to Call non the j diver. Looking to ital to a til upon the government for the Protection of Gentile citizens and act Ardingly an order was issued foils to e War Dei Bartni sat at Washington ordering troops to Tat a to. Their presence Hati Way been very offensive to the mormon people who a Inbi Kairit at their removal. The troop were quartered in a building a jolting a Moo newspaper office. Mor in defense of a Irh and i prove am not a Friend spa a Little three year old Hock Lander went into Market last week and help in a a jct Milf to. Grew a it i get it pm it. After she had failed the Mark i Man asked her what the matter wast to form a new state. Lofty ambition of Tho people in the locality of corf Cavalu. In a Louisville so be talk the peer is of the town of , id3which i rtt rated afoot Midway be Rheea Jeffersonville and new Albany pm the Ohio Elver Are just at present in a stale of gnat in from Van vue is the a a a of the Hoed tip 1 a a a. a d a i tile Chicago let Oyas he watched a Swallow circling h go in the air a i wish i a a and men or boys might put an end to a our life or son if you were a Bird. A Yea but a a pose i flied too High for pm to hit my with Agrin Quot the i some Hawk might p it in it e upon you and carry von a Tyr but a a pose i flied Quot Clear up e Nso enough to heaven for god to re aah Down and take Rny that he a joke on the with the fruit and she replied Between sobs a Vera was a Bumble Bee in the Middleboro new. Two of a kind. Minister and do you like to go to Church with your papa Aud Mamma Bobby % Bobby inclined to be non com in ital a Well i guess i Uke it a Well a pm new York Sun turning and looking a ast you aet that the Ami abrupt terminated two Miles a Whf we Era the mighty May a of mow i Tacoma. From the dome of the Mountain extend two Gre i Mem or Ridge to Basalt Rock capped w the Sharp Petite. Down their Side run a Ratkle of it Iuit no forming numerous Gorges Tiff id Rife filled with Snow mid i Foffi the a Gorges run Many streams Little mss lain torrent up bar Fri a they risk Down Rivulet unites with dream mingle with Streem three foaming med a a a Quot tsp treat Boeing. Out of a Talu r larger Stream which soon a ppm i a narrow Gorge or Rod and dip but the Breese Bear to our a Waling cotes the Roar of it u tame a a this is lost Revez. A Hermrick sem. In the a Magazine Hawk a a Chi ago Tribune. Great us cause. Mas. Blo of to her spouse will the reduction of the sure us they talk a bout put an end to the surplus choir in our Church til Ogg of Couf a a then i am for used to if. A strange child was intr Dueri to for Vear old Adelaide with injunction a to his entertainment with a Suparb dignity the suggestions we re checked Quot my a Idren All my lu.american mag wp3i$ Britt. Heron in is my to j Ala a a can to for than burst in has just been mom Vul Salaad o. It Purpo feta ride funeral for to Mern by a poor alike at a Facto us Cost Fay to Rich Jig the Rota Tive a big in a now York

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