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Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Nov 19 1918, Page 5

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Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - November 19, 1918, Ames, Iowa Vestal i \ a limn Fri t ii s it t. A r.4 it m a ii 11 to rim at l it 5# 4 a a a tit a m is is ski t Ltd St Low i h r a it nov Mykl Ain m a Mux in Rai mk5 u in i i airy iii11/ Phi Iii n Sun i Oulmonn j in it r a Crumb Iii Nubi Julf Wea or a. To on Obi a in Luu in Cru a i in itch acc any Iatan Lului f la m i in Isi Al my we Hiim am i Ulino. I s Iii Tia t has Quot a a Quot m Kher Iti amps no us \ 14 Miami in has \ Isi ii Tia us in i his of he a to it Lai on Field i it Hal ii i Olk off Zixt ii h Fri i Iii inf / i ii i l Mikl ii Jill sllli5 Isi limit Ishii at the Siu mud Oti a Hiti Mim s of ski a i Hill t i so floor. I Mav kno i Axt be i Kwh lilt lessors a rolled or cow i Piha nov. To of. M a him might in i Oil Sill is of a i i he or ii in. In it it Yeook Ofa til is is pall i mtg Miti Ihm me i get m i in Jan Fulti Iii in re ii d to in i is i. A k ii or her t i i a i it a i2 t i m Hie i hem min Stati to Titi 8 it fast we of null in in so an a a. It run in Down hut we att Vail a i ten Ai lug i Pri on i. Grow Aud i a raw Quot that night we is i it a re and a he a v i morning an j and s.,. To n ill a i Vav a. Bit it i Iii i it. I or i. F v it a us j i i spa ii int i ii Bull and i a on if i by s 111� tic i a scion a for la Joti g in ii con scion in in h to i air i a a ii it j of by s won six d a Airt h Vav to had Shat b to red b leg b i Jio ii to Aal ret v. A i \ i liner of tire Bun cd red y a i Al d f Yard pm of his 0 Vav. I Vav i. It j. Tis Vvhs a for my l amp had i o go a hit a m ii is h fore he cow of Fina an a Ca at i in t Ion that Bot too a in we Ai give Aid atom us i de a1 was rain a i to a it no re How Tai a ii1 to i he b a All t v i Ici i i. Iid led of be i w of n the m the and s in h \ ? by menu a s in. Ult of the if v and his a of i 11j it it e w i fed f anti his Rig Hias Para bused on a at a St i m t h to age flit r Vul. Three a ii mired a o i her co a. Ale fro Aiva re us Iii in i Tisne Site 4 i the v Iii Ted or att a and Arr pc i in a York up tin y 24b ii. In cd to it a k i a i i in six Days a Iii is go ill six i void or rf7 a to i a out s it ii. By Iii �., g ii by j i ?. F him i \ i to if ii ii mimis of i to Iha i s in. To i in i on j at i is s him my \ i ill i nut Vuu a. At lev it in i it n Dii Imp a Idem a i ii Iii Ohi re i by t Moti Ai n Chih in a it i Wili Ducci Prmt Riff ill ii is Uil 11.we i to ill Fin ii i a b 11 apr non Fuff Roll la Toh a a oui i m mks his official Amit for to i ukr to have la Psi Vul Baker to Holston of ten it plot e i e i or i of Bahur Fleet in in he of t of Kiel r \ Val iou North ski 11 son ii he Ili Ini i it he t Muku i no 1 we u disposition Utt to peach Moncla visit Al will St ii Opp a Uri Hsii Alm Iraeta a of it Al Hall Al Sii is am 111 Ihus Rarig i tile Rev. Howard a Karat. Re la tor of Christ up Leophil Church o. Waukegan rapped for admittance to the Waukegan knights of phys has Lodge. The Oater guard demanded the passwords. Air. Auster had fort gotten it. A Bright idea flashed intr the minister s mind. A to hell with the whisper Gander fits Truh th-3 opening he was admitted. Sex ski try to t of to i \ r of a Gili in iou hem a King of Tern to v ingress d Iii i of Prest i nov. He a no i a tier Tern a a .naught.--. A uni a Raf. Kaiser a a grosser a u Rufurd \ raisers Moritko an i Sun tax in route Vii in one cd ii in a tie Peep tit i h of c a e 1120 tit la h h i in in Mil by Iii j hit i i i i in. R r t no a to ii a1 in a v a no the it Rte it on de to the h tote or he los Opi o ii eel toted had v o or e hts lot it e for ii a Jones i is in. To in am re that lore be i a a Enslee am pester or. John to geology and in i Aero in Diego huh in Ami i. Tory to or. Shipley. The British t in. A rive a in the i Niton is the Tivi Unior. Of to Tiiu i of Imp it Loti to it. So Ali y i. To Rani it during 7 year of no r i Iver it 3 Oil it ame d hop of Trio i hols Eov i Man slow of. I vat Ion to by i is i open ii a in compliance with r Lite German or prims ilk earn. Niber i in Yern and and the Battle be yield left kit the North . British admiralty reports said t German flee would leave its base at 5r30 yesterday morning. Unofficial advices yesterday Sui. The enem v. Oui not lava in i . A end would surrender thursday in Irving. Tho his Fps named above Are Only a portion of the no Ai hoi to be turned Over to the allies. Waski Moton a position of the Gar my Rad urn Quot Ltd a a r i i Ern Monts will a left conference. This a t h i u to a the. Battleship of i Allied f to the a a developed t Navy depart men today. I i. Abo j eth ii hit Monument a by United press new York nov. Is a i Lilac ii As of Corm it a a. Tor t Ann Sere. Par poses is one of the possibilities of a a time Industry being in pc to Gat i by eem Mercal int n Here. Adhesive gum cellulose glucose and alcohol Are among the products air Ady obtained from cobs it i per chemists of the in site. States department of agriculture con. Id a the commercial Sybili o it it a cued up by tin experiments As v a promising. Corncob constitute an enormous it m of waste in the great Corn Stater of the United states they Are use. In Many Wes tent towns and Rui i pm Aina unifier or full to nto ext or. They Are ground with Corn tar pm tie it r d. But mostly they rot. L great pile s or Are burned to get them out of the Way. Glucose extracted from Corncob i of excellent Quality chemists find. T crystallizes rapidly and is Bell a vet to be fun y us Good for a. Mercial Par Sot no Ken Noti of leadership in n Ual mess a k Tiwi Enon wild uni in Mana Fra do. Mia Hai i it ins la Hsah a. A _. By unit d pre -1 Mapp Ai Apfl Hupf j Washington nov. La. When i a Buu Pees Lent . Kin will leave Lor i Rano in Deg. Mus Wilson Wims private pm in sir Lins Wiel Ltd omit. Ina it hike Ian i tick t by United press u Ashing ton nov. an ideals for tasting peace will lie propounded at the great peace con Ference by president Wilson in per to. Sweeping aside All precedents Wilson has his intentions t bailing for prance a Arle in item Ber for participation in the conclave at Versailles. M i a him will go mrs Wilson and \ i mini i to. T Grayson his private pm uscian. Secretary Turati Liy will probably Quot main on this Side to Assisi Vic president marshal with the executive duties. I mess s one unlocked for develop in in change the present plans the peace conference will be held about the Middle of december. Tile domes in nutation Here will raise no of acres in the path of Tho presidents plans. While the president Wilt be unable of sit Iii on the entire conference he will parti Pate in the. Distribution and settlement of the main features of the treaty thereafter he will turn America s part in the conference Over to the United states delegates who will a Pany him. The president k now giving much thought to tile personnel of the american delegation. He would like to have it made up of his own official family members of whom were most influential in As listing him in the shaping of the i policies of this government Are Secretary Lansing Secretary Baker and se.,rotary Houston. Message to Congress next Mouth to is expected to sound the keynote of his leadership for the remaining two years of lits to i m. By one who is ii a position. It ii would a Low Tho following lines in his Mesa be continued unifies Linn of the Rai roads and canal systems. R in a / y Active in j. W. W. A b l hit shoe la have been Given heh instead of George Gater s Wiek yesterdays Story of the United it use uni of Amel u in in a Hai it. Var work Campaign in Story county u i to ? a k a or it Bob puss to i Pat cd. F a feed we planted in i bongs re in into. And the quest i dal legislation for women Aga and up this time an act w. Ai allow my women i it be Post ars of their own properly a Man i Almous Tipeti Neid known As i. Married won a a property at two acts. Small in then ass u cry. Of great Poi ant to worn in that v re the first Aduis to. That Vii Mam had any rights or leg status. In the Las Flarv veal a women in Conte to in foreground in Kelps a Bounds. By Tho n act c i Sno tie govern Teut. Went so far a to Aije Law Jiuu a Kwof i i in a net e re filament passed after us Impi s it t. A go no r tit my females vol t he of tar. App ars a to the poor Anzac by Henry Wood i London nov. 3. By mail i i the Washington Monument is a National memorial to the a father of his poses the glucose now made a it is a 5feet High. The starch. Base is is feet Square with Wall i. Glucose is widely used in common Stet thick and a the total weigh it Cia and Indus ii ii line.-. A he Ann tur. I aet ton. Tto fur extra lion or alcohol from Interior or Ute is ii Incon Rob us. In. W is us practicability of this feature of Cora Murine possibly try gave Rumen ownership. Increased vocational education. Unify of the Telephone and Tel graph lines under government control. Government development of a Tarpon or. Increased build stg cd Good rand., improvement of harbours Rivers and ports. Improved housing conditions for w Forbing a men. A new child labor Law Aud the president is expected indicate his system for a goner i eight hour work Day and non reduce Diqiu tic a cd Waue while living costs con Tinik on High Levels. I gave an account of the activities of the negroes of this City in which the wife of George Oater a credited with haying been selected As chairwoman of a r race in Ames and with having raised iss for the fun which had turned Over to the county chairman. George Gater s wife was the one Given out at u. W. By. Head Inners but later developments prove Shat it was Edwin Gater a wife who should have been Given the credit. Rill a was Good work on the part of the negroes and Edwin a wife is deferring of much credit f it a her activities. We cheerfully make Tho i correction. On this convalescent ship of Deal my the pleasure of te.�?��?�?� Greg h old i to corp Lee who in wound Tho game Day and in the same in tie As was Deal but sent to a ult eat Hospital. Arriving Iii new York. Ardeil w transferred to the general Hosp no. Ii at lamp May and i a. Through the splendid medicaid at id tic Barge or be re turn cd to duty. That place i ital he bus nearly re area a the people of a Rock a. Proud need the out if use of his a to. What corp. Deal has Lone for us Dick is now haute on to tar laugh on airy Aud Wilt rata her him t hut he returns to Damp May Tother a the first by Stop vow., where he Nill Oither to give his i county. Or. And mrs o. L. Leefers Ai i i who Havre been via it i is at tile Leiter and Sowers Horn k Ive returned to Cedar rapids. The Uiso Ives m i de Kine . It ban Beer who have in e it. Ginning of t of six months to go Home and be Bris Mas a Green the Devil and arranged that Hoover Here since �.1 War shall b Gran eave to enable the Sci their folks voc umber of thai. By electricity and contains a stairway opposed of so Steps pud in elevator that no he the to i in even nit i ates. The Conter Stone was Sui july j 4. 184&Quot, in accordance with masonic i rites. The work progressed slowly in ii ,4 when if was discontinued for Lack of funds but in in it a i resumed by the government and in 18 84 the Monument was completed at i Cost of #1.200.000 i was ded j treated february 2 2, i ass. Lob utilization therefore would Pend unto Tho Cost of acid. For Golden records # it during the past four year have my Rich Hugh a Cere and Tho Ltd a Tina no w arises As to w hot her they ska in take their w Ives Back Home l w ii a them or leave the ran behind. An Anza May take his Wilt Home j with him i 1 he pays the exec us i j a lie voyage Bat few have been a j to Astor. The expense a a. Alternative he in take 75 Day furlough in England on full pay with an additional a Low Alice of 7a cent 8 dr., there who have no Strong ties Homo by be decided to accept this priv beg but others who ate longing f r bight of fairer Mother and All the rent of tile old folks a1 Home u a idly torn Between their trial a i conjugal loves. Small an of whale a May be daily infer non Uncle Sam runs big hotel to r s ii i p worker by United press i Philadelphia Jiffo. 10.�?room? end Beard of the world largest hate for $10 to a is k. but it s a fact. I the emergency elect hotel 94th? land Tinicum recently was con by United press Rome nov. L l a every Munici 5-Ity of Italy has just been invited is the government to open a a Llibre do Oroz or Quot Golden books to the memory of All the inhabitants it eat he Community who part imputed in the War. In addition to the name Aud address of each Soldier there will be inscribed a Fud record of his promotions his citations his decorations and also where the Case so demand i death. Each Community will keep its Quot Golden books As part of the permanent archives of the no sub pal it. 3a 0 0 0 fond of his friends i. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Wjk 0 London nov. 8. By mail i Ltd for steadiness of Norvo and co Centre in of purpose it is impossible t it heat the flying men an air plane designer was flying As observer in one of his own machines in order to have personal expo hence of its working he a Many thousands of feet High when he saw that. Roupie of wife had broken and were swinging in the wind. He got up. Took out his camera Ami photographed the flapping wires. Afterwards he explained a i bul if we crashed and were filled the amoral record would Tell my friends what had j Plet eters the Structure covers approximately is acres of ground and Cor fall kills Aero mail harrier for of cd pan cd by ship work Vancouver by �?T., nov. 19.�? whale cunning is Canada s most flourishing int int Industry. Mains 2.175 sleeping rooms a wlm Iery in this province or s the hotel is modern throughout packed about .10,000 eases of whale Lind Noth meat in neat tin Caus for to s win j insure the safety and Comfort of in \ or a consumption. Whales taken near this coast yield i writing and Reading tables of heavy Nat Antly killed yesterday when i from three to twelve tons of Primo Mission Aud a heavy velvety carpet i machine became unmanageable us while meat t he whalers say. Boston furnish the recreation rooms. The \ crashed to Tho ground. I at present is the Best customer for dining moms and kitchens Are Al. A re Frozen fresh whale Model of cleanliness. Head the want Ada. Peta j is made a marshal in army new y 0rk. Nov. I 9.�?a urn has been overlooked to Adams civilian instructor at the government aviation Camp near hemp cd same a vast army of ship builders. \ Friend l. I., Audaer a1 postman w is n�um1 general a warded High Honor but the French nov it Riim in by United press Paris nov. 19 general retain. Eom Mauder in chief of the French army has been appointed a Martha of France it was announced today. A Little want and May sell it

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