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Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1914, Page 1

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Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - March 18, 1914, Ames, Iowa Published three times a week vol. Xxii. No. 84. Ames Story county Iowa wednesday March 18, 1914. $1.50 per year first dirt for new hotel will be t first Dat of april with the successful completion of Snook Sells shop George Snook has sold hit East Stock subscribed at meeting last monday evening Heili Pimm presented will be Fine four Story fire proof modern building. Tsy i of Nevada. Possession was monday morning. Given nth is Aal Nim of pow spirit Taylor boy has serious occident severed artery in left leg yesterday when knife slipped. Committee reported �0.12s.0o end Barber shop to Youn Pratt Ever accomplished Public spirit in Ames. For some time there has been a demand for larger hotel facilities in Ames. The growth of the town and College have made necessary More commodious Public improvements in every line and particularly in caring for the travelling Public and strangers in the Cit. When the commercial club was reorganized in the fall of 1912 the mat ter of a new hotel was taken up for discussion immediately but no Deflon it Steps were taken until in the Early in Art of 1913 the finance commit tee consisting of e. 5v. \ Alentine j. G. Tilden and a. F. Allen was in 9tmeted to secure a new hotel by whatever plan they might devise. The committee went to work on their task and succeeded in getting several propositions one of which to build on fifth Street Between Douglass and Kellogg Avenue was a on april lit the first corned but liter abandoned in favor hotel Ful of dirt will be thrown for of the Sheldon Munn proposition n Arneel mag Nellh Lent new hotel Accord. I october 3rd the utter inc to a Promise made a mayor Par copied by the club and Contley Sheldon at a meeting of the Cora Herod into with Parley 8huon an mire 111 club and Uoc Kaldor. Of the. H i. Munn son a Short time later Ames improvement co. Beld to the the next step Pes the in or Porat on commercial club room. Monday Nln it. Of the Ames improvement co., the a Large and enthuse crowd a. Sect of a of dec present it the meeting and heard the tors to mans. T it a airs. committee re Ort that Stock anti the regal subscription amounting to of 1>ir, and the Sale of Stock had been Tweed fed thus assuring the the organization a a Golf Many so grip is found in Field property belonging negro who received bad scare is restored to him. Ing and other special attention in often Given to the production of championship Corn. Iowa Corn growers give their seed plots Good care but i not much Iowa a state Collie agronomy exp Hibit occupied a both 50 feet Long and made a Complete chowing of tie t o soil and farm crops work of the col j leg and Experiment station at Ames. J it comprised soil maps graphic fertilizer charts Large photographs and Grain samples of the Cereal Breeding w Ork of the station and a 20 foot photograph of the Campus. Success largely due to work messes. E w. Valentine and j. G. Tilden. Of Paul Taylor the sixteen year old son of or. And mrs. Roy Taylor living on the Carl Anderson farm North East of town had the misfortune to sever one of the Large arteries in his left Lek with a knife while cutting a Board yesterday morning. The Accident occurred about eleven o clock. He wag trying to Cut a knot out of a Board when the knife slipped and entered the leg. Five inches above the knot making a serious wound. Home treatment was applied at once Aud medical Aid summoned. Upon the arrival of phys it Lane the Arter was tied and the flow of blood Stop tied. He is resting easy this after noon. The grip containing his clothes a Bible and several other articles which was left by Anthony Thompson the negro a Wolf Many was found on the state farm South of the College recently by or. A a. Mcdonald it was brought to marshal Ricketts who sent it to Thompson at Oralabor it will be remembered that Thomp son became frightened at two men on the again Between Boone and Ames because they threatened to be him and upon his arrival in Ames he immediately hit for the Cornfield South of town remaining out of sight until forced by hunger to appear. He caused much excitement the first night he was out by thinking he was being attacked by wolves and calling for help. As no wolves have been seen in this neighbourhood it is thought the Wolver were a fancy of his imagination. The a ult Case contained some clothes toilet articles and a Bible. All were considerably the worse for their Winters Outing but can probably be put to some use by or. Thomp son. He claimed that he carried be suit Case As far As he could dropped it while going Over a Fence and failed to get it again. Much demand for eds of is. Patrick by engineers two thousand students assist in celebrating the noted i Kish it Aln i a birthday. A a cusses dismissed for morning Many Calls received for graduate electrical engineers. Seven Hundred engineers All Irish pay Honor to mythical hero. Senior electrical students a the College Are not worrying about jobs More requests than there Are members of the class have been received from the Large electrical concerns of the country for carefully trained Ames men. Ten men Are desired by the general electric company at Schenectady for the two year College graduates Prentice ship course. The it eating House people Are sending a Man to Ames to select four to six men for a similar course. The Allis. Palmers pulk suited Pottle la Tel Oti Sci reincarnation of St. Patrick occurred on the Steps of Central building at the College. Proposition beyond any doubt. The names of the stockholders and the amount of their subscriptions were read and formally accepted by mayor two men prominent. The successful termination of the Campaign is also a remarkable tribute to the tireless Energy of two prom in Sheldon a sufficient evidence that in Ames men or. E. A Valentine the commercial a Lub had done its part or j. G. Tilden both of these in the contract the comm re men have worked hard and faithfully ported that offers of donations had j for a new hotel in Ames. They a p been received and asked the voice of Given freely of their time and spent Tho meeting As to whether such u0 Little sum of their Money in real a Houm be accepted and a motion to can their ambitions their primary wan unanimously adopted instructing object a to secure a new hotel of the committee to accept no donations. Plans outlined. Postage rates on seeds Are amended in hereafter will becarr1ed As fourth now parcel Post. Grand master Here it has been announced by the o id fellow that grand master Wagner of Sigourney is to be in Ames a week from next tuesday. The occasion of his visit Here is a get together banquet which the Odd Fellows will at that time. Yesterday morning just at ten of clock As the old brass Cannon on the a Campus boomed out the engineers of the College started out to celebrate the birthday and reincarnation of St Patrick. It has come to be recognized that St. Patrick was an Engineer company of Milwaukee and the do-1 and that the engineers of the College Herty organization also want several Are privileged to celebrate the Anni tile kind Ames demanded by the bes manner Wjk Ible am to the Best to a Hon til at could be generally decided they have been ably assisted the general plans of the building were a seated by e w. Valentine upon ant air Rod for the Cli by other of the. Commercial . And for a four Story fir proof build in. I Public spirited Cit Rons by. To modern in every detail in the Larae Moat justly go the greater share o be space for a Barber the Praise for securing la men. Though Good positions with the less prominent concerns Are annually offered the Ames graduates fully fifty Oer cent each year go to the Large companies. Many of them has worked up. In Competition with men from the Foremost engineering schools othe country into responsible Lions in the engineering and Selling departments of these larger organza tons. J. M. Bricker has been nominated by president Wilson for postmaster at Nevada to succeed postmaster Mccall. Basement will much soon tailor shop. Sample rooms boiler and Supply rooms. The main floor shows a banking room on the Corner of main Avreet and Kellogg Avenue Beautiful hotel lobby with the main entrain a in main Street and a Side Entrance on Kellogg Avenue two Tore rooms and on the North a Large dining room and Kitchen the second and third floors Are divided into sleeping rooms w Ith a it Curt through the Center opening on the East the outbid room will be connected with Bath and the court rooms will be with. My it of f the it a a i �u1 Imp. A in �0�u4 ii a a a door will be Divide i into sleeping a ooh a w bile the North half will be Ade into a Large banquet and Contention Hall. There will be a connection with the Kitchen for serving Pur po.-, and convenient rest Arni cloak room this room Vin doubtless be. One of the be to features of the whets botel. With the Large number of a which can be brought Here and the Many College and Down town social affairs which Call tot a Large dance or banquet Ball such an arrangement will prove a big drawing j card. At. Oven ton times cots can be placed in this room which will accommodate a Large number of men. The total number of sleeping rooms w Iii be about seventy. Will hurry completed it has not been definitely decided what kind of material will be used in the construction of the building but both messes. Sheldon and Munn Are known to favor a Reddish face Brick with Terra Cotta trimmings. The building will be built for the future and so constructed that two or three More stories can be added whenever needed. It will he rushed to completion As rapidly As possible with the Hope of completing it in one season the report of the committee and the plans As presented were approved by the meeting and the committee dismissed with instructions to turn Tho proposition from the commercial club to the Board of directors of the Ames improvement co needed hotel. Without Hie Noble response whip has been received from the Public spirited of till Tow n and Oliosi i16 proposition would Neve. Have been successful. The men and women who have subscribed to Stock have been willing to make an investment on the future of ame and their investment is bound to be profitable in promoting a better get together sort in ame and Demon str to a to the rest of the world what Ames can do when necessary. Eire destroys big barn near Huxley e h. Sheldahl loses several head of Stock in sunday night Blaze according to a recent ruling of the postmaster general seeds will hereafter be carried As fourth class mat a ter. The order follows a office of the Poisman to a general. A Washington d. C. March 13. 1914. A order no. 7 9 so. A Section 45? postal Laws and regulations is amended to read As follows i. Seeds cuttings bulbs roots scions and plants shall hereafter by embraced in and carried As fourth Vias matter and for the same rates of postage. Act of March 9 1914.�?T i. The rate of postage on parcel of seeds cuttings bulbs roots scions and plants weighing four ounces or less is one cent an ounce or fraction thereof regardless of distance pm parcels weighing More than tour ounce the Pound rates shown in Para graph i Section 4t�� shall apply. These a in whether the articles Are for planting or other purposes. A Ste Section 469 As to preparation of seeds etc., for mailing. A a 8. Burls a Oft a postmaster i printed books Are now parcel Post i eight ounces or less Are two ounces for i cent and Over eight ounces re Gular parcel Post rates Ai ply. Iowa Farmers prizes in Texas Corn show at Dallas is Success a now a ranks High. Big death of mrs. A. E. Slater mrs. A. E. Slater died yesterday morning at the family Home about four mile Southeast of Ames. The immediate cause of death was pneumonia which developed from a cold contracted about three weeks Prev Oua. Mrs. Slater was advanced in years Bein about seventy six. The funeral will be held Friday at ten o clock at the Home conducted by Rev. Alfred Knoll of the Luther Church. Mrs. A. J. Smith a daughter residing at Pittsburg. A. Will arrive tomorrow morning. Fire whose origin is unknown destroyed the e. H. Sheldahl barn a Southeast of Huxley last Sunda even ing burning seven horse seven Milch cows some Young cattle Hay harness and other to it is stored in the Bam. The wind happened to be the right direction to prevent spread of the flames to the in the other Lieut Rush Lincoln in u. Ideal James Rush Lincoln and family landed monday in san Francisco according to a message rect cd Bere by his father Gen. J. R Lincoln. They will probably arrived in Ames some time next week As they will spend few Days in san Francisco with Gap lain and mrs. Francis Lincoln. Lieut Lincoln has not visited Here for four years and has been in the Philippines for three years where he has experienced in full the various duties he was for a time in the Campaign with the Moro in charge of a company later in the is land of Mindanao and the lost three Mouths in the City of Manila. Balaton of Tbs place but a to Quot Utsond Tjonn. Where be an in just across the Creek was in Airt a line of the flying brands and it took hard work to save it. The origin of the fire is a mystery the majority of the family being at Church when it was discovered. A mysterious stranger was seen running North just before the fire was discovered but it is not known whether there was any connection be a tween his actions and the fire i the loss totalled several thousand dollars partially covered by Anco. Iowa Farmers won a big hat full of championship ribbons and a massive Silver cup at the recent National Corn exposition at Dallas Texas and besides the agronomy exhibit of Iowa state College was ranked As one of the Best of the 37 educational Booth Utain i or to mind stat col us Utu my a a i a w by loges and universities. A a Iowa a Moat notable Victory Sai Rof. W. H. Stevenson head of the agronomy department at the College who with prof. John Buchanan super Vised the Iowa exhibit a was its capture of the sweepstakes prize in the worlds Barley class. Wisconsin has been tarrying that Honor off pretty regularly but this time w. F. Otcheck if Grinnell showed a Peck of six Row Barley that was clearly ahead of any thing else Iowa also did a notable thing in winning the second honors in the world a Competition in red Clover seed class Fred Mcculloch of Hartwick produced the Sample that won. A i other High Zirues were won in the worlds classes w. F. Otcheck Sec Ond on Timothy sheaf third on red Dover sheaf and third on alike clo or sheaf h. J. Ism Street of Eddyville third on Timothy sheaf fifth on to ears Popcorn and fifth on to a ars Sweet Corn. Forty four other prizes a re won by Iowa men. Making 52 in defer to assist improve a Extension department Aid cities to beautify school Yards. School officials who Are planning to improve their achoo grounds this prong May get help from experienced landscape men by writing to the Agri cultural Extension department of the Iowa state College. Prof. C. L. Filch of that department has made a special study of school ground improve i ment and will make a special visit to a Community if circumstance justify it. Or else give assistance through correspondence. The help of the College ices not mean Large expenditure on school grounds but merely wigs expenditure. A Large outlay of Mon is not necessary to beautify school proper it hut merely the Correct use of cheap and simple materials. Ersary of his birth in a manner befitting the occasion so the clashes throughout the College were dismissed for the morning to allow them to handle the affair with a free mind. Led by the College band the procession w hic1 armed behind the engineering a a is Way to the Steps a ? follow ing the pair cd Cia. A a of Era Wearon by flannel shirts Short t a recur stockings. An escort to mechanical in dress suits gifts opera hats Green ties an i smoking Long Clear came next. The coffin was carried to the top step of the building w Here Dona i Berry dedicated the Day and Cere monies to the engineers and St. Patrick. When or. Berry had finished a second Boom of the Cannon was heard the lid of the coffin flew up and St. Patrick himself sprang out. The Saint was dressed in White Robes and crowned with a Bright yeller Halo. After making a speech the honoured Saint reviewed the Parade the different Branch of the engineering department were represented by floats representing their lines. They then listened to a talk by president Pearson after which they finally journeyed to different buildings on the Campus and finally started Down town followed by thirteen or fourteen Hundred of the student body. The procession came up main Street around fifth by the High a lion Ana finally came to a stand in front of the Story county Bink. Here several veils were Given and mayor Sheldon talked to the engineers and welcomed them to the City. A special car was donated by or. Sheldon to take the girls bark to the College while the rest walked Back led by the band. Truly St. Patrick was an Engineer. Weather forecast mostly Cloudy tonight and thursday probably Snow or rain West portion. Colder East and South portions thursday. Moderate to brisk shifting Hisure winds. All. Chas. Hamilton undergoes operation Era i ast year s unfavourable year for n in Iowa handicapped our Tannin the com Competition and they did no twin any big said professor Stevenson. A Iowa Corn growers Haven to adopted the ways of the i professional prize Winner that is perhaps another reason Why they do not carry off big National prizes More or. Charles Hamilton underwent an operation for Cataract of the Eye yesterday morning at the methodist Hospital in Des Moines. The opera Tion was on Only one Eye Aud if it proves As successful As now seems probable the other Eye will by operated upon later. Mrs. De hex was taken to the methodist Hospital in Des Moines yester _ Day and sustained an operation for idly. A Good Deal of pamper a a Atar it of the Eye this morning. Ames boy Sleuth in Washington p f there Are m e a Nee interested Ieie a a Lay who was raise-1 in the Vicinity is now a member of the detective Force of the City of Washington d. A and recently participated in a raid on the Pool Halls of that place or Canaday left Ames to enlist in the array for the Spanish War and when mustered out remained in Washington and joined the poll Force it has risen to the position of detective. In a recent Issue of the washing ton times is told of How or. Canaday secured the evidence which led to raiding of several Pool balls in that City charged with Permuting Garab Ling

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