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Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1914, Page 1

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Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - January 28, 1914, Ames, Iowa If or pages Ames evening times Over Reader published three times a week $1.50 per year indictments returned for bootleggers three Ames men Are charged with illegal Sale of fire water. Buys to put on Rabbit supper i i sunday school class will have feed at congregational Church. We solicit your complaints kick hard i til Weh released on sail Thomas Halverson. C. Nich ols and a a red Daugherty must face trial. The boys of j. C. Pralle a sunday school class will hold a Rabbit supper this evening in the dining room of the congregational Church. This banquet is looked Forward to with eagerness by the boys As it is an Assurance of an evening of pleasure. The boys furnish the rabbits for the meal themselves each boy bringing his own. The fathers of the boys Are to be the Iru ests of the occasion this evening. All Are looking Forward to a splendid time. With the present system of delivering the evening times by Carrier boy there is bound to be some trouble experienced in petting the paper to everyone of our subscribers every night and it is our Earnest request that patrons who do not receive their papers when they should let us know about it right away. It is an easy matter to remedy a mistake of the kind if the complaint is made immediately but when the matter is allowed to run a week or More i Necic is bound to be Mere Crietee confusion. Many subscribers seem to feel that we do not wish to receive complaints when they do not get their papers but the reverse is True. We do want them for that is the Only Meins we have of knowing that they Are not petting what they pay for. It will be a kindness to us if Evert me will let us know immediately gives prizes to contest winners society donates prizes to writers of Best articles on hogs. When they do not receive their paper. More indictments by the Story Quaty grand jury have Yeen made Public and among them were three Ames men. On the charge of illegal Hai of liquor and the Sale of liquor to habitual drunkards. The men from Ames indicted on this charge were Thomas Halverson c. Nichols and bed Quot Daugherty. They were All released on Bonds of $200. Herbert Dawson charged with keeping liquor with intent to sell was released on $500 Bonds. John Buchner plead not guilty to the charge of keeping a gambling Boose the indictment being in Conn lion with a raffle he is supposed to have planned and operated. The assignment for tuesday was Al Lek son is. Gas Ompoy. Citizens National Bank of Story City is. U l. Dale and a. J. Hat Igland. And William harm son is. The Milwaukee railway co Piny. Cor today the assignment was John h. Klop Enburg is. Walter an Aday upon a note. E. A. Crane is. Under a Robert i. Jeffrey is. Fur Dodge. Des Moines amp Southern us. Co. And Emma pair is. Wesley fair on a landlords attachment. No ban on Duck Hunting this year state game Warden e. C. Henshaw has announced that he has no intention of prosecuting Iowa Duck Hunters this Spring under the Federal Law prohibiting the destruction of migratory Birds in the Spring will fight Here on thursday damage by weeds fifty dollars in prize Money has just been distributed by the american Poland China record association to students in agricultural journalism tides covering the history and merits of the Poland China Breed. Four winners were chosen from the contestants As follows first prize Herman Steen West Liberty second. A. U Smith Creston third Ray s. Mcwhor ter Burt fourth p. B. Paxson. South Bend ind. A great year for Extension work in Iowa prof. Kennedy spoke in nearly every county in the state. Big sunday school workers to talk at congregation Al Church. Or. Hinshaw regards the Hunters there will be a school of religious state education at the congregational Church thursday afternoon and even at the afternoon session the or. Pammel writes bulletin for Iowa geological Survey on weeds. Ill departments represented agricultural Extension department will reach 500,000 people. The agricultural Extension department of the College w ill reach 500,00$ License contracts with the which permit them to bunt water fowl until april 15. After these con in a a , i filled a change Wal ape Akera will be Mira Grace Jones of be made in the to that the Ltd a a 0,1 a graded Law it an he enforced Tuttle or Grinnell on flan and or i ionization and prof. Smith of Cal h r. Minkler improving h. R. Minkler who suffered a cerebral Haemorrhage sunday morning la resting easier today. His son Warren arrived from Colorado monday noon and daughter mrs. Vail Riceville. Monday evening. High school inter class games won by juniors Eago on a music and worship in the evening prof. Smith will give an illustrated lecture on a music As an Ald to a sessions Are free and of interest to the Public As from i Wen As teachers. Afternoon session >3 00-5 90, evening session at Iowa and Montana pioneers some interesting history is found in the extract which follows taken from the i Alaa. Montana. Ii depend pm a pm a a a a a a a a a a present indications. Nith Many new courses of study and a larger fore of lectures and instructors the influence of the Extension department is being extended to almost every Community in the state. Ent. Many in Ames will Remender or. And mrs. Cooper who lived on what is now the Arnold farm just East of Ames. Their friends will rejoice to know that they Are still healthy and Able to live up to the habits of Industry which character item them w Hen residents of Story \ How to decrease tile annual $25,-000,000 loss to Iowa crops because of weeds is told in a 900 Page bulletin just published by the Iowa geological i county. # prepare by or. Hammel of Edward f. Cooper of Belmont Wuo the bulletin heart made final roof on his Homestead the bulletin de my m. 3 Reford Colley. At Belleview and Knoxville enjoyed by few homesteaders of this or any other state. Or. Cooper is in his 92nd year while mrs. Cooper is 91 years of age and this venerable a a 3 ,.ina Al women and girls were enrolled in the old couple Are still working their 1 d of j a to. New employment Bureau is used with a Well balanced team and out weighing their Ops Onens the team representing the Junior class of the High school Defeated the senior team last evening in the auditorium for the championship of the school. The Garnet were interesting throughout the entire series and brought out m u h material that has Hill to been t Unknow u to a Moat exciting game of the tour Nam it was tile senior freshmen game last monday evening when an extra period of ave minutes was required t a i ring Forth the victors when the upperclassmen won by the score of 19 to 15. For the winners proper i i Iti a and Stewart were the Star while Ijes Ndu in and Quad were the us ii stay of the first year men. The scam Between tile juniors and the sophomores the same evening resulted in a Victory for the champions by tis store of 28 to 14. The interest of last night s contest Laid Between the juniors and seniors to decide the championship. The game was fast and exciting throughout and after Twenty minutes the juniors managed to Foree their upper a by men to defeat by the score of 25 to 12. For the winners Davis Storey sin. Ricketts bore the Brunt of the playing while Thomas and Brintnall did the most f red table work for Hie losers. The or semen and Sophomore gamer ult cd in a Victory for the freshmen win nig easily 23 to 8. Swearington and Britton did a greater part of the Sophomore scoring the game Weie referred by coach Mindin. Walter Canaday is use the institution started by commercial club. The new employment Bureau re gently instigated by the Ames commercial club is being used Walter Canada being the first to Register. Or. Canada desires the services of a dining room girl for the Ames botel Perr and registered his name with miss Hazel Coons who has charge of the j Bureau. Frank Witherow is also registered in the new Hook he desiring work or. 1-itherow says he will take most any kind of work preferable that in a lumber Yard but does not care for teaming. Anyone desiring help or desiring work May Register with miss Coons. I who i4 located in the office of the Western Union Telegraph company a nominal fee of Twenty five cents will be charged for registration and to keep Floater away. Perry is going out of business acting upon the advice of my he g irises and owing to my condoned �?T111 health i have decided to close out my business in Ames and in order to 5 do this in the least in Saible time i offer my entire Stock and fixtures at first to prices that will move them at Onee. This Sale starts Friday morning. January 30th. It is impossible for me to get the prices ready for this paper. Look tor the Small Bills and later Pap. So it mutation for Low prices us More than be maintained and i not one aril in in the store w ill be of id a k and there will be nothing but what you can buy Cheapo Friday Aud after than at any previous rime watch for the particulars later. W Survey the College each kind of Weed in detail its Tributino in the state and the methods of extermination. A among we most interesting chapters Are those dealing with Hie general character of weeds the scattering of seeds Weed migration the injury iou Ness of weeds and weeds for i medicinal purposes a said prof. Geo. F. Ray. Head of the Iowa geological Survey and head of the department of geology in the University of Iowa. A chapter on Weed Laws gives a summary of the statutes la the various f fetes in the Mission i Aile. A the publication of this concise information in regard to weeds in h As is Given in this bulletin should do much to decrease the great loss of $25,000,000 each year. Quot if the unexcelled resource of our soil should be conserved by the killing of the weeds the Farmers would be greatly benefited in a financial interest in the College As taken to the people has grown by such leaps and Bounds this year that some of the Short courses Are Good rivals for the annual Short course held at the Short courses of a weeks duration wore held recently at which the enrolment in each place was Over seven Hundred. At Belleview Over 350 Joshua chapter no. 127 r. A m. There will he held at the masonic Hall Friday p in. And evening a school of instruction by companion Eugene Shaffer a member of the Board of i custodians. A chapter members Are cordially invited. Chapter at 2p in and 7 30 p. In. In. S. Griffith. H. P. Ben Stull Sec. Home Talent play for Napier Church Young people to present a Farmer Haskins Quot in near future. Lecture course i please line up of Talent for Spring semester far in Advance of previous courses. Feeds Sale s. P. Freed a re lived the first of his igniters from the times Job department announcing his tenth annual Sale of Duroc Jersey bred sows on february 17th or. Freed a sales have become widely known and important events in hog breeders circles. Ames Case in court District court at Nevada has been occupied for the greater in Art of the time yesterday and today with the it of Erk son is. Ames Gas company in which the plaintiff is asking four excellent numbers have been secured for Hie Spring semester in t a ire course at the College. These in elude two lecture numbers and two musical numbers. The first number it will be John Kendrick Bangs on feb-7th. The Kneitel Quartetti on or. Charles Cottrell who t a a companies his wife to Rochester a couple s of weeks ago returned monday even lug mrs. Cottrell sustained a serious operation for goitre at the Mayo Hospital in Rochester and come As far As Clear i Ake w Ith or. Cottrell stopping there for further treatment with her brother in Law or. A. B. Phillips. Damage. Inc ident to the odor 2ut a Leril a tonal operatic from the Gas Plant located near bus residence. Numerous witnesses have been in attendant from Ames. H. A. Meyer has recently moved Here from Ringstad Iowa and is occupying the vet land property on Boone Street. The Young people of the Napier Church will put on a Home Talent play a Farmer Aias Kum in thu a future for the Benefit of the Church. The Date has not been definitely decided upon but it will be the first or see Ond week in february the cast of characters includes Timothy Haskins a Farmers bos Coe Gossett. John Haskins his Sony Frank Kingsbury. Charles Cheswick hem vyv Arthur Ergstrom. Rube Williams comedy a Ralph Kingsbury. Bill Higgins. Character Verne Kingsbury. Hulda Thorne leading Flossie Brooks. Hetty Haskins Timothy s wife a mrs. Joan Kingsbury Selina Boomers Soubrette glad a Johnson. Tildy Haskins. Timothy s 3ister�? mrs. Frank Kingsbury. Homestead which has been transform cd in the past three years com a Chi Solute tract of Range land to one of the Best improved ran bes in lower Belmont country. U. S. Commit loner Bayers states that or. A Ooper sub Ltd de the finest proof Ever turned into his office. The old gentleman who is As Hale and Hea Tyas the average Man at half is age has made building improvements on his ranch which Cost Between $2.$00 and $3,000, besides having to acres under cultivation his entire Traci j fenced Well stocked w Ith machine a j cattle horses hoes. A Well of Fine water Etc. And most of this work has been done by his own hands. Or. Cooper has a past history which would make volumes of interesting Reading. At the time of the Gold discoveries in sen Francisco in 49. Or. Cen per drove a team of mules to that Ity from the state of Illinois. He is a Pioneer of Many state having seen the development of Illinois Iowa. Hic dal Otas. Nebraska and Western Canada and he says he is now witnessing the development of the Hest state i i the Union m Mana although he has lived in All these states when they were hut sparsely Settle and undeveloped he states that none of them Ever had the and v a i Ages to be found in Montana no i Lac anywhere that he has Felt As healthy and robust As right Here. A and Lite Day is not far due amp to said or. Cooper a when Montana will be recognized As the Greaten agricultural state and the richest state in the Home economics courses. During this season prof. W. J. Kennedy head of the department has sicken in almost every county in the state. I ast week he addressed a total of Over 2800 people at various institutes. This wonderful interest in the Extension work is proving very Gratifying to those in charge. Marshalltown and Ames play Friday first Home game of season High school to be for played in armory. Or l. H. Roadster. Bell is driving a new Metz thrown to ground lights on head Luteal Basket Ball fans will have tile Opik it a Unity of seeing the High school team in action next Friday evening when they meet the quintette from Marshalltown on the new armory floor. The authorities have rented the armory floor for that evening due to the fact that the High school floor is not Large enough to accommodate the number of people that will wish to see the contest. Marshalltown has one of the strongest teams in this Vicinity an i conch a dlr i is a a men fitting Hie men through a stiff workout this week in pre it Wrath it a for the contest. The locals came through the Nevada Caille i i Good condition Ami their spirits running High. The contest will be the first of tile Home games and should demand a Large audience. A new floor has been placed in the armory and will make a suitable place for the Home games. The team that will probably Start the game will be Storey Center Thomas Cut left Forward Davis right Forward Brintnall left guard Quad. Right guard. Co. On March Quot the and Edmund n Ance Cooke on March 21st. The Price of season tickets will remain at $100 former Ames Man die8 i 8ink�?~� to u c it except the Kneisel will be 50 cents i. E. Cooper a Long time employee it Jimmny in ten organization of the interurban company died at his am Arl tag outside of tile arg Home in Boone yesterday. Years ago or cities their Price will be $1.00 he a conductor on the College bite _ mrs. Parley Sheldon has been confined to her bed with an attack of Grippe this week. Prof. Beach talks in n. Y. Prof. Beach of the horticulture department of the College left yesterday noon for Rochester nyx a where he will lecture before the Western new York horticultural association the subject of his talk will be a dapple production in the unite porn to or. And mrs. Charles Alfred yesterday a son miss Martha Sheehey spent sunday with her sister in Des Moines. James Ogle was in Des Moines yesterday. A j. Brown is Hurt when horse starts suddenly and he is thrown out. George Judith left monday n for Kansas City Missouri to d lecture before the Missouri veterinary medical soviet a. A a a a a a a weather fore unsettled weather and thursday pro turning to Snow r cold was we St portions. Brisk a winds. T to a yesterday while c. J. Brown 2$4i West Street was getting Luto his Bug near the igniting amp lining Mill the tracks tile horse jumped. And or. Brown was thrown a a ground striking on his head injuring him quite severely e was i ked up and taken to his me where he received medical at a Nylon. He is still pretty stiff from the effects of his fall and Baa been unable to get out of bed As yet his head was Cut and bruised in several places but the injuries Are not considered such. But what he will recover without trouble. Sophomores to give program the program of the next meeting of the Bort society will be Given by tits sophomores. Be ceral w Eek ago the freshmen were in charge of the program and a very Fine one was the result. On this occasion the sophomores will attempt to go them one better. Publish second edition the state government of new York has ordered a second edition of prof. Beach s Book. A apples in new York published and will sell them to the Public at actual Cost there has been a great demand for the professors Book it being considered one of the finest Ever published on this sublet of apples in new York. Rom to or. This morning

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