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Ames Daily Tribune Times (Newspaper) - September 25, 1931, Ames, Iowa A buy better in Ames Ames daily Tribune ttmt58. Ames Iowa. Friday. September 25. 1931 Page Nheb Singer to be heard Here plays with Arliss in motion picture Doris Kenyon costume Singer to will be heard on the music Are of the Iowa slate College con a Ort association november 13, plays opposite George Arliss in the notion picture a Alexander Hamil Ion a which opened at the Ames healer thursday. Miss Kenyon plays the part of Betsy in the to jeep the Ion plot lire. Sold. Miss Kenyon will be heard on the j a concert series in a joint recital with pastor out guesses satan t an Malo noted Spanish violinist j Upland cal., Phi a when one Hundred of the 600 refute \ warm weather Senda Church goers i memberships in the association Are j a golfing on sundays Rev. C. P. Til available prof. Tolbert Man Jones of the Westminster Presby bae head of music at Iowa state Terian Church out games satan by the work accomplished by the Conn i for a number of tears in providing a series of concerts that brings the Best in music to the people of Ames. No single scats to the Kenyon san Malo concert nor to any other of the numbers on the series sex beggar s opera a will be i Aid thursday. As soon As he he heres the Sale of tickets has be a Quot of pie ted Here professor Macrae will open sales in Nevada and Boone. The cont Ort association was created this year to finance the numb series which the music Council of the College has provided in the past. Last year the Council sponsored a series at a considerable loss. The association will carry on moving his services to a Mountain Cabin near Here owned by the Church. The congregation goes in Masse to the cooler Canyon freakish egg Laid Framingham mars., heir an egg within an egg was Laid by one of Reginald Jenny a Rhode is land hens. This freakish poultry product had two Shell two Yolk and two Whites. Fowler a grocery Between Heaters we deliver phone 550 Sweet potatoes Virginia red stars my 6 lbs. Z c h d lettuce 2 for. 25c apples eating 6 lbs. 25c cranberries per la. 17c cauliflower Bead. 25c bananas per Doz. Be potatoes no. I speck. Big 4 soap to bars. Bulk dates pitted 2 lbs. 25c 28c 37c Coffee Butternut 2 lbs. 78c peanuts fresh roasted. Try a Pound _ la. Inc Navy Beans Michigan hand picked _ 3 a. 2lc butter fresh Creamery b 30c sliced Bacon cellophane wrapped la. 19c pure lard 2 lbs. Zic meat loaf veal pork rat of 33c hearts la. Be beef roasts Rump or rib la. Rolled tic pork roasts lean la 15c beef roasts Cut from baby beef la. Chuck 18c Spring chickens 3 to 4-lb average a a Pancake flour aunt Jemima. 9 14 Large pkg. Z7v fio bars big Sioux 2 lbs 25c Tomato soup Man Campbells 3 cans Zajc Tokay grapes 3 lbs so a toe Sweet Pota toes 25c food amp fruits la of Ioc 200 sacks of High Grade flour so 83c 3 ski $1,40 5sks $390 Hominy per can. So i Ginger snaps la. Ioc celery per Bunch. So jell per Glass. Ioc toilet paper per Roll. 5c cookies mrs. Bately per Doz. Ioc Lima Beans per can so peas or Corn no. 2 cans. Ioc Jar rubbers. Per dozen. So Mackerel 1-lb cans. Ioc Merit bread per loaf. 5c flour 4 lbs Ioc red Beans Otoe can a Pancake flour Jack Frost 3l/a-lb a. Pkg. Z pc Honey i la comb 15c oranges dozen. 15c butter Vita Gold lbs i. 34c Salmon 1-lb can Ioc Northern Beans 6 lbs 25c apples Jonathan 6 lbs. Macaroni or Spaghetti pkg 25c so Coffee Chase amp Sanborn a a aet of _ a lbs. §5c Bacon. Cush is Premium la. Peaches no. To size can. Red raspberries 5 no. 2 cans i Swan Down cake flour 48c 25c cherries red pitted no Ioen pineapple. No 2vs mss 2 cans., malt Blue rib Bon 3-lb can cookies Assort and sizes la 78c 35c 45c 20c Ioc West Bird supplies a full line Row Bird seed Bird gravel Bird sing a tone lawns de and fertilizer. Now is the time to reseed. And de Coe seed store phone 1063 free delivery a. Hougens grocery 318 main free delivery phone no. 81 corned beef cabbage. 19c jiggs�?25c value zippered herring \. 15c King Oscar brand�?20c value _ Pancake flour 25c value 19c eggs do 19c, 2 do 37c, j do 55c with other goods butter Boone Creamery. 31c 8 we it pickles full pint 25c value 19c 8weet relish Opal 30c value. 19c onions extra Fine la at Only. So cabbage fancy Quality very Belt. 6c oranges Doxen 18c 2 dozen. 35c bananas grit Grade 4 lbs. 26c Honey White Clover Box 18c 2 for. 35c tomatoes 3 can for. 26c a matches Carton of six 5c boxes at. 19c soda crackers two kinds 2 lbs for 29c apples jonathans 5 lbs for 25c a _ where smiling service Welcome s you 11 to p the Thrifty buyer 30-Day charge accounts solicited j Home bakery specials Tea biscuits Graham Doz so j Angel food cake each 20c i Apple pie delicious try one each 25c Pecan Rolls made with Honey Cluster soup Campbells pure Tomato of a 3 cans. We peaches Del Monte Melba halves no. 2<o can 2 for. Butter perfection fancy i la Northern tissue 3 Rolls tomatoes Rush hand packed 3 for 29c 8ugar, Fine granulated to lbs. 53c bread a Home town Quot 16-oz loaf. 5c Corn Cool Spring Fey country gent., 2 for. 25c chips makes perfect suds age pkg ?21c pineapple a broken slices no. 2l/8 can. 19c Post 8 bran flakes 2 pkg syrup Virginia Sweet it 25c Pancake flour free fresh fruit and vegetables Tokay grapes Fine fruit la Ioc apples Jonathan. 4 lbs �&5e by. $1.89 bananas solid Vellow Ripe fruit 4 lbs 25c Sweet potatoes Fine cooker 8 lbs 25c cauliflower Large Heads 25c 30c oranges Sweet Juicy 2 dozen. 48o cabbage Green solid la. 5c Choice cuts of heat leg of Lamb 25c Spring Lamb la. Spring Fries milk fed Oslo chickens la Ovic pork roast fresh Haiti. Boned and tolled la 20c pot roast Corn fed reef Lamb shoulder roast a 19c la 20c Complete Stock of cold meats the Way butter Boone fancy it Creamery by Wise buy Wise and economize at a Home town bread White Raisin whole wheat to loaf a the Home of Quot Economy Quot Sci Ltd Qai Moni l re Vii of Loki la to 2 for 19c Tina Fth val1 Ltd i i it a i in it fan 2 for 35c zippered snacks 2 for 15c banned fish Galmon tuna fish herring flour Gold medal a Kitchen tested 5 la bag 18c 1214-lb bag .35c 24l/2-lb bag 49 la bag 65c $1.25 Cane sugar sea Island pure Cane 10-lb cloth bag. 53c 25-lb cloth bag. .$1.32 100-lb bag .$5.17 tomatoes love Apple no. 2 cans 3 for Green Beans Rush Choice Cut no. 2 cans 3 for 25c 29c Kaffee hag decade sized Coffee i la sugar peas 29c Lake state age Switz no. 2 can 3 for Kellogg a bran flakes or Rice Kris pies Coffee folgers Golden Gate i la. Beans fancy great Northern. 4 lbs. 42c pork amp Beans Van Camps 3 cans 19c \ apricots full Worth Large no. To can soap he a naptha bars 28c Kirk a hard water Castile or Camay Tokay grapes 2 lbs 19 Large fruit Large Bunches bananas Green Beans fresh Home 0% my grown .2 lbs z9c Jonathan apples eating baking sauce pies Sweet potatoes. 8 lbs 25c Patmore finest cookers. Red onions 6 lbs 25c u. S. No. I Grade. Oranges fresh Green peas la. 25c cauliflower Large. 25c-30c cranberries new crop 2 lbs 35c Keifer pears extra fancy Illinois buy today by. $1.09 a always the Best for less 2 dozen33c 2 dozen45c head lettuce j to 17c Crisp fresh solid. Potatoes put he or 1 Xiv clean Best cookers 15-lb Peck he Acorn Squash Ripe 6 for. 25c Calif. White onions 3 lbs. 25c fish. Washed turnips 4 lbs 25c Jonathan apples eat plenty of apples for health extra fancy Idaho by. $1.89 fancy Illinois by $1.39 a to Quot a pie a i Mayonnaise thousand in a Jav Kat i 5 Island Sandwich spread pint Jar Philadelphia Cream cheese for j sorghum la j pure country 5 la. Can. 52 c i Quaker Oats i Quick or regular Large pkg. 0 0 of i marshmallows up fresh Fluffy i la. I 5c / Tomato juice / Campbells new pack 3 cans 25c in of to t the Famou i Tellu dessert f j All flavors in for a pm a set of d four jello Moulds free i Al Ivl i amp peaches 2for 55c a a Quot Al no. 2�/, can a age no. To can 49c i Tea biscuits new round pans White or Graham or i doughnuts / made from cake dough Doz. 19c / i Angel food cakes 30c sine each 20c / cinnamon Kris pies 20c i delicious for breakfast Doz of cow roast Beu pose s Market Quality meats at Low Coit Larsen s Campus Market. -220 main Street 103 Welch ave. V no we i a 4 i Quot pm veal roast fancy milk fed Iowa calves la 18c fresh sweetbreads extra Fine la 22c pork roast Light fresh 1mm b Ned and rolled la. 18c spare ribs strictly fresh 2 lbs. 25c beef roast Corn fed Rumps boned and rolled la. 25c breast of veal Fine to bake la. 12c genuine Lamb legs always the Best for less boiling is beef Corn fed 3 lbs

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