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Ames Daily Tribune Times Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1936, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune Times (Newspaper) - October 02, 1936, Ames, IowaUse classified ads Ujj to buy Feu Kwh Angr or rent j Telephone 2400 Ames daily Tribune and times Universal in the Ames Tirb Tobt generally fair Friday night and saturday cooler p m 6 Friday s a m 44 2 p m 81 vol 70 no 80 official Amu and Story county paper Ames Iowa Friday october 2 1936 United wire service these cents yanks swamp giants 18 4 in second Roosevelt pots Hopes in i u s sounds latin America on neutrality copyright 1936 by United Washington United states in the interest of main tuning peace in the Western hemisphere is now confidentially sounding leading latin american Dent Franklin d Roosevelt Veceiva nations on a sweeping draft con optimistic picture of state of nation Jersey City n j Vej a tremendous ovation Here Fri Day in a Brief visit during which he dedicated new units of the Jersey City medical Center and used the mention of neutrality to outlaw unofficial wars and Block credits to belligerents the United press Learned exclusively Friday the text of the proposed draft Al Smith ills in l occasion to defend the newly Pas convention was Given in Confidence de social Security act informally to various diplomatic the president said during the envoys Here for transmission to1 depression the difficulty of obtain1their respective governments for severs lifelong tie with Democrat party new York Smith of the Fulton fish Market and the Empire state building carried his Brown Derby into the Republican party Friday i firmly believe that the remedy for All the ills that we Are suffering from today is the election of Alfred m Landon boy rag funds thru municipal or priv study and observations before the vate sources would have meant a inter american peace conference serious shortage in carrying for patients and in giving them Ade quate facilities had it not been for Federal assistance thru Loans and Grants fifty thousand people heard him declare that the social Security act gave great Aid in promoting Public wealth and had the endorsement of most of the medical profession scores of thousands of cheering who Rose to governor of of new York become four times this state severed convenes at Buenos Aires dec 1 in essence it seeks to modernize the peace machinery of the West err hemisphere pledge nations it would first pledge the nations to the principle of Pacific Settle ment of disputes in Case such principles fail it would bind those nations not to commence hostile citizens lined the route his automoji5ts without a previous and Une Ife took to the medical Center Pittsburgh president Tui Oeal declaration of War with reasons Given or an ultimatum a conditional declaration of Roosevelt delivered an impassion War unofficial wars among Sig defense of new Deal spending a stories would thereby be outlaw and Curnew Deal methods of Fig Tecl his lifelong ties with the demo cratic party the forum before which he announced his momentous one in the life of the Man Franklin d Roose velt once called the Happy War a meeting at Carne Gie Hall sponsored by the inde pendent coalition of american the depression thursday night in the second speech of his Campaign for reelection it was an optimistic picture of die state of the nation that he Drew to an audience estimated by police at 70000 in the Ball Park of the Pittsburgh National league club National income has gone up faster than we Date then in 133 to Hope deficits have been than we x s the National if it no at the present As i am Cru rident that it will the receipts of the government without imposing additional taxes will within a year or two be sufficient to care to All Ordinary and Relief expenses of the in other words if balance the annual Bud get shutout altho the purpose of the draft convention primarily parallels the league of nations cognizance is taken of the fact that some of the probable signatories to this pact aready Are members of the league an escape clause is provided to i event conflict with league obligations at the same time the proposed treaty was regarded As affording the leaguer a Model instrument of strengthening its Chinery which failed pro during the Italo ethiopian War restrictions in Case of hostilities declaration or ultimatum Neutral Powers under the terms of the draft treaty would be free to organization working for the election of gov Landon and Frank Knox All the Way no one knew that he would Bow himself out of his party entirely Many of his friends thought that he would castigate the new Deal without endorsing the Republican candidate but asserting that president Roosevelt leads not a democratic party but the new Deal party he went All the Way next Friday he Speaks in Philadelphia before the Campaign is Over he will speak in Massachusetts and Illinois where he has Large personal followings gov Landon and Herbert Hoo ver Smiths Campaign rival in 1928 in the Landon living room listened to him by gov Landon expressed his pleasure at Smiths ment r irrevocably Smith buried his Jlong waning Friendship with the without a Nian in the White House As the f run Chiott Trade Board starts test of Price measure Washington up the fed eral Trade commission Friday launched an initial test of its pow ers under the far reaching Robin so Putnam act which forbids merchandisers from granting discriminatory Price discounts interstate Commerce the commission filed three com plaints naming five different con Cerns in test cases which probably will be carried to the supreme court in an Effort to clarify the complicated provision of the stat Ute which was passed by the last Congress the Law already has had wide spread repercussions in retail and wholesale merchandising Fields business men have been eager for court interpretation of the Law so that they May determine definitely How much adjustment of their Price practices is necessary firms named in the Trade com missions test actions were Kraft Phoenix cheese corp Chicago Shefford cheese company Syra Cuse n y Bird and son inc Bird floor covering sales corp East Walpole mass and Mont Gomery Ward and company All were charged with violation of the Price discrimination feat ures of the act which was intended by its sponsors to equalize com petition Between Chain another Large firms and smaller Independent dealers in democratic Standard 1928 he reminded 39000 bearer of i travelled i it Usu pc Obj f n n to a j j p Clare for the purposes of their and j municipal legislation concerning neutrality that a stat of War sex when the present management its this action would not be unfriendly act nor afford grounds for complaint the treaty would give Neutral Powers Freedom to impose such restrictions or prohibitions on Trade and Commerce Between them Ned belligerents As they might continued on Page eight of your team took charge he the National scoreboard looked pretty bad in fact it looked so much like a shutout that you voted a change of management in order to give the country a Chance to win the game and today we Are winning it x x x we saw the millions out of work the business concerns run Ning in the red the Banks closing our National income had declined Over 53 what was worse it showed no project of recuperating by itself x x x during the four lean years be Landon glad to Miles thru this country the gospel of democracy and i think i can say with i continued on Page fore this administration took of Hoover save cause is lice that National income had declined from 81 billions a year to 38 billions a Short you and j fall of us together were making 43 billion dollars less in 1932 than we made in 1929 Prosperity Index now the Rise and fall of nation Al it tells the Story of How much you and i and every body else Are an Index to the Rise and fall of National Prosperity it is also an Index of Prosperity of the government democratic nominees i x x the Only Way to keep a gov of support says 7 million More workers now employed Washington w o Leary chairman of a special committee on employment told United states chamber of com Merce directors Friday that pm pay rent of workers in Industry Ard private business has increased 7000000 from the Low Point of the depression Olearos statement was made in a preliminary report on a sur which he has had underway for the past four months in an Effort to determine methods by which i yer ments May cooperate with Industry in putting men Back to work it is clearly evident1 Oleary said that All estimates of present unemployment Are i am Happy to fight exaggerated estimates Are tos Boulder with such leaders As j found to be inaccurate and Are Alfred e Smith governor Landon a series for All practical purposes said in reference to the former the Oleary statement came As making Progress i Topeka Kan Alf Landon energetically prepared Friday to swing into the final stage of his Campaign with the Active support of both 1928 major party presidential b Smith and Herbert Hoover out of the red is to keep tin people out of thu red we had to balance the budget of the Ameri can people before we could balance continued on Page eight test your knowledge can you int War to Van of these tit questions turn to Page three for 1 in which of Tennyson poems is the line he makes no friends who never makes a foe 2 in which state was the Bat in tie of Eutaw Springs fought the american revolution 3 what was the name of the wife of Cain 4 How Many stripes Are there in the american Flag c where is the Massachusetts agricultural College on what Lake it the City of Fon do Lac via 7 who Are the three by in music i who waa Henri Christophe what a motto of the state of new York 16 who wrote the mar declaration j uie chamber directors assembled dior the last meeting before the no that declaration coincident with i vember election with a View to he conclusion of a five hour visit clarifying Tho Chambers position by former prompted the president Republican Hoover 01 several issues which Are con nominee to say i deeply appreciate the support of or Smith a gnat Democrat and a great american he has placed country above partisanship the issues of this Campaign Are so fundamental As to transcend party lines this election will decide the firm of government we shall pass on to future generations i am Happy to fight shoulder to shoulder with such leaders As Alfred e Smith in this contest for the preservation of american principle the former president announce ins that his first speech in support of the Kansas governor would be at Philadelphia oct 16 discussed Campaign plans in general with governor Landon and said that the Republican cause was making Trover Sial in the Campaign Progress Cross the country e open firm new York he stocks opened steady to firm in moderately Active trading led by motors and oils Bonds moved irregularly cot ton declined the French franc and other former Gold hot units declined stocks sported on the Paris when trading re Tomci deficit Washington is Cut the Feder Al government closed the first Tiu Arter of the new fiscal year with a deficit of less than that of the of the first three months of the last fiscal year the Treasury department reported Fri Day Register now All persons of voting Aje who have not yet ref Lister de urged to do so at once at the City clerks of fice the City Hall m to 5 p m each week Day All who Are to Vou in the nov s election Mutt registered before oct All me cd ref plattring in Tare in to keep a Merit film Al Mav be at a titty Audi French decree Fivi Caln franc is not pegged at fixed Point Paris the French gov even sent published an official de Cree Friday evaluating the Franr and reopening the bourse the decree while evaluating the franc did not Peg it at a Defin Ite Point it will be held by an equalization fund at Between 101 and 103 to the Pound and Between 2050 and 2075 to the Dollar the Law a evaluating the franc provided a Gold Content ranging be tween a maximum of 49 Milli Grams and a minimum of 43 Milli Grams compare with 655 Milli Grams the previous Gold Content in terms of the u s Dollar 43 milligrams would be equivalent to 2296 francs per Dollar while 49 milligrams would equal 2015 francs per Dollar so far the actual Exchange rate Between the two currencies has not been fixed but the franc momentarily will be allowed to find its level Between the two Points after the decree was published the Bank of France reduced its discount rate from 5 to 3 percent it had been raised to halt Frances less of Gold the bourse reopened at noon most actively some issues boomed but trading was handicapped by a dearth of offers in the first half hour the Dollar remained at 2145 francs and the British Pound at 10575 As a result of the francs devaluation the International currency situation is expected to become More stable the original agree ment Between the United states France and England provided that their three currencies would be kept at approximate parity each is to Aid the others by Means of stabilization funds to accomplish this end wanted Man killed when vehicles hit Lineville to car an a Tomoti Setruck collision Friday killed Clair Roberti Davis City la Man wanted in Missouri on charges of har boxing bandits who at tempted to Rob the Blytheville Bank Roberts escaped from a Deputy at Bethany to last sunday after having Beer sought for nearly a year the Accident occurred at top of a Bill four Miles North of Here Roberts car turned Over Teri Law mrs Grace of St Joseph to wat injured critic Call Roberts wife or and mrs earthm Riff no and Jim Keown other of car Hurt Tess Yankees giants batteries Yankees Gomez and Dickey giants Schumacher Smith Kiv Uffman Gabler Gumbert and Mancuso 1 2 0 2 0 1 giants s 3 5 678 r h e 1 17 0 0 6 1 lost pet 1 1 500 s 1 1 500 set new Lazzeri smacks Homer with bases loaded Yankees a r Crosse i is 5 4 a cafe 3b 4 3 Maggo of 5 t Nebrig in 5 1 Lickey c 5 3 Selkirk of 1 colonists first fair exhibits prove Matakuska Valley Fertility Llowell if 3 i azeri 2b 4 i Gomez p 1 h to a 3 01 i 2 0 380 2 6 t 2 s 0 1 2 0 2 0 1 1 3 1 0 u totals giants Moore if Hartell is Terry in Leiber of i if Mancuso c Uthit Elead 2b Jackson 3b Fabj Imachar p Smith p Kaufman p Davis i Gimbert p totals 2 0 0 0 ii u 1 h i n 0 o o 46 27 10 1 typical of Matakuska Valley Homes and farm buildings Are these owned by Walter Pippel colonial who already has started repaying his government loan he was inexpert truck Gardener in Minnesota before going to Alaska striking proof that nearly every variety of vegetable can be grown in alaskans Given Here in an exhibit at the first Man Tanuska Valley fair m d Snodgrass old settler in the Valley Ami j chairman of the fair is shown with onions carrots cucumbers cabbage lettuce turnips celery potatoes wheat and Clover raised by colonists Liberty for Spain Azana protests foreign Aid to fascists copyright 1936 by United Preis Madrid government will win the civil War and will give Spain not socialism or communism but real political Liberty president Manuel Azana said Friday in a forceful interview he asserted that if the nationalist insurgents had not received Aid from foreign governments the War would have been Over Long ago the president mentioned Only a declaration that Italy had helped Fie rebels but the government Al ready had disclosed its protests to Germany and Portugal in addition o Italy against their alleged direct Aid to the insurgents a Anas expressions of Confidence in government Victory seemed to match the determination of Cabinet ministers to beat off the rebels pressing in on the capital from All directions loyalist leaders Are ready for he fight the popular front representing the government coalition parties appealed dramatically to All citizens Friday to assist in the fortification of the capital we Are at the decisive moment of an epic fight said the Appeal the enemy counts on the support of German italian and portuguese fascism their one aim is to con Quer Madam they shall not Pas Madrid must and will be the Tomb of fascism president Azana agreed that it would Well to try to humanize the War of efforts of South american diplomats to humanize it he said a Sueh efforts have my sup Prtrt it is a laudable work worthy of Praise Diann fat ending his interview m two heavy Frost reported at Charles City Des Moines cd the first freeze of the season in Iowa was reported Friday by the United states weather Bureau temperatures dropped to 32 at Charles City and Dubuque result ing in a heavy Frost Light Frost was reported in Keo Kuk while Davenport had a comparatively heavy Frost the weather Bureau reported it is Likely that temperatures dropped to As Low As 30 in open country of northeastern Iowa Charles d Reed senior meteorologist explained it was 30 at la Crosse wis South Cental and Western portions of the state escaped Frost be cause of cloudiness during the night Reed said generally fair Friday a igbo and saturday with cooler weather in extreme Northwest portions is the forecast for the weekend the highest temperature in the state thursday was 60 at Daven port and Keokuk j x batted for Kaufman in 4tb xxx batted for Gabler in St summary itunes batted Hidi Imaggio 2 gebri1 2 Dickey 5 Laz Lizeri 5 Gomez 2 Bartell Terry i two base hits Dimaggio Manuso Bartel Home runs Lazzery Dicker sacrifice nit Dimaggio stolen base Powell left on base Yan Kees 6 giants 9 strikeouts Schu Macher 1 Kauffman 1 Gomez 8 bases on balls Sutra cached 4r Smith 7 Gabier 3 Gomes t Bert 2 hits off pitchers Sci Lumae or 3 in 2 Smith 2 in 13 2 in i 23 Gabler 5 m 4 pm Ebert 5 in 1 wild pitches Schumacher Gomez double play Leiber to Jackson to Bartell losing Pitcher Schumacher umpires Harry Geisel at the plate Georgd Magerkurth in first base William Summers second base Charles Pfirman no third base Polo grounds new York i a new world record in runs and hits the new Yucik Yankees Friday Defeated the giants is to 4 thus evening the count in series victories at president Roosevelt was a spec is for the Yankees who made 1 hits won Tho behind the somewhat erratic pitching of who allowed six hits the rites knocked Hal Schumacher out of the boxes a starter toward policeman shot by Bandit Trio same three held up truck Driver clar1xda la Gray Clarinda policeman was shot in the leg Early Friday during a gun fight with three men whom he encountered in the Burlington rail Road Yards Gray was making his regular round when he saw the men with out warning they opened fire Gray returned the fire hut did not i bases Gehrig hit Fly into right Homer with the bases filled which drug off the Bat of Tony la exert it was the second time in work series history that a 1 Tasman a Bomer with thres men aboard first inning Yankees Crosetti drove liner to Centerfield for single Rolfe walked putting Crosetti on seen Dimaggio bunted along third base line beat it to first for hit fitting know whether any of his bullets had taken effect shortly after the shooting a truck Driver named Johnson was held up by the same three Meir eight Miles East of red Oak kid naked and forced to drive into Page county there the truck and Driver were abandoned sn3 the Trio escaped again Grays wound was not serious he was struck in the Fleshy part of his right leg in j Nebraska ready for Cyclone team Field Crosetti scored alter catch Rolfe went to third dim Affia stayed on first Dickey up i mtg Gio went to second on wild Miteb Dickey hit High Fly to Short Field seat Mayber Cut off threw to Home and tossed to Jackson get Dimaggio As he went to third continued on Page two Lincoln neb sat used with his first team Backfield do Bible in the Ruoco Appeal from death sentence is filed Des Moines Appeal for a death sentence was filed Friday of with the line the state supreme court Fri the Cornu slurs tapered off by the longest resident of i reparations for the opening tool Fath Row at the Iowa state Penly a of e 8eason with Lowa Teut Lary Tony Thompson 36 years saturday practice thursday Bible had i aunt Lindy says of Thompson originally was sched in it Tab Mills and Ted Doyle at tackle1 tiled to dlr oct 28 he was convicted of the murder of Martin Wolf Farmer the slaying occurred during a torture robbery attempt in court wid an opinion a erecting Fred Shirey and kills to probably will Start at end Jack Paul right i t i jump nay he handed Down this Mouth j London o bar if rhe fort the plea to Ali Hgt up h Orv Clyde l her ring inns set a from Steri if new Date for the Warta Jymm 14 m

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