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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Ames, Iowa Ames daily Tribune vol. 91�?no. 70 official Ames and Story county paper Ames Iowa. Saturday. September 21. 1957 United press wire service seven cents May Avert French a crisis by now plan Paris up leaders forged a Compromise today on algerian Home Rule and thus saved the government from imminent collapse. A government spokesman said the essence of the Compromise was to cancel a controversial paragraph article 12, of the framework Law which provides for a president of an algerian federative Assembly. Instead this will go unmentioned in the framework Law. When the time comes to decide about severe asian flu epidemic possibility by United press the new and last spreading asian flu now sweeping across North America May be the forerunner of a deadly epidemic a new York doctor warned Friday. The Type of asian flu already building up to epidemic proportions in Mississippi. Louisiana Texas and Many other states As j Well As foreign countries is comparatively mild. But or. Perrin h. Long of new j York City a College of Medicine j said Iii Montreal that the world Frueh political i an algerian chief executive which wont come for at least two years this will be decided by Law. Premier Maurice Bour gel Mau Noury said the round table discussion a brought several changes and several betterment to the initial project which in my opinion do not modify its the Compromise solution was reached at the second Day of a meeting Between courses and Frances party chieftains. There were 19 representatives of All political parties except the communists and righting Pou sadists. They were faced with coaching a solution or bringing on another political crisis and there still was a possibility today a Compromise May come unstuck during next weeks parliamentary debate. The deadlock was Over the Bill giving Home Rule to Algeria and Over tin measures to end runaway inflation. Failure or even continuation of the political deadlock could bring Down the government and perhaps end the postwar fourth Republic. Patrol to help of Iowa has flu epidemic Ike counsels no Little Rock trouble Faubus disclaims responsibility for possible violence monday Little Rock. Ark. Up a gov. I order will leave later today with Orval e. Faubus today dumped mrs. Faubus for the Southern gov says troop withdrawal necessary Little rocks integration problem into the hands of local and Federal authorities and disclaimed responsibility for any violence that May occur monday when unguarded White schools will be opened to negroes. Conference at sea Island Newport in. Up a president Eisenhower today counselled errors a.�?~,i the people of Little Rock ark., to As soon As hauls leaves it comply with court ordered school gov Nathan Gordon will take Over As Arkansas chief executive. Faubus said in a television speech Friday night he was Call Des Moines up a the Iowa Highway patrol will be made wide flu epidemic of 1919 and the available to county health author North american outbreak in 1929 transport vaccine and per followed a Isicc stage pattern. Gonnel if an epidemic of asian1 a mild outbreak causing few flu develops in the state it was deaths was followed by a severe announced today outbreak with Many fatalities. The acting safety commissioner rus a epidemics tapered off in the third sen Brown said arrangements stage which was similar to the Haye made with Edmund first Zimmerer. State health commis steady easy does it workmen erecting steel beams in the municipal Power Plant lean precariously outside the framework to change the position of the platform used for riveting. The 52-foot framework will support the boiler for a new steam Turbine Generator. The boiler has a capacity of 140,000 pounds of water and holds steam at 825 degrees and 600 pounds per Square Inch pressure to operate the 140,000 kilowatt Generator. Tribune photo. Of tile asian flu follows the pattern. Long , a More severe outbreak May be expected later in the year. Already More than 100,000 persons have been stricken with asian flu in the United states. Asian flu is building up biggest 1957 Price prop loan goes to Mississippi Plantation King Haakon 85, died in sleep at Oslo Oslo Norway up a King Haakon Vii of Norway died in his sleep today at the age of 85, plunging into sorrow a nation which had idolized its Monarch for bin and new East West a Battle lines in in drawn United nations n v. Up delegates to the general Assembly took advantage of to weekend Lull today to Survey the a Battle lines of East West conflict drawn during the first week of the Assembly s 12th session. No formal . Activity was scheduled today except a closed meeting of the advisory committee on the emergency Force that is patrolling the troubled Borders of the Middle East. A report on the current status of in of is exacted Early next week. Monday mornings Assembly session will be devoted to policy speeches by Peru Canada colom zealand All nations integration a without tile chief executive in a special statement expressed his first Public opinion on the withdrawal of Arkansas National guardsmen from Central High school in Little Hock in compliance with a temporary injunction issued by Federal District judge Ronald n. Davies. A die president called withdrawal in not beaten Quot raucous total Laby gov 0rval e. A newsman who hid put the Del a bul a be Cussary the feat question to him bluntly. Re a Faubus who pulled National lug off the troops that had guarded guardsmen from their posts out Central High from the first Day of Side Central High school Friday i the fall term to prevent negro tonight in bowing to a Federal court dents from entering j but he denied he had been Defeated Iii what he Termini a preventive action to preserve the peace. A a in a not beaten a Faubus told i fight is not Over. Guardsmen left the school Only a few hours after Federal judge Ronald n. Davies enjoined Faubus a i am confident a he said a that the citizens of the City of Little Rock and the state of Arkansas and two military aides not to in will Welcome this Opportunity to Tefere with integration. Demonstrate that in their City and Hock were jubilant Over Davie a in their state proper orders of a ruling United states court will be Che Faubus ordered the National j cd ted promptly and without Dis gut Damen who have kept ne-1 Grot s out of the school three presidents statement was disbanded Friday night to sooner for use of the Highway a j j troll if and when medical author Washington up a a British counties calif., for 75,143 bushels ties need a transportation owned Plantation in Mississippi wheat. Brown said arrangements also received the agriculture depart �?$138,627 to Richard Gumz of saying no to Hitler and traitor i Friendly to Ltd the West Are being made to give each High mentus biggest Price support loan North Judson ind., for 91,202 j Quisling in the face of certain de East and West will not come to Way patrolman a shot of flu vac in 1956�?$1,446,605. Bushels of Corn. Feat. A grips again until monday after to eni Cine. A we want to be sure the the ? 1 a of Delta amp Pine j my 1 Brownson a figures also showed he was the worlds oldest reign noon when the general Assembly Dernie pro rations in Texas Accord in try lab a a continue in a Scott. Miss., for 8,967 Bales i Kin and Quot and Quot to Norway whether to include two ii 8 to state health director Henry interrupted service to the people o Ootton was regaled in neb. Received �8italbott store it won Independence no controversial and of Iowa and be in condition to rent a Ufi Iona record wheat and Corn totalling $243,700. Swede in 1905. Red chivas right to a . Seat 411 a is of the state have been Render any additional service that a a j the state with the highest aver stolid norwegians bearing of his a in its Agenda. A a Well seeded wife the virus hoi May be needed a he said. T of Toms which jkj0&Quot. A a a a we of aft Quot a a Shea by lord of Mil the Salt to and the Quot of Bod. U ported said. Several Public schools in East Brown emphasized that vaccine a ext Lara a a a a a Quot a he 7.164. Arizona also topped the Black bordered newspapers approve discussant of Hungary and Southeast Texas have closed shots would be Given Only to Mem enl to to a in Leas r average for wheat Loans with stopped in the streets bowed their and to ban consideration this year Mississippi authorities feared a hers of the safety department who Vyron lex., or t $ie,646. California had the highest Heads removed their Caps and of the perennial Issue of China flare up of about 25. A Kyj cases of the Are a giving the Public direct ser Wel no cd average Rice support loan-$18,425.1 wept. This week Secretary of state flu could be a the beginning of a vice in traffic safety crime pre rep. Charles b. Brownson in no state averages were Given on in the last few Days a Respi i John Foster Dulles on thursday Long expected nationwide epidemic mention or fire week minutes before he announced in a television and radio speech that lie had surrendered. Tho injunction is temporary and Faubus said his lawyers will Appeal to tin1 . Circuit court of appeals an 60,000 persons in Louisiana have contracted the virus. The asian flu has swept across 22 parishes counties. In upstate new York there have been 1,145 suspected flu cases in to luding those at migrant labor Camps. Monaco Hopes for boy now Monte Carlo up a most Charles b. Brownson r no state averages were Given on i in the last few Days a resp-1 John Foster ind who also made Public the Cotton. Oratory ailment put Hun on the and soviet foreign minister an names of individual farms receive Secretary of agriculture Ezra t. Critical list and doctors prepared Drei Gromyko on Friday Laid Down Ling the largest Price support Loans Benson has contended that the big the people for the end. His heart the lines of conflict which Are cd in 1954 and 1955, put the figures in Farmer benefits most from Price stopped at 4 35 this morning 11 35 peeled to dominate much of the the record. He said the Agricula support programs because he has pm. . Friday j Assembly a coming debate. Ture department supplied the4the largest acreage breakdown. Brownson a figures also showed Sarasin named prime minister of Thailand Crown Prince Olav Haakons i each blamed the other for the Choice to Farmer Only child automatically became current troubles of the Middle under the Price support pro King and swore allegiance to the blast and each urged the a amp sem Monagas ques said today they i the recipients of the largest Loans Gram a Farmer can turn his crop norwegian Constitution at avidly to adopt the proposals for Dis hoped Princess Grace and Prince on the nations two other major Over to the government and re extraordinary Cabinet meeting it armament advanced by his Side Rainier a new baby would be a crops wheat and Corn. They chive a a a loan equal to the sup the Palace this morning. M die deeply divided world brother for Princess Caroline. Were port Price of the Price goes Down when the military forces of hit --"1 a. Bangkok up National Assembly a Thailand s today unania Monaco was delighted at the wheat Corn Loans news issued Friday night that their �?$149,220 to Jackson amp Reinert Royal family is expecting another san Luis Obispo and Monterey child late in March. But it was not As excited As at the announcement of Princess graces first to reinstate circulate petition. _. Pregnancy Mously approved Pote Sarasin As birth of Princess Caroline the nation s new prime minister. Lam months Ogo assured a Jef of the an heiress to the throne. Organza Jas r0yal line exists. Monaco a remains an Independent tax free j he is Secretary general Southeast Asia treaty bul thrown earlier this week in a it to French taxes. Marshal succeeds Field marshal i principality of the line Dies it re petition railing Sonogram who was Over verts to Fri Ance an j become sub Diate a reinstate Sioux rapids Iowa up a a for the a Gimme statement of the sus a Pended manager of the state liquor bloodless coup led by crowds gathered in the court a circulated Here to Sarit thanarat commander in i Ard Friday night hoping for an Day. Chief of Thailand a army and for appearance on the Balcony of the petition expressed a Complete Mer minister of defense. Prince Rainier and his former i to Clidence and implicit Faith a Royal decree from King movie tar wife but they did Phum Iphon Adun det appointing so Jove the protestant threat in Church feud Sarasin to the Post was expected this afternoon. Sarasin former ambassador to the United states was reliably reported to have been agreed upon by the National in a secret vote Friday. He is to Satcho to appear do Man named to safety Post in not us a reputation and integrity of store manager Albin Turnquist who was suspended because of a shortage of 41 bottles of liquor. The at Cedar rails petition was circulated by leading citizens Iii the Community of 1,100. Officials had obtained 250 signatures by Friday and were hoping during the marketing season the Iery a Germany invaded Norway in government is stuck with the crop april 1940, King Haakon and his and the Farmer can keep the family were forced to flee. however if the Price Hitler sent his ambassador to goes up the Farmer can pay off see Haakon in person and ask him the loan and sell the crop himself to return to Oslo As puppet King Brownson a figures did not Indi with the infamous nazi norwegian a a Cate whether any portion of the army major Vidkun Quisling As individual Loans had been paid off prime minister. By the Farmer before the Market Haakon then 68 years old and ing season ended. A Farmer does nearly exhausted by the invincible not have to get a Price support nazi onslaught gave a simple loan to Benefit from the program j one word reply since the loan program takes sur la a pluses off the Market it tends to push up the Market Price and extend a Price umbrella Over Ever producer. Police probing Indiana bomb issued by his press Secretary James c. 11aget to at the vacation White House Here on Narragansett Bay. Eisenhower conferred Early today by Telephone with atty Gen. Herbert Brownell jr., in Washington and expected to talk with him again during the Day eagerly pointed out to reporters that Thi school Board was meeting in Little Rock today and apparently the White House and the Justice department were closely interested in proceedings. The president Learned of the troop withdrawal Friday night i within a few minutes after the Quot a a a action was taken by Faubus. Pietr Bianca Italy up a Brownell called Hagerty and the half of the 600 inhabitants of this press Secretary went to the Prest tiny Catholic Hamlet threatened to-1dent s quarters to Tell him of the Day to turn protestant unless their development archbishop ends his Bim it it a Toast-1 tile president decided however Jug the statue of St Joseph. I to defer Public comment until msgr. Giovanni Ferro Archin so after his morning review of Thop of Reggio Calaluca in the toe situation with Tho attorney of the italian Boot stood firmly general. By his ruling that toasts to the a. Statue were the feud Between the archbishop and the calabrian begun Las month when m or. Ferro issued stringent restrictions on the annual procession with the state of St Joseph the procession was one of the few Bright notes in the drab life of the Shepherd of Petra i inca a desolate Village in the Barren mountains of Calabria and they used to enjoy it thoroughly. Rain puts four youths in jail Muncie ind. Up sought the unknown who addressed a packaged to a Ball state College coed. The bomb exploded and seriously injured one Young woman and threw two others into a stats Shock. Police said tin package bore Stamps but they Hart not been can composer of Fin Landiak died Friday he1sinki up a Finland mourned today the death of composer Jean Sibelius whose stirring music helped inspire the nation in its struggle for Freedom from Russia More than 60 years ago. Sibelius who would have been 92 on dec. 8. Died of a Bruit Haemorrhage at his country Home Friday night even As British conductor sir Malcolm Sargent was lifting his Baton to conduct Sibelius fifth symphony at University Hall in Helsinki flags fluttered at half staff today throughout Finland and a serve for a 90-Day interim period Connell. 28, i in. J or a a Aioo per cent Dos Moines tup i r i n i., a group of townspeople headed k1. De i by mayor l. D. Williams said they until a new Assembly is elected was named Deputy commissioner the selection of Sarasin under 0f the Iowa department of Public l Buquor commission personal scored Thailand a pro Western safety. Stand and its ties with Seato. Acting safety commissioner rus delegates from nine member sell Brown said Connell will As countries of Seato meeting in Gume his new duties a was soon As Bangkok were holding the final Connell has been pm Day of the seventh military and played by the Iowa farm Mutual visors meeting when Sarasin was insurance co. Named. A graduate of the Drake uni a varsity Law school. Brown succeeds Barry linear who resigned. By if granted a hearing. In Dos Moines liquor commis Flower c. J. Burris said the group Quot would be Welcome at any time to present the petition. A every Man is entitled to a hearing a he said. Cedar Falls Iowa it up it a Herbert v. Hake director of a lecture concert series which will be opened by Louis Armstrong said today Armstrong will appear Here As scheduled. A this recent remarks about the integration question and president Eisenhower a action in the matter were undoubtedly made under Strong provocation a Hake said. Tickets for the opener which will be held monday night have been sold out. I they would talk familiarly to the police statue and offer it wine. They party would Tell it that they ended a bomb mild Winter and rain in the Spring so the pasture would be Good Aud could he please see that Grandfather recovered from his Rheu of mutism and the daughter got married All this the monsignor ruled was definitely idolatrous. He said celled indicating it had not been i it was worship of the statue it a state funeral a us planned for the posted. It was found in a than honouring the Saint Man who was revered As the coun so he ordered this years procession try leading citizen As Well As one to Stop Short of the Village of Petto of the great composers of All Galileo where the practices took time. Telegrams of condolence place. Inured in from throughout the tile result was that on the Day world. Up of the procession villagers and to his tone poem a filandia lice clashed when the worshippers which helped inspire his country. Tried to carry Tho statue into the men in their struggle to loosen University in new Yorky and forbidden villages. Fish and tones russian Bonds Speaks of the Nalt a la Jde a a hundreds of Iowa teachers a we a a a a up Lse a a is pm cd Tiona Kllc feelings of that Pend u Roo Naii who win attend the elementary i be than m years ago game and had planned to sleep on and Junior High school education today the Otoole of Pietr Bianca Sibelius was eating a late break her end s Lawn during the night. Conf nce sept. 28. We nun Ond Tov fast about noon when he suffered Bach hurl taken a sleeping a. Addresses will by Given by or. Ulk of u mass Witch to the fatal Haemorrhage i phys to Des Moines. Howard Fehr head of the Mathe in a against Eian or. Laine Ylijoki reported. Des Moines up a four Mason City youths a a spent the night in jail Here Friday night when showers cancelled their plans of sleeping under the stars. The youths viewed a education Parley to hear . Educators Cedar Fales Iowa two educators from Columbia however officers said rain Matics teaching department and be archbishop. Forced them to find a lodging for or. Gladys Tipton professor of the night and the youths ask. D music education at tile same inst police if they could spend the i tuition. The night in jail. They slept in the at the Loi juvenile cell. Lege. Lit remain conscious 4 p. In. Until about conference will be a state teachers held col Long Range fall weather forecast demos expected to accept Field Man s resignation two car crash kills two children Hollander cops Montpelier Iowa up blowing Honor two Small children were killed an tour Oiler persons injured Friday Peebles Ohio up a a Smil afternoon in a two ear collision on ing Happy Young Farmer from the u. S. 61 Here. J Netherlands today was the Cham the victims were sue Wohlers Pion Plowman of the world 3, daughter of mrs. Arthur Wohl Willem de lint 27, of Zeven ers 27, Rural Muscatine and wit bergs Hock a on the 1957 world Liam Haynes i son of mrs. Robert blowing championship Here Friday Haynes 20, Rural Keosauqua at the close of world conservation Iowa. And blowing matches. The two mothers and two other John Mason Derbyshire eng Wohlers children. Arthur. I and Laud wag runner up and named Richard 5, were injured. However Reserve Champion. Arvo Jokinen Davenport Hospital authorities said of Renko Finland was third and All were in satisfactory condition. William g. Wright of Maghera mrs. Wohlers and mrs. Haynes Felt Londonderry Northern ise were driving the or a Law High land took fourth. Fifth was r. J. Mashed Headon. Miller of Somerset England Light expected precipitation precipitation rom now until mid october is expected to exceed Normal Over the Eastern third of the nation but be subnormal West of the Continental Divide. About Normal aim units Are indicated in the Central third of the country. Temperatures from now until mid october Are expected to average a a much above much Abs pc Normal above Normal near Normal a below Normal much Bilow Normal above seasonal normals East of the appalachians with greatest departures along the North and Middle Atlantic Oast Kiselow nor Mal temperatures Are expected to prevail from the lower Mississippi Valley and Western great lakes Ingles Westward to the plateau states Al unspecified areas near Izu Roial temperatures Are in or pert except for above Normal a a the West coast the demo committee at the a 24, Senta guilty conduct d Des Moines up Era tic state Central j was expected today to a resignation of Bruet Bow Fayette a party Field re live who Friday plead to a charge of disorderly in Oskaloosa. Bowersox offered his resignation by phone to Jake More the state democratic chairman More said a meeting will be held Here today but indicated Friday night that the resignation will be accepted. Earlier Friday Bowersox was fined $25 and costs on the disorderly conduct which followed a serifs of disturbances at the Down Ling hotel at Oskaloosa where he was was employed by the democratic Central committee to do organizational work on the county level heavy Rains in Central . By United press Flash floods were expected in Eastern Kansas Early today As showers continued to nourish a i Inch rain which fell in the past 24 hours. Numerous thunderstorms h i t 1 Northern Missouri Eastern Kansas and As far South As Central Oklahoma Friday night in some Pisces depositing its inches during a 6-hour period. More severe thunderstorms pelted the Oklahoma Texas Border with Hail. Winds whipped along at 54 Miles per hour at fort Sill okla the Chain of thunderstorm activity Down the nations midsection marked two distinct types of weather fair skies prevailed Over most of the nation West of the thunderstorm area while Clouds shrouded most of the area eastward

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