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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Ames, Iowa The Ames daily Tribune is i he official newspaper of the 1600 members of Story county a farm Burea Uthe Ames daily Tribune volume Liv and Ames evening times Ames Iowa wednesday Noyem Dek 24, 11 20 need he 150murderers Are indicted no fear of Jap invasion Lier Bird in Small White House economics in be Helo West business to Ames schools to inaugurate work december i we is Ilu i d f11111 tsp to anything i a thanks Ivy i w Iii a i Louse is to Wasli Mitru m. Bolis a a Ltd of n it. Tex As tails oui tio Cho it Hor. In it Iii Tyr to Semi Orient Wilson has this mister Doh h r during his trip More annoying than anything else Reed says yellow nation unprepared for attack no Money. Kuar rapids nov 24 a class to Fly Salon of the Japan Quot situation he mor Atmo. In than Alai Ming was mad by so into Jan a it <1 of of sour ii a i Tiffie to a sen a tor Recd stepped in the City for a Brief visit with his brother John a Reed. A tors going to wait Triton Lur the Winter. A the Flea that Japan under pros est cond it tout ran inv a of thin Conn try la a Atli 1>n la Trtat Rte a tor if wit a to begin with Hor Fleet is not a a try or As hint of the United stat a Ami in order for any country to trios port troop across Ink Miles of sea i and i by a de an the a country that country must to Ahu to Adaine to destroy or bottle up Tho War is Lack and that i Don t believe Japan i could do. Of the Japan were to land. Sen a a tor Reed said the country Auld j within thirty Days amass a fore of j 1000.409 men and in six months time ?�,00� Cis of is Canary another Kiron a Battu of again the unit 1 states Point out or Reed is that Japan does not possess the economic and Finan nil resource not it Canary to tarrying on a War for any length of time against a first Dana Power the i financiers of the world and the or at nations so desperately in and of j w orld pea e now w Ould not it mint in Anre an attack by Japan against the f la thurs. Thanksgiving to be generally observed in City services of i thanksgiving announced for morning hours. I Bree courses offered women and girls of Ames. Home economic will in in it Ute j Central school Osie in i a Ltd Ltd a her i. By the Home Notni s if j part sent of the a Mea ii school j tit Roo c uhf see i of twelve i aeons car Wii he offered this dentin j with advanced sew or. Hon stirs and meal planning and it a Vang a Las i a writ of hot id on wednesday a i thursday venue of eat it week. For mothers and students. Thae classes Arr of or mothers of indent. For voting women in to for anyone inter at of in a q tit ii or i a it know ledge to i purim a adj Iii at in i vast step a thank Gen ral an. It a a Mea tomorrow. It than a taken in to air nit Day president Vii wort a Ding each of w i i observe the Day As Banks will be i will practically All Tantra. The Ain a a informing to Tho n a the Tia no United states he mid league opponents were right k inc for the moot tag at that everyday developments a Breth Reu Hun ii while de Mon St rating that the opponents of Ehurd Hes Are joining in Tho Lea aug of nations were right was Jpn m he t Hun Hal West Gate Slit the it a it a downtown service is ech Edul dared that the league even before it organization i on plated is seeking fun rvs a in my Ria \ n ohs Pignet with pro la mat Ion a my i overturn i ii urge i fir a Legal Holiday Load a1 i other plat daily to general i a. In will not print a paper on thanksgiving Day. Church services. Row morning thanksgiving i a to he hold Aith guided a hut h on the South Side til t a Atlee Tat presbyterian in the fourth Ward re Cooper to Iho United fourth Ward Church a joining in a Union meeting at the Hurt la at West Gate. The downtown service is scheduled to Start a to the and Tho fourth Ward tag ten 4 a 4 �39 i than a ant r or miss before i la the it he Ting k w til. It Ibec t Ito league a league Assem i hears report Asio members up murderers november grand jury brings in six a i Rue Bills Diamond i Lief charged with grand larceny other c ases. Austria and Bulgaria would be admitted to membership. By Henio Wood n e a \ a dial Nia on n Aluta was a nations it untie re i to <1 it wit held a Ltd of Small Nan Ltd i of Austria manende to to it Xia a Heirship ached a Favori or it net i a o a commend i in ropes n 24 Blo the of t a leu until comic or Are Lucre stabilized. Ahi re ignition has been awarded them by Ole nearby Power. Those Stales favored for Maniber hip in today s report Are Vasina Bulgaria Finland Albania Lux Emberg the petition of i air. Via. Lith in i a l Krama and is Thouria were held of a. Affairs in flu Baltic re Nev Ida. Nov. 21 indictments barging first degree murder were return d Tat today by the Story county grand jury against Roy Cline of Nevada and Lames Hamilton of Des Moines a Lio have confessed to Tho our dry of Andrew Jorgenson who lived near Nevada and whose body was found in the cow lot on ills place the night of october 22 i Fie was murdered the men said in their conf sum the night of october do la the men were arrested october a 26. They were bound Over to the y i grand jury on october 2v the grand j j 11 y convened november to. The grand jury which returned Tho indictments was composed of l. A Johnson Story it try. Foreman j. Ii Lan Zearing vol i Cha ugh. Nevada l. E Mason Sio a Raj Swea an Roland e f. Vail Nevada Aud of c Perry Colot a Lark 21, and Fred Berry 2 5, both of Nevada who Wert mixed up i a counter plot. Pleaded guilty to a county attorneys information Harg to g conspiracy to Rob and were sen no it d by judge in e. Fry on Noveau 1 a Able de i. Tom serve c or the and at court h i i so and the to establish a league army to enforce its mandates which he pointed out i programs announced. Is just another Way of saying that the program for the service at the the league is reeking to constitute j United Brethren Church it announce Ifa Elf a world government and to wage As foil War on the nations it assume to hymn govern. I invocation. A a had we entered the said music. Senator Reed a we would have sur-1 script Ore i rendered the liberties our fathers oh-1 pro tarnation trained and which we have maintained. I music. We would have betrayed the it Public. Prayer. But the people of the United states in music come thou almighty King Prev. Otto be. Ladies Quartetti Ion and thanksgiving or f. C. Edwards male quartet rela in. Hawley ladles Quartetti the recent Dei Hon refused to haul i thank sch tug offering Down the american i turmoil. Her it. It Davidson senator Reed urged As aids to a music male quartet return to Normal in this country that hymn my country the american soldiers to returned Benediction Rev. S. J. Huffman from Europe formal peace made with Germany and the american people Given to understand that the nation at the collegiate presbyterian Church the service will be As follows hymn Faith of our fathers prayer Rev. Of h. Cessna special music. Choir Reading. A the Mayflower compact a. Rev. F. W. Barr scripture lesson Rev. Lull Lindeman off Era tory selection Choli a offering to be for armenian and ser. Blan Relief. Address Rev. H. H. Lindeman closing hymn a a american Pilgrim tercentenary. Stoughton wit nov. 24 three it or to ta1 remembered that this persons were killed and two others year is la tercentenary of tin land probably fatally injured in an exp tag of the pilgrims and this to it ranks. Losion of a boiler at the Stoughton riving Day is really the carrying out marketing company Plant her today. I of Tho plan instituted by these pal the blast occurred awhile tile boil grims. This is actually the 297th had returned to the principles of Washington and that no longer was the threat of danger of being involved in War every time there is a disturb Anc in Europe or Asia held Over their i Heads. Boiler blows up. Three killed and two injured fatally Whan boiler explodes. Some classes limited. A a need sewing will be in of i Quot Rosamond Cook and limited to classes of twelve classes meet at 7 15 and a 3d wednesday and thurs no a a a. Lbs Ruth Clough school will be in Charre of the Horn lug classes which classes convened a1 7 of and 8 is of classes in meal planning at tag. Too Are limited to twelve wednesday classes t olt at 7 a a i to and the thursday Classi s and 7.30 of clock. Tenet in to permit favor Ber 16 to three years each. Clark to the committee demo be e nut s. Will lie to nos bombs december 4 Reaty gut i. Ret before the sixth in minis Loon Bourgoise of France do i France could not disarm until any has been Compelio to twill conditions of the Versailles r. Germany he admitted has Lisar Diament but has it. Id courses outlined tile advanced sewing pm Prises work in made Over in Tho work will include in cleaning and dyeing stud erns us1 of measure in Ai pattern and in cutting and f const met Ion. Titling and a it no of the clothing Budge classes in hmm nursing \ the preventative of sit knt children Beds and hernia Kim did Cen Paul care of the path tug patients and treatment uss. The red Cross Tov car1 of hi1 sick Quot will be reference i am a Day classes in meal plan Ling and Irving will he devoted to the planning of breakfasts dinners and suppers which will furnish the kind of food required by All members of the family. The Cost of food he economical use of time and dishes n the preparation and serving of a ii als and methods of serving will hoi Nisi dirt d. Thursdays classes will j prepare the meal planned at the wednesday class each member of the j lass will he expected to pay an amount sufficient to cover the Cost i if in r to Almy arca Edh Meta of of put ring the methods it Otis Dor i ill study a care of bathing put. Feed for sick. A a Home used for Dib is expected to meet defeat Young cyclones in big Pep meeting this afternoon. Union National Bank and Dunlap motor co join in Effort. Troop three is to no a a and starry to fort Murillo u. Alders Are indicted indictments charging grand larceny Ere return Quot against Artic to a and Lay Alder Folk county residents who were arrested of r helping the Tielves to tact or parts from the Robinson t com j Turin South of Nevada. W m Bell of Cambridge was in a ii ted upon a charge of ass tilt with j int ii to commit curbed lit tried to shoot a neighbor at Cambridge. Charge grand larceny. John Jaco Haon of Ames was indicted Lor grand larceny he stole diamonds to the value off a belonging to Alf f. La Manti 317 Russell when aiding the 1 unit in moving from sos Iii ital in preparatory ii the it20 football nigh school on it Tern Eon when Art to meet the Jon ii Gas Foci Neld 111 a tier no i be auth the but a Nee idea is ult of the Odd last we of red a All the conf nosh re of in. And Farmer to if it in a nation ii Hank j a a. Will be hell a legroom Iber while t a Ollie Al j annual in of in it. The new and Rmer Baker Coni a a at it. Dodge and of in i we. Lank i spic so that the arts Bey scouts Pat in Pate in con. Test held last night in High school gymnasium second toners go to troop atm bar two. It i the Xira of the cure a if Lull ii Trent. I the t Fig Jar to Iii w the i to contest held last f Biol gym a ii i ast Plait Ith a Trimp i v la it i was working Force and wort Ono to work i Dice chief w the rim and a re cd him. I in on of Bond. Jenkins pleaded guilty to it charge of larceny retire judge Fry and was fined la Quot Quot and Cost and sentenced the one year in the county jail. The judge suspended sentence after 30 Days and paroled him to Fred if in son. An attorney Here. Jenkins sold som Den Auto it Asia with very much the to those ii on he insuring w. A school. Short and Bonds Are still sought Chestra was i it a Ina game of of i for the amen l red tomorrow i on in t i fro Eph a meet the High seniors Are heard speech we made by senior mein i Quot of the team who will play their last game of his school football to i . They included Captain Gore Brooks i t to in vane Poa Alai hoc the i h school a a Pep a or a n t i Job and played a to selections Sci vanished millionaire of Toronto missing since 1919, is still in. Found Sec a. Silent. Creamery away. A had better he Ait principal c. E. Wygant addressed the meeting. To witnessed the game tit Boone when Lim Wuu from to it Enick a is to 0. Us by United a mkt i tag la am Eta in cond team for the Post Portland. Ore. Nov. 24 John Lur a in he St it us half. Boone de. Doughty former private Secretary of treated the Young cyclones Bere 48 to the entire boil Celebration of thanksgiving sin Quot it the a vanished a ambrose1 1 is firm in his be mail of Toronto. Canada maintained Lut t it e a v in Quot to Tontor or group in the third year of their signee As to what has become of Ltd s ,1 a admits the team is Iii residence in America. Small and the $109,000 Bonds which Lavo fight All Tho time. Tomorrow afternoon the Young by disappeared with him. I Mary Reed talked for Tho girls of clones of Ames High school and the1 Doughty dropped out of sight in Milf his1 school Aud mad it Plain that team from Denison High school Viil dds simultaneously with Small and Al. Hot or Hack of life every a a a provide the thanksgiving Day Grid to $ i of ,00b and was apprehended in tai�?T111� 41 a a Iron feature on stat Field. The game or gon City near Here and brought team Hai the spirit. Or wms being tested _ or was blown through the Wall of the Vonh celebrated first by the May flow Plant one Hundred cards ill ret Lect Tho Aiger distr t meet same speckle Riding. Hunt and Nourse talk. W. Hunt president of the Iowa farm Bureau fed ration and prof. E. G Nourse of the department of agricultural economics Iowa state College. To among those who til appear on the program. Prof Susor Nourse was a speaker at All four of the list rid conferences while president Hunt and Secretary Cunningham divided Between them Hie dates for Las week s meetings. Fallowing each address there will is a period provided tot open Dis tis. Aion. The conference program xviii Start promptly it 2 so o clock a week from saturday. Prices Are put up. For the Corn show substantial prizes Are provided by the Union National Hank and the Dunlap six prix s w Iii to awarded coverup a by and All varieties of co n. Ten ears constitute an exhibit. There is no Entrance fee. The names of All exhibitors will of placed in a scaled envelope and tied to the corp. No envelopes will be opened until ofter the final judging. The first prize for the Best ten ears to Gallons of lubricant dollars in Gold will be Given for the next ten Best ears won e v it ii a so re it of 4b Birri place with a score troop four fourth place or it a or first in to o signal and in the Fust Aal race. To four other Everts knot topic went to troop y lit in three a a to tire troop took second in the scoop i i to troop one of ?2 and with a seer Troon he Ling a us and second honors or two us the tacos the Brut Aid race Tho one won first to the Rescue lace and in stat ailing Ivy Buzzer and act i Hith cml r e e. Droop four won first on tie crab race and second in the fescue race the Scon v us As follows event troop no. I race Moi or signalling Flag in Srue rat e i Quot it Vanlier signalling knot in my 2 skin the Snake Mots signalling Buzzer i Quot first Ald race steel for new Bridge arrives seventy foe girders and other steel for Squaw Creek Bridge construction Here and work resumed new Culvert ii completed my r. 2. 4 rhe 7 f h it t Gradei 8 and Fler steel i lit i tags male rial for the. In w Bridge 15 Over 8 Squaw c reek to Lin in a Hay i la arrive d Aud the work of t Oracle Ting. That Bridge w ill now g a on. As soon it i j As tic Tori g girder s Are placed the 1&Quot g be men t riot ii will by Laid aft which thet moot v Ilia Ca a Mlak a in ton Frame to work i done. A it if the new u i Vert ins til St of the Iol a it Ridge bet w in the c Oil go prop j 1 try a mall to to r add i n land is Misiph fled i til d the work it i dirt Grad 4 b 7 9 i i ing is now in fore a t ii Highway troop troop it til be in its is to be w widened horse Falls on lad Hubert Vanscoy 9.year.old, injured when horse thro him. Starts at 2 30 o clock. Read the ads the weather i 4p�? i Geno rilly fair tonight and thursday except somewhat Tinett cd in a ast Poi Mon. Not much Bange in la temperature. To Portland last night regarding a report Doughty had confessed stealing the Money detectives said a is All silly rot a j when Doughty was asked what his i defense would be he replied Dramat-1 loftily Quot it is in the laps of the so far there is no Trace of Small for whom a search has been in Progress on two continents Ever Ainee he Dis appeared nearly a year prize in of Gallons of Oil fourth last Friday of the prize to in Gold fifth prize to Gallons of Oil Ami sixth prize $5 in Gold. Judges for the show will i with the it Niva in learn in Nevada by a score of 2> to 7. The Young Cyclone took Ion new spirit Folk were of the team Are confident of Victory tomorrow. The High school band will tax out to lend its Aid or. Keep Jug to the in. Fills of it in the thanksgiving Dav game is the third Gamo to to played bore a great crowd is per ted to Ai tend. To by. Agent Hunt Hilbert Vanscoy. Nine year old on of or. And mrs. Vanscoy of Riverside drive suffered a badly it.-1 get Oun j jul red head monday at the main Street Buchanan president c. And grand Avenue intersection. He he i it a Arm Bureau was Riding horseback k when tin horse federation and prof ii d Hughes of fell on him throwing him against the the farm rops and soils department j curb causing injury to his head he of due College j Bort was taken to the Mary Greeley Corn pancakes mad from me. I Hospital where he received medic ail ground during the demonstrations will attention and is coming along All right i. Offered free with Maple syrup. Now. And raised. Historic Church scene of fire is c Jay school buildings of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn where Beecher Laboured. Burns by t nit j pres new York nov. 24 a foe Early Torii partially d St roved the sunday Choel building of the hint or ice i Plymouth Church in Brooklyn whew the to Henry Ward be her was the former past it a

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