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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Ames, Iowa Tribune volume 96�?no. 272 deadlock in Tariff Cut talks Geneva up the United states today sought to break a four Day deadlock with the european Cornmon Market nations that has brought their Tariff Cut Ting talks to the Brinie of failure. A three hour meeting Between the United states and Britain on the one hand and Market members on the other broke up Early today and a . Delegate said a nothing is former Secretary of state Christian a. Hefter chief . Delegate plans to leave the conference of the Genera agreement on tariffs and Trade Gatt on wednesday and informed sources said that if no agreement is reached by then the consequences could be As serous As Britain a failure to join the Market last Winter Hefter led the Anglo american negotiators in the talks that ended shortly after Midnight. He was to Confer again today or tuesday with the common Market a earn headed by Jean Rey the Market executive commissioner for external affairs. The Issue is the amount of Tariff reductions acceptable to the two sides. The United states is authorized to negotiate across the Board Tariff cuts of up to 50 per cent. Her terms team can Settle for less than 50 per cent but the cuts must be the same for All products. Ames Iowa monday May 20, 1963 ten cents four died in weekend accidents four persons died accidental deaths in Iowa during the weekend three in traffic mishaps and one by drowning. In addition an iowan was killed in a Highway Accident in Wisconsin. The three vehicle deaths in Iowa raised the states 1963 traffic fatality count to 187, which was 34 More than the 1962 toil was through May 19. 1962. A Vav via my i accomplishments of legislature property tax Relief pledges deferred at least two years russians delayed army Convoy in East Germany Berlin up -. Officials today wondered whether the russians had started a new Campaign tin the it Cord Long 125 Day ses to harass army traffic to Berlin Sion will affect every citizen. The three traffic victims in the on the Highway through East Ger business and Industry in the state Des Moines up a the 60th officials except the attorney Gen Low 3 legislature is Over but what eral and a pay boost of about 3 the 158 lawmakers accomplished per cent for most state employee. State were Donald Scovel. 49, Rural Carlisle Harlyn Tern. 20, Underwood and Dana Schwitzer 17. Anamosa. Scovel was killed sunday and the other two on saturday. Scovel was killed and three members of his family were seriously injured in a two car crash Many. For years to come. These fears were caused by the there was general agreement first russian interference with an that this was the hardest working army Convoy in six months. Anco most progressive legislature russian Border guards sunday in recent years held up a Berlin bound Convoy of 70 soldiers in 22 trucks and jeeps for three hours and 45 minutes with a demand that the soldiers at a gravel Road intersection dismount to be counted three Miles South of Corydon. I the army refused and the con Terry was fatally injured when Voy was cleared after a delay of the car he was driving collided with a portable feed grinder near Underwood the Driver of the farm machine. Harry Christo. 56. Mcclelland was hospitalized in Good condition at Council Bluffs. Schwitzer was killed Early saturday in a one car crash about two hours at the West German end of the Highway and one hour and 4a minutes at the Berlin end. A belief that the russians were up to something was strengthened by the Small size erf the Convoy delayed. The army at times has its sol a half mile West of Stone City in Diers leave their vehicles to be Jones county. Counted to facilitate passage when Robert Johnson 19, Chicago a Convoy is Large. When a con Heights Iii., drowned near Man Voy is Small the russians count Chester saturday night when a the soldiers As they sit in their Rowboat turned Oxer and spilled trucks and jeeps to make sure the two companions into a speedometer Check Many Ames motorists checked the accuracy of their speedometers saturday morning when Ames police had set up the radar unit for the Speed Check. The speedometer Check held on Duff ave., was on of the National police week activities Here. Officer Bill Good in this car with the radar unit checked the Speed of each Motorist and radioed it to officers in two other cars who relayed the informal in to the motorists. Tribune photo by Walt Foley Cooper honoured weather described flight Cape canaveral up astronaut l. Gordon Cooper undergoes further medical tests and additional debriefing today before leaving for Washington tuesday where he will receive the distinguished service medal for his historic 22.9 orbit flight around each. The slightly built air Force major was relaxed and smiling during sunday s tumultuous tribute to his 575,000 mile space voyage. Wednesday Cooper will be honoured with a ticker tape Parade in new York. Plans called for him to ride in a convertible up lower Broadway through the financial Community Chest sets hearings budget hearings for the 1963 Ames Community Chest will of held tonight tuesday and wednesday at 7 30 . At the chamber of Commerce conference room second floor. All captains lieutenants volunteers workers and donors Are Welcome to attend. The Chest feels its members will obtain a greater understanding of the Chest functions through knowledge of the member agencies goals and How they Are determined. The schedule for the hearings tonight at 7 30 . Teen age Center at 8 . The Myca at 8 30 . Camp l ire and the Ames woman a club health program. Tuesday budget hearings 7 30 . Red Cross 8 ., arthritis and rheumatism foundation at 8 30 ., salvation army and at 9 . Association for retarded children. The wednesday hearings at 7 30 ., girl scouts and the Story county society for crippled children and adults at 8 ., the Golden agers cooperative at 8 30 ., the Iowa children a Home society. Other representative agencies have either had their hearings or Are scheduled for the near future. Report quakes Berlin up the East German news service adn sunday reported a Light earthquake in Ljubljana the slovenian provincial capital in Yugoslavia. The communist news Agency said tremors damaged some roofs and chimneys but made no mention of possible casualties. It said the tremors could be Felt for i distance of 60 Miles. District to City Hall where he will be Given a reception. Sunday Cooper described his breathtaking flight probably the last manned space voyage by the United states for 18 months As firm proof Man can sleep eat and live for Long periods in space he told of seeing vivid geography. In details sleeping soundly eating on schedule although he was not too hungry and performing numerous experiments assigned to him. A really no problem Quot Cooper described his blazing a a fireball re entry under manual control an emergency step that was necessary after the automatic system failed in the 20th orbit and caused anxious concern around the world. Of there Are not More Mercury flights next comes project gemini a program to put up two Man teams of astronauts into orbit for periods of up to two weeks. A Long Way to go the first manned gemini flight is due sometime during the last j three months of 1964. Cooper was asked what he thought the flight proved about Many a role in space. A i think we proved Man is a pretty Good backup system to All these automatic systems a he replied. To other questions Cooper said a the horizon was always Clear both Day and night from his capsule. A a flashing satellites which he dropped from behind his capsule As a visual Aid Check a would be a Good device to help on the nigh Side for a rendezvous in space Between two orbiting capsules. He last saw the lights at a distance of about 17 or 18 Miles from his position. A an a exercise device in his Faith 7 took a almost As much exercise to get at it As to use has tremendous View he said he first noticed the tremendous View As Faith 7 flashed Over the arabian Peninsula into Middle East. A i could see roads and Rivers and trucks on the roads. I saw a train with smoke coming out of it. A i even saw a boat going Down the River and the Wake behind it. But i see individual he said he could see Dallas tex., and the area of the Federal space Agency Headquarters in Houston. A but i see my own House a he laughed. A they put up too Many Trees around he said red China a looked just like it looks on the map. I see anything but just a lot of country. Part of China was covered by broken him and i Lake. Johnson a freshman at the University of Dubuque was among 20 fraternity members at Camp of a Phi for an Outing. One j of the other students in the boat swam to Shore while the third Clung to th/1 Side of the capsized boat until rescued. The iowan killed in Wisconsin was John t. Farley. 35, Dubuque. He died saturday night when his car smashed into a Concrete abutment on the Wisconsin Side of the Mississippi River toll Bridge on Wisconsin 61-151, near Dubuque. Number Given on the army travel order actually Are travelling. Five convoys totalling 633 soldiers in 111 vehicles moved to Berlin on the Helmstedt Berlin Highway sunday and the russians picked hit the smallest of the five to renew their old demand that soldiers must dismount. The Soldier were returning from three weeks of Field training in West Germany. Despite the overwhelming Republican majority in both the House and Senate much of the thursday. The legislative program endorsed by democratic gov. Harold e. Hughes was enacted and the democratic minority was a deciding fac tor in Many of the major decisions. The wily changes in taxes was a i cent per pack increase in cigarettes and a 10 per cent Levy on newly legalized liquor by the drink. Republican and democratic Campaign pledge s of la a Cal property tax Relief financed by higher taxes at the state level were deferred for at least two years As the lawmakers dumped an omnibus tax approx nation Bill and sped through remaining essential legislation saturday. The property tax Relief programs were left at their present Levels a $39.5 million for various school Aid programs and $11.25 million for agricultural land tax credits. The formal ceremony of closing the record Long 125-Day 60th biennial session of the general Assembly will be held at 2 . On longest previous session was is Days in 1961. Governor disappointed Board of regents from a personal standpoint one of the biggest disappointment for Hughes was the death of a Bill to abolish capital punishment. The House approved measure Wax bottled up in the Senate sifting committee. Among other major accomplishments of the legislature were final approval of the Shaff reapportionment plan permission for local governments and school districts to invest Idle funds in Short term interest bearing securities launching of a $4 million per year Federal Aid program for medical Aid for elderly persons revision of the Century old probate code. Iowa traffic fatalities through May ii 1963 1962 187 153 Bill provided $1,000 per year Sal Ary increases for All elected state Cloudy tunning cooler. m m noon temperature 70 High 63, 4 30 . Low 40, 1 45 . Corrected barometer Reading 30.121, falling slowly humidity 48 per cent Ames Boone Nevada partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday. A Little cooler tuesday otherwise Little temperature change. Lows tonight in lower 40s. Highs tuesday in lower 60s. Iowa a variable cloudiness tonight with Chance of Light showers East portion. Tuesday partly Cloudy and cooler. Lows tonight in the 40s. Highs tuesday 50s North to 60s South. Wednesday generally fair and continued quite Cool. 11. ilium liquor store is petition subject Here a liquor controversy seemed to be shaping up on the local level Here today. One group of residents is actively soliciting signatures on petitions asking establishment of a retail liquor store in Ames. Another group of residents began this morning a Campaign for signatures on petitions opposing a liquor store. The state liquor control commission which has control Over the location of the state retail liquor stores never has opened a store Here. Reportedly this is because they never have been asked to open such a store. Currently the Only state liquor store in the county is located at Nevada the county seat. The Nevada store does a Gross business of some $450,000 yearly. The liquor commission is reported to by favourable to the establishment of a retail outlet in Ames but would not ohm a a store Here unless asked to do so. There Are several rumours that various a a Laws or restriction prohibit the operation of a liquor store in Ames neither the terms of the original Gront of the Mary Greeley Hospital to the City of Ames nor the terms under which Iowa state University was established would prohibit the operation of a retail liquor store Here according to City officials. Reverse xxx a a tis to penalty wheat referendum is tuesday 14 eligible voters in county. Higher pensions for retired Public after the Senate killed the tax employee increased workmen Pac age by a 26-23 vote approx compensation benefits and pro nation Hills were sped through Krims aimed eradicating in rapid fire order. The Board of and brucellosis and sheep regents received a record $58 cabbie million per year for the states institutions of higher education election Campaign Lait most other departments were granted Only moderate Cost of pleader government Quot increases. I m. A a hour pm a Leland the departmental appropriation a e or a local Washington up the supreme court today overruled the convictions of negro sit in demonstrators in several Southern states on grounds they were arrested under unconstitutional local segregation Laws. Nullified were the jail sentences and fines imposed on demonstrators in Greenville. S.c., Birmingham ala., Durham n.c., and new Orleans la. It was the first time the court had ruled in a series of sit in appeals which stemmed from arrests made throughout the South there during the demonstrations in 1960 and 1961. The court used the Greenville Case to hand Down its landmark decision. Justice Earl Warren declared in his majority opinion that to demonstrators there were wrongly convicted because the store manager had been forced to segregate his lunch counter because of a City ordinance. Warren held that even if the manager had acted As an individual the convictions were invalid because the local ordinance was on the books. In Quick succession then the court overturned the following other a sit in convictions a trespass convictions of to negroes in Birmingham. A the conviction of two ministers the revs. F l. Shuttleworth and Charles Billups who Yvere found guilty of having incited Tho demonstrators in Birmingham. A the trespass convictions of five negro students and two White students for sit ins at Durham no. A criminal mischief convictions at new Orleans. In the Greenville Case the court did not touch on the argument that store owners could maintain segregated facilities on private property. Werren a opinion indicated that As Long As the local statutes required segregation the owner was left no Choice but to main Ain separate facilities for Whites and negroes. Warren declared thai state segregation statutes violate the 14th amendment and that in the Greenville Case the City statute eliminated any private Choice on that part of the store owner. By Dan Garcia farm editor the Tribune Iowa a wheat Farmers Are about As scarce As those proverbial hens Teeth but they May play a leading part nonetheless in a nation wide wheat referendum tuesday. The nations wheat producers will go to the polls tuesday to vote on a new two Price certificate wheat program which promises to wheat Farmers High prices in Exchange for even tighter restrictions on production. Iowa vote Iowa a minority stockholders in the Issue May play a leading part for the first time if the vote is close in the other 21 wheat growing states. This referendum unlike past is first time xviii allow some 1,200,000 Farmers to vote who have never recorded their sentiments in past referendums. The Small producers outnumber vote to producers growing less than 15 acres of wheat. Officials see no Clear Cut majority either Way in the Issue with opponents working As hand to defeat the measure As government spokesmen and other farm groups Are working for passage. The provision allowing producers of 15 acres or less to vote for the arrests continue in South As Birmingham remains tense eleven integration demonstrators who tried to take up the Freedom walk of a slain Baltimore postman were arrested near Gadsden ala., sunday and wholesale arrests of integration Bent demonstrators continued in North Carolina. Birmingham where negroes told of Telephone threats of new bombings remained tense but quiet under the watchful eve of 1.200 Law enforcement officers. Possible intensified racial activity loomed today at Selma Ala where a negro Leader called for a mass attempt at voter registration. Integration activity was not confined to the South. Some 2,000 persons gathered on the state capital Lawn at Hartford conn., in a demonstration in support of integration leaders in Birmingham. Says Whites a running scared negro congressman Adam Clayton Powell d-n.y., in a speech at Englewood n.j., said the a White Man is running scared and that negro parents should continue to use their children As instruments in the tight for Equality. He urged a continued Boycott of the Lincoln school in Englewood. At Cleveland negro comedian Dick Gregory predicted the Bir sues allows for the first time a i the bigger wheat Farmers by an estimated two to one majority. Farm organizations the Issue will pit against each other for the first time two of the larger farm organizations the american farm Bureau federation and the growing National Farmers organization no. The farm Bureau has come out strongly against the program while the no favors it. Siding with the no on the Issue Are other farm organizations including the National Farmers Union and the National Grange. The incongruity of the referendum picture can by seen by the number of wheat growers in Story county. Fourteen producers of 15 acres or less signed up to vote by the May 13 deadline. Two 01 her Farmers Are eligible to vote because they technically a a grow More than 15 acres. But these two Farmers have their Over-15 acres allotment in conservation Reserve and actually grow no wheat. Other improvements would stick because it was negotiated with a a Force that controls 90 per cent of the City a wealth and 98 per cent of the working or. Martin Luther King whose Southern Christian leadership conference helped Mastermind the Birmingham demonstrations was scheduled to return to the Southern steel City today. King had said earlier that this weekend was a a a crucial one to the Birmingham agreement. Actress arrested the la arrested who tried to take up Baltimore postman William l. Moore a March included six negroes and five Whites. One of the White persons was a 36-year-old actress Madeline Sherwood who had been arrested once before in similar activity. The Alabama Highway patrol and county officers arrested the group after they got Only 15 Yards from the spot where Moore was ambushed and slain last april 23 while pm a walk to make a personal plea to Mississippi he said that the statute meant Mingham integration agreement a a that a person owning manag worked out at the height of a 40-ing or controlling an eating place Day siege of tense racial Demon is left with no Choice of his own stations that saw More than but must segregate his White and 2,000 negroes jailed would prove negro patrons. The Kress lasting. Management in deciding to sex Gregory said the agreement elude negroes did precisely what setting up a time table on Inte the City Law Gration of lunch counters and Mumm ii Hurn area Farmers were reminded today that May 31 is the deadline for signing up for Price supports on Corn. Ass officials in Nevada urged banners wanting to Complete Loans on 1962 crop Corn to tile applications in the office no later than May 24. Price supports will be available through May 31 for those who want agreements. Iii Ishii Iii it n re i ii Mir under the referendum Story county a 14 wheat Farmers have As much say so with their total acreage which in past years gov. Ross Barnett to end Segre might not Cotal Over a dozen acres gation. Altogether As 14 South Dakota a they could have incited a Nebraska or Kansas a heat Farni riot a said col. Al Lingo head Jers who might be producing win at of the Alabama patrol. The Elev on farms As Large As 10,000 acres in were jailed in Gadsden. Each. The demonstrations in North property tax Relief and equalization of property valuation and assessment would be a a major Issue in the 1964 election in addition to the equalization of property taxes and providing local property tax Relief several other major issues were not resolved. Among these were Boundary a Bill to establish a new Border Between Iowa and Nebraska never got out of a House subcommittee. A measure passed two years ago setting the Boundary along the stabilized Missouri River Channel but retaining Carter Lake in Iowa was rejected by the Nebraska legislature. Another Bill setting the same Boundary but ceding Carter Lake to the Cor Husker state was bottled up by committee this year and never came to a vote. Parimutuel a legalizing parimutuel betting on dog and horse races was repeatedly beaten Down but its sponsors were encouraged by the close decision that the proposal could be a Vinner in 1963. Annual this was the fifth con. it Ive session the House passed a Bill calling for annual meetings of the legislature and once again the proposal was killed by a Senate committee. Billboards the Effort to eliminate billboard advertising along interstate highways was killed by the House sifting committee. Enactment of the measure would make Iowa eligible for a a ebon us of $1.7 million from the Federal government to be used for building new highways Check off a voluntary checkoff of 2% to to cents a head on livestock going to Market has been proposed to build a fund to promote sales of meat and livestock products. The Btl was kept off the House calender by the sift ing committee but it did come up in the Senate in a last Day Effort to tack it onto the agriculture departments budget appropriation. The Senate Defeated the of postal by a voice vote. Pretty robber Carolina where some 650 negroes remained in jail As the result of demonstrations against segregated restaurants and Heaters at Durham Raleigh Fayetteville Wilmington and Greensboro moved to a Chain restau Dave Pforr up a pretty Brunette to her Early wearing a two piece Blue Sun suit and brandishing a double barrelled Derringer held up a service station Here Ohio s position Early today. The Impact of the Small wheat attendant Ken Taylor Moline producer in this referendum can 111., said the woman her hair tied be seen in Ohio. The Buckeye in a Pony Tail entered his station state while 10th in acres product about 3 30 . And ordered him ing wheat is first in the number to unlock the Cash drawer. Of wheat allotments and voters. I after getting $100 the woman Ohio Farmers never have voted forced Taylor into a Back room rant sunday and resulted in the in favor of government farm con and told him to lie on the floor for arrest of some 400 negroes and tool programs with just the larg five e minutes to give her time to about 15 Whites. I or producers voting before escape

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