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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Ames, Iowa Revolution by the press for czechs by David Binder c 1968 new York times news service Prague it the radio station in Bratislava the slovak capital complained in a commentary recently that the new party leadership under Alexander Dubcek had failed to inform the czechoslovak press adequately about his sudden visit to Moscow. The complaint by what is still officially considered a an Organ of the communist party a was the latest sex Ampel of the new liberties exercised in Czechoslovakia by radio and television editors and by scores of newspapers. The pushing Force the press has become the main Force in pushing Forward the process of democratization that began Here with Dubcek selection last january As chief of the party replacing former president Antonin Novotny. A it is a Case of revolution by Means of the press a said a Liberal communist on the staff of the party Organ rude Provo where conservative journalists Are still in the majority. Since february it has been the National press that has exposed the political crimes of the 20-year Rule of dogmatic communists Here. Similarly the press has taken the Lead in demanding and obtaining rehabilitation of former political prisoners and othe leading figures who suffered during the Era of stalinist orthodoxy. The press has also boldly identified and condemned dog artists still holding office. A radio Prague editor said a it was amazing. Overnight journalists who had kept mum and done conformist work for years suddenly blossomed into fighters for passive censors censors still visit the station and All czechoslovak newspapers. But they no longer scan articles or remove suspicious passages. A your censor comes in now just to make Tea and Toast a said an editor of Lido a Demok Racie the newspaper of the czech clerical Peoples party. At Svobodny Slovon the paper of the czech socialist party the censor spends an hour or two in the office playing cards and then goes Home. The circulation of each paper has shot up More than 90,000 since february largely on the strength of daring articles and editorials. Literati Listy the weekly of the writers Union has increased its circulation by More than 100,000 to 275,000 and plans to put out a new daily next autumn a on the pattern of be Monde a said Igor Hajek an editor. Street editions sell out almost every Day in Prague and it is virtually impossible to obtain copies of some of the smaller circulation papers. Censorship not ended a but done to make any mistake a said a rude Provo editor. A censorship has not been abolished yet and the censors could Start work tomorrow. That is Why we need a new press Law immediately. We also have to Send our party Hacks Back to their Barber shops where they come a we have press Freedom Only on the Promise of the party a said a radio editor a and that is democracy on a preliminary Law abolishing censorship is being demanded by journalists and various committees of the National Assembly. The boldness of the press scares both the conservatives remaining in the Dubcek leadership and neighbouring communist regimes. The conservatives still Call for a ideological guidance of the press by the party. Smcnea the Bratislava youth paper disclosed that Stalin had personally ordered the liquidation of leading czechoslovak communists including Rudolf Slansky in 1951. Still cautious the Farmers paper Rolnicke Novtny upset Bratislava by publishing a commentary and picture of father Andrej Hlinka the clerical fascist whose slovak Peoples party made a pact with nazi Germany. Two editors were reprimanded. Journalists Are however still cautious on some themes. Among the remaining taboos Are Czechoslovakia a sensitive relations with the soviet Union and details of the past actions of discredited communist leaders. The Liberal communist newsmen View themselves As the guardians of the republics Progress toward democracy. A if the russians put pressure on us you can be sure we will expose them a said a Prague editor a not to Worsen relations but to warn them that we Are engaged in a peaceful democratic revolution and will Brook no a rude Provo editor said the press also would begin soon to write a what things Are really like in the soviet Union and other communist countries a to make up for two decades of exaggerated Praise and i ism a i jul a Moscow Hungary has persuaded the soviet Union and its hard line allies to delay economic and political sanctions against Liberal leaning Czechoslovakia. But the russians warned the czechs they would be Selling out communism if they adopted too Liberal programs. A san Bernardino Calif former president Dwight Eisenhower is soon to be moved to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. He has been hospitalized since a mild heart attack april 29. A Washington House has approved a a paper Gold measure to Aid in world bookkeeping. Tribune Iowa army Reserve units receive riot training. A Page 8 trapped miners Are finally rescued. A Page 2 sons and daughters of bar keep feel their Oats. A Page 7 Ames High students receive awards. Page a scout news Page 3 editorial Page 4 women a news Page 3 sports Page 9 comics Page 5 radio and to Page 5. Agree on ground rules for talks big Many chief of the Hanoi delegation to the Paris peace talks Xuan Thuy on the left and Mal Van to North Vietnam a chief Diplomat in the West pay a Courtesy Call on French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville. Meeting today . And Hanoi representatives agreed on ground rules for substantive talks to begin monday. Up telephoto Paris up a the United states and North Vietnam agreed today on All details of ground rules for their a official conversations on Vietnam be ginning monday. The agreement was announced by . Troubleshooter Cyrus Vance after a More than two hour meeting with col. A Van Lau North Vietnam a Deputy chief negotiator. The two sides agreed to describe the preliminary peace contacts As a official conversations a a . Spokesman said. Vance said they will be Able to get Down to the real business of negotiations when the full delegations meet monday. The meeting Between Vance and Lau was their second in two Days. Vance said the official talks begin at 10 30 . 5 30 . Edt monday. Asked if today s agreement included the Agenda for the main talks Vance said a no the Agenda was not asked if monday s session would be devoted to drawing up an Agenda Vance said a no. It will be a substantive he added that the Agenda would have been agreed a on when the delegates melt monday morning. He did not explain this the groups met today in an Effort to Clear up technical and procedural details raised by the North vietnamese. Vance said no contacts Between the two delegations Are planned during the weekend French unions support students pares i Pic France s two largest labor unions today ordered a 24-hour general strike monday to support student demonstrators who fought police with bricks and firebombs Friday night in one of the most violent riots in Paris peacetime history. When the nations two major unions Call general strikes other smaller Union usually follow and Cut off electricity water Gas telephones taxis subways trains and most other Public and private services. Ames daily Tribune volume in in no. 346 Ames Iowa saturday May la 1968 ten cents Spring Lake to be open Spring Lake state Park Northwest of grand Junction will be open for the rest of May and in june after All the state conservation commission decided Friday after rescinding an order to close 14 Parks to cause of Lack of funds to operate them. Spring Lake was one of the 14 smaller Iowa Parks named by the commission for closing earlier this week. The closing of the Parks was to be through the rest of May and during the month of june until funds became available at the Start of the new fiscal year july i. The commission announced Friday however the 14 will be Able to operate with the Transfer of $30,000 from a Sec fund. Mans ellerhoff chief of lands and Waters for a it in i i a a i the commission said All Parka expect ked drive Ipi tor a May not be Able to provide All _ services under Normal operation but that a Well be Able to squeak by. Earlier Iowa gov. Harold Hughes had stated that Tho commission plan to close the preparing for poor people Washington i to government and private agencies worked on last minute preparations today for the Vanguard of the poor people s March on Washington due Here sunday. Authorities readied a Welcome for what they Hope will prove a peaceful demonstration but prepared for trouble should it come. The government reached agreement with March Organ la thousands of dollars in Cash food shelter and services. District of Columbia officials with Federal authorities Are setting up round the clock police and health facilities. March leaders vow to carry on the nonviolent demonstration escalating its Militancy As times goes by until Congress acts to relieve the poverty and its causes that afflicts an estimated 30 million americans. Tension is sure to reach a close to the dead South vietnamese troops move among the gravestones of a cemetery As they Battle the Viet Cong in the Cholon Section of Saigon. Heaviest fighting in Saigon has entered around the chinese Quarter. Up telephoto ers Friday on terms under Peak when the camping permit which up to 3,Hoo poverty expires if Congress has not yet demonstrators will be permitted responded to the petition of the to set up a tent City on Federal poor Parkland alongside the famous reflecting Pool Between the Lincoln memorial and Washington Monument. Saigon attackers hold on Saigon up . Troops Parks was unnecessary had and planes today slammed Bomba they planned ahead for their needs and artillery shells into errand had a lived within their trenched pockets of Viet Cong he also said that statements of commissioners to a put the Monkey on the backs of the legislature and executive Council May have weakened the commissions chances of getting what they ask for in the future. In the announcement to close the 14 Parks the commission had sited As its reason the failure of the legislature to provide enough Money weather noon 52 Low 47, 6 . High 66, 5 30 . Humidity 61 per cent barometer 30.17 steady Ames Boone Nevada decreasing cloudiness and cooler tonight. Lows in mid to upper 30s but they refused to Budge from strongholds on two sides of Saigon. Near the demilitarized zone . Troops fought Sharp engagements with North vietnamese units that vietnamese Security sources said were part of a major push against South Vietnam a northernmost provinces. The Viet Cong attacking Saigon for the past seven Days fought from solid positions on the South end of the Long a by a Bridge and near Phu Tho Racetrack on the Western Edge of the capital. Although there were scattered clashes in other areas Allied forces believed the guerrillas planned a fight to the death in those two positions. Hanoi sends generals South vietnamese Security sources said there was evidence North Vietnam was pouring men and supplies across the Doz and had sent two generals to direct the operation. They ran into . Troops guarding alcoholism Center raises budget asking to $33,000 the Buffer zone thursday and the communists lost at least 427 men in a series of Battles. In do Nang the . Marine commander of the Northern area it. Gen. Robert Cushman said today that North vietnamese prisoners had told interrogators the communists had decided to launch a second wave of attacks against the Northern provinces. In Saigon the 9th division today reported killing 51 communists in a nine hour Battle Friday and estimated that the Viet Cong have lost 200 since the Start of the fighting near the Bridge. Communist losses heavy . Spokesmen said that the total number of communists killed since the offensive against the City began has reached 4,000. Vice president Nguyen Cao by in a speech today put the Viet Cong strength around the City at 12 to 13 battalions not All at their full strength of 600 men. A we Are stopping them just outside Saigon a he said. A surrounding them destroy ing them and eliminating the communists were unable to penetrate the main part of the City in Force but a few mortars burst in the Center of town. One hit a Small refreshment stand killing four civilians and wounding seven others. The outskirts were hit the hardest and the vast army of homeless grew bigger. March leaders planned to drive the first stake monday in the erection of architect designed ply we a d and Green Canvas lean tos that will House Many of the poor persons White and Black converging pm Washington from North South East and West. Although criticism of the March and Camp in has been Long and loud on Capitol Hill government and private Agen Des have pitched in to smooth the Way. Churches and hoc organizations unions and private individuals have donated report child abuse Des Moines up the department of social services said today 160 reports of child abuse in Iowa were received during the 15 month period ended March 30. Commissioner Maurice h a a Mon said two of the cases involved the fatal injuring of a child. He said two other children suffered brain damage As a result of abusive treatment and three sustained Skull fractures. Another nine suffered Bone fractures and 23 suffered abrasions and lacerations he said. Bruises and welts were found in another 89 cases and in 21 cases the possibility of a b e was ruled out Harmon said. Harmon said that in 107 of the cases the natural Parent of the child inflicted the i n j u r y while step parents were named in 37 cases. He said 33 of the cases involved children under two years of age 27 cases involved children two to five years old 42 involved children from five to to years of age 40 involved children from to to 16 and 13 of the children were Over 16. He said the cases a came from All social and economic groups and Are not limited to families with financial problems Harmon said a Law passed by the 1965 session of the Iowa legislature offering immunity from liability to persons reporting cases of suspected or known child abuse had helped improve the reporting of child abuse cases. Approve Isu education College without controversy or a Dis Benting vote the lows Board of regents Friday approved a major administrative reorganization at Iowa state University creation of a new College of education. The new College seventh at Iowa state and the first addition since 1913, will come into existence sept. I. Isu pres. W. Robert Parks Callet the step a an administrative reorganization combining existing programs into a unified administration. He said Isu is already engaged in pre Parat on of elementary and secondary teachers As Well As education administrators Counselor school psychologists and other youth workers. A Hie University hts about 2. 006 undergraduate students in teacher training programs and about 400 graduate students. Entered around the present department of education a part of the College of agriculture the new College will enrol education majors and handle the teacher training courses of other students who plan teaching careers. An acting Dean will be named soon to head the College until a permanent Dean can be selected Parks told the regents. The Ames committee on alcoholism will ask the City Council for $33,127.26 As the a Tiyo a share of a proposed $47,091 operating budget for the Ames alcoholism Center next year. The 1969 budget Calls for expending the centers operations next year and changing its financial base. The City of Ames now pays about two thirds of the centers $21,000 operating Cost from liquor rebates to the City from the state the remained of the Cost is paid by the Iowa comprehensive alcoholism project 1cap. Because Cap will have no funds for next year the centers budget should be shared by Ames and surrounding communities whose residents Are served by the Center the committee on alcoholism proposes. The proposed budget for next year asks for $33,127 from Ames $7,826 from Boone $5,732 from Nevada and $406 from Gilbert. None of the City councils has acted yet on the requests. The Center proposes expanding its staff by adding three new aides or caseworkers next year. A female aide would be hired tor the Ames office and men would be assigned to Nevada and Boone. Salaries�?$35,700 of the $47 too budget Are proposed at $9,600 for project director Jeff Voskans $5,808 for assistant director Harold Olsan $5,280 each for the three new aides and $4,140 for the present Secretary. Other proposed expenditures in the committee on alcoholism a budget request include $1,300 for attending area state and local conferences on alcoholism $2,400 for emergency hospitalization food and shelter for alcoholics $1,100 for rent $2,-100 for local travel and $1,200 for new office furniture. School census starts monday Ames biennial school census will begin monday Joe Stratton Secretary of the Board of education announced today. Stratton said 25 census enumerators will begin counting All persons under 21 for the census required every two years by Iowa Law. Conducted by Iowa state University a statistical Laboratory the census will take approximately two weeks to Complete he said. For identification each of the enumerators will have a letter signed by Stratton. Interchange work the Iowa Highway commission has begun work preparing the Way for a new interchange at the intersection of highways 30 and 60 West of Ames. The new inter Rhane hah in ordered because of the Bish Accident rate at the intersection and because of the recent designation of Highway 30 for inclusion in expressway freeway develop men. Tribune photo by Keith c. Sutherland

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