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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Ames, Iowa Ames weather partly Cloudy warm and humid with thundershowers thin afternoon and tonight. Saturday partly Cloudy and turning cooler by afternoon. High today near 90, Low tonight 70. High saturday 85. Ames of Roc miss Vock Piper Cal Tho Tribune office phone 2400 Between a of end t pan. End on will be de ii raced by special delivery. Vol. 83�?no. 304 United preen wire service ambs Iowa Friday june 23 1950 official ame and Story county paper five can service faces secret quiz on what six b-36�?Ts material he gave amerasian editor in 10>00� i d a i a mile flight five railroads h Are stopping by Bob Sprinkle the streets and alleys of Ames Are undergoing the initial to Raytar in the annual Battle to reduce the number of flies in this Community but just As Washington dip Ionia John s. Sec ice faced secret questioning today on what if any wartime military information he gave to Amerada editor Philip Jaffe sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy. R wi., told reporters the Fhi has informed a Senate foreign relation Subr Ommittee invigilation a the Case that. Service passed the data Jaffe five years ago he said the. Fri found out Abo Tif h by hiding a microphone in Jaffess room in the Slatier hotel Here and six train service be i Chicago tip a five Western to railroads began stopping trains today in the face of an Al switch men a strike scheduled to hit them within 4k hours. Meanwhile the order of Hail important in the Campaign is the or in Rig to their conversation he j Way conductors called a strike of Honolulu up b-36 atomic bombers flew by Wake Island toddy and roared. To the West in a 10,000-mile in Stop flight that May take me to the far East and Hack. It is the largest mass flight yet of the 6-engined planes their flight distance will be equal to a round trip Between new York and Moscow. Air Force authorities kept armadas route secret but Senate will not confirm Switzer for judgeship demos Tex Cut Bill is called phony by gop leaders Fri Washington a it sen tat morn Carrand Nev said today that a All precedents indicate that the in Senate will refuse to confirm the nomination of Carroll Switzer to be a Federal District judge in Iowa. Quot in All my experience. I have never known a Nomine whose orifice was strictly within the state the to be confirmed when a senator Aid i from Flat mate Mcoar-1 Effort you expend at your own j Home. Some of the beet Breeding places for flies and other pests j Are in the alleys especially around places that dispense food but done to forget that every Home told newsmen however tha1 to knew no details of the nature of the information involved Robert Morris Republican subcommittee counsel tried to ques Hon service about it yesterday at a Public hearing. Bat chairman Mil. Lard e. Tidings do a md., of acted in one of those places on a smal a. .,1>t a. That Fri testimony should not he a a it i made Public piecemeal. He tche dul Spray you own Gat hag cans today s closed door session to and other spots around the House pursue it further in secret. Or elsewhere in the Yard that is i the subcommittee is investigate Partick Ilary attractive to bugs and eng Mccarthy s charges that the you will have done your part Leaden the menace. To of no longer Are you going to hear much about the Quot cold but you will he hearing just As much about Quot winning the peace Quot that s merely another Way of referring to the same thing but the state department Hopes it in a psychologically smart no it and it could he. All along our state department planners have been saying that War with Russia is not inevitable. In they Are going to remove fold War Quot from their vocabulary and substitute Quot wanning the but Don t get the idea that the new poli it y is All flute and no trumpet for Washington is taking no chances that Russia will think we Are turning soft. The r. A has started to Tell Russia what Quot winning the peace involves. This is being done by military planners who report tha defensive Power now has the Edge on the offensive. Washington regards Stalin As a realist who is i unlikely to risk War if he s faced with the facts. And the chief fact is that no one ilk him or his kind except themselves. S ate department is infested with communists. He has cited the amerasian Case As evidence. Service. Jaffee and four Oiher persons were arrested in 1943 on charges of conspiring to steal government documents. Jaffee was fined 12.509, hut service was cleared by the investigating grand jury. In a Day Long appearance yesterday. Service conceded he gave Quot background information to Tafte and to Mark Gayn a writer who was arrested but later was cleared. Service said this data included memos on his personal observations As a . Military observer in communist held area of to Hina but he insisted that this material was his own property not official state department policy reports. All Pullman conductors for july to to enforce demands to reduce the total hour worked each month from 225 to 2111 for each of the 2,200 Pullman workers. The Al switchman ? Union of North America has called a strike for i a. In local time sunday against five Western lines to support demands for a reduction in to the planes would land at Lulu beginning at 2 20 p in. 7 20 p in. Cost tonight by then the planes will have been in the air for nearly 37 hours since they took off from Fairfield Suisun air base in California. At Wake the bombers were nearly two thirds of the w in across the Pacific 4,400 in is the work week from 48 to 40 hours Roni their Takeoff and 2.500 n ran chairman of the Senate judiciary committee said. Switzer nomination is opposed by Iowa two senators Guy m Gillette a Ami Bourke b. Hickenlooper a Mccarran s committee has held hearings but there Are no indications that the Issue will be brought to a test vote. Mccarran said that he has known Federal circuit judges to be standby draft Bill passed by Senate May lose out in House British blame Washington d pm the sen under red saboteurs for sub damage ates standby draft by which the president could Crank it up the induction machine Only it when Congress is not in session got a Chilly reception in the hoi today. Quot we won t accept it. Said rep Dewey Short a to. Ranking re publican member of the House the me armed services committee Quot we favor h will insist on the House version with no Hiss of pay. Beyond Honolulu. Circuits comprised several states. The Rock i Viand the Denver and Tokyo in Range Rio Grande Western and the Chi Well within their flight rare Cago great Western announced a Tokyo. Japan. 5,250 Miles that they would halt All service j from their take off Point and 3,-during the strike. 950 Miles West of Honolulu. The Western Pacific placed an there has been speculation that embargo on All livestock and per j til plane might Fly Over Tokyo Roud a elven another interim a is Hahle shipments but the great tx9ndon d Pic communist Sabo nobody but Congress should order eurs were blamed today for dam 11,11 of approved despite such opposition. That Parish submarine tally while House and Senate Wrang but in every Case he said the Devonport naval Yard Fher pm Over More permanent sex sixth Case of suspect sabotage on a sit it a. President Truman was expected to sign into Law an emergency Resolution to carry the pre Justice department sources said British warships in is months that if the Senate or its Judici j the admiralty disclosed last Ary committee fails to approve Milf it that Sand a found in the put Law 15 Ltd Switzer s appointment before the engines of the and of this session. Switzer a Quot in too tally hop dal a a nil it a Only Washington up a the democrats new Bill to Cut taxes Here and hike them there Drew Republican fire today. Hour Republican Leader Joseph w Martin or. Called it a Quot phony kind of tax reduction Bill the measure. Scheduled for House Debs Nett week. Would excise taxes by 11,010,000.000. Would offset this Revenue Lea by various Means including a boost in some corporation levies. Martin called his gof policy committee in meeting late today to decide the Republican line toward j re. The Odds appear to is passage of the Hill. Re Martin does t like the corporation tat provision. He said Quot this is a poor time to increase and one a taxes a a said taxes should by Cut to give business a shot in the army sen. Robert a. Taft. Re a o., voiced misgivings. He said the Corpora Hon tax boost might discourage investment and thus Hurt pm both Chambers shoved through ploy ment. But he added. I Haven t Northern a major Road with 28.000 n b-86�?T# employees in to states said it continued on fag four would Quot do the Best we can to keep Normal schedules. It announced that the fist California zephyrs would be halted because they use Western Pacific track West of Salt i Ake City. The westbound Zephyr which left Chicago yesterday was Mak i ing its final run and the eastbound Zephyr was scheduled to Start its i final run from san Francisco this world duties outlined for farm girls Point men during the congressional recess but the Law would forbid his receiving any pay. In View View of that it was considered unlikely that president Truman would give him another interim appointment. After they jammed on a trial run.,. The submarine had been Laid Utah a it Psi a Resolution Brunani made up my mind Quot about whether in Midstream at Devonport As parti�011 rotl4, not ten Day after it be to oppose the Bill when it reach came Cleyr that the Senate and fhe Senate. Congressional develop i v a a continued on bags four the world of fir off places and Peoples spoke to Iowa s 4-h club girls thursday evening in the voice of a noted Indian educator. Or. Eddy Asir a hem of Madras baby bom to 10-year-old Nebraska girl of the Reserve Fleet. I Rouse could not Compromise their naval authorities said thee were differences in time to beat the 0th#�?~r-almost certain that communist deadline ments j sympathizers were to blame for the1 the How ftppr0t he a Al arms aids sen. Tom Connally i tall Yho incident and ave other year Extension Bill calling for Reg 9, Tex. Said the danger of soviet j cases of suspected sabotage is ration and classification Only. I aggression gives Congress no these were december 1948�?seven steel bolts found jammed in a Gearbox on the aircraft Carrier Sydney. January 1919�?a rag found in the Oil pipe of the steering mechanism of the submarine trenchant sister ship of the tall who. A 10-year-old to May 1, 1950�?three magnesium local credit and sound farm Loans urged by Chester Davis u of the a it anything worse than a Waffle that a cold or mashed potatoes three Days old. Its suddenly meeting an old fat Hen that you loved in High school in Nineteen ten. A anon. The soundness of american agriculture is dependent on the soundness of the Economy As a whole Chester c. Davis president of the Federal Reserve rank of St. I Ouis to told Tai in credit men graduating from the fifth annual agricultural credit school at Iowa state College this afternoon. Quot one part of the Economy not moving up it pre ent is Agricula 4-h Honor to Murl Mcdonald inductions of men 19 through 25.1 Choice but to vote an additional a for a 21-month period could be 222.500.000 for arming free nation started Only if Congress by the foreign relations chairman joint Resolution declared an emerge opened Senate debate on the mean ency. Are. The Senate after two Days of Europe a British ambassador argument yesterday toned Down sir Oliver Franks told Congreve hit its proposed 3-year Extension of country will not Pool her economic the present Law As is. But it de resources with Western Europe dined to go All the Way with the at the expense of other British House and put a double trigger on Commonwealth nations. Some con starting inductions. Gressmen have accused great Brit with Congress in cession a Lar of withholding cooperation with joint Resolution would be Neces her Atlantic pact partner because Saryu As in the House Bill. But App has not joined the French pro with Congress away the Prest posed steel and Coal Pool. Dent could Start actual inductions Omaha o r India and now with Boston in tiler and her new born son Are in flares discovered before they could verify made a special trip to the Quot excellent condition officials of a explode in the engine room of the Iowa Campus to spend the Day with i Hospital where the infant was aircraft Carrier illustrious which 4-h club delegates at their 21st an i Horn two Days ago said today. Was carrying High ranking naval Nual convention and to talk to j the i Pound 8-ounce boy was j officer. Them on their place As world Cit born wednesday in what doctors june 1950�?a Quot serious explosion Quot j a a j described As a Quot completely Normal Quot occurred abroad the tre Norment at Quot the one great duty of very birth. The name of the Young sea. J�?T�?~7rt�?~ ,1�?~ �?oa1 1�?T"1 j aliens a immigration official voting person today Quot he said Quot is Mother and the Hospital where the june 1950�?the electrical system a a the Iai Quot nor nations necessity a russian tia Raed Simonovich to build within himself and others birth secured were not disclosed of the submarine Urania was re is s a Araa we fifi of i an abiding mood of peace a hich both the Hab and the Mother were ported overloaded As result of Sua Jwill refuse to become hysterical j Quot getting along just Fine both a pert sabotage. And which will seek to solve every in excellent i the tall Yho. Sydney and Urania the Mother described As Quot Small incidents All occurred at Devon for her has been a patient port. In the Hospital for several weeks. Investigators said the com she had several blood transfuse my nests have a Strong foothold human problem in the spirit of unfailing love and once again a distinguished Mem-1 a you Young people Quot he told his Ber of Iowa a agricultural Exten j audience Quot live in a land that has lure Quot Davis said. He pointed out Ision for vice has honoured by been blessed of god though it has ions before the delivery doctors in Britain docks and shipyards can go in rom Quot to i ing House Quot said chair Man Tydings. D. Md., of the armed services committee otherwise he said the Senate would have nothing left Quot to give away in conference a table alien a r us a and ,. In Senate Judici Ary sub Commee investigating the Racket that Simonovich was Quot behind every smuggling Effort Quot so far exposed. Many of the alien Are from Iron curtain countries. They that the value of the goods and 4�?~h Lub irs of the a Tate. J Only six percent of the world s pop services now being turned out by i this year Murl Mcdonald Asso elation it produces so percent of this country is running at an an Clate director of the Extension a be worlds goods. This Means that said. The officials said they understood the baby would be placed for the dossiers of known communist Pav up to si.500 apiece to get into and they concentrated on checking sympathizer. Nual rate of $265 billion slightly9� Cen was chosen by the 20,000 sharing with others less fortunate adoption As soon As possible record level theoretically at least Plato knew More about the quack eries of politics than any other Man the world has known. The eminent greek philosopher Way Back in the 4th Century b. C., wrote on the subject of champions of the people tyranny and High taxes Quot the people have always some Champion whom they set Over them and nurse into greatness. This and no other is the Root from which a tyrant Springs when he first appears he is a protector. In the Early Days of his Power he is full of smiles and he salutes everyone whom he meets. J when the tyrant has disposed of his foreign enemies by Conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them then he is alway stirring up some War or other that the people May require a Leader. Quot has he not another object which is that they May be impoverished by payment of taxes and thus compelled to devote them delve to their daily wants and. Therefore less Likely to conspire against him Quot below the All time reached in 1948. The banking official said that farm prices Are averaging substantially below Peak Levels while farm costs show no significant decline. At the same time automobiles new housing and other hard goods Are increased greatly in demand. Partly because of expanding. Easy credit. Consumer credit is running Over $18 billion with instalment debt alone accounting for about $11 billion Davis said. He added that the volume of mortgage Loans out standing on one to four family dwellings is about $38 billion. In club girls of the is a Mark of world j in Lincoln doctor Clair Chism state for Honor the world is rapidly becoming a of the Bureau of vital statistics Ary membership single neighbourhood and the Young said the girl Xmas the youngest in in their Organiza Quot men and Sonnen of tomorrow Are Nebraska Ever to give birth to a Wasny to diff stall ment credit is about four times pm Quot up that Many what it was of the close of the a rep it a opportunities and Aspira War and mortgage credit is almost a tons n ral Young folks of the double what it we As at the end of Apfl Hari it Norrie rip because of i the vision and foresight of out Davis told fhe farm credit men Standin leaders. It was an oppor there is a definite connection be Runi a to Pav i but it to it who had spent Many years enc our lion. The Trade j going to find this More real than it ional ceremony their parents of today. To overtook place thurs ome the harriers of differences in Dav evening at race. Language and religions and the foot of the to give undivided to the Campanile on the United nations is your duty he Iowa state Cam continued. Quot the tractor is mightier pus. J than the tank the fire in the Hearth Sheds More warmth than a. Flame Cit or ? in girls Asirvatham is professor of mrs no 4 h ban Sions and Christian International np1 to Mcdonald what the relations at Roston University. A 4-h s had come to mean to them noted lecturer and writer he was formerly head of the department of political science and Public administration at the University of Madras. Since coming to the United states he has travelled Exten 4-h girls Tell world what they think of it this country. Gambling chief postal inspector c. Garner said a bookmaking concern in St. Louis. J. Rich company is doing a $500,000-a-Day business on horse races and baseball game. Baby. The previous record was an 11-year-old girl who became a Mother in 1935, he said. Play Day for Ames girls at Cantita tuesday world and Community problems settled Down on the shoulders of under the guidance of a county 4-h 1.500 Iowa 4 h girls this week at president and a county Home econ Lowa state College the Blue Clad Olst. Youngsters attending their 21st an today a panel selected from the Nual state convention tossed ques county presidents reported on Teflon and answers Back and Forth suits of the discussions. Iowa a in an Effort to and out what kind us girls did no to skirt racial Reju of world they would like to live in Dice religion communism or any too dogs Are entered in local Parade i Mcdonald Quot play Dav tween the right use of capital to underwrite Good farm management and the level of Bank deposits. He warned them that Midwest communities need to be As eager to and Camp fire girls will he tues Day at Camp Cantita with registration starting at 9 . Each girl is to bring her own sack lunch for the 12 30 picnic meal and 25 cents to pay for Craft materials. J _ ,. To. I. Saturday will be the big Day for and xxx hat they could do As 4-h girls other issues Thev said what they. A us. J dogs and Young dog owners. It a thought and offered straight for w a r d suggestion for ments. For Ames bluebirds j to help build it. For the first time in the history of the convention each girl was Given a part on the program through discussion groups. These groups. 48 in number met wednesday and thursday mornings each improve Marv Reeves Field director will sively speaking on his own country j be in charge of the event and on International problems. The girls also were reminded they talked about Way school could be improved the Day of the pet Parade sponsored by Keith Rushing. At last count about inn dogs wer scheduled to Parade Down main Street to the judges stand and a every school should have some then wait patiently while the Lucky 4-h today to Contact mrs. Norval Curry if they want a summer Sally Quot folders continued on Page four 4-h Hon it re continued on Page four local continued on Page four Canada though does no to have to be much concerned about whether Plato called the shot on its manner of operation 2300 years ago. Before such places As Canada and the United states Werp even names let alone places. Our neighbor to Hie North has mgt to us an example that we could profitably follow. When world War ii a fighting stopped the two nations were in similar strained circumstances but no longer. Only the u. S. Is strained. Five years ago each country had an empty Treasury a huge National debt and High taxes. Today by comparison that is True Only of the u. S. Immediately Canada set about balancing her budget. She has made repeated and sizeable reductions in taxes. And she has reduced her National debt by 13 percent. By five reductions in four Vars Canada has lowered her taxes about 50 percent. Wartime excise taxes have been removed entirely. Business taxes have been curtailed and the Dou Rax on corporation taxes has a in eliminated. As the Boone news Republican recently put. Throws do Sharp contrast a government playground tourneys to Start monday dancer scores Hometown playground tournaments will begin next week. According to Jim Robertson who is in charge of that activity for the recreation program this summer. Robe Ison stated that tournaments will b e held in Basket shooting Box hockey checkers ring toss Golf. Table Tennis and croquet. Ribbons will be awarded the first three place winners. This summer for the first time the Ames player kinds will compete in the state playgrounds postal track meet. This meet will be held on july 14. Robertson has announced the following schedule for tournaments and visits to playgrounds mondays i to 2 30 Whittier and 2 30 to 4 Pammel tuesday. I to 2 30 Crawford and 2 30 to 4 Welch wednesday Brookside thursday i to 2 30 Lincoln. And 2 30 to 4 Beardshear. On fridays City championships and Phi social efficiency tests will be Given at playground. The business about a Prophet being without Honor in his own Community was most expertly disputed Here last night by a new York Dity dancer who came Home to captivate a Large crowd in Mac Kay auditorium with a program that it would be difficult to surpass. There Are Manv dancers Betacur i Nown than Ames own Marjorie Carey but the professionals and others with a proper background for judging such entertainment were unanimous in their Praise at the conclusion of the generous program of pantomime character and the classical Ballet. And theirs was not a Praise generated by Hometown loyalty because Many of them were unacquainted with the Young woman who has danced with such famous groups As de Basilus original Ballet russe de Monte Carlo in the metropolitan opera House new York and the civic opera House Chicago. Theirs was a criticism backed by an understanding of the Art of Brookside the Ballet which is appreciated j Only As entertainment by the Lav Farmer Munson if it it friends Start place cleanup Man who is not too familiar with operated in behalf of the people1-- and one operated in behalf of dancer political continued on Page four by Bernie Kooser Tribune staff writer operation Quot clean up wag under w a at what remained of the Al i Munson farm South of Ames today. Neighbors and friends from j Miles around working consider ably slower than the terrific wind-1 storm which levelled every build ing on the farm on the evening of 1 june 15, were Matching even the storms thoroughness As they worked to clean debris Salvage lumber and pave the Way for rebuilding operations. The w Ork began shortly after s a. In. When the first of the neighbors drove up the farm Lane unloaded their tools and drinking water and tried to figure where to Start first. Among the Early arrivals was Carroll Miller and his tractor and flatbed trailer. The tractor was a big item in the pulling apart of the House which had been almost completely wrecked by the big wind a the work progressed a fire was built to do away with Materia which be used in rebuilding. Into another pile went lumber which could be salvaged. The fire roared away Hun Liberty Bell replica to be exhibited Here Iowa flying Farmers to meet Here j award w Inners Are selected j the Parade route is As follows Assembly area at 10 a. In. Will be South of main Street Between Clark and grand. Helpers will be there to take charge of the entrants. Parade will be East on main Street South on Duff then to Rushing a Supe Valu parking lot w Here the final judging will take place. Judges will be or. A. T. Getz i. W. Lac score and Pernie Kooser. Prizes for winners of special events including the grand prize this Community will hear the True tone of the Liberty Bell tuesday when the True to life replica of the notion s most hallowed relic is exhibited at Ames. The replica is touring Iowa As the Symbol for the savings Bond drive which continues through Ames girls take part in Rainbow state convention grand the flying Farmers of Iowa of a deluxe Model bicycle have will hold their fifth annual meet a been on display at Rushing 4ore ing at the municipal Airport Mon for the past week. Dav entrants Are reminded that All regular business meeting talks dogs must be on Leash. Each in by Don Ultang Des Moines Pilot Trant will be rewarded for his of photographer and by Jack Shelley news editor radio station who miss Beverly Summers t. A Charity of Iowa of the order of a e5 u Quot Quot Rainbow for girl. And eight others m a our and a a it it it a Quot a from ame. Attended the grand As Wmk a i turn a a Sembly of the order at Cedar ran-1 a ther tems 0n the Agenda w Quot ids for four Days sunday through forts with a free can of Pard dog1 food s feeding tray and free coca cola. Wednesday. Those attending w Ere misses Nancy Getz we Orthy advisor of the include reports by Elmer Paul Nevada on the Nebraska annual meeting preview of the 1950 National flying Farmers association ame Assembly. Barbara Hyler a a eld i Minn Quot in Renee a. A August by Bert Hanson i fight on his hands july 4, according to Ross Camp Bruce Connie Moore Rev Dent of the a Jaffa Komi of Amne no in a a a a to Erly Scheuermann and Dee Ann -. Rice presi farm re continued on four Bell of Ames chairman for Story county. The Bell one of 52 donated to the Treasury department by six american Copper companies to serve As symbols for the drive will be at main and Burnett from 10 30 to 2 of clock and then go to Nevada for the remainder of the afternoon. A formal program will be presented at 10 30 for the unveiling of the Bell it will include Quot Welcome Liberty Bell Quot a mayor w. L. Allan. Quot history of Liberty belly a Rev. W. Murray Allan. A unveiling Quot by Sun dial chapter of daughters of the american revolution and e. R. Smith. Miss Schuenemann returned 1 Mertesdorf. Secretary of the min Home sunday evening. Mrs. Austin Getz and mrs. D. L. Summers accompanied the girls on the trip. Sunday the ceremony and banquet of the grand Cross of Honor l degree was Given at which time Anju Ca an the misses Getz. Hyler and Scheuermann received the degree. Degrees were also give to miss Martha Groth mrs Sam Mcdowell and mrs. Elizabeth Coulter who we Ere unable to attend. Miss Summers As grand Charity was an officer at All sessions and wednesday morning helped install the officers for the new year. Nesotas flying Farmers expected guests include Bill Piper president of the Piper aircraft company lock Haven a. J Don Flower Cessna aircraft com Johnnie Talbot state conservation commission. Des Moines Norbert Locke director now a aeronautics commission Des Moines p. E. Norris chairman Iowa aeronautics commission by boy scouts Camp fire girls pledge of allegiance to the Flag girl scouts and 4-h club members. Centerville Jack Galbraith direct , Ftp. It Aii to it Ain easy needs you in i Corner tor National flying Farmers incur who a Hinlo Bruni Anes program. Buffalo. N. h. Enemy. Bull Hanson. Turn to Pettit sales manager Aeron a. Aircraft corporation. Wichita Captain Casl Kang Rex Conn. Farm editor be n he a and Dar rapids la. Gazette and others. Roo or Captain fear in Hie Gayel Carnes. Ames is Secretary Earth shaking baffle with his old treasurer of the organization. J enemy

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