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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 4

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Ames, Iowa Where Are the revolutionaries ? by in ssi i i b Kebic 1974 new York times news service we tune celebrated revolution again it Lias become a curious rite this annual fourth of july Bow to bloody upheaval for most of us Are ill at ease with Washington Adams and Jefferson univ slightly less tory than i Ord North and Page huge tax Bills each year to suppress revolutionary movements around the Earth. It Are. In fact much closer in sgt empathy to King George 111 than George Washington who overthrew the government by Force and \ violence. I his sympathy for the tyrannical party is quite natural Weare now the Creal world Power that England was ii i77t> and it is the destiny of great world Powers to collaborate in oppression of the unruly and so we give our sympathy and our Money to dictators in Greece thine. Saigon. Spam and a dozen latin states with Generalissimo willing to maintain gun Rule while freighting Boodle to Swiss Banks yearn for monarchy to Home we yearn for the monarchy of Strong presidents and tolerate the incumbent s claim to privileges which King George himself would have been reluctant to assert though some May be restive with Nixon s insistence that he is the Law. Most of us would be appalled by a proposal to revolt against him. We Are quite comfortable with the Runin of Madison s separation of Powers and probably concede though perhaps a bit unhappily that Caes arism in the. White House is preferable to the blundering of democracy in the Congress Large turn hers of us sympathize with the governments demand that the press confine itself to printing Only what the government wants known. Most of us Are indifferent when some Small rabble is jailed by the troops for expressing revolutionary sentiment at the doors of the Justice department or the Gates of a National com coition. We abide and even Praise an economic order that makes the Rich Richer by bilking the Middle class and keeping the poor impoverished we uncomplaining by pay taxes to subsidize vast corporations yet abuse the poor for shiftless Ness w e excuse our richest men and most powerful companies from taxation and pay More taxes ourselves to compensate for the amounts not paid by the great tory to the Ore we tolerate a Legal system which most of us cannot afford to use because tin1 Rich and the powerful have priced us out of the Market in their demands for its services. In consequence we see the Law s favors bestowed on the Rich and the powerful and its Scourge Laid upon those who cannot afford to buy into it in Short like All Good conservatives we like things the Way they Are nothing is More Likely to set the hair upright on the Back of the National neck than a Call for revolution. We Are tory to the Core Why then must we go on with these annual tributes to the glory of revolution George w Ashington after All. Is not a Man we feel emotionally involved with. He is too Remote too severe. His rigorous honesty is largely joke material these Days like his Lith rate false Teeth How can we possibly feel anything in common with an honest politician w Ith a Man who did no to even know about $5.non dental caps9 who wore wigs and knee breeches9 and Jefferson with that business about periodically refreshing the tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots a Jefferson. It you were alive today talking like that we would happily see you do hard time in Attica. Unnatural Effort is required to generate enthusiasm for the devolution. It is already much More Remote from us than the English devolution was from a Corge Iii by 1776. Of englishmen could go from revolutionaries to conservatives in slightly More than a Hundred years Why should a americans not accept the fact that they have travelled from revolution to reaction in 260? ii is time to close the Book on the fourth of july. It was splendid once but it no longer becomes us. If we must go ahead celebrating it for years to come ii would make More sense to treat it As a Day for honouring King George Iii. Whose principles we so roundly endorse. Far better to abolish it altogether perhaps by turning it into one of those four Day Holiday weekends which could be celebrated at the Start of August and by renaming it the sentimentality Day weekends. a there is no likelihood of Early abolition unfortunately. The government is determined to preserve it through the Bicentennial Celebration in 1976, which everybody believes can he a Good shot in the Arm for business. There is one segment of a the press Quot which seems to take the position that the people Are tired of ind which therefore scoffs at the intensive attention which some segments of the news gathering Community brings to Bear on that complicated Story in All of its ramifications. Yet the intense interest which seems to us to Greet each new disclosure would seem to put that Contention to rest. This week s events complicated enough even in their most simplified form enforce our belief that most americans View the watergate Case with a combination of horror and fascination and there is no doubt but that much of what is taken place is indeed news the Pill from a professional standpoint it is an extremely difficult news Story to Tell for one thing there Are the numerous sources of information the House judiciary committee which is considering impeachment the Senate watergate committee which will Issue its final report on sunday the Senate judiciary committee which conducted the original watergate investigation the White House itself and All the individuals standing around on the fringes. Finally there is the involvement of the supreme court which heard arguments on executive privilege and w Hether the president will be required to furnish 64 More tapes of White House conversations for the special prosecutor at this Point the supreme court is the most important body. Even though this weeks disclosures and allegations suggest that impeachment proceedings May be the most reasonable step. Indeed it has appeared several times that a full blown impeachment action May be the Only Way to approach any part of he truth of the Case As we see it entry of the supreme court into the Melee is highly appropriate. For that body is not Only unique but one of the most powerful of i s institutions and certainly the most stable of the three branches of government new York times writer Tom Wicker observed that a a at a time when the presidency has been brought into the gravest disrepute of the Century and when Congress is struggling not Only with impeachment but to regain Power and prestige that it had relinquished either voluntarily or unknowingly it was All but inevitable that the third co equal Branch with its integrity and authority under no serious Challenge should play a part in the Resolution of this profound crisis of american we agree. And we Hope that out of the trauma of watergate that is now and will continue there will emerge under the prodding of supreme court decisions a new balance of executive legislative and judicial Powers and authority in which the people can once again have Confidence. Watergate is at once a nuisance a fascination and a pain lint it May also be the political medication by which the country a health can be restored. The Ames daily Tribune weekender published by the Ames daily Tribune times co., inc., 317 fifth Street Ames Iowa 50010. Hollis j. Nordyke president and publisher Verle h. Burqas on vice president and advertising director Dodson l Riggs Secretary and editor Jack r Nordyke treasurer and business manager Ames doily Tribune weekender edition 4 sat. July 13, 1974 support Industry to the editor of the Tribune we believe that the owners of property next door to the site on which an Industry wants to locate in the Ontario area Are of the City should be Given a Chance to speak their piece. Few of those who live in the residential area there object to the Prospect of Industrial neighbors. This is especially True of those who have lived there for a Long time. As we have. In 1942, when we moved into the area. Ames reliable had a feed Plant an Industrial operations in Ontario which was then outside the Ames City limits. Before the area was annexed in 1962. It was zoned a Industrial Quot under county zoning after annexation by the City. The area was zoned a ill Quot under City zoning our request for rezoning for residential use was turned Down by he i i my by i tilted dress International today is saturday. July 13, the 194th Day of 1974 with 171 to follow the Moon is Between its last Quarter and new phase the morning stars Are Mercury. Venus Jupiter and Saturn the evening Star is Mars. Those born on this Date Are under the sign of cancer the late american actor Sidney Blackmer was born july is 1895, and american educator Mary Emma Wonky was born on this Dav in 1873 the City plan commission when people began building Homes there and when Sawyer school was built because those people had school age children Industry in the form of the teed Plant already was there. Ii safety of the school children is a major concern then a traffic signal could be installed at the Ontario Street North Dakota Avenue intersection. And sidewalks built on both those streets where they do not now exist. We think an Industrial Plant of the Type which we understand is proposed free of pollution and of heavy truck traffic would be a Welcome addition we wholeheartedly support the Industry As do our neighbor proper towners. George and Phyllis Heilman 4712 Toronto ave. On this Day in history in 1863, opposition to the Federal conscription act led to riots in new York City in which More than 1,000 persons were killed. In 1865. Horace Greeley wrote an editorial in the new York Tribune in which he said a go West Young Man go West and grow up with the country in 1972. Democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern chose Missouri sen Thomas Eagleton As his running mate later replacing him with Sargent Shriver a 1974 by Nila inc Washington Post newspaper columnist Kenneth Denlinger took a look at the strike of football players and the National football league in general the other Day. And extended the a Fly a philosophy to the National symphony he suggested a news item might read. A the National symphony today traded its first chair cellist to the Cleveland orchestra for two violin players and a flautist and its fourth round Choice Iii next seasons Viola Tho imaginary Story also said a a a this will Gie us More depth which we need if we re going to Challenge the Chicago symphony for no. I according to music director w Oody wind. A we think our Loyal fans deserve a Winner in a a a Well the nil and its team owners in particular Are going to get a lot of guff this summer As the players refuse to participate in the pre season practices because their contract demands have not been met. Both owners and players might he in trouble. I thought after watching the first games of the new world football league on to this week players whose names i know Only vaguely performed at least As Well against their Competition As do the superstars of the nil against each other who knows maybe the world w ill go on w without the National football league Denlinger observed that at what would in called in sports cliche a a Snappy two and one half hour Drill a a the National symphony seemed to play xxx 11 without option or Reserve clauses w without inter league trading without setting curfews for players and without hauling them from their families for two months of practice each summer. A a nil owners have announced thai it the strike goes unsettled until the season is started with the traditional series of exhibition games next month. They w ill use rookies and f ree agents players not under contract to meet schedule commitments. However they Don t say anything about adjusting ticket prices because of the lower paid Talent. Nor was their any suggestion that any part of the season might be cancelled except that the All Star game proceeds of which go to Charity not the owners would not be played. Imagine what would happen if tii snip Hong would attempt to play a season with first year musicians and a few mature veterans who were Only Par time play ers not under contract. Or if a scheduled Benefit performance which for36 years had brought out 166,666 or so tans each year was cancelled. It also is possible to turn the proposition inside out. Business for example could contract for the services of employees. An upshot of this mobilizing to fight world hunger a Elf she has the courage to Wear the new string Bikini we should too Quot by Norm a cousins from All sides come warnings that the human race May be Only a few years away from a famine that could claim tens of millions of lives. The natural question is can anything be done to Avert it crisis alleged some fatalist contend that the onrushing disaster is already beyond reach and that the Long dreaded increase in population has already reached crisis proportions. Here Are the main particulars of their pessimism 1�?india is already in a critical food deficit condition with floods in the Northeast and droughts in the heartland. 2�?flooding in Bangladesh has washed out crops and depleted the soil. 3�?southeast Asia has been falling behind in per capita Rice production. A a the famine areas of Africa Are spreading. The present Relief missions Are unable to keep up xxx till the increase in starvation. 5�?no single Factor in the world food shortage is As critically important As the availability of Low Cost fertilizer. It takes approximately one ton of Petroleum to make one ton of fertilizer. Hence there is a direct connection Between the world s Oil shortage and the world s food shortage. 6�?the United states one of the worlds largest suppliers of soybeans May be forced to reduce its soybean crop because of the demand for increased Grain. Taking All these somber factors into account pessimists see Little Prospect of preventing a famine of unprecedented dimensions within five years at the most. It is an insult to the human spirit and intelligence however to accept this verdict of grim inevitability. The real question is not whether we have the Means to aver mass famine hut whether we and other Peoples Are prepared now to give High priority to this purpose. We have proved we can sustain life on the Moon we need not accept Detent in sustaining life on Earth. Would be for one company to make a Deal with a competitor to Trade its chief bookkeeper for a marketing manager a machinist and two secretaries one of the secretaries then would be sent Down to a regional a farm team office in Omaha for More experience. Or a retailer could Deal off a service manager to another retailer in Exchange for an inventory clerk a window Dresser and first Choice from among next year s business administration graduates. A newspaper could Trade an editorial writer two sports reporters and an and Salesman for a big name columnist. Professional sports team owners Are involved in presenting kid games played by adults to earn a profit. Fans mistakenly expect the idealism that is part and parcel of the spoil to carry Over into the business where the motivation is Money not fun. Things would be pretty miserable if. Say. One Industry could get All of the Good accounts under contract to be dealt out in trades with other employers and ii Guys who sell and do it Well because they like it were simply contract agents expected to sell locomotives or paper clips or life insurance. Depending upon the a a team to which they were traded does anyone doubt that if enough human beings mobilize to fight famine with the same Energy and intensity they mobilize to fight War the starvation of 250 million people can lie prevented9 Here Are some of the things that a worldwide mobilization against hunger might do 1 expand and intensify research in a nitrogen various scientific laboratories throughout the world Are now conducting research on Means for fixing nitrogen in the soil. The most important such research is being carried out by scientists of the ctr. Kettering foundation in Day ton Ohio. If ibis research is successful it will go a Long Way toward easing the worlds fertilizer shortage. Governments should assist to whatever extent May be necessary. 2 wide ranging experiments in a weather modification now being carried out by . Military planners should be switched Over entirely to weather control for agricultural purposes. Whatever military a a secrets May now exist for preventing protracted dry spells or excessively heavy rainfall should be shared with world scientists and made the basis for dramatic Long term planning in order to Avert famine conditions. 3 there needs to in Graeter pooling of information for increasing the per capita production of relatively Small farms. Worldwide efforts All theses efforts of course should be worldwide in nature. A world food authority should he empowered to carry out a mobilization against famine. The United nations has been Able to develop a world environmental Agency for halting the poisoning of the world s oceans and air shed. There is no reason Why a similar Agency should not be created in order to meet the agricultural crisis now confronting the human race there is no a it int in minimizing the difficulties in the Way of such a program. But neither ought we to minimize the human capacity for achieving the seemingly impossible whenever the moral imagination is fully engaged. Copyright 1974, Norman cousins Carmichael Wai Ryoo 4ee the a ize of these \9u Tot am Tiff times to from my Point of View Rod Riggs editor

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