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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 5

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Ames, Iowa Pm. Pentagon 1 7. Do t you Inokay Udy. I la St no a tale it Xmas from the very next St. You Man that Mousy it tie but i think Hes Guy with the Goatee j important. It it sap to notify Pitt / a 7 Quot Sun a 31 ? s t Hill 11 v a a a a v a Urti. To. A or. Sch Cut. Ano my Hussan jumped off trying to help him. Conduce mg3 warps Pip Kou Hals a Poskin Tab a Al ram Lvi w Don t Knowsh no>5evak�c Hap time to a St away. Locks a3 if thie Trum was fulled out Asp the Ray up for so methane what w a 5 a my. Flint a truly my Sweet xxi must be favored it null it of Jupiter never have i seen / you see the wind hold 90 steady / my Captain v for the Trojan Shore i i told you pc _. A v i d bring iwr1 4p 7 you Luck. M. J pm some y xxi Don t \ slow theres no v thing Jost i now a file Telon what la 7 i didst do \ let go but that sure j happen to a anything to \ i dont <4 a Rne Oxon for / w damage the i know my thing Vav Yatsak i time machine j what Ivow is Jelbert aka we pm they said drop f easy that gun that i 5ar3ei he Means you to Opal a seems to by Okay f prop those gun. Volt re All covered i now get your Hakos up a Visee the tops of \ those cottonwoods \ that hide th1 in from \ the Road beyond my i we can approach a k unseen from behind>0 this Ridge vib in pm Mimi a a to out of there spooning a what s i Priscila f All and Lester a this a it on the r giggling a front i hear j a ftps a fir group study of government took realistic approach to Iii question of Security on Mony questions the real difficulty that faces our government i that we Quot just crowed Quot up to world War la our people were pet conscious of Security. They assumed that the germans and japanese had spies in this country and that there Wen a i w trouble Jmc anarchists around. But generally it was held that an american was always a Loyal citizen to matter How Peculiar his ideas might by then the Harold Ware group appeared irn the scene 1934> and the Houst committee on in american activities under representative Martin Dies commenced its in a it ligation of communists fascist and other unusual people. It was not. However until the Alger Hiss Remington and Coplon trials and the tial of the first string communists that americans be Ramt cd Niclous of a gnawing evil. Federal state governmental and private agencies appeared on the Irene to wipe out this conspiracy organs appeared which confused a Nti negro ism anti new realism with anti communism. Also some Brooks got into the picture who discovered How to earn a living out of their opposition to communism. Their propaganda was not based on knowledge of marxism it was a of on hate. Their profane advocacy of hate made genuine anti a nests ashamed and drove thousands of americans into silence because they were unwilling even in a Good cause to be identified with scoundrels. In this group it is wrong to in Rode the recognized informants and the undercover agents who a the risk of their lives and alway of their comforts and for trifling compensation served the eth the immigration service and various congressional committees As soldiers do on the Field of Battle. Some informants under the Ltd is of opposition and often distressed by an ungrateful government which failed to protect them Wint sour. At least one was bought off. Senator Joe Mccarthy s service was to dramatize the Issue. Toward the end of his hearings tired sick battered for weeks by the opposition be became entangled in a quarrel with the White House and was struck Down by the full h it Ria of executive Power. This particular quarrel could have been avoided by both Side it had the effect of making Mccarthy and not communism the Issue. As Between Mccarthy and Eisenhower most americans chose Eisenhower Tho communists gained courage and again took the offensive. Many anti communist supported the issues that the communists raised. For instance a great Many professors in universities Felt that in the process of the Battle against communists a general attack on a a intellectuals was being launched. The communists cleverly opposed conformity and Many who Are not communists also opposed conformity. This was one of those a big lie a slogans that marxists project so skilfully. It has been successful. The fund for the Republic which received $15 million from the Ford foundation took up this fight and became a sort of actions committee on the Side of what they Call civil rights. It has worked out to be a defense organization. The fund for the Republic is a private body using tax free Honey to do exactly on one Side what it regards As improper for citizens to do on the other Side. It employs investigators and snoopers to discover what Active anti communists have been doing in the fight. What is needed is a governmental policy on the subject. What Are the precise functions and rights of the Fri How shall its Security be protected what Are the specific functions of the various Security activities of the Federal government and what Are the rights of those who May be suspected of some such activity As Harry Dexter Whites How shall congressional committees conduct their hearings what is the function of the passport office the immigration service the department of Justice in the Security set up suppose a Man is unjustly or spitefully accused by what process does he Clear his name actually today no Swift and Complete Means Are available for such a purpose. A Way was found in the motion picture Industry which produced Good results and was fair All around. It worked Well for three years 1951 to 1954, and then collapsed. The problem of Security is real. The methods have been inadequate Ames daily Tribune published Dally except sunday am is daily tei Bun a times of 317 fifth Street Ames Iowa Howard w Lindquist managing editor w. S. Rupe publisher j Nordyke business manager and sometimes unjust. A solution must be found because we cannot to without Security in the present confused world yet we must not by unjust to any american underestimate the Power these reds red a second Clasa matter at the office at Ames. Iowa under the act of july 16. 1914 Aal paper of Story county and the City of Ames so Carrier weekly. I and adjoining counties. Ill three months i and adjoining counties ill six months. Ii and adjoining counties Iii one year. Ide above counties e year. Ide Iowa. Iceman any Mal address r year. J 2.50i 4.00 8.00s10.00. J i 2. Of subscriptions must be paid in Ancel service will be disco i d at Date of expiration unless Ved am nth Levi Duji frets Assn. By of org Sokolsky by Peter Edson Nea Washington correspondent Washington Nea a american state and local governments must be reorganized and strengthened. This is essentially a task for the states themselves. Federal government actions i should be reserved for Fields that state and local governments can handle. In oversimplified summary these Are perhaps the key recommendations in the Long awaited report from the presidential congressional 25-member commission on intergovernmental relations. What if anything will be done about its scores of specific recommendations for overhaul of All government machinery is Uncertain. President Eisenhower will no doubt Send to the next session of Congress a program for carrying out some of its policies. 1,500 fan letters a but the Federal government has drives an expensive Jennie Lee gets 1,500 fan letters of ence they can find her out front j m after the show. There she was in the lobby Selling Popcorn peanuts j 1 and $1 photographs of herself. A later in her dressing room she i carefully folded a Bathrobe around her curves and sat waxing her zippers they slide easier that Way. Two other Sweet fared strip n pers in the room quietly mended their bras and exchanged reel 1 one i Dren. Jennie the Mother of three Chil is married Biden and to an elec she studied no Power Over state governments. It can to Force them to reorganize their state machinery nor modernize their constitutions. Also there Are Well organized pressure groups which want the state and local governments kept weak and inefficient. In that con by Aline Mosby United press Hollywood writer Hollywood up a All the trolliet Gold is not in the movies. A electronics herself burlesque stripper named Jennie Quot i plan to Star in a burlesque j Lee is so talented she receives film in an underwater strip and week and then ill retire and Well open an White con electronics shop a she said Verible. Strippers usually Are generous. I this new Star on the bump Jennie presented to me two of her and grind circuit is size42. Quot pasties a a All she wears Abo. Jennie billed As a the Basoom the Waist. They Are decorated girl a wears three tassels. They we Ith sequins and tassels and twirl clockwise and then counter make Dandy Little ashtrays. Clockwise. A seven years ago Jennie was but workers at the first american edition they can b e controlled easier a Corn fed blonde from Kansas Iron works in 1644, were exempt 3 by lobbies. It will take a powerful Force of Public opinion to overcome the lethargy and opposition to Reform which the commission on intergovernmental relations Points up in a quiet but effective Way. When Meyer Kestnbaum head of Hart Schaffner St Marx a Chicago was named chairman of this commission two years ago he went to see sex president Herbert Hoover to advice. A pick out the horrible examples a or. Hoover told him. Reports of the Hoover commission Are of course filled with examples of waste in Federal government. The Kestnbaum commission report has a few horrible sex City but now she a joined Lili from paying taxes and i exempt St Cyr tempest storm and Evelyn from watching for indians. Treasure Chest wast As a Bur i Lesque Headliner. A i have the biggest bust in show business a Jennie said in a business like Terne. A i did no to Start the big bust fad in this country Jane Russell did.1 so after i finished High school i decided to use the assets i have and this is the Best Way i Cam make Money and the fastest. A Grace Kelly has her fans yes. But a pretty bust still gets All the attention from the men. A those movie stars a she Shook her head. A you never can believe what you see on the screen. They Amples All right but nobody a nose use false est even Marilyn Monroe it rubbed in them. They show waste and duplication in 50 Grant in Aid programs to the states in farm Aid Highway programs disaster Relief Public health education and welfare. But by and Large the commission takes the sane View of what is probably the oldest problem in american government. It is How the Federal government the 48 states the 3000 counties 17,000 incorporated cities 17,000 towns and townships 60,000 school districts and 12,000 special districts can get along without overlapping and conflict. If the Kestnbaum commission had chosen to show How the Federal government could save three billion dollars it would have made More dramatic news. The commission chose instead to show How the Quality of All government might be improved. People who expected the commission on Jennie has her own fan clubs. It like movie stars with membership cards. She is photographed weekly i for cheesecake magazines. She also is president of the loosely i organized a league of exotic the leagues purpose is j a for me to spread the word about strippers a everybody gets the wrong ideas about a the Basoom girls currently is swinging her tassels at a night club called strip City. Tassel dancing she explained is a a matter of muscular control and Jennie tells her Audi government fiscal responsibilities it foresees that some of the tax Burden May be shifted. What has been produced in the Kestnbaum commissions 300-Page report is a handbook that will serve As a guide for All future intergovernmental relations. Its just the intergovernmental beginning of the Job. Very corny a that strap less Black bathing suit mod eled by Betty Richter in Wash in ton d.c., is made of Corn protein a waste product of Corn starch production. It is blended with Wool and Cotton. The suit is the newest refinement of the Corn fiber developed by the department of agriculture a research Center at Peoria 111. Relations to come out with a rip snorting report damning All Federal spending programs and recommending that All big government Powers be decentralized and handed Back to the states will therefore be disappointed. Under Dean Clarence m. Manion of notre Dame first chairman of the commission who had pronounced prejudices on All these problems a blistering report was expected. Under Meyer Kestnbaum who succeeded him a Middle of the Road approach to the problem has been taken. It offers no magic formula for solving overnight the old states rights versus Federal government controversy. It puts More emphasis on getting the states to assume their full responsibility. It recognizes that the role of Federal government has necessarily expanded. It recognizes that it will be difficult to undo what has already been done. It does not anticipate that any great savings can be made in total Cost to the taxpayers. But in reassessing state and local a presidential party answer to previous Puzzle notice of dissolution of the Midwest engineering company an Iowa corporation notice is hereby Given that at a special meeting held on the 15th Day of june 1955, of the Midwest engineering company an Iowa corporation at its principal place of business at 224 North Oak Avenue Ames Iowa said corporation was dissolved by a two thirds vote of the entire capital Stock of said corporation and Robert t. Kiepura. Secretary of the corporation was duly authorized and directed to do and perform All acts necessary to accomplish such dissolution As required and contemplated by the statutes and Law of Iowa in such cases made and provided dated this 18th Day of june 1955. John hug president Robert t. Kiepura Secretary 224 North Oak Avenue Ames Iowa published in the Ames daily Trilb a Jne. June 25, july 2, 9, 16. 1955. Across i second u. S. 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