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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Ames, Iowa Pm la pwt Ames daily Tribune am. Iowa safety july 2. Is about Peot \1u pc / now a a a a a a Swine tour visits Eugene Day farm Janet Miller daughter of or. And mrs. Marvin Miller 1122 grand has returned to her Home following Eye surgery at the University Hospital at Iowa City last monday. Mrs. Boyne Platt and mrs. O. Lff Laught i co chairmen for women s guest Day at the Ames Golf and country club announce that Mem bars May invite guests from Ames or out of town wednesday. Reservations for the 12 30 luncheon should be made by tuesday noon Telephone 38. Golf will begin at 8 a in. And Bridge will be played in the afternoon. Or. And mrs. K. In. Hicks Glenn Ellyn 111., a re spending the week end with or. Hicks aunt mrs. Pearl Hicks. Or and or. Herbert Robbins Are visiting in the Home of Robbins Mother mrs. Marie Robbins the Young couple will spend the remainder of their vacation at Clea Lake. Mrs. Mina Sorenson returned Friday after spending a week s vacation in Hinton with her brother. And sister in Law. Or. And mrs. H. R. Kingsbury. She also visited in Dubuque Wisconsin and Illinois. She will spend the weekend in Des Moines with her son and family i former Ames residents. Municipal court Robert a. Peterson. $25. Disturbing the peace and $5, faulty equipment William b. I Ewis $25, Farmers on the Story county Swine tour Friday View March narrowed pigs on the Eugene Day farm. 3 Miles South of Nevada. Days Herd narrowed 45 litters in March averaging 8 pigs per litter. I visitors stayed on Racks and Rode through hog pens to keep from spreading any disease. Tribune photo i just ate an atomic Steak by Gaynor Maddox Chicago Rnear a i just ate an atomic Steak. No ill effects so far. It did t happen in a restaurant disturbing the peace both commit a j a a research laboratories ted Friday night to the county Jai a i arc packing House. Or. W. For non payment of fines. Production return to workers steel Mills in service $10,600 damages sought in suit i perishables in from five to to years More in. Urbain noted for his we Ork on irradiation of food and or h. E. Robinson director of the laboratories were my hosts. I for seven years at a Cost of i More than $100,000,000 so far. These w. T. Hutch Enstam has flied 0 Sci it nits a a Quot do hav. Suit for $10,600 damages result be a experimental on fresh meat. Ins from an automobile Accident Satt a and other Jan. 16, 1955, near Gilbert. Gip Hansen Gilbert has been named. Defends t Alley Hope to have these atomic suit charges Hanson with turning Axxis on grocery shelves in air left at a t Junction a mile ca3t of tight containers or plastic bags. 69 on the Gilbert Road crossing the they will need no refrigeration it ter line and colliding with keep at room temperature not be Hutchens car. A cooked yet will taste like fresh. Hutchens is asking damages for this will cause a revolution in a permanent injury nearing loss food processing. You will be Able to buy not Only fresh tasting meats i and eggs but also melons cherries,1 and Phy Cal disability Iowa so Pittsburgh up a limited work forces returned to their jobs at the nations steel Mills today at higher pay Scales which producers said would be reflected in steel Price increases some effective next week. The new wage rates hammered out in tension packed bargaining sessions Friday Between u. A steel corp. And the Cio United steelworkers Union ended a nationwide 12-hour strike. Production workers began streaming Back to their jobs at wage rates boosted an average of More than 15 cents an hour. Pacesetter . Steel corp. Immediately announced Price increases averaging nearly $7.50 a ton which subsequently would raise the production Cost of consumer items i from automobiles to electric Toast ers. Other producers were expected to follow suit. The wage boost the wage boost ranging from i Price Index for i Iowa Farmers up Vii corps Germany army Cpl. James t. Hillestad son of mrs. Anna Hillestad Slater. Iowa recently was awarded the Good conduct 1 set Ike to cancel Dixon Yates if Memphis builds Washington up a president Eisenhower is ready to cancel the i controversial Dixon a Yates con i tract if the a a new look which he i has ordered shows that Memphis i tenn., really will build a Power j Plant of its own. Informed sources said today. These sources who have been i close to recent developments in the year Long Dixon Yates controversy said a decision on the mat tor should come next week j president Eisenhower and his aides according to these informants want to be absolutely sure that opponents of the contract have not j prodded Memphis into announcing plans for its own Plant As a subterfuge to head off the Dixon Yates arrangement. Same position taken the same position was taken on Friday by the Senate approx Ria j tons committee in voting on a $6,-500,000 appropriation for a transmission line to link the proposed j Dixon Yates Plant with the gov a eminent owned Tennessee Valley authority. The committee provided that if the City of Memphis makes a definite commitment within 90 Days to build its own Plant the $6,500,000 Power line Money May not be scent. If the City does not act in i 90 Days the Money still May not he spent until the financing of the Dixon Yates Plant is approved and construction begun. Significantly it was sen. William f. Knowland who As gof Lead Dennis the menace by Ketcham i what dip a expect of five years Iowa has More Gold in dome than Lexas has planes copters Start patrol of Iowa highways Des Moines up nip planes and two helicopters to Ltd of off today for an Aerial patrol of iou a highways during the july 4 Holiday. Iowa Public safety commission Des Moines up a the Iowa crop and livestock reporting service said today the Index of prices received by Iowa Farmers Rolt Eio Europe in june. 1954. Points or four per cent in the the Corporal received his Bache Moath ended june 15. of science degree from St. Olaf the Index stood at 246 Iti the College in Northfield Minn., in Middle of june compared with 1953. 263 on june 15. 1954. A a. Livestock and livestock products. Eller left for Home monday after by Robert Hogan Iowa daily press writer Des Moines idea a an out Jer Clinton Moyer announced the or is the administrations to p of state visitor an Eagle eyed worn. Program Friday his first Day in spokesman who suggested Tho Lan Titan it caught the state of Low office. Guat of the committee s decision. Gold Leaf showing More the planes and helicopters will it medal in Germany a Hiltl a a of a a a tfh�?Tn3 j Hanvy the other say. And to top wort in cooperation with Highway in w the he Vii corns financed Plant be at it off the woman was from Texas patrol cars which bore painted a a West Memphis Ark. Across the Short v after he was inaugurated numbers on their tops to facilitate. A a a Riel a Inifi Sippi re r rom governor Hoegh implored iowans planes . A received die Decora and would feed Power into the it. It Triu athe planes and pilots were be furnished by the Iowa National guard. Highway patrolmen were Chi. Hillestad entered the army receive Dixon Yates Power it at information Row in Tho taken along on the flights As lion for his exemplary behaviour to a system at the Tennessee City. I a i l�?T�?T1 a a efficiency and Fidelity. Memphis has Sam that rather than a a of Dot a a a receive Dixon Yates Power Itin August 1953, and arrived in would build its own Piant to sup a jul observers. I ply its needs. Controversy will continue at the information desk in the Capitol building Are a couple of different pamphlets both issued by it was Clear however that can lie state and both of which give venation of the contract if that historical facts on the state As Well is done will not end the Dixon 1s the statehouse. They Are Given Yates controversy nor Stop the in 10 a tors. Vesti gation currently being con due pamphlet says ducted by a Senate anti monopoly a the Large dome is covered with few Days in the Eer subcommittee. Chairman Clinton 14-Karat Gold Leaf. The other four p. Anderson dam of the con smaller domes Are trimmed in said the program is to control traffic and to avoid Highway con Moyer designed direct it Gest Ion. The planes were based at cities throughout the state. Six Huxley father son fete draw 150 Rose 13 per cent More than off spending a setting a decline in the poultry Home. And egg Index the service said. Charles Holveck suffered a light1 Gressional atomic Energy commit Gold Leaf. They were All covered in _ stroke saturday. He was taken to tee said there Are a a interesting 1927. Cost of Gold Leaf was $14,000.�?� i Huxley about 150 attended the Home of or. And mrs. Ross revelations still to come on the the other one reports Lee father son banquet at Palestine Holveck where he is recovering genesis of the contract. A the dome of the Capitol in Tov lutheran Church Here Friday night. He will be confined to bed for a White House press Secretary ered with 22 Carat Gold Leaf Cost the Rev. Or. Schultze of the to few Days his daughter. Mrs. James Hagerty said Friday that $16,500.�?T�?T ring by mrs. Nellie Manning Corn and other seasonable beget in cents an hour for the lowest Ables and fruits at any time of the paid workers to 27 4 cents an hour year. They will be displayed in f0r top skilled men brought a. A j u Theran student Center Ames was David Tiitson. Is helping to care budget director Rowland Hughes this Texas visitor picked up the guest speaker. Omar Brendeland for b m. Or. And or. David tilt will consult with the atomic two pamphlets to take Home. She was toastmaster. Hubert Johnson son and daughter. Mrs. Eugene Energy commission the Tennessee returned shortly wanting to know devotions Kruse and baby and or. And mrs. Valley authority and atty. Gen. Which bit of information was Cor the Welcome was by Denny or. And mrs. Earl Menzel and Forrest Holveck of Cedar rapids Herbert Brownell Over the Holiday re cd she had that lets not overdo Birkestrand the response by s r. A it Liuio Mma a. A. L i in Colron a in the a to i Rico of Tho a a not v a i 14 c Sheldahl. Information _ the Pamela and Patlue Are spending came saturday to visit him. Canada weekend in the course of the Quot new his look in her Eye look order by or. Eisenhower the embarrassed i thursday. A a line tax. The commission expressed appreciation to the preceding commission and commended it for its service to the state. Emphasizing their Quot keen inter is Calendar a continued from Page one formation that is pertinent. It interviews with television grocery stores right alongside average steelworkers pay to $2.38 a few Days at nestles Canada. Or. And mrs. Ross Holveck newsmen on their first Day on Tho packaged goods such As cereals an hour. Wages of class i steel fishing. And Ray or. And or. Don commission Lundy. Larsen and and detergents. Many and workers under the new rate were Jodey Golly Judie Obenchain. Johnson and Joe and James Beck stressed that they intend to Frozen foods May ultimately Dis a booties to $1,684 an hour while Carol Whitaker Carol Wickham Roche went to Iowa City Sun Tarry through with a new Accel up it in from the Market. Those in the highest classification and Susan of Neil returned Satur Day where they called on Pat a of Highway program As made eager to taste this revolutionary Job class 32, will receive $3,54 4 an Day from e. U. B. Church Camp Carmody who had surgery on possible by the Iowa legislature future j Cut the 5roliecj strip Falls. Mrs. Hartley Golly wednesday in the University through increased Revenue Resit Steak before me. It smelled like a u. S. Steel corp. And the us took the group to Cedar Falls Hospital. In 1jvgey from an increase in he wet dogs hair. Signed their formal agreement an Day and Charles Whitaker brought Lyle Steelman and son Kenny Irp axe the meat had been exposed to bounced shortly before noon Home saturday. And Albert Crain drove to Savan a the Gamma rays from an atomic Day by mid afternoon second or and mrs it Herb Borton and 03 saturday where they reactor. These rays too times ranking Bethlehem steel corp. Lighters of St. Anthony spent Sun called on k. L. Cerka who is re a a a. Stronger than those of an a Ray signed next followed by Jones g Day in the Home of or. And mrs. Cej ving treatments at or. Nickoles lege summer session band and can remember says its 14-Carat machine had irradiated the Steak Laughlin the nation s fourth ran fax Mcbride. Sanitarium. They returned sunday. Chorus and the Cost was $14,000. He be in Urnari Angiology the phys Esix in the toll Road program the Aufu cd spoilage bacteria had been de. Mrs. Lela Adams was a sunday mrs Maurice Maxwell of Max Hejin Groesbeck new commissioners said they would destroyed. No heat was developed. U main Dis met o fac is. J dinner guest in the Home of or. Wel it Ern Golly of Bridgewater anal follow its Progress a very is Why this process is called Mrenna Lri to hold and mrs Robert Comfort. Or. And mrs. Warren Golly of through Chris Larsen named As cold sterilization. In a a a a Homer stones name was called Marshalltown the groups representative on the1 but the rays had done something toll Road authority. Unpleasant to the meat. Als., the commission expressed Here in the Swift amp co. Bib orate y to ugh town Sheet amp Quot tube Quot wheel ont to receive in Linda Anderson Golly who is in the Hospital there.?&Quot&Quot Siau a Wmk j the 22-Carat Gold Story itself As a vitally interested in the ies As Well As in other private in no a a corp great p a a name was drawn for third prize of be had suffered a Light stroke 2l i what the woman from Texas wednesday 8 p. In. Concert Iowa state col-1 Golden dome longer Cirl did t know the answer. Neith k a a Iju or did a couple of reporters stand in go it u of Ati to 111 ing nearby apparently someone ii pc ill in the state printing department is used Success Lully taking the governor real serious on i this business of out Selling texans new York up a a new drug which is Okay if Vou done to get has used successfully in caught. Treating leg cramps and other Cir Fred Wah statehouse Custodi Culata by diseases of elderly per an. Who has worked under the sons a team of new York doctors than anyone rep red today in a paper published today in thursday Blent David j. Mcdonald to hold a a a a calf do or a a a a a hrs a Cia nine it inferences in their Homer Stone s name was called Marshalltown and Hartley and. _. E0ntact.signingconfctencesth Saay nit a or first pri2e in John Gol v drove to Mcgregor a a a offs. He a usually Mem should know. He also edits one of clans reported that in a 21-Montb the pamphlets. J study of the effects of the drug. But Sherm Needham state print known As a Lidin on diabetic pay however or firm s such us Ike pubic the drawing for $1t8�?T a Tawas pref sunday where they visited Guy i he says Hev a sticking with Youngstown Sheet amp tube wheel to receive to. aiders on Golly who is in the Hospital there 4 p. In. Coffee forum a enjoying edits the other Pampa it and tents who complained of a night .f�?1j t t Jeg cramps they found a signify _ cant number got Relief through in and staff. Oak room memorial dissemination of information rela Dusty laboratories and at univer Twe to the Road program with foal is ties including Massachusetts inert keeping the Public a completely statute of technology and fully and Wisconsin Columbia. In discussing the commissions and Iowa state scientists policies. Lundy promised that the working to overcome the effects on commission would a do everything j coir and taste. In its Power to expedite governor Short courses conferences creased blood flow to the affected areas. Nutrition education for children Pittsburgh steel and Allegheny which was a Holdover from last june 16, while visiting friends and Ludlum routine terms were week. Other names called but not relatives in Mcgregor. Or. And work shoo homeecot81 Register red books says Michigan virtually identical with those present were mrs. Lowell glider mrs. Golly had celebrated their no mics Hall the dome is covered a with pure Linol agreed to by a a big sleeve. Mrs. Charles fee and Ray 50th anniversary May 29 in Zearing agronomy farm Field Day july old jewellers say 11131 pure sole arc the pacts also will serve As a mond Kleespie. And had not yet returned to their s agronomy farm i is 24 Carat. The Texana also did j pattern for agreements covering or and mrs. John Tisdale or. Home at Mora Minn. A color to snort course. July 6-8. Not notice the difference in spell Washington up a rep. Ross another 600,000 us members pm and los Dale Tisdale Mary and or. And mrs. Lowell Oaks of electrical engineering building. Junr Carat Karat in the two Public Bass a Tenn has asked Congress cooperative league of the Usa cations to give Davy Crockett recognition did no to know is that the a Iowa of. Recognition for Davy is asked Oaks. In. The army is enthusiastic and Ployd in steel fabric Aung. Finish-1 Donna drove to Woden sunday and Des Moines called thursday in the Ulni Nii j narrow has joined in the rest Arch 11 Foreng and aluminium industries. Called on Ray Tisdale who had Home of or. And mrs. Neris cock f j g i Bridges Quot without sees the 1lme when every a a Wier j Union s shortest strike been quite ill but is improving Perham. A no matter where stationed can although the strike was the slowly. Or. And mrs. Clyde Bailey or. Or. Barnard and family neglecting the program of new con july 6-9, memorial Union. Striation including relocation of have fresh milk in eat vegetables shortest in the history of the Union. Or. Barnard and family of and mrs. Claude Manning and or. And fruit. Lit Cost the Industry millions of demons or. And mrs. Charles ird mrs. Carroll Bailey and family roads where a we will do everything possible to get full value for til tax payers Dollar a Lundy said. Commissioner Larsen pointed to the Ever increasing Tri offic Load on the nation s already heavily burdened Road system and said a we have to go to Reserve command completes training or. Orlando c. Kreider 721 Hodge Avenue has returned from 16 Days of Active duty for training at the office of naval res Arch seminar on methods of re Rich. Columbus Ohio How soon will cold sterilization dollars in production. Producers of Barnard and Harold Dean and attended the Miller reunion in the be perfected a ifs a ver it knotty 90 per cent of the nation s steel mrs. Fern Deal had a picnic at Eldora Park at Eldora sunday. Problem a or. Urbain admitted had begun the slow and costly pro Pine Lake sunday. _ a but any scientific Snag is usually Cess of banking blast furnaces and eighty four descendants of the Snake in Bathtub solved if it will Benefit the shutting Down operations three Jacob and Harriett Miller family Oklahoma City up a police he added however that he did Days before the strike at Midnight attended a reunion sunday at the were sceptical when they were not expect this to happen Tom or thursday night. Eldora Park at Eldora. After a called to investigate a a a monster Row. Quot but it will be in a maximum j near Normal operations were Basket dinner at noon a Short Busi in the Bathtub of mrs. Helen Wolfe of a few years. The rewards once expected to be resumed in most Ness meeting was conducted by i but they found one All rights a four we have licked our problem will Mills this week end although pre president Miles Miller. Offi foot Snake. Be enormous a he added. Strike production schedules will not cers elected were c. A. Miller of they said the water Moccasin the raw steaks Are fed into an be reached generally until alter the Hubbard president Dale Price of i must have come up the Drain from commission has new auditor a a atomic machine Over which a warning read caution radioactivity before biting into my irradiated Steak i wanted to know How Safe this atomic food is. Or. Urbain assured me that four generations of rats had been fed it and grown the wage agreement was announced president Clifford f. Hood of . Steel corp. Disclosed his company would hike its prices about 5.8 per cent or nearly 17.50 a ton effective july 6. The Price increases will raise the average Price of us. Steel produced ingots from $125 a ton to $132.50, Hood estimated the new Price scale would raise the Cost of steel in automobiles Selling Between $2,500 and $3,000 by abut.$15, in a refrigerator 90 cents and and social Nelds. Both Basic con harmful effects on human beings l s25 toaster four cents cents and applications especially so i ate the Steak it tasted Annh the Ennst would exert to naval problems were discussed scorched is wat the reservists made Field trips j i said no to a second helping Cost of the finished product that to North american aviation inc., then they urged me to try just one the consumer july 4 Holiday Hampton vice president mrs. J. The North Canadian River which about seven hours after news of b Miller of Hampton Secretary runs a Block from the House. Treasurer. It was voted to hold the a picnic another year at the Eldora a total of sixty three Reserve of fat. Also that Many men in the f ors elected from More than 2200 Laboratory including himself had naval research reservists attend eaten it and returned to continue f i the research methodology soon their experiments. He reassured Inar. The program covered a wide me further that the surgeon Gen Range of methodologies and prob Lerall a office had been testing its lems in the physical biological safety and to Date had reported no harmful effects on human beings so i ate the Steak it tasted to the aviation psychology labors j slice of irradiated Bologna tory Ohio state University and to i did. But it tasted even More so Battelle memorial Institute. At the conclusion of his tour of duty commander Kreider a wife met him and they visited in South Bend ind., with two of Kreider a aunts and in Galesburg 111., with mrs. And mrs. Ber Nord. Mrs. Nor it a not mrs. Krei Rito Are Sisters. Than the beef and hat a discouraging color. Maybe your son will one Day proudly carve an irradiated Turkey for his own sons and then ail give thanks for the blessings of the at Omic age. My scientific friends Ai certain he will. The Price boost he said was necessitated by a powerful into tonary forces which have serious affected every phase of the Stet Industry a operations for the a 15 years. Nearly one out of every ten Ca Low is assembled on the w Joist. J Park. Mrs. Paul Jamason returned thursday from a week in Wyoming where she visited her brother and sister in Law. Or. And mrs. Jimmie Reed a sister Goldie Reed and another brother and sister in Law or. And mrs. David Reed of Alaska who were also there this w As the first time in 30 years the family had All been together. Or. And mrs. Arthur Couser or and mrs. Chester Couser and family and or. And mrs. Don Iowa scout to Europe Mcguire air Force Rase. . Up a Dave Ennis mount Vernon Iowa is one of 16 explorer scouts on a five week tour of Europe. The scout and three leaders left on a military air transport service plane this week. The visit Vas arranged in Exchange with a group of european scouts who arrived in the United states for a similar visit june 19. Anyhow Iowa has More Gold in As a a National hero in statuary its dome than does Texas. Hall. Want a Chance he introduce a Bill authorizing current Issue r the Presidio be Capitol architect to erect a monthly publication of the Iowa statue of the famed Indian fighter state Penitentiary has some to j congressman and hero of the the Point comments on the plan for Alamo among other memorials to use of prison labor to improve i a nations great state Parks. The project will be each state is allowed two spaces worked out Between the state in the had for its favored sons and Board of control and the Iowa con 1x1111 of Tennessee a have been sensation commission whose direct idled a by statues to John Sevier tor is Bruce Stiles. And Andrew Jackson. The Presidio piece infers that Stiles is Only lukewarm on the proposition and reprints a quote 3 attributed to Stiles that the plan clues get men won t help us. 1 j6 presidi0 editorial closes new Yor Kiup a Ray Dukes and Jean detectives Vertefeuille got suspicious Friday when they saw two men wearing dark Glas Toses and carrying a length of rope governor Hoeg Huv la spend More i enter a a constr Uon company of. Time at the Iowa National guard juice _ s0 they waited outs Kje. A Why not give us a Chance to show what we can do or. Stiles a guard training accidentally electrocuted Des Moines up Rex _ Snyder 41, Des Moines was a Leming attended the annual Flem accidentally electrocuted at the no reunion sunday at Beds Lake i Moines steel co. Ear Hampton. Plant Early today police said. Or. And mrs. Ray Light oot left he and Lee Ashby Des Moines tuesday for a week in Lasalle were setting up their welding mo., a Here they will visit in the Eli piment to begin work on a it me of or. And mrs. Vav. L. Cult steel beam when Snyder suddenly non eared Back and apparent a hit the Rev. And mrs. John Springer nigh voltage line they said d son of new Bethlehem Penn Snyder was dead on arrival p for it ads of Rev. And mrs. Dar a i a it u Pital. New auditor for the state comptroller for the Iowa state Highway commission Here is Quentin love above who took Over his new duties Friday. A native of Garner he graduated from Garner High school worked As an accountant for Brady motor freight in fort Dodge served four years in the Navy and for the past four years he has been auditor for the state comptroller at Iowa state College. Love is married and has three Hildren Christie 7, Linda 4, and Jeffrey 2. The family lives at 805 Beech. Annual summer Encampment this year than has any other chief executive. As governor he is commander in chief of the guard in Iowa but he is also Active in the guard As a full colonel on the state Headquarters staff to which he transferred from commanding officer of the 133rd regiment after his inauguration. Long Active in military affairs the governor will spend a week in Field observation and in keeping himself current on latest troop training methods and in new equipment being used. The governor like others Etive in the guard draws Federal Drill pay for his military activities and credit for military retirement advantages for Drill and Camp attendance. Ai gov when the men emerged without the rope the detectives searched them and found a loaded pistol. $105 in Cash and an expensive wrist watch. Inside the office the sleuths found office manager Victor Bendel neatly tied. The two men Julio Vivo and Joseph Villalba jr., were booked for robbery. Error however he could get his training requirements waived if i so desired. The Iowa chief executive will by at the Camp Ripley Minn. Guard training Camp aug. 7-8-12-13, and will be at the air guards training Camp at Casper wyo., aug. 4-5-6 he is also scheduled to participate in the National in Chicago. August 9 1 12

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