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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Ames, Iowa A of a twi Ames daily Tribune Ames Iowa. Safo Aday july 2, Segni s try for italian Cabinet seems doomed out our Way by j. R. Williams if4jsipt.v f h s. Vul if i lock him in to Ili Flea a chem of Hom 6 All Mio it sub a and i can to sleep with him Ash Mil around up iffy Towk Hetrey this was hell in in my Man tire himself out Litnor Nofel a trvin1 to fool me a Rorn no More than a 5050 Chance of Success despite an extra two Days of negotiations granted by Gron Tyrone gets sports London up a film actor Tyrone Power has bought one of those fancy european sports cars but it has Only one Cylinder. The car Power is shipping Home is a 1908 de Dion two seater with gleaming brass lamps. _ shown above Are members of the West Story county Junior red Cross who have completed seven Days of leadership training at the Junior red Cross training Center at the 4-h Camp near Luther. Left to right Are aids Bailey and Eunice Parks Gilbert mrs. Beryl Tague Junior red Cross chairman Ames Mary Osheim Roland Karen Allen and Sally Schaefer Ames Kenneth twit. Elater and Paul Borts Ames. Plans were made to hold county Council meetings As these leaders carry out the Junior red Cross program in their schools. Sources close to Segni s Gru Ling week Long talks with politic leaders said the split in the coalition that has ruled Italy since the late Alcide de Gasper ousted the communists from the government eight years ago. The conservative minded liberals presented the major obstacle to formation of a coalition. The it objected to Segni plans. All other barked the the Obj one of the prospective enlarge eve Why mothers out Ora social meter ref pal irm ties reforms Lions of our part coalition in Fui Quot l. It of that around the world. Around the clock Washington up a president Mutual Security pact until such mysteriously off a Small Mindanao Eisenhower has invited president time As japanese forces Are Strong coastal town thursday and it was Carlos Castillo armas of Guate j enough to defend their country reported an appendectomy was per Mala to visit the United states this themselves Sugihara made no formed on one of the vessels wait. Mention of american air and naval resses. Autumn. I the exact Date will be decided forces. ,a4r. Later in accordance with the sched new i Ork to a 3a-Vear Ules of the presidents of the two Swansea. Wales up boy old Mother of two children jumped Quot quadruplets born to a Farmers to her death Friday from that 55th cd an Whit House announcement wife thursday night died Friday floor of a Wall Street skyscraper. A Airi that a this will be the a crr tw0 months premature the victim. Mrs. Doris Blake of official visit to the United states and weighed on two pounds each. Wantagh of Castillo armas who led the sue the Mother. Mrs. Elisabeth Hob plunge from restful movement to overthrow the Eft. 3,. Was reported in critical budding condition. She and her husband could grab her from a window Robert Roberts. 42. Have three ledge other children All daughters. Bora a. Segnit stoned to Ler the Bac stairs squabble that toppled Mario Scelba a 16-month-old pro Western government. Union leaders inside Segnit a own party appealed to the Premier designate to drop the liberals rather than trim social reforms to please them. Omission of the liberals would mean a government composed of Christian democrats social democrats and republicans a a government that would have no majority in parliament. The three party coalition then would be forced to depend on the questionable support of Pietro Nennis left Wing socialists. Oppose. Ing the coalition would be the right i Wang monarchists and Neo fas radio programs am pm to Dulles on his mind Hong Kong Lup a radio Pei Peing has been hissing so much at John Foster Dulles that an announcer could t get the . Secretary of state off his mind Friday night. The announcer Reading a blistering commentary on statements made in Tokyo and Manila by . Supreme court Justice William o. Douglas said a Dulles i mean a few lines later he said a Dulles that is the Legislatures of 34 states meet a very other year. Playgrounds have outings Kasi 1430 sunday ooh the Christopher program 15�?breakfast new j a a sunday morning melodies 45�?serenada in Blua 0o�?mld-Morntng new i it a to nday morning 3ielod� 0�?dr Johnson and i travelling Milt 4 5�?let a of to town 00�?campus Baptist Church ooh Guy Lombardo show la 1�?noonday news 25�?St Lou s at Chicago 50�?.scoreboard ooh musical interlude 15�?baseball came 3��?here s to veterans 45�?final news and port .00�?sign off n y., made her fatal the cities service seconds before police communist dominated government of Guatemala just a year Taipei. Formosa up a nationalist chinese patrol planes damaged three communist gunboats Between Amoy and Tung Shan islands Friday air Force Headquarters announced. A communique said the planes strafed the boats causing a great police said her hut band John Blake is employed by a Bank. Their two children were staying in Massachusetts. Taipei. Formosa up the nationalist chinese Navy has been relatives alerted to seize the soviet Tanke police said mrs Blake had recent Razney if it attempts to run they offered a nervous breakdown. Formosa Straits. Authoritative sources said today. Vienna. Austria Lup a Stefan Cardinal Wyszinski roman Cath the 10.000-ton Tanker was last with machine gun fire rep rtt d to have disappeared off it a mate of Poland who was the philippine coast. It anchored arrested by the communists in 1953, has been reported a recovering from a grave the Quito Ecuador a the state Council granted extraordinary Powers to president Jose m. Velasco Ibarra today to Cope with the emergency brought on by a strike of 7,000 railway men. The president was Given Power to strengthen the armed forces and establish martial Law if necessary to quell disorders resulting from the strike. The strikers Are demanding immediate payment of Back wages. The army took Over control of the meaning of july 4 is still same austrian Catholic news service said Friday night. I toe news service said the Cardinal underwent successful surgery of the lungs. He is being held in two cd near Warsaw the service said. By r. K. Bliss is Extension service Seoul. Korea up a two american soldiers have come Down i with polio in the past month three i american civilians Are hospitalized with the disease and several other soldiers show symptoms a u. S. Kasi Luv monday 1.00�?Good morning show 4 30�?new and markets 5 35�?hood morning show 7 15�?ear�?T/ morning new 7 30�?weather report 7 35�?sport score 7 is 0�?Good morn the show 8 ooh Story time 1 15�?new and sport 8 30�?muaic Boa 1 15-81 of a the store with the Mika on the door 9 30�?tune of yet Rda it to 00�?new a report of the Stork 10 s it 11 ooh news till now 11 05�?nevada hour i 30�?nevada new 11 33�?nevada hour 12 ooh world amp National news 12 Ion Home front new 12 a Cincinnati at Chicago 2 5n�?scoreboard 3 00�?musical interlude 3 15�?baseball game s 55�?final news picture a 00�?norwegian hour 7 00�?sign off added however that the situation was under control. Facials halting terrorist activities in Algeria. The austrian state treaty. Tokyo up a defense Board director Gen. Arata Sugihara Japan Stop defense official said today he expects All Amene Quot ground troops to withdraw from Japan by 1961. That is the final year of Japan a six year defense buildup. U. S. Forces Are stationed in Japan under the c e in service the 4th of july celebrations i at country a chief railway line yester tended As a Small boy 65 years t a a Day when efforts to end the four ago were held in some Nice woodsy a�1v, Day walkout failed. Spot far away from City and town a a in fact the nearest town of any Vienna. Austria up a the �j7.e was some 12 Miles away a1u. S. Army urged american of though there were smaller towns Paris up a Jacques sous curation troops in Austria today to from 7 to to Miles Distant. Trans Frances governor general in Send their families Home As soon por tation by horses made it almost Algeria leaves Here today a thas possible. The army newspaper necessary to hold celebrations in new inst actions from the govern Ufa Sentinel said operation of our Home communities. This was ment on dealing with the rebellion army exchanges schools and Boa-1 in advantage in some respects be it of the outlaw army of god. He petals will be suspended in the near cause the Community had to pro As bee1 consulting with top of future. The army is preparing to vide for its own entertainment and a a a. Withdraw its forces under terms of there was growth in doing it. I never hear a Fife and drum or i should say a Fife and two drama Bass and Snake such As we had in those Days that i do not get a thrill out of it. I get More real thrill now out of a Fife and drum on the 4th of july than i do out of the Hest hand. I suppose present Day sociologists would classify me As a a throw backs to some previous period but anyway that s the Case. Fourth of july celebrations Start to whom it May concern you Are hereby notified that the i and with much noise. In order to land air Force base Texas. Bethesda lutheran Church has a duly observe the Evert my older. A pealed to the zoning adjustment Brothers took a clip off of the end life. I Felt that our Community and Board from the refusal of a build of a single tree i suppose i ought our country were the a Salt of the ing permit to construct a bulletin to explain to our present generation i even Felt sorry for that Board on the property at Kellogg what single tree is placed it on a portion of the human race that amp 7th Street Ames Iowa permit Fiat slab of Iron filled it with pow was refused because of insufficient Der and placed an Anvil on top of front Street line. The clip. All interested persons will be then a string of powder was run heard for or against said propose out from the clip a few feet and mostly in or near towns and cities Tion at a meeting of the zoning touched off with a hot Iron. The sex distance now Means Little Young adjustment Board to be held in the Losion announcing the arrival of sters of today generally feel cheat office of the City clerk City Hail the glorious 4th made a noise equal of if they can to celebrate by having i. Tribune photos Gary Dubois left and Timmy John m Kinley have a a Duel in the Sun on the Crawford school playground. The playground recreation group dressed As pirates went treasure Hunting Friday for a Box filled with suckers. Legal Noti airman second class Gerald Hagen son of or. And mrs. George h. Hagen 220 s. Riverside a been transferred from Chanute air Force base Illinois to the Northeast air command Newfoundland for assignment for aircraft propeller repairman duties. He entered the air Force last year de on cur farm at the earliest Dawn and got his Basic training at Laek 1430 tuesday ooh Good morning show 30 a new and Stark 35�?Good morning show 0o�?butr Jon its Farly morning new 30�?weather re port 3 5�?sport seer 40�?Good morning show 00�?Story time 15�?new and sport 30�?music to 15�?shop at the store with the Mike on the door 9 -30�?tunes of yesterday 10 00�?news and report of the Stork 10 0s�?sotr 11 00�?news Tui now 11 05�?nevada hour 11 30�?nevada new 11 3s�?nevada hour 12 00�?midday Market summaries 12 05�?world and National new 12 10�?Home front new 12 25�?gin innate at Chicago 2 50�?scoreboard 3 00�?1430 club 4 00�?new Roundup 4 15�?is House party 5 40�?spotlight on sport 5 55�?final new it ooh norwegian hour 7 00�?sign off Vitoi pm 90.1 my saturday 4 00�?classical concert 6 00�?new 15�?matte to remember 7 00�?twilight symphony 7 30�?twilight symphony 8 00�?starlight concert 9 00�?starlight concert to 55�?news final Baton twirlers to compete at state fair la 00�?slim off Boi pm lustily 4 ooh cd ii a concert la ooh new George Halsey to is music to Keiu Mew 7 00�?twilight Sam phone 8 Frami sings her Story 1,30�?lither cultures 9 00�?starlight concert 10 55�?-news final 11 00 a sign off to monday 0 00�?morning March Farad 6 15�?Down on the farm 7 ooh first edition new 7 Ion Matins Devotion 7 30�?muaic shop i a 0 a new 8 05�?music shop la 9 00�?homemaker�?ll. Duncan 9 40�?organ m a ads 9 45�?organ moods 10 00�?news of the hour Iooss radio Book club 10 80�?tma 11 0o�?children Comer la if a osteopathic society la so a music in the air 12 00�?news of the hour 12 15�?Iowa farm fact 12 45�?d\er the Back Fence 1 .00�?t�?Tnderatandlng other culture i Sny tra j Hgt a news 2 05�?variation for summer 4.00�? new of the hour 4 15�? Happy tune time 4 3ft�?Happy Tun Tim 8 0o�?today music 5 ooh news a is Mut i to remember 7 00�?twilight symphony 7 30�?sign off 15�? Martha notebook a a Welcome travellers not Repult e wag it it a 3 it iou party 00�?the big payoff 3 0�? i lob Crosby ooh the brighter Day i in the secret storm 30�?-on tour account Una our Home hour to Westward whoa in a summer Dav ooh soup it Sale 15�?new .30�?Woi-tv new 1 Hung i it of the week Uoo lift with Battier j0�? Down to Earth Iii make room for Dadd s0�?dotty Mack show Init Tua ,?0�? see it now 00�?nth commandment 3 >�?$s4,000 mutation 00�?news ii a weather picture 2 it a sports report 30�?movie they were mater to tuesday 00�?morning March Parade 15 a Down on the Barm 00�?new#�?Bill Johnson 10�? Matin Devotion 30�? music shop i 00�?ne a Georg Halsey .05�? music shop ii 50�?opening Market on a homemaker pm. Duncan 30�?Market Tisz Organ mood ooh news Phil Miller 05�?radio Book club 30�?mid-morning Market 00�?children Corner 15�?la dept of health Job music in the air 00�? new a Phil Miller a is Iowa farm fact 45�?french pre a it a 00�?other people s Butine 30�?closing Market .00�?new 05�?summer variation for enjoyment p0�?new 15�?grinnell College log Happy tune time 00�? today music 0q�?new to 5�?music to remember 0ft�? Twilight symphony 45�?sign off did no to have any reason for celebrating a glorious 4th it july. Times have changed since then. Celebrations if held at All Are now huh Kuhm. It 6to i jabs amp in Rafft. A Janice Lester left and Mary Wells hold the Roosevelt Banner As Kathy Manning in Parade costume of a tramp pretends top ale Over the words. The Roosevelt group paraded in costume through the neighbourhood. A a a a a a a a a a it a a in. On wed Ames Iowa at 7 30 p mesday july 27, 1955. J w. Prather Secretary zoning adjustment Board published in the Ames daily Tribune july 2. 1955. A e Gal n p t i c a to Vav la pm of a concern you Are hereby notified that Merlin h. Anderson has appealed to the zoning adjustment Board from the refusal of a building permit to construct an open or screened in porch on the property on lot 2, Block 2, eness addition to the City of Ames Iowa. Per to a Small Cannon and could leh it family car and a Hundred mile i heard for several Miles drive More or less along with the j in those Days orators made the spending of what would have been Eagle scream and sometimes twist an extravagant amount of Money ? cd the Lions Tail. Twisting the Tail go years ago. But do the youngsters of the British lion was admissible j of today have a better time. I think f then because you see it had Only not we got enjoyment out of Sim a Eri a Little Over too years since pie pleasures a an Art it seems to the revolutionary War and it takes me we need to relearn and revive longer than that to forget a War times have changed As to people listened closely and respect i How we celebrate the 4th but fully to congressmen or judges or times Haven to changed As to Why we celebrate. We Are still struggling to develop other celebrities As they discussed the issues of the Day and pledged their undying Devotion to the cause the things for which the Declara of Liberty. That sort of thing seems Tion was designed to bring into beaut of Dale now. We Call it old ing 179 years ago. W e need now to Mit was refused because of Insul fashioned but is it. Re read the declaration of inde Focient Side Yard depth. Now if any youngster who reads Pendency the Bill of rights and All interested persons will be this thinks i did no to have a Good Lincoln a Gettysburg address. We heard for or against said propose time at those country celebrations i need to explain to our children Tion at a meeting of the zoning and they re sadly mistaken. I had a what the 4th of july really stands Justement Board to be held in the quarter�?25 cents to spend and i for. There is one Way in which we office of the City clerk City Hall j that was a whale of a lot of Money can All support our liberties effect for one kid in those Days. Did i feel thwarted or held Down or that i suffered from Lack of Opportunity for self expression such As we sometimes hear these Days concerning youngsters. Not on your Ames Iowa at 7 30 p. M. On wednesday. July 27, 1955. J. W. Prather Secretary zoning adjustment Board published in the Ames daily Tribune july 2, 1955. Lively and that is to make democracy work better. That is the real purpose of fourth of july celebrations. Des Moines a Call was issued today to Iowa a boy and girl Baton twirlers to compete in the 1955 Iowa state majorette championship Baton twirling contest to be held at the state fair in Des Moines. The contest will be staged in the judging Pavilion on the opening Day of the fair saturday aug. 27. Lloyd b. Cunningham fair Secretary said this years contest will be divided into four state championship events for girls and two for boys. Girls divisions Are Novice up to and including 7 years of age juvenile 8 to to years juniors la to 14 and seniors 15 and Over. Boys divisions Are juniors up to and including 14 years of age and seniors 15 years and older. Each contestant will be permit a ted 2mi minutes to perform before judges using . Score sheets. Musical accompaniment will be supplied by recorded marches. First place winners in All divisions will be recognized As Iowa state champions and will receive trophies. They will also be introduced to the grandstand audience Dur ing the evening show. Medals will be Given to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place girls and to 2nd and 3rd place boys. In addition winners of the first five places in the girls Junior and senior Competition will be eligible to enter the National Baton twirl ing contest. Request for entry Blanks should be sent to Doris Dewind Iowa . State Counselor Fulton 111. Entries must be returned by aug. 12. There is no entry fee. 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Davey Crockett Ann Dumenil showed up at Edwards school Friday and was presented a playground a Blue ribbon by Abe Lincoln Rodney Buchele. The Edwards group had a bicycle Parade behind their a Wagon bomb at Maquoketa 14-year old Jim. My Hanlon lost the Middle Finger and part of his thumb when a Home made bomb exploded As he attempted to ignite it. Community worship service at the ranch drive in theatre Highway 30 a West of Ames come As you Are 7 00 a. M. Every sunday july and August schedule july 3 Rev. Haughey first Baptist Church july to Rev. Allan first congregational Church july 17 Rev. Erickson Bethesda lutheran Church july 24 or. Nichols collegiate methodist Church july 31 Rev. Shipman retired aug. 7 Rev. Walter asst. Pastor collegiate methodist Church aug. 14 Rev. Torgerson asst. Pastor Bethesda lutheran Church aug. 21 Rev. Robinson retired aug. 28 Rev. Smedsrud St. Andrews lutheran Church sponsored by the Ames ministerial Assn. Ranch theater fact Liticea Courtesy of or. Joe Gerbrach mgr

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