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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 4

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Ames, Iowa Ames daily Tribune baby it s cold inside Ames Iowa monday february 19, 1962 automated farming government end other farm economists disagree on when we May teas on ably expect cur rising population to soak up persistent food and fiber surpluses which dog us these Days but the agricultural engineers plunge ahead As if we already were suffering from shortages. They done to worry about the immediate future. Government experts say if we just use to the full the technical know ledge we now have a would be the equivalent of adding Igo million acres of Fertile land to our present 500 acres. Another 25 million acres of new cropland May be available by 1975 through irrigation drainage and clearance. And farm engineers at Stanford research Institute say that in the same Span the equivalent of 23 million More acres could be made available through altogether new advances in technology. After that they foresee a series of truly Radical changes which finally will transform farming into a kind of factory chemical operation totally divorced from the land. They even see us scanning the oceans to scoop up millions of tons of Rich Plankton a kind of Small floating animal and Plant life. Along the Way say the Stanford men we will learn How to apply missing minerals to vast Quot Trace elements deserts areas deficient in tiny amounts of Iron Copper magnesium Zinc and other materials. With desalted sea water we will irrigate More acres if we can find the cheap Energy to pump it Over mountains. On existing farmlands we will simplify systematize and mechanize As never before. Tractors May be governed by automatic pilots with operators Riding in soundproof sir conditioned cabs. New kinds of compact electric Power units Are looked for. Electronic sensing devices planted under the skin of a restock will record animal health growth rate and weight. Transmitted to computers this data will Tell How to feed the animals and when to Breed and caught i. Similar mechanisms stuck in the soil will allow a computer to advise when to water fertilize and otherwise treat crops. As time goes on electronic equipment will manage the whole business from seeding through harvesting and packaging. When soaring population one Day makes farming on the land insufficient crop output will be moved indoors ultimately to be governed wholly by synthetic chemical processes. Then say the Busy engineers the oceans May be the Only outdoor farms. It All sounds rather dramatic but quite unappetizing. We can take some Comfort from the likelihood that factory crops and Ocean harvests May still be at least half a Century off. Meantime would anyone care to Sample a Plankton Steak compressed from the Waves of the future what brotherhood Means close at hand linked to Summit somebodies americans Are always being hailed for their mobility. A favorite statistic one in every five people moves every year. So How about a smell word for the millions of immobile americans travel surveys by american airlines suggest we May have been underestimating immobility in this country. These studies show that half the population Harrison Weber More than 90 million never take i trip of More than 200 Miles. Traffic commissioners probably would argue there is plenty of churning Armine within that 200-mile radius and who will contest them the surveys did not discuss what keeps the 90 million anchored to a 200-mile zone. K s struggle with internal chinese review out of state trave i expenses by state employees Des Moines idea a a review of out of state travel expenditures by state employees is now in Progress. H. Dwaine Wicker legislative fiscal director has undertaken the study for the legislative budget and financial control interim committee. Wicker has requested travel statements from All state departments and institutions for the Calendar year of 1961. He has asked for a statement showing the name of each individual Date of travel purpose of travel and Cost of ill out of Lowa travel that was authorized and reimbursed. This is the first major action taken by Wicker who became the state s first legislative fiscal director last Jan. I. It is assumed once this information is compiled there will be an attempt to trim the states out of state travel expenditures. Likewise it May Lead to a crackdown on travel by state employees within Iowa. For years there has been talk of setting up an effective car Pool for state employees. The state has More than 2,400 motor vehicles. Amber lights starting with the 196. Models automobiles will have ambr lights instead of White for front turn no signals. Laws of 25 states including Iowa have been amended in the last few years to make the adoption of this improvement pos Fible in the 1961 models. Al Kahl executive vice president it the Iowa automobile dealers association said the change was recommended by the Board of directors of the Auto manufacturers association and is another in a series of lighting improvements resulting from the work of a cooperative Industrial research and development group. Quot in an intensive program of visibility tests the engineering task Force found that Amber signals can be seen More readily than White against glaring reflections and also provide greater contrast against headlamps at night a said Kahl. Fire loss january was one of the worst months in Iowa s history for fire losses. State fire marshal de Herron estimates the january loss at Between $2.5 to s3 million. About three times Iowa s average monthly fire loss. The Ames daily Tribune the ame Dally Trabun time co. 817 fifth Ames Low Hollis j. Nor tyke publisher Rodson l. Kirks managing editor Verle la. Buccanon advertising manager entered Asse. End class matter at the poet office at Arnes. Iowa. Under the act of july 16, 1914 off Elal paper of Story county and the City of Arnee published every evening except sunday the Tribune la a member of the Iowa Dally press association the Inland daily press association the Iowa press association the National editorial association the audit Bureau of circulation the american newspaper publishers As Socie lion City Carrier weekly. I a Story and adjoining counties by mall year to. Outside above counties in Iowa three months. Is six months. Is one year Alf. Outside Iowa. One year la a Erv Clemen any mall address one year. $7 All subscriptions must Bapa d in Advance. Fervid will be discontinued St expiration Date unless renewed. Carrier delivered subscribers within Ames a of your Carrier misses delivery and you Are unable to Contact him. Call fellow cab be 2-6146 after 6 pm they True bring a paper to you. Cosmetology Board the state cosmetology Board and state comptroller Marvin Selden have come to terms on paying three Board members for correcting students . The Board had been criticized for abusing its per diem privilege. The Board to others had been receiving $1 per each examination they had Correct d. Although the examination consists primarily of True false questions. It often took the Board weeks to Grade the papers. Iowa Iowa provides they Are entitled to a per diem of $10. Under the Compromise the Board members Mona Burke de Witt mrs. Catherine Murray Chariton and mrs. Lucille Nielsen Mason City were paid for correcting the August and december examinations at the rate of fifty cents an exam. Then starting with the april exam the Board will he paid strictly on a per diem basis with the understanding the three Mcmo oers could not collect the $10 per diem for More than 30 Days each year. Hall of states a private firm Hopes to erect Quot a monumental Structure a in Washington. . Dedicated to and for the use of the states. As presently envisioned exhibit space would be provided to display the history and beauties of each state. Plans Call for convention facilities conference rooms permanent office space and Genera meeting rooms for officials and citizens of the individual 50 states. The exhibit space would be divided in such a manner that there would be a state Hall with an adjacent office. In addition there would be facilities to House any state societies or similar organizations. The plan is provide convention facilities Large enough to accommodate the National political conventions. The plans were detailed n a letter to gov. Norman Erbe who said he thinks its a Good idea. By Leon Dennen newspaper Enterprise analyst new York Nea there Are two vital questions to which the Western leaders seek an answer As they stall Premier Khrushchev on another Summit conference. How Strong is Nikita Khrushchev a position in the Kremlin does the West really have a Strong interest to save Khrushchev a face in the current struggle within the communist world As Walter Lippmann and other commentators claim in Washington London Paris and Bonn. Soviet emissaries Are now trying to convince Western diplomats and journalists that the soviet Premier is engaged in a Battle for his policy of peaceful coexistence. Only some Western concessions on atomic disarmament and Berlin they claim will save Khrushchev a face and strengthen his hand against the stalinist bloc inside Russia and and the International communist movement. The soviet Premier of course has bluffed so often in the past that there is a Strong tendency to take the whispers of his agents with a Grain of Salt. Yet this May be the one time that Khrushchev is spreading some truth in the nato capitals. Each Day brings evidence that important decisions Are being made in Moscow. There is no Peter Edson longer any doubt that Khrushchev despite official denials is increasingly challenged by the Quot internal chinese a the greatest red heresy that the soviet Premier Ever faced. The Quot Gnu Trennia Kita Itsy a As they Are called in russian Are the partisans of red China s Mao tse Tung in his quarrel Over marxist Leninist doctrine with the soviet Premier. They believe that Khrushchev has for reasons of personal prestige weakened the world red movement in making red China a bitter enemy out of Friend. The internal chinese according to Western intelligence reports include not Only such die hard stalinist in the soviet presidium As Mikhail Suslov but also a group of army marshals led by Ivan Konev with Marshall Georgi Zhukov still a popular figure in Russia lurking in the background. In considering a new Summit conference with Khrushchev at this time which would obviously bolster his prestige at Home and abroad a the Western leaders must consider the evidence that he is no longer the undisputed Leader of the red world or even the unquestioned master of his own House. The West is thus increasingly facing the question of not Only How to Deal with Russia but also who is the More serious enemy inside the soviet Union Premier k who preaches peaceful coexistence or the internal chinese of Suslov and Konev few experts on communism agree with the View that Khrushchev Quot has made the preservation of peace with soviet foreign the soviet Premier has always talked softly when he wanted the Western leaders to pull his chestnuts out of the fire. When facing internal trouble Khrushchev always wants a spectacular Summit conference where he can pose As the Leader of the red world. However experts on communism increasingly believe that the West a inferiority in the Art of psychological and political warfare has prevented it time and again from taking advantage of the reds internal weaknesses. Soviet leaders were obviously in great trouble in 1953 when they were changing from Stalin a one Man Rule to so called collective leadership. They were in trouble again during the polish and hungarian revolts in 1956 when the satellite nations were in a state of unrest. Now again there is a great upheaval in the communist world a the greatest yet. Should the West stand idly by and even help Khrushchev with a Summit conference this is what president Kennedy and the other Western leaders must decide. Many of the discussions i have heard on the subject of brotherhood have left me with an uneasy feeling that we May be ranging far out in search of a Distant objective which actually lies under our hand. In some of these discussions the belief has been implied that Man is born into the world without a capacity for brotherhood and that our Effort must be to somehow add this Quality to the spirit. I do not believe that this is an accurate statement of the problem. Ready capacity rather i believe that most men come into this world with a ready capacity for brotherhood but that this Quality often becomes partly lost and deeply buried under fear and ignorance. In its place grows prejudice. In fact it might be Good for us to consider that perhaps a Many a commitment to prejudice is in direct proportion to the capacity for brotherhood which he has lost. At the same time i believe that Only rarely is the instinct i o r brotherhood completely lost in any Man. It lives i believe though perhaps feebly even under the most crushing weight of prejudice. Our work must be to dig Down toward this Quality in men As we would to Rescue those lost in the Cave in of a mine. We must lilt away. Piece by piece the debris of old prejudice the dense weight of ignorance and the twisted members of fear. Brotherhood is a Rescue Mission which we must perform for and upon ourselves rather than a task of creation to which we attempt to add this Quality to George Sokol sky Norman a. Erbe the spirit of Man. I believe this because i hav seen men in War. I have seen the experience of a common danger and common goal unearth a spirit of brotherhood in men to whom a difference in religion in race in color had been the cause of an intense prejudice. In time of danger a Man will realize his brotherhood when he is caught up in a common danger greater than Tho Normal fears engendered by social living and when he is caught up in a cause greater than his own ambition or greed. The sense of brotherhood will come to most men in those rare moments when circumstances permit them to recognize themselves As a part of a great Effort that overshadows everything they have been and everything they Hope to be. The cuban mess a by a s of Kennedy farm program Washington Nea the most arresting statement in president Kennedy a omnibus farm message to Congress is that. Quot in spite of a 65-million increase in population by 1980, our farms will be Able to produce All we need with 50 million fewer acres than we have in cropland this assumes that the american technological advances in agriculture will continue for the next 20 years at the same rates As in the last 20 years. The conclusions drawn from this Assumption Are that the existing $9 billion Worth of farm surpluses will have to be reduced to reasonable year to year carryovers. And that land in cultivation will have to be reduced in acreage so that it produces no More than can be consumed. This is what the new administration farm plan proposes to accomplish by drastic measures. The nature of the reforms proposed is indicated by the goal of increasing farm income by 25 per cent within the next five years without increasing subsidies to Farmers or prices charged Consumers. It will be a neat trick if they can do it. With United states population increasing the Way it is there is no Promise that department of agriculture appropriations Ai 11 decrease. But it is implied that tax dollars will be channelled into More productive uses than paying storage costs on surpluses. The theme agriculture Secretary Orville l. Freeman will be out beating the Bushes to sell his program to the Farmers during most of february and As along thereafter As necessary. The package he is presenting there and to Congress to Back up the presidents message is a 50-Page Booklet of text and charts labelled. Quot food and agriculture a program for the �?T60s.�?� on the cover is a Flat Diamond shaped Seal for the program labelled its four quarters illustrate the a by Dos of the plan. There is a Horn of plenty for abundance a scale for balance a couple of Pine Trees for conservations a Power line for development. The idea behind the Quot abundance part of the program is that More is being produced by efficient american agriculture than can be consumed. New Ugis lation is therefore recommended to enable the United states to share its abundance with needy foreign countries through liberalized sales and Grants Anil with the needy at Home through expanded school lunch and stamp plans. The Quot balance part of the program is intended to Cut production of commodities now in serious oversupply and bring them into line with what is nailed and what can be consumed. The conservation goal is to achieve a More efficient use of land resources. Grain production w Ould be Cut and More acreage diverted into tree farming grass lands Hunting fishing and Recie action Green belts around metropolitan areas. Loans would be Given to Farmers to convert their lands for enjoyment of the people. The Quot development in die program Means the development of human resources in farm families through better education and by bringing new industries into marginal farm land areas to provide better incomes for farm people instead of driving them into cities. Complex plan the specifies of these programs Are too Long and Complex to present Here in any detail. In summary they Call for new wheat feed Grain and Dairy programs to be approved or rejected by Farmers through voting in National referendums. Cotton and sugar programs will come in separate legislative proposals within a month or so. And the president also promises another message on land resource utilization. The Dairy program would become effective As soon As it can be enacted and ratified. Others would be made effective for the crops harvested in 1963. These programs will be criticized As unrealistic visionary. Radical revolutionary and As imposing the most stringent controls Ever proposed for american agriculture. But if they can achieve Only a fraction i it of the goals sought they might at least wipe out some of the abuses in present farm pro taking it for granted that a Way must be found to drive communism out of Cuba in order to safeguard the United states what do we do the simplest but least practical and popular solution is immediate War on Cuba. There is no question but that we would win that War but there May be Many consequences which would be extremely damaging and the end of which cannot be foreseen Bor instance a Bush War with Cuba May end in a major War with soviet Russia. Are we ready Are they ready the Effort to solve the problem at the . Has been mildly successful. In fact it May be judged to be unsuccessful. For with Brazil and Mexico abstaining we know that nations that we help spit in our face to state the Case As vulgarly but As accurately As possible. We have then to decide whether Brazil and Mexico Are not More significant opponents of our country than Cuba and that we need a program of political antagonism to those countries. Castro has made it Clear by sufficient assertions that he has had the cooperation of soviet Russia and that his Enterprise is a part of the soviet Universal state. Russia must be regarded As our focal enemy or current events have no meaning. Cuba then As an acknowledged agent of russian policy is an enemy of the United states. Even if the russians Are willing to end their foray in Vietnam what is their position in Cuba Brazil and Mexico in a word is soviet Russia moving its Enterprise against the United states from Southeast Asia to latin America and Are we in a better position to encounter the russians in latin America than in Southeast Asia this is not an easy question to answer. Every Day i meet men who have answers to ail questions. They know precisely How to handle this situation but i am sure that neither the president nor the Secretary of state Are equally sure. They Are circumvented by the course of events and by knowledge of the facts and the More they look at 50 veers of disturbance the More they must wont Why there is no willing end to disturbance. For instance while Khrushchev a Star is waning it is Clear that several new groups Are emerging in Asia red China has become a principal Factor of world disturbance with a special interest in latin America. True t Hina s interest in latin America is not new. Since about 840 or earlier. Chinese were imported in latin american countries from Kiangtung province and they Settle in Large numbers Over the years. They fared Well in Many of the latin american countries and contributed Large sums to or. Sun Yat sen for Hie 1912 and sub sequent i evolutions in China. In fact or. Suns minister of foreign affairs Eugene Chen came from Trinidad and was culturally British. When communist evangelism developed red China mapped out latin America As on area for itself and Bent to latin american countries russian and German trained chinese to serve As engineers and various kinds of experts. They have played a great role in the development of communist movements in Mexico and Cuba. If when you look at pictures of Central americana and some appear to be chinese the fact is that they probably Are chinese who have become assimilated with the indigenous population. Red China then is playing an exceptional role in latin America and that role is specifically anti american. It has been assumed by americans that thy can Export what they Call democracy to such countries As red China or latin America. This has proved to be a fallacy. Whereas marxism As a revolutionary Force can be exported and is accepted in alien countries democracy has proved to by unassailable. It rather develops As a concept of free Choice Over a Long period of time and slowly overcomes ancient mores and family customs. There Are Many explanations for this the principal Ona being that democracy makes for individual Freedom which even in its Mildest expressions is disorderly whereas ancient societies wish to preserve discipline and order. The result has been that the red chinese who have come into latin America As communist evangelists have made nary Progress. They do net offer Freedom or Liberty but order and discipline and the Power of a successful revolution. Carmichael i it looks Picio isly Uke a Harbinger of Spring Grams that have been allowed to Drift too Long uncorrected. The alternative removal of All controls a would probably bring farm Price Breaks and ruin for Many Farmers

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