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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 5

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Ames, Iowa Samilow a monday i Eor uary is Ames daily Tribune Page Pue die be 2>a, r Washington news notebook lock v it i ave quote = re9 j Azey to gcv3 cd Quot i Ranj or sc5 to to iat c be wa5 put out scv\r3cc7> Pla axe a .05� Oconn &Quot-6 c whey. Be a Quot re t c is amp a a Cove 3e a on is \ Sac Roob i la 5-a set a>n7 of i act h a before he j that poo it amps a vat a i katmes1 Wink tlzsjh7 arc v pc ecu to Cave out to pc. 3wt in you go up Job Cwm Jbv Santa agriculture economists see no signs of depression in foiling farm prices by George Dokelsky a professor Speaks professor Adward a. Sui of the waiver it ii of Aielt re has an explanation for the u i a it ii in mess of the slate depart me to ave visas to some to feign Wen i to a n e to Titis country in cause that Nave bad reputations in a heir it in in tries. He said according to i ii saturday evening Host a the exes she preoccupation with the b ulcers of revolutionary subversion arising from a compound f xenophobia Dis wt1?�9lamp a a most of the reduced and of Intel. Actual activity and he animus in of the profess amal politician against he usually better due ted civil sir ants a All a granted by the sys pm of the Sepa action of Powers re in ii creates a pea by permanent War Between legislative and executive by Arn bes of our Federal government brings us to our present Washington Ngay prot s it declines in farm prices particularly meat and Cotton a offer no signs of the beginning of another 1929-1932 depression according to top officials of department of agriculture. While a number of senators and congressmen have pointed with alarm to the fact that depression generally begin with a drop in Tarot i ices. Agricultural economists ins St blare is in Bush in the making now. Secretary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson asked if he saw any parallel to 1932 in today a situation said flatly a no i do o v. Wells head of the Bureau of agricultural economies told the Senate agriculture committee that the drop was More like that of 1 948-1949. Atte reaching a Peak of Over 300 in january. 1948. Tim Index of prices received by Farmers dropped to 240 in december 1 949 it then in a a for two years to an a rage of 3 2 for 1951. The drop All through 1952 brought the Index to Quot As treat 267 in january. 1 955 a further drop of about 5 my. Pc. Cent bringing the Index to around 250, is pus Wil is Hie in 195. According to bae la edict la ice increase tie latest a bae Outlook digest Point out that in the Sharp <1 Cline in farm prices now and a Loon some increase is the be Quot r few mom i s a in an Effort to reassure Farmers Ami Stop mild panic tin digest emphasizes thao 12 major groups of farm products the prices of meat or income. Ana on lop i iut ,0 Page several Hundred thou and dollars on the Sal of ins Stock w sch in was req lined to dispose of. A it would seem oui just it we Ordinary americans who stand to gain from his sacrifice would Cli in in and pay his tax. I tor one have just malic a Dollar Bill to the director of internal Revenue at Detroit with a notation that it is applicable to til tax of diaries e. smoker Durn orders from the new Eisenhower administration Bosses that smoking at desks and in in the Halls be discontinued have upset Many government employees no end. There a a gag going around Washington that As Federal workers go into the washrooms to sneak a smoke they write on the Walls a Killjoy was in re. Tearful session the new House committee on Veteran s affairs ii an emotional scan at its net veterans administrator Carl Gray opened a general statement on a programs. The various congressmen patted general Gray on the Back for his Good work. Adm. Joel t. Boone head of a hospitals. Cd about ended Lowed on the stand and opened with a moving Prospect for account of what a great Job he thou. By Genera Gray had done at least it moved Gray. He sobbed audibly and cried into a handkerchief All the time or. Boon was extolling the a in Rales Virtues. And Short Aud Sweet his Nav a 5 Vansyc my Captain Ca yes t Quot he a Are can3 who helped to k revolution. Why this is \ ridiculous yes ten How do you account pc this letter a yes that what they All Alock h u with top others. F f no a a a a a a i \ a / a but or. Sokolsky Wool alone Ara lower now by about to per cent new Secretary of the Navy Robert ii. Anderson than before the War a can in Korea. Was made an honorary admirals in the Oklahoma Cotton and fruit Are up less than i percent Over Navy just a Short time before election. W in r pre Korea lev. Is. Tobacco is s per cent higher was announced by general Dis allowed that or. Grains 12 per Cern higher Dairy products 30 it Anderson a Texas lawyer and oilman in prix it cent higher. Life had been selected As head it Lee i. S. Navy what Burns the Farmer of course is that prices department. Oklahoma a gov. J Boston Murray now hat is an amazing sentence ire now below the 1951 korean War Boom peaks wired him which needs commentary almost Cotton truck crops and meat Are 30 per cent below word for word. Take the clause Imbese peaks and Wool prices Are off 57 per cent. A excessive preoccupation with the dangers of revolutionary subversion a what can that mean revolutionary subversion exists. 1 outpost has submitted his res gnat Ion to presi i n How can a government he excess Eisenhower but will stick to his Post till ii Suo sively preoccupied with it. Unless Cessor is named. That government cares nothing for rear adm. R. A. Ditch. To p. Naval commander its people its culture and civil of the Mariana islands. Gat Jon it Headquarters on Guam is it not Normal function of Between civil and military governments a. Not Distant Secretary of state Carl Mil. government to protect its country is not revolution As perilous As War now we come to xenophobia. This is a fancy word for Dis a congratulations on one o the fastest Ami most successful naval careers in lost try Library of re authors there a a pretty Good shelf of boo. That can be resembled by anyone interested in Reading tile Pacific i -1 and writings of the Eisenhower admit is ration bigwigs. A the list would Start out of course with president. Eisenhower a own a crusade in Here Are j porn of the others Secretary of state John Fostr Dulbs. A War continues to no a a his peace and change Quot i under Ltd a. T v of a by so this cause for friction tor old Smith. A my three Vars n Moscow fiction Between Guam neighbors gov. Carlton Skinner of Guam who has had his troubles with the Navy Ever sine civilian government was established on this i been removed whether the Navy will eventually move it Are the generals Quot Mutual Security administrator head Harold Stassen. Quot where i stand Centra i n t 11 i like of the stranger. How can that be said when the fact is that this country even today has one of the most Liberal immigration policies of any country on Earth admitting persons from All continents in spite of restrictions More freely than most other countries compare for instance our immigration Iowa with those of soviet Russia so we come to a a distrust of the educated and of intellectual what Are the facts this country supports More schools More quarters to Saipan under president Truman s order transferring this Island and Tinian from Tho Trust territory to u. S. Navy control. It in r be n decided. Ii Wilson Benefit drive open a Volunteer Charity Colo r Ion for Ute Relief of Charles e. Wilson cd general motors president who went through such an ordeal getting confirmed As Secretary of defens has but n started by Franklin Courtney Ellis of Winnetka. 111. Or. Ellis explains his drive in a i tier to the Wall Street journal. A twi Quot re does or. Wilson come out a it asks. A the gives up More than half a million dollars a Man genre director Allen w. Do ground. Attorney Genera a manual of hol am restaurant of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson farm Loans a direct r of Mem s. A mat i int irs of stat in. Garn Ion to Industry management of to Germany James id Conant Faith a Quot on pod set Ltd Ltd Ion in a divided world Quot White iterative assistant. Robert Squar a and a the speckled i try administrator Oveta cud a Many Send Rrbert Brownell Law Secretary a appraisal a Robert w. Bar and Seif Ratific ambassador a our fighting a and a Reduca Blouse admin Cut b r. Quot Louis Houre a Rdv a Federal Serur Hobby a emr. Chair i americans Dill rust on the contrary ii the Edma ted the members of con Orris a habit i varsity graduates and i time that ii a this country to a Man achieves High status in one they Are not adequately Edu intellectual discipline he knows ted it must lie the fault of the everything. For instant while pro umber is is in Iii they att universities More research Labora Fiessor Albert Einstein is a great those University ? Are in a tories More pm. Is per cajeta than i a . An j an authority on to due same ones from which Conn most countries. Zart it is doubtful that he can read the civil servants and edit r so ool a and understand a Law passed by men Aud women die in it is unrealistic to state that Congress on the subject of i Milgra a resent Tive body of our prof its in a Tion. Similarly while James b. U politicians is in it it. The Conant of Harvard is an outstand Cabinet end in die com. A Lihle ohm per knt a new a Ivins be Mist does that make him choose the Senate of the hub.,. I the Diplomat perhaps he is Bat the g2nd Congress As an example am i is daily Tri Bun flt in is co j evidence on the subject is still to s17 fifth Street Ames Iowa Ames daily Tribune Robert t Clabby executive editor w s. Rufe publisher Hollis j Nordyke business manager entered As Seconi Claas matter at the Post office at Arnes Iowa under the act of july 16. 1911 official paper of Story county the City of Ames and City Carrier weekly. Story and adjoining counties mail three months. Story and adjoining counts mail six months Story and adjoining counties mail one year. Outside above counties one year. Outside Iowa. Servicemen any mail address per year. $ so i 2 50 i 4 50 a 8.00 lie established. The american people have an extraordinary regard for the Man of learning. Unfortunately some men of learning do not take that respect with the humility of spirit and sense of deep responsibility which such Faith in them should evoke. They too often believe the Good things that Are said about them. The Senate consists of cd members 83 reported attendance at and graduation from one or More universities some with More than one degree. Of those who do not report their University record a few Are lawyers and therefore Are Likely to have attended colleges. This record will show favourably with most categories of civil servants. While i do not believe that col Lese attendance should be a qual i cation for election to Congress. It do s prove that professor Shils has taken Hie rouble it get it the facts. Which to could have done by hip same me Hod As i did. I namely count noses in Hie a icon Givs Sioui maybe the i Roff Susor never heard of this ref a a nce Book. Answer to previous Puzzle % now comes the phrase a eth Ani 212.01 Rosity of the professional pol tie Jian against the usually better educated civil servants a a statement. 2 c of xdvance1pservlctuwlllb<bet add icon i which is a strange departure from to need at Date of expiration Sunleaf factual d Ila and therefore lacking Quot it Iowa Dally prow Assn in intellectual discipline. Most of the sea around us horizontal i this a to be shovelled 5 a Button up your Over a 9 a a done to flip on the a 12 hipped 13 italian River 14 Woody fruit 15 affluence 17 beverage 18 repairs 19 Unity 21 part of a window 23 Courtesy title 24 split pulse 27 what Snow often gets 29 fresh water Duck 32 biochemical protein 34 soviet City 36 hate 37 classified 38 individuals 39 watch your on ice 41 speak 42 eights a 44 dry 46 resilient 49 place be twee heaven and hell 53 pre ident Coolidge 54 unsigned 56 feel ill 57 Winter Hoa Frost 58 sea eagles i. 59 remove moisture co Pierce cd Caterpillar hair vertical 1 stalk 2 it s really cold Unalaska 3 algerian seaport 4 pursues ones Way 5 feline 6 Bird 7 soon 8 musical sounds 9 attracts attention 10 hints 11 greek letters 16 whisper s 20 Saltpetre 22 fasting seasons 24 Pedestal part wik. Mckee i hate wh&x.1 with Vouk depart to Brik <3 Trig up i my kit l0bk 6 Morin i Buttel do �ure\0f our Lakins by product of Korbe i Obr no 111 Una in Quot a a raised if i now in my Koui but Kox Aav fault Neue Beem help up Pue to labor. Trouble of the l�5t amp Neilson �ay5 if 5 getting Worrel Ike spite of Premium wa35�, tue natives Refuge to work i that Buckie me up the Ord pros la get he Moren Lami b Liese me if i Pechar Keilson i. Ivor ext hot Helf i yes. Ii Bew ecu Moko 6 i. And inc a fed Rev r v or Ca. 7c a. 2f> prayer ending 4? he a j 6 word by v. C re r a bes 45 Silver co 28 one who strikes to tore4 30 Rcv in tiered 31 refined woman 33 heroic deeds 35 stupidly Slang 40 washing n City i 46 habits form 47 Den 48 initial 50 i eater 51 Short hit baseball 52 greek Mountain 55 Birds be h i 3 s 3 7 \ a i a a a i Quot 11 a a s3 i j is a it i n i is i i i to i i i i i 1 Ai r to pfc la a j amp 30 a 31 5l 33 it r1 j la i1 38 i to _ -2 43 -.1 mss i n i i i "8 i �9 Iso i Pisi i i i is i i so i St 56 59 n i to i i i 6 x goop be 55 its blk catch it Ethel 5 going k. Acc Al a a yrs swell yarn i pc jump in the Hal Ethe j now you can v a Ltd

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