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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - December 26, 1934, Ames, Iowa Use classified ads to Huy sell exchange., of Lieut Telephone 2400 Ames daily Tribune times Story county a daily Wea Tuer thursday Cloudy rising temperatures. T of m be at urb�?mo�., 12 p. 25 tues. 3 30 p. Rn., 32 it p. Rn., Zero wed., 7 a. Rn., 7 below Kern 2 p. Rn., 3 above precipitation Snow flurries. Vol. 68 a no. 149 official Ames and Story county paper Ames Iowa wednesday december 26, 1934. United press wire service three cents15 killed in Canadian rail crash 48 names will be drawn Lor Bruno Hauptmann jury request for new panel is now very unlikely Flemington n. A. Guy Legal preliminaries to the opening of the Hauptmann murder trial began wednesday with the prosecutions announcement that 48 venire men a names would be drawn for examination As jurors when the Case is opened formally Jan 2. With Only one week remaining before the trial Start one of the Star witnesses arrived tuesday to wait the rail of the court. Betty Gow the nurse who put to lied the infant son of col. Charles a. Lindbergh the night he was kidnapped returned from Scotland. She was called Acron the Atlantic a Prev sedition witness but Hie defense also has declared it considered her its Dar witness. Miss cow arrived on the liner Aquitania amid exceptional efforts to hide her identity. She was list de on the ships books As Bessie Roosevelt beside him she was Given Shore clearance by immigration officers and left the pier immediately for Englewood n. J., mansion of mrs Dwight w. Morrow Mother of mrs. Lindbergh. May take old Job the former nursemaid declined to talk to reporters but she posed for cameramen. There was a report that miss Gow might remain in this country and take up Ber former Job in the Lindbergh House Christmas cheer at Church makes Roosevelt smile president draws abyss it a a a May protest to league flier plows into against Italy a acts on Frontier or i a up Holiday excursion train purses Trinos As tight As he can works Over message to Congress on Jan. 4 Washington la president Roosevelt tugged at the governments purse strings wednesday in an Effort to trim the budget toward estimated income for the next year. Hope of a balanced budget in the near future however was extremely Remote As the president worked Over his message to be delivered to Congress january 4, the Day after it convenes. Estimates of the various departments were placed on the Geneva Ile a an abyssinian Appeal to the league of nations to intervene in its Frontier dispute with Italy was foreseen wednesday after an Exchange of charges Between the Disputant nations Over Christmas. Italy charging that abyssinians fired on one of its air plane admitted that the plane dropped two bombs on the outskirts of an abyssinian fort. Abyssinia said that italian soldiers were advancing thru its territory from italian Somaliland. It was believed that if the situation continued to grow worse Abyssinia would Appeal to the league under article i of the leagues covenant. This article authorizes summoning of the league Council in any question which is brought to the leagues attention As threatening War. Vance thru its territory. It was understood the protest gave further details of the alleged bombing of abyssinian cities by italian air planes. In a note to the league on Christmas eve Italy again asserted that abyssinians on december 5 attacked the town of Malual which both countries claim. Next Day the note said an italian plane flew Over the a fighting zone around the Malual motor Road and was fired on by several abyssinian armed groups. The plane was hit three times the note said and then returned the fire. Then it followed the groups and dropped two bombs on the outskirts of the abyssinian fort at ado. Italy the note said was ready to negotiate for a definition of the Boundary Between Abyssinia and italian Somaliland but Only after Abyssinia met its demands for reparation and an apology for the attack on Malual. It was believed that France such an Appeal would bring a presidents desk soon after his showdown on Italy a refusal to return from warm Springs ga., admit that the dispute is an in Early this month. Since then or. To it a mention problem. In response Roosevelt has called in the de t0 an earlier abyssinian Telegram apartment Heads for frequent con league calling attention and great Britain would seek to i Ferencek. To the Frontier situation Italy prevent the dispute from reach every Economy i said that the dispute was not a ing the league Council because it \ anon menus burst of Handel Anping a Tho Christmas greeting accorded president Roosevelt As j i has become known that he j matter for league concern. Might aggravate the general in he it St Thomas episcopal Church in Washington Atte attending sundays Christmas service. L urging every possible Economy Abyssinia in a protest received fan uncertainty. Franc and he is shown above smiling As merrily As any Well Wisher could Hope for with or. And mrs. Jamesport that every retrench Nieno that at Eva _ Jues a that j Italy Are soc free Iowa 4-h boys in w below Zero is demo North so. Annual meeting let a a As Quot. 500 expected at Iowa state College cold wave hits county delegates to the annual hold. She had acted As nurse for state 4h boys convention and Short course at Iowa state College registered wednesday morning. Total registration is expected to reach Soo. About 300 had registered wednesday noon with Boone and Dallas counties most heavily represented. Greetings from the College were on complications arising from the i extended by George Godfrey As mailing of a satire on the Lind Ridant to or. R. M. Hughes presi Bergh Case to i so prospective Jar a a Iowa a Extension program ors. Calling of a new panel wouldf0r 1935&Quot was the subject of an delay the trial possibly a month. Address by director r. K. Bliss. C. Lloyd flail or. Defense counsel wednesday afternoon the boys Aid he did not intend to ask for a i received instruction in judging new panel. Pros Tutor fathom by livestock and farm crops pre Para a. Hauck of Hunter Don county a i tory t0 the contests which will be patently held the same View As he conducted thursday morning. Recovery program will be made. Several departments have been called upon to pare their estimates sharply. As the budget message has begun to take definite form or. Roosevelt has conferred More and More frequently with Secretary i of the Treasury Henry Morgan Bankhead favored for than. After one Ems conference a. Morganthau said. A we Are Mak Byrns i teammate a g real i others who have conferred fre Washington i Psi the old an Fiu Niy we Tifei the president on said can be made Quot without seriously j italian troops continued to and affecting his Jon second son born to the Lindbergh until she returned to Scotland several months ago. With preparations for the trial proceeding the possibility that a new jury panel would be summoned grew More Remote. State official planned to Confer wednesday Des Moines Iund a sub Zero cold wave which swept Over Iowa for Christmas Day began to loosen its grip wednesday with a fore i cast of rising temperatures wed Tragoni in Between North and South it budget matters include Daniel w mesday night. I blocs of the democratic party May Bell acting budget director Bec the ensure mate had House it rotary of Interior and Pix i weather tuesday night the lowest. I Rector Harold Lckes Relief and session in the interest or the party mini Trator Harry l. Hopkins and at Large it developed wednesday. Thomas h. Macdonald chief of the a unwritten rules that if the a the Bureau of Public roads speaker ship goes to the South the within limit Christmas toll of death is 253 i exas leads All with total of 39 by United press Holiday traffic Hunting acc Henry Wallace will speak to Learned group Chicago lbs David e. Lilleh Thal Henry Wallace and Mordecai Ezekiel head a list of speakers prominent in the world of political science and economics who will made the announcement that venire end a names would he drawn wednesday the drawing will be made before common pleas judge to a in o. Robbins sheriff John la. Curtiss c. Lloyd fell. County clerk and Charles Holcombe jury commissioner. Spends time Reading Bruno Hauptmann the defendant seemed Calm As the time for his ordeal approached. He spent Christmas Reading he ate Tho same dinner served 14 other prisoners. It consisted of stewed Chicken mashed potatoes creamed on continued in Page i to i p. C. Taff state director of 4 h club work discussed a the future of 4-h club work a and Harry d. Linn Secretary of the Iowa horse and mute breeders association spoke on a How to strengthen 4-h Colt club work at a special meeting of the local club leaders wednesday afternoon. By ing la degrees below Zero a Charles City to degrees below a Spencer and eight below at Musca to. Iowa s bitter cold was a portion of a Northern cold wave which Dove temperatures far below Zero from the Northwestern state n the great lakes Anil As tar South As Texas. Over the nation temperatures Sank As Low As 26 degrees below Zero. Another night of old was expected wednesday by Federal meteorologist Charles in Reed followed by a gradual Rise in Teiper a hires. Eastern Iowa will experience open country temperatures of 5 degrees below Zero the South a t to degrees below and the rest it the state about live degrees be in the belief he would he a Quot Strong Dies of pneumonia Snow which came just in time to give Iowa a White Christman tues Day covering the state with a Mao the annual election of state of the of from one half to three inches Leader and that that question was flyers will be held thursday at 4 will continue wednesday night in. Paramount to that of sectional feel p. In. In agricultural Assembly. Tie Northwestern part of the state jus the annual state 4-h banquet lied anticipated. opposed to Bankhead however will lie held thursday at 6 p. In. Belfond reported three inches Are a up 0f Northern democrats in great Hall of the memorial in of. Now. Keokuk two inches and each w Ith strength of sufficient Ion. Polk county 411 boys will pre Stow flurries followed sleet across Power to leave the race a wide sent a on act play a the the Northern half of the state and open one at this stage. These int the closing session Friday at Iii tile East along the Mississippi j elude rep. John j. Of Connor dem a i p. In. In agricultural Assembly River. Awards will be made and the new temperatures thursday morning j officers initiated. The Rev. Jack should be up to Zero As the cold Finegan of the Ames Church of wave passes out Over the Eastern Border Reed said. Leadership should go North Aud administration leaders have vice versa is under pressure for i pledged a budget tor routine gov discarding. Tho result May be Jou a withe limit of prospective reve that rep. William Bankhead dam Nus an 1 a a reasonably Eon serv Socrat. Alabama will be Leader of at Ives program of extraordinary the next House majority and team expenditures to meet the require-1, Highway accidents. Fifty five mate of rep. Joseph w. Byrns men to of unemployment Relief Democrat Tennessee who virtual and social rehabilitation the estimates which Tho rosily is Speake designate. Dent will place before Congress Bankhead claimed wednesday Are expected to be that he had pledges from Democrat below the amount he estimated tic members in Pennsylvania Ohio for the current year in his Mes Mac Hogan. Indiana and other North it Gage last january at that pm states in his fight for the Lead thine he estimated expenditure j Pennsylvania and California three Reship. Other northerners have 0f $16,500,000,000 would be Nee in Illinois and Louisiana two in indicate d they favored Bankhead jest Ary. Georgia and Texas dents human violence air plane participate in joint meetings of 12 crashes and fires took a Christmas Learned societies opening Here Day toll of 253 lives in the United wednesday. States and Canada a Survey Dis i Lilienthal is Tennessee Valley closed wednesday. Authority commissioner and will Texas led All states with a participate in a discussion of Tva Christmas death total of 39. Call rate making problems. Secretary persons dead. Fornia reported 32 persons dead of agriculture Wallace is to Dis Missouri 26. Oklahoma 21, Penn cuss the administration farm pro syhania 15 and new 14. Gram later in she week and Eze automobile accidents claimed Kiel will explain the work of the the greatest number of victims agricultural adjustment admini-117 men women and children by j Stratton wednesday before a Sec i ing or injuries in collisions Aud i Tion of the american sociological society. Other speakers include president died by drowning and in fires. Few were victims of Poison liquor. Hunting accidents and homicides caused 37 deaths of which Texas reported la. Alabama 7 and Tennessee 3. Despondency resulting in suicide on Christmas Day took six lives in new York five each in actual expenditures however have been running Well under the amount anticipated by the chief executive. Against this is a constantly increasing Federal a Canadian National railway a Canion train was struck by a Detroit Montreal limited near Dundas ont., killing 15. States reporting few Holiday Cas Yonkers n. Or a John Christ Vav ii i speak on Quot the Chal i Lenge of the new i Dean la. A Elldee of agriculture and or Taff will discuss a Progress in development of a land i and us 94. Known for years As the Puj in Iowa and the nation and a millionaire strap anger because f1 clubs an Lake a he Rode to his office on the subway for senior pious and the of despite his wealth died wednesday. Delegates if rid a at 8 210 a in. I. i an i with a leaders will hold special be Andrus had been ill with a cold j several Days. It developed into pneumonia. He was born at Pleasantville n. A a a february 16, i in taught school in new York from 1sr2 to 1864. The following year he joined the firm of Reed. Carnrick and Andros manufacturing chemists later served a president of the Palisade manufacturing company and As treasurer of the Arlington chem Cal company. Andrus was reputed to he one of the to wealthiest men in America. At one time he was Worth $300,000,000. Alt lie he himself practice the most rigid Economy. Andrus several years ago spent $500,- for a mausoleum for his remains w Hen he died. Test your knowledge can you answer seven of these test questions turn to Page two for the answer. I name the capital of Texas. 2. Who was the first woman to Fly across an Ocean alone j. What is Hie family name of the former Royal House it Prussia 4, name the Moat famous violin Makei of the school 5, what kind of game is a Coque c. Hove Many units Are in a bakery a dozen the enclosure within Birds May be kept 7. What is which living called ? 8. What la time Between Francisco 9 Quot hat is the second largest City in the touted states to. Dots the United states own tile Panama anal zone the difference in Chicago and san up Lions during the three Days. Voting delegates from clubs in 23 counties were announced wednesday by f. P. Reed assistant state Leader. They Are Marvin Jed in Crawford county Don Clark Ottaw Ottamie county Merrill Christianson Emmet coun Tyr Robert Rasmussen Hancock county Ernest Behn Franklin county Harold Smith Dallas county Charles Laverty Warren county Frank Youngdale Webster county Billy Henderson Linn county Vine lit Kelley bark Hawk county Frederick Evans Wright county Ray Happy Scott county Leon Franklin Van Bur n county Robert Thompson Renton county Maynard Mien Jones county fills strut her Pocahontas county Merritt Giffin Palo Alto county Verlyn Russell Buena it to county Ralph Harris. Floyd county Donald masters Jackson county Harold Henderson Cass county Martin Warren Johnson county and Edward wearin Mills county. New serial begins in Tribune thurs. a Holiday serial which it is believed Tribune times readers will enjoy begins in the thursday Issue. Mary Raymond the author believes that a life begins Vav i the Romance Aud in her new Story she introduces three heroines and lilith Dent Romance to satisfy he craving of the most ardent newspaper fiction fan. The Story stars three girls who Are just like girls la your own neighbourhood. They seek Happi Mercury reaches 7 below Here tile Christmas Day cold wave crashed Over Ames about 3 3&Quot p. In. To assay plunging Tho Mercury Down 20 degrees in one hour and for a total drop of 39 degrees be fore leaching the Low Point of seven by Low Zero wednesday at 7 a. In. The temperature contrary to i Normal fluctuation showed a Lathier unusual trend Over the Christ i Mas Holiday. From a Low Point of 13 Abov e Zero at i a. Ut., monday 1 the Mercury slowly but steadily i Rose dim out monday and tuesday i until it reached the Peak of 32 de i Glees just before the wind whipped into the Northwest and the cold j area struck. By 4 us of clock the temperature had fallen 20 degrees crossing the Zero Lin at 9 p. Rn., tuesday to ret Aiu below that Mark until 12 30 i i in. Wednesday when it again continued on Page two a and it May even he increased. Socrat new York rep. James i. I guarded secret Mead Democrat new York and business leaders thru the unit rep. John w. Mccormick demo Seq states chamber of Commerce Erat Massachusetts. As dark Ali tie White Sulphur Springs horses the following figure rep. I joint conference have strongly William Arnold Democrat Illinois ,1 i Steps toward a balanced Relief Burden. It is not expected Ual Les include Georgia 7, Florida this item will a reduced any i. South Carolina i Iowa 3, Indi considerable amount this year j Ana Kansas 3, Oregon 2. Maine i Connecticut i Massachusetts 4. Nevada 3, Colorado 2, and Louisiana 3. Cheap electrical r. M. Hutchins of the University of Chicago assistant Secretary of agriculture Milburn l. Wilson director of subsistence Homestead projects prof. G. F. Warren of Cornell University William f. Of Burn of the uni Hersity of Chicago whose recent Booklet a men and machines Quot was barred from acc Camps and prof. Irving Fisher Yale University economist Imes gratified Dyer Christmas needy provided for merchants Happy rep. Samuel in Hill Democrat Washington rep. Adolf Sabath Democrat Illinois and rep. Arthur Greenwood Democrat Indiana rep Robert crosser Democrat Ohio and rep. John Rankin demo to at Mississippi. In the seventy second Congress when the democrats gained control after the death of speaker Nicholas Long Worth John n. Garner was elected speaker and Henry t. Rainey floor Leader t Hus the Northern the division was made. Similarly in the seventy third Congress Rainey was speaker and Byrns floor Leader. O Connor owls id e red by Many congressmen As one of the most powerful men in the leadership rate incidentally is the Only one of die avowed candidates who Lias a Loo per cent record As an administration Democrat. All of the others broke with the administration last session most of them on the soldiers Bonus Issue Otth veterans veto. Budget As a prerequisite to a full return of business Confidence. Especially have they urged a Check in the expenditure of Federal Money in Fields where it would compete with private business. Even approximate figures to be presented Are a closely guarded secret. I official estimate As to the size of the Public works Relief plan to be recommended to Congress have been termed by or. Roosevelt As Quot pure some advisers however place the amount from $3,000,-Uoo. to $5,000,000,000. Iii quarters Clos to the White House it is reported the president in his budget menage will make As big a step As posse by attaining his ambition Aneed budget by 193 Ames tuesday enjoyed a most a a f a Gratifying Christmas with a Gen Power tor l4cintliu,n Christmas spirit pervading i the entire City. A tit a More than 500 children in areas is urged Washington i pm expenditure of $100,000,000 to Supply Low Cost electricity to millions of midwestern farm families was recommended wednesday by the missis Sippi committee of the Public works project of the Junior chamber administration which includes of Commerce and the Ames so prof. Sherman m. Woodward of the Etal service league provided food University of now a. I baskets for close to 150 Farn the plan was recommended to j Hies with plenty of food for Secretary of Interior Harold l. Ekes by the committee which con clos1 to 200 families received toys and other rifts thru the american legion toy shop project. Each child received an Orange an Apple and bag of Candy along with other gifts. The joint Christmas dinner toward of a Bailie sex of Relief i said. Roosevelt offers cooperation with private Utility companies Washington or president i communities served by privately Roosevelt wednesday held out an owned utilities if electricity is sold offer of Federal cooperation to Pri-1 at a Low enough rate. Vale Utility companies if they will i this plan die president believes reduce Power rates to what he con j will bring electrical equipment each. Cash was donated along with food articles sufficient to slats of nine nationally known end provide meat and bread for each gained. It also suggested an out family in addition to Tho articles Lay of $1,000,,goo during the of food contributed by Ames next 20 years to develop the mid i people. Large food collections Western Waterways system and for from the schools were responsible peels the heavy Burden of rely t j Protection against soil erosion of j for the project achieving the Lento lighten in another year it to mated to Cost the Mississippi Val Mense Success that was recorded. Ley $4,000,000,000 yearly. No fire alarms Lek is were known to favor the word of caution from fire financing project to Supply Light a ctlil4ef a r. Morris last w Elk had and Power to country sections. Jug effect at least in theory for i there was not a single Are alarm i received Over the Holiday. Chief i Morris said that if Ames could get thru one More week it would have one of the lowest annual fire loss records in the history wintry of the paid fire department limited _ merchants were Happy Over the Market us Cess of the Christmas shop cer reported. Only on new Case i wednesday and prices at the Ping season unquestionably the i was reported in the City during the Chicago stockyard stood at new heat 0f any of the depression or. Atchley reports fever on Wane Here Scarlet fever which had affected nearly a score of patients in Ames during the past month had subsided substantially wednesday or. B. D. Att Hley City health offi cold slows Stock movements prices reach new highs Chicago cry a Crisp weather brought Only supplies of livestock to faulty switch is Thot to be cause of Accident Hamilton ont. a official of the Canadian Pacific railway wednesday sought to ascertain whether the open switch which sent the crack Maple Leaf flier blowing into the rear of a Christmas Day excursion train killing 15 and insuring 32, was faulty or did not have time to close. The excursion train carrying 397 passengers pulled onto a siding just before the limited travelling 55 Miles an hour approached. The last two coaches of the excursion train were telescoped. They were wooden and crumpled like egg Shell. Most of the dead and injured were taken from the wreckage to Dundas ont., in freight cars. None of the Maple Leaf passengers was Hurt. Signalled to siding the death toll was definitely fixed at 15 by the to o Hamilton hospitals which received the victim. The identified dead r. F. Bise. Nephew of c. S. Sise president of a he Bell Telephone company of Canada or. C. H. Mcguffin Cookeville. Ont. Mary Parker 12, Toronto o. H. Durlach Toronto f. Green Pullman Porter j. Smith coloured Porter address unknown a Smith Toronto h. S. Jones London ont. Harold Tryce or. Toronto Harold Tryce jr., Toronto. The excursion train filled with persons who had spent Christmas Day with parents friends and sweethearts was returning to Toronto tuesday night when it was signalled to go on the siding to let the Maple Leaf pass. Signal Green ten minutes later the Maple Leaf came roaring Down the track. Its signal was Green indicating a Clear Road ahead. A i followed my instructions to proceed straight ahead a Engineer b. Buren of the Maple Leaf told the us Ltd press. A i a the special waiting on the siding. A i drove straight thru As my instructions called. Suddenly Ray train swerved violently and crashed into the rear of the special. Quot that Sall i know. The cause will have to he determined. Officials of the Railroad went to Dundas immediately to Start an investigation. Dundas is six Miles West of Here. One official who refused to allow his name to be used said the Maple Leaf was going so fast it a led to take the open switch and As a result went on the siding instead of continuing on the main line. Ordinary Speed a of course a the official added a it Maple Leaf usually average Between 60 and 70 Miles per hour and it is the custom to be gowns about 50 or 55 when it passes thru the officials refused to comment on reports that the switch was faulty and that it was not properly closed after being used to allow the excursion train to run on the siding. The crash of the week was heard thru out the town and residents went to the scene immediately and began Rescue operations. Rescue work was slow because of the Lack of Light. Christmas presents were strewn along the tracks. There were broken toys wearing apparel and packages of food scattered along the coaches of thex cur Sion train. Some of the dead were so badly mangled that Hospital authorities said identification appeared impossible. Wild confusion survivors described scenes of wild confusion and fear. For Many minutes the wreck was shrouded in darkness. Many passengers were trapped or pinned Down by wreckage. Some were unable to extricate themselves and their cries for help mingled with the agonised screams of the injured. Doctors and nurses from the Hamilton general Hospital reached the scene quickly. Canadian nation. I officials quickly ended panic aided by Cool headed passengers and soon the injured were in a continued Usa rage two riders a fair level. Behind the offer was a strongly implied threat that if they refund they will have to compete with municipal Power plants built with Federal funds. The offer to accept a conditional surrender Quot it private utilities was on eyed in the presidents Instate Lions to die electric Home and faint authority a subsidiary of die to to expand its activities Over do entire country. The fill a heretofore has con within the reach of thousands of additional Lim a. It would thus by Carne a powerful inducement to privately owned utilities to Cut rates with die expectation of recouping thru increased consumption of Clee t rutty it was made Plain however dial do in fax a activities would he ext it Louie supplied with Power at past week. seasonal High Mark. Dom push j years. The total number of new cases led higher with demands heavy ont merchant who said i in the state last week showed a decrease with Only 44. Measles j also were subsiding Over the stat i with 541 eases reported for last j week As compared to More than i Soo the wee k before according to i the weekly summary of the Sta a d on in to those communities department of health supplied with Power at Al the 8tat� reported a reasonable Tbs adminis i ration has refused to he drawn into the question it what it would Ness Romance adventure love Flat to operations to assisting in j consider a reasonable rate. Marriage thrills that come to All youth it is the kind of love Story readers enjoy because it is so True to life. Especially written for lovers of modern fiction we recommend this n w Aerial a a liable a which begins in get Tribune times on thursday. Financing the Purchase of electric i some places the Cut which the equipment by Farmers Aud Urban president desires a much As 50 householders within reach of pow per Cut. This estimate apparent or from the Tennessee Valley pro in was Given support by the fed Jet. End Power commission when it under expanded activities of the r med out Canadian rates were authority Ald la lob g a a Pur Lei than half those usually Harg chasers of electrical equipment to j continued on rage four j 46 cases of chickenpox 76 of mumps is of j diphtheria four of typhoid fever seven of influenza and Oue Case of meningitis. Kills three Seu Tuscola Iii. Tilljr Peri Ford. 45, shot and killed or. Audma. Willard Harris and to in Daugh ter wednesday and then commit i ii i Ludde. Ford w As said by authorities to have become in hogs brought a new Premium j store enjoyed last year one of since september. A top of $7,id the Best Christmas season it a hundredweight was paid forager had found this year to he Cholee to prime heavyweights j equally a Good. Another Mer beat heavy steers sold for lid.75 chant said he believe Christmas per Hundred pounds within 25 begins is this year would reach cuts of a three year High a Stab nearly double that of last year asked last summer. Hest lambs he said monday was the Best weighing 90 pounds and less were quoted at $8 to $8.7 5, the highest in Many weeks. A spirited buying wave hit the Corn Market and at its height prices were nearly 3 cents above mondays close. December deliveries sold for 90 cents a due Hel. after a Christmas pad called Oft at the Harris Home. Day before Dohrl Sigmas he had Ever Ortii in the amount of merchandise sold. All Well pleased several others reported substantial gains and All were Well satisfied with the response to their efforts to provide popular Christmas merchandise and to give Good service. Christmas eve and Christmas come Uleu on rage two aunt Lindy says in the Horn and buggy Day the experience of being Snow bound ii recorded in poetry but if being Snow bound with an automobile is recorded it la be in a a profane history

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