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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Ames, Iowa Ames daily Tribune volume 97�?no. 148 Ames Iowa monday december 23, 1963 ten cents Rescue 900 survivors Hughes from fiery greek ship fire and explosions started sunday eve on the Lakonia Gibraltar up a radio reports said Rescue ships today picked up about boo survivors after fire and explosions ripped through the greek liner Lakonia cruising with 1,036 persons aboard in the Atlantic 500 Miles Oft the moroccan coast. Hundreds of those aboard the cruise ship were women and there were at least 32 children under 12 years old. Three americans were among the Pas accidental deaths dim Holiday spirit appoints Long Des Moines up gov. Harold e. Hughes today announced appointment of or. Arthur p. Long a former iowan now living in California As acting state commissioner of Public health. Hughes said Long will actually function As health commissioner but technically will hold coastal radio station at Tenerife loss of life than the collision c angry islands reported More Between the liner Andrea Doria than 600 survivors had been and the liner Stockholm off by United press International chose to remain inside with the a. Us a h�?z.,thi8hway accidents marred the Heater on rather than walk in sl0ner but Foehn rally will hoi i sengers most of whom were Christmas Holiday spirit in Iowa the 17 below Zero cold for help. The to tic of act be commission red Eide tra Quot or a Horii Ossa a r is a Quot Sass in addition a Young couple joing the the adv Quot fumes Quot Quot to a Quot Nua a or site Law Ltd persons died in fires and a Gas Man 17, Denison. Cline explosion killed a Remsen another iowan mrs. Margar British. The disaster threatened to be the worst in a fire at sea since 1934 when the liner Morro at noon 6 . Cos just Castle burned off Asbury Park 12 hours after the Lakonia Senton. J., taking 125 lives. Ii also out its first distress Call the threatened to result in greater ? in e coastal radio elation at 1�? i a Farmer the 9 traffic mishaps boosted Iowa a 1963 toll to an International rescued by Fleet of ships but that left More than 400 still unaccounted for and the Tenerife report was not confirmed in London where the ships agents reported 600 missing. The Tenerife radio in the Canary islands reported that the Captain of the Lakonia m. Zarbis was among the survivors. He was one of the last to leave the burning vessel the Nantucket july 25, 1956. That collision took 51 lives and caused the Andrea Doria to sink. Shortly after noon the u s. Air Force which had four c54 it Grubb 63, Lineville died Friday in a Kansas City mo., Hospital of injuries she suffered 671 compared with 604 in a two car collision dec. 6 through dec. 22 last year. Near Corydon. The Highway victims Robert a gasoline explosion sunday sedral 33, Washington d. C claimed the life of Oscar Dorr Rhomas p. Comer 83, Spencer 56, Rural Remsen. He was hurl Duane Mumm 18, Kingsley de from his car by the expo Bianoc from Tho an pc Marsha Wood 18. Moville mrs Sion just after he had filled it Rescue planes from the azores George Schmitt 42, Rural Dike with Gas. Flying Over the blaring ship re Ai an Schmut ,5 Rura Elk a a n \ ported scores of persons still Kerry Adam Davenport and de8froyedgarage struggling in the sea a Joseph Adams 57, Davenport cars and a tractor on the farm patently buoyed by life jackets. Sgt a Mem a Bertolucci 47. Farm fire Many passengers apparently Otis air Force base mass. A farm fire saturday night leaped into the water but late Home for holidays claimed the life of mrs. Minnie reports said about too were sedral. Spending the holidays Thomas 84, Rural Leon. Her i cd a a i 11 / Iii u .1, in i v41 a i a still. I Ici radio said. Three bodies were huddled at the Stern of the Shin in Des Moines with his parents husband. David 87, told author recovered and were aboard the the Only Section Clear of died Early monday of injuries ties the Blaze began when a pair moroccan ship Mehdi the re flames. Suffered sunday night when his of gloves drying on a Wood port added. the Blaze started amidships car was involved in a three car burning Kitchen stove caught the 20,314-ton luxury liner and spread later when the sex was taming 651 passengers Possons rocked the 33-year-old the health commissioner to $12,-000 a year but places no ceiling on salaries for an acting commissioner or director of local health services a position that has been vacant for about to years. Hughes said he will urge the Iowa legislature to remove the $12,000 pay limit so Long May be appointed health commissioner on a permanent basis. Long 55, will succeed the late or. Edmund g. Zimmerer who died last summer. Or. Ralph h. Heeren director of the division of preventable diseases will continue As acting health commissioner until Long is Able to return to Iowa sometime next March or april. Long is now serving As co director of the International Center for medical research and 385 Crew members on a Christmas Holiday cruise from liner that had been refitted Accident on an approach to the fire and fell on the floor. He at the University of California Des Moines freeway. Said he tried to get some water Comer was the victim of a col to put out the fire but a Kitchen j a vision involving two cars and a door jammed. Mrs. Thomas England to Madeira when fire and reconditioned recently for truck at an intersection on Iowa died of smoke inhalation and broke out just before Midnight j use it a the cruise Trade. 17 North of Pocahontas sunday i severe Burns. 6 . Cost sunday and the air Force reported at Mumm and miss Wood were Oliver c. Domer 72, Paris. A a spread so quickly that All but least four ships in the in killed late sunday in a two car was found dead sunday in his county. He was graduated from a relative handful of those mediate area were plucking Headon collision 2 Miles West of one Story Frame House. Author Williamsburg High school in aboard abandoned ship. The i survivors from a sea which had Moville 1&Quot school of Medicine in san Francisco at an annual salary of about $16,000. He was born on a farm near Williamsburg Iowa. Long a parents were the children of Pioneer settlers of Iowa scene was about 500 Miles off turned mercifully Calm under the coast of Morocco. I Cloudy skies. Jefferson is thankful for sub Zero weather mrs. Schmitt and her son died earlier sunday in a two car crash near Fern while on their Way to Church. Seven other members of the family were hospitalized. Adams and his father were killed saturday when a sports car the younger Adams was driving went out of control at Jefferson up most Iowa National guard turned of Davenport and iowans May be complaining the situation Back Over to the a owed Bead on into a parked about the bitter cold that is Railroad about 2 . Sunday Terni tra Ler truck. Both men gripping the state but residents after firemen had poured water were Elded outright. Of this Central Iowa Community on the ruptured tank and the Ert Feducc was killed in can be thankful for the below liquid Petroleum on the ground. Davenport also Only a few Zero temperatures. Let water freeze Miles from the scene of the if the state had been enjoying he said firemen were Able to Adams Accident. He died sat in the urday morning from injuries the Friday night in Vav Quot Vav. Balmy weather during the week parity Seal off the leak end the North portion of Jeffers tank but pouring water on it and suffered son might be in ashes today and letting the water freeze the mishap. Authorities say Verto the rest of the town might be Breaks shut. Price added that Lucci s car missed a turn at an cleaning up considerable dam lbs liquid Gas which ran onto intersection and he was thrown age. The ground was covered Over from his car. With water which then froze and sealed the Gas off from the atmosphere. Age. Fire chief Don Price said the sub Zero temperatures saturday probably helped prevent a disaster when 39 cars of a Chicago amp North Western Railroad freight train derailed and highly volatile liquid Petroleum Gas began leaking out of a ruptured tank alongside the tracks. Price explained that the Gas is stored in tanks at 40 degrees below Zero and is More Likely to explode or catch fire at warmer outside temperatures the Mercury was around 18 degrees below Zero at the time of the derailment. Narrow escape a we could have had lots of casualties if the stuff had gone off a Price said today As he looked Back on the narrow escape of the town. A it would have been inst like an earthquake hitting the North Side of the Hie fire chief said at least three blocks would have been destroyed by fire if the 22.000 Gallons of Gas had gone up in an explosion and the rest of the town of 4,570 population would have suffered damage. Trains were moving today Over one of he lines on the double track Railroad but the other line was not expected to be cleared of the derailment wreckage until wednesday. Price said local authorities and Jefferson members of the Carbon monoxide the bitter sub Zero cold was in part blamed for the death he said the liquid Gas will saturday of a Young couple near soak into the ground but could Denison. Authorities said the Nave remained a danger if a two died of Carbon monoxide sudden warm spell had thawed poisoning when the car crashed the protecting cover of ice. Into a ditch and they apparently ties said Domer apparently had 1926 and received his Bache i tried to Light a Small heating lords degree in 1932 and his stove in his living room when doctorate in 1934 from the uni the stove Back flashed at him. Verify of Iowa. He was burned severely but the Long interned for one year House was not extensively dam at a Seattle wash., Hospital and practice Medicine for one year in Waverly Iowa. He received his master of Public health degrees with honors ii 1937 and his doctor of Public health degrees with honors in 1938, both from the Harvard school of Public health. He then served As assistant director of the division of biological laboratories in the Massachusetts state department of Public health and As an instructor in the Harvard Santa clause the cheery old Man with the Long White Beard and red stocking Cap hailing from the North pole made his annual visit to the elks club saturday. Over 200 Ames children told their Christmas wishes to their favorite Man this time of year Santa Claus. Tribune photo by Larry Gruel Ruby hearing gun taken from witness of. Gov. Mooty seeks re election aged by the Small fire. Blast like atomic bomb7 kills fireman Hammond ind. Up a an explosion described As a a something like an atomic bomb roared through a huge burning school of Public health before warehouse storing anti freeze being called into military service As a Captain in the army in 1941. From 1957 to 1961 Long was chief of preventive Medicine in the office of the surgeon general in Washington d. C. In 1961 he became co director of the International Center. Fri chief sends gift to Iowa Man Newton up a tradition was maintained this year when Delmar learning 30, Newton received his annual Christmas present from j. Edgar Hoover chief of the Federal Bureau of investigation. This a ear the gift was an unusual pair of cuff links. Early today. One fireman was killed and 19 persons were injured. For a time it was feared several firemen might have been caught in the flaming debris but All were accounted tor. The firemen were pouring water on the Illiana transit warehouse when the pre Dawn explosion blasted the building and collapsed a Section of it. The explosion was heard for Miles. One fireman was knocked about 20 feet. A newsman Gene Dangle of station Job said he was knocked to the ground and when he came to his senses he ran to a police car and shouted in the radio a a there a been a terrible explosion Here. Send All the help you the injured were taken to St. Margaret Hospital. All were firemen except one Richard Wylie a Chicago Sun times photographer. Aides said seven of them were treated. Most suffered from smoke inhalation and cuts. The Rig had pulled Between the burning warehouse and an adjacent building and it was showered with flying debris. It was because of this that officials feared for some time that firemen might have been trapped under the rubble. The fire was brought under control about 7 30 . Cost. An official of the firm said Dallas up a police today Des Moines up a it took a gun from the purse of a gov. William l. Mooty a red haired striptease who was Grundy Center today an called As a witness in the bail bounced he will seek re election hearing for self appointed sex subject to the june 1964 re pub Elution or Jack Ruby. Bean primaries. A sheriffs Matron assigned Mooty is the second candidate to search women visitors to the t0 announce fir the Republican courtroom As part of a massive nomination. Rep. Robert a Security operation found the j no a speaker weapon As stripper Karen Lynn of he a it Duj no he 19� Bennett. 19. Who performed for eneral Assed y St a Ruby under the name Quot Little announced a wl11 see cop Lynn in his Carousel club entered the court. Miss Bennett was not arrested. She had been called As a witness in the defense Effort to get the Slayer of accused Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald released on Bond. When the hearing started under dist. Criminal judge Joe b. Brown defense attorneys and District attorney Henry Wade began arguments. A Sawhorse and a dozen police blocked the corridor and courtroom. Even reporters wearing special identification badges were searched. Photographers were cleared from the room before the hearing started in accordance with Browne a ban on photo and television radio coverage of the hearing. Six defense attorneys including the flamboyant Melvin Belli sought a writ of Hareas Corpus to release Ruby pending a murder trial feb. 3. They said he needed psychiatric treatment. Senator views fire damage Ottum a up a sen. Bourke b. Hickenlooper r nomination for lieutenant governor. Predicts special session in announcing his candidacy at a news conference in his statehouse office Mooty also predicted that democratic gov. Harold e. Hughes would Call a special session of the legislature next year to again tackle Iowa a reapportionment problem. A a we re just about sure to have a special session and i predict it will Convene sometime in february a Mooty said. Mooty 57, a Grundy Center Farmer and businessman also said he believes atty. Gen. Evan l. Hult Man a Waterloo will be the Only candidate for governor in the Republican Pri Weatherman s Yule present warmer readings Ames residents today were offered a much desired Christmas present by the Weatherman the Prospect of warmer temperatures. With the arrival of warmer or / air temperatures were expected to Rise to to or 20 degrees above Zero today and even warmer weather is forecast for tuesday. Only once in the past 12 Das on each of the cuff links there is a White setting and a Black swirl design. An accompanying note tells learning that the swirls Are his Finger prints. The warehouse a one Story Hoover has also sent learning building of steel and corrugated a train floor lamp chemistry Metal construction contained set toys a drafting Board an undetermined Quantity of. Books and drawing anti freeze and soap. 1 ing the 21 years. Hoover has sent a Christmas present to i earning for the past 21 years since the Newton Man As a member of the Newton Junior detective club sent Iowa today was to inspect dam Hoover a membership card age from a fire which destroy Hoover accepted membership de a barn and killed Many has the thermometer stayed and agreed to carry the card. Head of prize livestock at his above Zero for any length of songs farm near Here. Time and then Only barely. T he d. And d. Farm is owned i he lows on dec. 12 and 17 jointly by David Hickenlooper were Zero and one above re and Charles Smith. Spect ively. Every other Day no firm estimate of the fires Nch dec. La the Low has been damage was available but loss below Zero dropping to 13 bettas expected to be several Low on the 16th, and 16 below Hundred thousand dollars. Sen. Hickenlooper who was in be outfits our Dar rapids when the fire broke out sunday flew to the farm Mary. Mooty added he believes Hultman can defeat Hughes in the november general election. Neither Hughes nor Hultman has announced political intentions for the 1964 elections but both have strongly indicated they will seek the states top office. Second term Mooty is serving his second term As lieutenant governor and was speaker of the House during his fourth term in the legislature. The lieutenant governor said he will continue his efforts to promote the development of Iowa and its industries while a a maintaining a sound basis for state Mooty had been mentioned As a possible candidate for governor and he conceded today he had a seriously considered running for the chief executive s Job. A a but i decided i Kinda liked this Job better a Mooty said. The lieutenant governor had no comment in his recent marital problems. His wife Jean filed a divorce suit and notice of the action was served on Mooty As he and his two daughters Marcia 15, and Helen 13, attended a state Day at the Iowa state fair last summer. The divorce suit was later dropped. Mooty also declined to comment on Nadene a announced candidacy for the lieutenant governors Post. Mooty said he does not plan to have a running mate for governor during the primary. However if he wins the Gor nod he said he would actively Campaign with whoever wins the party a gubernatorial nomination. I , fee a Fez $ if ctr a $ of night openings for convenient Christmas shopping in Ames Low on the 16th, and last Friday night. The last time it was above freezing was on dec. 7, when the temperature Rose to 54 de Gre is. The warming trend should continue for the next Tew Days the Christmas Day fore Thule Yule though not a tree grows on the Bleak Greenland Countryside 600 Miles above the Arctic Circle the armed forces at Thule air base still have their Christmas tree. It is a a grown by pipe fitters electricians and welders. The tree is 45 feet High made of pipe trimmed with real ice and some 200 lights. Thule is the northernmost outpost in the North american air defense command network. Downtown Ames 23 Camptown 23 i and a to cast is for fair to partly Cloudy a skies no precipitation and % about Normal temperatures. % today. To % ii i in a it few Aas Iowa traffic fatalities through december 22 1963671 1982604 weather noon temperature 6 High 6, noon Low -13, 5 30 . Year ago High 18, Lowll barometer 30.37, falling moderating temperatures and continued fair monday monday night and tuesday. High monday to to is iou monday night Zero to 8 above and High tuesday in the 20s. Iowa a generally fair monday monday night and tuesday. Warmer monday and monday night and in the East tuesday. Low monday night Zero to 5 below. High tuesday is to 25. The Outlook tor Christmas Day is tor partly Cloudy skies and slightly warmer temperatures

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