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Ames Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1934, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - December 21, 1934, Ames, Iowa Use classified ads to Huy. Hell Exchange. 01 Kent Telephone 2400 Ames daily Tribune times Story count y s daily vol. 68 no. 146 official Ames and Story county paper Ames Iowa Friday december 21, 1934. United press wire service weather generally fair. Temperature thurs. 4 to in 34 Fri 9 a rn., 23 2 v to. Is precipitation none. Three cent initiates drive on tax free Bonds growing Export demand Eor in 8. Farm crops seen dept. Of agriculture foresees no bread shortage Washington re a the department of agriculture peered into the future Friday and predicted improved farm conditions. Increased Export demand for american farm products was seen in the report of the Bureau of agricultural economies to Secretary of agriculture Henry a. Wallace. The nation probably will not be burdened with any Large surpluses it was said. The departments crop reporting Hoard forecast a third successive mall wheat crop next year but said there was Small danger of a shortage. The 193,. Crop May be slightly larger than this year. The Board tentatively estimated the 1935 Winter wheat crop at 475,- bushels compared to 405,-000,000 this year. This with a a iring wheat crop of 200,000�?if it is that much would give a total production of 675.000,000 bushels. A not worried dded to that would he a Tarry Over of about 130.000.000 bushels to satisfy the nation s annual appetite for about 625.000,000 bushels. Based on those figures the department does t Forsee a bread shortage. Secretary Wallace said a a a. C not. Sorrit d no a. Olson chief of the economics Bureau of the department of agriculture saw Europe As an increasing for american farm surpluses. Guardsmen hold maddened rioters Back from prey f famed bolsheviks us Constitution Heid for Rilling must. A a to Tennessee guardsmen Here face a courthouse where an attempt was mob estimated at More than 500 near the Shelbyville tenn., made to Lynch e. K. Harris negro being tried on a criminal assault charge. In the Battle that resulted two mob members were killed and 14 wounded and the Rou Guiou a burned the rioters t utting Hose and driving firemen from the scene. Five Hundred More a Ipuma were Rush d to the town when the mob threatened to kill Sherif Tom Gant who fled with his family and then massed to dynamite the jail from which prisoners hurriedly were evacuated. The pro i. Able products Cree Sod a there s for can be track ate i of a fences when s id. Is pert for increased pork is especially Enco fag id. With recovery of bus i lotions abroad Quot it seems american exports of pork Cen a substantially in Olson a id. To a sound Bas thinking import restrictions reduced thru reciprocal agreements he said. Wit turn of a orld wheat Pron higher level foreign pc to for american Ani Canadian will reassert themselves he no pyramiding Olson reported a no evidence of widespread pyramiding of prices a As the result of processing taxes i codes and Benefit payments. The j farm res portion of the consumer s j dollars increased from 33 per cent i in the first half of 1933 to 37 per j continued on Page three common upper limit is Japan a naval scheme Tokyo Hie a Japan formal notice denouncing Tho Washington naval treaty was signed sealed and ready for delivery Friday. It will be transmitted to Hiroshi Saito japanese ambassador to the United states for delivery at his discretion. Most sources believed Saito will give the formal notification to Secretary of state Cordell Hull dec. 27. Newspapers c approved the momentous step which leaves the world without plan after 1936. As a Good thing Well the Public too gave silent approval in its support of the military class guiding the de of the Empire. Altho tile denunciation of the log by miss Long receives a special treaty ended tile explanatory con Christmas dinner. Christmas food baskets needed using donations to Junior chamber final Appeal was made Friday urging everyone in Ames who feels at in to do so to contribute food. Ufos Over the week end for Christmas dinners to be delivered to More than 150 families Christmas eve by the Ames Junior chamber of Commerce. The chamber club rooms at the Sheldon Munn hotel will be open saturday and sunday afternoons and All monday to receive articles of food completely prepared Christmas dinner baskets or Cash. The chamber is cooperating with the Auh social service league in handling the Christmas Basket distribution. Those desiring to furnish Complete baskets Are invited to Telephone the social service office phone no 492, to receive an assignment of a family. A contributions Are to be Brot to the hotel not later than monday afternoon. Success of the Basket project depends upon the entire Community cooperating. Miss Fern Long executive Secretary of the social service league said Friday. There Are More than 150 families who will be deserving of special assistance at Christmas particularly in the matter of obtaining the sort of meal which goes Well beyond that allowed from the pro i needs of the Ordinary Relief order left dead on Battle scene of soviet Leader Zinoviev and Kamenev under arrest at Home London he a London newspapers reported Friday that Gregory Zinoviev and Leo Kamenev once figures of world renown in the bolshevik movement were under arrest at their Homes in Moscow As a result of the assassination of Sergei kirov. The reports purporting to emanate from Moscow and Warsaw would be of greatest importance if True As they would indicate that the a purge Quot which resulted from kirov a assassination was extended from so called a a class enemies to Pioneer communists who went under eclipse some of them later to emerge a when Leon Trotsky broke from the orthodox communist party after the death of Nikolai Lenin in 1924. Dispatches asserting that Zinoviev and Kamenev had been arrested came after attacks in the newspaper Izvestia of Moscow official Organ of the Central executive committee of the soviet Union which alleged that Leonid Mico Liev kirov a Assassin was connected with the Zinoviev opposition group. Emergency regime soviet Russia has been under an emergency regime since a few hours after kirov a assassination at Leningrad dec. I. Mico Liev himself is believed to be still under remand while the political police of the ministry of Interior investigate the background of kirov a murder. One Hundred three persons in i c Ding two women have been sex i edited by firing squads since the i assassination and russian leaders have pledged themselves to avenge to the utmost this first political assassination since 1918. All those continued on Page Tun i and which will he in keeping with j Bullet victim in a Savage Battle by the spirit of Christmas. A maddened mob estimated at in in i bitter disappointment will be the i Lieh dead Here near the Shelbyville naval diam Mem j 0l o Many fai0iutls of the com furtively View the body. Edward Niu nity does nor respond As Ames rage we n the mob hied to Lye is Well Able to do. According to of Itria f0r assault of a 14-year-old fires of the Junior chamber. And a tiniest j iat organisation is bending every j 1 Effort to see that every family list i Ween Tennessee guardsmen and to than 500, Raleigh Edwards tenn., it courthouse As passersby was slain in the conflict that i e. K. Harris 22, negro on Lite girl. Versa ions at London seeking its revision the adjournment of the Parley was not sought by Japan. Hat her the japanese preferred that i he talks be continued and before adjournment tried to have a Date set for their resumption. Japan do cited to terminate the Washington pact in order to bring Forth its own naval scheme one which Givin the Nippon Empire a Quality and provides for a a a com Mon upper limit to which world navies might build. Toys and similar playthings for children will be provided by the american legions toy shop project which is reaching a new height of Success this year. But the legions Effort does not include provision of food. Food articles were to be collect cd from five schools Friday Boose Elt beards Bear Central Welch and Whittier. Lincoln school Chil Drin have undertaken a separate project Louise Crawford did not receive notice to Dine to act and has Given its efforts toward a fund War dept. Plan old in Iowa to of mobilization pug by 1080 abrogates 7 a consumer class to be held Here in program for adult education problems of the consumer buyer will be studied this Winter by the adult education classes at Ames which Are being sponsored jointly by the Story county Consumers Council and the City adult education program. The Home management department at Iowa Kate College with the cooperation of the other Home economies departments is working with the Consumers Council and the adult education program Lead ers to present the series of Lea sons which will last thru put the Winter. The meetings which will be held each tuesday and thursday night at 7 30 in the Home economics building Are open to the Public including students at Iowa state collage. On Jan. 3. At the first meeting or. Margaret. Reid of the economics department will open the series with a talk on Quot the import Anes of the mrs. E. S. Allen. Ames is hair Man of the county Consumers Council which is one of nearly 200 such councils which were established in the United states under the Nua. The Council und r the leadership of mrs. Allen Lins been operating since last May. A bookshelf which contains books of interest to con burners has been set up in the col lege Library mrs. All n said and another is soon to be installed in the Public Library downtown. Needs herring Atlantic Oie a old ideas about Law and the american Constitution must be adapted to the rapidly changing world governor Clyde l. Herring said Friday. Speaking at the dedication of the new Cass county courthouse the governor pointed to the new Chambers of the District court As a seat of Justice which he maintains can be Only granted by adaptation of old Law s to modern demands. Quot As i dedicate this Beautiful Temple of Justice a the governor said. A i am moved to ask what is Justice i hold that Justice which lags behind in our Forward March has ceased to be Justice that denial of human rights is not Justice that Justice must see human needs and give its propounding the questions of Relief of Public expansion into private Industrial Fields and Public welfare generally the governor concluded that the Constitution of the United states had been applied thru its history to changing world conditions and that it could now be applied to present human needs. A a Only by a Broad interpretation of our Federal Constitution has our Forward March been possible and Only by continued Broad interpretation May we still continue to adj Vance Quot he said. Tov shop display on View saturday legion invites Public to Santa s Den one of the most impressive sights having to do with the exemplification of the Christmas spirit which has Ever been seen in Ames is the description american legion members give to the toy shop project to be open for Public inspection saturday afternoon and evening at the legion Hall. The general Public is invited to witness this tight before the legion auxiliary women be Gin their work sunday of filling Santa s orders for Christ Mas eve delivery. There will be no admission charge. Hostesses will be at the Hall to serve As guides and Tell visitors about the project. I the Hall is locate cd on main Street. On the second floor Over the perfection Cigar store. It is reached by the stairway Between the Cigar store and the Rainbow Coffee shop. The entire Hall is filled with Long tables of toys which Are arranged in groups not Only on the tables but on the floor beneath and along the sides of the room it is tile largest collection of children s Pla things the legion has yet gathered together during the four years this Christmas project has been undertaken. It entire Community aids represents a whole hearted and generous support on the part of the entire Community. Toys have been contributed by children and adults alike they have come from Homes attics basements they continue on pal a in of Ion Washington Rei St Natosi i Bennett a a champs Clark Democrat Missouri raid Friday at the Senate munitions inquiry that the War department a Industrial mobilization i plan contemplated abrogation of i seed Ion 7 a of the recovery act i it life expectancy Rise important Factor test your knowledge for Pui it it video thanks Christ in a. The Chase of playground equip this country the senior High school pro another War Thorn 25 food baskets at giving and is giving a s party for Young children tool Friday afternoon. Can you answer seven of thess test questions turn to Page nine for the answers. J. In which Book of the Bible is the Story of the Witch of Ender 2. Who wrote a Twenty thousand leagues under the sea a a a is to delivered Israel from leg Petiau bondage 4 of i tie veto of which president a the volstead act passed 5. Who we Pete ii itch to Bai be. A to it i the cube list of one 7. To which country does the it 11 no it lower California be Long ? 6. Near what City la it. Vesuvius it what is the name for a to Hoir Vicdan House of prayer and w ors hip i Quot name the capital of Maine Iowa production of pigs slashed sixty per cent Des Moines la a Iowa the a Hon a Foremost pork producing state slashed its production of pigs 60 per cent during the fall of this year and will Nills a further Cut next Spring the United states department of agriculture reported Friday. Than the agr Cul get was re to Aal curtailment. The i in a 25 per cent asked if that wer c. T. Harris army Fleer testified Quot the plan Speaks for a it is my information thai be Tion 7 a would be abrogated a a Clark said. A Well you can t have two Bosses in time of War a Harris replied. The report brought an immediate protect from president William Green of the american Fede Rator of labor. Resist scrapping a labor certainly would resist Des Moi nos Idra Iowa will have nearly twice a Many per sons eligible for old age pension by 19,so a at present according to population trend figures gathered by Iowa state College for the old age assistance Eor Umi True. Colonel i of i dec the numb ordinance of a the Purdoi to give inform i or and to teach bin i by Quot mrs. Allen said j study the consumer ? i a big step in the d i sanitation of Consul i e councils is i the cons urn to buy Wise a classes to is Are tin storm Peiling North Atlantic shipping fades of o York ilk lion shipping Over tile Atlantic a in buy Christmas Slais j led Friday 10 to am became involved in 6< ears old and of somewhere Between 371,000 if the tires unties the study in there were is 1,000 t state at or above t Mark. In 1935 the 205,000, the old a commission Bas Nea it a. It or of iowans it w Iii total 365,000 and i it trend con each. In 1930it persons in the he 65 year old total will be j be assistance re 55,0t0 a i in Natu Turull adjust Hie fur Ute i aaa had Fig Cut. The 1934 fall pig crop was is limited at i,#02,000 Lead compared with 4,020,000 head a year ago. Next Spring Iowa Farmers intend to Farrow jju4, sows a six per cent decrease Over the corresponding 1933 period the department re ported w it to the j War to ii Siren its ate i Nurt ii la a Lap we is e Powers at re command dug of 7 a War or no to we would do would be Iii the broadening Ami plications for pensions in its Filesi or Mon than one fourth of the total eligible number. It previously bad been assumed that the number drawing old age pensions would remain relatively constant once Ute commission Koi around to act on pending Applina Linurd on i three new in wide area j coast was Imp i Day storm abated. Luxury line s wer Days behind schedule making Peres nary Christmas by sea for ,000 j passengers who were hurrying Home for the holidays. Five firemen were injured and a score of sailors overcome by smoke j As the coast freights Ontario afire drifted in heavy m As. The is. Sere j Goon were a of a i helpless d rift i no expressed for t 90, seventeen ant a tin and is. Will repairs after fears had been Lair Crews totalling seamen w ere lost during the storm. The German line de a narrow escape with the is. Sisto rescued in a drams a Bremen report from a collision whose Crew was tic exhibition of mime Foglond fun under the Mif a in toe on chm Trio cd we do today thoring of 7 a Green said pocket Book empty the sen uni tree looked to the new Friday for a answer to its Appeal for additional appropriations to continue its inquiry next year. Quot we re not going to to Abl to Larry on a Aid chairman Gerald p. Nee Republican. North Dakota. Touti used on a a a a i to j Mumm us u Luu i by Adel eight Husi cars is Sable Menth Bein and i Waukee were entered thursday night or Early Friday morning merchants reported. Tho amount of the loot had not Bein determined Friday but a considerable Supply of a cot in was tak o from a drug stoic officers said shopping Cloys to Christmas the Ames stores will be open Friday night until 9 of clock to accommodate Christmas shoppers. The stores will be open until the usual hours saturday night but will close at 6 p. In. Christmas eve monday. Bravery and Akin wednesday. The i slate was denounced As a constant i peril to navigation and its removal i was urged. Lifters Lute include the Europe delayed three Days president hard i Rig live Dayu Caledonia so Bourn land Empress of Britain Lafayette j and Manhattan All one due Aud the i deutschland four Days. A a a be mgr Ano to Iowa Der Moines in a Frank n. Belgian jr., National commander of urn american legion will speak Here next feb. 25, stat legion Headquarters announced Friday. While Ether ships a thud by. Cap Fritz Kruze t above commander of the s. S. Now York sent out a valiant Lifeboat Crew who rescued 16 a Ilora from the foundering norwegian freighter Sisto 300 Miles off the Irish coast in spite of the Hazard of storm lashed Waters. The map shows where the Rescue took place with thousands of passengers on the s. S. New York. Europa and a rata looking a. The Tanker Mobil Oil is nun hot the sea with Oil from its cargo. 7 die in desert air plane Frash believe lightning hit dutch liner Baghdad Irak Ite burned wreckage of the Netherlands air liner a Culver Quot was found Friday to Miles South of a lonely Blockhouse in the desert. Its seven occupants. Three passengers and Crew of four All Neth Erlander were reported killed. I British Royal air Force air planes found the wreckage of the great a flying an american built Douglas transport which finished second in the England austra uan air race. It was believed the plane might have been struck by lightning. It crashed South of Rubah Wells a i desert Blockhouse fort guarded by Irak soldiers the Only building within to Miles. The terrain is nearly level and in Normal circumstances an air plane could land easily. The liner sent out an sos Call wednesday night after passing Gaza on the Palestine coast in route from Cairo to Baghdad. It was believed ii crashed soon after a a re. The scene is a dismal one. Between Rubah Wells and Baghdad there is Only a Furrow slowed by Royal air Force tractors in 1918 and the Only inhabitants Are occasional wandering bedouins. Aboard the plane were this be passengers cd. W. Beretta managing director of the Aneta press Agency and one of the most prominent newspapermen in Java dutch East indies prof. Waller and a Kort rapt. W. M. Beekman was in command with j. Van Steenbergen i co Pilot in it. Waal Wijn Engineer j and c. Van Zadel off wireless operator. None of the England Australia j Crew was aboard the ii Lane which was making a regular flight to Ute i dutch East indies Over the Elm j line. Free electricity in Christmas present Morgenthau to urge Congress to pass Laws from 35 to 50 billion securities now exempt Washington de a legs station to remove tax exemption on future Federal state and municipal Bonds will be urged of Congress by Secretary of Treasury Henry Mongen Thau jr., the United press Learned Friday. Now outstanding Are $35,000,000, 000 to $50,000,000,000 in tax exempt government securities. The exemption on these could not be removed but future issues would he affected under the plan. The tax exempt Security problem was believed Friday the most important subject in a comprehensive tax Survey ordered thursday by president Roosevelt to determine Means of eliminating overlapping taxes and More economical methods of collection. 21st amendment the Treasury program probably will take the form of recommendations to the nouse ways and Means and the House judiciary committees. Secrets by Morgen than last March recommended enactment of a �?o21st tend Merit a to the Constitution to permit states to tax the interest from Federal securities wid the fed eral government to tax the income from state and municipal securities. A the Treasury department Morgenthau said a favors As a permanent policy the elimination of Federal income tax exemption on interest on future issues of Federal state and municipal securities. I consider it very important that when the exemption is eliminated it should be eliminated not Only on future issues of Federal securities but also on future issues of state and municipal securities As Well Quot he said. Hundreds of millions of dollars of possible a Tate and a ederal income taxes Are lost. Anni Ivy by the h vestment of capital in securities. All phase the Treasury a study of overlapping taxes preparatory to a general tax conference of Federal and local authorities next summer will Deal with All phases of the present taxation system. The establishment of a zones of taxation sources divided among Federal state and municipal authorities May result from the Survey. The most economical method of collection would be devised with one tax collector receiving the taxes and then apportioning them to other taxing present securities tax exemption has drawn wide criticism. In View of the administration pot icy of leveling off the big income considerable Progress May be made in the next session of Congreve toward the adoption of a new constitutional amendment eliminating the tax exemption. Not depressive Treasury officials see few possibilities of such action depressing the Market Price of new tax exempt securities and hence the borrowing Power of the various political Devi a Sions. Internal Revenue Bureau figures 1 show income taxpayers in 1932 listed $16,257,147,839 in wholly or partially tax exempt securities on which they received interest of i $782,260,923. Tens of billions of i other tax exempt securities in the j smaller returns were not reported. Included in the $16,257,147,839 of i reported tax exempt securities j were $11,916,864,000 held by Oor a portions and investing organizations. If the securities had not been tax exempt several Hundred million dollars would have been i collected in taxes from the $782 260,123 interest reported received i from these investments. Automobiles collide two automobiles were damaged in a collision on Lincoln Way just East of Duff Avenue about Scio p in. Thursday according to a police Accident report. The cars were driven by John Wilson of Madrid and r. M. Halbrook of Warren county. Miah i Fjeld <1 to a reside hts received a christinas present Friday four Days Early. Officials of the municipal Light Plant notified residents they have to pay this month electric lulls. Eight Hun died residents received the Gill valued at $3,500 aunt Lindy says the old fashioned wed Ding ring was very heavy but of course it was made to last a life time

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