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Ames Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Ames, Iowa Lbs Era history fascinating if it were recorded by James Reston c 1967 new York times news service Washington the history of the Johnson administration is bound to be one of the most remarkable chapters in the american Story but who will write it who will know even at the end How the critical decisions were made in the Field of foreign affairs the official documents have been kept of course but even More than in the Kennedy administration the historical record is now entered in the person and the private discussion of the president and the official line is that no careful systematic account of these private talks has been retained. Apparently when this question came up about a year ago president Johnson did authorize one White House Secretary to get a Brief summary of topics discussed by the presidents principal visitors but it is hard to believe that this can be Complete. Better than it sounds Johnson is known to feel that his record in the foreign Field is far better than the published accounts of his activities. This May very Well be True Many of his efforts to end the War in Vietnam for example still cannot be published without embarrassing private sources of information and diplomacy which May have to be used again. Yet even these records Are said to be spotty and neither the presidents methods of personal diplomacy nor his habits of administration nor the cast of intimates around him encourage the belief that a reliable record of even the most important decisions has been retained. President Eisenhower used the army staff system of administration which had advantages for the historian. He met with the Cabinet and the National Security Council regularly. An Agenda was circulated before these meetings and an orderly account of the proceedings was kept. He delegated a great Deal of authority to his secretaries of state and defense who under this system were obliged to keep records for future reference. This is one reason Why general Eisenhower has been Able to continue writing about his Days in the White House. Kennedy had historian president Kennedy was far less orderly and like president Johnson preferred to do business not in Large meetings which bored him but in private talks with one Man at a time. He did have intimate and continuous discussion with Theodore Sorensen however and he had a trained historian in Arthur Schlesinger jr., whom he authorized after the Bay of pigs to keep a private record of some White House activities. If president Johnson has done anything like this it is not known and the men Best qualified to know and write the Johnson foreign policy record Secretary of state Rusk Secretary of defense Mcnamara Mcgeorge Bundy and Walt Whitman Rostow have All said privately that they were not keeping a record and had no intention of trying to write the history of the period. As to the presidents other closest associates on the White House staff four in addition to Bundy have now gone into private life Bill d. Moyers Jack Valenti George Reedy and Walter Jenkins. And George Ball former under Secretary of state and a principal critic of the Vietnam policy is restricting himself to a Book on the necessity for priorities in foreign policy rather than trying to Tell what he knows of the key decisions that led to the nations deep military and political involvement in South East Asia. Still time much however might still be done to recapture the Story of the interventions in Vietnam and the dominican Republic the efforts to hold together the North Atlantic Alliance and the moves to reach an accommodation with the soviet Union and strengthen the inter american system. These events will certainly be explored by Johnson a critics if not by his friends. There Are still Over 17 months to go in this term and the president May have another during which events of equal historical significance Are Likely to happen. This will require however a systematic and Early Effort to recapture what has already been lost through taped interviews with the principal characters and a More orderly method of keeping the record in the years to come. A the presidency a Schlesinger wrote in a a thousand Days a a is such a Complex institution that Only the president himself can fully know his problems and purposes. John Fitzgerald Kennedy had intended to write the history of his own administration. No one else will Ever be Able to achieve the Central the presidential perspective on these years. A that is still True today but even president Johnson will not be Able to set the record straight unless he keeps or arranges to have kept a better account of what he says and does. Otherwise the torrent of critical newspaper and periodical comment on his foreign policy is Likely to have great influence on the history of his stewardship and this is not a Prospect he is Likely to enjoy. Ames daily Tribl Llly 1887 b 1987 volume toil no. 37 Ames Iowa monday August 14, 1967 ten cents Vietnam arms shipment seized by anti maoists Hong Kong up foes of chinese communist parti Leader Mao tse Tung have seized two shipload of arms bound for North Vietnam Hong Kong newspapers said today. They also quoted travellers from communist China As saying the More than seven million residents of Shanghai the nations largest City Are embroiled in a whirlwind of Slaughter and chaos. The travellers witnesses to communist c h i n a a p o w e r struggle also reported that fighting sunday Between Mao a foes and backers in Canton left a pile of dead a was Large As a the righting newspaper tin tin said persons coming from Canton reported rampaging anti Mao mobs attacked and seized the two arms freighters at Khampoa the City a deep water port. The anti Mao forces carried away a a huge amounts of arms and ammunition that had been destined for North Vietnam sport of Haiphong. Peking backed Down in Moscow the soviets reported their freighter Svirsk limping toward Home from the red chinese port of Dairen where red guards ransacked the vessel battled the Crew beat up its skipper and in a rare peking Bac Down in the sin soviet struggle for world communism a leadership set it free following a protest by Premier Alexei n. Kosygin turmoil political strife Between pro and anti Mao elements in communist China has turned these Southern provinces into regions of terror. The travellers reported seeing the Hill of corpses at cantons main railway station after a fou hour Battle Between anti Mao railway workers and fanatic red guard supporters of the aging peking Leader. The dead were counted in the hundreds the travellers said. The arrivals reported the violence As Mao a massive propaganda machine broadcast negro applicants treated fairly Here officials of the states employment Agency last week called for an investigation into possible discrimination against negroes by local employment officers. A we done to discriminate Here a an Ames Iowa employment Security commission employee told the Tribune monday. A we follow the civil rights legislation to the a some employers May discriminate a he said a but we done to take employers applications if they say they will not accept of the approximately 500 persons who have Job applications on file in Ames Only about a half dozen Are from negro applicants the official said. The exact number is not known because the applicant a race does not appear on the Job application. A we Are coming to that a the official said. A soon we will be including the gov. Harold e. Hughes last week said he had received complaints against the employment Agency from negroes in every Iowa City he visited recently. Hughes has visited minority and Low income areas of Waterloo Cedar rapids Davenport Sioux City and Des Moines. The commission said it has started an investigation to determine what form discrimination has taken How Many present discriminatory practices can be stopped and to Point up ways the service can change its a a image among negroes and members of other minority groups. Student group got Cia funds College Park my. Up a the National student association Asa said monday it received More than $3.3 million from 1952 to feb. 1967 As a an intelligence and opera t i o n s Wing for the Central intelligence Agency. Asa president w. Eugene Groves in a prepared report to the 20th National student Congress meeting at University of Maryland said his organization frequently did no to even know where its overseas staff members were while they served As a Scia agents and Groves in spelling out monday the full extent of his organizations involvement with the Cia said that at one Point the spy Agency was providing 91 per cent of the Asa budget. A it protected us from sen. Joseph Mccarthy it helped some people get draft deferments and it probably put in a Good word to the internal Revenue service. That ail was Well with his forces in his a cultural revolution purge of foes in the party government and red chinese army. Victory claimed peking radio the voice of Mao said a pro Mao government has been set up in Western Shanghai province the fifth province claimed by Mao a forces to have had such an Organ set up. A great Victory a said peking radio a great Victory a said peking a newspapers. Observers of communist China Here said the peking proclamation of the Shanghai a Power Organ appeared to be Mao a Way of giving his followers a badly needed Victory in his Power struggle. It was the first provincial a a Victory since february. There still remain 18 provinces without such a pro Mao regime. One Veteran China watcher said a most of Mao a opponents probably will recognize the Ballyhoo about Shanghai for what it apparently is an almost desperate attempt by the maoists to have a Victory. They Are not Likely to give up the struggle. They have too much to delay state ave. Project the Iowa state Highway commission today deferred taking action on two Low bids received for a Street project in West Ames. The commission had asked for bids for grading Portland Cement Concrete paving and a reinforced Concrete Box Culvert on .76 mile of state ave., from Arbor St. South. The Culvert project was separate from the grading and paving. A 11 e 11 construction co., Boone and Crosby minn., was Low bidder on both projects with bids of $23,635 for the Culvert and $119,127 for the grading and paving. Commission engineers said they will take on the bids later this week after further study. The five Man commission usually acts on the Low bidder report but no meeting is scheduled for this week due to a Mee ing with the Minnesota Highway commission. At the last commission meeting director of highways Joseph r. Coupal jr., was Given authority to accept or reject the lows bids for this letting. Low bidder on a 4.1-mile resurfacing project on . 69 from the Polk county line North was Iowa Road builders co. Des Moines. The bid was $30,051 on the asphaltic Concrete resurfacing project. Siedelman construction co., 2223 Edison St., was Low bidder for the construction of two rest area buildings on 1-35 North of Ames. The bid was $156,081. Die landscaping contract for the areas went to Henry nurseries inc., Henry 111., on a bid of $36,566. Weather <7, noon today Low 58, 6 . High 82, 6 . Humidity 74 per cent barometer 30.28, steady mum my i mayor describes new City programs a description of the City a plans for spending tax Money in 1968 was outlined by mayor Don Newbrough in a special press conference this morning. Newbrough called the session the third of his term in office to a a talk taxes a he said $1 million he pointed out that the proposed tax Levy for City purposes is a a slightly Over $1 based on real estate and personal property at a value of $20,000 he said the average property owners a share of this tax budget is $150. This average property owner then would pay about $4.50 toward the costs of general administration $19.50 for streets $45 for police and fire Protection $6 for Fly and insect control tree trimming City Landfill sewers and food handling inspection $28.50 toward the Library cemetery Hospital and Airport $13.50 for Parks recreation program municipal band and swimming Pool $19.50 on outstanding debts such As the. Pollution control Plant Hospital additions and new fire station and $13.50 toward retirement benefits for City employees. While the tax asking is about $1 million the total City budget $9,430,000 includes Money from Many sources he said in answer to a question. Among these Are $1.9 million in the municipal enterprises fund which includes Hospital receipts $3.2 million in the utilities fund including electric water and sewer receipts $895,000 in the revolving fund used for equipment purchases $350,000 in Road use Gas tax funds. New programs projects included in next years budget reflect new Brough said that a your City is constantly growing. Requiring More services and these include the Purchase of land for the expansion of the water pollution control Plant completion of the $7.5 million electric Utility expansion $120,-000 for capital improvements at Mary Greeley Hospital and about $70,000 to reduce earlier building Bonds so that the next expansion can be financed along with some Advance architectural planning construction of a shelter in River Valley Park three new City water Wells and first stages of construction of Elwood drive a new North South thoroughfare in the West Side of Squaw Creek. Newbrough pointed out that the new budget although an increase in total dollars and in millage Levy Over the present years budget will be raised by a millage Levy lower than that imposed in 1965. Referring to a scrapbook of newspaper clippings he added that in 1939, then mayor Frank Paine announced a City budget which included a tax asking of $60,000. New raid targets set Washington up new targets in communist North Vietnam previously off limits to american pilots have been authorized for . Air strikes by president Johnson. Official sources disclosed the chief executives action sunday though administration spokesmen refused comment on the development for the record. The change of policy seemed borne out however by reports from Saigon that . Fighter bombers struck North Vietnam sunday at Points closer to the buddhists criticize election destruction of buddhism alleged Freeman asks Grain reserves Saigon i pit the militant monks of South Vietnam today accused chief of state Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu a roman Catholic of trying to a destroy Thich reverend tri Quang made the charge in front of cheering monks at a news conference that marked his return to National politics after the collapse of his attempt last year to Rouse a holy War against the military regime. Tri Quang urged the resignation of Thieu and Premier Nguyen Cao by to insure a fair presidential election sept. 3. Another militant Thien Minh said buddhists Are now powerless to prevent Thieu and by being elected president and vice president on an army ticket. A Only the . Armed forces have such Power a said Minh a Buddhist youth Leader. The assembled shaven haired monks applauded and cheered. Tri Quang who failed to keep a vow to fast unto death last year to press his ill fated 1966 anti Thieu and by Campaign today joined in the Appeal for the generals resignation. In his first Public appearance in months he castigated Thieu for granting a charter to a rival Buddhist faction giving it the status of the sole official Buddhist organization. Thieu a action was a a plot to destroy buddhism a plot even More virulent and ravaging than what buddhism had to suffer in the time of the French colonialists and of the dictatorial president Ngo Dinh diem a tri Quang said. About la million of South Vietnam a 16 million population consider themselves Buddhist. Lbs sends warning on Vietnam election Washington up president Johnson sent a personal message to the leaders of Saigon a military government warning them that a rigged election in South Vietnam would alienate the american people. The chief executives message was disclosed sunday by the . Planes Buzz russian ship Moscow up a american planes and helicopters have buzzed a soviet shop on its Way to the North vietnamese port of Haiphong the official news Agency Tass said monday Tass identified the vessel As the merchantman Magneto Gorsk. It did not indicate when the incident took place nor did it give the position of the ship at the time. It was the first reported incident off Vietnam involving a soviet ship since the Kremlin charged june 30 that american jets had bombed and strafed the freighter Mikhail Frunze. He Dis of asian two special envoys patched on a round visits last month Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor and Washington attorney Clark Clifford. Clifford said the presidents message to marshal Nguyen Cao by South Vietnam a Premier and Gen. Nguyen Van Theiu the chief of state a said As bluntly As it can be said that if there was any one act on their part which would be calculated to alienate the american people it would be to have a rigged election. A a i personally believe that they understood that very Well a Clifford added. Taylor who appeared with Clifford on a television interview face the nation said that All the evidence he and Clifford had seen a indicates that the Saigon government is insistent on an honest election. They Are making every Effort under the conditions of War to obtain conditions where campaigning is possible and where the elections will be carried out with the maximum participation of the voters. Now this is Tough doing. Under the conditions in South Des Mounes Cpd agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman today called on Congress to set up a program for a a strategic reserved of grains and other farm commodities. The House livestock and feed grains subcommittee is considering several different Bills to set aside various farm commodities for a strategic Reserve. F Reeman told a news conference before addressing the annual meeting of the soil conservation society of America he a strongly supports the Stratig in Reserve concept for t h r e e Basic reasons. He said strategic reserves would tend to increase prices Farmers receive for their pro ducts and would be Buffer against years of crop failures. He said his department also would feel More free to make a tighter estimates on c r o p production if a Reserve was available. The agriculture Secretary said this years a a bumper crops fortunately come at a time when the nations Reserve stocks Are about depleted. A however the government is not doing any Selling of c o a modifies but is buying for future uses a Freeman told newsmen. A we Are using every tool we he said if there had been a crop failure this year there would have been real danger of the nation running Short of food because unlike a few years ago there now is no Large Stock of reserves to fall Back on. The agriculture Secretary advised Farmers not to a press the panic Button and do a scared sell ing or dumping a of their crops and livestock. He urged them to be a prudent and care full and not be affected by red chinese Border than Ever before. Two raids hit inside a 25-mile-wide zone on the North vietnamese Side of the Frontier that up until now had been immune from . Raids. Presumably the restrictions had been intended to prevent any possibility that american supersonic jets might inadvertently violate chinese airspace. No announcement Phil g. Goulding assistant defense Secretary for Public affairs said there had never been a Public announcement of the existence of a Buffer zone along the Border. A we never characterize anything As a policy change or a tactical change or an escalation a he said. A everybody is going to have to make that determination themselves. The raids have to speak for according to reliable sources Johnson authorized the expanded target list last tuesday one Day before the Senate preparedness subcommittee began hear Ings on . Bombing policies and the same Day that House Republican Leader Gerald in Ford protested that american airmen were being Hamstrung by target restrictions. No escalation Gen. Maxwell 1. Taylor former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and former ambassador to South Vietnam said sunday he would not term the latest raids an he noted there still were a number of untouched military targets in the North although he said none of them were vital. The general said he was certain the administration was continuing to evaluate the risks of provoking intervention by the red chinese. He made the statement during a broadcast appearance face the nationals. Washington sources said the list which won Johnson a approval included a number of transport and military Industrial facilities both at Hanoi and Haiphong As Well As the Railroad running Between Hanoi and the chinese Border. Tito talks with arabs on settlement by United press International yugoslav president Josip Bro Tito today conferred with syrian leaders in Damascus on forming Arab anti israeli policy. In Israel the government moved to crack Down on Arab terrorists entering israeli occupied Jordan disguised As returning refugees. From civil War stricken Yemen Sanaa radio said the Republican regime sunday repudiated a United Arab Republic saudi Arabia move to withdraw their fishing forces from the Little nation and let the people vote to choose Between Cairo backed republicans and saudi backed royalists. Cairo wanted the Yemen War settled to devote her full Energy toward Israel. At Damascus the 76-year-old Tito was meeting syrian president Noureddin Atassi before flying on to Baghdad for talks with iraqi president Abdel Rahman Aref. Then the yugoslav a a nonaligned world Leader was flying Back to Cairo for a seventh and a a decisive meeting on Arab policy with . President carnal Abdel Nasser. Tito strip once was reported As a journey to sell militant anti israeli Arab leaders on a Belgrade peace plan. After 30 hours talks in Cairo in which Nasser apparently showed no easing of his anti israeli goals the yugoslav and egyptian press began throwing cold water on the peace plan reports. They said Tito who personally dislikes flying was winging Between Arab capitals a to Exchange views with Arab presidents on the Best ways of eliminating the consequences of israeli the same phrases were used to describe earlier visits by other commis nist leaders including soviet president Nikolai Podgorny following israelis Victory in the june 5-10 Middle East War. The iraqi press hailed Tito As a Symbol of Victory. Cairo a press hinted he was coming to rally India and other nonaligned nations to Ever stronger support of the arabs. They All danced this years pow wow at the Sac and Fox Indian settlement at Tama had standing room Only sunday As the event and Fine weather combined to bring visitors from throughout Iowa. This scene shows some of the dancers at the afternoon performance. Tribune photo by Hollis Nordyke

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