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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - September 23, 1937, Ames, Iowa Paci pour Ames daily t Tribune times punished Dally except sunday by tile Ames daily Tri Bune Tim is Cox �?�17 fifth Street ame Low w 8. Rue. Publish Robert Murray. Managing editor Hollis j Nordyk business manager entered a it second class matter at the Post office at ame Iowa under the act of july it 1914. Official paper of Story county and the City of ame subscription Jutes City Carrier meekly. It City Carrier one year. #.00 Story adjoining counties six month Story adjoining counties one year. 4 of Iowa outside above counties six months. 2 76 Iowa outside above counties one year. 6.00 outside of Iowa one year. Soo All subscriptions must be paid in Advance service Wilt be discontinued at Date of expiration unless renewed Ames daily Tribune ambs Iowa major with a couple of flights of bombing planes. In this fact lies the greatest of our problems. The echoes of our action carry further than they used to. More than Ever before we Are required to master ourselves to control the brute that is in us and to give permanent Ascendance to those forces in human nature which seek to Lead us toward the stars. 1�?x a thursday september 28, 1237 i school Calendar i newspaper comment j members of Iowa Dally press a can i Mankind s a other Side in startling contrast there Are on display in Europe right now two exhibit which seem to sum up the tragic contradictions in the soul of modern Man As nothing else could. One of them is to be seen in Spain where bombs crash into crowded City streets tanks lumber across broken Fields spitting flame and destruction and men shoot their brother men by the hundreds because they cannot agree on the Way society is to be run. The other is on View at the great Paris exposition where there is a magnificent display of Man s scientific achievements his Reading of the Riddle of the stars his conquests Over disease his Brilliant reconstruction of his race s history his harnessing of nature to do his will. Vera Micheles Dean editor of the weekly bulletin of the foreign policy association makes tins comment on these two exhibits a Sun dismayed by knowledge of his own mortality and the possible finiteness of the universe the scientist on a Battlefront which spans the world strives not Only to preserve life but enrich it. Yet outside his Laboratory humanity with growing indifference accepts a the deliberate increase in the chances of death inflicted by modern warfare a it is a dismaying and an incomprehensible thing this two sided Ness of Man this blending of magnificence and horror. The Genius that conquers a world old plague is the same Genius that sends up air planes to drop bombs on school rooms the restless drive for accomplishment which can weigh Analyse and Chart the movements of a Star millions of Light years away is the same Force that divides a nation into warring Campi and puts brother at the Throat of brother. The fact that human nature contains these contradictions that Man who is made a a Little lower than the Angels and can Rise to dazzling Heights of self abnegation and Mastery also contains Black spirits of cruelty and hatred and can be Blind and destructive in his Folly this is not news. The race has always had a dual personality a mingling of Good and evil. But it is Only in this modern world that the contrast Between humanity a Best efforts and its worst efforts has become so startling. For our recent advances in the physical sciences have enormously increased our pow for evil As Well As for Good. If a Good out to get governor Kraschel Ringsted dispatch this Guy Muntz former Bead of the greater Iowa commission has started a four ring circus at Des Moines i since he was fired by governor Kraschel. He i has beat the govenor to the draw by holler ing a politics. Well Wager All the politics to j be found in the present fracas will be found in the Muniz Camp. There has been a certain j old political clique in this state out to Dis i credit gov. Kraschel by fair mean or foul Ever since he took office. It is the same Little dirty group that be fouled the political atmosphere emanating from Cedar rapids during the past Campaign and Well bet dollars to doughnuts that Muniz is getting his orders from that same group. The idea of a granary Nora a Springs advertiser the idea of an Ever Normal granary sounds Good but Iii the language of Amos and Andy we Are also to have an Ever Normal Cash Box. In times of plenty and such. Will store up our Grain. In times of plenty and in times of want the thu redly 4 10�?meeting of student trias users anti sponsors pm. 104. 5 00-8 ooh party for new a to dents pm. 104. Friday 10 13�?girl Reserve meeting rim 102. His meeting Aud. 4 15�?badminton practice Central or. High. 7 45 p. , Ames is. Eldora Field City Nev. Ubi a Uncle Sam does t like Chi Selers especially in the stamp business. William Marion was arrested for seling a dollars Worth of Stamps for 90 cents. T Board proceedings a september 7, 1s37 the Board of supervisors of Story county Iowa met at the courthouse september 7. 1937, pursuant to adjournment and the rules of said Board. The following members were present Malmanger and Ersland absent Moran. It was regularly moved seconded and carried that the poll tax for the year 1937 of Earl Cerisel of Warren township be cancelled for the reason he is physically disabled to work same As provided in Section 4644�?c 60 of the 1933 cod of Iowa. The balance of the Day was spent checking and allowing claims and accounts a shown by the county auditor s claim resister. Adjourned to september 8, 1937 j m Malmanger. Chairman Byron Dickey county auditor. Board proceedings september 8, 1937 the Board of supervisors oratory government will store up Cash by taxing the j ho�?Tus�?Ts.ptemb.r1&Quot 19,7thput, a. People. So we will have Rno Nev to but the1 10 Quot Jjo Quot a ment and the animals on a sky Island believed of Palish cast grand Canyon. Ariz. Oti a scientist exploring the grand Canyon s a sky Island Quot reported new evidences today of a Palish characteristic in the animal life that is thought to have been isolated there for possibly 20,000 years. White footed mice were found and chipmunks with a strange Gray Streak on their backs. Or. Harold e. Anthony in his first detailed report that he sent Down to the a a Mainland Quot by porters said Quot All the animals looked Pale to he said his observations wert1 not Quot matured views Quot that Little could be established until he compared his animal specimens with those of the Mainland. He also believed the climate was warmer on the top of the 4,800-foot High plat eau whose Steep smooth sides apparently make it inaccessible to animals of the Mainland and keep the animals on the top isolated. Or. Anthony and his companion George Andrew son of the explorer Roy Chapman Andrews still had found none of the startling variations of animal species j that they thought might have been i developed in Many Ages of Isola i Tion. Denizens of the 275-acre j wooded plateau which have been trapped so far including Wood rats mice chipmunks and rabbits Are of the same types As inhabit the surrounding country. My my 1 a a a madman Island by Nard Jones chapter xviii the four pressed Forward the glow ahead took form it was a vertical thread of Light perhaps seven or eight feet High such As copyright 1937 la service ii his eyes burned into them All. Quot ill kill every one of Forrest grinned. Quot not now you wont old he turned to Mac and Harper. Quot keep an Eye on might come from a badly fitted him and ill scare up some Roo Arr i thu a ,. ii a it Rule of a Lii Board. The following members were present Malmanger and Ersland. Absent Moran. It was moved by Ersland and seconded by main Lander that the following Resolution be adopted Resolution be it resolved by the Board of supervisors of Story county. Iowa that the following application for Homestead tax credit or exemption be allowed for the Yea s arid amounts As certified to the county treasurer on August 25. 1937, As follows Collins township g. E Lyons Geo. W. Bloomfield. Gamble Claire fish Margaret Mattery Ann Crabb Jones mrs. Helen Kingman. Atta Marsh. We. Woodward 4-f int., Jess l. And Millard Ward Ross l Altern or Gloyd m. Brown Elmer f. Hence Sherman Corwith Hustler in conclusion Here is Cue Fig or c.3rf.\? More fact you might think Over next time i i5m"bnvwerft Downing A. And Elal Dickinson Henry Dodd Charles in Everett. Grain to feed the poor and tax the people to fill the Treasury. Back to the Church wedding Algona upper Des Moines Jack Hammond of the Decorah journal commenting on the recent marriage of a Young couple in a printing shop says that some Day people May get their names in the paper for a rarity such As getting married in a Church. A a a something to think about stories in Stamps tuft to a it tar Ipri i Fin door. Tom rushed toward leaned hard with his shoulder Quot this is it Quot he cried. Quot give me a hand j a As Dewitt Montgomery lunged in fanatical anger toward key Grant had thrust himself Between them. There was no Chance to imprison the madman a arms and in a Flash the revolver was out of his pocket. The detonation of the shot filled the Little room followed by Kay a piercing scream but Montgomery in his wild hatred missed wide. Again Harper rushed plunging through the acrid smoke and clutching his assailants revolver wrist with both hands. That slight figure possessed amazing strength. With a movement of his Arm he whirled Harper sharply against the table striking mercilessly with his free hand. Back against the shelves of books Kay watched frantically for an opening. She realized that while Grant Harper was younger and More fit Montgomery had the Power of the mad. And he still held to that menacing revolver. I move we truss him like a Wildcat and take him aboard the yacht to the nearest officer of the Law Quot Quot not a bad idea Quot agreed Harper wiping his perspiring face he looked at the Section of Book shelves which Mac and Tom had swung open. Quot but wait a minute Tom. I think there a another one of those trick doors on the other Side of the room and someone behind it. Watch or. Montgomery there while Mac and i have a look Harper walked toward the spot where he and Kay had detected sounds beyond the Wall. Picking up a fire Iron from the Hearth he pried Between the joints while Mac tugged at one of the shelves. It opened As had the other but at first they could see nothing beyond. Then As the Light of the Library seemed to permeate the blackness they witnessed a strange sight. A Young woman crouched in a Corner of a Mere cubicle of a room. She seemed dazed with pain and As the door opened she hardly did More than raise her eyes. Quot its the woman we saw in the Cabin Quot cried Kay. A a she a not dead a a Kay ran to the wounded you feel the urge to step on it at 20 Miles. Quot Aem y v. Lulu per hour one Accident Iii 61 is fatal while Leonard Evans Frank Elliott Fred a e r in Elliott. A. B. And Ira Franklin. Looking Rock wooo saps to Augustus at 50 or More mile an hour one Accident in every la produces a Corpse. War is still possible for a s. I Crest City Republican nobody in America wants this country to go to War again. But it is easy to imagine an a a incident which would fire tile whole nation s indignation and make Wai inevitable. Charles e. Fish Jessie Hale w. Ii. Holme d. Holland j. A. Hirshka Austin h. Kelderhouse Scott Marsh. C. F. Mead. Clara w. Odiay. P. D. Osman Austin l. Pitcher Earl j. Robinson Minnie let Rumba us Roy w. And Hazel d. Ridgeway William Synnott. Aura m. Shickley. Henry and Rachel Stratton. Ethel May Shock Eli alibis m. Shuey Amos Snyder e. A Shuey. Edith Stevens Al w and pm Arl Trinkie j. W Thompson m. Torry Donald l Titus a n. Turner Avie and berth Van plus uni. Sarah wakening. Fran Kun township Pearl Francis a a Gustus a a that was the title the roman Senate conferred on Gaius Julius Caesar octavians on Jan 17. 27 b c., in recognition of his eminent services to the state and it was carried by him throughout his life As the first roman emperor born on sept. 23, 63 b cd a Augustus is honoured today on the second millennium of his anniversary he came of a family of Good suddenly she Felt a pressure figure stooped quickly. A hurry lets take her aboard the a a against her Back As though the shelves of books were moving out to Ward then she was virtually half an hour water Grant har Rny from them. Amazed she turned rubbing his hands with Satis fac to see two strange Young men Hon. Rush in through the opening and a that Little Laboratory room in beyond the frightened face of we Brg of. A a. Be grinned. A emr. Montgomery will Melius and Priscilla. Be quite Safe and comfortable there until we can turn him Over by Thile the rescuers pinned to the proper Montgomery a arms behind Dearborn got up from her him and wrested was hic in by the settee where the in Weapu lured woman Lay. A a she a going to on Melita and Priscilla ran joyfully toward Kay. A Are you All right a she nodded weakly. be All a a you re sure Quot Kay took his Arm. A yes. What she needs now is they left the Cabin went out onto the Cool in i a a. ,. �?ovou1u, we Tail jul u fearful in his rage Montgom deck of the Ery was threatening at the top of his lungs. As Tom Forrest thrust him into a chair he glared savagely. Quot i should have killed you up there behind the Cabin instead of waiting. And ill do it can to understand How we found her alive a Harper a i Ever said. Quot we found her none too soon. Montgomery had been very pleasant for a while just As he played charming Host to us. A then we three girls blundered onto the Island the night he decided to murder her. She put up a fight was Only wounded and Montgomery left when he saw us coming up the Beach. Later he took her unconscious from the Cabin. When we went Back to the Cabin it was empty. Meanwhile Montgomery a Busy with me a and then they stood against the rail and im11 Harper looked Down at her. I m glad i came so am a said Kay fervently. Owe my life to my int he said nothing. So was Ort of hoping you a have still another reason Ghe looked at him there on the deck of the Quot mistral Quot and had yetnshlesriuyft0 Fisk has meanly yet she did no to answer the i Minim question just then. Instead she looked out Over the Placid water and said Quot where re Priscilla and Melita a Harper laughed. A last time i noticed them they were sitting on the after deck with Tom Ani he took her by the shoulders turned her squarely around to face him. Quot if a Skippers Crew Falls in love what does the skipper do Quot Quot they can to fall in love a Kay said. A that would be Quot and if i insisted that your a chinooks follow the a mistral for the rest of the cruise would that be piracy a Quot i done to know a smiled Ray Dearborn happily. Quot but i like the idea a they sauntered aft to where the others sat watching the first faint streaks of Dawn. Quot in a afraid a said Harper a thai we re not going to get much work done for the rest of the trip boys. We be been assigned to protect the Quot sounds like a Brilliant thought a mentioned Mac and his brother was Quick to second it. Quot it listens Good to me too a said Priscilla. Quot As a navigator Kay can steer a ship into an awful lot of trouble a a How about you Melita a a Aye Aye sir. But you be got to be the one who tells Jim Pike what happened Quot Kay Dearborn looked at Grant. Quot then we re All agreed. You know we came on this cruise because we wanted a a different vacation. Here a hoping that the rest of it Isnit quite As but in her heart she knew that it was going to be different indeed so different that it would change the world for her forever after. The end a real marriage happiness formula Thompson courier a local Man who is Happy though married states that he has found the proper formula. He says a she goes her Way and i go if of your state Era Man can do More to help the world now than j Ever before because infinitely More efficient tools Are in his hands a bad Man can do More j knife Iii your pocket. To Hurt it. Attila himself with his horde of i a a Savage marauders could not inflict destruct safety pays Tion and misery on a Given territory As quickly and completely a scan an aviation corps Mathew. Mrs. John a. L Briley Geo. Atkeison Jay h. Allen Sarah j. And Ruth k. Arru Smith 1-3 and 2-9 int., Sam b. Allen. Bert Anderson Edith Leora Bennett Elijah j. Beard w. T. Barr mrs. Hattie Barnes Lyman mouser. Geo. W. Mouser. M. E. Crawford George a Cameron e. J. Chanson. A. P. Coon George a. Clark. Will and Hattie Dodd. Bernice a. Dodds Galen Dodds. W. B. Durrell mrs. I a. R. Dykes. M. E. Downs Jacob t. In. Henry Fox. Arthur Funk. Laurene i. Fry Charles f. Fincham. Harold and a e. And Geml Gretten. Francis e. Gunder. Cliff Gureathy j. T. Heggen. Ernest j. Hunter. Lee and Beulah Hoffman Andrew Holmes Bertha e. Hick. C. W Halstead. Dan h Jacobson. O. A. Jacobson n. New Amnion tritium slut nut if Harvey Jorgenson. Julius h. Jen c Numion Riidu Iii gaiety pay la you sen. Teresa Klinse a. John b. Koos Are careful you pay if you Are not. Or a Raster Hender Pearl Francis Baker. Cd Aries w. A a it we speck Sybil Mcclure alien Lour standing but hts father was the Ane t. Berry. Henry Cameron Joy 1 first of the name to obtain a mag Don t carve your name Lake Mills graphic enjoy the Scenic Beau Park and leave your Jack is Tracy at Rome and senatorial dignity his Mother however was Atia daughter of Julia and the sister of Julius Caesar and it was doubtless this connection with the great dictator which Early determined his career looking Back 2000 years on Augustus reign history recognizes him As one of the world s great men setting aside his faults the cruelties and crimes of his Early manhood it credits him with re i opens sent. �?~7 construction of the roman Empire a,./ a and consequent preservation of la u k a rotary Man civilization for the ensuing Cen record crowd expected for Waterloo show Waterloo. favor Able weather prevailing throughout the Middle Western area the maybe 1940 got Here a Little Early j son on. For Jens and Esther Larson Clarence Matt tra Mathews Olive Mitchell Ernest Mattoon Daniel Milliken. R. W. Markley e. A. Miller Haray Mathews Martin i Myers Susie Mcmaster Forrest b. Fill Ken Frank mesh Harry d. Aswell. T. C. Reborn o i Olson o. H. Peterson Oluf Peterson. Robert Rotter. A a. Pontius. Isabel Peterson. A. S. Rel Ley. Virgil j is Labolt John w. Snedden. Ernest d. Shepard. E. A. Sinn Roy s. Shepard. George r and Helen i. Shepard m. E Templeton Mary e. Utley Elmer Voss Harlan h and Ethel it. Smith Guy Scott. Avia Scott Guy w. And Edith Mathews Van Scoy i m. Truesdale ii. J and Emma Yau Ullmont. Galen Ward. Mag Wilson e. R. Whittemore Helen ii. Wortman f. C. Zenor Philip t. Coy Grant township Sabina Bate Hattie l. And Elen t and William m. Dailey. Lien Emerson Marie l. Lough. Elsie Scott admr., s. P Arnold v i Applegate or. Risen Kay irs it re Bennett de Bennett. Pm Mil Bishop John j Brady Jamie r?.riuntxa James a. Dale Edna Wilson French and Ernest ?. French j. E. Fausch Marguerite n. Fay. Lydia Groom is f w Hynes. Ruel Oama Rison err Lei Hansen George h Hostetter r. 3r Hakes of. G. , Ole j. Harry Jordan w. C. Johnson floss Al let nov. H Kinsman admitum Kingsbury. F u and Ruth kill lies e. A. Kingsbury a p i William h. Mill. H s i Mcginnis a j. Mather j i. Mathil for Ell 8. Mather Fred to. S-0n\.rz4 and or non e. M. Ogden l. A Putnam John Rasmussen Thomas s2�?a8f skitter. M h Toms. F. In still Maud i and Ben i a a a. Mien k Vogt. C. A i of Wagner Howard Toh ship de a i bile Iii we. C Frand v.1 1 a w end w. W Nash. John Nelson i-11 in. Jan up Ustvedt Myrtle b Sheffield. Olin Mart Quot o Anderson m. A Meson Elizabeth amen v0? �?o�?~/fr1 Christ Ber. A a a f t t of e. Breen Kiln i ,., Al h chartion William i Doolittle w. J. Doolittle Barney Darby w a Erie Martin and Betsy of a a r j kit and. Annie fines. Frank m Frey j a urls. D pm. Annas j Henry so to knot j. Obi e. M. Henderson Liszt a Hanson Otto j. Hanson. Harry a n tel a Al Mer and Ber Hanson James k Johnson mrs. John k. Johnson Barile Jacobson Khz j Elm son Andrew Knut Sun Knut Knutson Georg Ljlr-soi1. Shen t. Larson. L i Monson Anna Matheson Mal i math-mi0v. Tuu Nelson. Josephine m. Nelson Josephine m Nelson Osmund i of. Paul f Pederson Fca?.1?. H. Iliad it is. / do Elmer t. San,1. A a h Stensvand in Gerlt t. Byrnie a j. Hold. Car ii in 11 r 8. Tho re it it Oscar or Ewertt. Knut i. Teig to ii Twedt 8ofu Thompson. T t Ricks my a us Wake. Ann h j a of hmm fat imm is Ort Quot if township mrs Ida belch Frank continued on fag five tunes pictured on Many roman open and 4-h classes. Although it i tie Congress has no mid Way it Doe is hard to make an estimate on the provide talented artists of tin Cir number of belgians thai will be Cus and theatrical world for or entered in the National belgian entertainment of the Public tui horse show it is Safe to say that j to of the beat acts that could be the largest array of belgians Ever obtained have been booked to a to he assembled in one place in Pear each Ane noon and Venine the unit d state will by present in the hippodrome. Tilts when the How Opena. Troupes have barn secured from on will be uttered to three continents and visitors Are belgian breeders this year and in assured that Tho will set. Tho Ham management of the Dairy cattle trips will be made in every class to be offered Congress at Waterloo is preparing which will make up a Well Balant some of the states that win k or a record smashing crowd at the cd showing of draft horses. Saddle i represented her Are Minne Gott annual exposition which horses will also come in for their i Wisconsin. Michigan. Indiana la share of the Public a attention with j Lino a. Ohio. Marsach Setu new of t vhf 0ut8,Andin York Pennsylvania. Kansas. I lift h a Tea i atty of r 28 Yea rat he re to a a a cd vance4 in tint Lur Felt la Greb will need go that Rig tors come in has show Vance interest in the Congress be no further than the hippodrome in from All of the 48 states in the j we i ome hippodrome in from All of the 48 stun Ca in the. Stamps Augustus tao. Inquiries and , for a a a their Sarch for High cit., enter-1 Union a. Wall a a / it shown Here on bulb lion space Haw swamped the1 to aliment. Although the Dairy cat Lada a 1929 Issue com office since the first of August j a Mem rating the founding of the roman Empire. Copyright. 1937, Nea service. when All exhibition space was sold it is evident that close to 1,000 head of Dairy cattle will be exhibited at this years show in the behind the scenes in Washington by mrs. Gay nor maj Fox Nea mrry Lcy Blaff writer most adults like the children a desserts As Well As the children do themselves. The variety is Large. Custards either baked or boiled tapioca Gelatin of All flavors cornstarch puddings Rice puddings bread and butter puddings simple fruit desserts and Plain ice Cream. A Rich pastries Rich ice creams and frosted cake should be omitted from children s diets. Sponge and Angel food cake with a simple frosting May be Given occasionally As a special treat Date tapioca 4 to 6 Servings two and one half Tablespoons Quick cooking tapioca Pinch of Salt 3 cups milk 1-3 cup sugar. 3 eggs i cud pitted dates 1-2 Teaspoon Vanilla. Heat milk in double boiler add tapioca sugar and Salt stir for a few minutes and then Cook until tapioca is Clear add beaten egg Yolks very slowly and lastly fold in Cut dates and stiffly beaten Whites. Serve Plain or with whipped Cream Surprise floating Island 4 to 6 Servings one and one half Large oranges 3 cups milk 3 eggs 1-2 cup sugar. I Tablespoon cornstarch. Peel Orange and Section being careful to remove All White membrane. Heat milk in double boiler add cornstarch which has been Well mixed with sugar stir until thick and Cook five minutes add beaten egg Yolks and grated Rind of 1-2 Orange. Cook one minute stirring constantly remove and Cool Lay Orange sections in Bottom of sherbet glasses or a serving dish and pour the custard Over them. Beat Whites very stiff drop by spoonfuls in a pan of hot water Cook Long enough to set White remove and put on top of custard. A Small bit of tomorrows menu break fast Orange juice griddle cakes Brown sugar syrup Coffee milk. Luncheon toasted cheese sandwiches Fudg cake. Tea. Milk. Dinner Cream of spinach soup mixed sea food Grill. French Fried potatoes stuffed tomatoes hearts of celery Surprise floating Island Coffee milk. Orange Section or a Little currant Jelly May be placed on top of meringue. Caramel Cream 4 to 6 Servings one half cup sugar i Tablespoon Plain Gelatin 2 cups milk 4 eggs. Cook sugar in an Iron frying pan until it becomes Brown being careful not to Burn. Heat milk m top of a double boiler to this add Gelatin which has been dissolved in a Little cold milk then add sugar beaten Yolks and stir until mixture begins to thicken. Remove from tire when mixture is thoroughly chilled add stiffly beaten Whites. Turn into individual holds. Serve with a Small teaspoonful of whipped Cream delicious Apple belly <4 to 6 Servings three cups of Home made of canned applesauce 3-4 cup of c 4ra.iar Cracker crumbs grated Rind of 1-2 Orange. I Tablespoon butter. 1-3 cup seedless raisins mix raisins with Apple sauce a n u a ure by a baking dish melt butter mix Orange Rind crumbs and butter and spread or top of Apple sauce. Bake fifteen minutes in a moderate oven 35< serve with Cream either Plain or whipped. By Rodney Dutcher Nea service staff correspondent Vul Ash i Noton a members of vote. Advertising in a Catholic the House 435 of them and newspaper Cost $37, in a German 30-Odd senators will be up for re language weekly $65, and an ital nomination and re election next Ian newspaper $45. A labor news year. Most of them Are Home paper got $100 and another foreign checking on their chances. Some language newspaper $50 regular have to worry As to where Cam i newspaper advertising ran to pain Cash is coming from and $195.50. Stenographic and head some do not. Quarters help Cost $444. The writer happened to be with j _ the biggest Check was to the a congressman of the More honest Type who was musing Over a Batch of cancelled checks arising from his Campaign for renomination in 1936. He had spent about $5000 on getting renominated re election was no problem. The checks he explained were drawn under two or three names is a so the Banks know too there was a Check of around $600 to the postmaster for postage Stamps and one of $500 representing a gift to the state democratic party. Quot checks amounted to about $125 for Telephone service including Long distance Calls. The Congress democratic county chairman required to help pay primary election costs. In Many congressional districts the congressman said this considerable sum is a borrowed a by a favored candidate rom Public Utility interests a a j j ere a one for $75 to Cash which i be forgotten about a the congressman went on. A and $29 76 to the Telegraph company and the checks show $450 for some 15-minute radio speeches. Here a $65 for an alleged precinct worker partly a bribe to keep him from Selling me out. A a Here a $550 which went for primary Day incidentals and i Man explained that there Are lot them bal. We used Bou $50oa things you have to say to people cd Cha a same me h that can t be put on Papen and other Check the a a a ,0 a cont. Button Check of $200 o various Campaign Debu Lor j425. The democratic National ,0 we wouldn., have too a an it then some $5 and Sio checks put pj7lv7c�l Organ Lauon for a social clubs a similar Organ Whiteb i set up. And a lot of rations dances programs and checks of >5q or things the congressman called tary so he could Cash tickets. # # a a heres one for $500 that you. Could say was for stealing or but puns it. Thousands of . Of my votes if you wanted to it Cost a the congressman s speeches that much just to make sure that from the government printing one election judge stayed honest office in Ashing ton i an to then there Are some checks for $303.34. Other punting $125 to $175 to certain key Pohtio Cullars handbills and the Ukey at Cal workers. My opponent was extra High rates for political stuff a paying them $500 apiece but they grumbled the congressman Weie knew i did no to have much Money a amp id for by Check amounting to i draw your own moral. This j248 4 congressman has a Good repute about $150 was Given to vet Tion for integrity Here and at Elansa organizations and Mug Home. Zinc to sweeten tile sex service Cupy Takt. Iss Aba sur Rice. Inc

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