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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Sep 17 1937, Page 4

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - September 17, 1937, Ames, Iowa Pao Pou am so daily Tribune. Ames. Iowa Ames daily i Tribune times punished dully except sunday brute Ames daily Tribune Tim a Cox it fifth Street Arnee four w s rust. Publisher / Robert Murray Mana icon editor. Hollis j Nordyke. Business manager entered a second class matter at the Post office at Ames Iowa under the act of july 16, 1914, official paper of Story county and the City of area subscription hates City earlier weekly i ii City Carrier one year. 6.00 Story adjoining count Lea six month. 8.00 Story adjoining counties one year. 4.00 Iowa outside above counties six months. 2 75 Iowa outside above counties one year. 6.no outside of Iowa on year. 6 00 All subscriptions must be paid in Advance service will be discontinued at Date of expiration unless renewed. Members of lows daily Presa Assn most certain to Start a Public reaction that i will leave labor Back where it was in the mid twenties with All the great gains of recent years cancelled. 1�?t Friday. September 17 1057 r 4b. Newspaper comment a a i pneumonia caused by oily substances not uncommon by science service Chicago a pneumonia due to oily substances being drawn into the lungs is a not uncommon a ors. Ralph s. Bromer and Irving j. Of stated at the fifth newspapermen we have always Felt an horror International Congress of raviolo May. typographical. Wolman of the. University. G. Williams in Garner Leader like All Pennsylvania by Here wednesday. Cod liver Oil Mineral quid petrolatum poppy Oil or ii seed Oil average citizen pays As unions squabble no one who has the interests of organized labor at heart can fail to Hope devoutly that the rival factions in the Field of labor will Patch up their guerilla War with each other before the cause which they both represent is irreparably damaged. Already the Ordinary citizen is getting More than a Little tired of hearing about the bitter fight Between c. I. O. And a. F. Of l. And when that fight begins to hit him where he lives As it is starting to do on a wholesale basis Here and there he is Apt to express his irritation in a Way that organized labor will find extremely inconvenient. A standout example of this sort of thing is now in evidence on the Pacific coast. The Pacific coast teamsters Union a militant a. P. Of l. Outfit is waging a last ditch War with the c. I. equally militant longshoremen and warehousemen. The Row started when the longshoremen a Union organized the previously unorganized warehousemen. Immediately the teamsters Union claimed jurisdiction Over these new recruits and the War began. Now a War Between two rival unions is not a Mere matter of speeches Prosel Yting and argumentative statements. It is fought with the most effective weapons available and direct action people like teamsters and longshoremen can think of some pretty effective ones when they put their minds to it. So today we find the teamsters Union clamping an embargo on san Francisco Bay ports and refusing to move cargoes unloaded by the longshoremen a Union. A ship comes in and docks. The longshoremen promptly unload it. But except for perishables government orders ship stores passengers baggage and mail the unloaded freight remains on the wharf. The teamsters will not move a Pound of it neither will they take any Export cargoes Down to the docks where it can be loaded. In retaliation the longshoremen threaten to Start moving some of this freight themselves. It they do say the teamsters the embargo will be extended All up and Down the coast it May even spread to Atlantic coast ports. Consider now where this puts the innocent bystander. Let us suppose that you Are a san Francisco business Man obliged to import merchandise by water. You May have the Best will in the world toward organized labor. You May be scrupulous about dealing with the unions in your own shop. But this fight leaves you Hamstrung. You ire in As bad a fix a you would be if you yourself were fighting labor. You have not the faintest interest in the quarrel yet you a re paying for the War. This sort of thing does labor incalculable damage. If it goes on Long enough it is Al and hate for those impish Little errors called typographical which sometimes creep into i l i a. No uni per i i u j ii 114 a p u p u v is to j c j11 the newspaper columns in spite of All care to j Olive Oil sesame Oil and even avoid them. Cream Are among the oily substance we rather rejoiced when we read in Cefi have caused the con. A the Birdie column of he Belmond and ,7&Quot m .1.pold a Quot end a pm tic. La. In a 0,1 May get into lungs i very t the Felling paragraph from the Nee. Or front the Atter Reading an article in the paper a it the child does not Swallow prop few Days ago i know never again will con Ery e8pcia, he is resisting Sider it so terrible if there Are a few mistakes i it i a ills in the the least reaction while cod liver in the print of a newspaper. Ard and Otho a. An Leroal fats figuring that there Are 180 lines to a caused sudden violent reaction in column a Linotype operator could make 652 the hugs with bleeding and tis too mistakes in one column and on a seven sue death it in liqu7d Peiro at Lam a. Or Mineral Oil caused proliferative column Page it would be possible to make pneumonia. 4,564,694 mistakes. J enlargement of the thymus so next time you read in some paper that 1and let be Chest a dangerous a minister is going to give a Sermon on �?oourf5�"f&Quot 0&Quot found in f,01�?�? "c&Quot"b0� or til i pm a a a i babies can apparently be prevent heavenly blonds just mentally erase the gtd to a Large extent of the child s a a in for the Linotype operator and remember Mother has sufficient iodine in her that he took Only one of his 4,564,694 chances food and drink is water. Try j a Ray examination of the chests i of nearly 1,500 infants which Sug 1 Gest this conclusion were report president s course approved j pm by Des. S. W. Donaldson and Titonka topic the president says a stay in Tow Ley of Ann Arbor China at your own big business All kinds operating there will not be protected by your Uncle Samuel of they stay they will have to do their own fighting. Correct and right the sentiment of the american people. Of course f. K. Will be criticized by the old guards the Liberty leagues it a1. The Constitution was made to protect United states citizens at Home its Beneficence does not extend to the ends of the Earth. A woman county attorney makes Good Beemer Lee in Estherville news mrs. Virginia Bedell Dickinson county attorney appears to be making a Good record. It is an old fashioned idea that towns or resorts have to be Tough to attract visitors. On the contrary cleanly run towns and cleanly managed resorts do the biggest business. Mrs. Boden has cracked Down on gambling at the lakes resort and without oar has brought the gamblers to Justice. She has Public approval of her policy. No Chance for a fat Man Britt Newa Tribune j after Reading of estate left by the late John i. Rocket and the late Andrew Mellon and tin millions they gave away then taking a look at the 4�?~weasel a pictures we give up. Theres Chance Fen a fat Man getting wealthy. Tin Lier air no boy this will come in Handy. Marshalltown times Republican refund of property taxes on homesteads to get under Way soon. This ought to help solve the Christ Mas shopping financial problem for dad i j it was Mellon now it s Farley Osage press Well. We can to Ida me everything on to Andrew Mellon any More but Jim Barley makes a pretty Good substitute. Often you la find this True Greene recorder a kindly word times better than a costly gift. A the third great contribution Quot of a Ray to Medicine and related science is its ability to show the ultimate nature of living material or. G. L. Clark of the University of Illinois Tolo member of the Congress. The arrangement at atoms and molecules in both living and nonliving substances can be determined by the technic of x Ray diffraction. Such knowledge of the arrangements of molecules in living nerves and in blood substances concerned with the transport of life essential oxygen through the body p Mise Aid in solving some of the most Complex biological problems. Gas masks for patients during x Ray treatments will prevent radiation sickness in is out of every too cases. Drs. Harry f. Friedman and Phillip Drinker of Boston reported. Radiation sickness is a serious problem often pro ring an obstacle to thorough treatment. The patient feels both sick and fatigued and May become anaemic. Breathing electrically charged air while a rays Are penetrating the body 1s what makes the Pac j Tient sick the Boston i Vestiga j tors found. The this by de ionic into the air or re moving its electrical Chaine. The life expectancy of a i tints suffer Iraq from Hodg kinds disease has been doubted and perhaps trebled in the last 20 years. Or. Rene Gilbert of Geneva Switzerland. Reported. He attributed this to the improvements in a Ray technic which have made this form of treatment much Mort effective Hodgkin ski. Cai is characterised by swelling and inflammation of the Lymph gland. Pain and sometimes lever occur. The condition has always been considered some of these patients considered cured. A Ray treatments have not Only lengthened the lives of Many of these patients but or. Gilbert pointed out have Given them Quot Long periods of apparent cure with full working the two fold Benefit from a rays was described by or William j. Mayo noted surgeon and co founder of the Mayo clinic at Rochester Minn. First value of a rays to be recognised was its Aid As a diagnostic tool. Many a Superior Power Over All other animals or. Mayo said comes from the fact that he has a visual brain and gets his truest knowledge from his eyes. The compound Microscope which enables Man to see the tiniest cells in his own body As Well As the disease germs that attack it was or. Mayo said Quot the most significant contribution of All time which was to revolutionize Medicine and change the history of a rays were an important step further Forward in letting Man see the invisible. Besides its contribution to Medicine radiology has gone even farther developing methods not Only for breaking the i cell up into atoms but for dividing j atoms themselves into their com-1 potent parts along x Ith the new knowledge radiology has Given has gone its new use in treatment As Well As 1 j diagnosis of disease. Many cases i of cancer that have advanced beyond the Point where the surgeons knife can safely Cut them out or. Mayo said Are curable by a rays or by the Gamma and Beta rays of Radium. By Nard Jones copyright 19-37 Nea service inc. Cast of characters Kay Deardorff heroine who yacht for mention. Melita Howard Karl i . J"4 to Adren Farer. A a ? a Dpi xxx the third adventurer. In a a t h e r i and Harper a Oiin of Nelen finn whose expedition tamed out he in rare experience. I of i it Algro to land Quot and a u. A Hack to safety a a Quot Vav i Quot Are catered by the a a a a chapter Xiii Jophe Quot mistral so speedy Power tender eased along the Shore ere were no Green and red lights Forward no White Light at the Stern. Only the creamy Wake and the sound of the motor indicated its presence in the darkness. _ Forrest at the wheel with Priscilla beside him had Cut Down the motor wanting to keep their search As quiet As possible. Although it would be desirable for Grant Harper and Kay to know of the nearness of the speedboat there was every Chance that the unknown Island resident was with them. With it and the Trees Between us effect�?�6 Light make that stick Erin Quot it must be Grant a Priscilla said. Quot give him a Quot no a Mac advised. Quot Grant did no to have a flashlight when i left him. That a the Man we re looking for to to i. And maybe Kay and Grant Are with he started the motor at slow Speed began Quot coasting Down the Shoreline. Quot Well land a Little farther Down and see if we can follow that carefully and quietly he nosed the speedboat into the Sand. Quot you girls stay Here with the boat a Tom said. Quot Well leave you one of the Quot but a Quot remember what happened to the Dinghy the Best thing is for you to stay aboard. Look Here. The control lever is in reverse. If you have to get out of Here just step on the starter. When Mac and i return Well Flash the Light three times so you la know who it he climbed Quot Over the Bow and onto the Beach. Quot can you still see that Light Mac a yes but its getting fainter Mac seated tense in the after. Liuji cockpit with Melita could stand wed better Start right it no longer. Quot this Isnit getting Melita Aud Priscilla had a Deus anywhere a he told his brother. Quot there a not a sign of life on Shore. I move we use a Light and around in the direction of the Quot Tell us what happened a Melita insisted. Quot precisely nothing a replied Mac in a troubled voice. Quot that a just the Devil of it. We got quite close to that blamed Light. Then suddenly it disappeared and we see or hear a thing. Finally we decided it would be the better part of valor to get out of there. We had a Creepy feeling that the Man with the Light had got on to us and was 7 a an added Tom f or rest the pleasantest feeling in be Ever do we now a asked Priscilla dejectedly. Quot tile Only thing we can do is in in sch and until morning. Maybe in Daylight Well have a Chance to see what this is All his jaw set in a grim line. Quot i know in a going to comb that Island every foot of it until i find out a a there was a moments silence. Then Melita said slowly 1 guess that Sall we can do. But now in in a afraid of what Well the whistle and try to let Kay the damaged Dinghy which had and Grant know where we j been the Start of All their pres Tom was silent a moment. Quot its 1 in troubles hard to Tell which is the Best he said. Quot Priscilla hand me that flashlight from the Side w Ahe of dbl at then she blurted out. Quot Why j / a the Wisdom of j did we have to come to this a a guard for it recalling vividly Ful place anyhow a Bakke in charge of Weed control program sept. 24 Progress a a Al. Even Cherokee. Is made in experiments to control noxious weeds a especially Field bindweed or creeping Jenny a will he reported at the annual Iowa state Weed Field Day at the Federal Laboratory at the Cherokee state Hospital september 24. Or. A. L. Bakke Plant pathologist i it a state College will he in charge of the program to be featured by an address by senator Guy m. Gillette. The afternoon program will be devoted to looking Over the various pills showing the effects of Alfalfa smother crop following and spraying on the growth of creeping Jenny. I he it Cherokee Laboratory is operated As a cooperative Enterprise mask prevents j Between the Iowa state College exp pertinent station the state Board iof control and the United states j Bureau of Plant Industry. Senator Gillette was responsible for the appropriations made by the department of agriculture for the study of the Best method of eradication of i noxious weeds through the Cooper nation of the now a experimental Sta til n and other states. M de eradication experimental work Bas been carried on at Cherokee since 1936. Prior to that Tim or. Bakke was in charge of a Sta Mon of Hawarden started in 1930. Stat Secretary of agriculture Thomas Curran has been invited to attend. he took it from her trembling hands. It was in a foot Long slender Case with a huge Lens and powerful bulb. The Button clicked under his thumb and a Shaft of Light shot Clear to Shore bringing into their vision the Trees and Sand but no sign of humanity. Quot turn Oft the engine a Mac suggested. A and give the whistle a Tom obeyed. But there was Only the Echo and re Echo of the whistle to Reward them. Doggedly Tom drove the speedboat farther along and repeated the process. Occasionally he bathed the Shoreline with the flashlights gleam. A a a they had almost circled the Island without Success when Melita cried out Quot see there a she pointed toward the Wood. A there a a Light Quot Tom motioned for quiet while they sat breathless in the gently oiling speedboat. Unmistakably there was a flickering Light ashore. A it s someone with a flashlight a Mac whispered. Quot he a walking Melita touched a please be a a done to worry. Down at her. A Arm. Macs a he smiled Quot few people do Mac Forrest said. Quot if you were headed for Larramore Island you were far off your course. This Island Here was up for Sale by the government years ago but i done to think anyone Ever bought it. It had a a bad name As they say. I can to a moment later the two men t think what happened Here but i had disappeared in the dark know in be heard some sort of Story Ness leaving a pair of tense Young j about women huddled in the speedboat. They could no longer see the flickering Light which they had detected from the water and the very silence around them grew frightening and oppressive. All four were quiet until they reached the sleek White Side of the Tom mane Vered close while Mac helped the girls aboard. A go easy until i get the j lights on a Tho latter advised. How Long they sat there ready Quot look a Melita cried pointing at any instant to Start the motor Ito the deck the stared at a trial of the boat Melita and Priscilla never really knew. It seemed hours. Then suddenly they heard a sound in the Brush quite close to the Beach. For a second they sat rigid. Melitas foot crept toward the starter Button and then came the Flash from Toms Light. Once. Twice. Three times. Quot what did you find a Melita cried As the Forrest Brothers hurried Down the Beach. Of water near the rail. In one spot there was the unmistakable imprint of a Bare foot. A someone a been aboard a Tom said in a Low voice. Cautiously they entered the lighted Cabin. On a table in the Center was a Square of Damp paper on which something was scrawled with a wet Pencil. Tom Forrest picked it up As the others crowded around to read the t ominous message. Quot there is no Chance to they did not answer at once j be of assistance to your shoving the speedboat out rom friends and to save your the Beach and climbing aboard own lives you Musi leave they were strangely silent. To this place at once a started up the motor veered j to be Conti nixed us some Tate to Aav now physicians heal that a Case has been a we the people of the United states cured because the disease is on of those that fend to aet better and Theu cur. The intervals of Freedom from symptoms called remission has been so lengthened by xray treatment in recent years thai or. Gilbert help vet Standard weather maps Are urged by science service Salzburg Austria a standardized maps for showing the a it re do of weather were urged be fore an International meteorological meeting hero thursday by or. W. R. Gregg Chie of the u. S. Weather Bureau. Or Gregg is president of the commission on projections for meteorological maps. If his address. Or. Gregg pointed to an analogy Between map projections and Standard time zoning. Alo la Only one Meridian of Longitude in any particular Tim zone do Otar time and Standard time agree. Else where time is falsified but the practical benefits Mon than i offset the disadvantages of such 3 Stori it a k t of Kroon cd a us enc foe. Love accompanying or Gregg As the Early. Any projection it the Othef american Delegate to the spherical surface of the Earth on j meeting was Ivan h. Tano Hlll. A Flat map is Correct along Only j chief of tile Marine division of throne parallel of Longitude. Every j u. S. Weather Bureau. The where else on Tho map there is spat ii it i distortion. But the practical benefits Ages. Two offset the disa Vaut Inen also will represent the weather Bureau at meetings of the commissions on climatology Agricula i i ural meteorology and synoptic or. Gregg and his colleagues of weather. The commission recommended that the thirtieth and Kix Teilh parallels most of the Cotton growing Longitude be adopted by Allna states have us prohibiting Sand Lions As projection bases for their j with Bales that is Bales packed weather maps. Standard reduction j with Low Grade Cotton inside and Scales were also recommended j High Grade outside. Behind the scenes in Washington a Iti in in born in in is r use. A Aynor a a met ii staff writer it May be salads that put the a it in Hollywood. Movie stars watch their diet seek streamlined figures and vital Energy. They demand salad bowls with every meal. Yes. Right through the year its getting along toward fall now and they begin to change from summer to fall j types of salads. The recipes Given i below will take you behind the scenes of Many a stars Kitchen and reveal How they eat for health and Glamor a few notes first on salad bowls themselves. Use a wooden one j and keep it for Green salads and j nothing else. Wood is absorbent _ so after being rubbed with garlic j and anointed Wuth Oil Over a per-1 French dressing. I head Crisp letter of time your wooden bowl Luce it broken into pieces i Large will achieve a delicious personal Grapefruit 2 tomatoes peeled and try and play a leading role m 1 quartered. Making your salads taste better. Cook Broccoli with Salt until to clean the wooden bowl wipe i tender about Twenty minutes it out with a Damp soft cloth j Citrain. Marinate Broccoli and in let it dry in the air but not in cooked cauliflower in French the Sun. Never dry it on a Radi Dresa Ink place lettuce in a salad Ator or near intense heat. Follow i bowl and mix with vegetables. Tomorrows menu breakfast Honeydew Melon creamed Ham. Popovers. Orange marmalade Coffee milk. Dinner Grapefruit on Hal Shell pot roast of beef with vegetables buttered noodles. Drenched Beans asparagus tip salad pineapple sherbet Sweet wafers Coffee milk. Supper Cream of mushroom soup Malibu Beach salad bowl toasted Rye bread fresh Coconut layer cake Coffee milk. These simple rules and that flavor some bowl will never Warp or crack. Ti.�9 k a text amp a revue night lettuce bowl 4 to 6 Servings Grapefruit and Tomato sections. Toss lightly with French dressing. Salad bowl Toluca 6 Servings six peach halves 2 oranges Cut turn i i a round slices i Avocado Walnut looked halibut 2 halves Parsley tart Jelly 2 Heads cooked halibut 1-2 cup chopped 1 iceberg lettuce. I gr2inedeodeurp i he Ceery Brealie lettuce int0 s1ze lid Tittle. A a a. 1c Platoe. Fill Center of peach halves 3-4 of kit Rok ii into pieces j with tart Jelly marinate Orange with m n a4411 mixed wheels Aud Avocado strips in French dressing. Garnish with i pickles Haid cooked eggs i Walnut halves and Parsley. Chopped. J . I Combine fish with Cucumber i lettuce bowl Erie Blore celery Green Pepper and Toina-1 6 to i Servings tue. Arrange in bowl with let two Heads Crisp lettuce % i Large Tuce and toss with French dress Avocado. 1-2 cup French dress us j my 1-4 cup stuffed olives sliced Malibu Beach lettuce bowl th9v 6 Servings l Lac a Arfe Sal a h0&Quot 1 a Ith or u no Large outfit a Crisp lettuce leaves. Wjk a r Bead cauliflower 6 add lettuce heart and spoonful Lait i ri.nr0rit-Ki ,#k,pc0j i Avocado. To a Wilh French an i cup in Tilv seasoned dressing mined a it the answers suddenly one night in 1918, Prince Carol disappeared from the Royal Palace in Bucharest. Then it was Learned that the 25-year-old heir to the rumanian Crown had eloped with the daughter of an army officer. The Royal parents Ferdinand and Marie were furious. They ordered Carol placed in a monastery under arrest then sent him for a trip around the world the marriage although entirely Legal was declared nuked. A son was born months later. C?iro1 8 paints bad or h a Bode of a a a a birth Quot for him Princess Helen of Greece. 7 he two were married with great pomp m Athens in 1921 the Union in it however Brief. A red Lune Flat Ungs to no rapper Magda ith�.,r,5cd Cro s pm a a. The Prim in with her to a gently renouncing his divorced r pf00 for her Helen aborted Carol in 19?8. She bore one on a 930.c�u�?~ unelected Cly Iti til i firl u a i Ane v on the throne a a a Mawri a a r missed mention. Ii in a abandoned his family Ana journeyed Paris sufi right to it Jap leu Pola we m having in 1927, Magda p e s c u died but lure by Hodney ditch a a service staff correspond eat u Early new \ 4 Ean while Louis Howe a dealers were a diverse lot of 1ta living in the White House a liberals conservatives and Radi Factor of great weight with Roose cals. J velt. When Ray Muley finally went the death of Howe May or May out of the government service not have been harmful to Roose conservative whooped loudly that velt. Howe was always cautious this meant the president had Bent Only on promoting Roosevelt turned to the Quot right. A today big and keeping his place As the inti Busi no men and millions of oth mate companion. It is doubtful Cis consider the Roosevelt a policies whether f. D. R. Would Ever have More Radical than Ever before. J launched his court plan it Louis by far the most significant Early j had been at his Side. New Deal resignation was that of j Howe presumably helped a budget director new Douglas an complis Moley a loss of Power Arizona congressman whose per which waned very slowly after Mality and of fiscal affairs the latter a change from the had made him a Roosevelt favor state to the Justice department Ite by the summer of 1932. But the actual Moley Roosevelt Douglas made a hard fight break did no to come until Early in against the new Den spending the 1936 Campaign year always before Moley had been the a first draft who under presiden i nil directions had constructed the i first Model of each j speech. Roosevelt Lew Oruo Las a icy and lost. The spenders won but it a the habit of Douglas ii the month before he quit to keep saying suddenly he discovered that or. Stanley High brought into White j House counsels by White House publicity Secretary Steve Early had been Given that Job. Moley then withdrew from the new Deal entirely. A # inhere were other Early new Deal advisers. Prof. George Warren sex teacher of Henry Morgenthau heavily influenced the administrations Early Gold policies. Felix Frankfurter was another important Early influence. Hin boys from Harvard Law school were and still Are numerous within the new Deal most important Amu big them Tom Corcoran arum Ben Cohen t Lap Furter worked out Man airy new Deal policies and keeps in touch with new Deal protege. He a offered the Solo r a \ turned to Bucharest with Carol a did is still i favorite Carol is put ii r e it on 1935 stamp i f vie i or Quot Only 60 Days mor it to National Uci tor generalship. But for to bankruptcy or. President Lewis two chief accomplishment were the Economy act hitting mostly at veterans and Federal employees and an inside Cain Paig i which Monkey wrenched their. Tended fast pump priming v Heel turning $3,300,000,000 Public works drive. It Eara he has been almost entirely out of the Washington picture consciously withdrawing lest by Embarrass Roosevelt with whop. He occasionally Speaks by Teh phone. A c spy Vighi 193. Nisa so r cd. I next Fli Fahert and a the

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