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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1935, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - October 28, 1935, Ames, Iowa I use classified ads to boy sell Exchange or rent Telephone 24 kit Ames daily Tribu and times Universal in the Ames territory weather forecast generally fair Munday night and tuesday. Temperature a Sun 330 p. In so monday 7 a rn., 37 2 p. In. 64 precipitation Trace. Vol. 69 no. Ii official ame and Story county paper Ames. Iowa monday october 28, 1935. United Presa wire service three cent Story Farmers 13 to i for a. A. A. Italians await Zero hour for second Orive to Mark anniversary of fascist regime by United press the thirteenth anniversary of the fascist March on Rome found mus Folini a legions in Northern Ethiopia eagerly awaiting the word to Advance southward in the second offensive in the Campaign for the Conquest of Ethiopia. Dispatches from the front indicated that the big push had not yet begun Early monday. Instead there was a Holiday of rejoicing and minor i a Titrations of ethiopian Terri Fory All along the line without resistance. The thirteenth fascist anniversary finds Italy embarked on its project for the creation of a new roman Empire. It finds the largest and most powerful army Ever assembled in a War basis since the world War and the largest european army Ever landed in Africa. Hopes Are dim Hope in Europe for a peaceful settlement was dim. Britain was Adamant and determined to push for the application of Complete at Geneva. Nov. 15 was indicated As the Date she probably would propose incidentally the Day Aller the British general election. France altho still hopeful for some Miracle of Compromise never theists stood Side by Side with j great Britain in the agreement to j enforce All league penalties. The Northern army is Well rested. Its position is consolidated. It is known to be ready tor its next drive when the Zero hour comes. Brush fires ravage vast coast area los. C. Governor takes arms in Highway Case Iowa hog production Down four y of t93d Foh. Million cattle up one million flames topped by immense Billows of smoke licked Down mountainsides and thru canyons As pictured Here at Correll Canyon to drive Back firefighters and take toll of More than $7,000,000 in californians latest devastating Brush fires. A 150-Square mile area was damaged the series of fires at one time extending from san Juan Capistrano 60 Miles South of los Angeles to Malibu Beach 25 Miles North. Homes of a number of movie notables were among the buildings in the path of the conflagration. More than 2,000 men fought the flames which destroyed crops killed livestock burned out Power lines and blackened thousands of acres of Woodland. Washington Iowa the nation s leading hog producing state raised 4,000,000 fewer hogs in 1934 than were raised in 3930, the i i a a Federal farm census Bureau report invades commissioned monday. Offices with during the same five years per Iod Iowa s production of cattle in Multi creased 1,000,000 head the report Columbia s. C. Or it a govt Dlf los it he despite the marked reduction Ltd i bog production from 10,000, �00 head in 1930 to 6.800,000 last year ethiopians bring Down foes plane Harar be a ethiopian machine gunners shot Down an italian air plane and its Clew of three during in Aerial attack on Muggah Bur 50 Miles South of the Harar area official and private dispatches said monday. Machine gunners under the Graz match Afa Vork Brot Down the plane during a heavy bombing of the town late sunday the dispatches said. It was the second bombing of Dargah Bur. Two persons were billed it was reported. The italians also heavily re Bora bed Gabre Darre according to dispatches this was take n Here to mean that the italians were about of resume their Advance up the paean River Valley this will mean a finish fight for the the Addis Ababa Djibouti railway and tall grizzled has Nassibo the ethiopian commander in chief has completed his preparations with mobilization of men women and even children for a Battle which May come within to Days. Nassibo in a statement said that he had ordered his nun to Retreat before the italians until the appropriate moment for a stand on tuvo Rable ground. He said that villagers in the Vav be Skibeli Valley were deserting their Homes in the italians path. League strengthened Geneva ugh it a americans Fraus prompt reply to league of nations question c gabbing imposition of penalties against Italy for its attack on Ethiopia has strengthened the leagues position delegates said monday. Two die in Plant Clinton <u3r> two men were killed monday in the Clinton company Plant while cleaning twit Large vats. The victims believed suffocated thru Lack of oxygen in the vats were Edward Edens Foreman and Carl Carlson labourer. Ames smallpox drive is ready to begin first week in november test your knowledge organization work has been completed Here preparatory to an All school smallpox vaccination program according to miss Henrietta Gronlid Ames school health service officer. Signed letters from parents requesting vaccination for the pupils have been returned to the various schools and recorded and the school clinic for vaccination will begin the first week in november. All local doctors Are cooperating or. The program and will be assigned to the several school districts. In connection with the program a general Parent teacher association meeting will be held in the music Pavilion auditorium tuesday evening at which or. Carl f. Jordan state epidemiologist Des Moines will Spak on communicable diseases and their control. The Whittier association will be Host at the meeting. Members of All associations in the City and others interested in the health of the children Are invited to attend. State record according to miss Gronlid Ames Public schools have the statewide record of having the highest percentage of enrolment protected against diphtheria and smallpox. She adds that schools can continue to kept from these diseases Only when parents Are willing to have this Protection Given themselves and their children at the regular intervals which the state department of health considers necessary to insure defense against the do eases during the lifetime of Tho individual. It is interesting to note that in 1934, no cases of smallpox v ere a ported in new York state and the states which Border it while Iowa had 166 cases reported in that year. Some form of compulsory vaccination Law is enforced in new tora Massachusetts Connecticut new Jersey and Pennsylvania while vaccination against smallpox is not mandatory in Iowa you Are invited to Story a 1935 husking contest w la fax tuesday afternoon october juju beginning at 1 15 of clock. Where a on the Carl Jacobson farm one mile West of Roland. Entries fourteen Good huskers have entered and Promise one of the Best husking bees yet to be held in the county admission a free. You and your families will be cordially Welcome. The Field is Good and Fine weather is promised. Floor mile fire v la Crosse wholesale District menaced la Crosse i. Try a fierce Blaze monday destroyed tile list Man flour Mill property ii re and did damage estimated Between $300,000 and $400,000. The fire was Belier d to have started in a Box car on a aiding near the Mill roofs of downtown buildings were showered with crackling embers. The Mill an eight Story Brick Structure covering half a City Block had replaced a previous Mill burned in 1889. The Structure was located in the heart of the wholesale District and dozens of property owners called out their helpers to protect other buildings. The flames attacked a heavy timbering inside the Mill and soon hot thru the roof sending a Spray of fire 20o feet High. Embers were falling As far As a mile and a half away. Three of Hie Brick Wall crashed two hours after inc fire was discovered firemen feared it would be necessary to dynamite Tho remaining Wall to protect other prop erty. To hear Cotton Taa Case dec. 0 High court indicates procedure Washington up a the supreme court will hear arguments on constitutionality of a new Dee Keystone on dec. 9 when it takes up the Hosac Mills test Case involving Validity of Cotton control act both issues will be of greatest importance in the administration agricultural program and involve the philosophy of the entire new Deal. The court also declined monday to reconsider a previous decision not to take the Thomas Mooney Legal Battle out of the hands of the California supremo court at present. J the new Deal won a Point in the High court when it decided to consider a court fight against the right to condemn private property tor use m the a ministrations slum clearance and Low Cost housing projects the court then recessed for two weeks during which time it will write opinions in cases argued during the past two weeks. S. C. Up a gov. Olin d. Johnston backed by nation a guardsmen armed with machine guns monday took Over control of the state Highway department in his attempts to oust chief Highway commissioner Ben m. Sawyer. A machine gun company of four officers and 65 men from Orangeburg surrounded the offices of the Highway department As the took charge not Only of the of Fie a books and records of the High Way department but also assumed command of All highways and Bridges. Insurrection governor Johnston declared a Quot state of insurrection Quot As the troops took command. His action j a called the move made in 1933 by gov. Eugene Talmadge of the neighbouring state of Georgia. Tallmadge had troops Aid him in ousting a Highway Board which decline cd to replace some engineers. Johnston a action affected Only the Highway offices. All other state officials were Fri. To enter or depart from the building. The governor said he had invoked martial Law As a a last resort Quot in his attempt to fulfil a Campaign pledge to remove Sawyer. In Campaign speeches. Johnston charged of Quot political octopus Quot was built up in the state Highway department. Follows hearing the soldiers took Over following a hearing last week on an Ord r of the governor for three members of the Highway commission to show cause Why they should not he ousted. The governor was accused at the hearing of acting As a judge jury and prosecutor in his own action. Chairman Charles o. Hearon commissioners e. L. Culler and John c. Bethea were the defendants at the hearing. The governor charged them with a icon Spur Acyl in the awarding and rescinding of contracts. This move was viewed As an attempt to replace them with commissioners who would be favourable to the governor in the squabble to oust Sawyer retaliate a retaliatory move by the old Highway commission was the obtaining saturday from chief Justice John g. Stabler a Rule against four recent appointees of the governor to the Highway commission. The order would require the four to show cause before the supreme court november la Why they should not be restrained from taking Possession of thir office. Four Johnston appointees on the 14-member Board were appointed to fill one vacancy caused by the death of one commissioner and three to fill places declared vacant in a recent Rul continue a on Page two Iowa still leans the nation in production of Swine. The changes in hog and cattle production were among the Moat important among Many changes in Iowa a agricultural Industry reflected in the Federal report. Corn which ranks with hogs As the states two most important crops showed a decrease in production. Paralleling the reduction in hogs. Acreage actually harvested for Grain decreased from 9,63-592 acres in 1930 to 5,981.25s in 1934. A Large part of this Sharp reduction it was explained was accounted for by the drouth of 1934 which prevented the formation it Grain and necessitated he use of Many planted acres of Corn for for age. Quot in addition to rutting yields the drouth caused at least 3,110,57j acres of crop failure spread thru the entire Range of the state s the Federal Survey revealed. Despite the serious damage to continued on Page two acc Captain faces charges in Ames court two charges were filed in the the annual red Cross Mitten project conducted each year for the purpose of making mittens for needy Ames children will be carried out this fail it was announced monday. Mrs. C b. Anderson is Eha Irmar of the committee in charge of the Ames municipal court monday project and assisting her arc mrs. Against a Apt. It. M. Lifford l. Do. No Van mrs. J. M. J Man Der of die acc Camp no. Hall mrs Don l. Aswell and mrs. 760. Which monday was moved Harry Stark from its location of the North persons having old Woolen mind or Ridgewood Avenue to Winter Quarter in various sections of the state. Charges of assault and Battery were filed by Edward Ryan a member of the Camp. A barges trials tue As menus Coats suits bathing suits As Well As scraps a f Jam for making wristlets Are re Quested to Telephone mrs. Donovan at hts i. A and persons w Ishing officials were unable to animate ,0 Dona get Ltd re Quot a or a immediately How much in the building. Wheat was i tens and wrist it mid Call mrs. Tom of intoxication i against can Yeti answer sever of these test questions turn to Page seven for the answers. 1, where is the City it Cudahy 2, who was Fanny Crosby 3, what is a Hookah. How did the tailor Bird de rive its name 6. Name the founder or the North Dakota nonpartisan league 6. What is acoustics 7. Where is Cumberland Gap has water any food value to Quot old is Herbert it Hoo s 9 aver Ift or v Hick National Park f put to Yosemite Normal autumn weather in Iowa Deis Moines Dup Crisp he i town weather described a about Normal fat thin season pre tilled n Iowa monday. Skies were Clearing j Over the stat and fair weather needed to dry the stat wet Corn j i up was promised for monday and j tuesday. Temperatures sunday ranged Between a High of 59 degrees St Des Moines and a Low tarty monday of 36 degrees at Council Bluff. Heads sport club alter Smith fort Dodge Mem a Ber of a he lows state Colic in j wrestling team a it in president of re varsity i my liquor control act is upheld Hicox City hrs c ast i tut Ion Iii try it t i Iowa liquor control a t was unit old Munday in a decision handed do a by judge a o Wake Field of til fourth judicial District of i w a the suit t Hud tic my by Validity of the Law was Brot by citizens of Correctionville who sought to prevent the state liquor control Corr Mission from establishing a store there. J Anderson at 3183. Last year about 150 pail of mittens we e made and distribute among needy Ames children. J Viva on stated that Taylor Quot did Jay Jim 28 men to have pea positions at Ames fieldhouse heh Moines rih j ohs acre to sight fur 6, i ii Iii As the Slat works plug e titration added 13 new projects to it its list of of a development on which work has Bein ordered Star cd in the near future with monday s approval the godhead signal a been Given on is projects. The list of project for which funds were allocated moods Money prices London a rile Pound a $4,Sih monday Gold was 14 Ahi. Lings 6 Pence an a up a Sod the Dollar Price wag to j 77. O id Gale j fieldhouse Pla around u were a 393 Jon it f a neb location 1-5,581 co t i-5 francs w ere 7 r a a the Pound i ploy 28 men. Moines eluded Story 0un a grades it to. Jet is were Abo filed Taylor. In Hiss info Rua the first charge Ryan St ii be and beat Edward Ryan in Story Taylor plead d not guilty to the assault and Battery charge. The incident occurred about 3 30 a in. Sunday Cool Ding to j me in born of it. Camp and police in were called i a alleged 111.ai Taylor accosted a number of the boys v Anc in an in tool fated condition Sud challenged them to a fight. Ryan received s broken jaw in the resulting fracas major e. V Franklin Al. Des Moines came monday to investigate the charge for the army i Taylor was placed under army arrest and relieved of duty pending trial which will be held at 1 30 a in. Tuesday. Rapt r t Nichols it Des placed in charge of j Ess Quot p a i i Aper Rifted the Proee Durt of loading the trucks j and moving by Camp of of aim of. O Connor charge says Havner did not Aid grand jury Sioux City it a denial by state auditor c. 1. Storms of allegations of attorn a general Edward of Connor that special prosecutor h. M. Havner aided the Woodbury county grand jury in preparing r request for withdrawal of a state Ira emigration of the grand jury a activities was filed in court Here monday. Storms affidavit was attached to Havneros answer to of Connors petition opposing a proposed change in venue for the trials growing out of the Woodbury grand jury investigation of an alleged gambling Syndicate claimed to have operated in Iowa with official Sanction. Jurors support storms affidavit was supported by affidavits of the Foreman and members of the Woodbury county grand jury. Also attached to Havneros answer was an affidavit signed by the five members of the Woodbury county Board of supervisors declaring that they a believe that the statement As to the inability of the state to secure fair trial on account of Tho excitement and prejudice which exist in Woodbury county is a fair statement of the fact so far As they themselves Are acquainted with the condition of the Public Havner answer was filed As the. District court prepared to hear arguments on h. States motion for a change of venue. Review dec. 10 meantime the Iowa supreme court at Des Moines set dec. Ioas the Date for review of the refusal of District judge Earl Peters to Grant Motif us of defendants in the graft cases to have indictments against them set Arido. The entire supreme court Bench will sit to hear the review or the motions of first assistant attorney general Walter Maley and others to have the indictments set aside the court announced monday. Joined with Maley in die attempt to have the indictments set aside ase Ray Harrison Des Moines attorney and Joe Gagen Des Moines Bondsman. On nov. I. The court will hear the motions of 30 other defendants who seek to have the supreme court s ruling on the Maley Harrison Gagen motion applied to them. Social service drive workers named Mon. Workers in the arms social set vice league drive for $6,000 for th1 1936 social service program in Ames were named monday by mrs f. H. Mcclain. The drive will Start tuesday morning and will close saturday. Workers Wilt meet at 6 15 p. In monday at a dinner program in the Church of Christ to make final arrangements for the drive. Those taking part in the drive Are first Ward mrs. Galen Tilden chairman mrs. J. E. Harland. Mrs. C. H Tasley. Mrs. Kit North Moor. Or Chaa. Reynolds mrs. F. La. A Hinter mrs. Harry Brown. Mrs. Hiram Muon. Mrs. My is Tei a Raj lathe Brewster Mer. Frank robot a mrs Henry Gulliver. Mrs. A. I Haugen mrs. Dennis Burke mrs. L. R. Morris mrs. A h. Jameson. Miss Grace Zug raw Alt or. A. A. Benedict mrs. W. F. Beard. Second Ward mrs j. W. Prather general chairman. District chairman mrs. Grady Taylor mrs. A. E. Wickland in. A a. Mcfadden. Or. Geo. Don tao mrs. W. E. Holmes. Mrs. C. E Dragoun. Mrs. L. W. Butler. Mrs. W. Neil Adams mrs. C. O. Powers mrs. Barton Morgan mrs. J. L. Boatman mrs. O. A. Olson mrs. D. D. Reynolds. Mrs. M. G Spangler mrs. Robert Murray. District Chaison mrs. R. J. De la Hunt mrs. R. W Clyde in Clinton Adams mrs. S. S. Wright mrs. Wilkie Harper. Mrs. B r. Roseboro mrs. H. L. Eichling mrs l. H. Rue a Nae. In. Perry la Rue continued on Page five Coe wins first i Quot ennui. In Homecoming p j Dislav contest 150 against on crops control contract signers Are 1,695 for 74 against Story county Farmers saturday indicated their v Hole hearted approval of the aaa and a continued program for 1936 by turning out percent Strong in a vote that went about 90 percent in favor of a rom hog program for 1936. This expression by local Farmers is in keeping with the general opinion expressed thru out the state a Farmers turned out saturday ii what was the largest farm vol a Ever cast on an agricultural problem. The vote in Story county a t�-930 for the continuance of Corn hog control As compared with Iso against. Farmers who have operated their farms under the Corn bog production control program voted 1,695 for and 74 against while non signers voted 235 for and 76 against. Milford too pct. Contract signers in Milford township voted too percent for the 1036 program casting toi votes for and none against Only two votes were cast against the program by non signers. Only one Tow i a in Sherman turned in a partial vote against the program As la non is goers voted airs and sever for t. G. Lundy chairman of the Story county Cern hog control association. Monday stated that the vote a shows that More Farmers Ara interested in the program than was a. Jyce great Imprest the pleasing Factor about the vote in Lundy s estimation waste fact that about 90 percent of All Farmers in the county voted. The total vote was 2.0s0 and there Are Between 2,200 and 2,300 Farmer in the county. Lundy reported that the 1936 program probably will be worked out within the next 30 Days. R. M. Evans state Corn hog control chairman will e called into Washington soon to Confer with aaa Heads on the coming program. Afterwards regional meetings will be held before the final program is approved and submitted to the Farmers. Soil conservation altho details of the coming program Are not arranged. It is be hexed by Lundy that the new program will soil conservation which is a Strong Factor in the 1936-39 heat control program recently submitted to w heat grower. Follow lug Are the results of the continued on Page two fined in Ames court flight persons were Brot into the me municipal court Over the weekend on charges of violation of traffic Law. F. K Prescott Des Moines pleaded guilty to charges of pasting a ear on a Hill and paid a Fine of $5 and costs. Information against Prescott was filed by c. Whiff Luna Highway patrol officer. Beany toot pc Camp and Frank j be Auld lie. Moines j Al Gnu the Roe seed and Flower shop 303 Mala Street won first place in the Iowa state College Homecoming decoration contest sponsored by the Ames Junior chamber of co Mem. Cooney a restaurant was award cd second place and Tilden Groc cry third. Honorable mention Wert to the Campus cafe Judice of the connect were s. Dale Phillips assistant professor of architectural engineering a lows slate. Rose Roberson Ames sculptress and John Fitzsimmons Erfen scion associate professor in land scape architecture at Iowa stat. Reger Alley chairman of the Homecoming prop am for the surfer chamber reported monday a nearly 0 business places entered this contest. In the Competition among Organ ired House at the College Chi Omega sorority Quot on first place in the women a division i Beta Phi ranking second. Beta Theta in a first in the j men s division and Sigma Chi was it second. Judges were mrs Madge of director f housing a Iowa St fete Don p i r of Arch of cruet to i state an r Assi St it u t professor architecture at Low Alvin r. Edgar director of band my orchestra work a Iowa St to College will be one of die speaker at the meeting at s p. In. Tuesday in the music Hall of the Ames High school at which time parents of children taking band and orchestra in the Ames schools will discuss the organisation of a band and orchestra parents club. While in charge of band and orchestra work in the Osage schools or. Edgar organized one of the firs successful parents clubs in the state mrs Lowell Harris president of die ban and orchestra Parent club in Nevada will discuss that a of the Nevada Chih. Is inst Rue engineering at. I rot Hack or. Of landscape s Tate Urb paid i a ii is 11 tui it to Stop at a a us a i re Slop vigils. J us 11 i a Huberts Iwa Moines w i. 1 Taylor amex Aud William my j Huier Dubuque each paid $5 att. Pleading guilty to charges of fart driving geg9s or apis i. N a a Impf and Alfred it. Niagara Falls. N. Y. To Stahl Ames pleaded guilty to thousands of Arctic wild gees charge or Xee Eden the Speed i monday eluded an apparent lip and. It fined a i each r ltf1 a a a a a Quot Quot it a a a a a a a a Quot i Niagara River for 24 hour and i flew away on their Annua southward migration they loft be Hind a Quot too it their number Var rim either of it a it it it it ret a Falls Erha gun of bunt ers. Hollar opening far s up1 a the americas Dollar opened at francs Mer Day <6.530 Centi a for cd. The Brit i by gonad opened at 71,16 francs. Aunt Lindy says professional baseball teaches the Miof fellow bit it pay a to kit the Ball Evert a

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