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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1935, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - October 19, 1935, Ames, Iowa V. F44444e4 it 19 s. J of 4 �4a 41 4444 44444 pm it use classified ads to buy set Exchange or rent Telephone 2400 i 0-444 444444444444444444 �4444444444444- and times Universal in the Ames territory weather forecast fair saturday night and Sun Day warmer. Temperato a Fri 3 30 p. Rn., 73 hat., 7 a. Rn., 50 ii in. In., 66. Preci pita t Ion n one. Vol. 69 no. 94 official ame and Story county paper Ames Iowa saturday october 19, 1935. United pres wire service three cent earthquake shakes Helena Mont adopt plan for Foll Boycott of italian goods Rome agreement will be announced sunday Geneva Olp a the a general staff of the league of nations penalties committee saturday adopted a proposal for a Complete Boycott of italian goods effective oct. 31. The proposal was referred at once to the full penalties committee comprising 52 league members for final adoption saturday afternoon. The general staff composed of 18 key nations agreed to keep in session from now on to watch closely the application of penalties. Great Britain saturday received a definite Promise from France of support if Italy launches a Mediterranean attack upon the British Navy. The French reply in which Premier Laval took nine pages to say yes was couched in such terms As to provide the British foreign office with satisfaction. According to authoritative circles the agreement takes the form of a Promise of cooperation if Britain it att eked by Italy while acting not As an individual but As a league policeman in the Mediterranean. France is believed in return to have asked a British pledge of Aid if the French reply came As a anti Climax following the Success of the Rome conversation Between Premier Mussolini sir Erie Drummond British ambassador and count Charles Chambrun French envoy. The Anglo italian agreement reached at Rome to be announced sunday removed much of the Dan cd or of the Mediterranean incident against which Britain sought French support. It is understood to provide for withdrawal of italian troops from Libya where they have been threatening Egypt and reduction of the number of British ships stationed in the Mediterranean. France dipped into the diplomatic scheme with French naval replacement for the British ships. 400 ethiopians die in Battle Asmara to a four Hundred ethiopians and 35 italians were killed in the Battle of Gas okla which precede i the capture of Adu a according to announcement saturday. Forget me not Day whereas there Are untold thousands of world War veterans suffering from the effects of the War and whereas Many of these veterans Are disabled and unable to contribute wholly to the support of their families or dependents and whereas it is our patriotic duty to repay these veterans in some measure for the sacrifice they so unselfishly made. Therefore i w. L. Allan mayor of Ames do hereby proclaim october 26 As forget me not Day and urge that All citizens support tile flue program being conducted in Ames by Hie Betsy Ross Junior club by buying a forget me not. Nearly too to take exams for two p. O. Jobs forty seven persons gathered in the auditorium of the High school saturday morning to take civil service examinations for positions in the local Post office postmaster l. C. Tilden reported. These examinations which will be continued next saturday for an expected equal number of applicants Are Given by the United states civil service commission for the purpose of making a Register of persons eligible to appointments at the local Post office. A according to present plans there will be two appointments made Here in the near future a postmaster Tilden stated. Both positions will be for substitute clerk carriers. Any other help which May be employed would be temporary the postmaster said. After the examinations have been completed and checked those at the top of the list will be Given preference for the positions the rest of the names going on file As eligible for future consideration. Get warrants for of More projects. Brings expenditures to $3,843,448 Des Moines 0j.r a Federal Treasury warrants covering the coat of 90 works Progress applications in Iowa at a Cost of $2,365,924 have been written it was announced Here saturday by works Progress administration officials. Added to a previous list of state projects covered by Treasury War wants the new projects bring the total amount of expenditures for Iowa to $3,843,448. Another Treasury warrant to cover the Cost of More projects is expected before the end of next week i. T. Jones assistant spa administrator said. Not until the entire list of approved and paid for projects is assembled by the state officials will the a go ahead be Given on actual construction work or whatever Type of employment is outlined Jones said. State administrator l. S. Obi and his staff will select the projects most adaptable to the purpose of the state spa program it was explained that altho Many projects have been approved and paid for by Treasury warrants Many of them will not be started. Jones said first Steps will be taken in counties where the Relief needs Are greatest. It is Likely that the first shovel of dirt will be turned in the state spa program within two weeks. Zenge sentenced fight throws to life term for a meeting brutal operation1 into disorder father says whole Story was not told f troops Landing in Libya Rouse British fears a test your knowledge can you answer seven of thee test questions turn to Page six or the answers 1 what was the same for a 0eek building for horse and Char get races corresponding to the to Emu circus 2 who was Samuel pipe a in t i in me Rev what in credit it who wrote tin screen play a leu of Krauv wit it h Fiat is popularly it Nown As Lite a Sunshine Stater 6 who invented the diesel in44 be ? 7. Name the largest living non laminating Ives to a mammal. 8 is Anna May Wong the aet j a a chinese a what is the name for a Deb j wifely formulated religious Confer j i a Faith ? la u How rots the Stiver horde i Dies in chair sat. I Michigan City. Ind. Obj do Ric hard Chapman 21-year-old farm hat was put to death in the electric chair in the Michigan City state prison saturday for the murder of Henry Nolte Ainsworth Farmer. Resigned to his Fate the youth refused the offer of a stimulant and displayed no emotion As he walked to the death chamber. The current was applied at 12 05 a. In. And he was pronounced dead at 13 11 a. In. Chapman was found guilty of shooting the Farmer during an attempted Holdup last new years eve. He first denied the crime but later said he shot Nolle to avenge a wrong done his childhood sweetheart. Authorities Dis a proved this Story. The youth was to have been electrocuted several months ago but was granted four reprieves. _. Nelson named military aide Piater Oles Nelson recently Quot belted a ficus i commander of the it i Cand army of the Republic has bet n named by gov. Clyde l. Ii it hug As an Aid on he military staff. Of lieutenant Chicago Ole a a sentenced to Rio imprisonment for the emasculation murder of the Middle aged professor who won his childhood sweetheart Mandeville w. Zenge personable Missouri farm youth arose from a sound sleep saturday his taciturn composure unchanged a jury of Young men after deliberating four and one half hours Friday night found him guilty of murdering or. Walter j. Bauer 38. I he jury spent most of the time agreeing on the punishment. Zenge new 26, will be eligible for parole in 20 years. His Only Hope now is that a motion for a new trial made by his counsel Joseph Roach will be granted by judge Cornelius j. Harrington on oct. 25. On a front Row Bench in the c owned courtroom when the verdict was returned sat j. Andy Zenge sr., Canton mo., Farmer and father of the defendant. Beside h m was his 23-year-old son Junior whose words of Comfort went unheeded As the father steeled himself for the verdict. Both had testified Mandeville was insane at the time of the murder Zenger smother who heard All of the testimony and lawyers arguments concerning the bizarre crime could not bring herself to wait in court for the verdict. She stayed at the Home of a sister and in Ard the jury a decision from her husband who hurried from the courtroom. Mrs. Louise Schaffer Bauer the of Active Young widow for love of whom Zenge allegedly committed the crime also was not in court. She made her Only appearance As a witness for the state monday and attracted one of the largest crowds Ever seen in the criminal courts building. Zenger a father was asked whether the Complete Story of the strange Case had been Brot out during the trial. A no a he said firmly a perhaps snore of it should have been told but there Are others to the Case went to the jury at 4 27 n. In. Cost Friday. The jurors rested from their deliberations for a Jan nor from 6 to 7 p. M. And returned the guilty verdict at 9 45 p. M. Foreman de Kiesow revealed that on the first ballot the juror stood 7 to 5 for conviction and on the second All voted guilty. On the third ballot the jury rejected the defense plea that Zenge was insane at the time of the murder. Fifteen More ballots were taken before the jurors agreed on life imprisonment As the penalty. Picnic weather is weekend schedule Des Moines be a iowans were making plans for week in outings saturday on the strength of weather Bureau reports indicating fair and warmer weather sunday. The average temp Over the state sunday will be about 65 degrees according to Charles d. Reed Federal meteorologist Fot Iowa. Fridays High Femme nature was 76 degree recorded a Sioux City. The lowest was 42 degrees a Charles City. Atlantic City n. J. Fijor a a fist fight Between John Lewis president of the mine workers and William Hutcheson president of the carpenters Union threw the american federation of labor convention into wild disorder saturday. Women screamed and proceedings were suspended temporarily As the two men violent opponents in the Issue Between the Industrial and Craft unions exchanged blows in the Center of the Hall crowded with 500 delegates. Hutcheson was bleeding from the Mouth after Lewis swung a wild left to the face. The fight started after an Exchange of heated words during the debate Over formation of an Industrial Union for rubber workers. Hutcheson had attempted to Stop the debate claiming the Issue already had been settled. He criticised Lewis for reopening the fight and became personal Marks. In his re expect a new this is Why great Britain. London reports state refuses to withdraw her huge Fleet from the Mediterranean pending discussion of French proposals for peace Between Italy and Ethiopia. The transport Cesare is shown Docking at Tripoli with thousands of italian troops part of 17,090 rushed from Rome to the libyan desert on the Border of British controlled Egypt. Italian drive say trick coins car stolen at bring much grief Creola found in Ames in. May bring Battle the world awaits copyright 1935 by United pres Djibouti. French Somaliland d Elk a new italian drive on the Northern ethiopian front Only a few hours Distant according to reports Here May precipitate the Bat tie for which the world has been waiting reliable word from Addis Ababa said saturday. An attack by the 180,000 italian Ender Gen. Emilio de Bono around Alburn and Aduwan May met head an a Force claimed to number More a ban 500,000 under the Veteran in Gater Rue Sigoura. Credible reports from Well informed quarters in Addis Ababa said that if de delays Ras Siyoum and a new general staff organized to Aid Bim May order an attack. Revelation of the italian plans to take the offensive May prevent the attempt Ras Siyoum had intended to recapture Aksum and Aduwan and a drive the italians into the sea a but ethiopian sources believe the of Normous Force he is said to have mobilized will Stop de Bono in his tracks. Bliss announces Sou saving plan fined $5 Oscar Johnson Gilbert Dies of injuries j Ca Roll a l. Oscar Johnson 63, Gilbert died at St. Anthony Hospital in Carroll Early saturday of injuries received in an automobile Accident Between Carroll and Audubon Friday night. Johnson was driving alone and apparently lost control of his car. Which overturned into a ditch. An implement dealer Johnsn l and lived in Gilbert for Many year.-. Johnson is survived by Tim sons Lester Gilbert Earl Sioux City Anc Carroll Cleveland o. And on daughter. Mrs. Albert Kin Ball Pittsburgh a. I if died several years Vee. Complaints pour in on Texas Issue Washington ubit the new Deal cleaned up the gruesome details of the governments latest Issue of trick coins saturday and said never again. Too much grief. The mint coined 10,000 extra ape Elal half dollars and sold them at face value to the Elpaso tex., museum committee which resold them at $2 each to the Public a pocket pieces commemorating the Spanish Trail across the Southern states. Then the complaints be pan to arrive. Most of them concerned the cadaverous engraving of a dead cow s Skull on the fact of the Coin. The writers said they did no to think these Bovine Bones were any fit Austi tute for the Serene features of the goddess of Liberty. Numismatists who Are to coins what philatelists Are to Stamps kicked still harder. They tried to pay $2 for coins Worth 50 cents and get pm for less than $3 each from speculators after the original 10,090 were sold. They said that Wasny to right. The mint said done to blame us blame Congress. Officials said they intended to try stalling off any further commemorative coinage issues on the theory that Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau or might fall in a much hot water with his coins As Fost Maat Gen Era James a. Farley has with hts genuine a gummed Imperforate postage Stamps. Congress began authorising Spe Elal half dollars in 1s92, commemorating world fairs monuments Battles the Landing of the Pilgrim and numerous other events of Erv would f Choate ers in con v ones police reported saturday that a Cai stolen near Osceola sunday no get by an armed Bandit who plans for a longtime unified edit j old up the own Aud left him of it Ault Mal pwn a Quot a Quot wow a lion in Iowa War Anontine Salih Roadside was found abandon. J 1rdsy r r d1recl�?zr j or Southeast second Street at 4 p the Extension advice Iowa state ii. Friday. College. The car. A 1933 Pic Mouth sedan1 it e project will com Lait of de a two lives lost damage set at million dollars 60th disturbance in area within a week Helena Mont. Uddo three minor temblor Shook Helena saturday recurrent vestiges of tie major earthquake which took t o Lites injured a score of per i As and caused damage or unrated at $1,500,000 Pride night. A they were of Only a few see ones a duration and did not add to the devastation wrought by the Shock throne Western Montana Friday night. The major quake entered to the Helena area. Known to geologists As an area of seismic activity in which Earth activity May be expected tit any time. It was noted As far East As Billings. The disturbance Friday night was the sixtieth Felt Here within a week. Since the first one.1 causing damage approximating $30,000, they were of Small consequence. The damage to buildings in the affected area South of the main business District was excels Sivo. Two stacks of the fact Helena smelter were toppled. Numerous residences were almost entirely j destroyed. I the h Earl Clack Oil com Uto j party building was a total loss. The Brick alis collapsed Lear a Longs to m. E. Hiatt. My Ray. Who a held up sunday night at Osceola by a tone Bandit forced to drive about six mibs into the country and there was tied and gagged. The Bandit stole $9 and fled with the Matt car. Farms of cooperating Farmers. Soil conservation demonstrations a j those farms will be conducted a cording to the soils program de j hoped by the College during the Seattle Aile a the non Hern Pacific telegraphed in Helena informed the Seattle office that not a Chimney in the City remained standing after the 4rihl/.ake. The Drake a there x pm ref Huju Cul lapsed he said and plate Glass was shaken from store windows into the streets he did not know of casualties. Last few years which proved sue careful on Many Iowa farms a no the Metal roof resting on the the car was first noticed Here j committee composed of j. L. Bout j top of a Northern Pacific bus shout la a in. Friday when Dewey Man it chairman c. H. Van Vleck and several passenger Automo Shii tis bomb Duff Avenue re Extension agricultural Engineer j Biles. Port d that by saw a Man get out of it and Kenyon o. Homan of the soil i a hrs a tory brie building of cur. I conservation Bervie. Shenandoah i a f1 a a to police expressed the opinion Bat wji1 have charge of the oath Niit demolished urls v that the Man a .1 abandon f the f ,.a pm on . Uji Hii Raa tie work i the wails of several residences h the car Bere and had hitch hiked it of Ames sheriff Floyd my Quern Osceola was informed of leaving fur announcement followed a were peeled away conference earlier this week of k. J Rushings intact. E Buchanan director of the col 1 groups of refugees gathered the finding of Tbs car Here. Him by Experiment station r. F. L h around comforting fires in to Rome to Ames saturday to return j the car to Galt. Relief cases show increase of 861 in Iowa the land regional director for the soil conservation service Bethany to streets. In one place a Des Moines or Relief Case in Iowa increased by 861 during i poses at the College. Phosphate in september oter la previous month. Of fort Lumzer Eva j c. Pryor director of the Iowa j in appreciable amount emergency Relief administration for legume and Grain crop and it said saturday. During september is made available for edit Ca 31.459 Case Wert handled compar Conal and experimental purposes de to 33,518 during August. To the to a. Of Iowa obtains a per to a of the increase came in Tbs. On the phosphate Farmer Carload of i whisky 7 0 cases w As crushed j l. Boatman Extension soils up j under a 27-Inch Stone warehouse Cia lint and director Bliss. The co front. Operative project is subject to apr guards patrolled the stricken pro Val by the United states de area to prevent looting. The main pertinent of agriculture. By Ness District lying in a Gulch. Director Bliss announce Ute in Yatowt on it a Quot Lnora a a a a we t j w a the government Hospital at possibility of obtaining ,on two a. A from the Tennessee Valley author Wal of no was evac Ity for use on the demonstration a ted the buildings being conferral and for experimental put dered unsafe. Some Isona year or so a new kind of half do i Aviti Gynn a her Veltz of a Quot a a a u i family division were Aing it on demonstrations would of Dollar opening Paris Tup a the american do 17 1-2 franc rents a franc. Friday when be pleaded guilty of tar British Pound opened at charge of fast driving. I 74.so francs. L p . Stor opened at of. Mood $5 id Ames municipal comr saturday 6 590 r newfangled Calendar would have 12 less work Days a or. Washington Tim this would Lions but would balance be autumn is under a new necessary 36 5 Days the he holds the rank colonel. Ames reserves win at Boone 19 to 0 the ame High Schoel Reserve team Defeated the Boone High reserves 19 to 0 in a foot Bari game on the Loon Field saturday morning. The am High Brit tear Jray Bonne at Boone Nev 11 in leap year there would he another Holiday known As a leap Day immediately preceding a year in order to provide Mort holidays would declare the fifteenth thirtieth rot it fifth and ninety fir.-1 Days of Ca a of lest. Tutti o rounded fortnights who be compared of two sin. H Quarter to tangled Calendar worked out by j. Ernest Frost los Angeles. A Brist in As would by known us autumn 85, Washington a birthday in Winter tit. Memorial Day As Spring 58 and the fourth of july As summer i. The department of Commerce which gather data to help in Das Trier find markets Aud improve efficiency included the proposal in irs regular Tri month saturday Aud 10 full in publication it did not How tag dues. Ever suggest that Industry worry Holiday thus would fall a1-about the new Calendar while most evenly thru out the year trying to work out voluntary under frosts mathematical Trade practice agreements. Dissection of the Calendar there Frost proposed Tiu Calendar j would be 4 8 equally balanced year be divided into four equal weeks each year there would quarterly season of 91 Day be about 12 a it working Days Art rho present new years per year than ere eth a. How Focy would Ivy a in mini alerted tech $. A Quot a it to a year due it it not be conform Quot wit m demand part of the numerical designs Shorter a re period Lac. Selling at a Premium came along to make a lure profit for one organization or another. The High or maybe it was the Low in super half dollars was in 1915 when the mint struck off a few thousand Square ones in Honor of the Panama Pacific exposition. The 50 Cen piece really a it a How i Square being octagonal in shape bks a a Check but the bumps Matis to still a Bowling about St 20 years after Ope of these be veiled Edge half dollars is Worth $10.50 now. And hard to get at and Price. John Ames 4ttends municipal meetings John Ames City manager left saturday morning for Knoxville to in Hen he will appear monday of the program of the annual convention of the National Assoria Hon i municipal official or. Ames who he served or provided for 138.499 persons in j Tain it for the in t of freight i september compared to 133,620 i \. Actor Bho a recently returned from Tah mated extent August. J h meeting of the Extension rot nth a group a transient relict showed a Sharp the of fhe Gram College an Tient Ware sleeping in the open on improvised cola. The St John s to pita Bere was damaged. One nurse was injured dangerously when she rushed from the building in a rain of dislodged bricks. All school buildings Here Ware damaged. The new 1190,000 High school building a reeled with Pyy a Aid. Felt the quake to the if $100,000. Isahc students just bad left the building whew the first tremor rocked it. The decline from 9.149 Parsons in us i so elation muscle Shoat. a a a ii aerie. Ust to 7.51 x in september the drop j Here leaders discussed pose i by came largely in the division plying Aid to single Persona. Up nut neatly j re or Arch Pound would port of Iii a ? w a two j meats Wark i Tup ill a i v Aret it nation.,i e tire develop p. I. A. Council will Start safely Orive a High a it safety Campaign in Ames will be started monday a a no ing of the Arnee Parent teacher Council to be h by in the Attai Noly room re the music Pavilion a 1 in. Or. A. To . Associate proles Sot of psychology it Iowa St univ u 1 and chairman of the com Mitt i a a psychology it til High Way if tie National it Mil Cotta Ell will discus his work in u sting an o drive Raud a j Duce Chi of j ii. Is la talk on la necessity Extension of Sod Conte re at Ion Dan oust rations underway in the ten Ness be Valley area to other adet Tot of the country. The Cooper it soil project to f iou-1 of pm tel inter Mountain College buildings were weakened. The Bryant Grade school wa.5 Delft dished. The of of Helena High school building j Row used works Progress administration Headquarters was cracked severely there w a re six separate quake i coat i Nulec on Page two Engh Besl illustrated fief co 1 vane of traffic Law. In. John y Andes Bud ii president it the Council urges a ail i in at a of the Council by present t or i a Engineer a Magazine publish monthly by students of the Ell Gin ring division of Low .1 slate a a ill. A v. Is adjudged the Best illustrated air to of the engineering to allege is a Ais is As in t at a conv a Niton of that i group to Diu Delpont ii was f i trued Bere by turd Ayau editorial keeping Pony in jibe world a written by Roy kure Sioux City former editor of th1 Iowa Engineer was ranked foul the <11 the bested tor ills division prof Richard Vav Beekman it Foi 250-Y�i old Oak r tied Oshkosh by ii. V a a ancient Oak felled by a Strong win i had Railroad spikes imbedded in in j which had by a a i used 75 year ago according to a descendant of tic second family w both armed Here Vij dub re Artoe was $s4.n&Quot i cd Armau of the eng a eerie a col Fly. C0u�i"tg of a Ltd a. A t 101.000 pounds i re Alines Socin a red a the i tree ring indicted a a wig 350 1114?7, re t a r. Sch Franca a a Ltd a Fob end it a a Tong Ltd . J j year old 74 min he Pound. It it Clad Al the Del or in a of in thou Money pricks London of the Pound Quot of the College department of technical min sat or 1 air d Journ Dili. It was reelected vice shillings 7 1-2 Pence an ounce. Quot to re Dollar Priet a a a it 7?. Chair of too a 101.000 Pound �?�7 aunt Lindy says ail the ambitious mama Baa to do is to arrange the to terns Bona Quot Book up a daughter and a Bra i cd a my Eire itself

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