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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1937, Page 4

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - October 1, 1937, Ames, Iowa A of Forames daily Tribune. Ames. Iowa Friday october i 1937 Ames daily t Bune l Imes punished Dally a capt sunday by Uke Ames daily Tri Bune-t1mbs Ca if7 fifth Street Ames lows w s Rupe publish it Robert Murray. Managing editor Hollis j Nordyke business manager entered a second class matter at the Post office it Arnee. Iowa. Tinder the act of july 16. 1914. Official paper of Story county he the City of Arnee j subs Ali Tion City. Carrier weekly. City Carrier one year rates City Carrier one year. A Story adjoining counts is month. A Story adjoining counties one year. Iowa of Tai de above counties six month. A Iowa outside above counties one year. A outside of Iowa one year Oft All subscriptions must be paid in Advance Servile will be discontinued at Date of expiration unless renewed members of Iowa daily press Assn. Pot and Kettle we Are indebted to the new Republic for the news that among the undeclared wars now raging in the world is one which the gnat democratic Britain n Mediterranean life line. The old saying about blood and water crops up in parody whenever barter of immediate advantages for Mere promises of future fair play is suggested among realistic governments ideological sympathies arc Likely to run thick i or than agreements expedient to the moment. I and results of the a a gentlemen a agreement tween Italy and Britain a few months ago i still East a Shadow of disillusionment on Brit a ish official circles. I recognition of general Franco would help j to entrench securely in Spain a government that would owe much More to italian and German influence than to British. It would facilitate the spread of totalitarian ideas As against democratic ideals at a time when British Bonds with France and tile United states Are being strengthened by an increasing consciousness of their common interest Iii democracy. And what guarantee could Britain obtain from general Franco that would Abs am benevolent British Empire is carrying on j lately preclude anti British developments in against tribesmen in Northwest India. And now egyptian newspapers have just carried reports of the death of a British officer and four soldiers Iii an air Force action against arabian tribesmen. The Campaign in India is being carried on by the British with increased use of Force in the Mediterranean at some Date after a fascist Spanish government had established itself firmly j the pressure of Large British investments in Spanish mining enterprises and of some influential people sentimentally favourable to the More aristocratic form of government for the face of the urging of humane students of j which general Franco stands May help the the Indian situation that the Indian Frontier j italian cause in Britain. But with Britain a re policy needs revision in the direction of More j armament program beginning to show positive humane principles. The Indian action already i effects on the european atmosphere and with has Cost several million dollars the lives of i an increasing prestige resulting from firmness 30 British and 141 native soldiers and 750 in handling the Mediterranean piracy problem tribesmen. Tho British government Lias less reason than it but the Point is that these events bolster had some months ago to Trade tangible con the Contention that what is causing the roil Cessions for intangible promises. Hies of the world today is not merely the Appe a to tile of Japan Germany and Italy for Empire building at the expense of ruthless crushing of native populations. The existence of these conditions in India and in the Arab country not to speak of British activity in Palestine takes the moral Quality out of Winston Churchill a recent Contention that what s wrong with the world today is the warlike spirit of Germany. For Britain As Empire builder has always been Germany a favorite Mentor. 1�? newspaper comment recognition for Franco Christian science Monitor a parallel interests is the phrase now fashionable to describe those Points of european policy on which Germany and Italy can agree. As Chancellor Hitler entertains Premier Mussolini in Germany this week one such interest appears to he in the process of grooming for presentation to great Britain. Hitherto it has not appeared piste parallel. It is the interest Italy would like Germany to take in securing British recognition for a fascistic regime in Spain under general Franco. Suggestions have been kiting in Rome dispatches but in the Guise of German advice to Italy that Premier Mussolini might find Britain willing to recognize general Francois government if Italy would Promise not to exploit Spain for italian military advantage Iii the Mediterranean Aren. Such suggestions even if authentically of German origin could Appeal Only to those sections of British opinion which Britain a own Captain Liddell Hart has pointedly rebuked for allowing their a class sense Ami a property sense to Blind them to the strategic dangers of having another dictatorship on Burke vindicated Dubuque Telegraph Herald senator Burke i of Nebraska is one who can now say a i told you it was he who demanded a senator a Jal investigation and claimed that lie could produce two witnesses who would testify to Blacks relation with the klan. But the Senate i Defeated a motion for the inquiry. Senator Borah incidentally voted against it and also against Black. A to quite exceptional Cherokee times it is quite an innovation As compared with recent years to find in the present occupant of the office of attorney Gen Jeral of Iowa one who really believes that Laws Are made to be obeyed and that Public officials hav a duty to see that Laws Are actually respected. A a no discrimination possible Atlantic Newa Telegraph Davenport May be satisfied because of its violation of the Law but As Long a a it is a part of Iowa the Laws of Iowa will have to apply there As Well As elsewhere. We cannot have one Law for the Rich and another for the poor nor one Law for Davenport and another for Atlantic. Save with a compliment Greene record Here a a Little tip to Greene husbands when your wife comments about Lier neighbor s new fall hat the easiest Way out is to Tell her that if sin was t so attractive already slip would have to depend on now millinery As the neighbor women do. A Imi air done to stay put Boone news Republican one Iowa paper says that candidates for office next year will do Well to is and on platforms of Economy. The trouble is they step off As soon As elected. How about Hollywood visiting Mussolini not ice the. Expression y in the no is it m lamp a bigger and better Bambino Campaign hiccups for eight weeks mite a Iowa Dally press photo. For eight weeks Harriet Bacon 18-year-old daughter of or. And mrs. John Bacon of Malvern la., has suffered with hiccups. Brought to a Council Bluffs Hospital she is showing improvement under a treatment of breathing Carbon dioxide. A glance at the past oct. 1, 1917 retail dealers in Ames today predicted that Coal prices will Advance Here from 45 to 50 cents per ton. The new prices will be $5 and $7 per ton. The weather forecast for the next 24 hours is for fair but cooler weather. R. L. Webster and John Williams visited sunday with mrs. Webster at the methodist Hospital in Des Moines. She is getting along nicely. Or. And mrs Charlet Olean and or. And mrs. W. F. Gins Abura and or. M. H. Powers spent sunday in Des Moines. Miss Harriett Iverson left this morning for Rochester. Minn., where she will enter the Mayo hot a Petal for treatment. Mrs. Anna Nichols mrs. W e. Winslow and j. H. Walters of Wyoming 111, visited at Camp Dodge sunday. Or. And mrs w w. Pearson and sin Melvin and or. And mrs. Charles pears n of Mitchellville visited Over the weekend in the t. J. Lop Home. Mrs. J r. Sage will supervise Tho red Eros activities at the College workroom this afternoon. Mrs. K g. Smith will have charge tuesday. Franklin twp. Hold meeting at Cameron school the Community meetings at the Cameron schoolhouse were started again thursday evening and the following officers were elected president Henry Fox vice president mrs. Amos Cole Secretary s Eami ror mrs. Josie Stuart. The program for the next meeting will be held thursday evening october 21 is. Mrs. Lillian Cole will have charge of the program and will be ass sted by the teacher mis Mildred Brown. At the Home of her daughter. Mrs. William Stone. Mrs. Mabel Selix and mrs. E j. Hunter spent sunday afternoon with mrs. Roy Grierson. At s. Reilly and son Chauncey were business caller at Austin Minnesota tuesday. Or. And or. John Wakefield of Ames spent thursday at the Home of their son Floyd. Mrs. Mabel Selix who has spent the past to Days at the Home of her sister mrs. Ernest Hunter left wednesday my Ming for her Home at Tracy. Minnesota. Or and mrs. A. S. Reilly. Margaret and Edward spent the weekend with their son Francis and wife at Kansas City. Or. And mrs. Amos Cole were business callers in Des Moines monday. A Good Many from this locality attended the Chicken supper at the congregational Church at Gilbert tuesday evening. Friend. And neighbors of mrs Edna Cattell gathered at her Home sunday to it help her celebrate Lier birthday. A Basket dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour after which the honoree was presented with a handkerchief Shower. These pre sent were or. And mrs. Will Beck. Or. And mrs. Anderson or. And mrs. O. W. A Inholz. Mrs. George Briley mrs. Ames cob miss Minnie Dorren. Elmer Koons and daughters Hazel and Norma. Mrs. Jay Allen spent Friday afternoon at the e j. Hunter Home. Harley Mathews was a business caller at Nevada tuesday. Kelley mrs. Albe Gross of been visiting the past Boone has two weeks Art and entertain for Bride elect mrs. Randall Holland. M s. Fausch mrs. D s. Flu Ach mrs. Henry Thompson were hog tosses at a pre nuptial Shower saturday evening at the la ban Hgt me in Honor of miss Arlene Reinertson who is to be mauled october 2, to or. J. W. Harrison of Eugene. Oregon. Twenty guests were present and announcement of the wedding Date was made in tiny cupid favor i Reinertson is a daughter of or. And mrs. J. L. Reinertson of near Kelley. Refreshments were served Fob % of fam it my u a ii ii ii by mrs. Gay nor Maddox m i no re if stuff w alter i hats an extra egg or two a for sunday s cake and what would sunday be without lots of extra fancy frosting on the cake so Roll up your sleeves and Start in getting ready for big eating on sunday afternoon Ambrosia layer cake 3 eggs two and one half cups sifted cake hour 2 Teaspoon combination baking powder. 1-4 Teaspoon Salt i i -2 Teaspoons grated Lemon Rind i Tablespoon grated Orange Rind 2 3 cup butter or other shortening i 1-2 cups sugar 3 eggs unbeaten 2 Tablespoons Lemon juice 5 Tablespoons Orange juice. 2 Tablespoons water sift flour once measure add baking powder and Salt and sift together three times add Lemon and Orange rinds to Butler and Cream thoroughly add Sugai gradually and Cream together until Light and Fluffy add eggs one Ai a tune beating thoroughly after each add flour alternately with combined fruit juice and water a Small amount at a time beating after each addition until smooth Hake in two greased 9-Inch layer pans in moderate oven 375 degrees f 20 minutes or until done spread Orange Coconut filling Between layers and seven min it Frost my on top and sides of cake arrange sections of i of adige free from membrane on top of cake. And Sprinkle 1-2 can moist sweetened Coconut Over top while frosting is still soft Orange Coconut filling one cup Sugai 5 Tablespoons cake flour dash of Salt 1-2 cup Orange juice 3 Tablespoons Lemon juice 4 Tablespoons water i egg or 2 egg Yolks slightly beaten. Sundays menu breakfast Surprise Grapefruit creamed eggs on Toast Johnny cake Strawberry Jam Coffee milk dinner iced Melon Chicken fricassee with mushrooms baked stuffed potatoes Green peas Corn on cob celery allow in chocolate cake Coffee Hulk supper Chicken soup in cups vegetable , tiny Ham Sandwich. Potato doughnuts Tea. Fruit milk 2 Teaspoons butter i Tablespoon grated Orange Rind. 1-2 can moist sweetened Coconut chopped Combine sugar flour and Salt in top of double boiler add fruit juice water and egg mixing thoroughly place Over boding water and Cook to minutes stirring constantly remove from boiling water add butter Orange Rind and Coconut Cool makes enough filling to spread Between a two 9-Inch layers Coconut May be omitted if a Plain Orange filling is desired seven minute frosting two egg w Hites unbeaten i 1-2 cups sugar 5 Tablespoons water i i-2 Teaspoons Light Corn syrup i Teaspoon Vanilla Combine egg Whites sugar water and Corn syrup in top of doubt boiler beating constantly with rotary beaten until thoroughly mixed place Ever rapidly boiling water beat constantly with rotary egg beaten and Cook 7 minutes or until frosting will stand in peaks remove from boiling water add Vanilla and beat until thick enough to spread makes enough frosting to cover tops and sides of two 9-Inch layers. By Marion Whit of the night copyright 1937, Nea service inc. Cast of characters Priscilla Pierce a heroine Younjui worn in attorn. Amy Kerry Illy Roommate and murderer s victim. Jim Kerrigan filly Fiance. Ii a la r v ii i Tubi of s a a in y u strange visitor. Sergeant Holani officer assigned to solve the murder of Amy Kerr. Yesterday Illy hold another conference with inspector Dolan. Then he reveals that Amy had been Arnn glad before Abe a hurled from the Housetop chapter Vii to or a moment Cilly sat there too stunned to move. A strangled a she repeated. That explained the wild shriek she had heard before the fall the shrill terrorizing cry which had weakened to an agonized gasp As the rope choked off her breath. A i can to believe it a Cilly murmured. A i simply can to believe that anybody would want poor Amy Kerr out of the Way. Its too terrible a a now you see a Dolan went on a Why we re trying to Check up on her past on her friends and acquaintances. We need just one Little Clew to put us on the right As if in response to their thoughts the Telephone on the desk jangled. Cilly answered it a Western Union calling a she repeated aside to sergeant Dolan. Then into the phone a what of she must be. Are you quite sure wait wait just a a a it a Western Union a she said again. A the message has not been delivered. They say there is no miss Harriet Kerr in a a what a that a sergeant Dolan demanded sharply. A there let me take he took the phone from Cilly a trembling hand. A hello a he said authoritatively. A can you give me your Interlaken operator on this line direct a to Cilly he mumbled a Small town. The operators know everybody. They can Tell us where to find aunt Harriet. Hello Interlaken new York police calling. Sent a message to miss Harriet Kerr last night. Isnit she at Interlaken where what a that you say a a tie replaced the phone on its Hook and turned to Cilly. A Well that a a hot one a he said. A what is it a a there was a miss Harriet Kerr in Interlaken but she died four years Cilly a eyes widened. A you Means there Isnit any aunt Harriet a a evidently not. And miss amyl a been giving you a cock and Bull Story about her relatives. Now Why i ask you Why did she have to do that a a i done to know a Cilly said wearily. A a in a sure i done to know. The whole thing gets More impossible every minute. Whatever will i do now there Arentt any other relatives in a sure. Amy never mentioned a soul except her aunt a a that a a funny one All right. If she spoke so much about her aunt Why did no to she Tell you that she was dead. Whereas she been keeping herself for the past four years he guess ill have to do a Little checking up in new Dolan made some More notes in the Little Black Book. A now about these Young men who were visiting you last night a he proceeded. A what can you Tell me about them a a i can Tell you about or. Kerrigan. Because i know him very Well. The other Young Many amyl a Friend i met for the first time last a was Amy in love with him a a ooh i done to think so a Cilly answered quickly. She was not going Quot to besmirch amyl a memory by letting the police think she was the victim of a one sided love affair. And Harry Hutchins with half an Eye on Gloria Harmon and her fathers Chain stores would certainly not admit being in love with Amy. A How Long had she known him where did she meet him a a she knew him before i met her. I understood that Amy met him quite informally on a train in the dining car. They were both coming to new York and so they just naturally grew to be a Hutchins from out of town too a a no i think he a lived in new York on and off for Many years. He has a great Many friends a what does he do for a living a a the writes. Trade journal articles i believe. On business management and a what s the name of the paper he a with a a a he a not with any paper. He free sergeant Dolan s shrewd eyes narrowed. A and you done to like a i did no to say that at a you done to sound very enthusiastic about a possibly i did no to like the Way he played Bridge a Cilly offered. A but certainly i have no reason either to like or dislike a i see. Done to think he measured up to this Friend of yours or. Kerrigan. Is that it what a his business a a a he a the new York representative of a Chicago publication the mid West he has a Small \ office at 190 West 42nd�?� Ryphe sergeant made a note of that. A have you gotten in touch with 1 the Young men yet a he asked. A no i Cilly hesitated. A Jim is out of town. I done to know exactly where. He mentioned something about it last night a Why Haven to you told Hutchins seems head be interested done to you think a Cilly nodded. A i meant to phone him the first thing this morning but mrs. Corbett awakened me. And you arrived As soon As id finished Dolan reached for the phone. A til Tell him. What a the number do you know a a there it Cilly pointed to a tiny phone pad on the desk. A Marlborough h o the i. Endicott 5-0980.�?� sergeant Dolan dialled the number. A hello. Marlborough let me talk to or. Hutchins will you of say. Wait a minute. Give me the desk first. Hello. This is the police sergeant Dolan talking. Special investigation. Can you Tell me what time Hutchins got in last night Harry Hutchin what a that. Wait a minute let me get that number. Yeh f thanks. All right now connect me with him will you a Cilly waited while sergeant Dolan told Harry about amyl a tragic death. She noticed that he did not mention the fact of her being murdered. He did nit ask Cilly if she wanted to speak to Harry. He finished speaking and replaced the phone. A looks As if Hutchins is o.k.,�?� he said. A desk clerk did no to see him come in last night naturally a he was Oil duty but there a a record of a phone Call he made at 12 20. He must have gone right Home if he left Here at 11 30. Takes a Good 40 minutes on the subway Over to the Marlborough. You re sure it was 11 30 when i they left a Cilly nodded. A exactly. By the Banjo clock he looked in his Black Book again. Quot twelve Twenty. That a just about the time miss Kerr was killed Isnit it yep. 12 20.�?� Cilly remembered that the Little clock on the vanity said 12 20 i when she had first gone to bed. And they always kept that clock a few minutes fast. To be continued lowing a mock wedding. Favorite recipes were Given to the honoree who received Many Lovely and useful gifts. A a club holds first meeting the first meeting of the Kelley Community club for the new year Wab held Friday evening in the school House with a Large attendance reported. The program for the evening included musical numbers by the Kelley band a talk by the Rev. E. Stories in Stamps invents the cheese Box on a raft Quot it he world still floats on the achievements of capt. John Ericsson civil War time inventor and ship builder extraordinary in All the history of naval Progress there is no Star brighter than Ericsson a. No less than four times his inventions antiquated existing naval armament. He substituted wrought Iron ordnance with shrunk on jackets for cast Iron and he superseded the wind driven warship with the screw propelled vessel. He thereby placed the american Navy first and revolutionized the navies of the world. And Ericsson did More. He gave the Union the strange Little Craft a a Monitor in an hour of great need in the civil War and with that act once More revolutionized the navies of the world. He produced the destroyer a vessel with submarine gun discharged but compressed air forerunner of the modern submarine. Critics labelled his Monitor a Tchee Sebow on a raft when it first Slid Down the ways but it gave historic Battle to the ironclad ship of the confederacy. Similarly they scoffed at his Princeton first Iron Steamboat built in the United states with its boilers and engines wholly below the water line. But Ericsson was successful though perhaps a ahead of his he is honoured with a 1926 memorial stamp. Copyright ln37, \ i \ ser let i be. I u. S. 1926 erics ton memorial Issue 5 e Gray Lilac la Corrm piano Solo Robert Dean and ventriloquist act by Bobbie Clark of Ontario. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the evening. Officers elected at this time include mrs. Art Fausch president mrs d. M. Malliett vice president Arni mrs. Iii ills. Secretary and treasurer. Said to produce 5.8 Pei cent butterfat in its milk which is higher loan the United states Standard. Is ohm due a Dpi or. And or. Randall Reinertson were Host at a family dinner sunday honouring miss Arlene Hellier son. Who left Early in the week for the West roast where she will be married. Guests included or. And mrs j. L Reinertson and daughters Arlene and Faye or. And mrs. Art Fausch and family and or. And mrs. Ben Reinertson and family. British naturalists Are studying the migration of butterflies by marking As Many As they can catch with lift n so s of paint. A Breed of cow found by chinese scientists in hang How District is Young couples have been married in balloons Iii Lions Dens and elsewhere hut probably no Bey and girl were Ever before United in the Mouth of a stuffed whale. That s the situation you get in a Public wedding a the farce com Edy showing Friday and saturday i at the Capitol. J the boy and girl who take part in the ceremony Are William i p per now playing his first movie and Jane Wyman an attractive Little Brum the who likewise is having her first leading role. I the comp Nisi feature on this program is Buck Jones in a Sand behind the scenes in Washington by Roon by in Sci Ike Nea service staff correspondent Washington a the recent saying recently that consumer Small Dent in the business purchases had increased five per curve has been taken Here and in cent Over a year previous while Wall Street with varying degrees retail prices had gone up nine per of optimism and pessimism. Cent representing an actual de you can find More advanced crease with an inevitable effect on reasons for the Stock Exchange production. Slump within the administration j purchasing Power has been held than you can in York where cases wage income the Stock Exchange is investigate h 3 info said slump. And much More having increased steadily for 15 difference of opinion As to whether month with one exception farm the Market decline has been a Good income running at the rate of a thing a bad thing or something of billion dollars Over last year a no real importance. National income increase estimated All this writer pretend to be at u per cent Bonus payments to certain about is that or. Leon veterans and other Federal expend Henderson chief economist for Dit rest and a Rise in instalment win last Spring at a time when buying to 50 per cent Over the 1929 authorities generally were predict Toul How much of the total asks ing an uninterrupted two or three Nenderson Bas gone to pay Price year Market Rise prophesied a boosts wave of Price raising which would. Result in a deficit of purchasing of to c puce had St y the fall j lower there would have been a the test of the prophecy is now increase in retail buying in with us and Henderson believes a a disappointing volume the Outlook Isnit any too Sweet in during the summer months Hen less business acts rapidly and on a Der Oij says. A because of Price in wide front to creases goods Are not being taken i Cut prices where possible. Off the Market and inventories re 2. Bring out cheaper lines of main High. Goods. J a unless the great mass of peo 3. Refrain from Price increases pie have Money to pay the Price a of goods produced we will go in to Enderson believes the Stock to a tailspin again with temporary Market went up on the theory overproduction and then reduced of a Long uninterrupted Rise production schedules. A a buyers whereas continued recovery is strike simply Means that the based on two things construction buyer has no credit or which now lags and purchasing Henderson would urge Busi Pewere increases in which he news t0 seek profits on volume ays. Have been largely destroyed of business rather than on High it a Price increases. Profit per unit. He quotes or Glenn Frank As cafe right. Isi. Mba service Lac

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