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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1937, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - October 1, 1937, Ames, Iowa Official Ames Ane Story county Pape Rames daily Tribune and time Universal in the Ames territory weather forecast Cloudy possible showers Friday might or saturday. Cooler. Temperatures thurs 3 p. Rn., 90 Fri. 6 a rn., 62 1 30 a rn., 81. Precipitation Trace. Vol 71 no. 79, official Ames and Story county paper Ames Iowa Friday october i 1937 United pre wire service three cent8japan will Brook no interference Black hard at work on radio text whole world Waits for dramatic event Washington Justice Hugo l. Black will deliver Friday night Over the combined facilities of the nations broadcasting sys terns his reply to charges he was a life member of the Kun flux klan when he swore to his oath As an associate Justice of the u. S. Supreme court. While Black worked in privacy Over the text of his precedent shattering address arrangements were completed for the broadcast to be delivered at 8 30 p. In. Cost Over the facilities of the National Columbia and Mutual networks. Close Friend x Black will speak from the ten Nyson Street Home of Claude e. Hamilton jr., general counsel of the reconstruction finance corp., associate of Black brother in Law Clifford j. Durr an pfc assistant counsel. Hamilton is an alabamian and a close Friend of Blacks. Radio engineers were ordered to install microphones in the living room of the Hamilton Home to carry Blacks voice to the National Hookup. Only the closest friends of the Justice were expected to witness the broadcast. The group was expected to comprise Only the hamilton8, Durrs and possibly one or two other close associates of Black. Prevent leak utmost care was being taken to prevent any a a leak in the contents of Blacks speech. Contrary to earlier indications however Advance copies of the address will be made available to newspapermen shortly before the Justice begins speaking. The advances were expected to be supplied about an hour and a half before the Justice goes on the air. Mrs. Hamilton expressed a great pleasure at being Able to afford the Justice a place from which to make his broadcast. Not much room a your living room is of modest site a she said a and several pieces of furniture May have to be moved out to allow space for the Rudio she said there would be room for Only a few associates of Black to witness the broadcast. A we probably can seat seven or eight people in the living room a she said a but there wont be room for any precautions National broadcasting company announced they were making the same preparations for the Black broadcast that they make when they carry the presidents Quot fireside chats to the nation. Duplicate equipment was ordered installed at the Hamilton residence and duplicate lines were put up into the studio that in event of mechanical failure on one set of equipment the other can be utilized without interference. Officials of the broadcasting company said heretofore they have taken these elaborate precautions against interruption for no one but president Roosevelt. Ready by 8 it was Learned that Durr and Hamilton a Are working with Black Friday in preparing the radio address which Durr has estimated would require 20 minutes for delivery. Durr said it was expected the continued on Page two As Black hinted radio statement on klan intal exams for inmates of death Row to building is moving into Public Field Many improvements along main Street the building Boom in Ames which has already passed the million Dollar in Ruder showed a tendency to move from the primate Field to Public and commercial building and improvements during september. Largest single item of construction in the $55,717.50 in building for the month was the contract for the addition of an auditorium gymnasium unit at Welch school. The general and plumbing contracts let far total $41,848.50. New locations outside of this Public project main Street has come in for a Strong share of improvements Lar of persons these men Are a Kras la Fey due t0 thai 8hifting of Loca. Of a1 a v i o i it a / i u o n a try l la a la Safe at Home from sea trip will pursue course a to bitter end governor wants know background Des Moines hut a governor. Nelson g. Kraschel announced Chi artists examine the five inmates of a death Row at the state Penitentiary in fort Madison. Kras Che i said he May go to fort Madison when the examinations Are conducted. Or. Andrew h. Wood head of the University of Iowa psychopathic Hospital. Will be asked to direct the tests a Date for which will be selected later. Valuable those in death Row Are Allen Wheaton 21, Franz Jacobsen 2 John Mercer 29 Mario Heinz and Walter Rhodes 29. A i want to find out a what sort thousands Welcome is convinced she la British boat justified in Thot lost Gosport England be a the americans cup yacht endeavour i action Tokyo up Japan in a major statement of policy announced pictured above As he made his a no statement now remark when leaving his ship at Norfolk va., associate Justice Hugo Black left immediately for Washington for conferences with his friends. His hint then that he might make a statement on his alleged membership in the Kun flux klan was followed the next Day by the announcement that he would speak Over the National networks Friday at 9 30 p. Rn., Iowa time. Relief trial will be held october 8th Stevenson to was formerly head of i. S. C. Department w. H. Stevenson vice director of the Iowa agricultural expert annoyances to neighbors Are Law violations have you always thought of yourself As a Law abiding citizen of Ames Check on yourself and see How Many misdemeanours you Des Moines Olp a trial of the mandamus action brought by the Polk county Board of supervisors against the Iowa emergency Relief administration was set for oct. 8 by District judge o. S. Franklin Friday. The county is attempting to Force the Relief administration to resume payment of state funds to the county. The payments were discontinued. Sept. 15 on older it got. Nelson 88 he dbl department Iron Ware guilty of a Misdemeanour. Chol explained. A i want to know where lies the fault that prompted them to kill. I want to know All about their background. A the facts in the cases cannot be changed but i believe some valuable information can be obtained through mental to Bel Date Wheaton is Tho Only one of the five in death Row who has exhausted Legal action. The state supreme court last week denied his petition for a rehearing of the decision which upheld his death sentence. A Date for his execution must be set by the governor although the chief executive said it would be some time before he acts. Kraschel also has Power to commute the sentences to life imprisonment. The death sentences Lions of three stores. The fair store formerly located on the South Side of the Street has completed the task of moving across the Street into the stores formerly occupied by the Brooker drug store and Kurtz restaurant. Remodelling workmen Are now Busy remodelling the former fair store for the Mclellan variety store. According to plans submitted to and approved by the City Council the remodelling of this store will Cost $8,649. After the Mclellan store moves into this new location the Carr hardware will add the present Mclellan store room to its present store. Another move made this week on main Street is that of the Norge Ore which was purchased by b. Back from the grave arrived Horn Friday that she would Brook no in in Triumph Friday. J Tererence in China and was deter Nineteen Days ago she left new a nine to pursue her own course and Mercer also have been up p. Bliss who came Here from win held by the High court but they still have an Opportunity to petition for a rehearing. To pile appeals Rhodes and Jacobsen Are expected soon to file appeals to the High court. Terse and moved to 212 main Street. The name Ames Norge store was changed to Bliss Norge store. New display assisting or. Bliss in the new store Are Robert Jones Salesman has also been named acting head of the agronomy department to ment station at Iowa a state College Jare Gurity 0f committing As a citizen of Ames. These Petty annoyances bad neighbor policies and temporarily fill the vacancy left by mean tricks Are listed As misdemeanours in the revised ordinance of 1930 of the City of Ames. If you have a dog which habit Heaton was sentenced for i and miss Evelyn Vogt Secretary. A. V. Swanson manager of the continued on Page two the late or. P. E. Drown or. Charles e Friley president announced Friday. Juu ump a w men Naomi j or. Stevenson previously served rally barks or howls at night you killing Henry Plummer a Council Bluffs filling station attendant Rhodes Wras found guilty of murdering his wife at Iowa City. Heinz was convicted of the murder of his six year old Nephew David Fox in Dubuque county. Jacobsen was convicted for the murder of his sweetheart Catherine Leahy at Ottumwa. Mercer was convicted on charges of Mur Camporee Dat plans ready test your knowledge can you answer seven of these last questions turn to Page two for Tho answers. 1. Which president was nicknamed a old rough and ready a 2. Name the capital of new Mexico. 3. Who was recently made manager of the . Louis a a Browne in place of Rogers Hornsby 4 How Many amendments Are there to the u. S. Constitution 5. La what River Are mimic Shoals to. Are the commissioners of the District of Columbia elected 7. What proportion of the weight of the human body is blood 8. Where is the University of Nebraska 9. Is a child born in China of american parents a citizen of the la s.? 16. Who is the author of a the spinner in the Sun a a doctor of science London University. G. Kraschel when the Polk supervisors and the county Relief administration failed to agree on selection of a county Relief director. Before setting Date for the trial judge Franklin overruled four defense motions seeking dismissal of the suit. Although the Polk county supervisors brought the action the state of Iowa will be plaintiff in the Case. It was brought out that the Board cannot sue another Branch of the state government. Governor Kraschel and c. B. Murtagh state comptroller originally were named As co defendants in the Case. But ated As defendants ing the 1era and rectors of the in it a Hermann Allen is High in exam for Marine Academy special to the Tribune new York. a Hermann Alexander Allen of 509 Welch Avenue Ames came out among the highest in the competitive examinations held Here from aug. 23 to 28 for Entrance to the new York state merchant Marine Academy it was announced Here Friday by Owen b. Murphy Secretary. Unless he fails to pass Tho physical examination he will be a ounce it Friday admitted next month. Allen will fire chief enrol in the deck department a Fites in the Homes schools in the new class will comprise 70 Dua trial plants and other buildings students some in the engineering. Can virtually stamped out in department and Otheto in hour Jug citizens Aji Ages department the top 70, j 1906 until his retirement from that of you own keep or Harbor with Post in 1931. In 1912 or. Stevenson in the City any chickens ducks or took Over the duties of vice direct other fowls which disturb Early tor of the Experiment station. The morning slumber by their crowing acting head was the United states or quacking you Are guilty of a permanent Delegate to the inter Misdemeanour. National Institute of agriculture in if you throw any paper cards Rome Italy in 1921 and 1922, and advertisements or the like into any again in 1934. Or. A. Geoffrey Norman of eng land has been placed in charge of Demeanour soil Fertility and bacteriology re if you have Given away fire Searth Here j crackers or fireworks of any kind Norman less than Inch of rain Falls in september Street Alley or Public place withj.#1 f0r 10 j ii a a a nine different Days during rep in the City you Are guilty of a mis tember the month was the Dri Sproat Toplon a a a i boy scouts Busy on big program est of the year with Only .98 of an Inch of rainfall it was reported Friday by c. N. Brown or. Norman graduated front to the neighbors children next j superintend of the agronomy Birmingham University Binning Joor you Are guilty of a Misheal form Iowa state College Ham England in 1925, obtaining j a Astor. The Normal rainfall for Sophia doctor of philosophy degrees if you ride a bicycle or motor cy-1 temper 8 -32 inches and the practically every boy scout in Ames we its Busy Friday making final preparations for the second annual Camporee and Field Day. Which will be staged at Brookside Park from saturday afternoon to sunday evening. Of Especial interest to parents and friends of the scouts will be port r. A in Tow of the motor yacht Viva in next Day she broke her steel Tow line in a storm that roused immediate fear for her. Vain search was made for her for Days. It was feared that she had foundered. One false report was received that she was Safe and when it proved untrue she was All but Given up. Sighted on monday the British Tanker Cheyenne sighted her 260 Miles off the Southwest top of Ireland and flashed the news that she was Safe. Under her own sail. Endeavour i kept on. She we As sighted yesterday at Lizard Point at the Southwest tip of England. She kept on up the Channel. Her Tow Viva ii Long Home went out to meet her and this morning in the Haze off the South coast of England eager i to get Home endeavour consented again to take the Tow. Crowded All along the Dorsetshire and Hampshire coast the shores were crowded with watchers. Word that the endeavour we As near brought thousands crowding in to Gosport Portsmouth South sea and the Short line cramming every Point of Vantage. Jostling lines formed at docks to take ferry boats and launches to go out and meet her. Yachts launches and Row boats went out to meet the yacht and it was a Parade that escorted her the last Miles. Members of the Crew shouted to questioners that they had a pleasant voyage but that they had been eating canned food for Days and wanted a real meal. They looked in splendid condition. A flight Mist endeavour slim Hull was sighted through a slight Mist at the in trance to the Harbor behind her town and the Welcome really started. Sirens and horns sounded along with the cheers of the thousands of welcomes ashore and in the Harbor. Factories released their workers and there was a new Rush for the Shore As the yacht dropped Anchor at 9 40 a. In. 2 a. In. Cost. 4b a a Ole Hannah and Speed Are going Back on the air a to the bitter by implication the statement of policy constituted a Blanket reply not Only to protests of governments against Japan a War methods but a rejection in Advance of any action that might be taken by International agreement. The statement left no room for doubt that Japan is convinced her course is justified and that she will maintain it in face of whatever pressure or opposition she is called upon to meet. The government made the state ment through a foreign office spokesman. It rejected unqualified Day the idea of any Effort to mediate at this stage of hostilities. It reaffirmed Japan a intention to fight until China alters her alleged anti japanese policy. A if any Power desire to associate itself with China a the spokesman warned a it la entirely Welcome to do . Only let it be Ware of China a mendacious u. S. Cruiser is again under fire Shanghai Alp a the United states Cruiser Augusta was in line of fire again Friday As chinese air planes bombed the Vicinity of the japanese Airport at Yang upon across he Whang poo River from the City. The planes Drew a 16-minute furious anti aircraft Ore which sent the sailors on the Augusta scrambling below decks from their movie How. Heavy fighting continued North of the City. Communists in Small Victory Nanke. A in a details of what they said a i smashing chinese communist Victory Over 10,000 Jap anese mongolian troops in Shank province were revealed Friday bar chinese sources. The communists now the Chlu continued on Page two from i or disabled persons. If your patience has worn the new staff member served and you have taken a thin is holding up the planting of Winter wheat Brown reported. Returning to the air after several months absence the a Prairie Valley the Field Day contests at the Park i intelligencer will he heard Over at 2 39 p. Rn., sunday when scouts to Iowa state College radio Stalin demonstrate various phases of Mon each saturday from 12 30 to scout work in Competition for prix 12 40 p rn., r. K. Blurs Extension is. Director announced Friday. The detailed program of the the skit will be a regular feat Carn to re As announced by the a ure of the Extension hour Broad committee is cast each saturday from noon until saturday 11 of of clock. �?2 p. M. Ca til port i grounds open author of the skit in Ben p. Or i onions Ahon of bed roll., j ll., of the lyrical a Iii Rorant Defor by a ration for tiny it iils tar Moat who play Tho role of of lu>1in venting actin seven years with the Roth Amsted agricultural Experiment station in England before coming to Iowa state collage. A gun to the Farmers Are waiting until the rim a a a a i o observe Rire prevention week Birds nibbling at the lettuce in first Good rain to put in their your Garden you Are guilty of Ai Winter wheat crop Misdemeanour. J the average temperature for i the month was 65.1 degrees As compared with the Normal aver-1 age of 64.2 degrees. The rain if you let Snow stay on the sidewalk on your property for no than to hours you Are guilty of a Misdemeanour. Month Tot Webster says a Misdemeanour it slightly in a crime less than a of Iony. The were 18 cd if antics oct. 3�9s 8tlmtlon no tween felonies and i Cloudy. The misdemeanours is now purely Arbi fire prevention week will be of teary and without any logical a served in Ames oct. 3 to 9 by civic Sis it is still maintained in the schools women a i Bug ii a system and is de fined by 4-6 p. In. Scouts prepare 6-7 p. In. Games. 7-830 p. In. Camp fire pc 9 p. In. Taps. Sunday 6 30 a. In. Reveille and fast. 8 a in. Camporee dismissed for Quot pct Ion from the Southeast _ a a a organizations dub and other groups it Wai by l. R. Morris statute in the United states. Deck and j will learn a few fundamental rules prevention a chief Morris said. Quot the next few weeks Are a spec Lind Beroll and Carrell work on artificial heart we Hlub fell on nine Days of the a but a Trace or i p. In. Camporee reopened each time. There i 2 30 p. In. Field Day events. Lays and 12 partly j scoots making new records or prevailing wind do Hyghe to records of the Day will by recognized at Clown of a Ach event. T 5 p. In. Closing exercises. Boxes under stairs j amp is p a break Camp i Tenderfoot and second class j scouts will compete in on class in a Fairway in the and first class scouts in events will include in signalling first Ald Arch upper j b Jock Ness. Other characters Are Hannah Peppercorn played by ram. Mrs. Bali converso Speed Elkins played by Harold noose Gas Schmalz played by j. A. Larson prof. J. Larkin tor Ukiu. Played by Lee Nicol. This is the third year the Prairie Valley intelligence Bas been broadcast an i the sixth year it has heard Over of. Brea k Green Calls Al to Battle with forces of Cio Denver a William Ore called upon the american federation of labor Friday to Bury internal quarrels and a go Forward in the battled against the committee for Industrial organisation a without Compromise and without fear. Green Challenge to the John i. Lewis rebels came shortly after federation leaders had reported agreement on a drastic plan of action against the c. F. It reliable sources said that the ashore next week of Power for the executive Council to expel the insurgent unions at its own discretion. Usually authoritative sources told the United press that it a agreed that the Council would expel the powerful i United mine workers and the amalgamated n the. hour i Lothlin worker. Immediately b enter convention and would hold the threat of expulsion Over the eight other c. I. O. Unions. Cause Small Blaze based on the examination la alternates were maund. Hermann is a son of or. Aud or. E. Sallen of Ames. Or. Ai-�?T1 important became of the Dan ten is amp member of the maths boxes urn basemen of Iowa state about 3 15 matted a age to a do leg late pres malic legs. Sis if at Iowa state col sept. Bank debits hit $2,805,033.42 Bank debits in Ames during september totalled $2,805,033.42, it Eva reported Friday by the Ames Cie Trine House association. Blink debit in August were 32,647,134.41, Kors that come annually with t first cold snap when Furnace stoves and fireplaces Art for the first time since la new Vork u pm or Carrel research scientist it thursday that he and col Cha a. Lindbergh were continuing permit Uttal n looking toward lighted i faction of the a artificial to. Spring. I which they devised for study Alexis dosed i the the i i a i r a stairway in the agricultural Hall at ode be caught fire a Friday and ill amount of dam leading to the col it was reported by rement. Building judging and records made laity it building from Flint and Morgan of troop 143, Mith a discovered by j ones ii Man who turned of to it �?�>2 Sis string by min up 145, three a signalling col Nomer. J tying i fiery fir out pacing. A Are fire steel Dick i t eight Sec j slag patrol Fabricius butter has perfect score at w orld Congress Sudnick Extension Protea. Iowa i a nor of Dairy Industry at state College returned to the pus this week from Berlin Ger j Many where he attended the Elev la nth world Dairy Congress. Go t a at j the engr As. A tub of butter menu aunt Lindy says la fit we eau All help to make Ames human organs outside the body. A safer place to live by using care or Carre returning from abroad in starting fires and eliminating on the Normandie refused to say fire hazards such As piles of that they were making Progress but trash a the fire Chi f said. Indicated they still Wert working programs will be staged in the various Ames acht is during th1 coming a it a a in Observance of the annual fire prevention week along the name tines he rejected As a a nonsensical reports that Lindbergh planned to become a British citizen m ids Hadderton to work on degree miss better Chadderdon assistant professor of Home economics education at Iowa state College been granted a years leave of absence to accept the Ellen h Richards fellow ship at Ohio state University. M is go add Don Wuu study for r Lector of philosophy degree. $ 4. T t Roc a special fur. U the Tea it a 159, 6$ out of 8 Ald cobra patrol wit several of the a Iii City Are piano it _ Playa of their handicraft visitors. The Camporee committee in charge of the program is Arthur Francis Ames District commis j sooner Bob alb n. Assistant Dis j Trie Sod Bob i a j y cd i 1 of fractured by n. E. Fabric a of the Industry deportment. I Dairy a it p fore assistant troop 145, scoutmaster Nick was one of a delegation j of to designated by the Secretary of state to attend the Congress. _ a a a a a lunch with Cardinal Chicago d his pres Ideo Roosevelt will lunch with hts Eminence George Cardinal Muo Ducin o5 when he visits Chi i a to dedicate a new Bridge that hot weather made body ready for Winter with out getting Fin ready for it. Of i the most Rev Bernard j. Shivlly vicar general announced Friday i

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