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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Nov 14 1935, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - November 14, 1935, Ames, Iowa J use classified ads ? x to 8ftli, Exchange or rent j \ Telephone 3400 Ames daily Tribune and times oni Versai. In the Ames Tbs retort weather forecast unsettled and colder thursday night Friday Cloudy and colder temperatures wed 3 p. Rn., a thurs. 8 a. Rn., 39 2 p. Rn., 37, precipitation Trace. Vol. 69 no. 116 official Ames and Story county paper Ames Iowa thursday november 14, 1935. United pres wire service three cents300 ethiopians Are killed in Battle another student killed in Egypt riots is. Britain Premier blames great Britain for t rouble Cairo Egypt Hue a anti British rioting flared out thursday in a spectacular Battle Between police and striking students on the Abbas Bridge spanning the River Nile in which one student was killed and an undetermined number wounded and a British officer injured. The students shouting anti British slogans and urging a National Boycott of the British advanced from the suburb across the River. At the Bridge they encountered a Strong Force of local police mobilized to put Down the rioting. British troops were not involved. Further trouble was anticipated As a result of a report issued by the Premier after a Cabinet meeting in which he blamed Britain for present unrest. Groups revived the report recounted the history of the premieres regime. The authorities were keenly aware that the struggle for dominance in the Mediterranean precipitated by the Italo ethiopian War has not Only revived the Antl voties of anti British groups but has also emphasized the schism within the wafd or nationalist party of which Premier Nessim Pasha is a member. Precautions therefore had a double purpose to prevent further anti British demonstrations and to forestall clashes Between supporters of Nessim Pasha and followers of Nahas Pasha left Wing a dist Leader. Too complacent the faction led by Nahas Pasha has for some time been accusing the government of being too complacent in the face of increased British influence in Egypt As reflected in concentration of British naval forces in continued on Page eight to hold social service Benefit a Benefit Bridge party to raise funds for the Ames social service league will be held thursday evening nov. 21, in the Sheldon Munn ballroom under auspices of the Tilden store which is donating prizes for the affair. A Money raised from Sale of tickets for the party is to be turned Over to the social service nothing being used from the fund to defray expenses. The Sheldon Munn is donating use of its Ball loom for the evening and the Adams Chapel is providing Chitra fret of charge. Tilden will donate 14 prizes in All the first two being $10 merchandise certificates the next two $5 merchandise certificates and Tho next to will be $1 merchandise certificates. Mrs. Hubert i. Simpson is in charge of details for the party and persons wishing tables reserved should Call her at 865-w or Call the Tilden store. One Dollar is being charged for each table of four a id since there will be a limited Nuru Ber of tables those wishing tables should have them reserved at once at end of record stratosphere flight new philippine hailed by 0. S. Proclamation is end of existing order Boulder dam built primarily for flood control lecturer Here says the Gondola of the explorer ii National geographic society army air corps balloon under military estimated Stevens and Orvil a. Anderson. Guard at White Lake s. D., after Landing undamaged following a successful flight Toane Sbet a Altitude of 74,000 feet into the stratosphere a new record. It was manned by schedule Large Hiway letting request bids on 25.5 Miles of paving Back to Earth with record Washington Biden i Roosevelt thursday extended the official Blessing of the United states to the new philippine Commonwealth and wished the filipino people Good Luck in the establishment of a democratic form of government on their Pacific Island. The president signed and issued a proclamation terminating the existing government of the Philippines and establishing the Commonwealth under a constitutional form of government. Ten More year establishment of the Commonwealth marked the beginning of the end of the United states dominance in the Philippines which started with the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish american War. After the Commonwealth has been in existence for to years the the Boulder dam worlds largest dam constructed on the Colo Rado River near the Corner of three states Nevada. New Mexico and California was not built Pri Marily for the purpose of general lug electric Power of flood control it Quot As stated wednesday night by r. A. Kirkpatrick. Omaha lecturer in a talk before members Ansi guests of the Ames Junior chamber of Commerce in the Sheldon Munn hotel. Quot the Colorado River drains an area equal in size to 20 northeastern states and Nebraska and each Spring the in a bring of Snow in the mountains has caused serious floods in the lower part of the River Valley a said Kirkpatrick. Quot the ,1am it As built for the purpose of holding Back these flood Waters and releasing a steady Stream thru out the year thus preventing flooding of the valuable areas below the dam Kirkpatrick was introduced of the audience by a s. Rupe. Pub usher of the Tribune who gave a Short inspirational talk before introducing be speaker. Dwelling on the task of planning this largest dam in the world. Kirkpatrick told of the Many years of political strife which had preceded the actual starting of work. Political groups presented a total of 70 Sites for the proposed dam during the Theodore Roose cont Innee on Page two Story co. Civic league to meet annual session Sun. At Maxwell capt. Orvil Anderson signing the log of the explorer la at White Lake s. In after he and capt. Albert w. Stevens completed a successful flight into the stratosphere for scientific data and a new record. Taking off test your knowledge can you answer seven of thee test questions turn to Page four for Tho answers. 1. Name the principal native suite of India in extent population and political importance. 2. How Many feet in a fathom 2. Name the important River of Southern Europe that rises in the Black Forest mountains and empties into the Black sea. 4 la which famous Battle did the English Genera sir Thomas Piston lose his life 5. Which state is populate Al own As the Quot Buckeye state a 8. Sui american bum chinese end japanese vote in the United Liaise name the Branch of engineering science which deals with rho practical application of the Laws of Hydro Adamic. S. Who was properly ailed do of quem 8 is a 9. Wha. European free fit is the a a act Ion of the league a Quot ? la pm eel proof Uncial lion of Barb 23 initiated by honorary a fraternity sixteen juniors and seven seniors were initiated wednesday night into Alpha Zeta National honorary agricultural fraternity at Iowa state College. The juniors taken into the fraternity Are Alan Bogue Beresford s. In John Beckett Blue Mound. 111. John r. Dilworth Dubuque John h. Elder Allerton Richard k. Free it. Odebolt Harold r. Hofstrand Church ferry n. Clarence Kinkor Calmar Max Kneedy Elliott Donald la. Malcom Oil Kenneth w. Marsh. . Morris. Ii Don a Ralya Omaha neb. Vincent l. Pemble Indianola Lawrence h. So routine Kelley Amos w. Smelser Ames Robert it Spry sergeant Bluff and Hugo b. Werner la Grange ii the seniors initiated Are Bailer Bishop Tomahawk. By is. Kenneth a. Brinkman Ames Kenneth c. Compton St. Louis to. J Russelle Getty Waterloo Ami hams Lait in. Rochester n. Y. Kenneth d. Ledin Algona and Richard of Trump Keokuk a total of 25.5 Miles of paving. Three Railroad overpasses and two Bridges were included thursday in the weekly letting report of the in a Highway commission. Bids of these projects will be received Here on nov. 26. Following a e the projects on which bids will be received Bridges and culverts Clarke on secondary Road in Washington township from Madison county Hue four Miles toward Osceola 15 corrugated pipe culverts. Dallas on Highway 90 West of Booneville one 122 by 24 feet Bridge and two 150 by 24 feet Biga truss approaches. Dubuque on Highway 20 at i. C. R. R. Crossing near Julihn one 154 by 24 feet overpass Structure. Franlin on secondary Road from Chapin East to Highway 65, two Concrete pipe culverts. Humboldt on Highway 169 nor to of Humboldt to Concrete pipe oui \ erts. Humboldt on Highway 169 of c. And n. W. By crossing Ore 136 by 24 feet overpass Structure Ida on Highway 20 Southeast of Holstein one dec Crete Box Culvert. Ida on Highway 20 Southeast of Holstein one Concrete Box Culvert Extension. Ida arum say on Highway 20 South of Galva and Schaller four cd Crete Box culverts. Johnson on Highway 153 from Highway 161 South to Oakdale 14 Concrete pipe culverts. Mills on Highway 242 from Silver City South to Highway 34, two Concrete Arch Bridges. Pocahontas on Highway 17 be tween Pocahontas and Mallard eight Concrete pipe culverts. Ringgold on secondary read at a g. W. By. Crossing in Section 14, Benton Tov Tiship one overpass Structure. Paving Franklin la Railes on second Ary Road from Chapin to Highway 65. Humboldt a of mile on Highway 169 from Highway to North into continued on Page two stratosphere equipment in Ames thurs. The entire equipment of the re j cent stratosphere flight in which 1 capt. A. A Stevens and capt. a Anderson reached a now height of 74,187 feet monday passed thru Ames thursday afternoon on its Svay to several Eastern Points. The three army trucks in which the equipment is being hauled stopped at 3 p. In. A the Whattoff service station. 2602 Lincoln Way to a or co a a. , not Tun i j Etsko commissioner will be the first acutely unto recently. Member a or to h pc. President of the new government. Lip in the organization is open us the duty hauling Frank Murphy who was governor j and person interested in a ious instrument t so a general of the Island during the old tire. Constructive work along a ported that regime will be american High com the Story county civic league. which prof. H. Hughes of Ames is chairman and mrs. Islands Are to be granted Complete j Claude Smith of ame Secretary. Independence. Will hold its annual program the Commonwealth is to be for i meeting at the presbyterian Mally inaugurated Friday at Man Church in Maxwell sunday a a. Manuel Quezon a rvs i i. J the people for Many years in the unit. A mph was Orreh ,vv0 de states Congress missioner to the Commonwealth. 26 Ames people Are drawn for co. Jury duties the group left Sioux civic and county lines. City thursday morning. They will or. C. Mccaul pastor of tap in Tama of Belle Plaine Over night. Sergeant the Park Avenue Church of Christ Des Moines will to the principal speaker at the meeting. Special music will be provided by an orchestra made up of player from the various Maxwell churches and directed by mrs. H. C. Lamp Ron a confined choir composed of choristers from the Maxwell churches under direction Nevada Twenty six Ames per. I of or. Boyd Marten and Oscar been drawn for trial Berrien and Norman Collins clarinet players. Dinner at noon Miller reported that they ar3 taking no chances and Are a Coppin r each night before it get dark. Tao in tire trucks includes the big Ball in. The Gondola and the sealed instruments. The bag ii bring liken to Akron. O., the Gondola to Washington in c. And be instruments to Dayton o. At Pyton the stated instrument will sons have been drawn for trial a a a Stevens of jury service during the november Terra of Story county District court. Which of to Here monday. Nov. mph Tho dts j and to study other data secured at italian Supply train italians claim Victory in wars biggest clash africans capture 8 i mule loads of munitions by United pres latest Dey Klo ments Rome a 300 ethiopians killed in Battle. Fighting on both fronts officially an j non need. Rome a mass demons a j Lions in front of foreign embassies planned on monday As protest against league 1 sanctions. 5 Addis Ababa a Ethiopia j ans report Victory in attack r on italian Supply train in f North. # Cairo anti British riot ing renewed with casualties. Port said reported 9,-�v 76 sick or wounded italians 4. Passed thru Suez canal be 4 tween nov. 8 and 12. London a voters go to polls in general election to give government mandate to continue present ethiopian i policy and strengthen National defences Rome or a an important Battle with heavy casualties on the Somaliland front and various engagements in the North were announced thursday to ult official report. The Battle in the South in the fat Valley leading to the town of go Rabei a the largest so far announced officially since the War started. Casualties were put at More than 309 ethiopians and is native italians killed and 63 native italians wounded an unidentified european also was among the casualties. Italy claimed Tbs Victory. Thu report said that the ethiopians abandoned numerous machine him a in rifles and a considerable amount of ammunition get too rifles it ibo Pian warriors attacked an italian Supply train North of Makalu and captured 81 mule loads of munitions and too rifles the ethiopian government asserted 26. The jury venire total of 60 . Contained a i tor. I Church and the Rev. Leroy. I Castor of the i a Wail altho the term open. Novemb a to urch ,0 wlm a the program. Mrs of Maxwell will sex Plana has great height. The world s Large St balloon the explorer la rising oui of the natural bowl in the Black Hills near rapid City s. For a new stratosphere record. Walter Barlow Ames Sou of tic til and airs. Walter a. Barlow i m Sheldon Avenue w a elected people in play Young people of the Ames Church of Christ will present the i to act play Quot the red lamp at the Church Friday evening november 15 at 11 a in. The parts in the in by lot Naha in Ier. Viola Smith Keith Cooper Ais Day Are a is Ilma but adm Rouse. Oioi. E Bat i resident of Tho freshman class of Sou the product us Paul Layman by Lloyd Frye slav hit movie menace Oslo Norway or a authorities it scandinavian countries at a con j Ference re Garcia g motion picture censorship. Thursday agr cd to curtail heavily american wild West and gangster rum to a mean of sift Ltd it inc it of to against it loom i influence. Iowa s Ute College wednesday in an election which was by. Chi clean by the Independent party unseat la g for the first time the Kepi e tentative party Barlow led Kelley Hannan Council Bluffs by More than too in is Scholastic average a mid it m was 3 75, other earned on in Index a i int ticket were Dun in 11 a Iron. Yacov i tick pie Ideal Ai v Tai a untuned manager Ager is Evelyn mrs. Jack the director. 25. Trial jurors will not report until monday dec. 2 at to a. Rn., since the first of the term will he Devon d to equity matters. Those drawn for service Are As follows Ames a mrs. C. J. Anderson. Mrs. Charles Alfred mrs. Clara m Katelo Ley Louise Brown Elva Laughey Lillian Grinstead mrs. W. H. Jennings Peter Johnson j. B. Booger mrs. Roy Mccurdy Lew Celyta addle Merrick mrs. W. E. Milliken f. T. Moore Barton Morgan Edna Pruitt r. G. Rapp mrs. Earl Schultz t. E. Shelley. Henry Skarshaug mrs. Alice e. R. Teeter. Frank Yan Patter. Byron Yurt us j. H. Westcott l. L. Wherry. Nevada Francis Harold Andrew. Mrs. Philip Allen. Lorraine Banks. Fay Dickey Odell Follett. Leroy d Jones. Elta Briner. Bert Lough. F. . Menzel Pauline Poehlein i. Ola Tomlinson. Zearing Earl Beach John Iii More. Raymond Halstead. Maxwell George g. Cole Olive Holland d. H. Meyers Clay Robi son. M goal is Bung a Albert Hill. He Man Twedt Story Tyr. L. Houghland mrp. Harry Wier. Kelley f. Cd Lyle. Collins Dewey Kern. G. A Tilton p. J wet Rah. Roland Martin to o. . son. Milford Olson. 1. J. Sampson m. J. Thompson. Colon mrs. Fred Perry William Wyatt. Stator mrs Pete Tome leh Iowa City nurses Home fire damage estimated $15,000 Iowa City or it fire which raged thru the four Story mercy Hospital nurses bom and threatened for a titties to spread to the Hospital proper was brought under control Early thursday. Panic among the to patients in the Hospital a averted by nurses and internet several patients on the Side a rarest the nurses Home were wheeled to take part in Victor Fisher give a Reading and an Hon of the organization and aim of the league will be made by chairman Hughes. Preceding the program a covered dish dinner will be served at noon in the dining room of the Church for which families Are asked to bring a covered dish sandwiches and table service. The committee will provide Coffee other members or the league executive committee in addition to the officers arc or. S. W. A straight thur of Nevada. Mrs. John Ayre of Nevada a j Carlson of Slater or d. A Houser of Cam Bridge the Rev. J. P. Himmel of Gilbert m. C. James of Hilbert. Senator Fred Nelson of Nevada p. A. Olton of Story City and o a. Olson of Ames be opened to officially determine thursday. Tho bight reached by the balloon the ethiopians surprised the in a narrow Valley Well behind the Northern line. It was asserted sweeping Down a Hillside. I a Large percentage of i guards with the train were cd. The government said. The kill invitations to Back to school program issued Mati. Economic Board proposed Roland Host to ,., Story co. Legion i organization Fri. Roland Roland Post new York a creation of tut hit an Council to a help us discover formulate and adhere to intelligent National economic poll desk was suggested thursday by Secretary of agriculture Henry a Wallace As a Means of guarding the nations general welfare. H placed the idea before the Academy of poetical science at Columbia University with the hop that it Quot Mav be seriously and critical discussed but with the full knowledge that analysis May re veal grave disadvantages a the untied states supreme court a said has a a again and a an declared that it is not its function to inform the government of the advantages or disadvantages of its economic policies i a1 task i of added could be handle by the. It proposed Council of four or five of special letters a e or a j Rountry a a most eminent dec it to parents of ail Ames fat Nior j nordic statesmen serving term High school students in a Tang them to attend the Back to school a night program of the school thursday evening. With the invitations ent out lines of the class a it Hedi i a of the Bon or daughters which the parents Quot Iii follow during the evenings program Verne m. Young s letter Wana follows Quot the week of november la to 17 has been designated a american education a Cvrk and following the custom of the past two years the student Council and faculty it Amel senior High school Are inviting you the parents of the students to a quack to Schou night on thursday november 14 tui plan has proved to a be Ai acetic fit a a of getting the Patent and Leacher user and a do giving you no. 30? of the american legion will bt1 Hest to Thi november meeting of Story county Council of the legion in the schoolhouse Here Friday evening local Post commander h m. Bakka and adjutant c a. A g hand Are making plans to enter Tain a Large delegation. 11 James Hunter of Nevada. County commander Quot ill preside at the meeting. Speakers will include e k. Polson of Indianola sixth District commander Earl Ryan of Des Monea sixth District vice Oon Mander and to Wells of Des mein a a Tate vice commander. Reports of the membership con feet in the county Quot ill be made at thin time. Mes m?5 not 3? is pitted again a j other posts in it he county in the contest and the loser must proved a led fur tile Winner at the december Nan i my. The Mea peat lost in a similar Eon could consider Federal legislation my in and entertained the legion Airai of the county at a dinner. A Prog Rani of entertainment Ahu is being arranged. Ranging from fit to it yearn Walace declared that the Council Iii he i get of the general and inform he government and the nation if it Felt Tbs Quot National c Nom in objectives were being end ruse. Mil could j j rial refer a j principal j angered or a it a d. Should the Overum it to alter ifs course the court submit issues to a National endure after acquainting the put lie with All the qui St ions involved. The Council he said a could net function if it were composed of dogmatic doctrinaire act Omista of hair Var school. It should not function unless it were As revered and trusted As the supreme tog Man her Butler properties Bender publicity. Fine can is other features to Complete the evening program Are being plan nod by Harold Higby. F chert urn. Man Bop Wareham 1 of it Ary pet arson an i a rear p. Rn., Atter which a u will a first Low the schedule of it our Sou or hand knowledge of Bow your son j daughter going to each class and their hours t room indicated for a Tiu Init Tuti beyond these facts it Unity for you to my la Sci a Fere learn daughters sput he j parts of the building. Offer an Opp _. # thirty student nurses most of learn something of to Coo. Is them in night attire were forced and activities in runic it. To flee from their third floor and girls an interest#4, id rooms in the nurse Home. Three Hup these very contacts it were affected by smoke fumes help to Sode some of the 1 and were treated at the Hospital. Hems which the fir Claro i in a upper parents and reamers of Chr building consuming j for bet part _. A he roof for a Quot 1 of working operation it in we damage wag estimated St j Quot Quot j $15,000, held to mutually face us us and make r nude Landing sri in a re 1 u e. It a 1 a will be a a auditorium at period. This gives an Opportuna try for you to Sec some of the work i a line by he student in it ii various courses to meet their teachers and to ask ques Lions about the course following til sixth period tissues there will be a social hour to he grits gymnasium where you in Max it Ait with teachers friends i t i gild pm ifs sub pre to bred put sch a ult mob you a 7 4 5. Promptly aunt Lindy says Tho that claim they done to care for Money aph often the ones that have Al ready bad two or Thrift a helping a

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