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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives May 23 1938, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - May 23, 1938, Ames, Iowa The Ames daily Tribune want ads pay you dividend vol. 71. No. 278 Ames daily Tribune and times Dkl Viensil in the Ames territory weather forecast fair monday night and tuesday. Colder. Temperature a Sun. 3 15 p. Rn., s3 Mon 4 45 a. Rn., 55 2 p. Rn., 62, precipitation none. United pres wire service Ames Iowa. Monday May 23. 1938 official Ames and Story county paper three cent supreme court rules on football Franklin school pupils conduct Experiment in cooperation adjustment seventeen students at Franklin Opportunity school for mentally underprivileged children with miss Laura m. Moffett teacher in charge Are conducting an expert rent in cooperative living group adjustment that is one of the most interesting and worthwhile projects developed in recent years in the Ames schools. It is hardly Correct to Call the school an Experiment for it is past that stage. Established by the Ames Board of education the school is supported by school tax funds and is one of hundreds of tvs dirt is Nard to find second Ward is Given High Praise by the dirt Sleuth Hunting for dirt and filth in the second Ward is somewhat of a difficult task partly because of the attraction of the construction of the new High school the grand Avenue underpass and the numerous new Homes and partly because there is Little dirt to be found. In fact after touring through the second Ward Over the weekend i found but one condition which might become a subject of concern. That was the unusually Large piles of Brick Stone and lumber on the North end of Ridgewood Avenue which evidently came from the wreckage of old Central and the Post office. Eyesore it is logical to assume that this material will be used in building in this Section of the City in the near future but at least one of these piles appeared so Large that i wondered if it Wasny to just being piled there possibly for future Sale if the latter be True this material May become an eyesore before it is disposed of properly. In most sections of the Ward i found Back and front Yards remarkably clean with Well kept front lawns Fine gardens and Hack Yards and very Little refuse on empty lots. In the Ridgewood District where there Are a number of Fine Homes i found Only one pile of leaves on an empty lot. Mud Hole starting my tour at thirteenth Between Burnett and Clark avenues i found that some one had attempted to fill a mud Hole in the Alley Between thirteenth and twelfth with ashes a procedure which is frowned upon by City officials. According to officials they prefer to be informed of such Low spots and they will fill them with dirt cinders from the Light Plant which seems More satisfactory than the Light ashes from a Home which do not solve the problem. Near twelfth Street i found a pile of old bricks and Wood and a pile of old lumber against a barn. Continuing Down the Street. I found a number of Fine gardens and Back Yard lawns. Just South of seventh Street a Large pile of Brush was found on the West Side of the Alley and nearer continued on Page two special schools for underprivileged children throughout the nation. In the Early stages the Legal status of the school was Uncertain and opposition developed among some parents who were not familiar with the methods and purposes of the school. Indicative of the present status of the school is the fact that there is now a regularly functioning Parent teacher association in which students participate and a Camp fire organization which meets once a week. Partly self supporting the school has some income from Sale of its work in handcrafts. And gardening. At the present time the children have for Sale Tomato cabbage and Pansy plants in addition to lettuce and radishes. Later in the year they will Market potatoes and next year will have rhubarb and asparagus for Safe. Students Are drawn from All the schools in the City when they do not seem to adjust themselves to their surroundings. Approximately 12 families Are represented at the school and about a dozen parents Are members of the Parent teacher group. Students Range in age from seven to 18 years. Be fore being transferred to the school students Are Given Intelli genre and aptitude tests and conferences Are held with teachers and parents. No physically handicapped children Are enrolled. Once having been admitted the student is required to attend regularly As in the other schools. In most cases parents Are eager to cooperate with the school for the Benefit of the child. The school Board furnishes free bus transportation for students travelling a Long distance to school. The City school system provides materials used in construction and gardening projects except where such continued on Page five conspiracies in Harlan told aimed to end Union activities London ky., Fly a defendants in the Harlan Coal Case were depicted by the government today As men who gathered in a a whispering room to make their plans to a a threaten and in some cases kill Union miners and Brien Mcmahon assistant u. R. Attorney general delivered his opening statement for the government and told the jury he would prove that a wide Circle of conspiracy existed in Harland county among Coal operators mine executives and peace officers to smash unionism within the boundaries of Quot bloody Harlan county. Nineteen Coal corporations and 44 individuals Are on trial in Federal court on charges of depriving miners of their right to organize under the Wagner labor relations act. Quot there was a place in the Harlan county courthouse a Mcmahon said. Quot it was not a place when court business was transacted but tear your knowledge a Little place they called a the sixth whisper Quot you heard me mention Ben Unthank when i read the indictment to you. He was the chief Deputy and in one month he got $2,000 from the Harlan county Coal operators association. He i will show that it was his duty to Lead Deputy sheriffs around the county to threaten to intimidate and in some cases to kill any person engaged in Union activity a a a i questions turn to Page flus just be Ore Mcmahon beg the answers. Hil it a a a a a pm of 1 corporations on trial decided it no music f to longer could rental the govern. R Blent s Case. Counsel for the clo a Gnu 1 ver splint Coal corp., entered a a 8 combined plea of nolo contender j unt the director the corporation is subject to a Bower and the big $5,000 Fin-1 under the Law on tra directed by which the Case was brought trial. Can you answer seven of these Ames seniors in final week of activities class play will be Given tuesday evening the 160 seniors in the 1938 graduating class of Ames High school held the spotlight of school activity this week As All Ames school pupils and teachers entered the final week of school work which will close with the final class periods thursday and handing out of report cards saturday. Following the baccalaureate service in the fieldhouse sunday evening the seniors had their play Day monday starting at 7 a. Rn., with tin class dip and breakfast at Carr s Park. Tuesday evening the senior class play Quot take my advice Quot will be presented at the fieldhouse and wednesday night the Junior senior frolic will be held in the memorial Union. Higher plane climaxing the week s program will be the commencement exercises in the fieldhouse at 8 p. Rn., Friday at which time Bruce f. Gates president of Gates College in Waterloo will give the address. The Rev. Alvin n. Rogness pastor of the Bethesda lutheran Church Here urged the seniors to climb to a higher plane of reality but not lose sight of the actual conditions of life in the bae Calauro i Date Sermon sunday night. Reality speaking on the subject Quot insurance for the . Rogness said Quot Many voices will Tell you that the prospects for your journey Are none too Bright. Nor is it the Best of All possible worlds in which to plan a life a passage. We need not try to make Pollyanna play of the Stark sordid realities of life. But i invite you to climb to a higher plateau of reality a plateau where a bit nearer the stars we might behold a pathway Rich with untold meaning. Perspective Quot on this High table land you will still see the naked facts of the lower plateau. You will see a world that does not lie waiting to Praise your youth and Reward your ideals. You will behold a world often spurning your finest talents. You will see that injustice and greed and bar Lurk at every turn to deflect your noblest purposes and dissipate your highest passions. You must never flee from that View. And yet your perspective must Ever be from the level above where in spite of everything and everybody you see that life a travel is full of Rich god has opened doors no one can close a and that in and out of those doors you move with True Freedom. And. As you set Forth the Only Assurance you will need s the conviction of the psalmist a the lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time Forth and even will preserve Quot there Are two things from which the lord will preserve you from the fear of All life bring Pur armed Farmers participate in latest mexican uprising j believe Iowa state May not be affected it is Likely that Iowa state College will not be affected by i e supreme court ruling requiring colleges and universities to pay a to percent tax on athletic events was the opinion expressed monday by h. C Gregg business manager. Quot the supreme court ruling will affect those colleges and univer activity is held to be commercial Federal right to tax is upheld by t rib Unai Washington the the a a. Preme court in two decisions of lilies which operate their athletic i far reaching importance today programs As separate corporations broadened the authority of the led and which have collected the to Era government to in kit be taxes percent tax for contests pending upon instrumental ties of state the final court ruling on the que governments and their employees j at Tae same time the court by however. Gregg was of the j refusing to review lower court de opinion that a separate ruling a Lions affirmed National labor reword be necessary for athletic de lations Board orders against three payments such As at Iowa state j firms including Remington Rand where the department is included i inc., which has been ordered to in the College s financial setup. J offer reinstatement to 4,000 Emend where the tax has not been ploys who went on strike in 1936. Representative of the great class of mexican communal Farmers who shoulder rifles As they go about collected pending the ruling. George Veenker athletic director said that he has received statements calling for payment of j the tax for the past few years but payment has not been made be cause the tax was not collected i both Veenker and Gregg reported that the did a know of the each Day s work Are these Enid ataris of san Luis Potosi state seat of the newest plotting against the amount taxes requested by the Cardenas regime in Mesic. Fighting Between Quot bandits and government air forces occurred in san j Federal<>v4rnment. Because pen Luis Potosi after president Cardona moved to Umpress recent uprisings. Reports to Mexico City said ae8 Wou greatly increase the the Quot bandits were armed by Gen. Balu min o Cedillo head of this Central mexican state. Hitler assures he will not attack czechs copyright 1938 by United pre Berlin a Fuhrer Adolf Hitler has assured Britain that Erminy has not the brightest intention of marching into Czechoslovakia it was Learned today. After press reports from London that capt. Fritz Wiedemann. Hitlers personal adjutant had made a secret visit to London it became known that Hitler sent one of his closest collaborators to London to make the Assurance. This personal emissary spoke to Herbert von Dircksen the German ambassador and to several leading British statesmen. He expressed Hope that Czechoslovakia would respect the result of be ter Day selections and act accordingly. While Germany assumed pol icy of watchful waiting tension threatened to increase because of charges by Germany of czech violations of her frontiers. mayors proclamation the of answer. I what fort was built on it of the City of Chicago 2. Name the last democratic resident before Franklin d. Roosevelt. $. W hat g a Psychrometer 4 name the state Flower Bode Island. 6. An water have a temperate higher than its boiling Point 6 Vav us which american league Ball club Doe Earl Averill a 7. Who discovered the Mississipp River 8. Name the highest Mountain in the world. Pose less and from to there is no place in there Are two things i will preserve you for with him in the suffer kind and for a life and hereafter in comr the invocation was i Rev. Leroy s. Burro of St. Johns by the it Walter Barlow pastor Legate presbyterian t the scripture and Rev Laughlin pastor of the tonal Church gave i Tion. Fear that for you. Which he Rici pation is of Man kith Here Ector Rev. A. R. I Cou Greg trifle Uhul known new spa project on i. S. C. Campus Jap manpower t a Quot i seventeen men will is Rar Treater wednesday on a i by United pre j i a a 8tate College in China fighting Back against a a we. Fri. A a mighty japanese offensive in the a g of Quot Aly to North was faced monday with Frt ? loss of the entire Tunghai rail i paving 9. How Many centimetres Are in Road guarding the pathway to her meter provisional capital at Hankow. Eligible 10. Do american citizens require the japanese manpower was far s m0ines la Asport to visit Canada j greater than in past offensives owners who acquit d j which were disrupted by guerilla ter june i will be Eligi today a common error counterattacks. Reports were re iut Homestead a Rosatta. I. Pronounced de Reg v pm Quot to Quot it m the Loul Cal it Civ. Not Der Oen a .rlt,.r by f s 10 ,l00d Many a Tate Bourd a a Ahi saturday May 28, was proclaimed Quot poppy Day in Ames in a proclamation issued today by mayor Frank d. Paine. The proclamation urged All citizens to Honor the world War dead and Aid the wars living victims by wearing the american legion and auxiliary memorial poppy that Day. The proclamation reads a whereas in the world War of 191 1-1918 the Young men of Ames gave their Servile to the defense of the United states in an exalted spirit of patriotism Aud ome were called upon to is hip with their lives in that service Quot whereas Many it Hen a by the Cal Tel upon to sacrifice and strength with re amp ult in faring and hardships to selves and families which tin be to this Day a whereas the menu patriotic sacrifices Sho kept fresh in the mini Otic citizens while should be extended to i w within the reach of he i and whereas the the memorial poppy i the dead and aids to and dependents Quot therefore a Frank mayor of the City of hereby proclaim Satu 2$. Poppy Day in 1 Ames and urge All Cli serve the Dav by a it american legion and legion auxiliary i co spreads w orders ask Cardenas for arms Vera Cruz Mexico tto ibo directors of the Vera Cruz unit of the mexican Trade workers Union wanting to combat the forces of Saturnino Cedillo asked president Lazaro Cardenas for arms today. Amounts asked during the past few years. Veenker reported that neither the College nor the state has been sued for the amount asked in taxes from Iowa state athletic events. Eight injured in Story county Over weekend cattle theft Rino broken Story county a Accident record for the weekend monday revealed that two persons were in a Marshalltown Hospital seriously injured but expected to recover while six others were injured in two accidents. Meanwhile Robert Griffith 19, of Ames who was injured May 9 2 iowans Are under arrest Des Moines la. a a modern livestock Quot it Atlin ring was in an Accident near Lincoln Way i broken up today with the arre8t of and Walnut Avenue was reported men who confessed the theft still unconscious at the Mary it cattle and bog8 valued at $15, copyright 1938 by United press san Luis Potosi Mexico per a by Telephone to new York a be pocket rebellion of reported that an a Ray was taken Saturnino Cedillo ousted military monday morning in an Effort to commander of san Luis Potosi j determine the kind of injury to j Greeley Hospital. Hospital officials 1000 from Iowa and Winola farms. State was reported spreading today. Soon after a Strong Force of Federal troops to it a a a Over Cedillos ranch at Las Alomus reports reached Here that foie town of Guadalcazar about 60 Miles to the Northeast on the important Railroad Hue running to Tampico on the coast had been taken Over by revolutionists according to reports of the newspaper Universal crack shot peasants followers of the former army general who helped pres Dent Lazaro Cardenas put Down the Escobar revolution in 1929, led the rebellion there. They Are known As reinforcement for Federal troops Quot mopping up Quot while advancing in the direction of Tampico were dispatched immediately following the reports from Guadalcazar which is in the Vicinity of Las paloma., the nearest town to Cedillos ranch. Cedillo and his mated to number and 3,000 men w have taken to the government with 20,000 Mea and a planes at hand i followers est Between 1,500 rare believed to e Billa and the approximately Squadron of War is confident that his Quot a would be Short lived. to d eve Lese be Aid till Mark Conklin is Des Moines mayor Moine con the p a Home ceilings at de to re a credits Ian of the i and re Cornet is stolen from Church Here a Gold plated Cornet belonging to Dick Stafford was Tolea from tee congregational Church sometime Between sunday noon it was reported lice monday. Des Conkling tailoring Friend of Lewis to of Des i the co oils agree i u a Tinmu and Vot it j ranking. Pc com Mission i vote. A p. Love has Boon the death of 3 0. Conkling Greenfield resident o d of pm v and Maye Nam in Cit cd cast the it a Mark is Moines a dose it a Dwight re mayor y Council j a Previ-1 i b Only a the Post favor of. Streets i eating de prisoner i cuts and by Robinson an of Cedar a son sustain i Inson suffer Der and Kne daughter a Gibson an to tin while t Chhov town Mon and Berrti about the sat Facto for move his brain. East of Colo c. J. Gibson about Ofa guard at t in stale reformatory at Anamosa and ii. B. Perrin of Baxter j were in the deaconess Hospital in Marshalltown As the result of an Accident three Miles East of Colo saturday Noou. According to the report by j sheriff c. V. Mcgriff Gibson was travelling West on Lincoln Way to return two released prisoners to Jefferson. Perrin was reported going North on a county Road and failing to Stop before entering the Highway. Fracture Ralph and Earl mull the Releana i sustained numerous Dees w die mrs. Alice i her daughter Alenej kids relatives of Gib gtd injuries mrs. Rebid a fractured about i i Cap injury while her i Cut Aud bruised. My Perrin Wert taken m Arshal to w a Hospital i others were taken to to f.� treatment officials at Marshall a reported that Gibson were injured seriously head but both were in condition and slated a High Speed Warren alien Aud a Friend by i the name of Moore both of re escaped with minor bruises Day morning when by alien overturned North of Huxley t the confessions were announced by w. We Akers chief of the Iowa Bureau of investigation. Activities of the men Arthurl Johnson 41, Sioux City and Glenn is Brecht 25, Early were confined mostly to eight Iowa counties Calhoun Plymouth Benton o Brien Woodbury Sac Ida and Carrolls Akers said. Akers described Johnson and Siebrecht As Quot truckers who took i up ii Stock stealing As a Johnson is being held at Vinton. He was taken into custody last week on charges of stealing household goods valued at $1,000 from the late mrs. John Baker Kiron la. The household goods were found by state agents in his Home Akers said. Siebrecht was arrested at Rock Well City and is being held in the Calhoun county jail. Aeronautical association two Well known i it plans meeting Ivla tii Tith due o ii figures will speak at an open meeting of the Ames front in thai ass cd nation thursday at s p. Rn., in re Tom 6, pm files building the e Public o at tend. There will be no ads Isri on churl join living Stotri. Preside at of the Livingston airways co t Pota Hon at water Loo is one c it the Speal tors. He w As formerly a to in Gin is and Des. Goer for the Waco comp drug it it 1 Hurst the other speak Falls physician is till Ca Miner to aviators. The t to Al Asi location rep Iris a 2 to w Fig int res t in aviation b Ore. At in is 7 5 Loci ii persons Artt lung x Itta ties ii actions an i t he \ Lei n i t v there a i v a i Mote to be delivered a the tax decisions reached by a Sharp split of the court were held to be of transcendent importance in narrowing exemptions against Federal tax lev in. Dissenting Justice said today s decisions overturned principles which the court had followed for too years. Supreme court action today affirmed the right of the Federal government to impose income taxes upon employees of the port of new York authority Ann Sistru mentality of the states of new Ork and new Jersey affirmed the right of the Federal government to tax admissions to football games and athletic contests sponsored by state universities. Denied requests for review of National labor relations Board orders against Remington a and. Black Diamond s co., Ami the Carlisle lumber co. Failed to act upon the pie of Thomas j. Mooney for a review a the life sentence imposed for Eon fiction of participating in saw Francisco 3 1916 preparedness Day bombing. Income tax of dared that an injunction by the third circuit court of appeals limiting an inquiry by the Federal Yon commission into six Penn Sylvania affiliates of the associated Gas amp electric system be Vaca ted. Declined to review a Challenge to application of the Wisconsin. Tate income tax to income of win Cousin residents derived from other states. Related opinions refused to hear toe Challenge of three South Carolina Power companies to Validity of the Large Public works administration financed Santee Cooper Power project is South Carolina. The tax cases overshadowed and other actions of the Bourc the opinions in the two cases were related but that in the port of new York authority Case written by Justice Harlan f. Talons was the most far reaching. Sharp division in both cases the court wag sharply divided. She port of new Ork authority division was 5 to 2 with Justice Pierce Butler and James c. To Reynolds dissenting and Justice Benjamin n. Cardozo Aud Stanley re d not part in Ipa Ting. Hustle go i Plack filed a concurring l i hug j opinion. 1 in the 6 t kids parti was Rey not the division Aud Monad Cardozo in this to cons i con football Case a 2 w us but dissenting a Pating. Employees port of new York Case wrote Al at income taxes properly be levied on the a a despite their close conto the state. He held that bar to Federal inned on Page tro i held for til real against president finance acting mayor ii i i Safe i Una Drivers hic it it Lisull of threat Tsi deut aint Lindy says 53, was la., a Tut Des Moi be a year hundreds of Square Miles. View ruled Frid. The Cornet and pieces were taken to but the Case was no Cornet was it the id land sold for $105 per acre Mccallsburg a a Quarter Section of land belonging to the Martin Erickson estate was sold St Public auction Friday to George i me Man at a Cash Price of $105 per it Mouth acre. The farm is located in the the Case j Southwest Quarter of Section la in ten. The Warren township a Oil a Neath of As Maksl Mccallsburg. Trl it and Ved by gov forwarded ported. Heu to his monday to v a i to con Servat i on a Moine l la. I Day period Betti a limed As s w Ai hot Ach the of Low is Slat posse Grade a in i Well of Mon by g work m a the n june 714 i conserve. Nits on q. Kit he pointed out that is natural heritage soil Ani that to i 4 of Al the no in the country. Iry Hon department. I the letter quoted the speaker Jas saying during a tirade against j communists and jew that Arner a in a w ill have a dictator in less than a year and a if no one else will Volunteer to kill him. I wit do it Quot the writer of the letter but Lievi the of of the president Aas threatened a Callaghan said i if i a a f v of s % a it i % $ v v of no matter How Good a i Lawn Mower body has ii they lend it to some folks t it s a going to come Home a finished product

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