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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives May 1 1937, Page 5

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - May 1, 1937, Ames, Iowa Saturday May 1,183?Ames daily Tribune Amott. Iowa Pade Oti a mein a news i let a the i nose a report Lite Quot Hollywood party with a Barile a k1imu Landi i Lark Gable Wallace Beery Frances Langford Patsy Kelly stars of the Weeg Brent victim of a a gimmicks gag on carnival set the genuine carnival people who worked on Quot Mountain Justice gave George Brent the Quot gimmick Quot As they Hall it in Carni Valese just for the fun of it. A Quot gimmick Quot by the Way is something generally used in a game of Chance strength or skill when removes the lenient of Chance strength or skill. It gives the percentage to the House. In brents Case the a a gimmicks was the Sledge Hammer affair which sends a Metal slide skyward to ring a Bell and win a a Cigar for the person who has the strength to do it and the Coneen Aion Man thinks it is time to give one of the customers a break. Brent in the manner of the mighty a Casey a grabbed the heavy Sledge Between the scenes of a Mountain Justice a showing tora irrow and monday at the new Ames theatre and strode up to take his stance and a swing. He swung. Mightily indeed did he swing. He swung again and again. The indicator showed that brents strength was equal to no More than a lady a. Anc. All the swinging he did move his score a bit higher. The carnival Folk stood around and smiled. A a lady a score a Brent said in distrust and dropped the Sledge. One of the bystanders much smaller than Brent and obviously not As Strong picked up the Sledge swung and struck just As the Star was walking away. Quot Bong a went the Bell. Brent turned saw the Little fellow and a puzzled look clouded his celtic features. The carnival people laughed out loud then and de Mundin the Veteran of the carnival world and manager of the unit Brot intact from the a Road a explained to Brent that it was just a Case of getting the the Sledge machine had been fixed so that he possibly ring the Bell no matter How hard he struck it. A Mountain Justice is a gripping melodrama based upon a Young girls ambition to bring the benefits of civilization to the benighted people of Ber Remote Village in the Hills. Thwarted by nearly All of them especially by her own father Che almost sacrifices her life for her ideals of betterment. Josephine Hutchinson is starred As the Young girl George Brent is co starred As a Young attorney who believes in her and aids her. Among the other notables in the cast Are Robert Barrat Guy Kib Bee Marcia Mae Jones Mona bar Rie Elizabeth Risdon end fuzzy Knight. $ below Erie Linden Wallace Beery and Betty Furness the stars of Quot the Good old soak a which is coming to the a new Ames theatre tuesday wednesday and thursday. Above Joan Blondell who is co starred with Dick Powell in a request return engagement of Quot stage struck at the Capitol theatre wednesday and thursday. A a Dinah kicks her Way into picture Fame a Dinah a the mule that doen some tall and funny kicking till or Rel and Hardy the targets in the feature comedy a Way out we is a celebrity Amo g the barnyard actors of Hollywood. For fifteen years starting in the Days of the silents has be a acting in the movies. She a what is known As a a Theenie a a Cross Between a Shetland Pony and a Burro and is seventeen years old. Quot Dinah was obtained by the Roach studios when Only two years old and has been e partly trained. A Dinah a with All her kicking and cutting Capers is actually a gentle animal and quite a pet at the studios particularly with the Quot Little rascals a of a your gang a in who re comedies she has appeared Many times. A Dinah Quot makes her Home at the Roacher Rani to w hich is located Only a mile or so from the Roach Adios in Culver City. There is a Large array of trained animals there in charge of a Tony Campanero who has been handling animals for Hal Roach for Ever fifteen years. May out West a showing tomorrow and monday at the Capitol theatre in the first my Estern feature comedy Laurel and Hardy have appeared ii. As a team. A Dinah Quot figures prominently in the original Story and adds to the hilarious fun that the Stellar comedians provide. Diets for a Matching Eleanor Powell. George Murphy reptile Tucker and the remainder of the a Broadway Melody of 1937�?� cast have to eat at an Quot average weight Quot table so that on dancing Days they eat More than on dialogue Days. This is done so they la Quot match in All scenes # a name dance bands in a the hit Parade that Fiance bands have a distinct personality As truly As do top not hers on the Silver screen is proven in a novel and entertaining fashion in the musical sensation Quot the hit showing Friday and saturday at the new Arnee going to the Capitol downtown next sunday and monday. James Ellison is headed for tops in screen Fame the screen Story which made Douglas Maclean a Star in his own right seventeen years ago in the silent film Era May do the same for James Ellison the handsome athletic Young leading Man who plays the part Maclean created in the new version of Mary Roberts Rinehart a Clever War time comedy "23 4 hours Ellison who portrays the character of the self assured and Swan above Robert Armstrong Patsy Kelly Lyda Robert and Lynne Overman featured in Quot nobody a baby a the cavalcade of laughter which is due at the Capitol next Friday and saturday. Above Laurel and Hardy come to the Capitol theatre sunday and monday in a Way out West a their newest feature comedy. Above James Ellison is dishing out some romantic words to Terry Walker in this scene from "23 hours coming to the Capitol tuesday. Carl Hoff Maestro of the hit by Young sergeant who bets his Parade orchestra belongs to the bundles that he will have break Anne a hairless party m Han Ann Rutherford held a party at her Home you can imagine her a Ybarra sment when the guests were forced to sit on the Fleer. The Petite actress had forgotten that every chair in the House had been sent to Tbs upholsterer. Directorial school sired by Paul Whiteman who organized his orchestra with full representation of stringed instruments As Well As the usual brass saxophone woodwinds and rhythm instruments being in effect a symphonic orchestra with a flair for a popular modification of this Type is used by some orchestras who discard brass introducing a Plano a Cordland and concentration on Wood winds clarinets oboes and bassoons. Duchin music Eddy Duchin also prominently featured in the production goes in for the Sweet and Low rhythms first popularized by Rudy Valley and later varied by Guy Lombardo where Lombardo drops violins and concentrates on muted brass and saxophones and clarinets Vallice keeps the violins but discards brass altogether. Duchin maintains a Happy medium with brass having slightly the upper hand. Ellington music the Harlem contribution to the picture supplied by Dusky Duke Ellington defies classification. Ellington believes in breaking rules and making new ones to suit his own erratic whims. His band of Couise is principally brass three trumpets three trombones four men who double on saxophone and clarinet and four Ruthra men. Quot the principal feature of our says Ellington is our use of dissonant chords sos pensions and dynamics. Dissonant chords Are the opposite of resolved chords which sound Complete and satisfying to the listener. Dissonant chords require another note or combination of notes to resolve them and sometimes we do not re solve them until the end of the chorus. Suspension Are the tricks of Solo virtuoso on any instrument. Kreisler employs them on the viol in thy consist in playing around a Melody playing notes of involve a harmonic rely tin to the notes of the Melody but winding up on the Melody at the end of the phrase. In my band i Ara particularly fortunate in having a brass Section and a saxophone Section capable of playing them in harmonic unison against the Melody As carried by another Section a the orchestra featured in a the hit Parade a provided an interesting Mot for the production which revolves about the efforts of a Young press agent portrayed by Phil Regan to pct across a new fast with the Genera whom he has never seen has risen rapidly from the ranks of popular Young leading men. In the new edition of "23 h hours leave a showing at the Capitol theater tuesday Ellison gives what is probably the outstanding portrayal of his screen career. Picture goers will recall his splendid work As Quot Young Buffalo Bill in Cecil de Millers a the plainsman a and the leading parts he played in such recent pictures As Quot death on the Diamond a a a breakwater and a the winning As sergeant Gray he is mrs. Rinehart Sharum scrum irresponsible Young non com to the life a role that definitely Heads him for stardom. How the Bumpious sergeant wins his vainglorious Wager in spite of the seeming Odds against him makes �?o23 h hours leave one of the funniest film comedies that has been seen on the screen in the last half dozen seasons. Playing opposite Elllyn is Terry Walker in the role of the general a pretty daughter. The part of the below Joseph Canela Florence Rice and ted Healy who carry the leading roles in Quot Man of the people Quot which is one of the features at the Capitol wednesday and thursday. Above Frances Langford who has never before been so thrillingly Beautiful As in Speed show of the year. Saturday Capitol sunday Quot the hit Parade a Quot new Ames next and monday. The Miracle Friday and above the tragedy of America s forgotten women is graphically portrayed in Quot Mountain Justice a starring Josephine Hutchinson Anil Geo. Brent. Quot new Ames Quot sunday monday. General ii played by Paul Harvey. Others in the excellent cast Are Morgan Hill Andy Andrews Pat Gleason Arthur Lake Murray Al per John Kelly and Ward Bond. Join tans in hurry Joan Crawford can acquire a perfect suntan in three Days. Judy a Lollypop fan Judy Garland is a Lollypop fiend. She buys the suckers by toe Gross and passes them around to her friends on a the Broadway Melody of 1937�?o set. Keeps part straight unique indeed is the dressing room in Maureen of Sullivan a new Beach Home in the fact that not Only can you see yourself in mirrors at All angles but by a trick arrangement you can set the top of your head. Just to see if your hair is parted straight. $ maybe he likes Mem Robert Montgomery has a dozen live lobster delivered by airmail monthly from Boothbay Maine through doctor Rockwell the funny Man. Dick Powell and Jeanne Madden sing in musical Dick Powell sings two Catchy new songs written by e. Y. Har Burg and Harold Arlen in the musical Quot stage which comes to the Capitol theater wednesday and thursday. The Star has one Solo number in the picture Quot fancy meeting you a Sung in an impressing number representing the new York aquarium. My Ith his new leading woman Jianne Madden a recruit from the concert stage he sings the duet Quot in your own quiet in addition to the songs written by Harburg and Arlen tunesmith who wrote the hits in Al Jolson a the singing fool a and other pie Tures and Broadway musical productions the yacht club to have two of their Novelty songs in the picture. A the body Beautiful Quot and Quot the income tax. A stage struck is a spectacular musical comedy revealing the in ornate life behind the wings of stage Folk. Besides Powell an miss Madden the cast includes Jean Blond la Warren William Frank Mchugh Carol Hughes in hundreds of Beautiful dancing girls. School kids visit new Beery plane Wallace Beery gave 125 school kids the thrill of their lives when aviation classes from the Mckinley school for boys and the Columbia school of Al Monte were the first to preview his new safety plane. The Star of a the Good old soak a who has been flying for fifteen years visited the Airport to take delivery of his Stinson monoplane. The students making a tour of the aviation Field and hangars with their teachers discovered Beery end refused to let him go. So you just can to take ted Healy too seriously a i can to be serious. My brain stand it. I be taken such huge doses of nonsense All my life that a serious thought thru my brain would be too much of a Shock. Already i have a headache from such serious thinking As this. Ouch a that s ted Haly folks. Step right up and see him. He s the Man who originated Stooge and so they Call him Quot the King of a yes sir a he says Quot that a me. You done to have to be a Stooge to be the King of stooges. You be heart of the King of the khyber rifles Haven to you Why that fellow was no Mort a khyber Rifle than you or me. Less so perhaps. Yes. Sir Healy makes a lot of picture. He does no to mind be likes to keep working. Quot excepting the lines a he fays. A a that a almost being serious. To learn lines i just read what they Are about and let the words Fly. The wind blow the chaff away and the microphone picks up the Golden grains ifs All very simple. A Little invention pm the part of the sound Man. I owe him everything almost everything at least Healy is under contract and pops from one picture to another. He appear in Quot Man of the people with Joseph Calleia Ami Florence Rice showing wednesday and thursday at the Capitol theater. In by tween times he lives at his Home on the Ocean front at Santa Monica. Or suddenly flies to new York for no reason at All. A too much trouble to figure out a reason a he reports. Quot so i go and Fin the reason in new York. Heaven protects the a stooges Are strange people a Healy says. A Good for Experiment. Right now i m testing them for love. I can always Tell when a Stooge is in love. I hit one of them Over the head with a Mallet and if his expression does no to change then he a in love. Of course you have to believe me on these Beery let the youngsters walk thru the ship and lectured them on the subject of Safe flying. A the Good old soak will be seen on the screen of the new Ames theater tuesday wednesday and thursday. A Uke of cellophane Cliff Edwards is constructing a ukulele of heavy cellophane. The actor believes the tone will be More Mellow than Wood. A nine fell into acting George Murphy featured in a Broadway Melody of 1937�?� waa once a Coal Miner but gave up the Job when he was dropped by Accident Down a Shaft in a Large bucket. A new Ames ends today a Nancy Steele is missing a Mountain women can to love a at last the screen pierces the mystery which has shrouded a a american a Savage million for centuries kisses Psid for in lashings children sold into marriage women doomed to a life of Heartbreak. And fear of Mountain Justice secrets of the mountains exposed and unknown Singer played with the following pictures will appear at the Capitol May 2-3�?�?oway out West a Laurel and Hardy. May 4�? 23mi hours leave a James Ellison Terry Walker. May 5-6�?�?oman of the people a Joseph Calleia Florence Rice a stage struck a Joan Blondell Dick Powell May 7-k- a a nobody a baby a Patsy Kelly Robert Armstrong. New ame8 May 2-3�?�?omountain Justice a Jose Phine Hutchinson George Brent. May 4-5-6�?�?ogood old soak a Wallace Beery Betty Furness. May 7-8�?�?ohit Parade a Frances Langford Phil Regan. Twin Star april 30-May 7�?"circus girl a june Travis Quot Lawless lands Quot Johnny Mack Brown. Unforgettable Charm by France Langford. Supporting players com no from the ranks of radio aristocracy include George Givot pie and Pat. Re Thorgersen. Molasses and january the tic toe girls. All i Yare and his gang the gentle maniacs Oscar and Elmer and toe voice of experience the Gable lives up to it Clark Gable named twice in a week As Best dressed Man will prove it in Quot Saratoga Quot with twelve 1937 sport changes. A a Capitol ends today Quot top of Thi Touny Doris Nolan Hugh Herbert a and you wont want to when these two munsters turn on the tickles added a Man to Many m u is in Omed y Pete Init to in Quot Penn Wisdom Paramount new sunday 5mr Sun bring the entire family one grand spree of e. Brown Freddie Bartholomew Eon Errol Juan Bennet Al Byous Ami he band sunday 1 15 to 9 80 a 26ch Sun. Amp Mon. M in w a w a. 11 a a

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