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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives May 1 1937, Page 4

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - May 1, 1937, Ames, Iowa Stood cosh a Wpm air Voo of Lisle in this Stuffy olo Hole Ohl Ai Pav like this its apr i my Mam i come of come of to Heck with this work stuff Page mint Ames daily Tribune. Akes. Iowa saturday Hay i 1037 Ames daily i Ribune-1 Imes published Dally except sunday of the Ames daily Tri Bun a times Cox lit fifth Street amen Iowa w. S. Rupe publisher Robert Murray managing editor Hollis j Nordyke Busine manager entered As second class matter at int Post office Ames Iowa. Under the act of july is. 1114. At official paper of Story county and the City of Ames subscription City Carrier weekly. City Carrier one year. Rates Story adjoining counties six month. Story adjoining counties one year. Iowa outside above counties six months Iowa outside above counties one year outside of lows ens year. A subscriptions must be paid in Advance service will be discontinued at Date of expiration unless renewed. Members of Iowa daily press Assn defense against whom approval by the House of the colossal army appropriations bill�?$416,413,382, the largest in peacetime history raises again the whole question of a defense a and More specifically a defense against whom a for years the advocates of peace have been trying to get from military authorities or from some one a Concrete statement As to what a huge army and Navy Are to defend us from. Or. Hull and some other members of the government have Given tentative indications that this country a Navy will no longer follow predatory american Empire builders into just any Corner of the world. Our policy of Independence for the Philippines is a hopeful sign of our at least partial determination to confine our affairs to Continental United states. But the officials of the War and Navy departments have not apparently Given up their grandiose dreams of creating a world Empire. At least they have never made any Public declarations that would indicate they have. The military appropriations would not indicate they have either. And there is of course in some quarters a suspicion that fascist minded irreconcilable would not be averse to having a bigger army with a View to crushing the growing aggressiveness of labor mad As such a course would be. The House appropriations committee in approving the army Bill asserted that the nations defences today Are a unprepared to offer resistance to any Force equipped with modern offensive but such a statement is wildly misleading for it leaves entirely out of consideration the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and surely no one would be so stupid As to advocate vast military preparations against attack by Canada or Mexico. Even the military experts will admit that the oceans of the world Are probably the greatest of All defences for the nations. It is estimated that the japanese Navy off our Pacific coast would be about 15 percent As effective As off its own coast. There is no Navy in the world of course that could remotely dream of overcoming both distance and our own Navy. But suppose our Navy were to be beaten. The British experience at Gallipoli ought to show that All the cards still would be stacked in our favor. But even suppose that a secure base were established on our coast. The invader still would have to have practically All the worlds shipping at his disposal in order to transport his army and keep it fed clothed and fully equipped. It just does t add up. Only the maddest opium dreamer eau picture us As actually in any real danger of being overrun by a foreign enemy. Meanwhile Why not divert at least a Little of this vast amount of Money to the Good work that or. Hull has been doing Iii building genuine Friendship for America with the nations of the world -1�?t- May Day history there is a subversive custom in this country of linking lip May Day with vague rant about a a reds and terrorists and class warfare with a slur on its a glance at the past my 1, 1917 Ali things being equal Story actually the county wil1 be asked to furnish 151 history of May Day begins in the United a Flthe first War draft of �00 000 a men states and is bound up with the struggle for or it Herbert Coy of Hamburg is the Shorter working Day which is probably visiting Bis Cousin a. D. Coy at More powerful in the United states than to College anywhere else in the world and certainly i miss Lena Budd left this morn takes its impetus from the workers of this country. For a visit with relatives in Illinois at the beginning of the nineteenth Century and expects to leave today for american workers began their protests against i Marshalltown where he will join working from Sunrise to Sunset 14, 16, even Ames boys and will enter the 1u, m on coast artillery service. Us hours a Day in a few cases even 19 or 20 f be a Lyndred residents 0 hours. Thru their own struggles the workers City crowded at the Railroad Sta gradually whittled Down the hours of work ton this morning to bid Farewell and in 1884 the eight hour Day movement t0 14 Youngm a who left for mar was started in this country. Shall town to join the army. M. A ii operations on the colitis Lamous internationals those Bugaboo lege Campus practically ceased this which Are supposed to strike terror into the morning when 25 men walked off hearts of Good americans were simply world jobs demanding higher wages organizations of workers one of whose Pri-1 miss Daisy Lee announced her by Marion White Ossi Nea a 11 a r the establishment of the Mary Aims was eight hour Day. Today workers Are marching in the Prin Cipal cities of America and the rest of the1 the wedding will take place in world As the struggle goes on for a decent in the heart of each Rose approaching marriage to j. A Hummel at a meeting of the Chi Chi club last evening at the Home a of the Rev. Id mrs. Lew Harris. Life for a fairer labor produces. Share of the wealth that a a a favor was a card on which nere the names of the couple. Miss Helen Oliver has accepted a position with or. E. B. Bush in his office. Or. And mrs. G. T. Hart Are spending a week at what cheer with her Mother. Check on Lynching Donald beam has written Home Newton news checking Lynching by pass a to at the boys who left to join the ing Laws May have some effect but the pros art1ilift.ry located at. I. Island five Miles out of peels Are dubious at Best for this must take san Francisco and that they May into account a racial problem that is most sail m. V 5 for Honolulu. Newspaper comment acute and sharply drawn in the Southern states. We Are of the firm belief that authorities who take men into custody should protect them from mob Rule As Well As hold them to face trial. Some Teeth Are needed to stiffen these official spines. Legislative lobbyist Rolfe Arrow the lobbyist at a legislative session often serves a Good purpose. Usually he is an expert along the lines he represents often a legislator needs technical information that he does not possess. We think More of a lobbyist who serves the interests that pay him than of the legislator who betrays the interests of those who elect him. Very few lobbyists use mesmerism or hypnotism and men done to have to follow their advice if they done to want to. Columnists get by with murder Fairmont minn., Sentinel the literary digest says something terribly True in of i Ruman mailing has received his final papers to enter officers train no Camp at for. Snelling. He expects to leave sunday. Paul Hammond son of mrs. J. T. Pauline is visiting his aunt in Shoals ina., and will remain there until company i is called for military service. Of jobless taxes Des m01nb.s a payment of 1937 unemployment insurance contributions Are called for on a quae Terly basis instead of in one Lump sum in the Case of the 1936 tax the unemployment the compensation commission has announced More than 4,600 summary Contr Button forms have been mailed to employers of 8 or More workers liable for the 2 percent tax co 1937 payrolls. Payments for the first serving thai columnists got big pay for dwt d win that a cub reporter would get fired for if he i quem May 15. Nine tenths of the wrote it. Imagine the sentinels Tommie get due is payable to the Iowa Ting by with drivel such As Macintire writes Unez a pm it Ament compensation Cora and which is read by thousands Only because j11 certify to the it i. ,.Federal Bureau or internal Revenue it is Lasso liable to do so Don t you know. Cast of characters Joan Barrett heroine Ace tary in Jala Hendry. John Hendry of a Luff i a real a int head. Bob Andrews Hendryz la alar partner Tad Joan sauce. Sybil Hendry Nokia late. John Hendryz Niece and Joan Rural la lore. Philip Hendry Syll brother. Dorothy Starke Joaan a Fol Rhood Friend. Charles Norton California Man Luff promoter. Yesterday Syll Learna that Joan once worked in Chicago and promptly she that As a starting Point from which to Chack Joan a past. Chapter v it was almost Midnight when Sybil returned to her own Home. She had left her Uncle in i particularly Jovial Frame of mind and she Felt certain that he could relent in the matter of Philip. She decided to wait up in hour or so in Case her brother lid get Home that night. It would lot do for him to believe that she lad let him Down because she meant to have him do something or her. As a matter of fact she rarely ailed him. Philip was extravagant impetuous and utterly irresponsible yet he had a certain a Eckless Charm which compelled Ler admiration. It might have it Een that she understood his faults because the same desires soldiered within her. If she were bet Erable to control them than he was it was because she viewed the worlds tolerance with More calculation. There was Uncle John for one thing. Despite the Trust fund which her father had left them Uncle John was still an economic necessity and his principles must be appeased. That task Sybil took unto herself and she handled it Well. Philip a Sybil pursued tactfully Quot til make a bargain with he looked Ai her suspiciously. What is ii a a i did no to know a thing about it of liquor in his life so he said. I a a in la Settle with Sam Bowser. Ill until this evening Philip. Why i just had an attack of vertigo last give him something on account didst you Call me instead of night. Head met a few business. 4. ,._____,. Uncle John a a i did no to Call anybody. Those silly cops went through my Jennings the Butler looked in pockets i suppose and found his not the Wallace idea Panora Vedette the solution to the entire problem will be the determination of the j Farmers to return to the former successful 1 american method of farming where every i Man is the ruler of his own farm permitted j to Plant what he pleases and reap what god in his mercy permits him to raise. The amount of the payment. The remaining one tenth Stac uld then be remitted to be Federal government. J the struggle against alien and subversive influences fit join women win suffrage in one sided vote Manila p. I. Saturday filipino women saturday won the right to suffrage. On a basis of Early returns of a suffrage plebiscite in which Mon did not vote suffragettes jubilantly proclaimed a Victory. They predicted a total vote of nearly 400.000 instead of the 1300,000 affirmative votes necessary to win a place in the Polit ical life of the Young Commonwealth. A Complete tabulation in Manila showed 17,607 for suffrage and 1,698 against. Only 5,247 registrants failed to vote. To the living room a i put your car in the garage miss Sybil a he announced sedately. A will there be anything a no Jennings nothing she picked up a Magazine and settled herself on the divan. A by the Way did my brother Call while i was out a a no miss Sybil. There were no a thank you. Done to bother with the lights. In a staying up a a very Well miss he withdrew quietly leaving an oppressive stillness about the room. Sybil turned the pages of the Magazine listlessly and listened to the Hall clock tick off the seconds. Card. Then the Opportunity of talking to the great John Hendry was too much for them to pass up. I done to know what he told them but today they let me make another Sybil helped him out of his coat. A did you have anything to eat a she asked solicitous by. Acquaintances in the Village and they offered him some Nice Lime drinks. Delightful drinks he thought. The next thing he found himself out in the Street beating up a cop with his Cane. T was just walking Down the Street a Philip mimicked with a Grin a a when i Felt an attack coming on. And this officer insisted that i was intoxicated. He insulted me. I Tell you when i get Back to Bostons a of when he gets Back to eat done to be silly. Why would Boston hell have the governor i want to eat that tripe they hand Down to demand an out a j Philip laughed at the memory. A come on then. Ill find you a the Devil of it was a he she led the Way to tinted a i think the old boy was Ward the Kitchen. I sincere. Those old friends of his and Security for the rest. And if you la do something for me 111 give you $50 a week extra and expenses. It will take you out of town too so you wont have to face Uncle John. Ill Tell him you be gotten a Job and by the time you get Back hell have forgotten All about a what do you want me to do and where do i go a a what for a he offered her a cig Aret took one himself. A to do a Little detective a detective work on what a he held the match for her. A i need a drink first a he Grum must have had a rare time spiking Cybil Drew in the flame inhaled i his Lime drinks a a it bled. A fall she opened cup j Board doors brought out a few that r a a. Iaus cd Kii dishes. A where does Jemmings the House seemed Chilly she a keep the scotch a she asked. J a act0,. Thought. A first shelf at the right a Philip d. In cd a was upset about it 0rest fillip. Shortly before one of clock Sybil heard Philip turn in at the driveway. She went to the window watched him put the car in the garage and heard him slam the Sybil took it Down poured out a a i humor faded generous portion then went to the j. Lucie John to me to refrigerator for ice cubes. A a Here a j1? be snapped 1 m setting almost a whole Chicken a she of fed up with. His interference. I doors violently. Evidently his Day j served and a bottle of milk. Want j1,00�?T1 be Edh m telling me How to in jail had not left him in a very me to make Coffee Philip Hillve Bright Frame of mind. She Hur j a no. Ill take the milk. Got Sybil sighed. A a that a just the tied to the front door to let him any Tomato juice a trouble Philip. We do need him in. She wished she had asked i a half a Jar of it All nicely very badly. In be a stack of Bills Jennings to prepare some sort of a now that Are two months overdue. A supper. In All probability i gradually As the drink took of and 1 hat it to remind you a Philip Hadnot eaten All Day. How feet his spirits Rose. He attacked Ever she could fix up something for him. A a a i jello Philip a she greeted him xxx flatly. The Chicken eagerly forgetting for the while that he bore a grievance. Soon he was telling Sybil about his Day in jail about the Flat footed guard who walked up and a a done to bother i remember Well enough. Sam Bowser has my . For two thousand and he a getting Nasty about it. Well let me handle Sam Bowser. Sybil shrugged eloquently. He looked up scowling and did Down the corridor lecturing them Philip handle Sam Bow not return her greeting. Sybil j a about the three others who closed the door behind him. Shared his cell the Roughneck a a in a terribly sorry a she be san i dignified gentleman from Boston. Philips scowl deepened. A you i a honest Syb a he said affably should be a he said scornfully waving a cold Chicken drumstick a that was a Fine trick you let Hie j a you d have died laughing at that old Man j old Duck. Never touched a drop ser and she knew it As Well As he did. And if Sam Bowser went to the penitent panhandler and the j Uncle John it would be difficult. A Philip a Sybil pursued tactfully a a in la make a bargain with he looked at her suspiciously. A what is it a deeply. A i want you to find out something about Uncle Johns Secretary miss Philip blew out the match impatiently. A ooh Syb what a the use of doing anything like that gee i know How you feel but there a nothing we can dig up about her in a i have reason to think that there a what do you mean a a i know and never mind How i found out that there a something in her background which would not make a very pretty Philip raised his eyebrows thoughtfully. A and you think that would finish her with Bob a a that depends upon what it is. But there a another Angle for us to consider. Uncle John seems to be As much infatuated with her As Bob is and he be the first old Man to leave a Fortune to his Secretary. A Nice mess that would leave us in Philip smoked in silence for a moment. Presently he asked a How do you expect me to go about it a to be continued about March i the Mother has with Squirrel quilts playing been Busy chasing the older Chil a hide and seek in and out the door Dren away from the feeding Box 1 ways of the Martin House there is the old lady Aas become very plenty of entertainment at our tame and Friendly toward humans place. And will come to a window to take ii. Ii. Knight nuts from our hand. J 133 s. Riverside. Society bans handshake Oroville Cal. U re members of the Camp of saints which to j rated Here seven years would seem i to have Little Chance of Ever be a coming Good politicians. They Are opposed to hand shaking on religious grounds. Estimating that the average citizen Shakti hands 1 three times a Day tin y calculate the have escaped 7,665 handshakes Inee their organization. Of Opi is fori in behind the scenes in Washington a few Days ago we saw i by ads protruding from the of our Martin House. Two Day or we saw triplets Ain made announcement to neighbors. Fun it d 018 tat the the Bright Sunshine Friday morning convinced us these were Quad up j Walt. With three outside j the doorways we saw two Mort peeking out a Squirrel quilts j this quintuple Brood belong to a a Mother Fox Squirrel that took i i charge of our Martin House Winter i by Fere last. Last Spring she j brought Forth triplets which sallied out to the Trees Early in May. Again in september twin were product d and the Mother carried Thern Down and out to the tres to hurry tile r development before Winier. This Mother put rail Anc four of her la t years progeny fee a quit ii Der Btu k Yard All what a to eat the rom Sud nuts p of id do Foj the. To. Since the quilts arrived by mrs. Gay nor Maddox Neas a let Muff writer Flower in the buttonhole on May 9th, mothers Day will be Lovely. But a Surprise party supper for her is a Little More substantial. In this modern Era where sons and daughters Are said to be equal to any emergency and grocers surprisingly helpful for ready to serve luxuries such a mothers Day party for her friends by her children should not be difficult Send her out for the afternoon to visit and when she returns,1 have the place alive with old friends of hers not yours and be 1 ready to serve them All one of the a most sumptuous Little menus any a i. Mothers heart Ever feasted her decorative it ii eyes on. And if you happen to j a. Jef j. I n l ii of be feeling sentimental take it out g 1 % n been added on the cake boiled icing this handsome and very senti. I u2 cups sugar 6 Teaspoons mental Mother s cake fragrant water 1-4 cup egg Whites Vanilla with Loving care and forget me for Lemon Flavouring to taste not was created especially for unites until stiff sundays Meno breakfast strawberries in Cream shredded wheat creamed Finnan Haddie on Toast Corn muffins Jelly Coffee milk. Dinner stuffed shoulder fresh pork Brown Gravy spiced rhubarb sauce roasted potatoes Broccoli with Lemon butter watercress salad Fig mousse Coffee milk. Supper Oyster Stew salted crackers Walnut bread mixed cheese stewed fruit compote Tea milk. By Rodney Dutcher aka Hervert stall a Vwashington. A the Middle aged. High cheeked sad faced Man with that Gray Shock of hair Down Over his forehead somehow looked acutely familiar. It was at the Lafollette civil liberties committee hearings and spoke at the famous Al Smith Liberty league dinner. The a Ijedge a As sheriff Theodore Middleton Calls him was a Republican politician who became prosecutor of Bell county where conditions were subsequently described As similar to those in Harlan. After he had become attorney general of the state and had run successfully As Republican witnesses were relating often in can Iodate for governor president the drawling hard bitten dialect Coo Edge made him a Federal i of the Kentucky Hills one of the judge most astonishing chapters in 20th i Century history they were telling of the Long reign of terror maintained in har Lan county of murdered Union miners and dynamited Homes of i the sheriff his Bond put up by j the Coal company who owns j company Stock and has a slice in i company stores where the a a script pay received by miners is Dis i counted 25 per cent of Law off Cera who bribed men to blow up Homes of organizers of 379 deputies appointed among whom More than too had criminal records in i vol Vins everything up to and in a eluding murder of beatings assaults and ambushes of subs the a Jed get became nationally famous when he vehemently declared unconstitutional the Era the slum clearance condemnation proceedings the Kerr Smith tobacco act taxes and other new Deal Laws. Then he quit the Bench to appear As a lawyer for Coal and Utility companies against the government. Today Dawson whispers in the Hall advising witnesses whom the Lafollette committee investigators blame for Many of the atrocities in a bloody he Hasni to spoken aloud to the committee yet. But he May soon address a local Federal court for a mine superintendent named ted Creech died Public officials who did Thi Jias arrested for alleged per bidding of mine superintendents of the rash county prosecutor who threatened to Dean up Harlan until dynamite promptly ended his career. A jury. Creech denied testimony that he had threatened vengeance against a witness who had testified about dynamite no activities of Harlan deputies. Readers of this column it offers meanwhile boil sugar and water any Loving daughter or for that go the syrup spins a thread matter any Clever son a Chance Quot Siow it Star the syrup into to demonstrate in edible form the the a Aten Whites and Contentment that there s nothing True beating until the icing is of too grand for Mother i the proper consistency to spread. R. _. Slowly pour in a few drops of the chocolate cake desired Flavouring and spread icing 1-2 cup butter i cup sugar 2 on cake eggs separated 2 squares Choco a decorative icing late melted i cup pastry flour j 1 egg White. I Teaspoon Lemon 1-2 Teaspoon Vanilla 1-4 Teaspoon juice confectioner s sifted Salt. I Teaspoon Rod dissolved in i put egg White in a Bow l add 1-2 cup sour milk \2 Teaspoons confectioners sugar Cream sugar my butter add and beat 3 minutes using a per egg and beat until Light. Rated spoon. Continue adding then add chocolate Sod Dis sugar by Ixion soul adding Lemon solved in Buttermilk sour milk juice Early and beat until Frost and dry ingredients beat egg my is stiff enough to Hgt old its Whites stiff and fold into cake shape put into a pastry bag or mixture bal e in a sc., Are cake tube and Fante out the mall pan in a Moo e oven when amounts of icing needed for the 1 a year ago last january when he copy la it. In. Aka Bervie inc. Cool Frost top Aud sides with decorations. I vet Hen the voluble congressman Quot Dies of Texas asked congressman May of Kentucky whether he was As opposed to Harlan violence As to lynchings. May was Able to hold the floor of the House come of the Fellows at the pres table finally inquired about the Man with the Shock of hair and then it All came Back to them Washington was witnessing another appearance of former Federal judge Charles i. Dawson of for Dve minutes under the pretext Kentucky Here now As counsel that Harlan doings were a wild and adviser to the Harlan county Jefe a the two last words which Coal operators association. The Jojay Jad moved to strike from the reason he Hadnot been recognized record in order to enable him to was that he Wasny to shouting and spot in having been a wild life ref gesticulating As he w As on his visit Uge it a

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