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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives May 1 1937, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - May 1, 1937, Ames, Iowa Use the want ads to boy sell Exchange or rent Telephone 3400 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a it a a a a a a a a a a Ames daily Tribune and times vol. 70 no. 260 official Ama Ani Story county paper Ames Iowa saturday May i 1937 United preen wire service met a a a a a a t weather forecast i Cloudy and unsettled saturday j night and sunday i temperature a Fri. 4 p. Rn., 66 sat. 6 a. Rn., 46 to a. Rn., 61, it it ii. Precipitation none three cent loyalists Stop rebels at Bilbao urges that All appropriations of reconsidered virginian asks for further cuts in expenditure Washington a majority Leader Joseph t. Robinson joined speaker of the House William b. Bankhead saturday in suggesting search for a Compromise on conflicting plans for enforcing the administration Economy pro Gram. Washington ii a a third Economy program was advanced saturday in an attempt to end a controversy Between the Senate and House on Bow to balance the budget. Rep. Clifford Woodrum a va., second ranking member of the House appropriations committee proposed that All appropriation Bills passed by Congress be recon soldered in committee and further reductions made. He declared his opposition to the Senate plan for a mandatory to percent Cut in All appropriations and to the House program for a 15 percent reduction in expenditures which could be restored at the discretion Ai the resident. Congressional leaders admitted that differences Between the two houses seriously threatened the administrations budget balancing plan. Besides the controversy Over How to reduce appropriations generally House and Senate Are at Odds Over a proposed reduction in the $1,500,000,000 Relief Bill for the next fiscal year. Speaker of the House William b. Bankhead made no comment on Wood Rumps proposal but appealed for a Compromise to Settle the dispute because a a the main thing is to save he insisted that both Senate and House proposals have the same objective and that the manner in which economies were to be made could be worked out in conference Between the two houses. Technicians in Hollyw Ood Are out on strike by United press a strike of three unions of motion picture technicians in Hollywood saturday threatened to cripple the movie Industry at a time when More pictures Are in production than in any Spring for the past four years. The strikers picketed major studios. Private police guarded against violence. Work was impeded in most studios. Other labor developments new York the Long Island daily press suspended publication for the first time since 1819 As a result of a strike of members of the american newspaper Guild. Philadelphia a nearly 9,000 persons were thrown out of work i age few Irish deputies speak. By strikes at six radio plants and first stage Ireland will vote on plan for Freedom Dublin Irish free state rpm Samoa de Valera american born president of the Irish free state saturday offered the Irish people a plan to achieve Complete sovereignty and throw off All ties to the British Crown within 12 months. He made Public the Long awaited test of the proposed new Irish free state Constitution which must be approved by the Dail Legisla Turether ratified by a plebiscite at next fall general election. It would become effective 90 Days later. Under the new Constitution Ireland is declared a Sovereign state name Eire pronounced Quot air quo the gaelic word for Ireland. Yester out this new ration of Eire would include All of Ireland its islands and territorial Waters Tho for the present it does not contemplate the inclusion of the six Northern protestant counties of Ulster which now function As a separate part of the British Empire. Eire w ill he administered by a president elected for a seven year term by a popular vote. The president will App int a prime minister and a Cabinet limited to Lorn seven to 15 persons upon nomination of a House of representatives. End title the new Constitution abolishes All titles of nobility guarantees Freedom of religion while recognising the roman Catholic religion As the Quot principal the president of Eire would have wide Powers but these Are designed Quot to safeguard the Peoples rights a de Valera explained it was understood that he would be a candidate for the presidency at the first election. Thousands take part in May Day demonstrations labor in Observance throughout the world by United press thousands of w orders thru out the world participate saturday in annual May Day demonstrations. Largest gathering in the United states will be in new York City where More than 60,000 Are expected to Parade and attend mass meetings. Altho the sponsors expected orderly and Well disciplined demonstrations the City a entire police Force of 18,-000 will remain on duty until Midnight. A total of 1,641 officers and men have been assigned to the Parade route. Sympathy for the Spanish loyalists is the keynote. In Chicago three squad cars we ill cruise thru the Loop during the Day manned by detectives equipped with shotguns and tear Gas. Forty two uniformed men were assigned to guard Federal and county buildings radio stations and Utility plants. Three Hundred we ere detailed for a Parade of workers this afternoon. San Francisco Trade unionists arranged for an auditorium meeting we Hole the communist party planned a meeting in the Plaza in los Angeles. Capt. William f. Hynes of the police said there would be no interference with the gathering. Across the Border in mexican mexican labor unions will hold a Parade to Quot present a United front to defend ourselves from the monster of capitalism and commemorate the sacrifice of labor demonstrations against fascism will Mark the observances thru out Europe and parts of Asia. Fascists threat de Valera Aid that the 1922 Constitution under which the Irish to world peace free state is now governed is not a free expression of the Irish Peoples wishes because it is subject to a treaty Quot imposed a from the Quot outside by great Britain under Quot immediate gaelic Firat the president we Ould be the commander in chief of the Irish army and Navy under the new Constitution. The National Flag is designated As a Quot Green White and Gold the official language would be gaelic with English a second language. The draft Constitution does not refer directly to the British Commonwealth from which Ireland wishes to divorce itself hut provides in connection with foreign relations that Eire May use any instrument or method of procedure used by any group the British Commonwealth or the league of nations with which Ireland has been associated for the purpose of a tarnation amp a cooperation. De Valera personally wrote every word. It is in gaelic a Langu Catholic Church Moscow a War commissar element Vor Shilov in a May Day address saturday declared that w orld peace was threatened by the fascist states who stood ready to Start Quot a new world Vor Shilov addressed units of the red army of soviet Russia in a big demonstration at the red Square of Moscow marking the Observance of May Day As a Labouring class Holiday. Quot this year May Day is marked by the historic struggle of the Spanish people for their Freedom and their National Independence. The hordes of Mussolini and Hitler invaded Spain destroying Towms and villages killing men women and children a Vor Shilov said. Quot the Spanish people Are fighting not Only for their own Freedom but for the Freedom of All Peoples. Madrid has become the front for the whole of progressive Hitler challenges violence on Des Moines labor front Des Moines re violence flared again saturday in the Des Moines laundry strike As Quot peace pacts were signed in two other labor disputes. The latest violence occurred wheal two truckloads of clothing we ere hijacked and one laundry head reported he was kidnapped and beaten. The strike situation saturday showed nine laundry plants still held by sit Down strikers with four other Plant closed. Sign up Union leaders threaten to Call a general strike of Des Moines a 20,000 Union workers unless laundry own ners meet Union demands. Union organizer investigating reports of alleged unfair labor practices at Midwest Metal stamp lug company at Kellogg la. Des Moines steel company and Hartsberg bindery signed Union contracts. Labor trouble also was brewing at Kellogg la. W. B. Jordan or Ganzer for the International association of machinists said he was preparing to investigate a complaint alleged unfair labor practices at the Midwest Metal stamping company in Kellogg. Coercion the complaint was received from the Chicago regional office of the National labor relations Board according to Jordan. He asserted it charged unfair dismissal of employees intimidation and coercion by the company against formation of a Union refusal of company officials to bargain collectively with employees representatives and threatened removal of the Plant to Grin Vii a a. By Everett Bell president. Claiming meat of the company a 200 workers As members of his Union Jordan declared their wages were As Low As 14 to 30 cents an hour. The Hertsberg bindery Here signed a contract Friday by which the company a 50 employees will have Union recognition and collective bargaining. Negotiations will be started immediately on hours and wages Union officials declared. Rebel warship sunk by loyalist air bombs when Spanish government planes bombed and Sank the rebel warship Espana above in the Bay of Biscay off Santander it was the first time in world history that a big battleship had succumbed to air attack under War conditions. The Battle was dramatic. A Little British freighter tried to run the Bilbao blockade. The 15,452-ton Espana Hove to and the freighter ran for Santander. The Espana opened fire and the freighter flashed radio Calls for Aid. Thirty two loyalist planes in Santander took to the air circled Over the Espana and began dropping bombs. There was a direct hit on the poo deck. The Espana Sank. I Berlin Rdv fuehrer Adolf Hitler led Germany a May Day an aircraft factory. Detroit negotiations Between the Packard motor car company and United automobile workers of America were delayed because of difficulty in reaching a com when de Valera first introduce i the Constitution last March Ioas Quot item 3�?� on the Agenda the paper read Quot Dracht Hun reach 1937 be amp a Celebration saturday with a speech which was interpreted As a Challenge to the roman Catholic Church. Quot we alone have the right to educate our youth a he said to Promise on wage demands. Con it was so obscurely placed at the 120.000 members of the Hitler Irving Merrill second scout to mass Parachute jump is planned eight boys 7 girls will bail out Smithfield Young Parachute club members eight boys and seven girls whose Ages run from 14 to 25�?will leave saturday for Cincinnati where they will Quot bail out in Masse from a transport plane sunday morning in a Quot graduation aviation authorities believed it would be the first non exhibition mass Parachute jump by civilians. Unless plans go awry at the last moment a anxious parents have been coaxed into giving written consent the youngsters w do pile out of he plane one after another. Club vice president William Whittaker of Rayland o., will occupy the Honor position of first jumper. Behind him will be his 14-year-old brother Kenneth. One of the two other 14-Ytar-old members is a school girl Dorothy Mcc amp Urt of Bergholtz Quot there will be no backing out Quot said Paul Glinzak 20-year-old Coal mine worker and group Quot instructor Quot who made his first Parachute jump last july and has made Only three since. Quot Only one of our club members Ever has made a jump before but they Veall been meeting with me three nights a week in a # course that lasted six months. Receive a amp re they Veall passed written exam ining Merrill son of or. And 11 nations mrs. J. W. Merrill. 708 Brookridge Avenue was the second Ames boy scout to receive a Check of $25 from the tall Corn Council of boy scouts As a prize for a 400 word essay on Quot Why i want to go to the four $25 awards were Given by the Council two of them being received by Ames boys. The other Ames award was Given to Lisle Minert. Son of mrs. Grace Minert Stouder. Both Ames boy Are in scout May Day bus strike is too percent tight liberals win troop 143, of which Sabin Nichols London Irr a the Mada bus strike too percent effective at 3 p. Rn., threatened saturday to spread to the provinces and involve 145,000 workers. It was feared that the strike Guernica where the Basque array defences threw Back the rebels nearly two Miles saturday is shown in the upper map near Santander where loyalist bombers Sank the rebel battleship Espana Friday. The sinking of the 15,542-ton Espana marked the first time in history that a big battleship has been destroyed from the air during actual combat. The lower map Showa the other front of the revolution in Spain. Is scoutmaster. They plan to apply the Money on their trip to the National Jamboree in Washington d. C., june 30 to july 9, Heads alumni Iowa City re a Clyde b. J Ferencek will be resumed monday j Bottom of the Calendar that most youth organization massed at the j Charlton Des Moines attorney Montreal prime minister Manof the deputies missed in j olympic stadium Quot and that right we Taki Rice Duplessis of Quebec ordered translated he title read Quot draft arrest of two Union leaders on Constitution 1937 first n my a a it a a Banc Nirdev a Pat a charge of Quot conspiracy against the Public order Quot As he moved to end a 15-Day strike of dress workers. He said Quot we will not stand for any communistic -4 test your knowledge judge Dies of Stab wounds transport and leave the Metropolis without subways Street cars or buses. Delegates of provincial unions asked 120,000 men operating buses in the provinces to join in an unofficial strike to support the bus Drivers already out in to a Eastern counties. Never Wilt Vive i will take office june 5 As new j directly involved in London so a tar the Flor that Thev Mav pre8idfent of the Unver Ltd of Iowa i8trike a re 25.500 men operate with dipl h in nit Therlyn Aiu Obi association. Ing 5,000 of London s famous with Success disunity the German i lbu8e8 carry g no Leo pm. Might spread to other forms o Jap election 5 military government is rebuked Duke Wally Are to marry late in May people again beginning with our youth then they Are Jolic Church. Nazi discouragement Jfe a lil in it ,0 the nazi Campaign of bringing of parochial schools was one of All education under official con-1 the reasons for the Pope s recent Trot had been a principal Point encyclical on Church conditions complaint by the roman Cath-1 in Germany. Can you answer seven of there test question turn to Page six for the answer. 1. What is Dowlas 2. In which state is Tuskegee Institute 3. Who said Quot it is Best not to Swap horses when crossing a Stream a 4. In which state is the Raritan River 5. To which nation does the Pacific Island of new Caledonia belong 6. Are seals fish 7. Name the author of the novel a Richard 8. What wigwams 9. Wha in extradition 10. How Many presidential elector is the District of Columbia entitled to in fares. I they struck on the eleventh anniversary of the British Gen eral strike the greatest in history. Labors mood was restive because of the May Day Holiday and it was feared that any attempt to operate buses with strike Breakers would bring out trans port men in other lines not Only new Yurk be a municipal1 a us Laisui i 111 Uwi Lull Liy Juliu Here but thru put the country court just a Tuhn in utah.1 London a strike began at mid. ,. ,. Quot Why did t our scientific age Senger boy to the radio. Industry night. It was called to Back up u j10 j a a 8. Prevent the Universal suffering due has evolved from Home Man fac the bus men a demand for a seven hut in , a a a a 0i in. Horn equities. Lur. To Modo Fay or a pro. And Cen s Asp to. Investments and insurance As a re Ducton thus giving the humblest an eight hour Day. Police at standstill Points out need for economic on solution ,. .01 10 education in school systems to Kyo re a japanese liberals appeared victorious on Early returns from the general election saturday hut Gen. Kenjuro Hay Ashi Premier for three months indicated that he intended remaining in office. Early tabulations showed the min seito party leading and the Sei Yukai party was a close second. Both Are liberally inclined. It was understood that an agreement Between them provided for a solid front virtually All left Wing social mass candidates emerged victorious while the Veteran Independent Yukio Oyagi Leader of the gov a monday that the London divorce eminent opposition at the last be court has granted a final divorce Sion. Was rejected by the voters decree to or. Simpson. From trend of the election return in in Ang he will go to the chateau de d Tea ted a rebuke to Japan a rec it j Antic at Monts where mrs. Simp military controlled St Wolfgang Austria Rev a the Duke a Windsor has completed honeymoon arrangements with or. Wallis Simpson it a Learned saturday. A spokesman for the Duke said that after their marriage in France the Duke and i american born Duchess would go to Wasserlein Burg Down near the italian and yugoslavian frontiers to spend the Suminer Ai a Castle which the Duke visited during his stay at lenses Feld. The Duke puns to take the first train for fart after he is advised warships steam to defense of besieged City basques recapture 2 towns from Mola v Renda be. Franco a p a n h Frontier the a loyalist warship steamed to the defense of beleaguered Bilbao saturday and bombarded rebel held ports along the Bay of Biscay. The broadsides Wert part of a new offensive started earlier by the Basque land Force. A Bilbao communique reported the capture of Garona and Cota As the loyalist defenders followed up a drive which threw Back the advancing rebel army of Gem Emilio Mola nearly two Miles on the bloody devastated Guernica salient. New of the rebel defeat came to henday in Frontier dispatches. Bombard part the loyalist warships bombarded Tho rebel held ports of Zequei a tio Ond Arrao Monico san beat than and Loe pasayes the firing at los Pasaret could be heard clearly on the French Side of the Frontier. Tho radio station at Bilbao broadcast at 2 50 p. Rn., reporting the bombardment and explaining that Quot several government warships from Cartagena had arrived at Tho beleaguered Basque port to Ald in the defense against the rebel and Vance on the Northern front. Removes threats the Basque counterattack stopped molars troops at least temporarily and removed his threat to the left flank of the loyalist army stretching from Guernica to Tho sea at Bermeo. Latest military rep to crossing the Frontier placed a a oian a Force within 15 Railes int Tho Basque capital with two parallel columns pointed toward Bilbao from Guernica and Durango. Speed preparations for evacuation Paris rp1�?great Britain and France seeded preparations saturday for immediate evacuation of 30,000 refugees from Bilbao. An estimated 300,000 non combatants Are in Bilbao and the Powers wanted to remove a Many of them As possible. Thirty thousand was set As the figure for the Aret contingent. It was doubted that enough Elpe could to obtained quickly enough to remove All. Both Powers ignored Spanish rebel threats that removal of non combatants from the besieged i Basque capital would to conditioned Quot an unfriendly act. Concern while plans were not compte it appeared that the first Contin a gent would be removed in French merchant ships under the Proteno a lion of British warships. The ships will be loaded with women children anti old Mon in was decided. Much concern was expressed fax British quarters Over reports that Gen. Francisco Franco the Spanish rebel commander in chief had ordered that Bilbao be ii necessary to break the stubborn Basque defense. Refusal Franco refused in a communication to the British government to Promise that his air Force and Navy would respect foreign ships in Spanish Waters for the express purpose of evacuating the refugees. It was after receipt of this communication that commanders of British warships were instructed to give Quot full Protection to any foreign ship on the High sea a outside the three mile limit. Governments is staying. A half hour Day instead of and was expected by political Obj at Mont the Duke intends to Noui Auw an a a a us cum. Uni Ulma Iglus hour Day. After mid servers tao precipitate a bitter a maj until the marriage it was was to met of the depression a asked a. Citizen More of the comforts of life no buses left terminals. J struggle b n understood that the Date had not bed twice As he stood on a Street i. A a a a a. Strike pickets and policemen parties and the Hay Shl Quot Arm Corner near i. Heme. I .ail-1�?~fw"brown cation. Direct thai. Eer. Enjoyed by the crowned up a wry be. A he no to. A whole new diet was elected. Ant dear bed a. A Short Man in a Quot of investor Syndicate Aurin head of the Orient three or Lka or boo Ltd and mrs a a his address on a the science of ago. This thru the Aid of of Nee. I Street car Motorman and con Brown Polo coat fled. Bleeding profusely he managed to stagger Morley management ii the Shel-1 Baa eradicated Many or i actors urging them to strike in j atr4tl�gvt was to his Home and tin a to the hos Don Muna hotel Friday evening at. The diseases which for millenniums sympathy. Petal a few doors away. A meet no sponsored by the Ames hive scourged the human race. J a a of Neil was Able to Tell District Junior chamber of Commerce. Many others it has taught us to Pon Jerg renewing the governments pre election aimed at pacifying eve Ltd yet been decided and that the Duke would have mrs. Simpson to set the Date after hits arrival. It w As accepted a certain thai the wedding would be held late in May with the thou by hut. New group or �?o�?~j11 a a boat a a Quot blur Ling favourable to the Cabinet might cd Quot Quot Quot a 11 beg mining a. 14. Bernie it has not hem decided exactly a a or a a w. _ of a. Be a Tain f n in the ranks of toe he had no idea who stabbed him 8bow�<1 method used at the Quot science has been applied to burlesque Reimut various parties voted into office. When the do add he Bride jul and that he knew of no reason j Vontury of Progress exposition to death itself by providing death in new York re it a fourteen Bur 1 Universal malt suffrage was Cave Mouru by the Pian to Why anyone should wish to take Deal cd the contributions of science eur since which continues the Means Hub it Jue theatres were left without i enacted in Japan 12 years ago Aud Froin there 10 Wesserle Zubur. Attorney William c. Dodge that by tha Uit of coloured slides he control. His life. Detectives made no Progress in attempt to solve the Case. Mrs. To human life and happiness in the of livelihood to the widow and or licenses to operate saturday he there have been four election 08t Beu honeymoon it is a last too veers. Faan when the wage earner has i cause License commissioner Paul a science applied to transport j gone on before. Moss had not decided whether to of Neil reported that her husband j Tion has transformed the covered Quot but when and where was Sci Grant them renewals had taken some a Legal papers Wagon into the modern air planes Jenee applied to the problem of de i the Ucen ses of the theatres of from a Safe and stuffed them into a a science has changed methods press Ioas by providing living pro-1 the strip tease dance expired at ing. Howe ver there was no party his pocket before leaving Home. 1 of communication from the me-1 continued on Page two Midnight. J which was supporting the govern Ance. The government in office at Der Tood. Will be spent in Austria the time of an election has always emerged victorious. In the Case of yesterdays v diluent and therefore no Way tor the people even it so minded to Register approval of the governments policies. Aunt Lindy says there May be quit a few Idle Rich but a lot of pm did no to get Rich a being Idle

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