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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Mar 21 1938, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - March 21, 1938, Ames, Iowa Official Ames and Story county Pape Rames daily Tribune and in the Ames Terr Toet weather forecast Troudy and cooler monday night and times it May. Tein it Erat tires Sun. 1 30 . To Mon., 5 a. Rn., it a j 30 p. Rn., 81. In Recap far Ion none. Vol. 71. No. 224 United pres wire service Ames. Iowa. Monday March 21, 1938 official ame and Story county paper three cents House passes huge Navy measure Silver lining is visible in Clouds of War governments Calmer than their Peoples editor s note Europe emerging from gravest week since the world War has escaped from the immediate danger of a general War cd l. Keen european vice president of the United press says in the following dispatch. Keen Dean of foreign correspondents and a reporter of european affairs since the world War analyses the position of each of the principal Powers and finds none eager for War now. John Valentine will speak to democrats Here by de l. Keen vice president United press european copyright 1938, by United press la Aris a patches of Silver lining visible today through War Clouds that have darkened Europe for the last week and caused More flight than of any time since the world . Europe miters a new week with powerful Fortes working to pro if Uig peace. Unless there is another Sarajevo another spark like he on that started the 19h holocaust War eau he averted for months oven Yeai a. People Panicky Tho i portent fact today is that governments Calmer than their . Among civilian populations in England and on the continent there is panic. Many of my English friends have withdrawn their sons from schools and pin a it Aring to Send them to Vuro if. Hoarding of canned a gauls has started. Austrian jew in to Fht Choice of Ftp Oli h a sub mitting to the of the Swastika techs wonder whether the nazis preparing for another thrust to Tho cast and if so when grumble Over their govern Meutz a to Poland. Done to want War hut governments. Not a Oples declare wars and nowhere in Europe is Here a government that wants War now. England does not want it until her rearmament program Tho of her air Force i. Cumi let cd. For Huic seeking to Shah Lilze an us Tain internal situation does not want it. Soviet he sin Busy consolidating the Jialiu a it Gime through la Quirl Atlon of Many old time bolshevik its does not want it. For status quo none of those three great seeks territory. What they Dos t a and seek desperately is prose vation of the status it Juo. To keep peace England France and Hussla willing to endure Alin St any provocation direct attack. For example the Best in foil nation thai soviet he in wild not have resorted to mall if ii intervention if Poland had invaded . It is Niue rain whether Fiance would attack if Adolf Hitler Sii Ould attempt to germans in Czechoslovakia. _ democrats of Story county and Vicinity will meet at the Sheldon Munn hotel at 6 30 p. Rn., thursday to hear a Alk by John Valentine lieutenant governor of Iowa at a dinner meeting sponsored by the Ames democratic women scid and the Story county democratic Central committee. Valentine a Gradit ate of the University of Iowa started his Law practice at Centreville in 1929, was elected state senator in 1932, and Lient Nant governor in 193h. Mrs. E. Toss president of the local democratic women s club will be in charge of the meeting. Tickets for the dinner May be secured from Harr Colllns at Telephone 307 or mrs. Steve Lier 1135. The program will be open to the general Public make the issues of the election Clear Cut so that the contest will be based on issues and not on personalities. Strong Public support is urged for this highly laudable Effort to clarify Public discussion of governmental affairs. The league of women voters is a non partisan organization for obtaining information and helping women to Haiti Sipat it it More Intelli gently in Public affairs. To pay tribute to founders of state College when friends of Iowa stale College assemble at memorial Union tuesday night for a dinner dance to celebrate the Eightieth Annever mercy in i in Norgail i Cices pm Neej. Educational efforts of a group of Hardy Lowarn withdrawal of Iva charges Cin election forum will 0 held in Ames women voters league is sponsoring discussion a City election for urn will be held at the High school auditorium evening at 7 15 under the auspices of the local Branch of the league of women voters it was announced today by mrs. A j. De la Hunt president of the Branch. W. L. Allan and Frank Paine candidates for mayor on he opposing tickets will make 5 to to minute statements of their minus and programs and the other candidates on the two tickets will be introduced. Mrs. A. L. Bakke will preside. A discussion period during which questions May be asked of the candidates will follow. The purpose of the forum is to Vada. June dudgeon is entered in Soprano Solo while girls sextet and boys quartet will also participate. In former years june dudgeon has establish ii a Fine record and this year is expected to exceed her former laurels. As a Sophomore she won excellent in District contest at Mason City. As a Junior june won another excellent at the District contest held at Nevada. Recently she won the local contest which includes the Honor of representing Ames in the Spring music meets. In Lable Amos High music groups have established unenviable record in former stat . The Girla glee club won the state title in the first music contest held in Iowa. The next year mixed Chor a. Was organized and for four consecutive years held Tho state championship in in altho now competing with rival i it Mph schools Mega Grotius have never failed to reach the state finals for a fir to or second place. High school vocalists to give concert More than 125 High school vocal music students will give a concert Friday at 8 p. In. In the Gigli school auditorium the first major of music groups this year. Secular songs of a popular variety to please everyone will be Sung. Mixed , girls glee club and boys g Lee club Tho major vocal group will take part. Every member of the vocal it be liar tent will appear either in .solo.s, quartets sextet or massed groups. In than Shorlene Ltd As practice periods of the organizations have been shortened by the new High school schedule voted to abandon the state contest in order to give More attention to concerts and Church programs. An individual Ami two Small will be the exception to he Rule however to Ames in the Muic meet at be i Marshalltown boy rescued from Well of position appease hunger hut inform d persons believe Tco Titi my or Uags six test your knowledge w a 111n g ton. Up a president Roo Veit monday told Uhal Man Arthur e. Morgan of the Tennes to Valley authority he must withdraw Aeu inst his tva co Dir a Torh by 2 3u p. In. Ami agree to cooperate in the i uus inquiry or face immediate Sut pension or removal from offic a. served a 2 4-hour ultimatum upon the tva chairman. He gave him these Al Teru Tiv a 1. Publicly withdraw his charges against his co directors Aud agr be to cooperate in the i i deut a tva inquiry. 2. Resign of he does not wish to follow the first course 3. Face immediate a suspension or removal from office of he follows neither the first nor second course. Morgan left the White Imp mediately after the president served his Ami said he would make a Public statement at i p. In. It was re ported without continuation that the statement might be re.-,ignation. The new ultimatum to the to a Heair a served l y or. Loosevelt at the third White House conference with Morgan and his co do rectors. David e. Lille thai Ami Harcourt a. Morgan. Settlers. It took courage and vision on the part of Benjamin f. Hue and sen. Coker Fifield Clarkson and other Ihil tical leaders to whip into line a sceptical legislature. The seventh general Assembly of Iowa to ave sch Tho Bill providing for the establishment of the College had been referred with an Adverse vote of the ways and Means committee. Almost a decade later in l8t>6 after serving As editor of the fort Dodge messenger Ami rounding out a term us lieutenant governor gue was elected president of japs drive to Railroad cite Richard Lee Gardner. 18-months-old son of or. And mrs. J a Iowa Dally Presa photos b. Gardner of Marshalltown was rescued Shanghai Fui j a p h to e s o troops embarking on a final drive to crush Uhl Nese resistance on the Central front drove with All their Power monday toward ,.how, Koy i y on he tl.-.l.uj.ip>3 Lonal of w banking Railroad too Miles North of banking. Japanese vanguards Supi it Ortesi by fast moving artillery fought i their Way to within 30 Miles of i late sunday from an abandoned Well Shaft into which he had fallen while at play. the i child was Loo Small to help Bis rescuers they were forced to dig a second Shaft beside Tho Well Shaft and Tunnel across to the child. The child is shown at lower left on a Marshalltown Hospital cot after his Rescue suffering Only slight bruises. The parents shown at lower right in front of the hos Pital room door. workers shown above Fullins in both shafts. The Gardner family which had re gently moved to it present h a Ine was unaware of the existence of the Well Shaft which was covered with boards Aud . While at play in the Yard the child fell into Tho 27-foot Trihaft feet first lodging about 12 Frei Down. The Ivard i f trustees of the col Suchow and Laid Down a bar a pc. Against 10,000 chinese in hesitation reasons Wen not wanting for hesitation to establish the College on the part of the state leg Sla Ture. Two years before the Bill trenched at be intersection of the Railroad and the grand canal dispatches from the front said. The were moving rapidly but it appeared As of they was Init deed Iowa had exper had now teat Hod the Vicinity of fenced thousands and. Tennina etl. Setleis were living la kens the tie Nisan Nanh i line at of and log houses land was Hsushow Worth $1.25 an Aire and the Tiu a a Ila Ghai Llu re it Nti ii Horary Bra k a apis Al at Des Moines us Hiesel news Gem v re ported Vas Binutu Yeeu iut Luau a Uff Ciais from posts la Tho Fhyr ended a severe Winter in Whlon the main t Hiese army gun re i or j do it her thousands of cattle froze to death j the Hsu Citow area and Tho yesterday to per. It plan for the my Deer War almost enu rely i a Quot a a St lung Hal Raili and who h Setleis were living in joins the o line at Niong those parti ipg Ting in the head Nevada picnic sneaker i Des Moines la up a Scott in. Squyres Oklahoma City okla., i National Comman it Jagt a of the Veter ians of foreign wars will be honoured at a trl District v. F. W. Pie nor at Nevada la june .5. Officials from posts in the third e he Hull concerned twi wife week Over 0 among those parti ipg Tang in the wire 0 v Jewell mar shill own. Third do strip t conf Hud a Nurtis Van Ooi Hies was still unfit it hed. The governor monday that japanese a a Pomes can you answer seven of these Tea questions turn to Page four or he answers. I. How Many members Otth u. Sup Ivy a i ourt Dill preside Taft Apia int during his term it it fir fit a Quot a a. In whip h Alai or the ii at a is number of Batto s it ugh dui Ine the civil car 3. W lint the colors of Duke University 4. What is the nickname for the state of Idaho. A. W to the first Inan to Fly Over both the North Ami South Pulese to. What is a 7. How Many feet in one Rod ? v for what do the initials la. R. H stand 9 w hat proportion of u. S. Senators Este a every two in. Name the largest National cemetery in the u. S. Geese feed on Winter wheat in Northwest Iowa Moi x n re. La. Up tens of thousands of pure while Ami Blue geese were feeding monday in Green fun ids of Winter a Dot Bette it a Here and Missouri Valley. La. In some ii Ria Tirc. Tho Whit a geese a so numerous that the Fields App to ered with Snow. To la a Birds a. their an no. I Migra Iio i i Breed ing ground. And a being else i if la a a <1 Lay a me in Val i dim to i it re ent the ii but lug shot it ome Field were be Lucola from i blight Grey a in Olur to Bare Brwn but la is b i cd no Ila mag a will he Lone to the crop Tho season till Early and her is ample no is Ture in the , it Point a a out. Mitchell talks to rotary club Here of the stat i it w an annual salary of let of. Iowa was infest cd Ullh thieves and bang a a Shantung province on not an us visual occur Hie German was wounded lugs were bombed a a in Odu Man Direh at Lin Al in soil Thoin Mamidi 16. T e Agen y Aid other bins ii in Ranee in t of part of the state the ors were waging ens ,.re fierce strut. With the lndiau8�?~>�t giving the source of i if Ini cult Iinatius in the spirit Lake i Mon. I massacre in Tho Fiu Omdal i pies _. A Sion of i. .7 Aud us Wildcat Hanks failed my the state in Assed j t its first Batik King Laws. John Brown was want cd _ in Cedar Tuni Al a station Road Rhet a tale was Island to i Active one of la a Lupori lug t the Rolleg fugal .-0 i. A i Fairfi do. I a j ls4s cd provided United site aril i. A in Winn .1. With ii establish in a it a be. Gov his i pit std ii and our today s common error never pronounce carafe a a Aye a a Rah a. Ralph f i John Mitchell attorney general Viding fio of Iowa Momian noon discussed lege and t the functions of he various state a Quot i told get Legal a Pait end St a Lusheon la Mem Ine it Ting of the Ames rotary club tee he i at the Sheldon my n hotel i a. Mil. Hell de a relied the working county contributes of the of Lave Tiganu n ill Spry. Or a i let of Lusi rating is talk with i of the Gibson Case. K und to und rail Radii it and in the Pir of the k in supporter a i it Tive groups a St Hluz a to int of t rat i i Iii i d at Sarly. La Chiv c i in by the t of the Uel. Atkin Fici oui Ity tog ii try of land f i the Iii Rimes in s in is5i sex i it ii Al the pc a . Fox Conur a d he Bill Pio a a a Iuis of the col jul App >i�riaiiii81 t meeting of the in Iii Iaru of trus in cd my it Ines dec from Ames Mav not be necessary a to info. Is. b ,, s stat a if Elm is once a . ii report to Iov. to a i to Lav pm a in Ert it v. If rein it Al offic a i a Hail f in Roaf Ion a it a a j. A Jeff a of Fie Eta t or a chid Sui j Ord d wifi ii to m i. I plot us d the i a u i u g Fui a i v Camj. J to t Hadt i a ii , a s mount sixth i t act comander. I Bertles squat a i will j Dimidi or. Thomas l. In i set attn mgt of i Kultur a a i Alex i Filli u it a t Denim a c a u let re a of is f of a Len w.=Tho Boone kitties i Drill team the Deriv Lee a. I i i1 team and then Ada it Hilll j t or a will Particio Ite in m i roiling drum it and Bugle v i c Usi re Nevad ame Vav \ a by Ai d a Moville i Lopes for amicable settlement crisis feeling observed Here National wild life restoration i week w hich is being observed Vav s h i n g t o n it up a the throughout the country this week. American Gove Mient favors and is in our Ging an amicable adjust us it of Tho difficulties Between for Ign Oil inter to and the mexican government. A Emit in of of state v a re ii Hull Ald to y. Hull Suid the uni cd. Is v Smiy concerned Over p. in the ii Vilou de a. generally la Maxi. He is being observed kit Cally with the Preisen Ilion of wild life conservation programs at Parloua civic and social Chiba. Car Dwyer president of the a Story Mourdy Vav Illif of i , la in charge a if the pie am Here in which the National put to it a is being by might to the. A on i to til Luhv Friday do ser explain c i tile purps�?T8 of the 8 j this go Verune Ai is hopeful j Gram loth kit Ani it his Mon May equal rights amendment is Given Senate us Adjui nuut of us d of t in s a tvs Een the Oil and tin govt nmn Hrnry in worked out on a basis of Mairm to of. To he had a go a ? o Piu. A Coiner station H n an o a Quot a Doi Josephus Ai i i o t it v today. Huh a in anted dam a h a. Phams i f this govern Nice to to built Ami position in Iii of. 8p1 a w ii fun v of pm it cd with the tei Iii. Of to his gov so a Muir exp Rupi to i in Hal Imi i ted . A of. Tur if that i Xico Lead a -�?o,1 of but priv in de i g my p .ii.o, a the it a o o a a a a a i a he sat i t a a a a a s i Etc Vris ined it o. A to the rotary and Jay he will talk to the am Ham be of Romnie re or rub a of the. Feder Hon or other t Ovna in the it it Urty in Rhet kept Findlay Pio Gre a int. In to a a ooh while to Caio to a of. Pini b t m y i s ii nits f a Quot v Quot i. A a kit is of wild of ar., being i by of a. I la. S i nip come of i til nil i. It orc of = Liaw by re Ltd h it. V a a Fen r t ctr f la i to in the i j v of it a \ it Kin i. I w i i to lop Day icon a Rii tor a c i i v i Iii i cultural a a no. He Lidert of b ii a it maw ii of r. To of the pm t ter Imp a r Tab i a last a a k the g in r \ cd the i Tho Charlton be ids tit used bet v. A. And i t wit. T r i j udi la Htut a our i atoll a rights a t 1 i i to Ailo of ,1 Ikon. To i a to. A let a. Of exp to i a i it a. I >1 w b n i v cd h. A to i h by Quot of r it i h i la i w j p. No a r. In ill i in to a a Quot a t Vos �?.1 or vote 292-100 to establish largest Fleet would add 20 percent at Cost of Over billion , a i re a the House monday and sent to the Mcna Quot s Bill authorizing the greatest fighting file t in the history of the United state. The vote was announced As 292 to too. Designed to carry out president request for a 20 percent increase in America s naval lighting strength the Bill authorizes additions to raise u. S. Fleets to a total of 1,500.000 tons at a Cost of $1,121,546,000. Passage followed a House vote of 276 to 114 defeating a motion by rep. Ralph Church a. Iii., to recommit the Bill. Combat ships the measure sponsored by chairman Carlva Anson d., ga., of the House naval affairs committee specifically authorizes 46 new combat ships. 22 naval auxiliaries and 950 air Lanese to bring the Navy a Aerial to 3.000 fighting planes. The 1.500.000 tonnage Falls just Short of maintaining americans share of the 5 naval ratio among the United staut a. Great Britain and Japan under the announced and reported building programs of the three great naval Powers. Welcomes conference Vvs Hole it projects this nation into the International ?nt8 race the measure carries a statement asserting the in United states would Welcome a disarmament conference. It also specifically authorizes the president to suspend construction to carry out the terms of a possible treaty. Under the Vvs Ashington naval treaty the United states in 1922-23 scrapped six battleships the a under construction at a Cost of $277,000,000. And in addition turned to o building Battle cruisers into aircraft carriers. Originally this Section carried a statement of policy committing the United states to a Fleet powerful enough to defend both Conata Tim Olta Neoushy and to protect our territories and possessions As we Eil a a Commerce and citizens opponents of the measure fearing this indicated the enlarged Fleet was to be need for aggression abroad concentrated attack on this provision. It was eliminated on a Point of order. The two great Points of House controversy naval policy and the Wisdom of continuing to build battleships certain to be revived in the Senate. Opponents of the burs authorization of three battleships maintained that a dread naught is primarily an offensive weapon and that the development of air amp has made huge Battle a dips Oto Solete. Houte members. However agr e l with the Contention of High banking naval officers that As Long As oth r nations continue to build the United states must match them Only Limiter the United states is the Only Natiw it a in the world which imposes on itself a limit or naval Cona Truc ton. The legis at on wig need Sarv by re pres it Law permits Only in ugh Tonga go to reach the limits of the Load. A naval treaty of 1930. No longer Obs red by Japan. Building Beyon those limits by great Britain and Japan required futher authorization in the unt states if this nation was to it h them and maintain the 5 3 Ralo Bills will be re glued a Foro any of the ships can it it v be Snyr fed la i i tilt i i. T i i i Ooi i., it a ? cd a i a t w .1 a i i. Iii a i a i la i Quot n i in get $1. X>0 at Bank Vaif. Mich. . I a dressed monday the Yale Bauk and ? with apr Xii Naldy $1,. ? a it Buie county Ixo Ini Ani subscribed re a Fra a a Nizic Saih to two a t Joi Iii aut d of Page two Ciais Aud a cd amp ionic a. I it Iii rec i to i a klan visa a. The Linen Dinert a us prod that i w i Quot h \ equal thic get Houi the i it. A state s ulna e try pm it a a. To it i Jurisi i. D or ii its supp t t a get ill. To i. I w Nfn nol Duir p Oil y of fill filling other Public Duyea. 1-uv a i a i seek injunctions l \ to i. I u. I i a t ,1a ? -.? v i Fife would lit. To t f v f i. To 4 t i i it a d b Quot f p i s would be lha s v Ond in it a Maten rat \ t i w it. Re is Hii it and hl a mucous through the Dot of a p a my i Quot to Gfa us Anil a t v stud r it ,. Ill i. Will i Zug Redei of Camilli i t a. W \ i i u signs l l t i aunt Lindy says aim k4 a i a d expo. I ii Imp a a in in a signed Ai reported a s x x ambassador Josephus Ilia Thoi companies d to exhaust a very Jan ans of ibo funding their pro i v wha hould be done after Rebe i pm Ruiu Law is a matter t Quot it part Nunt a he said food Paar Diimig bad buried aug As Rogarda Viu Ilcau Companie a. X of we really do shape our own lives some wan t be too t proud 0 a the shape they get x theirs in

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