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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Mar 9 1920, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - March 9, 1920, Ames, Iowa 3 i i f by Ryand Ames evening times volume Lui am is Iowa tuesday Marcu a a 1�2 it number 272vote yes on in sex to is Issue Musi be carried or no Brique Resu Eis women to take peace on Board let experience be our teacher l s it tory i of no to saved he or. Sammons chosen to fill vacancy professor Erwin continued in position improvement of schools gets o. K. Of voters i fourth word to Mear problems Dis cussed at meeting in Champlain Hall t ought supervisor to Tell i View Marlton to talk of needs a t Allet for election to determine if Erwin snit mrs Vav. J. Sent j Mon a re de to members of Tler j Hor in Tard for the Irile pendent Din j tril l of Volf s St yesterday s election i j there we three candidate in the i. Structure against Don. Ten year later she wit ii a it looked j lint 2 engineers at the hog. Shown in the Lowers ii will co f Milr if i he build do a Bridge or a Mala remember this even tie they Are bin Nee afford vote the lain Dis. By or seven thousand Ball Arn in i 8 by bridging Squaw create with a advice of Tho engineer.? at Iowa stat collage Ami the Highway commis she of tank that Bridge went out�?a.? the or i a s. .hey., and the i ii if Way Catlin Are \ Strong Bridge w a Jio Ati i .12,non which the comity i i Tom an of thin Bridge Milt Ai. I the Money oho is not need d i Aid if would. Tit. Upp. R picture Type til he he to in ire now advising a Bridge of the a Louie thai will last. A id. To build a Bridge a Hunt Ames will either do without. As in Hios. The Bridge Bonds ill not in issued. Council to take court action to secure right to property on which to erect sewerage disposal Plant Harper s demand held excessive Rine it with our Ilia n Billa unsafe old Structure Shalt remain who l01l of�?zh10rizing the. On Lincoln Highway safety lits in ,. U put and Malo it v. 9.oho in improving the buildings and be Bond Issue where to vote. M a a my a a a Quot a a a i ground Cai Rind by a vote of i tomorrow wednesday the men and Imp Uia Ifim women voters of Ames will he railed voting a at no. Pla Ltd if urdu toted upon to vote up a a the my motion of j Down toot Sui Hon it Tig aiding in the. Pm to a a Hall and the fourth Ward ton of a county Bridge acre Squaw or k to Lincoln Way to the ext it of one and one half it a it tim cent. On the pies it ��se.4�e�l valuation of the tits. A All is in i. Ajio a the i ii Lnu is Betag ,.de that the greater Hie total of tomorrow the greater Chi be the majority by Xvi no. Propane ton will t Arry White to vote rolling Platea Are in follows first Ward. City Ball a cond a a re. Of Taano a Flower shop third is a fit. Gil Chi is coat office a j it myth Ward. College having i tank the polls will be no it to at eight not pm k tomorrow morning in a neb of the p or Ward $ anti a Iii remain open until owl Odd k tomorrow evening a Volt it a. Expressing More than usual interest in tomorrow no meet rut and ii in anticipate Rbt it the a Linen will demonstrate then int n a St in the is of to City and their Ker n Dilt in matter Miff tog it. The improvement and bet term tit o the City in a substantial nay to going to the Polit tomorrow and voting sen nun tit a i thrill tight b g meeting tonight county Houpei visor William Randan half been invited to address tits a Stig tonight at chains diff ii til in it by fourth want. On the attitude of thelps a id of duper i Kora Vav a to refer new j i Quot thu proper cd Olridg Quot a Ixta sir a i a ret it. The meeting la to a Mart at 7 20 o clock in addition loss pm i Ruif band a Annan Marston. Dean of engineering. Iowa at ate Roll ego Baet use to tied to be present anti a \ Plain in detail the % re it u Typo of i big pram mid the. Estimated tim h. I Upen it curate ugh Law prevailing t Day and other subject. d to the by nine Ben Edward will pref old i the meeting and put the que ton i to the speakers in addition to sup Ertis i it a Rami it and Ihn mar leu tier Wei be other speaker the Bridge sub jew i is to he threshed out so that every one attending May Lear the in. Ting with a. R i fist end of bark Alley to format in senator Edwards stat is tiles to a int that he had called the meeting because he wanted to know the facts and he believed other did. Tin. The meeting tonight will give or in Dan to talk to Mon Jie ools than he Aas perhaps been Able to me t of the Street tonight meeting is open to a be Public Quot i Ell every one who Hunts to learn the facts and heir All Side. To come out said Hen Dor i d w Ard s. J b graving Bank a t it edged a total of 2m vote j Mon ill and or. Hog re Sheldon re. In d 24ti i i reas tier. I. I he Fin it at the. Is at the of Al win arms hem i the Barley Voles for the h word it a i in v a. For a w i. Are Tuc of 5 5 to god rut 3 for Ahi id la the n my my lore Ward am 156 v i -. For it a a in. I to r. R Hen him la \ id. Tot x pc ural end .1 so Molt m Enuh wimp to vet m in tie Mim i re in it i in posit i. H Xiv f a o n i in i vol to Quot of the e Ieti Iii ail fed in to it n in int xxx us Oil it id a of Ion f a Nix no Sumi a. I ii a i info a j rih w a re and Bir to Prev it a t to nth the. I a re in the foil la a i re to m in and so Xiv in to vet d for l e in Trovi menu whre five sell i it Dagal is it in the. I her Jbf w ii d i Ico in i and it. It Man tor to h a v xxv h s no men my i a Oil i ill to d again i it men never can be Angels. Bui condemnation pro. Endings Are to i it inst Igat. D against i Fie t. N acres of land belonging to j t. Harper and h rated South of the try limits and West of Duff Avenue or the Wilson Highway. At its postponed meeting last evening Hie Council authorized attorney ,1 y. Luke to Dart Jho be Dongs. The land is desired a sight for the new flew rage disposal Plant. Members of the sewer committee and Engineer Hopkins had conferred with or. Harper regarding Tho Pur it base of to. Land an last night r. Port. D the of hour Confert to e to the Council or Harper made the Council a prep Aln a on the cd. Or do ten acres lie w a n i $2<s to for Ench. Of the Ceres and damages of Flop Poi Perron Ach of the a Civ Acnes in his fat in. The to would make the ten acre tract Cost the City i to St. Bdl were Nib it wed at la. T nights pleating. Hoo Stultz drops dead in Judisch store prominent Ames Man victim of apoplexy last evening seemed in Best of health until hand of death gripped him City is shocked. V. Is Leader in masonic circles and in Odd Fellows order director of us Ion National Bank and former councilman funeral not arranged. Wat to afro Fri la i k 1 by a of ant Speet read the report of the 4 who Aud it of i to Book by Iii a and auditor a Reznir Law. Tits auditors found the 4 wore Correct d in eve re re love Triangle ends in death St ult widely known and Fried in ame died Stihi it 7 Oti o clock lat evening Joti la Bros. Drag score from to. Ai 2no of clock this after allx t Hope Sty a no definite arrangements had n mad for to funeral Otic r than a it it would to a a ohs funeral. Great a i in rho. K experienced it his Mea id Friend lord wont out that Waldo dead apparently in Good was on of Tho last the Rusoti Woald sex pin t to go. It Hen the but. Whf Ouitha to verage p to a ii i Olill Ort. Chen go advertising Man slain by woman who ends own life wife beads to discovery of crime when spouse is missing for two Days. Or Edward teds of ranking in future state a opening week Day Sermon of revival series to talk on persons asleep tonight Mon Edward will no or in Ling a by i hear re we or kit Vit Al mooting Al the methodist a Hun ii la t ii tii. But men and he d it Tinct order of create Tane Iii Titi Rangel fall satan a High a fair mud a. To Angels Fiken in. In heaven a Agama Hod and a nut but on Ltd Are a he is working Day and right to Gid a Lorg. A following a no ins i Hie hell was prepared for la Devil and ins Angels but men who 11 bid against he a let ill occupy it with them. Quot redeemed the pastor con tinned a in Impi Christ will judge fallen Angels and will occupy t Bristy throne with him above pure to tonight service there will be a minute song service mrs a w Turner will sing. The Sermon will be on in the Church but asleep. Or Edwards has a characteristic com Arent on this ii it mousing a he a s. To hear one talk in his sleep. Inf ii is pitiful to hear Church folks Alk in their sleep when they really think the Art Wake. Lodge and Root new Cabinet in Heid in favor Stokes Case goes Back 7 epileptics die in Blaze circuit court of Appeal Grants Neav trial convicted socialist by pre it. Louis. March 9�?the ease of Rose pastor stunk s convicted in the Federal court of the we Stets District of Missouri for violation of Tho he peonage aet was remanded for a now trial in the circuit of Appeal to Day. A United Presa i b Ilc a Btu a. Ohio. March 9.�?eleven a a tints in the Hospital for epileptics it Gallipolis Ohio. Were suffocated Iii a fire there yesterday it was reported at the state Board of administration Here today. Ewa other patients tiny die. Flames ind smoke shut the victims off from Hie stairway. A defective flue is believed to have cans a the fire can we not learn of experience an editorial i Quot Hie Highway commission has provided two plans for n Bridge across Squaw Creek. Neither Bridge Tan be built within the $32,000 whip h he county has allotted of either is built Ames must vote the Bonds at tomorrows election. From outside Ames from people who Are not Ames taxpayers comes a statement that the Board of supervisors can build a Bridge sufficient to All needs for $32.oui. Engineers say r cannot be done. Once before there was just such a conflict the Highway commission proposed an adequate Bridge Over Squaw Creek. Instead the Board of supervisors insisted upon and built a Litten Patent Type Bridge. It made no difference that the. Engineers pointed out the Bridge was unsafe and could not last. It made no difference that they showed it was a waste of Money. As Hie Bridge was being built students from the College checked the measurements and materials. Even the engineering students proved conclusively that the Structure would not stand. And if did not stand. In the first High water it went out just an the Luten Bridge East of town also opposed us being unfit for the necessary duty Wient out. Thousands of dollars had been expended wasted a lives were jeopardized. The it Mouthy has no Bridges now. They must be rebuilt at an infinitely greater Cost. Fan we not learn even of experience vote the Bonds. Root seeking a Compromise v tiles rut Cuba Acbo he ebb War v re m. A my mrs i unit feud tog i a it to ice hat or Lien Fin p the. Tile Malth b a War love revealed her w ten Cufar. 41. Head of the lit or adv rising Agency h Caudal divorced wife As orbiter were found today worked on the theory Randall it Eyer and i ii own in. Us they Lav lit t Cis Tleatha bed Iver revealed As Iii i a suit of ail investigation ordered by mrs lever att her husband Hail i Cen missing for two nights from their Home Pollee believe the trag i in Cee Urt is saturday night. A poem written by mrs. Randall and found health the bed where till two Lay Turin Kiel proof Hie Polk raid that mrs Randall killed Bleyer and then took her own Ozone line of up Ltee a said we sin. 11 a a p our a n to. Closely Bidden beneath the Caswell comes to make i lome two most prominently mentioned for chairmanship of Republican convention Wood supporters favor Root Dixon Mccormick talked of. Former Secretary of state want re i. Oil cans to change phrasing of reservations to win support democrats in upper House. Of try United pres Chicago. Mareb h. A appointment f temporary officers for the Republican National. To invention on june s xxx ill be made in pril. A called meeting of the s Pill Ommittee ii Arrau go in is which appoints to will b. Saau <1 Ith in the next t univ. Is. 8to far Only Poi names have a i a Muhi attention for the it hair Manship ii was Learned. They Are senator Lodge Reyuh Jinan Leader in us Stellate and digit Root Farmer Secretary of state Supow run re of major general be Yard kit a while not out my Ken Are inclined to favor the i in lion of others mention it Are Joseph \1 Hixon of Montana and senator Medill Mccormick of Illinois. To us attempt to stir up arabians Messaro Damiun and tric ians against Allied All Al f is hold constantinople. British hint at permanent occupancy cd Gateway to North and East Ere Kwh out of Harmony with pro a any England Italy and Greece. No it i i v by i. U Martin i United pres. Staff n i Andrt. A Shin get a Mart h p. In us on of president Wilson a letter to i or Hitchcock led to debate break g out in the Senate today so i of or it met. Lodge Republican Leader opened h debate. Efforts to agree on i he Promise to the article x Reserva v in War prolonged by Navy. Charge rear Admiral Sims charges that Daniels failed to do As he suggested America failed. By Ray mond flapper it United pr�8 staff i Washington. March in was four months by urn of the Navy department to properly on recommendation of a r fail act the Allied Navy or the authority of him Elf rear Admiral Sims declared to Duy to the Aeu Ato naval Suh count ii to Ltd it it. Testifying before them in their probe of War work the first few Mouths of the War the Navy pursued a band to Mouth in i of said Sims hints who was in first witness culled attacked to a i american naval policy Aud Secretary i la Aniola and in the beginning his Tes i Almony charged that the Navy failed to cooperate fully with the. Adit s resulting in needless sacrifice. Mar i by sail Pasha lorried at Fons mum it ple. A dispatch . The new Chine according to the j dispatch intrudes most of the mein i Liers of the present government. The exact situation in the Turk a a Mal i today was not Clear. The is re i it in official no stages received i Here midst i that is i Fider martial Law and the cont nil Al Thil his sept cd. The Turk Vav re Rem red to a it stirring up tis. Arabian Moi Ai of i i ians Aud to i to in is French Force a aah minor Are threat lib Ami my sea pot a u Dan troop it. J occupation a Coo in Luigi. Ii Ely by Jib it ish ii \ i taken i he p a Pilot a t a of Allied Coin i mom i All p >.-no5? a it Ivy to tim East outbreaks have Recurt a in f i , some adv act ? Aid hut i Forcer Are sufficient to Prev a re j the Ciatu chances f rom a suming or j ions prop Art i be. D pail her. India need that Sov Funion is Consi it Jerald it so the. Turks a on i my a. Ark Moi the. I. Was the thai do Gat a tinted. A ii w reservation agreed upon by la Republican a is including Lasic and accept y the Democrat whether or not democrats Wilt agree r in urn yet apparent hut of will tiered by the republicans but Root f credit d with having n impetus to Hie latest Compro a my pc. He advised i Odge and lip Republican leaders to their utmost by changing the phraseology of the reservations to win Mer enough Dot nit Erat to bring about a. Compromise. Aid the presidents remarks about France were most he quoted Trout the paragraph which Slat. D that imperialists and military Mon War in Laminar of the French gov earn Cut a i la not Bink that ought to be raid about France a continued judge. M think it is unfounded. I think the. Reverse is tile f a pc rotary of Iowa editorial Atolia tion will have permanent Headquarters in this City. Miles from the first of april will be the executive Headquarters of the iou t i in Ial association and the t in Idt publisher this was developed yes a a when Hon. J. L. A Saveu executive so a rotary of the association an trounced the pair Eliise of a Fine Home in Amo of which he and mrs. Caswell purpose to tak posse Ion on april 1st senator Caswell is coming to ame be near r the Center or the state and to be nearer where things break in the publisher s interest. He is now located at Dennison where his cd ugh tor is a teacher in the Public school. The family consists of senator Aud mrs. Aswell miss Caswell and a in. They iia a Purcha Athl the Chad sey Home at six sixth unjust West of that it High school. A prominent Mason. Rid degree my son. Mid a prom Del of Elbow or. Sen it was it of raft a Nal Man and devoted of i tint and Talent to re. Of these orders. He was pres a did of re an is consistory flub and a d u i be of Ari a Lia masonic of a of you it was. A director of to i e ton Naf Ion i Bank and always id tile interests of that institution heart for one t com. Fro in Bill to to in a presented the first Ward n the a to Council and was chairman the Street and Alley commit be. Way a fair tight he Touhl take xxii As give Aud did not hold a in a Vance Long Waldo Smit had any real friends who appreciated i sigh Worth. He was 5h year la maths Aud r Days do suddenly drops to floor. Having stopped Iii at la id a h ten evening As was his a us nit be stoop in front of Lee Foutin Ain pen Case talking to Walter i. Ads. Suddenly he seemed to wik rut slipped to the floor before or. Leads could retch him physicians a re immediately called hut lit a by away almost immediately. The Only a removed to the Home last x Ming. Or St ult j was Horn March 30, Lyhl is a farm in Milford township. Story Runty. Dis father Daniel Stultz i a Many year ago. His Mother is at Nevada. Besides his wit r. Or. St ult leaves to mourn i loss two Sisters and one brother icing mrs i. I it. Wood of Nevada drs. Or a Shaw of Chico California and George Smit it Winterset Iowa. Ville. Discreet bars competitor Rench girl with million Dollar legs does no to think much of offering of chorus guts Here. In unit. Pro a new York. March 9 a French Iii i h a pair of Quot million Dollar is would not b t a cent on pm against american Competition. Mile Andre spinel who walked to tiny european Hall of Fame looked Lawn from a Balcony on a shabbily lad chorus going thru rehearse and mid a no. I will say i Hove a Best. And the free it dancer started to nitrate personal secrets. In the Sweet dry and dry Massachusetts towns vote wet and against dry amendment to unit it la is Boston ma##., Mareb 9�?eleven Massachusetts towns on record a voting for licensing at the annual town elections Hel i yesterday. Not in. Town voted to sustain the Proiti biting amendment. The Bridge Bonds in a nutshell railway men to suck by Union Fie i h a Par list Dej 1 4�? the weather fair tonight warmer in North. And wednesday. Ast portion tonight Chicago Marcha threatened railway strike was killed Here today when maintenance of Way Ami shop voted to remain with the rail Road worker a organization. Their wage demand go before the. President s commission with those of oth a Bod i Ca. Quot he vote by which the grand Lodge to a idea to take this course for the in Bud members was not announced. An editorial Story county a supervisors have set aside $32,000 to build a Bridge across Squaw Creek. The Law limit them to spending $35,out on such a project without a vote of the county. No Safe and acceptable Bridge can be built for $32,000 nor within $35,000. One of of o things then must happen. Either Ames must vote bends As proposed in tomorrow election or the county finding no estimate within $32,000 or $35,end will put the matter up to the people of the county for a vote. And Ames v la get no Bridge. Two types of adequate Bridge have hmm proposed by the Highway commission. One is a five Span cantilever Typ Bridge or Concrete with a 24-foot Roadway and a five foot walk. The other is a steel Bridge like a railway Bridge. Engineer insist noir Hor can a built under $40,000. So that unless the Bond is be is carried tomorrow allies will get no Bridge Over Squaw Creek if Tomoi Row s vote fails to carry the bands. Ame my Content itself with the present dangerous temporary Structure or build another temporary Structure to take its place a Watt of Money and a risk of lives. If tomorrow s vote fails to carry Ames must wait. There will Continuo to be accidents. Lives May i a lost. Aud the $32,000 promised toy the Board of supervisors May be expended instead by thai Board in fixing up culverts Distant from ame

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