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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - June 29, 1938, Ames, Iowa The ame daily Tribune want ads pay you dividends Mes daily Tribune and time Universal in the Ames territory weather forecast unsettled and. Local Shower wednesday night. Warmer thur Day. Temperatures a tues 3 pm. 78 wed t a. In. 66 1 45 p. Rn., 60, precipitation a .76 of an Inch up to 1 45 p m. Vol. 71 no. 310 United Presa wire service Ames Iowa. Wedner Day june 29, 1938 official ame and Story county paper three cent believe my Cormick May be alive foreign characteristics of Europe Are trivial but strike traveler forcibly following is another Story from Bob Root of Ames who with his wife is spending a year of study in Europe under a of a pulitzer journalism Fellowship. Nyers Lead in n. Primary is increased faintest sign of International unrest the Little things he cannot miss. Consider the Way you have to sign your life away when you Igister at a hotel in Europe. Autobiography now in the United h ates one signs los name at the hotel desk Are and that is that. But not in Europe. But almost regardless of the eur the a for by Bob Root Europe is alive with Little eign characteristics which All intrinsically insignificant which strike tile visitor from me 0pean country the traveller must i Niter states Quito As forcibly As flu m a Blank form which the clanking threats of War. In deed though he May not sniff t e 3.780 lives Are saved by Good driving r hic ago i put a the National safety Council reported today that 1.780 lie. Have been saved in i the United states during Tho past i a von months by More cautious j motoring May was the seventh Conseen Jive month in which automobile incidents showed a Sharp drop in comparison with the same month ast year. May traffic deaths totalled Luiso. The toil for the first five youths of 193s was i . Lives Laved front january to May this Rar totalled approximately 2,990.1 the Council credited the reduce Ion in accidents to safety Cam-1 Patgens sponsored by Loai governments and civic groups. The greater traffic safety the a lunch said has Bren practically nationwide. Of 41 a tales reporting for May 3 7 had fewer deaths his Star than last. Based on five month record Vermont showed the greatest percentage of decline -41 percent. F Enn Sylvania saved the Moat lives -36 in and ranked second in improvement with a 33 percent trop Iowa saved eight lives and i showed a it percent drop. J the Highway Dath toll in Story county far his year reveals to dead As compared to four or the same period last year. Kaiser May live / in Switzerland would be a Good Start on i. Aut Biogia Phy. Ilia full name Dale and place of birth permanent residence number of passport place of its Issue and his profession Are Only the beginning. T e names of but it his innocent father and Mother Ruu t be recorded As Well As the names of the cities from which he is coming and to which he is going. Employment it he is married he must fill in the same details for his wife. Some places require that not Only Ber Maiden name Maud the first names of the wife a father and Mother be included but the wife smother a Maiden name As Well that a carrying it pretty far. It in apparent that an important Factor in keeping european Unzem 1 ploy meet totals Down is the service j required at police stations to keep jail this most vital information on a file. Difficulty whether at the note or elsewhere tile iowan always meets Dif i f leu try in telling where he is from. It the questioner knows something Barton maps strategy for republicans Corn growth says pastor rapid during a Jujj a to j fast Rew Days w Ould capture Public admiration for Roosevelt Indianapolis id. Ito a Eruce Barton new York congressman and famous advertising ecu Tive today urged the Republican party to attempt to capture toe popular admiration for president Roosevelt and effect a program of jobs As Well As reforms to hold it delivering the keynote address at the Indiana Republican state convention Barton asserted that the Republican party should a not repeal the sound reforms of the new Deal a but should concentrate on a program of putting people Back to work. Des Moi nos la. To Corn made rapid growth in Iowa during the past week and is mostly in a very Good condition Quot Charles in Reed Federal meteorologist reported today in his weekly weather and crop bulletin. Some Corn in Southern and Ern counties has been a Laid by a and averages nearly Waist highe said in some Northeast counties the crop is late and backward1 while in some North Central areas it was beaten Down by rain and wind but this Corn will straighten up if favourable weather prevails. He added. Reed said that Oats and Barley were injured by the extreme heat from june 21-24 by lodging due to heavy Rains and by Strong winds in Many Northern and Eastern counties. A pc no durable can Only be Cut for damage Emmons to conclude Synod series i hurs Dav Thoresen of the states he will Brig Fly a huh yes Ohio Quot and refuse to admit hat there might be another state with a similar name. On the other hand Quot Iowa May be just an Indian War whoop to him until he sees it on paper. Continued on Page three Berlin Wilhelm is Transfer of doom the up a former Kaiser negotiating for the Liis residence from Netherlands for Rea sons of health reliable quarters said today his a lits it was said Are negotiating for til Purchase of the hotel Monte Vert a in Aston Switzerland but details have not been concluded i was understood the sex Kaiser is no longer Able to stand the Netherlands climate and physicians have advised him to go South. Fly 4,347 Miles in 24-hour hop Moscow ii a a message addressed to High soviet authorities tuesday reported that Vladimir Kokkin Akl soviet Speed flier end his navigator Mikhail Briand in sky had completed a non Stop flight from Moscow to Vladivostok in 24 hours they took off from Scholk ovo Airport outside Moscow yesterday afternoon. The distance from Moscow to Vladivostok is 4.347 Miles. Test your knowledge can you answer seven of these test questions turn to Page four for the answers. 1. What is the name for molten cock erupted by a Volcano 2. Name the father of Cleopatra 8. Has the to. S. Government Ever issued a three Dollar Bill 4. How Many Yards arc in i Rod 6. W to won the 1937 och mile memorial Day race at Indianapolis 6. Where is the Hub desert what is the name for Rajs do covered by Roentgen 8. Name the president of the new naval Board appointed by the Secretary of the Navy. 9. Do children born to american citizens temporarily residing abroad have american citizenship 1�. In which state was president Mckinley born today common error Facia in pronounced Fay Shal not Fay is Al a filing for Job insurance will begin Friday filing of claims for Iowa Job insurance benefits Wil begin Friday july i in employment service offices All Over the state. In preparation for the expected surge of Benefit claimants manager Harold n. Hoyt today urged those who expect to make claims to Call at the Arnee office Iowa state employment service 318va main Street now and procure an appointment card. The appointment cards assure prospective claimants of Early consideration in stating their claims after july i. Must be registered i who Geek to file claims against the unemployment compensation commission must he registered in the files of the employment service manager Hoyt warned again Tuda it. Of these workers Are not Reg stored with the service they cannot Export Early consideration for their claims every claimant must have his social Security number with him when he files his claim of he does not have that identification the employment service staff cannot act a it i claim. Although it is believed the figure May to High officials of the compensation commission have set 496 at the number of Job insurance claimants they expect will appear at thames office during the first week of july. These eligible although More than 300,Odo Iowa persons Are covered by the provisions of the state unemployment compensation act. There Are Many who Are out of work and will have no basis for compensation claims. To clarify regulations of the compensation commission on this Point. Manager Hoyt said a a worker Bas grounds for a claim against the compensation commission of be has worked for a you it do employer one who is covered by the compensation act a portion of a Day or it during any 15 weeks in the period from january i 1937, to july i 1938.�?� the 15 weeks to which manager Hoyt made reference need not have been consecutive a spy death penalty Paris a a decree was is till today instituting the death penalty for espionage in peace time because of the growth of spy i nags in recent years. J by guard Bismarck n or. To a sen. Gerald p. Nye today increased his Lead Over gov. William pc Conger in their contest for the Republican nomination for u. A senator from North Dakota. Unofficial tabulations from 973 of the state 2.260 precincts reporting from yesterdays primary election gave Nye 55,977 and danger 39.001. Half of vote while considerably less than half the total precincts of the state had been reported it was believed those already counted represented approximately half the total vote cast in the primary. The Hulk of the uncounted votes were in less populous areas of he state. While danger forces would not concede defeat most observers saw slight Hope that the governor even if he showed expected strength in the Rural sections could overcome Nyers Lead progressive Nyers running mate or the progressive Republican ticket. Do gov. T. H. If. Boresen maintained a Lead Over John Hagen dangers Choice in the face for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. The vote from 834 precincts gave Thoresen 40.603 and Hagen 32,418, break danger was the endorsed of the nonpartisan league which has controlled state politics for six years. Nye broke with the league and with Langer five years ago after he and danger had been elected with league support in 1932. Nomination on he Republican Cej was regarded As almost tantamount to election since democrats in the past have polled hardly a third of the states total ote. This primary appeared to have been no exception. Independent North Dakota Law however does not prevent a Defeated primary candidate from entering the general election As an indent Dent and it was believed possible that Langer if beaten might run against Nye in november. The race was the Center of interest completely overshadowing democratic and Union party primaries. Six years ago both men a re elected with nonpartisan sup port. Since then they have been engaged in a bitter struggle for leadership by. Broke with the league when danger obtained control of it. State issues their campaigns Wert on strictly state issues. Langer promised to j Quot out Huey Long a if necessary to j obtain Federal Aid for the stare he charged that. Nye and made a rat us of his fight fur Peart in age Laud invalid evangelist w waged a Campaign against we conduct a series of religious whet he termed Quot a a Sag us in in j Hie Tate administration. He Char a god that the governor and his Ern and Eastern counties the report said. A new potatoes peas cabbage and much other Garden truck and fruits Are Bountiful the report concluded. Roosevelt not rededicated Quot no Man a he said a can possibly Hay a he said. Quot further overestimate what it will mean to from rust is reported. America to have the country add Winter wheat was damaged by ministered again by a Republican heat and rust. Considerable wheat party cleansed chastened redeem is ready to Cut in Southern truncated to service. Ties but Harvest is being delayed Quot after every democratic Depres-1 until combines can be used. Some Sion in the past they have called do Inch Bug damage is reported in us Back. The democrats have prov ithe Southwest de again and again that they can \ heavy Rains ruined much Alf amp a conceive High ideals and enact far i a and Sweet Clover Hay in North reaching reforms. They have proved perhaps that they have Moi e ideas than we have. Wont work Quot Bryan had More ideas than Mckinley. Debs bad More ideas than Theodore Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt had More ideas than Coolidge had. They have ideas but they do not seem to he Able to make the ideas work. I hey can enact reforms but they cannot give jobs. So. A they can stir up class consciousness but they cannot bring the Farmer and the worker and the business Man together in a United Effort which Means peace and that larger National income on which is dependent the Prosperity of put to work Barton pointed out that the Republican party had not repealed the reforms of presidents Cleveland or Wilson but Tuat it had put people to work. It should not he said repeal the new deals progressive measures. Barton said recent polls show that the people have come part Way toward the republicans. A but in their minds a he added a there is still a hesitation a curious mixture of seemingly contradictory ideas. Ames student writes about peace session the following Story was w Rit ten by Naomi of Igor of Ames Iowa state College student who attended the annual Grinnell College Institute of International relations last week miss Geiger a Institute tuition was contributed by Cie amex peace Council and the Ames congregational Church. By Naomi Geiger imn is sighted in Region by i police officers sheep Farrier also is reported to have seen wanderer Albuquerque n. M. To a two policemen reported today that they had seen a Man wandering in a rugged Canyon below he Elope a another world War in Nevit Man Xanos mountains and Able our Job is to prepare now for they believed it might be me that next peace a asserted or. Mccormick. 21. Son of Ruth Hana Kohn at the Institute of in Hanna Mccormick Simms. Mccoy Ter National relations in last week. Although several of the lecturers Felt that War was Grinnell Mirk has been missing a week. Searchers immediately concentrated their forces in the area where the discovery was reported. Across Canyon the officers William Murphy of thus the lecturers eau of whom j Albuquerque and Dick Montoya of \ had studied some particular phase Bernalillo said that they saw the of the world situation today gave Lwanda re at a distance last night. F other p Robin i i Able not one of them believed Quot the inevitability of the next War. The Institute the essence of their studies with their interpretation with whine we did lot always agree of its significance in relation to the total world situation. For instance or. Kohn stated that when Italy Defeated Ethiopia v ame daily Tribune photo Peter h. Emmons Codini Quong his Challenge to Iowa presbyterian ministers and Lay delegates attending the Synod of Iowa at Iowa state College or Peter k. Ammons of Scranton a wednesday urged the ministers to do their part in binding about the a rebirth of the nature of Man in he called to them they said. But they were liable to reach him and of could not hear what he said. They were separated from him by the Canyon they said. There had been previous reports a that a sheep Herder had seen a i it also Defeated the British Ein pm amp a wandering in the Canyon bar Pire by challenging British control efforts to locate the Shepherd for of the Mediterranean. He also de a of a details had failed. A ared that a Mussolini would not body found have taken Ethiopia As a gift. Be-1 Mccormick biking companion f cause he wanted the prestige to be Richard Whitlow 20, d i on gained by War. Hitler however. Ted of that or Cpl to r a a will avow War it possible although a amp a of tend Lait Friday and it he is determined to retrieve the j generally had been believed that lost members of Tho German Tam-1 Tiv a had lost their ily and thou to conquer the world tor toe germans and permanent to be coercion ted today the committee. It was Learned discussed privately the president fireside Chat announcement last Friday Tine he would intervene in some cases in behalf of Liberal candidates. Not coercion it decided that since his remarks would be addressed to the voters at Laree they could not be they say they Dis construed As coercion or any unlike his methods but they still like in influence of voters. The president. They say they dig its Fellowship with god. Or. E it Mon spoke at the second let it a cen.,convocation of la. Synod a Ritj Ute Kohn pointed out the i. A a. Cactus wut4 act that to hts Auto Biog his talks not taken and last convocation address will a a Kynsl rom cattle. He presented at la a rn., thursday on a our task in the Washington to a the sen i tragic neglect ate Campaign investigating com 1 pointing out the known factors Mittee regards any intervention by of mall it in contrast to the Book. President Roosevelt in primary i my amp a the unknown a by or. Alexis election in behalf of new Deal j Carrel famous scientist or. Pm candid amp Tes As outside its Juris lie 1 m0ns stressed the fact that during Hon it was authoritatively indies Tju. Pas years Quot there has been a definite revival of interest Iii Man contrasting to the interest of i j surr Jedi a a attempt to Mountain. Lives la the., scale the treacherous sic aph writ continued on Page eight purchasing if peace is urged i Ici est member of Vanderbilt clan is dead new York to a prof Benjamin r. Andrews of c University teachers College recon the past generation in thing such As a in our studies of Man Quot said or. I we find that there has been a tragic neglect of Many a intellectual Aud apis ritual makeup in i mended before a Section of the Naiad there has sprung up a group j tonal education association today Sjo belter that Qian is of Little the nations a Puc based peace Alu except As he contributes to his race. Trust his advisors but they still Trust him. New phenomenon a they Gay they regard Many of his policies As failures but they would vote for him again. A there is a new phenomenon in american history. A what is the secret of this political Miracle a Elf we can find the answer to that question of we can approx sen. Morris Sheppard or a a a a chairman of the committee said that a presidential a general speech to the country at Large in an entirely different situation than that of or. Aubrey Williams Deputy works Progress administrate and does nut come within the jurisdiction of i Resolution. Within rights a the is entirely with his rights in making a general statement to the country at Sheppard statement was under private Urie magic of this vast loyalty and Faith our political problem j nod to be an accurate reflection is solved. I of committee sentiment to ignore the mass feeling although Williams speech to the toward the president is blindness workers Alliance was still scrutiny. To Iveigh against it is political in 1�?T a regarded As probable that sanity toe intelligent attitude Stoj a committee would take no fur Admire it. Covet it and set Indus or argon after characterising it Triou sly and sincerely to work to a a unfortunate. Deserve by request program Barton outlined a program for the Republican party to follow in Sheppard revealed that the urn committee would carry out a request of sen. Gerald pc Nye r its Effort to regain control of con i n. D., to investigate the primary Gress in 1938 and the National and election held in that state yester ministration in 1940. J Day. Nye wag oppose for Reno i chief of the proposals he Sug nation by gov William of. Danger. Tested was a a business like administration and Plain old fashioned Good management w lit h w ill see the Bright Little boy of Wah in ton replaced by the Best trained minds of the Egeland to Start series of sermons at Roland july 3 1 Roland starting next sunday Eiruing at 8 of clock. Norris whole ticket would have to be Defeated to assure a responsible state government. Far ahead in the democratic race. J. J. By. A a re. Jam Stowe endorsed of he regular., of the party was running far ahead o too Opp Nooi far rhe continued on Page two services from Bis Homo to the East part of Roland broadcasting sermons from his bedside through an amplifying system. During the past two years this summer series of services has proved popular and audiences from this and nearby counties have numbered in the thousands. In addition to the gospel roes Sage. Ins in rental and vocal my steal programs will be former Nevada lawyer honoured Nevada a h. M. Funston of Ottawa kan., former Nevada attorney was honoured at a meeting of the District bar association in his Home state on the Twenty seventh anniversary of his Legal career in that state. Funston practice in Nevada for several Yea and is Well known to Many local persons. About 50 years ago he served As mayor of Nevada. He married Kila Shugart of Nevada and they have one son hurry s., an attorney in Minneapolis Minn. Sea biscuit out Suffolk Downs East Poston cry thirty minutes before the Field was scheduled to go to the Post in the Massachusetts Hun-1 their ballots in the Plant Ducap today. Tom Smith Trainer of the peace proposal was offered provided sea biscuit. Asked the track Stew by the company yesterday after revelation a in studying Man in Ulster should Sci alongside the Basie ignorance of Man our knowledge of Man truths about Man which have been made known by divine revel Ati it in expressing his first known Factor about Man. Or. Emmons stated that the in rout and Canali t Ai majesty and dignity of human life Aie not based on How he came into existence but Are based on his personality. I is rot ail important How Man came into existence whether by evolution or creation but it i important to know that Mas is similar to the divine because of his ability to think to know. And to Ive in the right this ability also gives him the Opportunity to choose Between the Gay continued on Cage two Maytag Union workers vote on peace plan new i on to. To Union pm ploy is of the Maytag washing machine company voted today on a proposal to reopen the strike bound Plant duri g a negotiation period not to exceed Days. The proposal Calls for the work ers to accept a Gat to percent wage cat during the first 60 Day while a analysis of the wage Structure can be mad further adjustments then will be submitted to the Union Ani if negotiations fail during the following Dayi the company a agreed to submit Tbs dispute to arbitration result of the vote will be announced at 7 30 p. In. At a meeting of Union workers in the Newton High school. More than 400 sit Downers who have occupied the Plant since june 23, will Ca. Hyde Park a v. To a Frederick William Vanderbilt. <2, eldest of the Vanderbilt clan and for Many years prominent in the a i a j Railroad Field died today at his International Agency estate Here. Vanderbilt died of complications of old age. A spokesman at his Hyde Park estate said. Me had been in Iii health for several years. He lived on the estate which he purchased in 1895, during the summer and at his new York City Home in the Winter. Arrangements for the funeral were not completed hut it was expected services would be Friday in new York. Is under the Tutelage of his father William Henry Vanderbilt he received a Railroad training that included service in every Quot Branch of the new York cent rat system. He was a director of Many corporations a his death. Vanderbilt was an Uncle of Harold 8. Vanderbilt noted Yachtsman. J by transferring a part of their unlimited National sovereignty into International governing Quot peace like health is purchasable a a he said. Quot As cot miners we May wisely spend to inform our selves regarding present world relations and the possibilities of creating new world government agencies. A we must change our consumer minds regarding War Sud become convinced that the nations can create agencies for peaceful world government become willing for America and other nations to Transfer part of their unlimited National sovereignty into International governing Agen. Ties As our forefathers surrendered part of the sovereignty of the 13 original states to create our Federal Union in 1787.�?� he suggested that colleges emphasize world civics and int Errn it military in a Dpi and says Farley will head up baseball new York to a the Brooklyn daily citizen said today that postmaster general James a. Far by will resign in december to became commissioner of organized baseball. K. M Landis commissioner of baseball for the last 17 years will give tip his 165.00b Post because of his health to citizen Aid. In id i sed raining Pac if in e 11 Mon to us. Prov a at and Pron International agencies the 15.oon delegates a convention after series of addresses in which educators were called upon to safeguard democracy voted for officers today. Results were n get expected to be knew a until tonight. To the n. Hearing Cov ims Fok guests Only Scranton. A. To Howard Snowden City treasurer urged that a White Courtesy ticket a placed on out of state cars in parking meter zones Reading a stay is Long a you but scan while. Mayor Fred j. Hues Ter was fined i for parking too Long. By local and outside tog the summer Talent Dur Anis to excise the horse from the gov a i Sot g Kraschel had in race a Terv ened la Tho dispute. New alignment in politics is seen by gov. Lafollette i Evanston. Cd do gov. F Philip Ca Follette of wis Aurin % founder of the now political party the National progressives Ltd a Mer \ % Lea told 1,000 Northwestern uni i a it rally summer school students i v a % % % aunt Lindy says tuesday that there be a new political alignment in the near future. A that alignment a he said a will be accelerated by formation of Theof new la fc5 characterized both major american parties As Quot obsolete and unorganized and unable to take a stand on any Issue which will go it the problems of 19-3s.�?� i you take the folks who i ars always Well pleased with i \ themselves n they Are hard 9 \ by Ever Well pleased with the i rest of us i

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