Ames Daily Tribune And Times in Ames, Iowa
23 Jun 1938

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Ames Daily Tribune And Times in Ames, Iowa
23 Jun 1938

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1938, Ames, Iowa Page Forames daily Tribune Ames Iowa Ames daily i Ribune-1 Imes publisher1 daily except sunday by thames daily to Hunts times Ca 117 fifth Street Ames lows w s. Rupe publisher Robert Murray. Managing editor Hollis j. Nordyke business manager entered a second claw matter at the Post office at Ames. Iowa under the act of july 1�. Ish. Official paper of Story county and the City of ame subscription rates City. Earner weekly. 15 Story adjoining counties mall i week. To Story adjoining counties mall 4 weeks. 35 Story adjoining counties mail 13 weeks. 1.00 Story adjoining counties six Mouth. Story adjoining counties one year. 4.00 Iowa outside above counties six months. 215 Iowa outside above counties one Vear. 6.00 outside of Iowa one year. A t?0 All subscript Lon must be raid in Advance service will be Discon tin Ueo at Dat of expiration unless renewed. Members of Iowa daily press Assn. 111. Slates Oswald Garrison Villard in the evening courier Urbana if i were president it the United my j Iris aet would be to Send for j. Edgar Hoover head of the famous a men and ask him if he wished to retain his Job. Of he said yes i should then Tell Hun that if i heard of any More publicity about i Edgar Hoover and the great achievements of Ting men i should dismiss him on the spot. I should further say in him that in my judgment the first requisite of a Good deter five was to eschew All publicity that i believed that those four films to which we have been treated depicting the wonderful achievements of the Gram have been much More hurtful thai helpful that i did not think they were deterrents to a rime hut much More Likely to inflame sick minds with a desire to outwit tin great men of the Federal investigation service now these Are not easy things to say because anybody who dares criticize a men is immediately written Down in some quarters As sympathizing with criminals. And not Only for criticism of a men. I understand that or. Hoover is very Apt to strike Hack at ins critics in which respect he would hardly be different from the Ordinary off inc Holder. At Hie same time i think citizens have rigid to protest against bad police methods no Mal or ii of great tile super men employing them there Art plenty who Are astounded at the Quot recent outbreak of Iid Naping in various portions of tie country. The Public was solemnly insured after some spectacular successes of or. Hoover and his a men that kidnapping was forever at an end in the i Nitro a dates and those persons who approved of the new Lav making kidnapping an offence Puni it like murder with death were also hat declared that this proved that terrible fences do have a deterrent effect. Now we have seen the kidnapping of a woman on Long Island without a Trace of the Abductor being discovered we Haw witnessed the horrible Levine Case with tin agonizing torture to which the parents have been Sui jetted. This recurrence is precisely what the Best a ecologists Iri the country hav been expecting because they Are As far As i know them and have read their works All opposed to the idea that increasing penalties decrease crime hut legislators Aud Many newspaper editors learn nothing Iron history so when we have a nation stirring Case like the Lindbergh kidnapping Vii immediately go the extreme in Nev \ Ork state we have tin dreadful Law which sends any Man convicted of felony inn. Do jail for life there is id gating circumstances or any Justice the Law is automatic. That burdens the slate with the confinement for Lite often of very Young men. W hat is far More important it Abandons the principle which underlies every scientific penal policy the redemption of the offender so far As that is in any Way possible in or Der to restore him to society As a useful Citi zen. Recently the newspapers carried a remarkable Story about a remarkable Young Man John d. Rockefeller 3d, who has found great Deal of time during the last few years to investigate conditions in our prisons and interview Youthful offenders. If newspaper accounts Are Correct he has discovered As have so Many Many others that our reformatories and prisons Are with some great exceptions built and managed As if for the express purpose of turning Young offenders into confirmed criminals. Then when they have sinned three times we Complete the Job by Locking them up for life or we exalt the skill of tile a men in shooting them Down As they shot Down Dillinger and have Laid in wait for other criminals and murdered them on sight. Sometime ago Milton s. Mayer wrote an article in the forum combating first the belie strenuously fathered by the United states attorney general. Air. Cummings that an immense crime wave was engulfing the United states and second that the department of justices Bureau of investigation the a Nien is a marvelous institution. He wrote that a the policy of or. Timmings in operating tin Bureau of investigation As a secret Independent police Force stems like most of his policies from political considerations. Filing one pol ice Force on top of another is not tin right Way to fight crime in the i United states. The right Way to fight crime is to remove the environment in which crime Breeds. A a a a i a to a thursday june 23, 1933 news behind the news by Paul Mallon j i by William Corcoran copyright 1938, by William Corcoran Nea service inc. World copyright 1038 by King features Syndicate inc. Aii rights reserved. Reproduction in fall or in part strictly prohibited Washington a it s a sore election year subject within aaa that or. Wallace s Dollar threshing machine is not spreading the Long Green As per schedule. His Benefit payment Thresher if running so far behind estimates and behind last year expenditures that the mail order houses have been telephoning to officials Here to find out what has happened. They did not get an answer aaa announced Early this year March payments would to $100 millions so would april official figures now available disclose March was Only $60 millions so was april. Official figures go no further and the official Tongue is silent even off the record yet it is evident May was Only about $45 millions june $40 millions. Total for the year will run no More than $300 millions compared with $370 last year. Newspaper comment i Able. And sen who pays Humboldt Republican taxes the Farmer pays taxes on his farm his Home and his p property. He pays them on what he buys and eats and uses. Ii s hired help pay their share also which makes it hard for them to make ends meet. And the True Ster who hauled the finished Stork to Market pays taxes my his truck on the Gas he Burns and on All the things he eats and wears and consumes. Tin tacking Plant is literally swam Ped with taxes. The Tanner pays taxes on his business. His employ yes wages if lie has More than eight and All that he eats wears and consumes. And so Ort Down the line through every part of the Long Road from the Farmer who raised the Stock to tin Man who wears tin shoes. Warning against overconfidence Council Bluffs nonpareil republicans should not become overconfident because they lolled twice As Many primary votes As the democrats. Iowa democrats had nothing to fight Over for in Many years they never really formed tin habit of voting Iii their own Prim. Ary. _ ? the trouble is prices were High Ai planting time last year. Many a Farmer who signed for the 1937 program changed his mind decided to Plant what he ranted in is not now getting any Money. The manna deficiency May in part be made up by commodity credit corporation Loans but the situation is far from what or. Wallace would like to have it in an election year in the farm heir. The Lafollette committee is promising a a show after july 4 that will make Independence Day look it is going into Little steel in a larger manner. Sheriffs mayors and employers association witnesses from Anion Warren Youngstown and Cleveland have been quietly subpoenaed. Principle fish to be Fried Are Republic Siel Youngstown Sheet and tube. A Deal which would Send Tress Sec. Morgen than to the late sen. Copeland s chair and move Joe Kennedy into the to usury Secretary ship has been discussed among the lofty in the senatorial Circle those nearest the principals have doubted it Morgenthau likes the Treasury would nor like the Senate Kennedy would be willing. Few wanted the Job of administrator of the wage hour Law. The chances of successful administration of the act were not inviting for one thing. But More important it appeared the administrator May not Only have to administer the Law but Madame Secretary Perkins As we in one eminent extra official in a moment of weakness went Over to see miss Perkins before she sailed for Europe in Hopes that he might line himself up for the position. He did so because he had received intimations from the White House that he was the kind of Man they were looking for. Miss Perkins did not think so. She told him flatly so did not think he was in sympathy with the purposes of tile aet As she understood them and would use her influence to keep him from getting it. This situation May prove to be More important than the provisions of the act itself because of the known views of the labor Secretary in reference to wage differentials. Cio., cd an indication of what May be coming lies in miss Perkins unofficial and in in Stratton of the Walsh Healey Art in the 16 months the government has defined 15 industries under that Law requiring governor at contractors to pay the prevailing wage. Singularly la of the 15 Are in the textile Industry so that in substance the Way the Law has been worked out it applies almost exclusively to textiles. The pm a is getting election conscious latest Batch of projects was issued in alphabetical o Der rather than by states. News pm n asked pea officials to make the state division which has always heretofore been made in pea allotments but officials frankly said they did not wish to invite comparisons Between the states some of the Tennessee lawyers who heard state Secretary hulls speech to their bar association approached him afterwards arum asked pet Mission to adopt a Resolution endorsing him for the 1940 presidential nomination. He asked them not to do if. Hull tells ii is friends 1940 is too fax off Aud be is too Busy to think about it for tile third not i it is by fio miscarriage o Oelwein Register there a never been a time in the history of this country when so a much Effort and Money have been expended a in trying to find some Way to spend More Money than at present and there Bas never been a tim1 to the Pence Bis Orv of the Colin i try when the government needed to save its i Money More than a present. Behind the scenes in Washington cast or characters Joe Murray a liked a a Paneen new John new Cirl. Helen a fell in love Burd a once. Terry Mallow found love a and kept it j yesterdays slowly Joe full for Terry Monish he non rely rentier of. To he in not alone even without Helen. Chapter in a a a Here was a loneliness looming imminent and near nonetheless. This game this Little world of make believe could not go on and on. It must arrive somewhere and Joe was troubled to devise a destination. Joe thought of the Road the cities and towns of a nation. He told Terry one night what was on his mind. He was dumbstruck by her reception of it. She was terrified. A no you wont do that Joe Quot she said grabbing at him and holding on and looking into his face with her big eyes. A you wont go away and leave me a a i done to mean to leave you exactly Honey,"1 he said with some compunction. A but this is going on and on. Whereas it going to end a a a i done to a a you be got to a then i do care. You wont go. I can to let you go. Done to you understand because i love he looked at her. Then he laughed shortly embarrassed. That was certainly Lite her to say a tremendous thing like that in just that Way. A you done to know what love is a i do. I can to let you he tried to explain it was a Little difficult in the face of her determination that she a a loved him. He said that love was something different from their Well affection. They liked each other a lot sure. But love was something that came along with a Rush and set you on fire co that you crackled and roared with the flaming of it. A a done to you think in Mon fire a she asked him. A you kiss me once in a while As if it were nothing and never think what it does to a what does it do to you a a what did it do to you. When Helen kissed you a he was silent turning it Over in his mind. Was she kidding him. Kidding herself or just what what could she possibly know about love he had never made love to hex. Had never Marie him self out a romantic sort of Man never tried to sweep her off her feet. They had been sane and Friendly and pals. Joe found her up and still at work in the Kitchen when he arrived Home late one evening. A what about you and Terry there was suddenly a whole Mallow Joe a she asked abruptly new world of ideas intruding. He out of a Clear sky. Saw this child As a woman suddenly a grown woman with a body and feelings and a hunger and a capacity for Delight. It was disturbing. She had always been a soft and cuddly kind of thing insinuating herself into his arms nudging with her head till it found a place on his shoulder taking his hand if it were unoccupied and placing it around her Waist. She was such a lonely Little one those things seemed As natural and unaffected As a baby a arms waving at you to be picked up. That a what she had always been a baby. But now he Wasny to so sure. He dropped the whole subject because it suddenly looked a Little too big to handle. Perry did not drop it. She did not mention it but you could almost see her hugging it to her without Ever letting it go her fear of losing him her insistence that she loved him her going a on fire when he kissed her. She did not mention it but there it was always there. She was such a Quot complicated creature artless and artful till you Tell the difference Between innocence and downright guile. It was no longer possible to kiss her casually even to touch her casually. Joe had invited a baby to take shelter on his breast and he now found a passionate woman in his arms. He was a Man after All. He could not put her from him and he could not be close to her with her a on fire and Only too willing that he be aware and that she provoke a similar conflagration. He could not be close to her any More and forget that he was a Man and she a woman. No she did not mention this that was suddenly and appallingly Between them but he could read her thoughts in her behaviour and she was trying in her simple so obvious and so disarming Way to make him flame to her in response. To hold him with her soft insinuating hands that could hold on for dear life when they wanted something very very much. She who knew nothing at All of the world was naively practising the oldest Art in the world to have and to hold her Man. Joe Murray was not the Only person aware of what was happening. A huh a said Joe. A what about. Us nothing. Why a a made up your mind to marry her a a of course do you think you re playing fair a Joe a face flamed but before he could find words she added a now done to Fly off the handle Joe. In a your Mother. Whatever you do with your life ill have to stand for it and in a More than willing. I think you might in return stand for a Little of my impertinent Joe looked at his hands. A to. K. He said. A a in a not flying off the a but you re enough on Edge Over this to be ready to fight about it Arentt you a a a in a a Little stumped a he admitted. A you done to love her do you a that Helen still on your mind a to his blinded amazement his eyes misted with tears. Polack. Only for an instant his unstable emotions rocked off balance and he caught them furiously and restored them. A i guess so a he said. A i can to help it a. Its a hangover and i can to get rid of a she must have loved you a lot a i think she did. That a what i keep remembering. If some other Guy took her away from me it a be a different matter. Everything was All set and not a thing standing in the Way. We were Only waiting till i got the Money saved for the House. Only a Little while a three weeks to go. It was so damned pointless so unfair a she said quietly a it was the will of god some Way a yeah i heard that before too. I done to think so much of it. God had no hand in that business. I done to want to go around blaming god for it. Any More than blaming a How could you blame yourself a Quot Why did i let her walk on the tracks with my lunch a he demanded passionately. He saw Tbs whole thing once again. A Why did no to i have sense to realize How dangerous it was it was my waving my arms at her that made her step in the Way of that special. If id left her alone she might Tai Cen Tiare of herself. You trs. Murray herself was the 1 might say i killed Here Mer t r. I l at t. 4 _ j. He. N a ii in first to broach the subject. To be continued a glance at the past primary Voie Well Here goes by Rodney Dutcher the primaries in North Dakota Nea service staff correspondent june 28, a largely a Republican Washington a the Job of and j Fatu ing the Effort of ministering the new wage hour act j a Illiam l Hanger to beat senator is the most important one to be created her in a Long time. But it definitely is not Nice work even if you can get it. The tint Quot men most seriously considered for the appointment Don t want it. They Are Leon Henderson present chief for by a and tonner Boss of research and planning for aka who forecast to current depression Early in 1937 and has fed the president othe new dealers much of the factual material they have used in the last two years Isa tor. Ism chief or the Bureau of labor statistics a Brilliant economist and administrator who has built go eminent statistical services up to a it w High Point of efficiency. Lloyd k Garrison Dean of the University of Wisconsin Law school and chairman of a former National labor relations Hoard. Lubin and Henderson hate both repulsed approaches with assertions Ila they oui i not acc it Gerald i Nye for the o o. P Nom i nation. I Nye is nationally known As chairman of the committee which in posed the american my nibs Industry anti is backed by senator Lynn Frazier and a National nonpartisan committee headed by it Harles a. Beard Pius endorsements of senators Wheeler ship Stead capper Norris Bon Borah and others. Laager was once convicted of Relief funds for Campaign purposes but the decision was re versed and Lancer has the Quot advantage of controlling the state machine. Reports from North Bakota hav indicated that the cont St is close although suggesting that by has a slight Edge on Lan get. Copyright 1938. Nea service inc. I Forest fires rage in West Canada Edmonton Alberta of Garrison who is Secretary of lab Orest fire8 raked on u Dif. Or a Kinsy preference for the Post j Ferent from wednesday fire Quot re. % a l. a ii. Copy rim. Utica is said by f lends to feel likewise. I lure have ideas As to the nobility of Public it vice. However Arni none can be considered definite in out. Roosevelt and advisers want both Henderson and Lubin to play Strong pans in the forthcoming monopoly investigation which reduces the chances the it her will by forcibly drafted for til wag hour Post a fourth it Sivility is Richard h Lansburg. An Industrial Engineer who was Secretary of labor and Industry in Pennsylvania under Gifford Pinchot and wrote an out standing volume called a Industrial mat he was assistant to i i get Dei son in Era. I former Champion John Winant of the social Security Board a Republican with some new Deal lean i ing s. Is being considered but seems to by Barre to the fact that the labor and other departments re Edith sweat i to Phe Nagle his else Ion Bead of lie International labor of the a and that win set is said to have Piovini ats to stay on that Job three or four Yea s to. President will avoid aiming j any Man w to has an organized la Bot background. He May halt. Flash of Genius or its opposite and suddenly name soot one no previously considered. It ? a Banda Agte that the Job. Will be a terrible headache fighters train.<1 and Volunteer were recruited from scores of towns in what seemed a futile Effort to Stop the spread of the flame it the great pall of Moke blacked out t e sky for hundreds of Mik bit drifted As fat Cut As Butte Mont air planes Wert grounded Here because of poor visibility. A new method of controlling the millions of pounds of pressure v i in Industrial tests h s been c. Get cd do you suppose it a it old work on the lobbies wednesday june 23, 1910 the first county to o f. Conv of Ion to be held in Story count v for several years will be held to re tuesday afternoon and evening june 29. Or. Aud mrs Horace barn of Boone came to Ames last evening and with members of the i Rune Force motored to the comfortable country Home of or. And mrs. Ernest Hunter North of Ames where they were treated to the Annua Strawberry feed. Miss Wanda Evans of new Shar on and Donald Hunter son of or. And mrs Hunter assisted in entertaining the guests or. And mrs. Earl quads win have been visiting friends or. And mrs. D. E Sutherland a do ii a and enjoyed a weeks fishing Outing at spirit Lake returned Home last night with a Box of Fin fish packed in ice mrs. It. It. Davidson and daughter Ernestine went to Marshalltown this morning where mrs Davidson will have charge of the a swimming class for the Day acting in the absence of the regular instructor. Mrs Carl Everett and so. Billy of Des Moines were Ames arrivals yesterday to visit v h the ii of i ends or. And mrs. I Ward Adams and with other friends. Mrs. Arch Crawford of s. Paul arrived in Ames last night for a visit of several weeks with her parents. Or and mrs. George i i person s24 Duff Avenue. I j s. Blasig. County ago of Clark j county has arrived in Ames to j take part in the poultry inspection at Iowa state College this week. While Here he is visiting his parents or. And mrs. J a Isis Juli Gillette count totals 81,605 i is Moines la Chi a sen. Guy m. Gillette Defeated rep. Otha d wearin by 38.561 votes for the democratic nomination for United states senator in the Iowa primary june 6, the official canvass showed wednesday g Jette polled 81,606 votes and wearin 43,044 the Canvas showed that former sen. Lester j Dickinson Defeated rep Lloyd Thurston for the Republican nomination by 35,917. Dickinson received 146,764 votes and thin sum 110,847. The three other democratic Candida. For senator polled a total of Only 32.407 votes. J. A Meyers Carroll received 17 ,197 w a by erhoff. Fort Dodge. 5,465 and mrs. Ellsworth Richardson Eddyville 9.115. George f. Buresch the Farmer labor candidate for senator receive cd 805 votes. Gillette received �?T>2 percent of the votes cast in lie democratic wearin received Only 27 percent. Tho official canvass gave George a Wilson the Republican candidate for governor 229.511 votes. He was unopposed As was the turn c atle candidate gov. Nelson g Kraschel who received 139,-2x0. Wallace m. Short Sioux City too 5-and-10 cent store Fortune re. Yea led Bhat two years and three months old Fiance was being guarded carefully. Refuses Des Moines la. Uri a gov. Nelson of Kraschel wednesday refused to appoint a Board to arbitrate the labor dispute at the Maytag washing machine Complin Ida in at Newton. A watch for the a Quizzer Quot a a stories in Stamps of go Ryree w w Ai 4 w w a Poste Italiane How Marconi developed wireless telegraphy it he urge to Experiment in Phye Teal end electrical science gripped Guglielmo Marconi at an Early age. As a boy he began his studies at Bologna Florence and leghorn Italy by the time he the farm a labor Cand ate for Guy had reached 21 he was thoroughly a greek comes bearing gift to u s Treasury sled t Welcome Vin it t to til United states Treasury department Vav a s Demet nos sicilians t h e greek minister to the u. A who in me bearing his country a Check for $174,331 As payment of to per cent of the interest on Deb to uie u. S answer to test questions i error received 822 votes. James Thompson Mug Aline treated Hep. B. B Wilcke Tooper. Cedar rapids by 12 611 votes for j the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor the canvass i show cd. Thompson received 112.931 vol. And i i Ken looped too 920, Lieut. Gov. John k. Valentine Centerville who was unopposed for the democratic nomination polled 112,268 votes. The Farmer labor i indicate j p. Of Neon received i my answers to test questions print in on Page one i Montpelier. Henry Armstrong 3. A cwt a 4 sepals petals tame id ills. 5. No. 6. Felines 7 Central european time. 8 Finland 9 Bois Roussel 10 the official canvass for other state offices is expected to be completed late wednesday. J convinced that a system of telegraphy through space could be provided by use of electromagnetic Waves. Interesting experiments had already been conducted a this Field but Marconi was the first to devise the practical Means to effect a new and revolutionary method of wireless communication. Marconi a first crude efforts established communication Over a mile. Soon after Marconi rapidly increased this distance. In july 1897, a company was formed in London to commercialize Marconi s work. The next year wireless Telegraph was first employed Between lightship and Shore. In 1899 it was used to effect a Rescue at sea. Next Marconi established communication across the English Channel. On dec. 12, 1901, he succeeded on report Hutton Kidnap threat London o a countess court his first attempt in transmitting i a and receiving signals across the Haugwitz recent of. The former Atlantic Ocean from Cornwall Barbara Hutton has take. A Cen a England to St. Johns newfound Taia precautions to protect Ber land. So was wireless really Boro. Young son from kidnapping it was Marconi died a year ago at 63 lard revealed wednesday. He appeared to be on the threshold Kidnap threat had been re of new and greater discoveries ported by the London daily mail. He is Shewn above on one of three i was priv dented by Scot Curran italian Stamps honouring an air plane with o pair of land Yard but w no Mitchell Law Vul in ass be to the heiress mgt the, a Quot a a Quot a one

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