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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - June 20, 1938, Ames, Iowa Fags Kourambis of Alii y i Kiu Una. Ames Iowa monday. June 20. 1938 Ames daily i Ribune-1 Imes published daily except sunday by thaw is daily Tri Bune to Wess Ca 117 fifth Street Ames. Low w s Rupe publisher Robert Murray. Mansions editor Rolls j Nordyke. Business manager entered As second class matter of the Post office St Ames Iowa under the act of july 16. Ish. Official paper of Story county and the City of Ames subscription rates City. Carrier weekly i amp Story adjoining counties mail i week. To p Ory adjoining counties mail 4 weeks. 35 Story adjoining counties mail 13 weeks. Loo Story adjoining counties Al month. 2 of Story adjoining counties one year. 4 of Iowa outside a amp be counties six months .2 75 Iowa outside shove counties one Vear &t0 outside of tows one Vear. 6 00 All subscription must be paid in Advance service will be discontinued at Date of it ration unless renewed. Member of Low daily press a an. Let discredit be Given where discredit is due probably it would be hard to find an Ameri can who is not in Complete sympathy with the protests the government has made recently ago Mist Aerial bombing of populous cities no matter what excuses May be advanced that kind of bombing is is crime against humanity a and every american knows ii. Yet it is extremely important for us to realize just who the enemy is when we make these protests. It would be the Wurst kind of Folly for us to let these bombing outrages persuade us that the japanese people for example or the residents of rebel controlled spam or the great mass of italians and germans Are bad id vicious Aud cruel and inhumane. Those Are people like ourselves. Isome of them Are Good sorts and some of them Are not so Good. Taken by and Large they Are neither much better nor in ii worse than we Are. As individual human beings they like tin idea of Dom big women and children no better than we like it. The real enemy is the Militarist the army Juan who has succumbed to Tho idea that no Price is too High to for Victory who feels that any conceivable method it beating Down due s foe is legitimate if it works. And that gentleman is not the exclusive Possession of my country lie can be found everywhere. If you hate these bombing raids As you undoubtedly do that Man is sour enemy whether he Weals Tho uniform of the japanese the germans tin Spanish. Or the Ameri sans. He is your enemy because he has no Eon sept Ion of what civilization Means. Ile is will my to use in warfare weapons which mean that the entire world is the loser whoever gains the immediate Victory. In is so ignorant about the things which make life Worth living that he turns Mankind deliberately Back to the dark Agos of earliest barbarism. Me is blood brother to the old assyrian monarchs who used to boast about the piles of mutilated we hold up his hand. The Only Way to Stop him is to denounce him and his philosophy in season and out of season to denounce him and not the particular nation he happens at the moment to be working for. Only in that Way can we Stop this frightful growth of savagery. A a newspaper comment i they erected outside of Compo re get his identity corps is pities. And it is important to fixed for two reasons. Fire i there is no sense Iii letting our indignation at tile bombing outrages set up in us an antagonism to some specific nation. The Road 11�?T War in built on just such antagonisms. Once you believe that some particular people Are cruel and conscience less you Are Pretie Illy ready to fight them. Second the him exist w a Cine bit of w Militarist exists Bechai Hen we shrug our should Ime barbarism Ana a it let at Jive. Well that s War and it can t be helped get our people out of the War zone wallaces Farmer the United states is taking too Many risks in the Chino japanese War. Those risks need not be taken. The fact that they Are being taken is the direct responsibility of president Roosevelt and Secretary Hull. Corn Belt banners like wallaces Farmer and Iowa Homestead dislike to make such charges against the president and the Secretary of state. Both Are Good friends of agriculture. They have done much to raise and stabilize farm income since 19b3. But even the Best of men have their Blind spots. The chinese situation seems to be the Blind spot for the Roosevelt administration. Wallaces Farmer and Iowa Homestead has pointed this out before. The United states still has troops and War ships in China and in chinese Waters. They run the risks that All innocent bystanders run who foolishly walk through a riot the sinking of the palmy showed what could happen. Our soldiers in China Are too few to do any fighting and too Many to be killed. Lets bring them Home. Our neutrality Law forbids the shipment of munitions of War to nations at War. Certainly China and Japan Are at War own though Japan Calls it something else. But the neutrality Law has not yet been invoked to bar shipments of munitions to both countries. It has been rumoured that our state department does get want to use the neutrality Law because it might Bel Japan and might Hurt China. What business is that of ours we Are not an ally of China nor an enemy of Japan. We a Neutral. Lets put the neutrality Law to work and stay Neutral. It we do not do this a japanese warship will sooner or later Stop a it a sink an american ship loaded with contraband of War and hound for China Aud the yellow press will howl Almut National Honor and scream for War. I under the neutrality aet properly enforced no munitions would he sold to either Japan or China and ii there seemed danger to american shipping in handling other goods those goods could be sold by us at the water s Edge to whatever foreign shipper wanted to take the risk of transport. I p to Date we have been very Lucky in this Chino japanese affair we have Only lost one War ship and a few men. We have had no merchant ships sunk. But Ive can to Trust that Lin k to continue. I u i Ess we want an excuse to fight Japan by s get our troops ships and citizens out of China. And let s enforce the neutrality act a How to get a Job Britt new Tribune there is nothing mysterious about getting a Job. Tile Best method has not changed in the last Century and never will. The thing to do is to show your prospective employer that Yon eau urn More Money for him than he will be asked to you therefore he can t afford not to you. News behind the news by paulhkllonrp.1 world copyright 1938 by King features Syndicate inc. All right reserved. Reproduction in full or in part strictly prohibited by Paul Mallon world copyright 1938 by King features Syndicate All rights reserved reproduction in full or in part strictly prohibited Washington a or. Garner the v. P., apparently wag under the delusion that the anti monopoly investigation was going to be an anti monopoly investigation. He appointed senator of Mahoney nominal author of the joint Resolution authorizing the inquiry who left the new Deal fold on the court Issue and has now returned to stay an anti monopolist plus. Senator Borah the Republican originator of the anti monopoly Issue Back in the 1936 Campaign an honest to heaven Trust Buster. Senator King non new dealing Democrat who has been a historic opponent of trusts. By William Corcoran copyright 1933, by William Corcoran Nea Sorvick inc pretence that this was to be an i anti monopoly inquiry. The com i Mitten was railed a the temporary i National economic committee a employ mysterious figure seen near presidential train speaker Bankhead seems to have been somewhat Hefter in formed As to what was wanted in the Way of investigating personnel he chose Hep. Hatton Sumners a philosopher and old time Democrat who is just so so on the new Deal hut quiet about it. Rep. Etcher who fought Thomas Corcoran a fight for Wearon in Iowa a Maverick Liberal Roosevelt on eve Ryt iring a he could possibly think of. Rep. 11 Roll Reece a Tennessee Republican who has made an antitrust study of his own accurately described As a a conservative Liberal a a Compromise Choice Between Michem r of Michigan declined to take the Republican spot. As six downtown representatives of the Arnold Oliphant Frank , Henderson pattern Are to finish out the investigating committee it is obvious that they will be Iii the majority. They needed Only one of the six congressional appointees to give them 7 in 6 control and they have him for sure in or. Kieler. The extraordinary wording of the Resolution gives this set up an importance beyond surface indications. He Resolution authorizes any investigator to choose an alternate who Iii be Able to vote his proxy. Likewise a majority of in committee constitutes a quo rum. As most of the Cong Oss ional appointees will Busy getting reelected or mending disaffection at Home this summer this furnishes an adequate device for downtown operation of the inquiry in their absence. In fact when they get a proxy from or. Etcher the other 5 congressional appointees become in material. And As to the exact spot downtown where control lies the Resolution is equally specific. Tile investigators can spend the firs $100,000 themselves but they must get authority from or Roosevelt for the other $400,000. Incidentally also the Resolution dropped in its final form any despite these favourable auspices some doubt is beginning to develop downtown whether the investigation will produce the new economic plan for which it is searching. The Way things Are going on the inside for the moment it appears More certain to develop into a free for All Brawl of economists. Indeed the Down owners already Are into two general Camps and several sub Camps. The by division is Between the Arnold Hender son Lubin axeman who want to chop the trusts into Small particles and the eerie Currie Patt son school of those who want government regulation and Price control the sub Camps reach into Semi socialism advocating government Purchase of the railroads utilities and natural resources. The result will certainly be too volumes of of in nov if nothing else. Or. Bus new economic adviser j a a. Boric is bringing to the inner councils a More practical i economic slant than some of the other class room economists who have preceded him. Significant is an article by him in the current University of Virginia quarterly. Hgt says class room economics must be balanced hereafter by consideration of the human element implying this is th1 reason economics has failed before. He argues that wage and hour economic calculations f it a instance Are no Good unless they consider the resistance of labor to decreases and employers to increases which May ups t the Best of theories senator Minton May do considerable talking about investigating the press but darned Little investigating. The Senate disbursing office books show he has $1,400 left in the committee purse hardly enough to hire a single investigator Long enough to seize the private files of a single newspaper. Talk however will serve his purpose. Idea is a political buildup to discount any damaging fact or attacks in the press during the coming Campaign. New views by r. M. A Bright not on recovery comes from of All places Tho railroads. Loadings railway age reports turned slightly upward the first week in May and slowly have been lesson in politics Republican rep. J. Ham fish had a personal ambition to be member of the new York worlds fair commission for the sentimental reason that one of his ancestors was a commissioner of the first new York fair. He went to the extent of getting the House Republican caucus to endorse him As the Republican candidate. But just about that time he was heating hts fists against the new Deal and and its works daily on the floor of ? he Houser speaker Bankhead went to Republican Leader have earlier amt Mon Snell asked him to suggest another Republican candidate. Snell declined saying he was bound by Tho caucus. Bankhead observed that he was no. He appointed new York rep. Jiminy Wadsworth. Cast of characters Joe i Kra in liked new place new Job., new Kirin. Melba a fell in love hard once. Terry Mallow found love Ltd and Kep it of yesterday suddenly Joe deems to take an in eat in Terry warn Tommy Wither that he had better any away from Terry. Chapter i vow that was not like Joe Mur Ray to go about truculent and bad tempered. The circumstances were exceptional. He was goaded and he had no Way of working off steam. He was not acting because Terry appealed to him and the Appeal spurred him into action. What spurred him was her hollow hypocritical old Man and the grandparents and Tommy Withers. His dislike of them All was poisonous. Joe swore to himself suddenly swore at himself. What the hell whose business was this what right had he getting steamed up Over a stray strangers troubles was there no quiet anywhere Hadnot he enough trouble of his own without borrowing More behind Joe Murray a truculent be his irritation was a fear. Those roots Down deep in the darkness had been brushed by something in passing the merest something that was gentlest Contact with another human Humble and Hurt and alone. The fear was justifiable. In the stirring of Long allayed emotions like a disturbing of mementos in an old attic raising the dust and flooding the air through the room with the particles All of him was stirred flooded with reminders reminders lacking weight and substance. All but Tho Power to make him feel. He was seeing Helen again whether he would or no simply because his whole being was quickened. You see it was coming Spring again and there never could be another Spring Ever like that one except that All Springs to come would always mock him with their false shallow counterfeit of that one. In Spring he would always face torment and in june on a certain Day dedicated to courage and adventure and Happy living with no thought for tomorrow he would each year die a Little death All Over again. Time would help and pain or old slowly slowly dwindle but All eternity would pass before he could live without it cling that pain to some lingering degree. Ige Murray cursed under his j breath and told no one anything of these things and went out of the House into the streets and walked and he carried those things with him like a Load he \ like sticking a pin in you it stung would take far to Bury deep away and things happened instantly from his House. No one knew any thing at All about it. Unless maybe mrs. Murray guessed for she sat in the darkness at the front window nights when he was gone like that and waited till she saw him come striding alone homeward on the Street below when she hastened quickly Back to bed before he could detect her. Early one evening toe happened past Papkey a drug store. Standing in the doorway were Tommy Withers and Terry talking. They stopped talking abruptly at sight of him Withers made an almost imperceptible movement of Retreat from her and stood there waiting and Terry merely looked at him with her big eyes scared and questioning. Joe walked up to them and rocked a Little on one Heel facing half away and indicating the direction Down the Block by a Jerk of the head. A go on a he said. A a in la be right after without a seconds hesitation Terry went As she was ordered walking off Down the Block and not looking Back. Joe looked at Withers who thud to be Jaunty and Calm. A what did i Tell you a Joe asked him. A i did no to do nothing. Joe a said Withers. A i was Here and she stopped to talk to a i told you not to talk to her again did no to i you want to get worked Over again a a i did no to do nothing Joe. I can to Stop her from speaking to me. I done to want to fight Al amt it again i ainu to beating anybody a time a a Joe grunted spinning whip like and there was a smack of Bone on flesh As Joe a left clipped the others jaw and Withers reeled backward against the drug store door and the door rattled sharply in its Frame fright transfixed Withers face unmasked fright and he snatched open the door and dodged inside to scramble through the shop for the Side door. Joe stood there watching him go breathing deeply rubbing his Knuckles. He rocked a Little thoughtfully one foot to the other rubbing his Knuckles. Then he set off Down the Block after Terry. Withers himself had not been so surprised As Joe at that blow. It happened smack like that the instant Withers talked about a beating anybody a there was no time to think that Over it was a Brand new thought. Why itt Hen he caught up with Terry he was Calm the steam had blown off. He pretended to be very angry. A Irene told you what i said about that Punk did no to she a Terry nodded not looking up walking beside him. A Well a Terry looked at him under her Long dark lashes. A i Only stopped for a minute. We just said a just hello that a still one word too Many for that she walked along a few Steps. She looked very pathetic and yet not ready to cry or anything Quot of the sort. She was not ordinarily the crying kind. Surprise makes people cry not pain. Nothing surprised her. A i done to know any boys a she said. A you wont let me talk to Tommy. Who am i going to talk to a Joe had no answer for that. How could you answer it he took out a cig Aret and lighted it which was something to do with an air of deliberation it id Assurance. A a Tommy a be All rights if somebody else was right there watching him. Why hang around the Corners Why done to you have them come to the House a a they a Why not a he knew but he wanted her slant. A i tried that a she said. A twice. The boys never came a scared away a a yes. My Grandfather insulted a How did he insult them a a a he he came and talked to them. He asked questions. He practically told them i was no Good and he had to ask Joe Shook his head to himself. You put it like that and it sounded crazy. Yet it must be True. He said a kind of weak need boy friends you got ainu to they they Tell him go take a dive off the sidewalk a a ooh no a she was earnestly shocked. A you can to talk Back to them. Then it would be a i done to think so. That a what they need. Somebody with nerve enough to Jar them a Little. Snap them out of it. They done to know Dewey got Back from Manila yet get somebody with some Backbone and let him talk them Down a you think so a Joe made a Short sound inducing that he knew so. She grinned suddenly and surprisingly and looked up at him with the eager he asked himself was it the kind big eyes. A suppose you do it of thought that made you clip a it you re the Only Man i know who Guy it was a Foolks thought it j could put anything like did no to mean anything. Yet it was i percent or the rank and file of doctors themselves favor health insurance As a recent Gallup poll revealed. The so called Quot committee j j of 430�?� doctors favouring a health insurance program has grown to a More than 700, including Many important figures in the profession. To be continued i answers to test questions i making More than seasonal gain somebody ought to have followed up the suggestion of Southern garment workers who asked a to s percent Cut in salaries of Southern behind the scenes in Washington by Rodney Dutcher Nea service staff correspondent \ Shin Aton a the seventy fifth Congress marched into its recent five month Hgt Ion like a Llu and crept out like a tame Pussy. Hailed generally by conservatives in Winter and Early Spring As a hand of heroes valiantly bulwark ing american institutions against White House ambitious toward Dir tutorship the boys went Home the same conservatives a who now insist that they turned out to be just a Herd of rubber stamping through the hoop jumpers after All. Looking backward these seem to be the session s High spot president Roosevelt a recovery of Power of Capitol Iii late in the session after Congress previously had killed his by pre in court plan buried his wage oui Bill routed him on the tax front Aud wrecked his reorganization program. New Deal primary victories in Alabama Florida and Oregon plus realization that Roosevelt Wasny to slipping As much in popular strength As his enemies had hoped Aud knowledge that the administration sought reprisals against ant new Deal Meinket s up for re nomination appear to have contributed to the change. Filial administration victories on wages and hours a recovery re Lief act under unrestricted White Boose control and a monopoly investigation which Vav la be directed by Roosevelt rather than Congress a those Vav orc tile Chiel Demontra Lions that a previously anti new Deal Congress had changed its spots t Vry president John Garner who opposes spending and wants to Wield Power in nominating the democratic candidate of 1940, became the head of a nucleus of conservative senators who Hope to end control of the party by new dealers. Senator har Ison As chairman of the Senate finance committee killed virtually the last vestige of new Deal tax schemes directed at social economic control chairman John j. Of Connor of the House rules committee led the anti reorganization Bill fight Ani rec Gaved full or lit for its death. Senator Burton k. W heeler Star red As the most effective opponent of the new Deal in the upper House. Congressman Maury Maverick starred in the hous by blasting to death the May Bill which would have set up a military economic die Ratoosh p upon declaration of a a r. The anti Lynching Bill filibuster Harangue of senator alien j. Kilt ador of Louisiana lasted 40 Houri and spread Over la Days five of which were in succession. One Day Ell Ender spoke eight hours. Honorable mention goes to the unidentified Man in the House gallery Quot to a probably the first time it had been done in history answered a congressman Back a part is fro i non can to regiment Art and literature bellowed Sira Villi of new York. A Why can to you a Bellow the Man in the gallery who was promptly tossed out amid laughter Aud applause. Copyright. 1938, Nea service inc Ever since. A throughout the depression a this Trade journal Points out a statistics of Railroad loadings reliably reported indicated changes in the trend of g neral business than any or All the other statistics used for this the magnitude of the task which the Iowa stat College staff carries out each year in staging the state 4-h girls convention Here is nowhere better realized than Iii watching the Centennial musical on state Field. Thirteen Hundred girls singing in perfect unison a choir of 1.000 farm women a their Fine work adds to the evidence of the eve growing Midwest interest in cultural things. A # in other years the country was wont to express Relief when Congress adjourned. Today americans win Are concerned to keep their nation out of War and out of the danger of War a uneasy now that Congress has adjourned closing a forum for the Clear voiced critics of the administrations dangerous a big rence against aggressors. Or. Roosevelt and or. Hull have Given earlier evidence of their inclination to meddle and Mudd a in the Cri tit and the recent pronouncement of Admiral Yarnell inspired of course by the state department that american gunboats Are going to stay wherever american lives and property Are Only increases the Rik of provocative and inflammatory incidents. But thu american Public ought to know the simple fact stated by i of. Paul t. Homan of Cornell University in the Ishri Iteal science quarterly. Of the in s. Fights Japan it will but to protect the interests of european Trade in it Billa for our own Trade there is Only s Ane 2 percent of our total foreign Trade and has been declining sine 193,3. A a a tile dead haul of the past is apparent in the Anat Dean medical associations stand Las week a tins what the Pooh i ins of official Medicine term a socialized Medicine but what in reality is Only evidence of the grow ing dear of people for systematic provision against the menace of ill is. Congressmen who Wen fighting for a let a it a wage provision for the South during the wage hour Bill constr Veray the workers evidently Felt that the same yardstick ought be applied to Southern scions As to Southern labourers. A a echoes from commencements a Friend wondered whether a commencement address might not Well be devoted to questioning the pretensions of a society which makes it impossible for Young people to marry until Long after the age most favourable biologically for reproduction on the other band Roger Babson addressing a graduating class Adl used the Mem-1 hers not to get married now. A your i opportunities from a business 1 View a he said a Here Ess than Tho of the class of 1937 or of thu class of to years ago. I advise you to take whenever you can get not very much Hope and worse not much concern to do something for a society which i letting millions of its youth vegetate instead of providing them with productive Pollock addressing Colgate University graduates wisely urged them to take an interest in government. Pointing out that apathetic citizenship is the real menace of democracy he said a we Musnit target that every people in history satisfied with bread and circuses eventually Nae fallen info the hands of a Caligula a Mussolini a Hitler or a Stalin. Interest in government seems to me now a More exigent interest than getting a Job or earning a living or acquiring a code of ethic s or any Vit. old Dobbin in Slimp Harrisburg pa., it a old Dobbin started to lose ground in Pennsylvania again lat year. Tile agriculture department announced that after remaining stationary three years the horse population on farms in the state dropped from 294.000 in 1936 to 291,000 in 1937. 4< o Vii male Brinke is warned Columbia s. Cd a up a heavy drinking at widely separated intervals is not As injurious to the yet n As the a continual drink answers to test question printed on Page one. I. Statutes that regulate the right to pursue and take of kill certain kinds of wild animals an Birds. La West Virginia 3. Charley Yates. 4. Department of Commerce. 6, a Large swinging fan used in India and other hot countries t ventilating rooms 6. Zero 7. No. 8. Purser. 9. Montana 10. Good cd i. Stories in Stamps War torn Spain honors u. S. Constitution Phe birth of a Republican Spain dates to the fall of Alfonso Xiii who with Queen Victoria and the Royal family went into exile april 14, 1931. Alfonso had Bosn King since his birth in 1886 no sooner had Alfonso quit Madrid. Without formally resigning the throne when a Republic was proclaimed under the provisional presidency of Niceto Alcala Zamora. Later a popular election was held a Republican parliament Cortes was organized. Zamora was chosen president and a Constitution was established. Zamora was removed april 1936 and the Cortes chose sex Premier Manuel Azan president. The new Spanish Constitution provided for separation of Church and state made education entirely secular provided for the division of the Large estates among peasants confiscation of Church property and other socialistic Aims. Then july 19, 1936, Gen Francisco Franco struck against the popular front government of the leftists Spain has been gripped in bloody civil War since shown above is a new loyalist what More natural than that or Hunts Quot of Quot Alco 5tamp issued in Mia turn Sheet a franc minded americans Mould Hou Bov l cording to or com Memon c the 150th Anni move toward establishment of k l Jur t Elini a1 director for Ersary of the u. S. Constitution health insurance setups and 3 tit state Hospital Here. I copyright. Aka service. Inc

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