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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1936, Page 4

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1936, Ames, Iowa Fage Foto Ames daily Tribune Ames Iowa saturday july 18, 1936. A a buy better in ames�?T1 i Don t know what the country is c0\lg to j time was. We Blu of sings axe of a Volp Stop ev6hvth�mc what n i came around things a#r4t what they used to a for aa6 either Ames Dail i Tribune l Imes published Dally except sunday by la a mks a i by tri Bun a times co. 817 fifth Street Ames. Iowa. W s. Rupe publisher. Robert Murray. Managing editor. Hollis j. Nordyke. Business manager. Entered a second class matter at the Post office at Ames. Iowa under the aet of july of ish official paper of Story county and the City of Ames subscription rates City Carrier weekly. I j a Story adjoining counties six month. A 2.no Story adjoining counties one year. 4 on Iowa outside above counties six months. 2.7 5 Iowa outside above counties Ore Vear. Fat of outside of Iowa Ope year 6.00 All subscriptions must be paid in Advance. Service will be discontinued at Date of expiration uncles renewed National and erasing representatives j j Devine a associates inc. New Yorac churn go Detroit at an to Pittsburgh a Syracuse. And the Iowa daily press As a. Des Moines. Where is adventure in motoring today a the millions of american motorists go rolling out across the vacation highways of the land there must be at least a few old timers among them who can remember the Days when an automobile trip was really adventurous. To be sure motoring now is More fun than it used to be. It is in fact taken All in All one of the most completely pleasant diversions that the race has Ever devised for itself. But it Isnit the High adventure that it used to be. If your memory goes Back As Many As 25 years and has automobiles in it that far Back you will understand. The Motorist of the old pre War Days was sailing uncharted seas and sailing them moreover in a caravel that was just a Little bit Cranky and Given to distressing leaks. Do you remember the roads of those Days the paved Highway Wras almost non existent. A stretch of passably smooth gravel was a first class Road then to be driven Over with a grateful mind and a Light heart. Beyond it there was certain to be Plain dirt mile after mile of it which could turn into the deepest Kinkiest most automobile engulfing kind of mud As Oon As a Little rain came Down. And whether the Road was Good bad or indifferent there was the problem of keeping on it. There was no route numbers and there were no Handy Little Road maps. If you Felt flush you Boullit a Blue Book and As you anxiously approached a Crossroads Tho indispensable Back seat Driver would chant something along the lines of a Bear right by red schoolhouse go 3.6 Miles to Crossroads turn left and follow gravel 1.8 Miles to wooden and sooner or later of course you lost your Way anyhow and had the privilege of calling Busy Farmers out of the Fields to ask them the Way to blink Ville. But the roads and the difficulty of keeping on them we Cre Only part of the Hazard. There was the car itself. The Auto of those Early Days was still on probation. It was subject to Odd and inexplicable lapses into coma. Today a Motorist can be As ignorant of mechanics As a babe in arms and still undertake a new York to san Francisco tour with a Light heart yesterdays had to be an accomplished tinker or be prepared to trudge to Miles along a lonely Road in search of a Mechanic. And the tires no Motorist in his senses expected to take a trip of More than a Days duration v Alhout having to make at least one change if Bis Luck was out he might have to change half a dozen. Changing a tire in those Days was More of a Job than it is now too and there weren to a lot of Handy filling Ablations either where you could have some one do it for you. So motoring two or More decades ago was adventure with a capital a a thing for the Stout hearted and Tough fibred not simply a matter of deciding where you wanted to go pointing your Radiator Emblem in the right direction and letting nature take its course. Its More fun nowadays by far. But the Tang of adventure has gone out of it. Respect a he says. Quot it has done for music in five years what it took the Church which preserved and nurtured music five centuries to do. Thirty four of every Hundred who own radios listen now to so called classical music that is Fine music of Brahms Bach Beethoven Wagner Liszt. A radio has made Bach who always had the name of a strict schoolmaster who composed precise but unemotional music. It has made Bach the Beethoven is the Public a favorite so far. His fifth symphony Rapee says is played on the air too times a year because people like it and want to hear it. That is an impressive fact to place alongside the criticisms of radio programs and contemporary musical trash. There is plenty of poor taste in the land but not an overwhelming amount and the Good taste is gaining. Han Prince visits London brings own food and water along whispering there is a Good Deal of talk going around about i a whispering and to Tell the truth there i seems to be some ground for it. In a Way there we Ould be Relief in a political Campaign conducted in whispers rather than blared Forth by loudspeakers. The present Campaign so far speaking with special references to the party conventions has been All too noisy. Nevertheless honest and decent people will agree that it is better to have our ears deafened by partisan Clanger than our minds poisoned by things that people do not dare say out loud. Stories and accusations shouted from the platform and the broadcasting station can be answered. Against poisonous whispers there is no defense. Too Many men and women normally decent and fair minded Are moved by political Zeal in a big contest to accept lies on the say so of credulous friends and pass them on. There stalk about a fighting fair this year. That s easy. Everything in a political War is fair if your Side does it. Sure White nations All love the ethiopians. At the same time its Fine for Mussolini to do his shooting somewhere outside of Europe. As the railroads turn modern freight cars change to a containers a a fancy word for newspaper comment radio and Beethoven Erno Rapee a radio orchestra conductor who is at Home among the musical classics and the popular composers believes in the development of taste and appreciation in a every a radio has been the most potent influence in that Speed causes death Fairfield Ledger with a record of 37,000 motor vehicle fatalities last year it is time for us to seek the real cause and to apply remedial measures if possible. Since 1927, we arc advised by the National safety Council deaths resulting from the collision of cars has increased 142 percent. It is noted that the Speed of automobiles has been greatly accelerated during this period. Pedestrians killed As easily at slower speeds have died at an increasing rate but the increase has been Only 29 percent. Moreover the figures show that at speeds under 20 Miles an hour Only one Accident out of 61 is fatal. Increasing Speed however pushes up the death rate. At 20 to 29 Miles an hour one Accident in 42 is fatal at 30 to 39, one in 35 at 40 to 49, one in 25 Over 60, one in la. Pointing out these facts does not answer he problem of automobile fatalities. While Speed May be More dangerous and it is the average american with an amazing fatalism has accepted the risks of Speed and will probably continue to take his chances. Any policy of Highway regulation that seeks to severely limit the Speed of automobiles is destined to be disappointing. Recognizing that this is the Case it seems vital that emphasis be placed upon factors that can be regulated and restricted. These include exam a ii on of Drivers and of vehicles with rigid and positive elimination of those that Are defective and dangerous. It embraces Well defined traffic regulations that can be enforced thru the systematic punish i meat of those who violate them. The situation is serious. There Are some owners of automobiles who hesitate to take Long trips because they Are afraid of other Drivers on the highways. They Are reasonable Drivers but they cannot protect themselves from those who drive recklessly As w Ell As fast. Former big shots in tile business world London Ott a his highness the maharajah of Mysore Rose on his private floor of the Dorchester hotel took a drink of water which he brought in barrels with him from India ate a breakfast prepared by his private chef from his Supply of food also brought from India and retired to his private Temple in one of the rooms of his suite. There he sat Cross legged in Sib Cut contemplation for to minutes As usual at the feet of his private family goddess a Small Golden image called Chamund Swari. Afterwards he studied the possibilities of giving in London entertainments on the scale to which he is accustomed in India where at his Palace he maintains a Fleet of 80 automobiles for the use of his guests. The maharajah sri Krishnaraj Wariyar Bahadur a British Knight is one of exotic indians most exotic figures. He is one of the worlds Rich men with a personal Fortune of 400,000.000, revenues of $12,-500,000 a Yar from the 6,500,000 people he rules and owner of Gold mines Granite quarries and Coal in addition to lands and palaces. He is 52. Small slight Black moustached almost insignificant of presence except for his Brilliant eyes and Low musical voice. He wears Western clothes with a tur a ban in which glint threads of Gold. He is called the a gentleman of Only Hyderabad among the Indian principalities is larger than his �?~�tat1 of Mysore. He is the first ruler of Mysore Ever to leave India. He is a member of the Kshatriya or military caste. His religion forbids him to eat any kind of meat. He ats no j eggs no fish no fowl. He subsists almost entirely on vegetables and he brought those from India for his1 2 months stay. He drinks no water but that of the sacred Ganges so he brought his water 8,000 Miles to London. He must have his food prepared by a Brahman chef in an approved Kitchen so he brought the chef Aud fitted out the Kitchen Here. Hei neither smokes nor drinks but he is a Host of renown. He must at. J. Tend Many functions in his Honor i Here but he prefers to entertain Ether people. In his great Palace at Madras where King Edward then Prince of Wales has been a guest he astonishes his guests with his hospitality. His banquet table has a miniature railway running round it. An electric engine pulls a train Load of delicacies to which the guests help themselves As the train glides silently by. His Temple Here is a room stripped of All furniture. Except for the to minutes a Day he spends in it it remains locked under guard a All hours Day and night. The maharajah arrived thurs Day by Way of Calais and Dover to comes partly for reasons of health. He has been 111 since the death of his Mother last year and his favorite sister a few months ago. So Etlick Jove of Nard Jones f has urics Tat. Begin Bere today Helena Deb Bik Yorniff and ambition a recently Bren promoted from the Welling Force to take charge of the women port Wear department of we Tore. One of her beat customer. Sandra Leigh invite Helena to join h week end party at it real Mountain Lodge. Although other in the party Are Tringer to Helena he soon feet at Cane and enjoy herself. She i particularly attracted by handsome Peter Hen Iverson who live in a firn Rhy town. Awake before the other Helena Roe for no Early morning1 awl in. Peter join her on the Bench. Almont immediately he Tell her he i in lore with her. Now go on with the Story chapter ii a you Peter a Helena protested withdrawing from his arms. A someone might be watching from the he laughed. A a that a encouraging a he told her. A if that a your Only reason for not letting me kiss you then in a a cinch a then his tone grew suddenly serious. A look Here Helena. I Haven to been Able to sleep for to minutes straight since we left each other last night. Id heard of that happening to a fellow when he met the right girl a but id never really believed it. Last night i told you i was in love with you. And it still goes in a Chilly and unromantic a a it san awfully Short time in which to decide that a Helena smiled wondering if he could detect the pounding of her heart beneath the thin White swim suit. A but in a not afraid of the decision a Peter answered quickly. A not even if it was a Little Quick i on the trigger. In be met lots of girls Helena but in be never had one hit me like this. Not even near a a that a Nice of you. In ill admit i feel the same Way Peter. But a she broke off with a whimsical helpless smile. A that settles it a he said. A if you feel just As i do then there a Only one a a a what a that a asked Helena breathlessly. A a that a the Good old fashioned institution of marriage he took her wrist and turned Back toward the Lodge. A come on lets Wake the gang and Tell them a but Helena planted her Small feet solidly on the path and protested. A no Peter. Not yet Ile turned to her again and she went on slowly a we can to do a thing like that. We done to know anything about each i other. Tomorrow it might All be j a i done to believe that and neither do you a he said meeting her j level gaze. A a in a in love with you. I can care for you comfortably. There a nothing More to know about rn.1, you re Young and Beautiful and that Sall i want to know about you. The rest of it i can a ooh Peter a Helena laughed while her eyes filled suspiciously. A a you you re really a Sweet person. And Arentt we both insane a a Rohen beyond Peters shoulder a she saw Sandra Leigh slowly emerging from the Lodge Over her flaming pyjamas she had thrown a Robe and her bobbed hair was in attractive disarray. A i thought id get a Load of Sunrise a she called to them. A but it looks As if in a a Little Peter turned hiding his annoyance at the interruption. A Good morning Sandy. You Arentt denying that a Sunrise is no Novelty to you a Sandra smiled. A a in be seen them in evening clothes Peter. That is i was in evening clothes not the sunrises. But that a different. Have you two Hardy persons been in the Lake already a she turned her eyes knowingly toward Helena and the latter thought a i wonder if she believes in a taking advantage of her invitation and trying to capture Peter a aloud Helena said a a in be been in and or. Henderson a just trying it. Why done to you join him ifs Peter faced her humorously. A Darling if we re to be married please j you refer to me As or. A it than Pou think it s att right a Helena faltered. A right away Henderson. Its Peter. And after asked Helena we be been married a while you j Sandra put her Arm around can Call me Helena Derrika a shoulders. A a the Leigh girl came Down from i woman a different Darling. No the veranda searching Peters body should be surprised when a face. A a you re serious i woman jumps into marriage at then she turned to Helena. A and five minutes notice. I think eve i Ery girl carries around sub con Why he be you know last night at dinner i had a fleeting thought that it would be no Surprise if you two hit it off in a serious Way. Those things a it then you think its All right a Helena faltered. A fall right a repeated Sandra. A what difference would it make what i thought but since you be asked me ill Tell you i think its even better than All right. And in a excited about being the first i. I a a to congratulate Peter and wish Lff with the Widd re id love you happiness. I am the first a a you a great Send off and it would avoid an expensive Church thoughts had never raced so swiftly through Helena a brain As they did in that moment. Why should she wait after All Peter Henderson was in love with her and she with him. Why should they waste one precious moment of two lives that were All too Short at Best a a in la explain to your Mother a the Leigh girl said. A i might even fib a Little and Tell her you be known Peter longer than you have. One things sure when she sees Peter Shell agree with you. No woman can resist that a Sandra ill never be Able to repay you. A a repay me a said Sandra amazed. A a in a a romantic woman Darling. And there a nothing snaps up a week end like a she faced Helena her eyes serious. A you mean this done to you baby done to let me Rush you into something you re not sure Helena nodded. A i mean it. Never meant anything More in my perhaps forgotten altogether j life it and j never we it but a she stopped suddenly j a a not recommending Peter you re really in love with him Henderson you understand. I Helena a hand does no to it a a a a Why i Haven to thought a she looked at Sandra helplessly. A Peter a said the other girl a i want to make a suggestion. Ifs that you very literally go and jump into the Lake. Ill help Helena make her a very Well miss Leigh. A he bowed Low dropped his Beach Robe and sped Down toward the Lake. At its Edge he leaped an amazing distance and struck the water neatly. A and that a said Sandra smiling a is the Way he does everything. In a not surprised he a going into Matrimony the same a what have you to say for me a a piously the image of the kind of Man shed fall for. Of course ifs an image that a changed a Tittle pm psychic Quot about i Aye a one grows older or Arentt you a i be marrying him if i a i thought so a Sandra smiled. A that Sticks out All Over you Helena. Do you want me to help know him just As a charming Young Man who sometimes appears at parties and week ends. But if you re sure and that Means if you re in love with him a ii go the a a in a in love with him a said i Helena slowly. A a in i Don t know. The whole j a then a answered Sandra a no Rpike Leigh girls enthusiasm idea of a a wedding sort of body can Stop you and i May As warmed Helena s heart. Some frightens me. How she had feared that Sandra a a a might not quite approve. I Candra thought a moment. A when does it happen a Sandra a Peter seems All set. What wanted to know would you say to doing it now Peter grinned and reached for i the gang would pitch in and give Well have my fun and help you. She called Down to Peter a ifs All arranged. The wedding is to be at Crest Mountain Lodge today a to be continued director Dies Hollywood of Alan Eros land Dean of the film Colony a corps of motion picture directors and the Man who made the first All talking film a the jazz Singer a was mourned Friday by hundreds of motion picture personalities who had worked with him during the past 20 a ars. Stamp news by i. S. Klein sister Mary a Kitchen although Nikola Tesla Mous scientific inventor m has i done the greater part of his work in the United states it is Yugo j White piled on buttered Toast with by Mary e. Dague has service staff correspondent inhere is there a Cook with soul so dead she Hasni to sighed for new culinary worlds to conquer i do it too. And yet none of us begin to make the most of All the foods available. Which suggests that the thing to do is to Combine the old tried and True dishes into new concoctions. Ill never forget the family s Surprise the first time my spirit of adventure prompted me to serve raw carrots Cut in narrow strips. From there it was just a step to add Lustre to a salad with grated raw beets. Even such old food affinities As Toast and egg become different when served As an egg nest which is merely the stiffly beaten egg it i la Slavia his native country which is honouring him with a special stamp. Tesla recently celebrated his 79th birthday. His greatest invention w As the induction motor although the electrical Industry has benefited from Many other remarkable improvements from Tesla s Laboratory. Government inspectors Are trying to solve the mystery of the i recent appearance of Gutter blocks of the i and 3-cent perforated Century of Progress Stamps As Well As the 3-cent Newburgh Issue. The Post office department is is much surprised Over these unusual blocks As Are stamp col Lee i tors. If there was dirty work i at the Crossroads similar to Issue of the original Farley imports collectors May demand reissues of the Gutter blocks they got re j issues of the a Farley follies a 0 9 9 Don t expect any comic Mora native issues in connection with the Coronation of King Edward Viii. There will be a new series j of Stamps by then but to j regulars. England is about the Only major country that does no tissue commemorative Denmark is preparing a new j series commemorating the reformation of 400 years ago. The tamps will picture the gee t danish reformer mans Tauten and two Pioneer churches copy Rhul Lake. Aka is Vivoc. Ina i a bit of butter and the unbroken egg Yolk dropped in the Center Salt and Pepper Are sprinkled Over the top and the combination is put in a moderately hot oven 375 degrees f until the egg is set. It will take about ten minutes. Its a splendid idea for breakfast. To make a egg nests cold meat platters too gain Appeal if you provide contrast in color and Are careful to arrange the pieces attractively. There will be the Dull Rosy Tan of cold diced roast beef the brighter Pink of baked Ham the creamy tones of cold roast pork the pure White of breast of Chicken and the speckled Pink of Tongue. Garnish with Pickle fans and Pond lilies made of thin slices of Cucumber and radishes with the skins left on and a half Ripe Olive for the Center. Slivers and thin blues of Dill Pickle make stems and leaves if you v ant to Trace a Border around the Edge of the Platter. The old family Friend Rice pudding wears an alluring disguise when it appears As Cream Rice Meu Ngue the same sugar and jewels for All in United states new Vork of a More pie Cious Atmas Are being bought in America reports a Ikeda japanese industrialist affiliated with the tar Eastern Pearl Trade Ikeda is on a win id Tom. He. Mondays menu breakfast. Chilled mixed fruits Cereal Cream egg nests milk Coffee. Luncheon baked Green peppers stuffed with Macaroni and cheese whole wheat Rolls baked while peppers Are baking. Apple sauce Ginger bread. Milk Tea. Dinner. Cream of mushroom soup Platter of cold cuts mixed vegetable salad toasted Rolls Cream Rice meringue milk Coffee behind the scenes in Washington by Rodney Ditcher aka service stuff correspondent Washington. A the mystery of what has happened to Louis r. Clavis the super Sleuth who has been combating graft and scandal for pea and the Interior department these last three years seems almost As deep As any that clavis himself has unravelled in his spectacular career. But it is Clear enough that his Days As chief investigator for Secretary administrator Harold l. Ickes began to be numbered Ryn the other hand clavis partisans Point out that his division made a Strong record against political Crooks Oil company lobbyists Shady pea employees code Chi Selers Kickback operators and would be rafters. The recent period of embarrassment has been partly due to the fact that Davis knows so much about the administration and partly due to the fact that the White House crowd likes his work. He and his staff have infiltrated through a Large part of the and eggs and milk All Are there but they re in a different combination. Cream Rice meringue one half cup Rice 3 cups milk 1-2 cup sugar 3-4 Teaspoon Salt grated Rind i Orange 2 Tablespoons Orange juice 1-2 cup chopped Sites 2 eggs few drops Vanilla 4 Tablespoons powdered sugar. Cook Rice and milk in a double boiler until Rice is soft. Add sugar Salt grated Orange Rind and juice dates and slightly beaten egg Yolks Cook until mixture thickens turn into a serving dish and chill. Beat Whites of eggs until stiff beat in powdered sugar and Vanilla and drop Small spoonfuls onto a baking Sheet covered with waxed paper. Bake Twenty 300 de Rice up perhaps ifs a Little More Trou Hie to peat the eggs separately i and make the meringue but Why j we be More anxious to i months ago when he first crossed i ministration encountering Many Tho path of Ebert k. Burlew facts her a it has been suggested that he might cause the administration an enormous amount of embarrassment in the Campaign were he so minded and that thought has not been ignored by Ickes. 9 9 9 to Wever Roosevelt has sometimes used Glavis for secret investigations and feels he can use him some More. The White House continues to be sour on Burlap which appears to be a Large reason behind rumours of a grand vizier to Ickes. The Duel Between Glavis and Burlew became intense and the result is that Glavis is going to work for the Senate Campaign expenditures investigating committee and will also do Odd jobs of investigating for the president on the Side. All hands Are at great pains to make Clear that Glavis did no to resign that he Wasny to asked to resign and that he Wasny to fired. A Likely shakeup in the department \feanwh1le, there san Atmos after election involving the pos Phore of tense embarrassment Sibie departure of Lcy is himself. These rumours should be discounted because Ickes will be used in the Campaign and Roosevelt is still fond of him off and on. Glavis a detective hero of the Ballinger affair the Teapot dome scandal Tho Hearst a mexican documents expose the a Power Trust investigation Kun flux in the Ickes Domain and one is reminded that 28 years ago in the mutes in a slow oven j Ballinger scandal Glavis As a 0>, j e Young Man who dared to Tell the truth was a storm Center at the Interior department. The circumstances of course Are different. Take pains anyone Al lit in thin Ira minut my prop Ickes has become persuaded Kian investigation and our family than for that he has suffered from the it s so equiv to let that mean a few sex assume overwhelm a rations for everyday causes celebre a will be other Worth meals and the special touch that lifts food from the humdrum to the unusual is neglected. Found that in Many countries pre coins stones Are exclusively the property of the wealthy. That situation not exist in the United states he says babies target London d i expectation that Bable ii i among the Tai a a snooping and a Man Hunting j watching in his Campaign invest tactics of the big Glavis Force ligation. Investigators. Many pm a officials his record indicates you la hear and employees were glad to Side much More of him whether there with Burlew charging various Viji be further explosions in in Petty or inept invasions of their erj0p an j a a j anybody s offices or projects and insinuations Iguest As to their honesty. Copyright 1?3�. Nea Bervie ire it g a to for aviators in the next War a led the government to develop Gas mask covers Bor baby buggies i it a. Sported Friday attached to the to vein will be Filreis thru which air can be pumped to the t babies raids. Masked during aha a Michigan resort executive suggests that to attract tourists residents keep the state Green and resort men out of the red

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