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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1936, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - July 7, 1936, Ames, Iowa Use classified ads to Hay sell Exchange hem t Telephone 2400 \ Iames daily Tribune and in Tai ame Akk Bitowt what Hub forecast fair and continued warm tuesday night and wednesday. Temperatures�?Mon., 3 30 p. Rn., he tues., a a. Rn., 77 1 30 p. Rn., 103. Precipitation none vol. 70 no. 5 official ame and Story county paper Ames Iowa. Tuesday july 7, 1936. United pre wire service three cent from drouth bar to Confer who press court trials Hopes to harmonize conflicting views Chicago eee a a special committee the american bar association Hopes to suggest a Quot cooperative relationship Between the press and the bar regarding judicial proceedings it announced tuesday. The committee was appointed to Confer with representatives the american newspaper publishers association and the american society newspaper editors regarding publicity Quot interfering with the fair trial hearing judicial and quasi judicial the bar committee headed by Newton d. Baker Cleveland o., will present its report at the association meeting in Boston August 2 4. A preliminary report announced tuesday said Quot the agencies publicity have both increased in efficiency and multiplied in number so that account must be taken the revolutionary possibilities the radio and perhaps even television As possible claimants for the right to inform the Public court the joint committee announced it Quot Hopes to he Able to present a report suggesting policies which will harmonize conflicting Points View to the that a cooperative relationship can be established with regard to a subject about which abuse is All too easy and in which arbitrary control is highly National league Winner 4 to 3 National league Pauk. Boston a the National league ended the american league supremacy in the fourth annual All Star game tuesday battling to a 4 to 3 Triumph before a crowd estimated at 30,000. Landon asks amendment for participation in Federal Aid Topeka ran. Up a gov. Alf m. Landon tuesday asked special session the Kansas legislature to draft a social Security constitutional amendment that would enable the state to participate in Federal Aid plans either a democratic Republican administration. The governor suggested the Assembly confine itself to drawing up Quot merely a Grant under provisions the Kansas Constitution the care aged indigent other handicapped persons now rests upon the counties. The Republican presidential nominee called the attention the lawmakers to Quot the fact that the platform the Republican party adopted at its National convention pro Vides for a plan social Security different from the social Security act adopted by Quot i do not deem this a fitting time a he added a to enter into a discussion the relative merits the present act and the proposals set out in the Republican Landon asked indirectly an amendment which virtually would Divide state and local responsibility in the care the unfortunate. The session Wras called so that machinery for submitting the amendment to the people could he started. The governors address was Brief. He turned from consideration the social Security problem to the question Public building outlining briefly several places it was need d inthe state. Test your knowledge can you answer level the Ste test questions turn to Page seven the answer 1. Can an alien be deported rom the United states for Refus no to apply for american citizenship 2. Where is Lake Chad 3. What is gerrymandering 4. What game Birds Are native n the Berkshire Region Connecticut 6. Near which City is the mount olives 6. What is the purpose a a enter Board in a Small sailing boat 7. Does the Piston an engine Stop at the top its strike 8. Who was Pierre Paul puget 9. In which southwestern state is the painted desert 10. What government department has supervision Over the Oast guard Council delays Oas franchise will wait 20 Days for possible recount the City Council monday nig t allayed action the 25-year Gas franchise for the Iowa electric Light and Power company by agreeing to wait the full 20 Days allowed by Law in which persons May demand a recount tile special election held Here july i. John Prather City clerk and commissioner registration reported the results the canvass the vote substantiating the report made week that the Power company won the election by two votes. Two votes spoiled the commissioner reported that there were 1,306 votes cast which 653 favored granting these 651 opposed the franchise and two votes were spoiled. According to the Iowa code regarding elections a recount the votes May be requested within 20 Days following the election. The Council agreed to take no action monday and to wait until the 20 Days period is up thus avoiding any confusion in the event that a recount is demanded and allowing for More time in which to consider the question granting the franchise. Not mandatory it was reported to the Council monday night by the City attorney that the special election held recently is not mandatory upon the Council meaning that the Council does no necessarily have to follow the majority opinion the people As expressed by the election. There Are several cases file in the Iowa supreme court in which City councils have not acted according to the majority opinion the voters in franchise a matters and have been sustained by the High court in their action. Members the Council did not indicate w Hether their action would follow the opinion the election vote that they we Ould proceed with plans to Purchase the Gas system Here await action their pm a request for building a system and Plant Here. Dollar opening Paris a the Dollar opened tuesday at 15.08 francs 6.631 cents a franc. The Pound opened at t5.75 francs. Improvement i i Miles Ames streets is plan owners request curb Gutter stabilized gravel approximately two and one half Miles stabilized gravel Street Writh Concrete curb and Gutter will be built in Ames this fall it was reported by the City Council monday night As that body arranged to hear final objections one project next monday and heard two mole petitions requesting Street improvements similar to to 3 Type installed last year. At a special meeting scheduled for next monday the Council will have a Public hearing the matter improving All streets with the exception two in the College Heights edition which id located South Lincoln Way Between Beech and Asb avenues. The two streets not included in this improvement project Are Gray Avenue from Lincoln Way to Gable Lane and Beech Avenue. Nearly too percent practically too percent the resident property owners in this Section the City expressed their desire for Street a improvements in asks a permit Hino some new decision for $125,000 dealers favor Farley status theater here1 return to Dole i Isth near Chenette will direct band in next concert Date Chenette director the Ames municipal band will be the directors Rostrum thursday evening at the regular hand concert from the music Pavilion in the City Park it was Learned tuesday. Chenette resumed Active interest in band work monday after having been out for about four a petition presented to the Council weeks w Hile recuperating from an illness. During his illness a Hopkins will fight for work Relief Washington Itris the High Cost Federal work programs a previous request for this per tuesday produced an inner new in it was refused by the Council Deal bloc favouring a return to Ute that the building Tho Aoe. An authoritative source which would be about 130 feet Long revealed a group officials seek would Cut Oft the Aile thru the Aid come i Quot. A Quot a a. Employment Aid policy these grounds Joe Gerbrach manager the Ames theater company monday night requested that the City Council re consider granting a permit for the construction a $125,000 then ter the North Side main Street West Burnett Avenue. Conditions Are becoming More serious hourly r. Edgar director the Iowa state College band has been in charge. The concert for thursday evening starting at 8 p. Rn., is As follows March Quot Herbert Clarkes triumphal a Boyer. Echoes from opera Tobal. Fox Trot Quot Dull razor blues a Hultine. Descriptive Quot a Hunting scene Quot buc Alossi. Tap dance by Anne Dirksen. Selection Quot the desert song a Romberg. Fox Trot a boots and Saddle a Samuels March Quot Warterian a Wosky. Polish dance no. I Schwar Enka. Rope skip tap dance by Anne Dirksen. Humoresque Quot what a the matter with father a Lampe. Fox Trot Quot the Hills old Wyoming Robin. Tattoo Quot grand military Quot Rosa n. March Quot Laurentian Quot Lauren Deau. The Star spangled Banner. Some time ago by . H. D. Bergman 2119 country club Boulevard. Because the irregularities in the size note in this Section considerable difficulty was experienced in Arrivin at a system assessment but the Council will present its plan next monday to the owners for their approval reject the metropolitan Tion. Die the Block. The Council objected to cutting off the Alley because the possible fire and police Hazard. In his plea to the Council monday Gerbrach showed several plans for the proposed theater one which could rebuilt lots facing main Street but not extending across the Alley. However Der Brach stated the Cost this Type a Structure we Ould be about $35,-000 in excess the More desirable plan. Cut off Alley the plan which the theater company Hopes to we Ork out Calls for the construction a theater about 61 by 130 feet facing main Street and running North. Because the lots in this area Are but too feet deep the proposed building would extend considerably Over the 16-foot Alley. As a no ans arriving at some mutually satisfactory solution to this problem Gerbrach offered the Money prices London a the Pound was i5.021 tuesday. Gold was 139 shillings an ounce and the Dollar Price was $34.90. Gold sales were �476,-000 $2,380,000. French francs were 75.718 to the Pound. A a a Dies in plane rash Lincoln. Neb. Or red Smith Hastings neb., former University Nebraska student was killed instantly tuesday when his air plane crashed shortly after he took off from the municipal Airport. To seek fathers 8fiat Clinton . S. Jacob according to the plan assessment made by the City managers office the total area each lot the number feet frontage and the location Are taken into consideration in proportioning the assessments. Property own ners to be affected by these Street improvements will be assessed the entire Cost the improvement with the exception part the grading which will be done by the City. In Baird addition the two petitions presented to the Council monday night include improvements in Baird a edition which is located Between ninth and thirteenth Street and grand and Northwestern avenues and Forest Glen Between Oakland and Woodland avenues. The former petition presented by f. P. Emery Calls for Concrete curb and Gutter and stabilized gravel surfacing Northwestern Avenue from ninth to tenth streets and from twelfth to thirteenth streets Curtis Avenue from tenth to thirteenth streets and twelfth Street from Martson to Northwestern Avenue. To draft plans in addition to hearing objections the College Heights addition streets improvement monday the Council will consider the first draft plans for the improvements in Baird a addition and Forest Glen with the View towards in 1. From january 1933, thru december 30, 1935. The government spent $2,905,701,296 fori Federal handouts. The average was just below $1,000,000,000 a year. 2. Total Cost the 1935-1936 and 1936-1937 jobs drive will finally amount to around $5,000. 000,000. The figure excluding appropriations for work agencies operating during the Dole averaged $2,500,000,000 every 12 months. 3. Relief Rolls struck an All time High 20.675.773 persons in the three year Span direct Relief declined Only to an estimated 14.ooo.ooo persons after one year the work program. Final decision the final decision the vex ing question will be made by president Roosevelt probably next january if a shortage Job Money forces a new request from Congress. Hopkins prepared to fight for City space around the rear the government financed work pro proposed theater sufficient for the meets a policy he established in building the Alley around the Der the civil work Washington god program to be we exacted to reveal modified in 3 tuesday the future Cabinet status postman a general James a. Of flies Farley whose dual role a Polstin Jugg Moine to a Federal Cian and boat Sra and has been ii meteorologists tuesday saw a tacked by republicans break in the sizzling tropical it was expected that . Boose temperatures which have kept velt would announce re Iii p is Jowa thermometers above the conference tie permission for pc Sqq Dearee Mark the put by to take a leave absence with a out pay in order to devote full at a at Tention to the Campaign As demo for Central Iowa the weather Era tic National chairman. Of Miau Law a temperature both men went Over the Situa lo5 degrees tuesday and pre Tion in a two and a half hour White dieted that the Mercury might How a Salon monday. Purity Harris to ii Tyrees the Etna fled from tee Eie Curlye offices moral portion the late wed planning that a he preset Woald a a haul a a ap0�?zr rely a a do the talking and it in the weather Bureau have no further comment to make. Laid political observers were amt ,.j Davenport reported the High unania oils in believing fat by will temperature in the state Mon be Given a leave absence instead Day wit a Reading 10$ de resigning. They pointed out that crees it was 105 in Waterloo if Farley intended to resign he Iowa Falls and Inwood. Mar would have done so before the con Hal own reported the lowest mention. Moreover it was said that. Reading in the past 2 4 a ours Roosevelt was not Likely 68 decrees in the Early Tom to hts political opposition to heat Mol Day Brut i the extent accepting a resigns x Rowil ngg in Iowa and Tion from his Cabin t. Number heat prostrations. As a Cabinet officer serving with Frank Breen Des Monea out pay. Friends asserted Farley died Fryni it at prostration. Bar would be Able to Don full Campaign my it 8 8-year-old Creston harness without having the cry Farmer died at his Home from raised that he was the us ral the terrific heat. Mrs. Alfred payroll and at the same Tim Koch and her three email Chil example be receiving contribution Aren were drowned to Bead Lake text Mir. U Nar Hampton. The family had As National chairman for the re n a. ,.7�?zadmin i St r a election fight. Rear the Structure. To propose plan the Council referred the matter to the streets and alleys committee the Council requesting that this ohm Muttee meet with Gerbrach and designers the new building and present plans at the next meet a ing the Council. A permit was granted . R. E. Buchanan who was represented by continued Page two . Shine and Maynard Lenox Are sentenced Tion and re est Ablahed with the $4,000,000,000 jobs appropriation 1935. He based his Campaign against Hie Dole bloc these three main arguments 1. Work while More expensive. Adds to the nation s wealth. He pointed out that $1,145,866,-107 $1,549,371,866 spent by his works Progress administration in 1935-1936, went for construction projects. 2. Providing needy with a Dole la wasteful. The unemployed Are kept alive by the government financed by the taxpayers has nothing to show for its Money. 3. A Job bolsters morale while direct Relief destroys it. The work program utilizes training and experience the needy improving their skill instead allowing it to rust. Labor seers to Patch up into a deep Hole. Virgil Lamkin. A 22-year-old Rockford farm youth was drowned monday swimming in the Shell Rock River. Ralph Coop Jet to was drowned in the y. A c. A. Swimming Pool at Dubuque. Lewis evokes Justice in Tel won Milci Washington a weather to a our nov in my a orc Ani z conditions Over the great Plains Washington to iwo 8uch tuesday that forecaster labor sought a Compromise no p0jsjblllty rain for conflict in its n r a Ike a abnormally High tempera tuesday the heels John a made the drouth l. Lewis declaration a re Honey ten less but peaceful Campaign adm neg Trafton Relief officiate to unionize american vast steel. I alted word rom president textile lumber rubber and an i Roog veh before beginning a new to Mobile industries. Continued Page five Lewis president the Power Ful United mine workers county bands to meet for picnic concert sunday the Ames municipal band will sen son the late congressman i Jud latter two parts in a Bernard Jacobsen announced tuesday he would seek the congressional seat vacated by his fathers death. Letting to be held by september. In the event that the program continued Page five Elkader la. Up a . Pearl Shine 28, and her Youthful Lover Maynard Lenox 19, tuesday faced Long prison terms after pleading guilty monday to the slaying Dan Shine 56 years a a co to Story City sunday to take sentences were imposed Mon 8 Koday after the pair had pleaded part in the annual i n guilty. Story county band menus Asa Ocia both confessed that they plot Tion. Ted to kill Shine so that . The picnic dinner w ill be at noon Shine a Bride a week at the with free Coffee Art. Cream served time the slaying could obtain by the Story City band. After the title to the elderly Farmer s 80 pm Cnoc Tyaere by g abort bugs. I a mr., thine a. Sentence i to a a a a life imprisonment in the Tat noon each the Ala Story count women reformatory at Hock ban la it event wit. Kite a conceit i Well City. Maynard Drew a 40 and in the evening All the band year sentence at the state prison will mass together and give a i at fort Madison a second de-1 group concert. The Public is Cord agree murder charge. I rally invited to attend the con it was indicated that neither Meta . Shine nor uni bulb municipal hand a. Taken to the prison until cases. A w. Attain the Lite other person in a a a Anlo anon 45 a be a. I the murder Case Are disposed in directed by Clute \ Hennette. And Leader a rebellion against organization methods the Anar lean federation labor struck at two objectives in a radial speech to workers thru out the nation i. He warned that Quot we shall bring to Justice a those who s Quot really formulate the policies i the steel Industry in event j Quot unlawful ruthless tactic former years in the threatened Industrial warfare Over labors unionization plans. He named. A Morgan amp co. As among those who Quot really formulated steel policies. 2 he Laid before the executive Council the a. F a. Which will meet Here wednesday a Complete statement intentions and policy the committee for Industrial organization composed 12 unions with membership. The Council i aunt Lindy says nothing qualifies a Younghi cd Irene Fiji. I i i consider whether to suspend the fellow for a Job like Quality. I Lewis group because it seeks to group organize one big Union in each continued Page eight business District Remsen is destroyed in disastrous Blaze damage estimated at a half million dollars a Quot a a a a a n to n Quot r shows what a. Left the Northern i . Afore a Market a build in which Botis a the Low. Public,.,., a Oft drink parlor a restaurant a drus Tore and a vah Jat the led Remsen prosperous farming town ,86 mile. Service company office a soft drink parlor a hotel and a a it a store at the right looking Northeast Are the ruins a Row cd a i Busine en., alter it had been swept by Are. In the Hon parlor and Jrsn Kitara at the jell. A a a a a a a a a a mending alone to All the therefore bows it More the his panoramic View shows in business District it the us to Sioux it i a Mner ii a Neon swept by tire. In me lion parlor Ann Urius s zen. Ai a a a a. A ,. Inter and extending Back to the North Are the ruins a furl a foundations buildings which housed a garage and aul sales \ Iowa flatly a Phot. And extending northward is Washington Street the Pelmet Remsen. The total damage was estimate the Thorofare shown i at More than $500,000

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